Who said Malaysia has a graduate unemployment problem?

Imagine if you’re broke and unemployed.
You walked into this restaurant, opened up the menu and noticed that they serve wages on the menu.

Ok, I’m sure they meant “wedges”! Which is totally different thing altogether.
But how cool is it if you can just walk into a restaurant and ask them to pay you wages?

No word on whether or not they also serve you celery salary.


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  1. Kenny,
    You sometimes amaze me with your eye for such ‘interesting’ facts!!
    My first time commenting though I have been reading your blogs regularly since 2007.
    Keep it up!!

  2. Haha..
    Funny. I guess they knew of it and didn’t wanna spend money on reprints so they just didn’t bothered to change it.
    That shows how stupid some people can be. Oppss… Just my two cent. 😉

  3. wages? is that mean if i go there to eat they will pay me wages??? haha.. or i have to pay for wages? in that case i prefer wedges…=p
    kenny, can u pls write other type of entry that is more controversial,or more of ur trip to egypt. enough of spelling mistake entry,can?
    =) cant wait for ur next entry….

  4. Haha. Well I always have typo mistakes on my blog from spellings to grammers. But I think I can still able to spot the mistake immediately which over all, completely different in meaning.

  5. if only wages really could be on the menu

    then we can all sit on our bum and order “wages” and increase the market demand which they will then raise its price. YAY!!! more “wages” then!

    this is lame shit

  6. it was lame, but it was funny… it made me laughed heartedly for the first time after a long while…thanks!

  7. Haha. Salary.
    What’s with the contemporary decorations of the cafe/restaurant and the well designed menu, yet they can’t google “Wedges” before they print their menu?

  8. okay… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT “brown sauce” that is served with mashed potatoes??!!
    oh.. they meant gravy.. i hope they meant gravy…
    but what more do you expect from the people who came up with “wages” as wedges huh?

  9. okay… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT “brown sauce” that is served with mashed potatoes??!!
    oh.. they meant gravy.. i hope they meant gravy…
    but what more do you expect from the people who came up with “wages” as wedges huh?

  10. YUPPO if they serve Wages & Salary I would definately go there to get 5 meals a day…….hey you get free food and you get paid………..who needs a job?? now you can just do your usual stuff that is eat and drink and be jolly and still get wages and salary…….Cheers to that…………. >.

  11. I would like to have wages for lunch because I’m broke. I remembered I was at Elephant one time, they do serve bean CULT instead of bean curd. Check it out.

  12. Even if you did pay for the “wages” that cost Rm4.50, you would still end up losing money because wages are only bout Rm3.50 to Rm4 per hour or in this case “serving”. You’d be a fool mwahahaha.

  13. The best spelling error i found was at a cafe right beside the arcade in sungei wang/bb plaza. I think they wanted to say coffee – rm1.80 but instead used cafe – rm1.80.
    I actually asked the owner if i could purchase the entire outlet lol. For those not in the know, coffee is sometimes pronounced as kah – fei which in this case was spelt as “cafe”

  14. Speaking of ENGRISH…….. not made up but its kinda lame… few weeks ago while i was doing my stuff in the computer lab….when two girls were entering the computer lab and trying to slip into the inner row of the tables… One of them said ” Cannot go in…. Got HUMAN”…
    Just incase you are still wondering why it should be hilarious… i translate it for you in mandarin: ” bu ke yi jing qu… you ren!”
    Gosh…. You wont know how hard it was to hold back my laughter…

  15. Wow kenny, i cannot believe how childish you are……. you took this as a joke? There’s more so-called funny menus in other parts of the world mainly countries that have english as their second language…… Don’t poke fun at yourself man…….

  16. Menu errors usually irk me. Seeing they probably had a few people checking it and none noticed the mistake… It’s annoying, enough said!

  17. what type of puki you are always want to correct people mistake you better become a english teacher and dont be a IT manager

  18. There never border to use the sperr cheker one…anyhow must let sam-one with good engrish to chek for them…so ashaming us to those engrish man that come here to play…

  19. kenny i know you are under pressure to produce regular updates but blogging about a typo? you’re gonna lose your older viewing audience. and you did it at the expense of a cafe’s reputation…thats kind of pathetic

  20. just a damn typo… is this even a joke ?? -_- thanks for destroying my day with ur lame joke… ill go do something more useful like bang my head on a wall… stupidass

  21. i dun understand wtf y ppl like to make stupid comment on kenny’s blog……
    if u all that think that it’s wrong to comment on someone english, then what make u think u are right to comment on SOMEONE else blog??? It’s his blog….
    if u all think his entries are getting bad, and what the hell are u all coming back day after day?? just to make negetive comment???
    if u think his entries are “boring”, “childish” etc…pls get a life and do something more meaningful. Stop coming back, he dun need u all
    And how to write good blog, when day in day out keep reading all the discouraging comment.
    Remember, hee dun get paid to entertain u all, and be glad that he did.
    I think kenny did a good job…keep it up

  22. i cant forget what a fucked up joke this is i came back for a double post… this post sucks BIG time

  23. oh and btw… kenny does get benefits of people viewing his blog if u dont know… all the free shit and adverts… man wei howe come out of ur damn hole and embrace the 21st century… no one does ANYTHING for free

  24. ija:
    I know that cafe is coffee in french but the place that i went to was a chinese coffee shop. Im not doubting their knowledge of foreign languages but for starters, they are not a french for sure and the menu was in chinese and broken english.

  25. You are serving their wages, not them…
    imagine, you pay them rm4.50.
    they pay you a few slices of potatoes.
    who is serving whose’ wages? =P

  26. kenny, keep it up. i think xiaxue once said something like, great people will get halangan one. if you get halangan from these airheads, that means you’re great liao la! right?

  27. Can’t believe Xiaxue is quoted here.
    Sometimes reading the comments can elicit more laughing time than the post itself. Which really wasn’t that funny. Honestly. This is Malaysia where we see mistakes like this on a daily basis.Still very kind of Kenny to highlight it though, publicity+heads up on correcting their menu.

  28. classic suck ups… if a post is bad have the balls to say it bitches… stop being lap dogs ur not gonna get anything in return…

  29. You always come up with interesting things…. can’t wait till I go to asia in a few weeks! woot hooT! your site makes me miss it so much!

  30. Kenny…you are really observant in the “bad Eglish” wor. Did you get them to alter their English or you just left it there for others to pay RM4.50 for the “wages”?? 😛

  31. Some one here said he saw funnier thing in other place and Kenny’s not funny at all. ******* Well, wtf? Blog and let others read your *** funny *** stuff lah! This kind of “I can do better than you” people really get on my nerve! Kenny is kind enough to share his laughter with the rest of the world, and what have you been doing for the world?????

  32. Who can blame us when you have a national language that ressemble so close to english. I am very confused sometimes myself. talking about confusion, our government is best at it. The government talk about wage increase for umpteen months it takes the private without notice to increase the prices together. I don’t know if the government is acting in cohort with the traders or they already know something is ‘cooking’ with the traders. Or the traders take lead from the government on wage increase. I am damn!!

  33. what a good way to laugh at all malaysians… thanks kenny, you did malaysia a favour by telling the world how stupid we are…

  34. Not sure if you’ve realize, that the Chinese translation is also wrong. It’s translated to potato chips. Broken English is all over the place now… However, everyone makes mistakes. The point is, we should find our mistakes, make corrections and learn from them.

  35. i think what you wrote was actually mentioned in today’s borneo post…haha…something about how the writer received a text message from a friend showing the menu that you posted

  36. This place looks remotely familiar. It’s very similar to a place in Petaling Street area. Can’t quite remember the name of the place, but they sell home decor stuff and it had it’s own cafe.

  37. all you jealous, no sense of humour, mother fuckers should just fuck off. it’s just some harmless goofy silly joke. i say, take that stick out of your asses but something tells me you people really like it up there. shame shame…

  38. Abit of sharing on ‘celery’…..Once in a wedding dinner at Singapore..My aunt asked for cutlery, then the waitress served us a plate of celery (We were there laughing).then after my aunt stress-out the word ‘cutlery’, the waitress take away the plate of celery, and for a few minutes, she served out a plate of ‘cut-celery'(celery in pieces)..OMG…..interesting blog!!

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