If Shanghai Bank Speaks Malay

Reader Kenny Cheah sent this in.

“Saw this ad in Taiwan. Not sure if anyone already posted this to you. Obviously, I was the only one laughing all the way from the aiport to the MRT until I reached my hotel.”

“Let Shanghai Bank manage your finance. Bring PUKI home!”

There’s even A SONG.

It is just so wrong on so many levels naming your company’s toy mascot after a favourite word Ah Bengs use to scold people. I wanna try to make a joke out of it, but I think I’ll just take the classy road and stay quiet.
I only have one question though.
If the name of that little pig is called PUKI, does that mean his mother is called PUKIMA?

Is it just me or does there suddenly seem to be a LOT of female bloggers out there selling girly stuff on their blogs?
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  1. lolll, this is really hilariuos!sooooo many types of puki somemore!!!活力PUKI!!!微笑PUKI!!!how can a puki smile!!!muahahaha
    But kenny, puki is a malay word, not hokkien, puki means vagina in malay, its a proper word coz u can find it in a malay dictionary ^^
    LUV this add!

  2. no 8!! rooney
    congrats manchester united winning the 2006/2007 english premier league title!!!!

  3. no 8!! rooney
    congrats manchester united winning the 2006/2007 english premier league title!!!!

  4. indeed little ray, it shud be pukimak, tht’s my nick on battlenet, watch out for pukimak while playing dota in the europe server!lol
    ba puki dai hui jia, man man xiang shou!hehe

  5. Yo Kenny . . . eh . . . firstly Puki is a Malay word, secondly . . . Taiwanese do speak hokkien . . . (or rather a version of . . . knowing how diverse hokkien can be ) . . . and thirdly . . . I really wouldn’t mind bringing some puki home (they should use that tag line over HERE !!!!) hehehahah 😛 . . .

  6. malay one is puki, not pukek meh? o_O
    just curious cos when ppl said i go to phuket.. then the others laughed so i assume it’s pukek. no meh?

  7. Kenny Puki is Malay……….Cuz Taiwanese speak Hokkien so if its a Hokkien word they would definately know it………..
    However Puki is more widely used among the Baba chinese rather then Malays………cant blame you for the mistake hehehe………..
    But seriously if the bank pull off this kind of advertisement locally I bet it would be such a laugh…..not to mention the commotion its gonna cause…….. -__-”

  8. Not very funny. Instead of being funny, it reflected the dirty mind of the person who think it’s “funny” in his own meaning.

  9. Yes, it’s got to be PUKIMA. Can’t balme them though, polite people don’t even know the existence of the “other” meaning of that word.

  10. PUKI? neva heard of this word…. But..interesting huh. Cant imagine if they hv an ad over tvs n telling ppl ‘ba puki dai hui jia’ ‘puki puki zhen ke ai’ lols.!

  11. there’s another meaning for PUKI in Hokkien …
    “PU” means RAISED …
    “KI” means MOLE …
    so, puki in another word means 凸痣

  12. Gosh…. Crude…. very Crude 😛 what about the cartoon PUCCA? anything you can come out creatively with that? A good entry to read judging that i needed a destressing post after completing a lousy paper in my exam 🙁

  13. this is not the first man.. garfield’s associated with it as well. his teddy’s also called POOKIE or POOKEY or POOKY(whatever the spelling is .. it’s still pu-ki)

  14. Nice one Kenny. You seem to encounter swear words all the time on your trip. I still couldn’t forget Similan Island!

  15. Kenny, I find it really in bad taste that you would post something like this right after that touching post dedicated to your father. I’m not saying the post is bad itself. I laughed. But then I scrolled down and read that touching post, I felt that maybe you should’ve saved that ‘puki’ post for a rainy blog day.

  16. Actually, the words “PUKI” and “PUKI-MA” come from the Malay vocabulary.. Just so you know.

  17. Puki is Malay. I’d know, I’m Malay and my friends use it at times. 😛
    Pukimak is ‘your mother’s ahem’. Weeeell, I think you’d all know huh?

  18. Hahaha… kenny sia, you never fail to make people laugh with just very limited words from time to time! Thank you for increasing my number of laughs today!

  19. My mistake. I thought Puki is Hokkien. I just checked, and yes it is Malay.
    A pig. That is called Puki. Which means something else in Malay.
    That is even more wrong.

  20. Pig #1: energetic PUKI
    Pig #2: likeable PUKI
    Pig #3: smilley PUKI
    Pig #4: shy PUKI
    Pig #5: naughty PUKI

  21. little boy : eh my mother say save money good leh! my mother keep my mother for me so i can buy sweet one day. U leh? where u keep ur money?
    little girl : in my Puki lor.

  22. What a lame entry- this is not funny at all…… you guys can go fuck yourselves man!!! Kenny is a fucktard

  23. Have saw this advertisement years ago on satellite. Never think of such name, but i think if it is in Malaysia, sure disallow one…

  24. Yeah definately get a 活力(energetic) PUKI! beside who would wanna *ahem* tut tut a non lively one?? =P

  25. There are many items/objects or even brand names with the sounding of “puki” . In US, there was a bubble gum with the brand name of “Poo-Kee”. It appears that Puki or Poo-Kee sounding names are catchy and easy to remember. As a matter of fact, it does sound cute. I have also came across cartoon characters and soft toys named Puki. Imagine, a little girl crying to papa to buy her a puki!
    I guess certain names may sound cute in certain language but may appear vulgar in others. For instance, the word “murni” in Malay means peaceful, harmony etc , but in Greek, it is the vulgar word for puki too.
    Likewise, I have came across Malaysian females calling themselves Fanny Wong etc. The word “fanny” refers to as pussy in UK especially in Scotland. Hence, in porn magazines in the UK, it often writes on juicy fanny!

  26. Kar!Kar! Funny how they change it from PUKI to PUKII!
    PUKI reads as Poo-Kee
    and PUKII should not be read as Poo-Keeeeeeee.
    It would be read as Poo-Kee-Ai just as in scientific names (Latin)

  27. Original:
    puki puki puki kawayii
    puki puki puki 最爱你
    Hokkien Version:
    Cheebye Cheebye Cheebye kawayii
    Cheebye Cheebye Cheebye 最爱你

  28. err i saw the ads in taiwan when i was there in january too… lots of pictures of myself n friends with puki
    FYI, puki’s mum = pu ma, puki’s dad = pu pa, and his younger sis = pu mei… lol

  29. omg..im goin nuts..
    *pukipukipuki kawaii*
    I never tot puki can be cute!? Honestly that pig is cute! oh tat sexy belly~
    *pukipukipuki zui ai ni*
    i cant shake it off my head…ROFL
    puki has family too? hahaha…
    then it shd be pu kia rite?

  30. LOL, anyone notice the girl in the yellow skirt (at about 1:37) trying to hold down her skirt cos the other girl lifted it… Hmmm… goes with the theme of the song ~_^

  31. somehow that song reminds me of the “i love eggs” song…mayb it’s the squeaky voice…

  32. Wah liao…
    In the spirit of globalization, need to ensure that whatever you name – your wife nickname, kid name, car name, whatever… Must check against all languages BAD WORDS dictionary. :))
    Kekeeke.. I think that is a good business proposition, Oxford Dictionary of Bad Words For All Languages. Kakakaka

  33. luckily they did not put a “ma” word behind the word “pukii”…it nearly becomes the song of the year in my list.=P

  34. Walao…The branding consultant/agency should have done a global check on their proposed brand name. The name SUCKS!! But I had a good laugh over the video…and the 5 energetic, likeable, smiley, shy & naughty “PUKI”s sounded like the real ones too right?? LOL

  35. Oh my goodness, I’ll never see this video again! This video gave me the worst hysterical laughter, and I’ll only watch it halfway…

  36. o.O i thought the name was bad enough… but the SONG?
    puki puki puki kawaii…
    i cant get it outta my head… argh

  37. Did you guys notice that the puki word in kenny’s pic got only 1 ‘i’ but in the video, it is with 2!
    So, ‘puki’ or ‘pukii’??

  38. Hhahah… Stupid Puki…
    For me i feel that Puki is very hamsap lor… like to hide under ladies mini skirts!
    And this PUKI can do break dance ler… Damn funny right?

  39. This is an amazing example of how differences in culture can be deliriously funny and offensive at the same time.
    What more Pukii is a Babi again…. wah super double offensive!
    hahaha but I know it is not intentional.. this is funny and stupid.

  40. this is really funny
    but it’s a case of where something means something else in another language
    take for instance the word Malaka . It’s Sanjaya’s surname. It sounds like a place in Malaysia. It’s almost the equivalent of the f-word in Greek.

  41. DO YOU KNOW THAT “MAY” in Maldives means “PIG” ? Means Maybank is PIG BANK. Yea it is ran by piggies too. Haha really?

  42. OMG>….whats worse is that westerners would sometime call their spouse puki,& there’s another western puki brand which promotes bear too!

  43. I’m just can’t keep myself laughing..hahaha..tq kenny..u had brought some happiness in my life..hahaa..stressing with my final exam..and this puki puki puki kawaii!!!!..

  44. roflmao this is superb hilarious! if PUKI Shanghai bank comes in to m’sia. i bet everyone would laugh to death xD

  45. I live in Shanghai.
    Shit like that you see daily.
    I have to keep a straight face in meetings with people who introduce themselves as, for eg:
    Vagina Lee (NOT a mistake)
    Bacon Tze
    Horney Sze
    Atom Something
    Domingo Sun
    Ricardo Wang
    Chlorophil Wong
    Dammit. I kid you not.Those names are real and they print em on their fucking business cards. I cant laugh anymore…

  46. cute cute PUKI
    can’t stop laughing looking at all comments posted here..
    Big clap to everyone, creative ya (“,)

  47. The Taiwanese would not know Malay.
    this reminds me of someone called Tuna Singh being introduced in HK, and he could not understand why everyone is giggling.

  48. ish apa la korang ni.. puki pun jadi hal.. tapi kalo iklan tu datang malaysia. nak sebut perkataan puki je terus “tuuttt” haha.. so.. “TUT” “TUT” “TUT” “TUT” Kawai..

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