Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen In 35 Seconds

Why waste 2.5 hours watching it in the cinemas…

… when you can watch the entire Transformers movie summarised into a 35 second clip on, free of charge?

Jasonmumbles is crazy! The guy has watched Transformers NINE times since it opened in cinemas two weeks ago.

I don’t even watch the same porno nine times in a row!

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  1. Nice zoom n focus !!But it’s worth watching in cinema .. can zoom larger > tat also will larger la > is tat the effect bro want ?! .. Lol !!

  2. Are you saying we have bad taste drooling over 35 secs of Magan Fox.. You’re either gay or indeed have bad taste, not us… Cheers!

  3. Yup, it’s Baywatch – remake! But I’d also like to see the robot testicals, robot humping human leg, dog humping another dog, flexible snake-tongue, a thing coming out right above a girl’s arse, girl lying face-down on guy’s private, close-up view of private parts (with clothes on) – Woops, I’ve just summarised the whole movie too!

  4. You forgot the part where she changed to a dress while Shia Lebouf was in the garage wit Bumblebee. Not to mention the clips where she was in the workshop working on stuff.
    Oh and the little decepticon humping her legs.
    Anyway you nailed it pretty much.

  5. she did transformed but not in the movie. she was once a guy & then transformed to a girl. & i dont think she will reverse her transformation again- ever.

  6. i totally agree with you Kenny,
    this transformers 2 could have been better without those boobs shows πŸ™

  7. megan fox is a male….. do u guys out thr know about this truth? try to google n c…… dont b heart broken guys

  8. Kenny, I guess that you are going to catch Megan Fox’s latest film then?
    It’s called Jennifer’s Body and it features Megan Fox topless…with nothing but nipple stickers on.
    In fact, use google. Some of the pictures are already out there for the netizens to devour πŸ˜‰

  9. All you guys who think Megan Fox is a man really ought to practise the maxim: “Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet.”
    The website that reported Megan Fox is man is “Weekly World News”, which is run by “Batkid” and once also reported that “Michael Jackson married an Alien.”
    In case you didn’t get it, Weeky World News is a spoof news site.

  10. Awesome post, Kenny !!
    Ahahahahahaahahah I must admit I watched the 25-30 seconds part a bit too much for my own good… xD
    I humbly conclude in the name of scientific observation, her bra size is 34B !! πŸ˜€

  11. Kenny, that’s such a spoiler πŸ˜› and did you purposedly slow the part where’s Megan was running and camera was focusing on *cough* her chest? πŸ˜›

  12. Nice post kenny! wahaha!
    Megan is not a tranny and she wasn’t a boy/man, look at those boobs! Come on~ If they are silicon they wouldnt be so bouncy.

  13. Remember the movie ” A Bug’s Life”? I watched it for like 69564841times!! i can even remember EVERY line.. so kenny when can we go for a movie date?? WTF

  14. Lol. Most accurate review on what Transformers 2 is all about.
    Very disappointing movie unfortunately.
    Not enough transformers screen time actually.
    Not even introducing the constructorcons properly.
    Not even introducing Arcee even.
    WTF Michael Bay!

  15. Hmmmm. Excuse me while I go watch the video again…
    *Bounce bounce bounce* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    No lah Carol it’s definitely 34B..!! Not 34D !! Maybe cuz ur msian bras designed smaller leh cuz most msian girls are thin airports mah.
    I compare with american bras liow…. definitely 34B !!!!!!,31,size,935.htm

  16. now transformers = megan’s boobs..
    most of the people that i know that had watched the movie reviewed it the same way… but i don’t think her boobs are big to be highlighted. i think her face is quite pretty though…

  17. Deepest sympathy to Beng Hock’s family.
    Who Killed Teoh Beng Hock? MACC gotta be responsible for this.
    Where are the MACC idiots when UMNO minions suck the nation dry…

  18. u guys really dig plastic surgery girls? imagine if the whole world were plastic surgery women!

  19. Meh, Transformers overdid the action to cater to the general audience. The overly long desert scene got boring. I say your vid got it spot on.

  20. the only thing worth watching actually.
    and even that, megan fox had to run like a freaking chicken.

  21. megan fox was a male la.there is only 1 part of the body that cant lie the adams apple i saw many times in her pic or some interview video.go see 4 urself

  22. you’re right. that was what it was all about. there was a bunch of boys sitting next to me in the cine and boy were they excited to see her running!

  23. Kenny, you really know what we want.
    To all whom thinks Megan was a man before, please take a good look at your wives/girlfriends. You may want to ask them to go for that surgery to look as good as Ms.Fox!

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