Valentine’s Day Revenge

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

There’s one thing I don’t understand about Valentine’s Day.
Why is so much pressure and expectations put onto us guys to perform on Valentine’s Day? I reckon February the 14th is one big freaking conspiracy theory set up by little girls to force their boyfriends into being extra sweet and nice to them, just so them girls could make their friends jealous.
For years, we are fooled into spending money and taking time off work to plan the ultimate Valentine’s date and make our girls happy. In the end, what do we get? Nothing.
I say enough is enough. I say it’s high time us guys hit back and them girls. Let’s give them have a taste of their own medicine.

This Valentine’s, instead of showing up at the front of her house with a bunch of red roses, just show up empty handed.
When the look of disappointment shows up on her face, tell her straight to her face that you have found someone new. You are dumping her and you’re moving on. Confirm she will demand to know which one is your new girl. When that happens give me a call.
I will show up at her house pretending to be your new girlfriend.

Your boyfriend dumped you because of me. Jealous now?
I am so pretty.

My pet dog is celebrating Valetine’s a few days early. I came home from Penang and couldn’t find the bloody mongrel anywhere. Before I left, I saw him playing with a black female dog from the neighbourhood. And now he’s gone missing with that bitch.
Literally, that bitch.

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  1. and yes…. chocolate box for all kennysia readers ^_^
    [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]
    [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]

  2. So much for that rant, you have even readied your blog for Valentine’s Day with those huge ass hearts and all the pink! I am more curious about that Rocher bouquet. Who is it for?

  3. If my boyfriend shows up at my door with you beside him, I think I’ll be paying more attention to you and ignoring whatever he says and just concentrate on the “pretty” Kenny.

  4. in some countries, it is the girls who give the guys presents on valentine’s day. so can’t really say its girls who cooked up this idea of Valentine’s Day. 🙂
    kenny, are you dropping hints about some skeleton in the closet? *ahem*
    its ok… we’re an ‘open’ society, you know… 😉


  6. Haven’t you learnt that a bunch of chocolates wrappe d like incy princy lil flower bunches is like omg sooooooo last year, whoever your bf was, he was a real slack bastard for doing this to you! I almost cried and hyperventalated because of you! The last pic was so terribly sad! Not only that, but do I see a designer/remake of a LV in your hand the praque white one with colored stamp?? OMG.. you really are bad girl now kensy darling!
    One thing I have to say though is.. WOW! To the chair! It’s very designer, very! I like it a lot, actually I seen a lot of malay people got these chairs! it’s so british/colonial.. bah! Anyway you puuché.. Enjoy your lil valentine with your boyfriend.. HAHAHAHA! And tell him next time he gets you (so last year chocolate flower bunch) to assure the designers at the gift shop to make sure that the papers is not BROWN PAPER look.. and dark move’ purple, the colors just sooooo totally doesn’t match.,.. and the female mind ticks like “Matching”.. it’s like going and buying your self a HUGE pair of underwear, but you cant fit it! HAHAHAHAH! see.. that doesn’t match!
    *cough*.. anyway, I seriously want that sofa, can I import one from malaysia?????????
    OH. . . AND MISS KENNY-‘LESIA…. I’m not jealous that he dumped me for you, cuz you got the outdated chocolate flower bunch(Gaaaaawd! Do I have to say, it is fricken sooooo last year) Also, on the first photo did you not notice how fat that teddy is!!!! Are you trying to depress kenny’lesia even more! First she is ugly girl, now you try and make her feel fat, gawly gawsh.. and that crazy grin that teddy got.. OOOOOOOH.. scarrrrrry!
    Someone got kinky in Malaysia~~ btw.. is that a harrods bear, or a kupré one..

  7. Oh my god! Like holy giiiiina of paris hilton! I tol d you all it’s an LV BAG.. see see can?
    to be precise,, lv.. bag’let.. cuz kenny darling isnt posh girl style mah! very saddddd,, aw aw ..

  8. HAHA…Let’s see how your day will end by the time you meet her empty handed.
    As long as you’re being loved and you love ppl, everyday is Valentines…
    p/s: post a blog for us after valentines, tell us what happened !

  9. I never celebrate V. Day before. I think ever received roses on tht day but not from the person i love. Always thinking of how will it be when e day come. But i only know my ex bf only reacted tht it was just another normal day for him. He never remember when was tht day and believed it was on 30 Feb coz he never even think when I was talking. Kinda sad rite.

  10. geeez, my man just told me exactly the same thing! instead of him – “the man” doing the same thing over and over again, why dont I come up with something this year, so the pressure is on! Im suppose to do something for the first time (teehee!)
    ur right, that did sound unfair, hey girl frens, its time we stop being demanding and pamper our men on valentine’s day!

  11. Come on la, don’t you all notice it’s different in every culture how Vday is celebrated?
    In japan, guys hope to receive chocolates from girls on this day, then on the 14th of march (or is it april) they return the favour by doing something equally nice for the girl. (Thus a couple is formed.) If a guy didn’t receive any choco on that day, then he’s considered a loser.
    In France, the french men give the ladies rose(s) and that’s it. No cheese, no choco (unless the guy wants to add extra), no french bread.
    How the south east asian (or most asian) guys tear themselves up to make the perfect vday for the girls. Why? God knows.

  12. Oh well, I do agree that V’Day has somewhat being commercialised throughout the years. However, we still wanna treasure one another remarkably!
    However, Kenny, you do look a bit gay-ish in that pic with a bouquet of chocs!!!

  13. tomorrow a lot of girls will lost their 1 times to the boys so dont worry thats the thing we are going for.boys no rugi one…..

  14. haha…Happy valentine’s Day everyone.=)..valentine’s day not so bad larr..=)..provided u are with sumone u love n its not alll bout flowers, chocs, sweets o expensive gifts..=)..its bout love..and with sumone you love, everyday is Valentine’s Day..cheers…

  15. i gave my gf a mp3 player for Xmas
    and she gave me a small packet of sweets
    which is the same as she gave to her collegues.
    i take her to restaurants and on rare occasion
    she offer to give treat, is at coffee shop.
    she says gals no buy gift for bf birthday is
    rule u no know meh? strange that i never heard of it
    she keeps says she is generous person but
    still have not see it yet.
    almost all her good stuff family/me give one
    almost all cheep stuff she buy herself.
    to dump or not to dump that is the question

  16. To put to rest some rumours, those bouquet of chocolates are neither mine nor what I gave to another person.
    Those are actually a gift that a friend of mine has received, and I’m just using them to pose. That’s all! 🙂

  17. Yes, I do believe that Valentines is some conspiracy small girls came up with. Besides, is’nt it to remember some dude’s death?
    Anyway, Happy Valentines people, don’t celebrate with your partner, celebrate it with your parents. Much better. 🙂

  18. O God. Why la did I bother this year. Should check ur blog more often about you and your whinings. Call me dramatic. Look who’s talking now! Men are evil!

  19. Since when does buying bouquets becoming become outdated? I thought buying gifts should be from the heart, and not to show off to your prissy friends that you are still following the ‘trend’.

  20. Hi Dakota, saying chocolate flower bunch is so last year is like saying giving a bunch of rose so last century, why don’t you suggest something that’s so 2020?

  21. Not at all Kenny! most girls spend their whole year time to work out nicely behind u guys (remeber who cook for u, who pampered u like a baby and who r with u while u r sad), so why not u guys spent a little bit spare time and try to set up some surprise for your girls 😀
    Happy Valentines to all!

  22. Wow Kenny, just Wow, thats just so… twisted, omfg what were you thinking? siao arr?? If mi bf turn out to be with you then I’ll probably lock the gates and let the dogs out…….man…..ewwwww…..and that pose…its sooo…..emo……..hahaahaha
    Anyways, Happy Valentines day to all and may your lucky star shine brite tonight for all you lovers out there to get…Lucky (Oi think straight can or not you pernerts shessh =P)

  23. Not at all Kenny! most girls spend their whole year time to work out nicely behind u guys (remember who cook for u, who pampered u like a baby and who r with u while u r sad), so why not u guys spent a little bit spare time and try to set up some surprise for your girls 😀
    Happy Valentines to all!

  24. That idiot Dakota, is in his own world. Can’t even comprehend what the fark he is writing. Idiotic.. (*period*)

  25. Kenny, why don’t YOU carried out this plan of yours ? I challenged you to showed up at YOUR own gf house empty handed and see that dissapointment at her face and tell her you are dumping her….. ^_^
    Take the dare Kenny~
    And when your gf ask you who u dumping her for, call me, I will show up for you….
    I am so pretty too….. 😛

  26. In Japan, girls buy gifts for guys and not the other way round.
    When come to enjoy, gals wanna be equal.
    When come to work, hard works are all done by guys.
    So where’s the gender equality?
    That dog is really a bitch.

  27. After all the TLC girls put in to pamper their guy, it wouldn’t hurt pampering us girls just for once every year. Sigh.
    Happy Valentine’s Day all!
    I love you!

  28. well kenny,
    one main reason why guys go through all these is for the rewards afterwards… you know… the post-mortem after the dinner… which I cannot imagine doing with you. You’re fine, my man, but I need something else that WE don’t have.

  29. For those who says girls pamper their guys all year round and need this one day to be pampered back, i suggest you dump your guys.
    Your guys should be treating you well, and the pampering should be done both ways instead.
    Then there wouldn’t be any high expectations for Valentine’s day at all.
    And i celebrated it yesterday 🙂 Nice quiet and alot better than sitting 3 inches from the next table in over packed restaurants.

  30. “Not at all Kenny! most girls spend their whole year time to work out nicely behind u guys (remember who cook for u, who pampered u like a baby and who r with u while u r sad), so why not u guys spent a little bit spare time and try to set up some surprise for your girls :D”
    Actually guys do that to the girl more. Guys pay most of the dates, fetch her everywhere, buy her gifts, have to be understanding during her pms, have to console her all the time, withstand her tantrums and sometimes even cook for her. So most of the time guys do give more to the girls.

  31. hahahhahaha…kenny…*shakes head* you should create an anti vday website with anti vday cards…ezier than posing as someone’s gf lor…

  32. Happy V day!
    V day..also gt gurls sweeeet to guys one lo..
    Flower infront of my door..nvr happen to me b4 lehz..
    I think nwadays gurls are over demanding..
    tink kenny has came out w a gd idea to teach gurls to b less demanding..
    valentine’s day is nt a day to compare gifts or to see wat ur loved one give u..
    i think hw is the day made memorable is more impt..
    buying gift for the opposite sex is of no meaning if there is no luv..
    i am a gurl anyway.
    and my bf is away..back to his hometown for cny.
    so vday..sian…

  33. OI!! Some of us girls work just as hard to please our significant other ok??? As we speak, I am cooking DINNER and planning other such wonderfully sappy things to do. 😛

  34. Girls out there, is celebrating Vday so important to girls? I haven’t been celebrating Vday, my gf’s Bday and my own Bday with my gf because my job doesn’t allow me to as I travel a lot. I hope she doesn’t leave me because of this.

  35. This is not an attack on the female gender. Only some certain types of women. So please understand. This is just a small anecdote of my life.
    Valentines Day is alright but what really presses my buttons is that if we can’t afford to meet their expectations they complain about it to their friends.
    Not only is it a money making holiday, you have to literally celebrate it as if you are going to die the next day by expressing yourself in ways never before.
    In my life, I have never seen the gesture being repeated back to the guys. Its always one sided.
    Once when i couldn’t take it with my ex girlfriend because she made a fuss about the Valentine’s date I was with her I just told her that ” I don’t need to show you all my love and care in one silly day in a year because I love you everyday of your existence”
    And she still continued to fuss about!! I went mad.
    Tip: Yes, you can enjoy your Valentine’s, just don’t expect it from guys all the time. Show some consideration.

  36. Yah ok, I’m the first sexy ang moh to ever say happy vday to kenny at 10:08pm in new zealand in feb and also in 2007 so wow that just makes me extra fucken special.
    I’m still upsett about that horny’liciuz bouquet!!
    Like, omfg.. it’s too weird.. If you were here kennylesia and you gave me that gina sized bouquet of chocolates I would cry BECAUSE THOSE CHOCOLATES IS A CHEAP ONE CAN!? you know! Thats so terriblistiqué!! I mean, it doesn’t beat one year when I was gifted a sexy hotpink set of dogtoys for xmas, but still.
    Valentine day is a precious day.. Cuz it means raining moneys hehe.. and lots of chokwats!
    Also, for all those whores who commented about how they can’t be with their loved ones at this time because they’re away because of their sexy jobjobs,.. did you not think of.. “DISTANT PHONE SEX’ trust me.. distant phone sex is so hot when your long distance, the echo is better MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I tried it at macdonalds car park, near the vending machines!
    – I’m a drive through kinda’ girl *cough* guy.
    * coke with that sir?

  37. kenny, dun la so sensitive… i think we all noticed the BOLD. 🙂
    anyway, in japan, guys have to give sth back one month later – 14th Mar. It’s called White Day. Amazing what you can learn from the internet.

  38. This is my 1st Valentine’s Day celebration out of Malaysia. Celebrating Vday in an angmoh country sure is different. Yeah they have the whole buy-a-rose-and-make-the-florist-rich thing going on and all that chocolate-to-make-your-girl-pack-on-pounds too, but the special thing is that today, halfway through classes at SCHOOL, a half-naked (top half) dude in a toga and antennaes dressed up as cupid bounced into our class to hand out roses and chocolates to the lucky/unlucky recipient. 0_o So cool, you’ll never see that in Malaysia (yet anyway). ^w^

  39. nice one kenny! guys should unite and do something different on valentine’s day instead of spending money on buying gifts and stuff like that. money can’t buy love

  40. “For years, we are fooled into spending money and taking time off work to plan the ultimate Valentine’s date and make our girls happy. In the end, what do we get? Nothing.”
    Hey~ that’s not true!! I made chocolate for him, PRICELESS la.

  41. Im not jealous that you’re prettier than I am. Im jealous that you’ve got that whole bouquet of Ferrero Rochers!! Gimmeh! XD

  42. No one ask you to buy expensive things for them, no one ever said anything, but they just expected it. Muahahahaha.
    Either way, give me THAT chocolate and I’ll be HIGHHHH and HAPPY!

  43. WTF……..give girls flowers, buy them expensive things and have dinner with them in the expensive restaurant….?……NAH(middle finger)…….over my dead body……..

  44. hey. not all girls expect so much from their boyfriends kay. well. i don’t. and Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! =)

  45. haha,you wanna die is it, you got a bouquet of choc and you din give it to sam??!! sheesh la you.. and yeah, perhaps it is non-existant, my type of guy i mean, but i sure as hell aint’ going to stop looking. :p go my blog, you’ll find sam. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA…

  46. wah,i think i’m da weirdo here,i gav my previous boyfriend a heart-shape pillow.after that,i realized that here at malaysia girls dun give present to their boyfriend,kindda weird ler…
    then this year i got a card,a box of heart shape chocolate,a bouquet of fake flower, totally freaked out,i din even read the card,the chocolate is still in my sling bag (probably melting n out of shape),fake flower still in my sling bag. totally sounds weird,maybe i got freaked out,haahha!

  47. haiyo… cukup la kenny… u r jealous of us (the girls)… haha~ u’r hoping that a girl will treat u how u treat ur gilfriends on V-day… haha~ just kiddin

  48. i saw u kenny .. i saw u wit a gal and u holding a bunch of flowers .. in valentine’s nite at padungan .. having candle light dinner .. u also do as others do .. so any diff ?? u r wearing white shirt n ur gal in black dress .. am i rite ??

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