When In Rome

People used to say “When in Rome”

“Do as the Romans do.”

This was probably not quite what they had in mind.

I am still on holidays in Italy right now, updating my blog whenever I could from the overpriced internet connection provided by the hotel.
Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few days time.

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  1. Yeah,i am the first! Should go see that statue wear a batik with pink color at the Singapore national museum during the Greek exhibition!

  2. can’t wait for u to blog about everything in Rome. hope u post up some real nice sceneries and let us download the pictures for our desktop wallpaper. 😛

  3. Yea! Should go to Singapore National museum to see the humongous (I think it was 5-6m tall?) David statue displayed right at the entrance, for all to see. 🙂
    And it’s skin is in pink batik print as well!

  4. Well since this is one of the best statue I’ve known I should love to correct some pose.
    The pose is not like relaxed “macho” style as everyone might perceive.
    It was actually pose when David was looking straight at Goliath. Expert believe that the eyes is actually looking at something huge and towering not far from him
    On the Left hand is the sling that stretches through his back.
    On the Right hands are the stones that would be used to kill Goliath. (yes, there are pieces of round stones inside the right hand)
    The pose is actually would means coolness and calm in front of great adversary.
    The fact that he is in the nude, shows that clothes or armor made by man is useless when fighting against the power of God.
    Nice pics. I just wish they would allow us to take picture from the front. the actual front face is where his eyes is looking at. The way they put it, it’s just make people focus on the wrong part.

  5. 脱掉脱掉,上衣脱掉

  6. Kenny why you so sexy now… you’ve gotten so buff. All that exercise must be working for you…
    I likeeyyyy… come hug! HAHA.

  7. Hahaha Kenny 🙂
    Hey man, you are looking good! I think you are on the right track, figurewise.
    Si si Signor Sia… Godere Italia ~!!

  8. that is not actually “fat” la, is actually “meat” or muscles la, juz the “line” not so clear only. keep up the good work kenny~

  9. Ummm…. I think you look nice for Kuching Museum… 🙂 An icon attracting more visitors promoting Kuching Tourism.

  10. hi hello kenny how are you wow enjoy your self over there wah lau
    the dick so small
    why dont a picture there make love
    see ya

  11. Thank you for keeping your clothes on :p
    Caught the train from Rome to Florence back in 2002. Didn’t see the real David unfortunately but the fake one was still impressive.
    The food & gelati in Florence was nice 😀

  12. hmm didnt the gallery “police” threaten to keep your camera in a plastic bag? the last time I was there, photography was not allowed which pissed me off after queueing for hours to get in! but i too stole a few pics 😉

  13. Is it too much to guess that it’s a doctored/photoshoped/fake photo? Obviously no cameras allowed and seems like no one cares about him…

  14. Typical tourist. There are BIG signs in the Gallerie Academia that say “NO PHOTOGRAPHS” but no you had to be an idiot and take pics with David. Gives us Malaysians a bad name. Just goes to show that having money to travel doesn’t mean you have class.

  15. waah kenny sia in cleo’s eligible top 50?? malaysia must really be ru runnin out of bachelors…
    get ready to pack girls..

  16. yeah…the real one is in florence. went there a few months ago and did the exact same pose! somehow, the first thing that comes into your mind when u see the statue is to do that. only problem is, i don’t have the ‘vital assets’ needed to make it real. even took a pic of the statue’s @$$ from the back. 0:)

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