Treating A Plane Like It’s A Bus

Just got back from KL so I’ll keep this short.

I really need to cut down jetting back and forth between KL and Kuching virtually every weekend. If this goes on any longer, I might start treating an aeroplane like it’s a bus. Then next time you might see me rushing out onto the airport runway with my arm outstretched, yelling “Stop! Stop!”
Come to think of it, I did that once when I almost missed my flight.

L-R Back: Ganesh, Kid Chan, Datuk Ong Tee Keat, Joel Neoh, Henry Ong, Dunno Who.
L-R Front: Mia Palencia, Timothy Tiah, Ng Khai Lee, Dunno Who.

Anyway, the reason why I was in KL was because I was one of the invited speakers for the inaugral National Youth Entrepreneur Convention organised by
During our lunch, MCA vice president Datuk Ong Tee Keat and founder Joel Neoh presented me with a souvenir – a BIG ASS framed portrait of myself.

The portrait is so humongous, I felt a bit paiseh carrying it around the Putra World Trade Centre.
But I have no choice! People give this to you as a present, you must accept it, especially when one of the givers is the vice president of MCA. If I don’t, people might think that Kenny Sia is sombong stuck-up bitch who doesn’t wanna accept such a nice gift from a minister.
So no choice lah, had to carrying this picture of myself across the PWTC hallways…

… into the toilets…

… down the escalators…
Hell, people there must be thinking that I am so in love with myself.

And they are absolutely correct.
I love the portrait. Except when people poked fun at it like Nicole did when she took photos of my portrait at weird angles.
She made it look like this.

And then like this.

Wtf I look like a freakin’ alien from outer space.

Karma Point Collection: Join me at the Spring Charity Fashion Show 7pm this Thursday at the Kuching Civic Centre.
Tickets are RM11. All proceeds go to the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, and you could even buy your CNY clothes at the same time as well.

112 Replies to “Treating A Plane Like It’s A Bus”

  1. the last pic looked as if u were the lo han fish…hahaha……. but if forehead its the estimated measurements of ur dickonosaurus…..then the last pic prooves its length….

  2. whoa.. so nice ey u can treat going on planes like taking bus lol! well it is a bus for us to go over there.. if u know what i mean =p

  3. must be very awkward carrying around a picture of yourselves (is it?)..
    but well,if you love yourselves, u need to show it to the some love yea..
    p/s: nice hair anyway. Pandai Datuk Ong Tee Keat and Joel Neoh pilih gambar..(like they even do that..)

  4. Haiyo.. I dun like the pic with your eyes rolling up. Make your face so chubby and round. Oh yes.. carrying that pic of you looks like … haiya… better dun say it. CNY is just around the corner. But you indeed has your own handsome looking.

  5. i remember it was cheesy who posted weird photos of urs after… anyway, u look better with ur new hair. sori to mention the pic of ur eyes rolling up looked ‘a gua’.

  6. oh by the way, looks like kenny and timothy ‘ampuk’ nicole a lot, why ar? tim mentions her a lot in his blog and u also don’t want to ‘kiasu’ also mention nicole. she ‘merajuk’ meh?

  7. got so many nicer pics in ur blog, why the hell they choose that one????
    so doesn’t look like u now. like fresh out of college look nia.
    such a weird idea for a souvenir. selangor pewter no stock isit hahahaahahahahahhaaha

  8. Well… Same goes to me. Am always going down to Brunei for outstation for the past 4 years in the row. It kinda a boring… especially when it is a day trip. I spend around almost an hour on the plane for return trip. Imagine… once you step in to the plane and close your eyes… the next 20 minutes… you will be in Brunei. Hah!

  9. lol.. how weird must it have been at the airport.. scanning thru luggage.. then the airport security fella would see a bigass pic of u in your bag.. XD

  10. Just watch the news of nuffnang, and noticed tat kennysia page is on ntv7 .. 🙂
    So Kenny, u are getting more and more popular!
    The next time u are not only asking the plane to stop, but infact u might have your own aircraft!

  11. Dunno Who: President of AIESEC in Malaysia
    Name: Geraldine Sandra Sebastian.
    Kenny, you really should try to pay attention to other people too 😉
    Kid’s Advice: Be Pleasant, Be Present 🙂

  12. usually when i realize that its my fren’s b’day on the last minute.. and i couldnt think of any present to give them.. i buy them a photo frame

  13. last time i went on a 10 of us almost missed the flight. and the air port radio is announcing our name. the staff is opening a special road for us…damn ashamed…

  14. hey kenny,i was one of the gals at point blanc’s booth,the small one with the red superman shirt.i love ur bro took a pic with you as well,he was at traffic jam.his blog is
    check it out.take care.

  15. Hi Kenny, I like your blog. Im 2 yrs old and started a blog myself. I’m hoping to get more people to read my blog so one day I can get advertising rights from Dumex and Pampers and use the money to help mummy and daddy retire early. I would like to link to you but I dunno how to link to your blog with your ‘link to me’ thing. Can you help explain it to me?
    And if you’ld like to support my “mummy and daddy early retirement cause” you can look at my blog on
    thank you, and have a cookie.

  16. haha, i was just wondering if you actually had to pay for your air tickets??
    but then again, going there like every week would mean a lot of time being taken off your work and personal life??

  17. Hey that’s cool! Congrats Mister Sia.
    Perhaps you should run for minister now. And one day PM. Then a framed picture like yours will be hanging in Mamak stalls and such government business outlets like Bank Negara.
    I suggest the alien-like one. First chinese PM. Might as well be an alien :p

  18. the other dunno who besides yourself is the president of AIESEC Malaysia! AIESEC = the world’s largest student run organisation, wikipedia will tell you the rest.

  19. LMAO! the in-love-with-yourself picture is sooooo damn cute and funny hahahaha…btw, wats that teddy bear stickin out of yur bag behind?

  20. LOL!! ROFL!!
    I can’t imagine you’re being such a vainpot now!!! U must be adoring lots and lots about your self-portrait, Kenny.
    Btw, thanks for replying my sms regarding the tips to Hanoi, Kenny!!!

  21. Hi Kenny, I notice your hairline is residing and you are considered a fei cai based on your outstanding height. Please contact me ASAP as I can help you to solve the problems. The number is 017-3837950. Cheers.

  22. Congrats on the acknowledgement of being one. Good achievement.
    Last pic Nicole took…. this is what your babies will look like

  23. Please correct your post.
    Dunno who: Geraldine Sandra Sebastian
    For your info, she is the PRESIDENT of AIESEC Malaysia. By far, AIESEC is the largest student organization in the WORLD. Pls Wiki for more info.

  24. yup sorry to say this… the way ur portrait has been taken is like a funeral… no, its not good… cny is coming n this could bring bad luck… no, its pretty awful…

  25. *******************************************************************
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    Speakers such as : –
    Kenny Goh, Ng Khai Lee, Timothy Tiah, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Oh Joo Nee, Kevin Zahri, Kenny Sia, Mia Palencia, Kid Chan, Joel Neoh, Raj Ridvan Singh, Nor Akmar & Aida Nurlin
    Enjoy it @

  26. ahh, i see the launch went well. couldnt make it lar…joel almost killed me la, but what to do.
    congrats on your self portrait. haha. you should be proud of yerself =) kudos

  27. wanted to comment on the “Dunno Who” in your group photo but it seems that many people already help you with that. 😛
    it was fun seeing how people looked at you while walking around PWTC ahhaha

  28. haha… the photos are hilarious…. some the photos of you carrying a photo of yourself just reminds me those scenes when somebody pass away and their son will carry the potret of their deceased father around during the funeral……

  29. hey kenny, yr blog is very interesting and fun…entice me to blog too lol xD..anyway i was reading yr blog entry “treating an aeroplane like a bus” why don’t u shift to kl and tat way, u could save tons of cash and time…think abt it =) enjoy and cheers!

  30. its weird but not many who’re lucky taget anythin for a minister…like david chew said; move here la! haha, so write abit bout anything u know on furniture/interior designing would ya??i would wanna know the funny side of this issue

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