My Mom Knows Best

While driving back from lunch on Mother’s Day, my mom and I had an interesting conversation.

At first, we were talking about my idea for the new business. But for some reason, the conversation quickly morphed into the issue of me “settling down and starting a family”.
It’s a topic my mom and I had never talked about, simply because I was too young/too stupid/too unprepared to start a family. And that’s obvious.

The problem is, I am not exactly a kid now.
In a couple of months, I’m gonna be 27 years old. Twenty seven!
My father married my mom when he was around 27. My sister married when she was 27 years old. My brother too, tied the knot when he was 27. I am the only unmarried child in the Sia family. And every Chinese New Year I kena from my aunties and uncles.
Herein lies the problem. At 27 years of age, not only is marriage the last thing on my mind, I’m not even out actively there looking for a partner.
So I asked my mom jokingly, “Eh… you don’t mind if say, I marry at the age of 40 right? Four grandkids to play with enough already right?”

My mom is 61 years old and she’s very traditional in many ways. Knowing her, I half-expected her to launch into Auntie Matchmaker ModeTM, saying stuff like, “Neh, you know my friend Ah Lian’s sixth eldest daughter Ah Ling is also 27 and single leh. Why don’t you ask her out?”
That did not happen. What I got instead, was a stern lecture.
“You? YOU!? Looking at the way you live your life right now, NO GIRL WOULD WANT TO DATE YOU AT ALL.”
“Every day fly here fly there. Out of one month, gone three weekends. What kind of stupid girl is going to put up with that? If I am your girlfriend right now I’ll run far far already lor!”
Ouch. That hurts because it’s true.

At the rate I’m living my life right now, not even my mom’s friend Ah Lian’s sixth daughter Ah Ling would want to marry me.

Music of the week: Rihanna’s naughty pics weren’t the only stuff leaked onto the Internet this past week. Her unreleased new song “Hatin’ on the Club” has spreaded like wildfire on the Internet and for good reason. It’s a pretty darn good R&B number.

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  1. That’s funny. haha.. what about asking your mum to intro u the 7th daughter or the 8th.. by that time you could settled down already.. =)

  2. ha, dont have to b too pessimistic kenny sia, someone is right, look for one who has same affection as you are. it is never too late to get married as long as u met the right person:)

  3. actually 27 is still oklah can get married at 30 yrs old. thats wat i think lah.for men lah. their factory also working all the time not like women after menopause not working liao. maybe the “distributor” for factory may not be working so well lah..
    but what your mom said is true. it is hard for any girl to want to bear with you absence on weekends.
    but dont worry lah =)

  4. The kids really cute !Honestly 27 years just still very young as I also same age and I think no need rush for it as I believe in fate……

  5. your mom is funny.. Knowing that your lifestyle does not encourage you to be settled with anyone, yet she expects you to be attached.. lol..
    besides.. 27 is way tooo young to be settled.. 😀

  6. When it’s destined and fated for sure it will come. Don’t worry too much if you are 27 now or what, everything have their own way.

  7. HAHA, my parents havent been like that with me yet but in near future, i’m sure they will. good luck finding one!

  8. Hah????? Only 27 arr???? Serious shit??? You better change your lifestyle la… I thought you are like 30+ itu macam… by the rate you are going, when you are 40, u might look 50 lor…lols… sorry la bro…

  9. hmm….ur mom kinda makes sense but still….the world has changed….I dun think u will get married that early…
    All the best for u in searching ur Malaysian dream girl….MDG kennysia edition….

  10. That has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen, and I don’t even like babies, but OMG, that baby is SO CUTE it’s making my ovaries swoon.

  11. omg. the baby’s too cute!!
    i guess, such things cant be rushed. tho’ what your mum said is true.. perhaps when your life isnt that busy, then you cld try to look for one?
    great to read one of your honest posts abt yourself. 🙂

  12. I bet u will find ur Mrs Right..
    It just that it’s not the time yet..
    Perhaps there is somebody out there like who r u now.. Dont give up..

  13. tell ur mom when u get married at 40, can choose 20+yos mar. go younger, man
    who wanna choose same age woman when u r successful and rich and have the upper hand to pick and choose? LOL

  14. A man is only heating up in his 20’s and become hot commodity when he’s in his 30’s. If not you can always get a mail order bride =P
    And now I wanna pinch that baby’s cheeks!

  15. i also thought kennysia was some 30+ guy. haha! dun be too pressured though, 27 is just a nice age for a guy to enjoy his single hood! u shud only start worrying about being single when u hit the big 30!

  16. Nvm,when u r happy, just post an adv ur blog lookin for a wife. Can make it into a reality show too. Tis cud work,i want to patent the idea.

  17. my mum’s from kuching too! and she says the same things! just live your life the way you want to … you find that if you launch into something other people want for you, you will:
    i) resent them;
    ii) resent yourself; or
    iii) go into a destructive cycle.
    To borrow from an awesome movie called Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle – the universe will sort itself out in time.
    I hope this advice reaches you.
    Messrs and single lifestyle advocate!

  18. conservatism is the way of the experienced..
    better be happily single than to be miserably married…
    good things comes to those who wait…
    i waited long… and i got a gem…

  19. 27 is still a very very early stage for a man. you should really be worrying about starting a family after 10 years.

  20. hahahahaa. LOL!
    Your mum is really funny!
    Got attitude!
    27 still young in this era. Enjoy the single life before you get tied down to a train of commitments.

  21. oh dear, being pressured into marriage is not what everyone wanted. i do believe that you have to wait for the right one before you could walk down the aisle and live happily ever after. but of course, the mum’s pressure is the most highly influencial of all. but i do hope that kenny, you could just live your life as this life is yours and you only get to live it once

  22. The title of this post should be
    [“Nobody dare to want you”, mum said ]
    Nice meeting you at MDG2 ;p

  23. That’s because you should bring your girlfriend around when you travel as well.
    And 27 is not old, is just the age where your career should be blooming.
    Dont fit yourselves into some girls life, look for a girl that fits into your life and appetite. lolz
    Your mum is just like most mums, they just want you to be more homely and worry about you finding a partner. Reality check, even when you’re just in where you are, are you even gonna go try it out with someone? The thing is, the problem is you, not anything. You’re still not in the mood for love for a reason you know why and seriously, love is only gonna happen in the most unexpected reasons and when you’re looking for it.
    Try having a poll at of how many girls would wanna date. You will be suprise, in a good or a bad way. XD
    And i hope is not because you’re gay. lolz.

  24. btw kenny i received some random emails from u abt some health products through msn, problem is i think that is a virus, u better check it out
    good day

  25. Agree. There’s no timeline on what age you should get married – assuming biological and financial matters aren’t your biggest concerns.
    Take your time to appreciate the journey of life you have and enjoy your youth – a happy man attracts a happy woman and vice versa.

  26. Omg, it took me ages to wait for the loading til I can post my comment.
    Hmmm… About marriage… My bro having his wedding dinner soon. xD
    Kenny, I don’t think you have to change your current lifestyle. If you really want to, I suggest you be the “Yes Man!”. Say “Yes!” for everything even a granny wants to blow job for you. That will greatly help you in finding a new girlfriend. ^^
    If you got no time for those, maybe you can just having your own show? Maybe kennysia Dream Girl contest? Of course, you’re the judge and the winner gets you. ;D
    Well, enjoy your single life now with no regrets before entering your marriage life and don’t look back or miss your single life if you’re married.
    Best regards,
    siawkia /_\

  27. Oh well, i think ur mum’s being very nice not taking a step further. My mum seems worried that I’ll never get married, and almost arranged matchmaking with her colleagues’ sons… etc.
    But I’ve “sternly” expressed my intentions to her and told her this is not an issue of concern for me right now.
    Anyway, it’s pretty much a generalization to say that no ladies can take tahan your lifestyle. There’re definitely girls out there who are as busy as you, if not, busier. Quality time wins over quantity.
    PS: I feel like pinching the bb’s cheeks…. SOOO CUTE!

  28. I think you shouldn’t rush into anything that you’re unprepared for. Having a family is a big responsibility and seeing how f*cked up today’s society is (ie. high divorce rate, affairs, etc.), it’s better to think about it thoroughly rather than conforming to people’s expectation of us. It’s our lives after all. It’s more important to find the right person who you can connect with instead of getting married for the sake of settling down. That’s the biggest mistake anyone can make in his or her life. You make other people happy but end up in a misery yourself. I’m 26 this year and I don’t see myself tying the knot anytime soon (and I’m talking about at least 5 yrs into the horizon). Good luck to you Kenny. 🙂 But I do hope love comes your way soon…

  29. There’s one way to stop “kena” from your aunties and uncles – next time when you meet them in funeral, ask them back: “Hey, when it’s your turn?”
    Konpom they won’t ask you this question anymooooore.

  30. Yalo..wat ur mom said is so true le. Often saw u walkin’ alone at Spring and Kenyalang le…Shud get a gal liao lo.
    *Oopss..not stalking ar…Coincidence har ho.
    and to ur moms remarks:”If wana fly here fly ther, then find a gal who can run far far with you lor”…LOLz..
    p/s: tat baby got a mouth of a duck!..haha

  31. awww kenny. don’t take that to heart. i mean, ultimately… it’s still your own life. i’m pretty sure after you get your business settled, you won’t be flying in and out. still lots of time to find mates. ahahha. “mates.”
    hahahaah and yes! kenny too’s comment is THE WAY TO SHUT THEM UP!

  32. i seriously don’t think 27 is the right age for a guy to settle down in this age and time. but then again, perhaps it’s my own personal bias of preference towards older guys. my hub was 39 when we got married, and i was 26.
    from what u sed abt ur lifestyle, it seems very clear that u’r not ready to be tied down in a relationship yet. so don’t rush it as yet…coz i truly understand how ur previous ex felt when u were jetting around, out and about without her, but with other female companions instead (never mind that they are platonic). cheers~

  33. hey sia kia, no worries mated!!!!
    the older men get, the more desirable they are just like red vintage wine.
    young babes love a matured and financially secured men.
    age is just a number, what’s important is that you keep fit and look young.

  34. At the rate I’m living my life right now, not even my mom’s friend Ah Lian’s sixth daughter Ah Ling would want to marry me. – Kenny.
    Cheers bro.
    At least you still have Soni.

  35. Hmm, this is some of the topic that sometimes make me nervous when the times come like this.
    BUt for me, to reach 27 would take me another 10 year ohh (^^)
    A piece of an advice that maybe can be helpful – get your life settle properly,know the turn and all, and when the girls of your life come pass you, grab her!!!

  36. Dont worry.I am sure lotsa chicks would want to marry you.
    C’mon,which chick wouldnt want to marry someone so famous and all..hee hee..

  37. “Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”- Pope John XXIII

  38. Someday you will find bah. 缘分这回事。。急不来的。。and im sure u being a celebrity now.. loads of girls will line up for u! Keep up the entertaining posts!

  39. Hey Dude, with the lifestyle you choose to live, 40ish would be a good time to settle down with a lady who is independent with good career, advanced degree, mental maturity, perhaps has her own business empire, well traveled, who knows fine dining, marathon runner runner with toned body instead of MDG’s toothpick arms………… If not, 50 is fine too…..and there is nothing wrong for staying single with a girl friend or two if you want to be a successful person while enjoying an adventurous life.
    Good luck.
    BTW married late will keep your mom live longer. My mom just told me, ” eh, this time you come back, we’ll have to discuss my 身後事, WTF!

  40. well.. u can bring ur mom’s highly recommended AH LIAN to travel with you.
    Go overseas 3 weeks out of one month with ur AH LIAN. Then probably from then onwards, ur mom wont ask u to find a gf anymore. lol..
    I guess ur mom just want you to accompany her more and stay in msia. well.. well.. hahah.. she is cute anyway.. LOL..
    Oops.. i should be studying..

  41. aiya, i am 25 never been into a relationship before and my parents also rushing me. i dont care lol.

  42. Kenny,
    As cliche as this may sound, men are like a fine wine. They get better with age. (:
    Getting married is a lifetime commitment. This is one thing you should never rush.

  43. Aiyah marry late won’t die lah…My dad married at age 36 and I’m the first of 4 kids. Maybe in a few years you’ll have slowed down and will be more ready to settle down.
    We’re young, and that’s not an excuse to be totally hedonistic and party like crazy, but it’s a time of life that we’re passing through and can’t ever revisit. Take it at its own pace.
    ^ btw, agree with “e”s suggestion to find a runner. A girl who can discipline herself to run 42 km must know how to take care of herself, and anybody who can stand that much blood, sweat, and tears is probably not going to throw a big tantrum over small stuff!

  44. marrige = commitment
    commitment = work
    work = stress
    no thanks buddy. i’m happy being single. no one to tell me when i should come home and why i should not walk naked in the house.
    with only one life to live, i’m partying to the max 🙂

  45. Hi Kenny, I think that there are a lot of girls out there are in love with you. 🙂
    It is quite impossible you can’t find a partner.
    Ping Your Article?

  46. hi kenny..
    i saw da other day at the curve
    u look soooo……cute 🙂
    i’m sure thr r gals wil fall in luv with u 😛
    no worries…lol

  47. no rush..
    until u find the one,
    each believe, trust in..
    even you go travel,
    she can handle herself and family for u.

  48. No rush man… Enjoy your freedom…
    On the other hand, you’ll never know if ‘someone’ will just come by anytime… and you might be marrying the ‘someone’ very soon?

  49. Kenny Bunny,
    If this is an ad to look for a girlfriend, do a poll…how many of you girls out there would want Funny Kenny as your significant other?

  50. Hey Kenny, dont con us la…i saw you in Tropicana Mall PJ last Saturday at the Jap restaurant.You were there when i reached. i left after 2hours but you were still there….ahem…the girl looks sweet.

  51. 27 is still young for a guy..
    i think the modern ‘marriage’ age for a guy nowadys will be around 32+ there, uve got urself 5 years.:D

  52. -o-o-
    I heard a lot of “Men are like wine, improve as age go”… Wu ia bo?! I’m 26 now but still tastes like a shandy. Anybody has any damn idea to turn shandy into Yang Ming Jiu?
    Kenny S, with the blogging profession you have, you just like a biawak among the cicaks. Bold, cool, ass-kicking funny. All the best in your future endeavours!

  53. There are 1 types of girl would go for you.. but is also not a choice for any other man .. a materialistic girl .. hahaha …. these types of girl will not mind not having seeing you for 3 wks per mth as long as you give them money. haha ..
    well, i’m going to turn 27 in few mths too … i guess its been a culture that ppl tends to get marry late now…

  54. First and foremost, I am not a stalker, nor am I infatuated with you. However, I tend to read blogs before I go to bed.
    Last night, I dreamt that I was your fiancee. You took me out for dinner and had your arm around me (somehow it felt more like friendship to me). When we arrived at the restaurant, you had a older guy friend joining us for dinner (which was weird), then I realized that you had a bunch of friends at the next table joining us for dinner. Ha!Ha!
    Basically, I woke up thinking that this Kenny guy is definitely not ready for marriage. Enjoy your single life because 27 is too young to be tied down. Trust me 🙂
    Don’t worry, I just read your blog because you are a fellow Malaysian and I enjoy your humor.

  55. I think for a man…30 and above should be okay…
    As long as you are ready to feed the kids and handling wife expenses (……etc)… means you are ready… ^_^

  56. I would be so willing to volunteer to be your gf IF YOU BRING ME TO TRAVEL ALONG WITH YOUUUUUUUUU (+ all expenses paid)

  57. haha… i’m also outta singapore omos every weekend… been travelling arn and dun plan to stop yet.. just need some guy to complement me.. and i’m set.. hahaha

  58. You need a partner who is equally as adventurous as you are. You live an admirable life, Kenny, and to share that with someone you love with double your happiness. I wish you well!

  59. partnership (romantic,marriage,etc) is a really big decision to make, so I hope nobody’s rushing you into these things… please take your time, and you’ll appreciate the results more. After all, it’s you and your chosen one for many many more years to come, you gotta be ready for that 😉

  60. Good luck to u then.
    just tell ur aunty n uncle..Bo X10 (no X10) , like money not enough 2, then d next 10 years u no need repeat the same thing.
    champions league final is coming, which team u voting 4? its barca year!!

  61. haha. dun worry la. tell ur mum u will get maried latest when u’re 30 years old. still gt 3 years to hunt eh. chill!
    btw, champions league final coming soon. Glory Glory Man United!!!

  62. who needs marriage?
    do what you love, you only have one life to live.
    somewhere along the line you just might meet the one who loves what you love. i have. 🙂

  63. that kid… is yours rite? u actually got a kid rite?! and u hide it all these yrs!!
    ok. cut that crap. enjoy singlehood while u can. 😀
    but if u want a wife, find someone who is willing to travel with u… well… if u dont mind having a woman with u and nags at u when u travel. 😛
    i guess im expecting your next entry would be… ‘hunting for a wife’?

  64. Whoa~~~ The baby look so cute! Can cubit the face. ^-^
    27 is still young, Kenny! Fly around more and get to know some air stewardess. 🙂

  65. HAHA! i like that… i was expecting the same answer that you had in mind from ur mum! NOW that is different… new age answer! ; P

  66. Kenny, 27 is not that old…u still might find sumone …who knows fly here and fly there ..finaly..brings a match 4 u ..hehehe

  67. 27 only.. i am nearly 30 liao lor and still not married.. female summore. i should be more worried than you la, kenny di di..
    why hurry to get married wor?
    find someone who is really suitable for you first. dont settle for anything less for watsoever reason 😉

  68. LOL,
    Kenny, the older you get and marry, the more your bits won’t work or get faulty!
    Research shows the older a man is when he sires a child the more genetically defective his child will be and prone to diseases, deformities and other genetic abnormalities because his sperm literally shed genes and protein structure the older their host gets (that’s you!).
    So the whole ‘marry when younger’ is actually a biological reaction in every society and yes from your mom as well!
    That’s why you see Lee’s kids all like so screwed up, one albino, one retarded, only one still a little more normal but still somewhat dull and slow. Not exactly PM material. 😛
    He may be smart but fruits do fall far far from the tree the older it grows if you’re human!
    Am an occasional reader of your blog, but do have a little bit of a soft spot for you cuz I knew some of your close friends having spent time in Kuching for a little bit and thought I hated it – till I got this massive, unfilled craving for Sarawak laksa a couple of months after leaving!
    Finding a girl for a guy is not about how the girl can ‘fit into your pocket’ or cave in to your needs and life submissively, as much as many men mistakenly think. (And end up with such a dead animal in bed and in domestic life they’d much rather have 10,000 affairs with 10,000 fugly chicks and the occasional hot babe who pities them)
    Its about finding a woman who meets your match.
    Since you love travelling, why put your pet loves down to ‘settle down’?
    Find a girl who loves travelling as much as you do!
    Maybe a girl traveller blogger too! 😛
    Like Bonnie and Clyde, be partners in crime!
    Nothing sexier than a woman who has the same fiery passion as you do – she won’t be ‘putting up’ with you but loving what you do!
    Being ‘mature’ doesn’t mean “settling down” the conventional way (go get boring desk job forever, marry wife and pop out grandkids for Mom.), it just means having a more thorough and developing a compassionate mindset to enable yourself to put yourself in other’s shoes, then giving due consideration to their feelings and needs.
    Something I find many Chinese men don’t ever develop. They remain boys for the rest of their life, its sickening and off putting because they go around looking for girls who have the mentality of a 16 year old tween. No wonder young mothers of today suck bad. Kids getting together with kids and popping out more kids. Damn.
    Now being a mature chick I love em’ men. Strong, proud, honourable men.
    Be that, Kenny, you look like you’re on the way there! 🙂

  69. Yah, I can relate.
    We women only need the sperm – same same. Pity we have to put up with the rest.
    We can work, clean, incubate our own babies, have boobs to feed them without having to pay for second rate milk powder that doesn’t strengthen a baby’s immune system.
    If you want to compare like that we win hands down as without a live incubator you’re still just a lousy, useless sperm.
    And I doubt with an attitude like that, the best woman you can get is if you paid for it.
    LAME attempt to troll.
    Lucky for us women we don’t look at a man as a giant sperm but a wonderful companion and life partner.

  70. Great reply. I may not look like it (refer to name) but I am a man myself. I Understand that that message is only directed to those who looks down on the females.
    Nice one 😉

  71. Well, I think you should consider your female business partner (if there is any). Lol. Coz they share the same burden, fly with all around the world, and communicate the most with you. Save the time, save the energy, save your mom’s saliva as well.

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