Transformers Made In Malaysia

One of the biggest blockbuster movies coming out from Hollywood this season is Transformers.

I watched it and I thought it was a really kickass movie.
The true stars of the shows are of course those damn sexy sweet cars that can transform into robots. And with the movie featuring new cars never seen before in Malaysia like the Chevrolet Camaro, the Pontiac Soltice and the modified Ford Mustang police car, I reckon Transformers has just succeeded in making many boyfood fantasies come true.

But after watching such an action-packed Hollywood movie, I walked back to my car and thought… What if Transformers were made in Malaysia?
Imagine how different it is gonna be like.

Firstly, there’s not gonna be some silly little planet called Cybertron anymore. Instead, our Transformers will be coming in from Cyberjaya.
The bad guys will not be called the Decepticons and the good guys will not be called Autobots .
To reflect our true Malaysian flavour, the bad guys’ name will be changed to DeceptiProtons.

And the good guys?

Heck, maybe the title of movie won’t even be called Transformers anymore.
If it were made in Malaysia, we would call it Kereta Tukar-Menukar!

And what’s a Transformers movie without cars that can change into giant cool robots, right?
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the fearless leader of the Peroduabots

Optimus Kancil.

Don’t underestimate this baby. When it is ready to go to battle, just watch this sleek little machine transform into a fighting robot as it yells out that famous catchphrase.


Ok, maybe not.

Nicole: “Kenny, teach me how to lose weight.”
Kenny: “Easy. Run a marathon.”
Nicole: “#&$%*@! YOU CRAZY AH?!”

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  1. =D this post is creative! hahahaha. kancil is definately the most ‘humble’ car in Malaysia. I wonder if kancil can turn into a fantastic robot just like how bumblebee does. ppl who detest them go speechless.

  2. hmmm… seems likes u hate proton huh? hehehe… mugging for stupid exams n tot i would pop over. pleased to find a new post..
    btw.. since u completed KL and penang marathon, y not try completing the Singapore marathon in Dec?? hehehe

  3. those Chevy, Pontiac & Ford honchos are hoping to boost their sales via product placements. unfortunately, those brands are the pits. bad reviews, bad performance, etc. F.O.R.D. = Fix Or Repair Daily. it’s a fantasy flop for those car makers.

  4. Hi Kenny. That day i same lift with you at the Star Cineplex if i not mistaken. Are you wearing black shirt ? Haha you were late for the movie…

  5. Kenny, you never failed to catch your readers’ attention =) Very funny blog! Love it! Keep on blogging! God bless

  6. Kesian proton … why it has to be the bad guy.
    Not that I support proton la, juz that mou tuin tuin let you diss, I had this sudden urge to pity proton. Teehee

  7. Always see people modify local cars whether Proton or Perodua with their large exhaust pipes.. bunyi macam ribut, jalan macam siput. “transform and crawl out” :/

  8. haha, that’s so funny!
    I plan to write abt Transformers cartoon after I watch the show. See how that goes.
    the photo of the ‘transformed’ perodua somehow reminds me of a fly. Or a bug.
    Must be those logo eyes.

  9. Totally awesome. Your design is closer to the original ones in the cartoon than the movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie myself.
    About the Camaro, the best model is the Iroc-Z of the 80’s.

  10. i know i’m nitpicking, but technically, the govt. logo belongs to both sides and not just on the “decepticon-proton” side. as both are started by the government.

  11. I think it’s very creative of you to “transform” that Kancil but if I see that down the road, I don’t care if it’s actually a nice robot or bad ones, I’m definitely going to run away. LOL

  12. hahah,
    are u going to be script writes for the local movie or for the next sequel….
    Please give us some spoilers … 😛

  13. [how cool to have 2 tyers as ur 2 balls~~ kakaka…]
    Posted by: bettlebum
    Fak didn’t realise it til u mention LOL!!!

  14. Kenny, you left out many other details.
    Director: Michael Beh
    Exec Producer: Yusuf Haslam Spillbag
    Samdol bin Wak Wiki: Mawi
    May Kee La: Amber Chia
    Boombox: Pensonic PCD 900 CD Player
    Makeup: Silkygirl

  15. Haiya Kenny
    Thats you as Optimus Kancil is the robot form.
    You know what gives you away, the small balls la.

  16. Haven’t watched the movie yet, but I think I’ll pass Transformers for Kereta Tukar-Menukar. It looks much more interesting. Hahaha!

  17. Where’s d orang jahat punya robot?
    It would be fun if u can photoshop all proton cars n perodua cars into robot.
    I bet kereta kotak-juara will look good in robot mode.

  18. sure optimus malu la kasi tunjuk kancil.. itu klon jepon mana ada standart sama dia… itu perodua kereta kecik2.. plstik2 dekat dalam.. ayooo kasi malu sama malaysia saja

  19. ahahah always enjoy your posts… muaks.. you’re the best…
    i’d love to see trandformers in kuching lar… battle royale at padungan street then crash at civic center.. whoa man.. awesome…

  20. You Made Interesting Topics. I like it very much. You bring me so much fun of it. thank you

  21. one light punch is what it takes to kill the Malaysia-made-kereta-tukar-menukar…
    Fragility is our expert (together with faulty parts)
    Oh and what is “boyfood fantasies”

  22. Wow Kenny, looks like you went into the Transformer hyppe too eh? but seriously if it were to be made in Msia hahaha Maybe they should consider your script, its gonna make sitcom of the year. hahaha

  23. I think kancil should transform into a mechanical “kancil” like the power rangers robots instead, same goes for kenari, etc… Then they combine to become one heck of a big robot. LOL!

  24. IF you find this funny, you might have a terrible sense of humour. Or just dumb and will just laugh at practically anything.
    Kenny, it could have been a great parody but you messed it up. Badly.

  25. ha ha! oh die…i laugh…i must ‘have a terrible sense of humor or just dumb’… l like being dumb but happy :p … than where is the ‘ji kuku ku’ sound in the cartoon leh kenny?

  26. OMG! i drive a kancil and i will definitely laugh my ass off everytime i sit in my car.wahahaha.Kenny,you’re always so funny!

  27. If there really is a Malaysian version of transformers, during one of the fighting scenes one of the machines would definitely breakdown due to a manufacturing defect.

  28. hahaha, proton vc perdua still can. if make it to honda vs proton. all know who win. so we put it the bad guy to proton, and good guy to honda.

  29. Haha. Kenny..this is so funny..
    you should have also listen to this morning. they had a transformer survey.. for the Gotcha program. they make the girl, make robots sound.KAKA

  30. “if transfomers is kereta tukar menukar, what about die hard 4? mati keras 4 kali?”
    Haha,… that’s funny!
    I was in Chicago Auto show 2007 and saw the Camaro,…it’s a slick looking car! Too bad,… it’s a GMC.

  31. You’ll NEVER EVER guess what they will name movies in Malay!! That’s the most hilarious part of everyshow you watch in Malaysia.
    E.g. the movie “300”, they can come up with “300 Pahlawan Yang Berani Mati”… i was like… WTF???

  32. Wahahhaahaa…
    The smokey background is very much like KL now, covered in freakin’ haze.
    Kekekeeke… What happen to the Protonobots????

  33. may that “optimus kancil” die like “Jazz” in the movie…
    oh no, i’m degrading “Jazz”..sorry, jazz…

  34. I AM SAGATRON!!!!!!!! Bwa Har Har Har Ha-
    krak krak krak krak- wheeeeeze$#^*$# – krack krack.
    Shit , tolongggg Bintangbotsedangjerit , niamaaaaaaaa…
    “Ek.” *dies* =_= +_+
    Optimus Kenny : ” Senang, tu. Jom minyak kreta”

  35. kenny u made my day again!
    the movie is really great! Love it so much, the millions compartments or synthetic flesh =p on the alien robot that move like soooo amazing makes the movie so exciting! From all the action scenes to the humour factors, i would gladly rate it a five star =p

  36. You left out something. Everything made in Malaysia must come with a SIRIM mark. Your Transformasibots must be plastered with SIRIM stickers.

  37. I’ve been a Transformers monomaniac for my entire life, but i don’t really mind this desecration that you’ve committed here, i mean it doesn’t take a genius to think of stuff like these, i especially love the proton versus perodua thing, eventhough it sounds kinda dumb, immature and also insults the intelligence and pride of true transformers fanatics everywhere, but i gotta tell you kenny, if you’re going to spoof something,why don’t you do it right, its not kereta tukar menukar, it has to be robot tukar menukar, just to let it sound RIGHT……LMAO

  38. Hey Kenny, I like what you did with the Peroduabot… and thanks for introducing the Malaysian translation for Transformers – we were looking for it in the movie ( the typical oh- so- wrong – dumb – and – unnecessary translations of movie titles) but apparently they didnt have it.
    “Kereta Tukar – Menukar”!
    They may have that in mind as well but I guess they found it utterly ridiculous too.
    There’s always a laughing matter to everything – for a good purpose that is.

  39. But how long would it be before things start falling off each robot? The fight scenes would be over before they really started! And the Deceptions would have to be a mixture of MAS, Air Asia and Firefly aeroplanes…

  40. hahaha Kenny.. you jia bah jing eng ah!! but it is soooo funnny!!! you make me laugh like a siao za bo early in the morning in my office lar.. dohhhh! ;p

  41. Hey dude American cars are not “sexy” lah, anyway today, I went to lunch in my customer’s tuned 400 plus HP, 6.3L Camero… raw power.

  42. haha i guess Proton doesnt even qualify to be the Decepticons. cos the Decepticons are supposed to be really strong. but proton cars are like milo tins.
    one loud bang, and the Protoncons will turn into pieces of aluminium . smash !
    and the kancilbots wins hands down =)

  43. Funny shit bro!
    hope you don’t get sued from Transformers or Perodua…. heheh
    don’t worry about Proton… they too busy going bankrupt..
    keep the good stuff coming.

  44. lol! the logo so funny, the perodua with 2 eyes are so gay as if bra he is wearing on his eye
    and the chao lang was like kena shut up close his mouth!

  45. laugh-o-meter: “ha..”
    optimus kancil? kereta tukar menukar?
    come on, u can do better than that, kenny..

  46. Actually, i think this post is a bit lame but i appreciate the effort you put in to modify the photos

  47. i am addicted to ur blog man….my fren told me about ur blog on one sleepless night…and i sleep around 8 that morning…..siao leh!!!!!

  48. Kenny, you are one sick creative bugger…
    I respect you!!!
    “you’ve got the touch, you’ve got the power” (from the old transformer movie)

  49. dis i the 1st time i visited ur blog..n im very happy to c u blog bout transformers cz i totally love dat movie..n its very creative of u n i love the way u did d pics! way to go

  50. imagine what’ll happen if that “allspark” cube thingamajig kena our monorail… it still wont be able to balance properly on the tracks, robot or not! hahahah

  51. Hey there! You were our speaker of the day at the young journalist program today! Remember me? I guess not.. i didn’t tell you my name. Haha!
    Anyway, will be posting the photos we took soon on my blog.
    Btw, i loved transformers. Do direct Kereta tukar menukar though! I would definitely go watch it! LOL!

  52. I wish they sold Kancils here in the States. We’ll have fewer fatalities since they’re made out of plastic.

  53. Proton already has a transformer looking car – remember the boxy Juara!!! muka macam hantu robot!!!

  54. sorry to say, but i agree with some of you that this post is rather lame than the usual ‘kennysia’ posts. still, the pictures editing is quite nice.

  55. Hahaha…..hope you dun get into trouble labelling the Kerajaan Malaysia emblem on Decepticon-Megatron’s headpiece!

  56. Why are you making proton the bad guys?? Perodua just take toyota’s models, re-brand them, find a local manufacturer to assemble them, then sell it to us. Just because it’s local built, we call it is a national car. What kind of ‘shyte’ thinking is this? This just show how shallow we malaysian’s really are….. On the other hand, proton is scratch built, with little or no support at all from anyone. They are not as good (i must admit some of their models are really shyte), but have some pride in them.

  57. Simon: are you really that proton came up with their model from scratch? go do a little bit of research please. and, regardless of whether its rebadged-models or not not, we dun appreciate paying for a substandard automobile that literally comes apart bit by bit after a few months of driving. Whereas, perodua has at least got their built-quality way better than protons.

  58. Kenny,
    Do you know that this entry has been copied and sent through email throughout my office?
    WahHAHA. You’re even more “hot” now.

  59. haha.. your localization of transformers made me and my colleagues laugh non-stop.. you rock man~!

  60. Sheon: i dont mean the proton wira or older models. i mean the waja, savvy and neo. dumbass… perodua got their built-quality better because they are from toyota’s !! and i didnt say perodua are bad, ok. just saying you should at least respect proton for trying.

  61. Wow, good photoshop skills and funny post. Optimus Prime becomes Optimus Kancil. Haha. And Perodua with its Myvi (best selling car) are making very good sales compared to Proton.

  62. Gosh..The Transformers buatan Malaysia is really hillarious. I really miss SE Asian humour! Makes me miss home so much even albeit I just moved to Australia fairly recently! Keep up the homour, Kenny!

  63. i jus recieved a forward email with exactly the same content copy pasted from here…except the watermark of wasnt there!!

  64. hei buddy ,i have receive a mail is about your article. And i use the picture and post to my blog , but before that i dun know this is your article. A Girl said that i was copy u !!!! and i very very angry , because i am not copy u and i just wanna share those interesting picture to my friends.She gave me your website. I’m sorry that i really dun know those picture came from u . Now , i have to ask u whether u mind that i post those pictures in my blog ?? If u mind , then i will straight away delete from my blog. Reply to me .thank u !!

  65. that is not panda! that is a cat! cat statue in kuching city laaa…. padungan area there.. another cat is mcdonalds cat (in front of mcdonalds) and the coolest is the SOHO cat (of coz in front of SOHO) haha

  66. ROFL….kewl!!!!!!!maybe f it was viva it wouldn’t look so…er…comical!!!wat happend to megatron????why didn’t you create a “MegaSaga” as well??would love to see that

  67. I received an email recently and the content was exactly the same as this blog entry entitled : ‘Transformers Made In Malaysia’
    Aiks !

  68. Gosh…you’ve just ruined Transformer for me…
    WAhaahahahaha…..all the Hollywood “cool” factor gone, once you put in the Perodua & Proton Kereta Tukar-Menukar thing…shit!

  69. hahaha…this is funny n creative..hahaa….i read this article at the end of my stressful day of the my mood up n going..hahaa…funny…why must kancil be the the optimusprime? so small oh..hahaha…it’s looks like “someone” was behind the kancil a.k.a optimus prime after peroduabots..ya, looks like cat owh…hehee..

  70. The police car in transformers is actually a Dodge Charger. If you have played GTA 4 its the FIB buffalo. Its just a very hyped up GM commercial. No Ford cars involved.

  71. Wooooooooaaaaahhhhhh….
    This made me leave a comment…
    creative imagination…
    Kereta Tukar Menukar
    ha ha ha ha ha ha..
    Nice One!!!

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