Understanding Japanese Fashion

Some things in life are never meant to be understood.

Like love, life, Japanese fashion and why is there a cow speaking on the phone in the background?

While I don’t claim to be a fashion expert, I have enough common sense to realise Japanese fashion makes as much sense as a Lady Gaga song.

Throughout our whole Australian trip, Cheesie has been parading around in what she called a Liz Lisa Spring/Summer look, apparently the latest trend in Japan right now.

I call it the “wtf?” look.

She particularly liked to wear baseball caps by this brand called “Hello S.B.Y.”

Who the hell is S.B.Y!?

The only S.B.Y. I know is The President of Indonesia.

And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make hats.

The thing with “Hello S.B.Y.” caps is that often they come with taglines that completely do not make sense at all. Like “BRIGHT BEACH.”


It would be perfectly appropriate if she wore this cap to a nightclub and dance.


The problem is, she wore this “I Love Dance” cap to go HIKING through the Blue Mountains.


Not only that, she’d pair them with Mickie Mouse jeans and a fake blonde WIG. Yes, that is a wig, not her real hair.

And all these while I thought wigs are for bald people. Not anymore.

One thing I have to admit though. Whilst outrageous fashion like WIGS may look ridiculous on some people, it does take a certain someone to be able to pull it off.



I have no such luck.

After blogging about our Tasmanian road trip, quite a few of people have contacted me asking how to go about planning it. Actually all the info is online at OnlyInOZ and discovertasmania.com. An easier (and affordable) option is to just get a travel agent to do it all for you, for less than RM1,000.

57 Replies to “Understanding Japanese Fashion”

  1. Yeah, sometimes fashion doesn’t make sense…esp. when you look at Lady Gaga’s wardrobe! hehehe…
    btw, kenny definitely suits as a blondie hehehe

  2. hi Kenny,
    my name is Soo from editorial of klik4malaysia.com good morning to u.
    i would like to discuss the following 2 matters below:
    1) whether you would allowed us to publish some of your articles at our website?
    2) whether you would be interested to write for us as freelancer or columnist?
    thanks and looking forward to hear from you soon.
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    wtf.. you’ve made my day though 😀
    and and I super like Cheesie’s Mickey Mouse luggage? where did she buy that? Japan ah?? O.O

  4. Cheesie looks like a “working” girl with the blonde hair. How much is she an hour? I wouldn’t mind paying anything up to RM350

  5. Hi Kennysia,
    Koniciwa…nice post and pitcure,the last pic look like Ah Long from Japan kidding… 🙂
    What a great blog and hoping to get connected soon.

  6. Gosh, getting lamer and lamer…Soo, why did you even bother asking him to freelance?? He’s not even a professional writer, clearly his topics are so dead. Sorry, but it’s the truth

  7. get a grip, ‘just bored’
    ur jz jealousssss
    instead of talking crap, just dn bother to come here if u find it lame !!

  8. It must feel hot and itchy wearing that long wig…hmmm…the wig suits you kenny just don’t forget to COMB it! hahha

  9. You look like Fabio, the asian version. Perhaps a bit plumper though.
    And looking like Fabio isn’t a good thing…

  10. hey kenny looks like you’ve been travelling alot with cheesie recently. Any sparks between you guys? cheesie not bad wat and you’ve been single for quite some already, not getting horny ke?

  11. hahaha..ur so funny. ur getting better in blogging compare to that 1 streak where u were getting stale!
    keep it up and prob u could find another wig that suis ur inner man! hahahaha!

  12. japanese fashion is not necessarily weird.. It just looks weird if you were to wear those huge flower head bands that was meant for the catwalks on the road. And wear leg warmers in tropical countries. Alas, ur thots are always so witty and funny.. love this entry anyway.

  13. kenny i havent been to ur blog for quite sometime…i had a hilarious laugh at ur tongue in cheek comments

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