Justin Timberlake Spotted In Macau

Justin Timberlake spotted in Macau.

Ok, maybe not Justin Timberlake, but definitely some guy that looks like Justin.

At least he looks like Justin after too many hot dogs and meat pies.

After four days living like a king in Macao, I’m finally back home in good ol’ Kuching.
You realise you are a true blue Kuching boy when despite all that pampering eating foie gras and hundred-dollar Atlantic lobsters, it still feels good to be back home eating a humble RM2.20 bowl of kolo mee.

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  1. Aiya Kenny… This looks like a ‘sub standard’ post from you – 2 pix with 2 sentences. Don’t lah jatuh your blogging reputation with postings like this. No hard feeling ya, just some honest feedback from an avid reader…hehehe…

  2. you must be drunk or something… that dude does not look like JT in anyways. it’s a really lousy comparison and it’s not funny at all. this a very lame post.

  3. alamak! u got me excited for nothing 🙁 so badly wanted to go to his concert even tho it’ll be during my study week but tickets were all sold out! *grr* guess fate wants me to study hehe… and i totally agree with ur short talk abt humble hawker food– which is why i never fail to go back to penang each yr 🙂

  4. first of all, how could you say my love looks like that man wih the camera =(
    second of all, you ate foie gras?????? how could you????? boycott!

  5. that really looks like JT dude! A more plum sluggish kinda justin with a little beer belly.. TOTALLY JUSTI-FIED !

  6. refer to zh3nG’s question ,i guess it is pronounced as “MA COW”..acknowledge me if i’m correct ya..i mean..u ppl !

  7. My god…you are all brainwashed into believing Justin Timberlake is good looking and something special…There is no hope for a world that swallows slick marketing and hype as easily as they would swallow their mother’s milk when they were an infant.
    The dude does look like Justin Timberlake from that angle. What does that say about Justin Timberlake?
    For those infatuated with the myth of JT – grow up and try to think thoughts that HAVE NOT been crammed into your heads by the media and marketing campaigns.

  8. Actually Kenny, I can spot two more “lookalikes”
    The guy in the suit on the right looks like Vladimir Putin.
    And the guy seated at the table with the curly hair and the hands near his face looks like Ian Ziering from Beverly Hills 90210.
    Or maybe I’ve just gone slightly blind? lol

  9. Wah! U got JT and Putin together in da same photo wor! So good o.. And we laugh at mat sallehs for saying all Asians look alike…

  10. Dear, hmmm… oklar, Justin as you spotted him. Most of all glad that you’ve returned home safely and still miss our kolo mee…and most of most of all still love Kuching, wish to spot you somewhere in Kuching this weekend before I returned back to Miri. 😛

  11. hahaha..tat Vladimir Putin looks like real one! as for de JT chap, well, maybe 10 years down de line, real JT would look like tat..huhu..wei, Kenny, hw come nothing frm Macau leh???

  12. maybe by the side only la. I have a friend who looked like Pierre Pang. When he goes to Singapore people actually came up to him and asked if he’s Pua Chu Beng.

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