Good Name For a Nail Salon

The owner of this nail salon must’ve got her inspiration during a boink.

Or more likely, she just didn’t know the double-meaning of the word “nail”.
Who the heck calls their nail salon “NAIL ME GOOD” anyway? Now we know all her customers will be going to her salon to get nailed good. Real good.
Hey! Maybe next, she’ll open a massage centre, called “BANG ME HARD”.
P/S: I take what I said earlier back. Waddya know? It wasn’t obvious to me at first, but turns out “Nail Me Good” was deliberately named as such to be tongue-in-cheek. The ladyboss said so herself. Go check out her blog at

I never knew shooting stray dogs is legal in Malaysia, but apparently it is so in Taiping. Their town council hired some guns to kill stray dogs and some poor guy kena shot instead.
And people call me cruel for eating a snake.

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  1. Comment for ur short talk.
    It is legal in Malaysia, Few months ago,The Selayang Municipal Counsil set a competition to hunt/slay abandon dogs with RM 15,000 as the 1st prize.They hv cancelled it due to petition and protest from society.
    I dont think u’re cruel for eating snake tho..hehe

  2. thats the intended meaning kampung boy….
    thats marketing, that is how they stand out from the rest.
    the name attracts attention, which creates buzz…
    dumb de lor you

  3. I think this is really creative and brave of the owner to do so. Sometimes its because of these shops, we remember them and we talk about them. Its effective and its fun too!! I think more shops should be like that instead of some Selena’s nail or duno wat shit nail bar or typical names.

  4. Or more likely, she just didn’t know the double-meaning of the word “nail”.
    Or more likely, kennysia didn’t know the real meaning of marketing.

  5. “Nail me Good!”
    OMG! i just can’t believe it.
    Well, there will be a lot of desperate women wanting to get “nailed” at this salon.
    Funny but the name is really good. Really smart too. hehe…
    But seriously, i’ll be looking for this place in Kuching. where about is this salon?

  6. Something in the water in Kuching hor…Kenny, your home town is blessed with freaking creative marketing ideas…..or crazy ppl! πŸ˜›

  7. maybe she did it intentionally to catch ppl’s attention… πŸ™‚ at least she caught ur attention and gotten free publicity now… haha :p

  8. it’s true it’s legal to shoot dogs in Malaysia… Even here in labuan they actually go to the house of the dog owner (whose dog they “apparently” believe is vicious) and shoot them. It happened in the housing behind my house. They nearly shot a kid when they were supposed to evacuate those ppl but the kid got left behind.

  9. actually… “bang me hard” isn’t quite right… “rub me hard” sounds a lot better, and it isn’t actually a bad name for a massage/tui nah place… lol

  10. Yeah.. now she doesn’t hv to pay for advertisement on one of the most read blogs.. So, Kenny, did u pay the shop a visit? Let’s hv a pic of u wif pretty painted nails πŸ˜› or.. more πŸ˜›

  11. Kenneth G. Wilson (1923Γ’β‚¬β€œ). The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993.
    salon, saloon (nn.)
    have been pulled up and down through the years by the semantic forces of elevation and pejoration, and both words continue to be splendid examples of both euphemism and dysphemism. Salon has kept its original French meanings, Ò€œa large reception room in a large houseÒ€ and Ò€œthe collection of people likely to be present at a social affair thereinÒ€: Mme. Dumas held a salon on Thursdays. Our American penchant for gilding anything not already obviously golden has made us try to attach the suggestion of opulence and high society to more mundane spaces: hence beauty salons, tanning salons, and the like. 1
    A saloon was a nineteenth- and early twentieth-century tavern, and the word came to suggest to many all that was unsavory about drinking and its attendant dissolutions. In an English pub, the saloon bar is a bit more refined than the public bar, and recently some of this elevation has returned to the better saloons in large American cities, although generally the use is self-conscious. But like salon, saloon too has been added to the names of pool halls, barbershops, and muscle-building parlors in an effort to elevate what may still sound and smell like a gin mill or locker room. Also, the saloon on a yacht or passenger ship is a public lounge or parlor, and in Britain a saloon is also an automobile style (what Americans call a sedan).

  12. ur such an idiot kenny, u have a shallow mind… carefull of birds droppings and moving buses when u walk. or change ur name to Kanny-nia

  13. “Porn Saloon” in Puchong is operated by a Thai lady, I think. “Porn” is part of some Thai ladies’ names. You can view a photo of the salon
    by searching for “Hair Salon, Puching Jaya, KL” in

  14. “Porn Saloon” in Puchong is operated by a Thai lady, I think. “Porn” is part of some Thai ladies’ names. You can view a photo of the salon
    by searching for “Hair Salon, Puching Jaya, KL” in

  15. hahahaa…two thumbs up for ya blog~
    It took me 2-3 days to actually finishing all of your blog entries from the beginning till the end~
    hahaha…I’m ABSOLUTELY addicted~!! ^ ^

  16. apparently, it is a good name…
    it gains your attention and earn a free space from ya blog for advertisement… x)
    readers may wanna drop a visit there x) to see what they offer =D

  17. She definitely did get your attention by thinking out of the box. Times hv changed dude. Imo its a superb marketing strategy. Haha.
    Learn kenny learn. Coconuts are old school now.

  18. No name in the world could be as stupid and asinine as “FAIZAL TAHIR”
    hehehehe sorry I just can’t find anywhere else to release this frustration. hehehe How come you didn’t come cover this Kenny? You’d definitely have lots to say about the double whammy of national tv (Most Poyo Perasan Act Of Stupidity and Grossest Two Minutes on Malaysian Television).
    hahaha you missed the freakshow la!!! Would’ve been A-Plus material for the blog.

  19. do visit the shop if u guys wanna get ur nail done!n kenny for ur information…the kinky name is done on purpose… n yea..its marketing!! n WE NOE WAD IT MEANS…….

  20. what! you just got press passes for jay chow’s concert!!! I hate you!!! you better do a detail report on it…
    still very tulan about not being able to see Jay with my own eyes =.= I’m stuck in Melbourne =(

  21. Kenny, you meant to say “Bonk”, not “Boink”! Boink is what you do on a pogo stick, man! Bonk was the pun you were looking for.

  22. just checked it out..nice interior and great concept..even though the names a little corny..but its 1 damn comfortable place to be..

  23. You’re welcome Bjk. I think the owner is creative and smart ^^
    Nice eye catching signboard and great interior design.. i think it’s damn comfortable place to be too. >=]

  24. I like it! ^_^ kinky but it sells! and in a way, ngam also watt..just u all dirty minded tu~ hahaha!! but normal la.. sporting lah bah! boleh bah kalau kauuuu fiona~~! cheers!

  25. Aiya Kenny, you dun have to keep on trying to explain yourself abt the snake-eating thing la. Ppl talk and just let them la. You can do better things with your time.

  26. me thinks it was direct translation from kuku saya cantik / lawa… somebody get the owner a dictionary/thesaurus…
    i actually didnt know nail = bang…. 0:)

  27. My dear, I think the cruelty part refers to how the snake was killed before it was consumed – that itself was unnecessary. And the fact that you sensationalized it on your blog. I don’t think you’re cruel – rather silly and attention-seeking? yes.

  28. Interesting..
    But then again some might not even realized there is a double meaning to it..
    As fro the massage centre, maybe one with a name “Squeeze it harder”? πŸ™‚

  29. oh my god!
    oh my god!
    oh my god!
    How come you can go to jay chou’s concert for free while I have to work like a dog to pay for it? *jealous*!!!

  30. Dear lame jokes are good,
    You are really good.
    P.S. Kenny Sia and team
    Go Mr President of the Lamers and his fellow team members.

  31. What made you assume the owner did not know the meaning of “nail me good”?
    You gotta start giving ppl the benefit of the doubt. Geesh…
    It was pretty obvious the owner deliberately named her shop that way. You had to go through all the trouble reading her blog to know this?

  32. “Or more likely, she just didn’t know the double-meaning of the word “nail”.”
    You think you the only the minority bunch around that know meaning of nail… so arrogant, so shallow.

  33. Arrogant fool. Yeah ‘we’ Kuching people need you to tell us meanings of words such as nailing, tapping, grinding. Sure fats. Sure…

  34. Obviously it was named so to attract people’s attention, but yeah, you didnt get it in the first place, huh…oh well…

  35. Kenny changed the title of this blog from “Bad name for a nail shop” to “Good name for a nail shop”.. lol πŸ˜€

  36. its for bussiness purpose…
    Nailing or color your nail will only KILL your nails. we skins need ‘air breathing’ so do our shells do. If you coloured it, you blocked them, you make your own nails suffer..
    Conclusion: Colour Nails = Bad health

  37. ahem~ actually, the nail is already dead once it grows out from your skin just like your hair.. u got learn biology or not? might as well you say that putting color on the hair kills the hair.. duh~~~~

  38. Its obviously a great name since you’ve now generated marketing awareness for it.
    My friend opened a placed last year, I suggested “Nailed”. Didn’t think of it when I was in the middle of a nasty with The Boy – is that what you think about when you’re doing it Kenny?

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  41. It’s quite a unique name. Very daring to have it too. πŸ˜‰ Me & my gf just stick to our names to come out with KITSU, The Nail Salon.

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