Tribute to the mrbrown show’s Zhng My Car Series

Long time readers of would know that I’m a big fan of the mrbrown show podcasts, especially their highly entertaining Zhng My Car sketch series.

If you haven’t yet already done so, feel free subscribe to their podcasts and see how this dynamic duo single-handedly popularised the word ‘zhng’ in Malaysian and Singaporean blogospheres. The boys have always been terribly welcoming everytime I step foot into Singapore, which is why I think it’s appropriate to show my appreciation in the form of a song.
To the tune of the Black Eyed Peas’ My Hump, this song is titled My Car and features such familiar vocals by mr brown, Mr Miyagi and Little Miss Drinkalot.

Download it here or here. [MP3, 2m04s, 1.9MB]

For the entire month of June 2006, is proudly sponsored by LG Chocolate No.1 in the Black Temptation Series.
(If I’m gonna be labelled a sell-out, might as well go all the way right?)

41 Replies to “Tribute to the mrbrown show’s Zhng My Car Series”

  1. on a totally unrelated note, i first got to now this girl’s blog ( from a comment she left on ur blog. and i was intrigued because she was gay and suffering from cancer. well, after following her blog for a couple of months, she passed away on the 27th of May, 11pm. she was only 25.
    sad, isn’t it.

  2. err.. kenny, i don’t see the relation between the song and “zhng my car” and I have no idea what zhng is. interesting song though.

  3. it sounds stupid la. what with their voices? i wonder why so many people like em? what with the song and their silly zhng show? damn it sometimes i think they are way younger and immature than me mentally. grow up dude!

  4. ‘zhng’ means modify
    The essence of ‘zhng’, ‘chio zhng’…
    If whoever happen to follow SG news, ‘listen’ between the lines, it is more than just make you laugh…

  5. Its odd to see ppl taking things so seriously. life is already complicated enough as it is, at times we need silly things to keep us happy. learn to let down ure hair lamer and u’ll see life in a whole new light

  6. I had always been a fan for Mr Brown show. thanks to kenny. But the songs are so lame and mono.. anyway, dun feel like a song. just a bunch of “bohliao” ppls talking nonsense behind the music. opps! hehe.. ohya! to passerby, thanks telling me abt the gal xiaodoudou.

  7. XD
    could be better of course… but hey… considering he used ZHNG MY CAR bits in the first place… hehe
    thats the only part that sounded close to the song anyway

  8. I can’t listen it due to my speaker’s problem. *sob* gonna fix it soon. Btw, I thought you’ll change your background into Gawai related stuffs, hahaha. Guess you must be busy lately. Anyway, selamat ari gawai~

  9. I am so gonna download this, just to hear what LMD sounds like. I’m a fan. Heh.
    BTW, if you’re really gonna plug LG all the way, then go all the way! I humbly suggest creating an entire LG-themed template. Serious!

  10. FFFUCCKING FUCKING FUCKING hilarious. hahahahah! bloody shit. couldnt stop laughing my ass off.

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