Not A Typical Day

I had wanted to update earlier. But I logged on to MSN last night.
Kimm. No mood.
Ting. Gloomy.
Nicole. Upset.
Gee, what did I do wrong? Someone please talk to me leh.
I visited Gambs at his workplace yesterday afternoon to look at some of the stuff he’s selling. Gambs works at Huygens, which is coincidentally where another well-known blogger HB works at as well.

Huygens Asia – Remote Surveillance cum Blog Reading company

I think word about must have gotten around their workplace or something. I have a feeling my face is being recognised. Even before I entered the office, one of their workmates standing outside was giving me a grin wider than a Cheshire Cat’s ass.

Dude: *BIG GRIN* “You’re Kenny Sia right?”
Kenny: *puzzled* “Yes I am. And you are?”
Dude: *shy* “No, I’m… uhh…. nothing! The office is just right there!”
Kenny: *confused* “Thanks.”

I seriously hope he’s not imagining me in my red boxers. Gee, you Huygens people are weird. That annoying Kung Fu fighting rat must have gotten to you.

Anonymous: “Good 1 there!!! She juz simply arrogant and behave like a bitch!”
Haha: “This blog is good unlike some arrogant bitch(XX) who thinks she’s all powerful. Love the XX parady very very genuius. Hope to see more of it.”
suckmydick_xuexue: yeah…she deserve it..the bitch…..who she thinks she is……

Awww… you poor little angry people. Here’s a T-shirt for you to cheer you up.


Comes in sizes S, M, L, and F… for ‘Fuck You’.

I wrote an e-mail to Wendy because I was upset at some of the hate comments my ‘wedding proposal rejection’ entry has generated. It doesn’t take a PSLE of 269 (whatever that is) to work out that we were simply just joking around and both our entries was done both for the amusement of ourselves and for the entertainment of YOU, the readers. Unfortunately all it takes is a couple of idiots to say some hurtful words and then what was potentially funny ends up becoming unfunny.

Everything I write you also angry. I want to protest liaw.

I understand that the overexposure on her on mainstream media and other blogs contributed to people believing that she’s overrated. I don’t blame them. Its like the Paris Hilton effect. And no one can expect to be loved by everyone. Not even the Pope.
What I’m trying to say is this – if don’t like someone, you may criticise, but I implore you to criticise sensibly, constructively and in a civil manner.
At the end of the day, bloggers and politicians and catwalks models and Hollywood superstars are but mere humans who have emotions, just like everyone else around you. You be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you. When we read insensible attack comments like that, your objective is achieved because it makes us feel like utter crap.
Its easy for you to hurl insults, and its easy for others to tell us to ignore them. But I ask you. How would you feel if I were to call you an arrogant shit-eating son of a bitch?
I explained to Wendy that it wasn’t my intention to bring her down or to make fun of her at her expense. I was pleasantly surprised she wrote back in a few minutes time saying that she understands and invited me to talk to her on MSN.
Gee, I think if you tell me 5 months ago that I’ll be shaking hands with sixthseal or talk to XiaXue about ‘alternative uses’ of shoulder massagers on MSN, I’d laugh at you and tell you that my name is Kenny Rogers.

Oi my fellow countrymen. Support a bit leh.

I promise I’ll stop writing about XiaXue and anything remotely Singaporean after this entry.
Anywho, on a more light-hearted note, its plug time!
YuHui didn’t seem to get as sick from the XX-overexposure as many others did. As a matter of fact, he’s the only person left on planet Earth who still believes in the Kennysia-Xiaxue Blog Wedding. Introducing!

Oh no… ITS PINK!

Considering both the supposed bride and the groom will not be attending, I think YuHui is gonna have fun singing karaoke and drinking beer by himself come 20/06/2005.

Scarlett Ting
appeared on an ad with Silk Air promoting their new Singapore-Kuching flight. I laughed out loud as soon as I saw the ad because the guy in it reminds me so much of myself.

sassyjan got excited when I quoted from one of her entries. To ‘commemorate’ this ‘momentous occasion’, she created this nice little button.
sia suey
Thanks for the button, Janice! It certainly is my pleasure to ‘sia suey’ you. 🙂
Come to think of it, maybe I should create a button for myself to commemorate the blog princess’ marriage proposal too.

Yoda leh! Don’t play play.

30 Replies to “Not A Typical Day”

  1. Hey.. I’m a Msian reading your blog from australia la… so we ARE supporting you! Msia boleh!! hahhaa.. Keep it up Kenny…

  2. Eh what’s with every damn post I read of yours being ‘password protected’ on bloglines ah? I don’t get it; do you have, like, a whole cache of secret hidden entries or something? It’s bizarre.

  3. hate comment eh? hmm, perhaps someone really jeles of u la or they have lost their sense of humour. Well, we just cant satisfied everyone can we ?

  4. Hey! I know you’ve been around for quite some time, but I’ve only started reading a few days ago. Really dig your blog! Keep the fun coming, k?

  5. “amusement of ourselves and for the entertainment of YOU, the readers.”
    I was very amused by the whole proposal thingy.. ahhaha..but I’m confused on why people are getting mad over it..

  6. Chill.. ppl have their anger and just want to direct it at other ppl. ppl who dont know them makes the perfect victims..
    Oh yeah, it’s no wonder the three gals love you cos you have something Singaporean guys seem to lack.. Humor…Trust me.. It’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. :p

  7. “I promise I’ll stop writing about XiaXue and anything remotely Singaporean after this entry.”
    Hey, don’t let a few offending remarks from some assholes dictate the way u write. U can never please everyone so why bother obliging to their requests. Just my thought.

  8. Wahahhahaha… Buay Tahan. I’m laughing so loud my neighbour must think I’m nuts. Some ppl just have no sense in humor lah… take the chill pill and don’t stop writing.

  9. agreed. msians and singaporeans alike need to get a better sense of humor. like come on, did you actually believe i had an alligator hidden in between my buttcheeks waiting to swallow you, kenny? of course not! if you need reassurance, we can always go somewhere to make ou- I mean, meet up and I can proove to you there’s nothing there.. really!
    sombrely yours.

  10. Kenny, my apologies about the wierd encounter with one of my coworkers. I will ask him to be more professional when dealing with clients next time. Sorry about that.

  11. People are strange.
    I started reading Xiaxue quite some time back and even then, she received hatemail.
    Sometimes she may sound a bit ditzy, but c’mon, its all in good fun isn’t it? It just makes me cringes when her critics start calling her names and say things like ‘serves her right’…
    How old are they? 7?
    Anyway, I’m Malaysian working in Singapore. I’m from Kuching no less! So, we do support our own kind.

  12. *laughs*
    Yet another masterpiece entry. I do think that you are already quite a celebrity Kenny. Even I want to shake your hands. If only I knew you earlier, because I used to live around the corner from your place in Perth ^^ I love that simililarity thingy that you done with the Silk Air pics, that totally cracked me up. *laughs* And there’s no wedding going on?? Awwwwwwwwwww T_T *sniff sniff* I guess I’ll have to refund my wedding gifts for you and XiaXue, pity too, it’s a top of the class coffee maker machine with all the gizmos, such as voice activation. What a pity indeed…

  13. i guess for her (and i am not just saying for her only) coz she’s so “famous” there are bound to be good and bad press as well as the mad people. everything there’s written, people have their own opinions that they would form about her.
    they call her bitch because u know, e.g when she shot down fiona xie’s blogs, much as there are people who dont like fiona much or at all, there are also her fans. so likewise, xx has her own fans and haters.
    its something famous people can’t avoid.
    its like for us normal people, we have our friends, and our enemies. not everyone’s guna be nice and polite about it.
    i guess everyone has their limits though, and she probably had come to the end of her teeter abt it. but take it in ur stride if u ever face it 😀 people are damn stiff 😛

  14. hey good job on imploring people to give constructive criticism. And please don’t let yourself be restricted by those who persist in making childish/judgemental comments. It’s bad enough that governments have a say in what we blog, other bloggers should know better. But if they don’t, fudge them. you’ve got more than enough blogders. =)

  15. please don’t stop writing about singaporean females. i think it’s flattering AND funny.
    i believe in the SiaXue combo, by the way!!

  16. Thanks to you and your blog-buddies that have good sense fo humor. I think you are funny and playful but it is only normal, is it not?

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