Where I’m Staying These Four Days

This is where I’m currently staying in Macau.

This monstrosity of a building is the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.
Built on what was previously nothing but a body of sea water, this building is now officially the largest inhabited building in the world. Also in it is the largest casino in the world, and the largest convention centre in the whole of Asia.

We arrived here late last night, and throughout our stay we were virtually continuously in awe non-stop. It is truthfully unlike anything else we have ever seen before.

The 13 of us from Malaysia is only a small part of a total of some 1,250 media and news crew from all over the world. We aren’t even the VIPs but already we feel like we are treated like kings.
The hotel suite is easily the most lavish and luxurious I have ever stayed at.

They called it a suite, man. Not rooms, SUITES.

It is the best hotel accomodation my blogging has given me. Considering I have been put up in really impressive hotels like the Hilton KL and Swissotel Singapore before, that’s saying something.

In-room broadband internet is free and there’s even a freaking fax/printer/scanner/copier 4-in-1 machine in the room! And we’re talking about the cheapest room they have available.
This is probably the only chance in my entire life that I’ll be staying here because I’m I would’ve never be able to afford paying for something like this on my own.

One night in the Venetian Macao would cost at least HKD$5,500++. That’s almost like RM3,000 a night.
But not to worry. If you book now, you can get a room at a special introductory rate of HKD$1,088++. That’s only RM600 a night!

A lot of work are still yet to be done, and clearly the workers have been working frantically around the clock.
The grand opening of the resort is scheduled to open tomorrow, on the auspicious day of 28/08/07. Coco Lee, Hacken Lee, Alan Tam and the Cirque de Soliel are all scheduled to perform.

Queen Amidala meets Anakin Skywalker in Korea

I just witnessed a traditional Korean wedding taking place today. On the opening day itself, there will be three more weddings, one of which will be between a Sarawakian couple.

I’ve got a full day tomorrow and there’s a lot more to cover, but rest assured – you’ll read it all at kennysia.com

If you ever get the chance to go Macau, watch the Tokyo Nights dance revue. It’s the best show I’ve ever watched. Partly because this dance show is actually a geisha show. Featuring live Japanese AV actresses. In the buff.
BUT, unlike those nekkid dance you find in Bangkok, this one ain’t sleazy or perverted at all. The elaborate costume, the beautiful choreography, the Japanese pop music, the facial emotions of the very pretty girls (including one that look like Ayumi Hamasaki) made the show so sensual, yet tasteful and artistically done.

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  1. If it weren’t for your hilarious blogging I would so damn hate you Kenny Sia!
    Just not too much ADs please.

  2. **yum**yum** ENVY!
    That’s the luxurious life of putting a night in Macau. Not surprise as Macau has already replaced Las Vegas for its casinos. Profit from the casinos in Macau is at least 100% of current Las Vegas. No doubt!

  3. I, like everyone else, would like to proclaim my jealously that kenny sia gets to stay in such a luxurious suite, without having to pay for it =P

  4. That is awesome man. I live in Guangzhou, only 2 hours away by bus. I am gonna be spending mad time and money out there. Try out a Macau Massage if you get the time.

  5. the tokyo nights dance revue is it all year round or just at this time of the year?
    the room is impressive. enjoy your stay!

  6. wahliao.
    that’s really nice hotel room you are staying in.
    how i wish i got a chance to do so..
    next time can bring other people? haha
    can consider me though.!

  7. My attention was caught with the photo of the hotel, and the magical night at Macau. Is that the most luminious building in Macau? It’s so fascinating to see buildings dressed in such incandescence =)

  8. Wow! RM3k a night? That is freaking cheap! Compared to the Burj Al Arab, this is nothing.
    Yes, I’ve stayed in the Burj for a week =)

  9. Wow, lucky b******!
    If that’s the cheapest suite room, and it looks like that… I wonder how the most expensive suite looks like :O

  10. yea i heard it has over 35 restaurants and 300 boutiques in the venetian macao itself….. really great place. Told my mom i want to go there for a holiday… but when I saw the price… ok on 2nd thoughts lets go somewhere else

  11. go die kenny
    i hope u die in ur five star suite wit in-room broadband internet is free and even a freaking fax/printer/scanner/copier 4-in-1 machine in the room

  12. Hey Kenny,
    You are one lucky SOB! The suites of the Venetian Macau are exactly like the suites of the Venetian Las Vegas. And why not as it save them tons of money with recycled plan and design. Having been to Las Vegas many times, Macau doesn’t seem that impressive. There are like twenty times the number of humungous hotels on the Las Vegas strip and they are adding more! Enjoy your freebee.

  13. Can you please post a link in your next blog entry as to how we can book a room online to take advantage of the HKD 1088 offer?

  14. Heh, most good hotels will have a range of ‘suites’… just means room with sitting area that’s all. Quite common. The hotels you were put up in of course you weren’t given the presidential suite or anything for free! WAY more expensive to stay in of course 😎 NICE PLACE!

  15. Hey dud, that’s something new, a Γ¦Ε Β±Γ¦ΕΎβ€’ on the bed. Sure look like one of them Seeweed wrapped Japanese “tidbits”

  16. i can’t understand why must the traditional korean style must have their women paint their cheeks with 2 red dots. how odd! amidala isn’t cos she’s padme πŸ˜‰

  17. i want kenny to be full time comedian with story that ended with a bang!, not some journalist for tourist spot.

  18. Walao eh! jealous until juice come out from my heart! first time ever i felt like hate u too! :p … must make sure u enjoy yourself to the max if not waste our jealousy. ha ha!

  19. Wow! Kenny i bet they treat you very well in such a nice environment, superb service eh! Do you get a butler too during your stay?
    BTW, I belief this Venetian is the same as the venetian in Las Vegas US. πŸ™‚ The have rated as one of the best and luxury hotel in the world.

  20. Wanna stay there again for free can.. American-style casinos usually have room allocation for high-rollers. So, you’d have to spend in the hundreds of thousands on the tables, and then they would give you the suites for free. I think Sands Macau does that – they only have rooms for high-rollers. Then, the trick is to make sure you WIN with all those bets, and not lose hundreds of thousands and maybe owe the credit card company or banks…

  21. O
    GGGGGG~!!! IT is sooooo beautiful~!! RM3000+ per night………… i better use 3k to buy a laptop or desktop. IF book now is only for RM600+~!!!! too bad i dont even have money to travel to macau. how about the room service? u should call some room service ma. ENJOY man~!!

  22. Gosh~ at first i really thought you were in Vegas when I saw the first pic! been to Vegas twice but never been to Macao and I really wanna go~!

  23. WALAU!!!! i jz watched d short CNN news on Yahoo! about d resort hotel. It’s d LARGEST CASINO in d world where there r 800 gambling tables! so envy of u,kenny! hahaha~

  24. Remember pay New Lisboa a visit as well lar..
    (Japanese AV Stripped show..)keke…bao u kenot forget whole life..but no camera allowed~

  25. Hm, on my recent trip with family to K. Terengganu we were surprised by the presence of this luxury hotel, apparently built initially for the Monsoon Cup races, which has rooms RM 1900+ and above. My memory of the prices are quite hazy, unfortunately, but the highest tier would be near RM 3000. Ironically, it’s current ‘promotion rate’ is around RM 500? *or something*
    Eheh :p

  26. Come on la Kenny, you’re a cheapskate…keep on wearing the same adidas shirt only…
    Don’t u have anything nicer to wear?? And that adidas shirt only makes your boobs look bigger

  27. Avril wears the same outfit for 2 years wor.. And wasn’t that outfit a white shirt, black tie and combats? Go scold Avril lar. (Disclaimer: Kenny is by no means as famous) hehehe..

  28. ops! i’m in macau also! saw this huge, big, famous newly launching hotel! damn it, no chance for me to live in this hotel! it’s a casino too! the world biggest casino in world!

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