Tony Fernandes Read My Blog

Remember not too long ago, I wrote an entry poking fun at how the food on AirAsia does not look anywhere close to their pictures on the menu?

I know it’s bad of me to nitpick on the visual presentation of airplane food several thousand feet up in the air.
Still, you gotta admit that the difference between the picture and the actual product is as big as the transformation of Britney Spears.

Anyway, a few days ago I received a phone call out of the blue from the communications department of AirAsia. The lady informed me that the no-frills airline is holding an event for the launch their new in-flight menu, and they asked if I could come and attend their event.
Immediately, the first thought that came to my mind was, “Oh crap… they must’ve been reading my blog.”

Honestly, I was wondering what their intention was for inviting me.
Maybe there wasn’t actually an event to launch their new in-flight menu.
Maybe they were inviting me to BECOME their new in-flight menu.

At first, I turned down the invitation. Not because I was scared, but because I’ve been flying around too much and I needed to rest.
But after several repeated attempts, I can sense their genuine sincerity in inviting me over. In particular, I was impressed that they can confirm my flights and accommodation 30 minutes after getting off the phone with me. And that was only THREE hours before I was due to fly.
Yes, it was an extremely last minute trip.

So there I was in KL, at Borneo Baruk Club in Jalan Kia Peng (which by the way is my absolute favourite place to attend an event in KL because it’s a Sarawak-themed club and it’s super easy to get to.)
Sure enough, there was in fact a launch for their new in-flight menu.

In addition to good ol’ Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, there’s now Sri Melur Jaya Nasi Briyani.

Roti Canai.

Roti Jala.

1901 New York Chicken hotdogs.

Satay with Rice.

Sarawakian songstress Camelia was on hand to witness the launch, as was stand-up comedian Alfdin Shauki who made a funny comment that normally airplane food taste different on air than on the ground, but in AirAsia, they actually taste the same.
That, you gotta admit is true.

Since Malaysia Airlines started on cost-cutting measures, they no longer serve hot food on the Kuching-KL flights anymore.
And eventhough you gotta pay for meals onboard AirAsia, at least they still taste better than the cold boxed sets MAS is serving.

During the event, I bumped into Kuching-born Jason Lo.

J Lo is a singer, music producer, radio host and now the CEO of, which is the company’s soon-to-be-launched mobile phone network operator.
Very ironic, especially since Jason Lo’s recent hit song was “Operator, The Line Is Dead.”

For me however, the highlight of the trip was meeting up with Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes, founder and group CEO of AirAsia.
Regardless of what anyone think of AirAsia’s services, you gotta have tremendous amount of respect for this guy.
Tony Fernandes is the man who single-handedly revolutionised the entire aviation industry in South-East Asia. He is the person who made it possible for travel-junkies like me to realise my dreams of exploring as many destination in the world as possiblem, and the man who made it possible for me to travel back-and-forth between Kuching and KL so often for work and leisure and not go bankrupt. I use his airlines on average once every two weeks.
So really, you can’t expect me not to have a “man-gasm” when I met him.

Tony Fernandes was busy handling journalists and business associates throughout the 2-hour long event so we did not quite manage to chat up.
It was AFTER the event that I received a call on my phone, from none other than Tony himself.

Kenny: “Hello?”
Tony: “Hi Kenny, it’s Tony Fernan…”
Kenny: “HELLO? Har?! WHO IZZIT? I cannot hear you!”
Tony: “It’s Tony Fernandes.”
Kenny: “OMG! Oh… Hi Tony!”
Tony: “Hey, I got your number from Jason Lo. I just called to say thanks for coming to our event.”

Tony Fernandes then mentioned that he has read before (and Kenny had a second “man-gasm”), and that he’s planning to start a CEO blog soon.
It was quite surreal to think that I am actually speaking to such an inspirational figure, that the 24th richest person in Malaysia have enough courtesy to call me on my phone and speak to me like we’re on the same level.
The sheer experience of speaking to Tony Fernandes is enough to make me feel paiseh over the several times I’ve bagged AirAsia for the little mistakes they have made, eventhough I have always enjoyed using their services and that I will continue to use their services no matter what.
Sorry Tony.

Can I have free AirAsia tickets now?

I can’t wait for the Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Party tomorrow night!
I think I’m gonna go as an orang utan.
With so much hair on my body, I don’t need a costume to look like one anyway.

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  1. let me see, u blog about nike’s ‘kottex’ like football and u got free nike football, u blog about air asia on the wonderful nasi lemak and you got invited.
    how about BMW? or the PM, maybe they will invite to be the PM.

  2. Haha …good post.
    Yea, maybe you should write something about BMW, who knows you might get some goodies from them.

  3. woah, a call by the VIP himself, wat if u commented on the airstewerdess instead?a launch on fresh new faces n ull b der to…test drive it?

  4. nice one you got there!
    tony fernandes? opportunity coming to you..hehehe.
    for me, its just enough for me for kennysia to read my blog.

  5. the 1901 hot dog is served during flight like a DIY food where you have to put the whole mayo,ketchup thingy on top by yourself..instructions included…interesting. haha.And it’s so goddamn hard to make it look exactly like in the picture!! XD! damnittt… The box is big like if you buy from the shop, it’s the large serving one but in air asia flights it’s the small wan…kena tipu. But oklah also.

  6. Kenny,
    You know what? You are just FREAKING LUCKY! Wow Wow Wow. Three cheers for you, Kenny. You have earned enough respect to get yourself up there, getting a call directly from Tony himself… and…
    yeah…. getting free flight and accommodation to attend their event is seriously making many of us jaw-dropped!
    Keep up your good work, Kenny. Enjoy your man-gasm!!!
    You never know, sooner or later, Jason Lo might offer you TUNE visa card for free… hahahaha =)

  7. The 1901 hotdog is a fake. I ordered it before when it was first introduced. Guess what I got? A sausage and two buns, minus the vege. Even the only sauce I got was only chili. I think those food presented at the event was made to look like what’s on the box.

  8. Well think about it~
    This is part of our -as a blogger’s- responsibilities.. You post your comment, and if they see it and take it plus improve, the world would be a better place to live ^^
    Keep up the good work..

  9. ehhh! wat about me?
    my whole family use airasia instead of MAS since it first came out
    cuz MAS cost dam lot n they giv n extra in juz d food, n its not nice anyway lol! who wants to pay extra for a 30min trip to KL? extra $$ for milo? hawhaw!

  10. Hahaha, maybe u can ask something like VIP pass for AirAsia~ WO, kenny, then u should review more other company lo.. haha

  11. oh my gawd, kenny sia you are the luckiest guy in malaysia!
    if air asia wanna as you to become their ambassador, will you take it? 🙂

  12. haha. should ask tony yo increase international flight from kuching.kch-per,kch-bangkok,kch-sin.
    we are short changed

  13. KennySia……darn it…’re el cheapo.
    Can’t believe you got bought over by a free flight and a hot meal.
    Changing so fast from critical to ass licking.
    BTW, did the guy invite you to one of his ‘parties’?
    You do know what they do among ppl of that company
    right? Gals, guys, booze, and star strucked asses like you = orororgyyy…..haha.

  14. Haiks! We all just learnt a great lesson from our Mr. Air Asia. Not only did he sucessfully converted Kenny into a diehard fan, he probably scored a BIG PR victory through this! One phone call. One damn phone call! Smart!
    Now, this is what I called a great CEO. He should be the PM of our country…. unlike you know who.

  15. Stop it! Kenny! U are bribed just so easily!! can’t believe it and i mention u on my blog.. praise u and want u to be my son-in-law…I’m so disheartening now…sob sob

  16. The only other issue is the availability of the food.
    I remember my last few flights with them was in the area of…
    Me: “I would like to order this.”
    AAsia: “Sorry, we are out of it.”
    Me: “Then can I order that?”
    AAsia: “Sorry, we are out of it too. Could we interest you in a sandwich?”
    No point having nice food if people CAN’T get to ORDER them?

  17. it’s unbelievable. . .but glad that comments thru your blog actually reach out to so many people .. and the correct people who actually took action on it.. great!!

  18. bah… i doubt the food in flight will look like those in the menu launch..
    they can’t possibly screw things up for the menu launch can they? especially with tony and kenny lurking around..

  19. Wah kenny, you still dare make fun of Britney in your post meh..not scared she also read your blog as well ah..haha..nice post btw.

  20. I’d say it’s hard to preserve the presentation of airline meals due to the tremendous amount of vibration that is present in aircraft. Even on full-service airlines like Singapore Airlines, you will find subpar presentation. If you want top notch presentation, then I’m afraid your only choice is to fly in premium classes where the air steward/ess will personally ensure that your meals appear presentable – i.e. by preparing the meals on board rather than being mass-packed on the ground.

  21. “Sarawakian songstress Camelia was on hand to witness the launch, as was stand-up comedian Alfdin Shauki who made a funny comment that normally airplane food taste different on air than on the ground, but in AirAsia, they actually taste the same.
    That, you gotta admit is true.”
    “And eventhough you gotta pay for meals onboard AirAsia, at least they still taste better than the cold boxed sets MAS is serving.”
    Are you sure? Don’t just because they invited you for the event that launch their new in-flight menu makes you change your mind and makes a U-turn to write positive things about their in-flight foods.
    The REAL test comes when you broad their flight and order their food. Besides, I wondered whether they can maintain the standard quality of their in-flight foods for over a period of time and whether the in-flight food is worth my every RM8 that I could eat for on double plates of Penang Char Koay Tiaw in Penang.

  22. I’ve had pretty decent hot meals on Jetstar asia, though they cost more. Jetstar had pretty decent nasi goreng with satay as well as hainanese chicken rice. The comment that plane vibrations make food presentation impossible is nonsense. I think better product design, better food choices (why pick food with so many condiments and a liquid chilli sauce that can get jiggled about)? I’m also curious on what Kenny’s stand is now on the sub par food. sure, AA invited you to a swish launch. Question is, flattery and good feelings aside, what is it going to do for the rest of the passengers who have to eat Pak nasir’s chilli coconut rice porridge?

  23. Roasted blogger! hahahaha! Quite smart oso Air Asia. Wah looks like u had a good time. They don’t naik the surcharge but they introduce more things for passengers to buy to cover the minyak. So passengers actually pay surcharge in another way. ;P

  24. I believe this is rare for nowadays leaders to admit their own company weakness and try to improve it personally….Tony is one of the FIRST. No wonder a small AirAsia can knock down a BIG BIG MAS. If we can have more this kind of leaders or businessman in our country especially from Government side, we should have better future.
    Wake up !!!! Ma Lai Xi Ya LANG

  25. Agree with someone up there said about Jetstar asia. Didn’t think bout drippy sauce soggy mess..ugh… can’t see this menu to be practical. They look yum but now thinking more… not so sure… if flying airasia must bring extra t-shirt to change in case spill or accident… ! SPLASH….OOOPS! airasia won’t pay for laundry rite?

  26. Kenny,
    So next time whoever you feel like meeting, can just write a post bout them. Prompt reply you’ll get. haa
    Ohya the “roasted m’sian blogger” is a damn good one=D

  27. There are many more interesting things for Kenny Sia to achieve, including photo op and chatting with higher profile persons, eg, the US President, Miss World/Universe, WOrld Record Holders, Nobel/Pulitzer Prize winners, Bill Gates or anybody in the world’s top 30 (not a measly RM billionaire like TF) and especially Roman Abramovich – get invited to go on his yacht (the biggest private yacht in the world). Wait, the ultimate would be if Kenny Sia makes it to the International Space Station. That would be enough reason to blog it to death.

  28. if u had a good marketing/PR manager, (ahem.. like u know who :P) tony wld ald offered airasia to be “the official air carrier” lor….
    tony, this is not a hint.

  29. Kenny, You are bribed!!! haha! But I got to agree with you that travelling frequently is made possible with air asia. No comments on the comparison between air asia n mas food (i still think mas food tastes better :p), but good on you to have met Dato Tony.

  30. Yes, you can have free tickets but you gotta pay tax lah. Anyway, I do salute Air Asia for its pioneering efforts. We get what we pay for and that’s why we still fly Air Asia.

  31. I’ve got to agree with you that Tony is really down to earth. I’ve meet him during a corporate meeting at my company’s HQ and he was awesome, I even took a photo with him in the lift. He doesnt even mind when i called him Tony, instead of Dato Tony.

  32. Hold on just a second there. You were calling them out on their bullshit advertising on how their nasi lemak looked different compared to the picture on the cover and they invited you to view their new menu? You/Air Asia completely side tracked from the original issue.
    In the case of their new menu, it doesn’t take rocket science to know that it will look decent because it is being served while on ground. How about when the food is being served in the cabin while being in the sky where the flight is bumpy? It does not even take into account what happens to the food en route to the plane’s inventory.
    Good old corporate PR working on you eh Kenny 🙂

  33. can anyone tell me what will happen if SAPP got the mejority support from the MP’s?will the past election become void?and there’ll be a new election?another thing is….for now..we all knew that,goverment have no evidence on the issue about the “UNERASABLE INK”that used for voters during the why do the goverment wan to cancel for using the ink?and if they are cheating or trying to cheat…how can this election be valid? its just an opinion…so just reply me and let me know..=P

  34. Hey dude, that sure was agreat marketing strategy. BTW, from L.A. to NYC, 5 hr fligt, we don’t get any meal except a little pack of peanut. If a passenger declares he/she is allergic to nuts, guess what, No peanut for everyone.

  35. LOL!! But airasia’s smart to invite you to their event to launch their new in flight menu. After all, you ARE a regular of air asia and Kenny Sia! =D

  36. Maybe it’s too many years of boarding school food (or seriously low expectations), but i thought the nasi lemak on air asia was pretty good when i had it. OK i rephrase – it was good in the morning flight I took and half stale in the evening flight.
    I had more issues with the leg room space – can’t even put my legs straight at ANY angle. killer on a 4+ hour flight…

  37. I was surprise that you are feel sorry to Tony Fernandes. Actually you are pointed the correct point for the food.

  38. Dont worry, the nasi lemak on the flight will never looks like the advertised one… Just because he invited you and fly you to attend the glamour party… u dedicated a post and apologise to AK… sigh sigh
    AK started FAX in East Malaysia just to get new license for a new airline. They killed off the FAX later and use the license to fly long haul (AirAisia X)… (at the same time says they can’t fly in East Malaysia) all well plotted and planned! Who is there to take care of the mess left over by FAX in East Malaysia? MAS!

  39. Hahahahaha! New menu? Aiyah they are not improving for our benefit la but they are fighting to breathe to stay alive. Now MAS is giving them competition mah! Anyway Kenny good for you man Tony sucking up to you! Keep up the high life!!

  40. Tony Fernandes read your blog… and everybody else blog … he is doing PR to get public on his side… he will belanja makan anyone who make his AirAsia look good … Kenny you are just one of them la…sorry to say you not special lor… BUT WE think you are special and we support yr blog even before you famous!!! yeah!!!!!!!

  41. HAHA! Much lolz to that! But the food actually looks pretty appetizing. I won’t mind paying for that.

  42. The cold boxes on MAS is not too bad, at least I would say that the Tandoori Chicken Salad I had last week on board is top class 🙂
    I say I would prefer the quiet low profile style of Idris Jalal (turning around a company that loses millions to making millions is no easy feat) that the high profile style of Tony (maybe I am just not agreeable that he ‘pester’ MAS for steeply discount ticket when he could well afford their flights, think about the poor masses).
    And at least MAS flights are on time, I had to wait out a 2 hours delay for the flight to Langkawi.

  43. that’s some intense social-networking!
    I should change my day job to that of a blogger, can meet a lot of wealthy people ya?…any tips? 😛 haha, kidding…

  44. Air Asia cancelled my last flight to kuching just 3 hours before flying.. which pissed me off. they had neither compensations nor thoughful considerations for their passengers that were stranded in LCCT till the next morning’s flight.

  45. The sheer experience of speaking to Tony Fernandes is enough to make me feel paiseh over the several times I’ve bagged AirAsia for the little mistakes they have made
    Oh no… this sentence makes me worry because what I like about your blog is about your honesty in your reviews. Don’t let up just because the CEO contacted you, I’m sure he appreciates the truth now and then. 🙂 That’s how they can improve.

  46. I lol at people’s statement comparing AirAsia and MAS. I suggest you go google up the meaning of ‘No frills’ Airlines before you reveal your stupidity. One thing for sure, AA is trying to improve themselves.

  47. AA cancelled all evening flights from KL to Penang and we booked months ahead.. At least Fireflyz SMS me 3 days ahead when they changed their flight time to an hour earlier.. So since AA cancelled that flight which I used to fly A LOT.. I missed a connecting flight, therefore, I flew MAS! And, when I asked AA for refund because THEY CANCELLED the damn flight.. they asked for a RM5 processing fee.. #(*@(*&@#@#&&.. Anyway, I have been enjoying using my AA-Citibank credit card to purchase Fireflyz tickets every month.. kekeke.. 😛 And no, I’m in no way associated to any of them.. I’m a regular customer~

  48. Flight attendants for Air Asia are so hot. Especially the uniforms.
    Ha ha… Maybe I should quit the flight attending on the pacific route.
    But nah. Good uniforms doesn’t mean good salaries.
    That male flight attendant is allowed his hair up like that!? Air asia is so nice!!! – Not supposed to have it all gelled up like that!

  49. nice post,
    however i still think that air asia still need to improve their services. cause it’s very competative nowadays in airlines sector.
    consumers still consumers, always expect better quality and services of they are paying for.

  50. A few 1901 hotdogs can make Kenny Sia change his mind about AirAsia food. Now we know what to do if we want Kenny to say good things. Just give him anything that looks like a hotdog!!!

  51. nice post,
    however i still think that air asia still need to improve their services. cause it’s very competative nowadays in airlines sector.
    consumers still consumers, always expect better quality and services of they are paying for.
    I beg to differ. Malaysian consumer always is asking a Ferrari from a Proton. Nuff said. They want better service but don’t want to pay for it. Blardy cheapskates.

  52. that it.. two face kenny..haha..
    Man You done a good job.. NOt every man Is bad even they had to play bad guy… Mooo..

  53. This shows how sporting Tony Fernandez is,not many people can be like him, positive and forward thinking!
    To Shadow_dawn, I think you should be known as “SHALLOW Dawn”.
    ” I say I would prefer the quiet low profile style of Idris Jalal (turning around a company that loses millions to making millions is no easy feat) that the high profile style of Tony (maybe I am just not agreeable that he ‘pester’ MAS for steeply discount ticket when he could well afford their flights, think about the poor masses).
    And at least MAS flights are on time, I had to wait out a 2 hours delay for the flight to Langkawi.
    Posted by: shadow_dawn at 21 June 2008 1:57 PM”
    In case you didn’t know, when Tony bought over AirAsia from HiCom, it was under USD$11 million (RM40 million) worth od DEBTS, and Tony managed to turn it around in just a few years, WITHOUT government subsidy. Can YOU do that?
    Just in case you didn’t know again, I got MAS canceled off my flight too last minute and i had to wait for the next flight out in the airport in Phnom Pneh. HellOO? It’s quite normal to have flight delay isn’t it?

  54. now i wud really like to read kenny sia writing bad thigns abt aa. it goes to show how easy it is for one to be bought.
    who knows, next article will be on how bad mas is.
    go read up on how aa achieved the status they got today.

  55. lol, normal la people kenny. you see, we always judge and criticise, but then once that person becomes somewhat be in person with us (by calling, meeting or whatever) then we straight away say we apologise and stuff. that shows how ungrateful you were lar. only after they invited you then only you say you enjoy their flight bla bla bla.

  56. If you guys have been done some research, actually Tony is nothing compared to figures like Richard Branson.. Ever wondered why AA got the very lucrative flights like KL-Sing, KL-Perth so easily? There’re some “VIPs” behind him..

  57. Tony single handedly revolutionised aviation in SEA? Virgin’s Sir Richard Brandson is prime investor and has majority stake holder of Air Asia.

  58. I just came back from KK and it was pleasant flying with Air Asia. No doubt they are very friendly. I met their Ramp Manager Mr. Sarjit Singh and he is also one friendly staff of Air Asia to chat up with their passengers on board. They even made a birthday call for my friend who’s birthday is on the same day we flew to KK. It was just nice…

  59. great, they truly appreciate feedbacks and make necessary changes. thumbs up for AirAsia 🙂
    but kenny, i doubt they’ll give you free tix, esp. when you fly so often 🙂

  60. Kenny, could you pls extend my complaint to AirAsia cos I doesn’t seems to get their reply, apology or whatsoever?
    I was on AirAsia Flight AK123 KL-Singapore at 10.50am on 31st May 2008
    The “Fasten Your Seat Belt” has been switched off when I rushed to the toilet to do my “business”
    Then I got up, pull the flush and when I’m just about turn around to pull my panties up, BAMMMMMMM……the door was wide opened WITH ME STANDING THERE N PANTIES HALFWAY HANGING so does my jeans which is still placed way below my knees. UH-OH… I can see the horrified look on the air-steward face, so does her colleagues (one steward & 2 stewardesses) who are busy preparing their food trolley not to mentioned their gasp and my thunderous shouts. I pulled the door knob shut, still blushing due to unimaginable embarrasement, do what i need to do with my panties/jeans, washed my hand and walked out.
    Outside the door, I saw the stewardess waiting for me, apologized profusely. I just asked her how can she open the door when I already locked it and she told me AIRASIA CABIN CREW HAVE THE ACCESS TO UNLOCK THE DOOR ANYTIME EVEN IF IT’S LOCKED!
    I am still embarassed and felt humiliated, and furthermore, I fly using airasia almost 4 times a month.
    Looking at the above, if I were to make it big, I should get free ticket all year round, mannnn… I mean, even stripper also get paid for flashing their flesh bah, right? What more like my case which was considered forced strip

  61. HAHAHA wow, your blog has really taken you places…
    Constructive criticism is good though! Now people can credit their improved AirAsia meals to you!

  62. it was a good opportunity. Hope they can maintain the quality of their food through your post.
    Thx for the post..caz i really hate the food in the flight..haha

  63. I bought their nasi lemak once. It was stale! Both my bf and I complained to the stewardess and they just shrugged and asked if we wanted to buy something else instead! Her face was bitchy too like saying “too bad you idiots choose to eat the nasi lemak” Feel conned

  64. when the tranpsort minister was in “vietnam” or dont know where liao la, he was busy negotiating routes for aa instead of mas. so which one is GLC comp? so aa doing well bcos of tony or bcos of crony?

  65. kenny u want to start a fitness centre is it?hmmm…wow air asia food looks good…on land.wonder what it looks like in the air.i can imagine the curry for the roti splashed all over the container,haha.yeah im a sceptic.

  66. Aiyoo Kenny, bcoz of the free tickets you changed your mind. It’s only good during launch – wait for the next few month – it will look like the old one again! How do you expect Airasia make money with the kind of food in the promo launch.
    I got really pissed off by Airasia once – having waited for more than 4 hours for my flight.

  67. Dear Mr.Tony Fernandes @ Air Asia / members of Air Asia,
    I’m writing in this space because:
    – nobody in Air Asia would pick up my phone call regardless of call centre / whatever numbers listed on
    – no e-mails to place my queries or whatsoever
    I recently booked for a two-way ticket to Indonesia and had wanted to change the country location. I could not “Check n Change” (only valid to change date / time) and was prompted to call the numbers provided.
    For two-three days, nobody picked up the phone and it always says, “Due to overwhelming business, our operators are busy.”
    This clearly does not reflect Air Asia’s pro-activity and professionalism.
    As a result, I had to pay for it regardless, so Air Asia can have the extra to hire Kenny Sia to promote. Lolz. Just kidding, Kenny’s blog entries are great. No regrets for that, k.
    But seriously, when I “checked n changed” my flight date later on before the 48 hrs change, I typed in my details for verification several times and suddenly I got “locked”!!! I checked every single detail and did not have my caps lock on!
    Air Asia dot com is great, but can be improved by:
    – having an efficient call centre
    – having a CRM team to attend to e-mail queries
    – not “locking” logins too quickly
    See you, Air Asia next Friday.
    Happy but not too happy passenger.

  68. Once a cheater, always a cheater!!
    I once bought a Croissant on board. It looked SOOooOOO attractive in the pic! In real life, it didn’t look anything like that. It tasted plain and empty. Where were the lettuce, ham and cheese as shown in the pic????
    When i raised my concern with the stewardess, the lady in her tight red suit said ‘the pic is for illustration purposes only’
    Ummm… may i know what’s real them?

  69. Haiyo of course the food they serve in an official event all look nice nice onela. Get into the plane and its another different story.

  70. Adding to Kim Ong’s list, a ‘Suggestion Box’ for passengers’ comments/suggestions/concerns/feedback on Air Asia’s website would be great. Thanks

  71. KennySia you sellout, you forgot how we treated you at MAS, all the free hotels and flights, not to mention stewardesses.
    What did he give you?

  72. Kenny, Its time you start a local magazine called the “Kenny Sia Mag”.
    You make big money, and target HUGE audience.

  73. Oh wow…you got a call from T.Fer?! I’m a big fan of his too. When Air Asia first started, I was one of the thousands that doubted this low-cost airline thing and I was pretty sure (back then) I’ll never board their planes. Years later, here I am, flying off to places never thought possible on my limited budget, owing to T.Fer’s vision. He’s a great man!

  74. kenny,
    can u have help me with airasia? complaint direct to tony!
    they simply change my wife flight from kl to kch from night to earlier in the morning…my wife working in kl.

  75. Met him in the plane on my way to Kuching
    Lucky enough to be able to see and talk to the man himself
    He’s really down-to-earth, at first I thought he was just a pakcik being friendly greeted by everyone !
    Its really hard not to be cocky when you’re really rich eh..I do admire Mr. Tony

  76. Hi kenny,
    Thanks for all writ up. To all what we were doing at Airasia is to accept constructive crticism. I think Kenny ha done an awesom job and I now read him everyday .
    This blog inspired me to start my own an hopefully so I will launch it. My focus will be to talk to all of you and share my experiences so there will be more airasia’s out there. Nothing special about me . We are a great country and a great people and you should all believe in yorrself. As we always say in airasia Believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible and never take no for an answer.
    Calvin and others who have a complaint on airasia email me at I get about 700 emails a day so bear with me but all will be replied. I get about 8 complaints a week.

  77. on the politics, cronies etc nothing has come easy for us and we are still fighting for a level playing field. 6 years i have asked for kuching singapore , kk singapore, penang singapore and more flights for kl singapore.
    Why should we not get them? Why can firefly fly from subang abd we cant.
    Its great mas competes with us but notice the fares where airasia doesnt fly on.
    competition should be fair.
    I love all my 6500 staff who are the reason for airasia success .I get the glory they are the heros. Why cant they get the same level playing field.
    As for you kenny you rock , you are a breath of fresh air. you do and say as you please and you are honest. Malaysia needs more of this positive energy. I have learnt a lot from you these last few weeks and I am proud and honored to have got to know you. Keep up that amazing positive spirit.
    To all out there we have a lot of work to do at airasia . Not easy to do all this when we have one hand tied behind our back but we know we are far from perfect but heart is good and we will do our best to give you a great prodcut and low fares.
    lots of love to all Tony

  78. Dear Tony,
    AirAsia owes MAHB RM60million or RM100million++ , you commented on kenny’s blog like you are so great but please voice yourself up against Yang Berkhidmat Wee Choo Keong. If my client owes me money more than 4months, I would have take legal action against them. Your debt is accumulated since 2002 and you mentioned about playing in the same level of field??? Please verify, I still fly AirAsia, truly with AirAsia, now everyone can flies!

  79. Opppsss…..quite a sting there by Mike..
    true tho……lets just keep quiet n run ur own business n leave other airlines be….wanna talk about cronies?? such a crybaby…..weird but just so true. a true businessman won’t find fault on others but think of better ways to improve his own company…

  80. MAS played cheat. They had more losses, just that they have people to cover up for their losses. That’s our country.

  81. Hey TOny,
    Dont hv to bodek kenny to do good write ups for u la. But knowing kenny, he will bask in this glorious moment getting to rub shoulders with cronies of phark lah and hairy jambanluddin himself.
    Tony, pls explain urself the debt u owe MAS. So many freaking years. If not for ur buddy and his Father in law, u think airasia will be where it is now today? How abt the allegations that AA rip off some parts from MAS planes? Tell us la!
    Dot just talk abt ur success, tell us how u got to where u r today based on ur brains and not becos u hv JALANs.
    8 complaints per week? You sure ah?
    So Kenny, do u still feel proud that we have one private company owing a GLC (aka rakyat’s money) and not paying?

  82. Hey kenny! Just like Tony Fernandes, i read your blog!
    Keep it up!
    p/s: Kenny, pls make a shout out in ur twitter and also pacmee

  83. Hi Mr Tony,
    I hope you can read this. I have a dream. I want to be a pilot. But too bad money isn’t there since the cost of getting trained is so expensive that my dad could never afford it even if he sells all his properties including my siblings and work for another 20 years. I just finished SPM last year, currently doing Form 6.
    Since I was a kid, I always run towards the balcony (I stay in a flat) whenever an aeroplane flew past my house. I only get to watch. I literally fell in love with flying planes. Everyone can fly, that is true, but I have not been on the plane since I was born 17 years ago and I’m going to be 18 later this year.
    Being a pilot makes one look cool and makes one richer than a bloody engineer. I used to tell myself that I must be a pilot when I’m older. Now, I’m doubting. My height is just on par and I know it’s not easy to get a place in the cadet pilot programme. I actually applied for MAS cadet pilot programme but I guess I failed since I’ve never receive any replies from them. I tried applying to Airasia to, FYI, but then I didn’t actually completed the application because I didn’t understand the forms and all. All I have is SPM results. I don’t have a diploma nor a degree.
    But I want to be a pilot. Everyone can fly and I would love to fly everyone. I am no one to talk about my (sort of, bullshit) dream here but I really, really want to fly.
    I quote, believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible and never take no for an answer. Unquote.
    If, I mean, IF, Mr Tony Fernandes, I have the chance, I’d really love to fly Airasia, not just to fly with Airasia. IMHO, I seriously believe that I’ve what it takes to be in the cadet and what it takes to fly for Airasia.
    Please don’t consider me bullshitting, coz I ain’t.
    Steven Tan
    -a young teenage, big dreamer.

  84. STeven
    Most kids would love to be doctors, pilots, engineers, lawyers etc. The job that splash out big dole. Would u hv dreamt to be a rubbish collector? I doubt so.
    SO move on with ur life.

  85. just shut up and stop dissing TF because he owes money.he did it so really, everyone can fly.and they really can.what have YOU flamers done?spend the whole day blog-hopping and flaming to make yourself better than others?

  86. Dont be surprise one day Kenny is among the 6500 staff of Tony doing blog for AirAsia.
    Then Kenny get free tickets 😀

  87. SO u mean it is alrite to get to the top and be the best and offering cheap products and services by cannibalising another and at others’ expense?
    No wonder you guys are so proud to drive a proton. Yea “cheap” cars while the govt taxed the shiat out of other foreign made cars so that u guys can hv a “decent” drvie in a junk call proton!
    Yes, Tony the baloney is a great guy and a savvy bizman no doubt, but owing RM100mil since 200x? Your mother’s money ah, agu? Look at how much AA is worth today in the BURSA?

  88. Dear all,
    here goes. Firstly thank you for all your words of encouragemnet and nice words. IT motivates me tremndously in what is a very tough time with jet oil now US$176 dollars. When I started this business oil was US$ 36. Yet we have still tried had to keep prices where they are. for the man who wants to be a pilot email me Its okay to dream . Today two boys who carried bags from us are in final stages of getting into Malaysian Flying academy so its okay to dream
    Now for the negative comments.
    long reply hahaha.
    Calvin still waiting for your email so I can help you. I am packing on some pounds . I look at myslef in the mirror and feel the same to many pounds so will do my best to change that . hard in this country . look at all the food in kuching hahaha. 8 complaints a week correct thats what I get, the compnay gets 120 a week . we carry 500k passnagers a week.
    I have never complained about other airlines. All I want and my staff want is a level playing field . We have all worked so hard to get where we are and have to put up with constant unfairness yet we have given 50 million people a chance to fly. Isnt that something good? For those who think Im a crony why am I still fighting for singapore routes, why is firefly allowed to fly from subang when we are not?
    I have no issue with firefly or mas. Mas can put zero fares and go on routes we developed thats competition but dont stop us from competiting. Dont stop us from getting routes like singapore , dont stop us rom flying form subang. Dont stop us from flying to melbourne. If mas and firefly want to compete then we should be allowed to compete freely and fairly. Mas and Firefly can compete with us , why cant we compete with them on a level plying field .

  89. Dear Mr. Tony,
    Do not get me wrong. With time is incredibly bad and with lower disposable income, and with the pressure from the public to know how the government utilize our taxpayers money, I cant help but to question. I am proud we have AirAsia. In fact, I fly AirAsia quite often for my personal trip. I believe you also can be regarded as Yang Berkhidmat for the community.
    And I believe AirAsia is not directly a GLC. As for competition, I can feel your frustration on the comment on a level playing field.
    In fact, I will support if there is a move to subsidize all Malaysians who fly via AirAsia or MAS as petrol belongs to all Malaysians, not the cronies as per say.
    Keep it up Tony and perhaps you can also start a blog enlightening the real situation and work hand in hand with the others who really Yang Berkhidmat (YBs) to eliminate cronies in this country and eventually everyone has a level playing field.

  90. To mike,
    Firstly would it not be good to get the full facts. Has wee choo keong checked the full facts of the case? I have invited him to Airasia and to show our books and our problems we face . I am happy to explain to him and anyone on the purported debt. Is that how elected representatives work? just look at one side of the story
    Our contention is that we have vastly inferior facilites to the main terminal. The main terminal cost 2 billion to build. Thwe lcct owned by malaysian airports cost 150 million.
    We made many sacrifices to enabe Malaysian airports to lower their build cost. No aerobridges, no elevators, comfort level in the main terminal per passnager is 55 meters per sqaure foot vs 7 meters per sqaure meter for the lcct. Our guests have to walk to the planes sometimes a long distance as we squeeze more planes on the tarmac.
    Our dispute with MAB results from 2006 and not 2002 as reported . The dispute and non payment results from the fact that we belive we have been overcharged. When we were in the main terminal we paid in full all due.
    If anyone can say the LCCT is the same as main terminal and hence should eb charged the same then please visit the terminal Perhaps kenny you should do a picture survey.
    Our queue int he morning are ridiculous as theere are so few x ray machines.
    We have appealed to the goverment to resolve this and the ministry of finance is now hearing both sides and will judget what is fair. In singapore and other low cost terminals around the world charges are not the same for premium terminals and low cost terminals.
    on the last point airasia owes not a cent to MAS.
    If you feel malaysia would be better off without airasia then guests will not fly with us and we will go bust. Just remember what airfares were like when we were not around. We have worked liked dogs to get to where we are. Nothing has come easy for us,
    the offer is open to anyone who wants any info on airasia to email me. We have a long way to go and are working hard. When kenny criticised our food we wre not negative we worked hard to improve it and invited him to sample. It s up to him . Thats our style . Be open and transparent and try and make airasia a company that all Malaysians will be proud of,
    kind regards,
    tony airasia.

  91. I am very neutral Mr. Tony. You definitely an icon in the aviation industry. From a background of entertainment industry to aviation. Not everyone can do that. And indeed I believe Malaysians are proud with AA.
    And about your lengthy explanation, I will perhaps enlighten YB Wee Choo Keong on this. Agree that LCCT charges should not be over the main terminal, and also agree the fact that it is unjustifiable if MAHB charged an unacceptable fees on AA as per your comment that the facilities are far more inferior than the Main Terminal.
    And in fact, the government should not overcharge AA as AA makes everyone can fly and promote Visit Malaysia Year and bring more revenue to the country’s tourism industry.

  92. Thank you mike. I am in the middle of writing to the YB . thank you for allowing me the chance to give my views. I am open and believe the best way to deal with rumours etc is to confront them straight on. I will always be positive and have no bad feelings on anyone who whacks us but will always tr hard to win them over because the truth will always prevail. thank you,
    kind regards,

  93. Tony, Air asia had done a great job in so far in achieving target for both your company prospective and we the traveller perspective. it is just a shame that Air Asia X doesnt start the Melbourne-KL route sooner as i am desperately waiting a cheap ticket to return….
    have a great day.
    and good job Kenny, your blog seems to become a forum now….

  94. Dear Tony F,
    Im a student, currently studying in Bandung, so I fly Airasia regularly Bndg-KL KL-Bndg.
    Last week my friend lost his luggage! 1 bloody luggage! and he said airasia will give RM90 per KG refund of his luggage, n i just wanna let u know, that refund wont bring back that luggage.
    I dunno how his luggage got missing, but i hope airasia crew or anybody at the airport would be much honest n stop messing with people’s luggage! Yeah RM90 per KG seems quite alot, but if it were me, i’d rather have my luggage than that refund money.
    My luggage once broken during a domestic trip.
    I dunno who should i be mad to, but i hope u’r all ears and would advise ur crew or do somthing about it.
    thanks for reading 🙂
    P/s:i’d read ur blog if u going to have one soon.

  95. I am tony fernandes as well.
    How do i know you are the real ‘tony fernandes’.
    I think it’s odd for an entrepreneur to read

  96. well just ask kenny,
    as for you luggage give me details and ill find out for you,
    kind regards,
    tony airasia

  97. That’s why he is able to read criticisms and all, to improve his services to customers. That’s what business leaders should do. Don’t tell me once you’re a CEO or smth it’s not right to surf the internet reading blogs and all. =p

  98. not my mother’s money,but is it your mother’s money?flame all you the end of the day,i hope you feel your balls are bigger,or rather re-appeared =)

  99. Dear Tony Fernandes,
    I have always been an admirer of your success with Air Asia. Your success story is one of the factor that prompted me to study ACCA (for business knowledge).
    It is a known fact that to run an aviation business in the start without making a loss is an achievement alright. I think many should thank you for allowing all to travel…it’s true ‘With AirAsia everyone can fly!’
    Thank you for making the majority of the nation’s population to travel, meet family who are far away. You guys bring people together.

  100. Tony,
    Thanks for the time to explain on the rm100mil AA owed MAS. Not convincing yet but good effort. Keep it up!
    As for you denying that AA do get special privileges from the govt, how abt this rumour that the Transport Minister was in one SEA country discussing routes not for MAS which is a GLC but for AA? Is that right?
    And talking about cronyism, what the heck is JLo doing in Tune Money? Isnt he the kaki-buddy to KJ and KJ a buddy to you? What the heck is Tune Money anyway? Now everyone can borrow money?
    p/s: and Kenny, yes Georgie Bushes too read your blog.

  101. WOW!!
    This is interesting. I can’t believe has gotten Tony Fernandez’s eye to comment here.
    Anyway, I would just say a BIG BIG thank YOU to Tony Fernandez for bringing Air Asia to Malaysia. It is actually because of Air Asia, I get to travel around the region at least twice a year now.
    Please do work on long haul flights too, Tony. I am seriously waiting for Air Asia’s launching flight to Manchester. I am waiting, Tony.
    PS. Keep up the good job, Tony. I’m flying to Bangkok next week with AIR ASIA again!! =)

  102. TONY,you’re a a good leader n the inspiration..
    i admire you a lot..
    i always think that if i was a billionaire, what i want to do the most is to be always there to help the right people with the money i have.. such as: disaster, or poor people who need money for education, or suffer from medical fees..
    and i believe you would do the same thing..
    help the right people in the right situation..

  103. Mr tony,
    i support the entrpreneurial spirit in you. Your capability your abilities and your giant balls i greatly admire. You have done tremendously. despite this, there are somethings i don’t support about Air asia. I admire you and believe in your vision but i get irritated at some of the regulations. You really have changed lives.
    Wanna be my VC??? 🙂

  104. Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia, actually check on customer complaints himself?
    Wonderful stuff man, never flew your airline but i will try it out when i head back to Perth.
    You’re now my new Corporate Idol..

  105. dear all,
    I wont comment anymore as this is kenny blog and not an airasia blog. But I will start one and you can ask all you want when its up. Thank you all. Has been great. As i always say nothing great in what I or airasia do , you can all do it.
    Believe the unbelievable , dream the impossible and never take no for an answer,
    kind regards ,

  106. Yo Tony!
    Great stuff and advice man!
    Pls gv me free air aisa tics and i wont take NO for an answer!
    How lah dei?

  107. [anonymous abusive comment deleted. If you do not want your abusive comment to be deleted, please leave a comment with a valid identity.]

  108. Hey Tony,
    We need more flight / extra flight from JB to KCH during CNY 2008 period. Plzzzzzz… Currently no more flight available from 22-25 Jan 09 from JB-KCH, as well as KCH-JB from 31 Jan – 2 Feb 09 also ran out of flight.
    Please consider to add extra flight for those who needs to go back for CNY.

  109. You know what, Kenny,
    Ur blog is link in AA’s intranet.
    u’ll soon get a lot of response frm AA staff..
    p/s: do write well if u want free tickets. hehehe

  110. Dear Great Malaysians,
    Just to share a little opinion Kenny..”Shall we focus on positive vibes with solutions for AA to move this foward pls..”Words are truly easier said than done”.
    Understand d setbacks,challenges, experience and etc,etc via comments made…but “MR TF” is truly a Global Malaysian icon that has managed to innovate first “no frills aviation” in d Asia Region..which contributes directly & indirectly to Malaysia’s tourism & economic industry.
    Malaysians, our competition is not between us but it is out there in this Global World.
    Personally,just got back from Sipadan trip via Tawau with AA…it was great to see the World Heritage Diving Sites in our own very homeland…it was just aweesome!! N tq AA.. bringing me back to KUL safe & sound.
    Let’s strive to achieve greater heights by focusing on Solutions on how MR TF can move up the tourism industry to make GLOBAL MALAYSIA MAP in this world.
    p/s m neither AA or MAS staff..just an ordinary Malaysian..splash..splash.TQ

  111. Talking about the new MAS Box meal.
    1) “MH = malaysian hospitality” printed on a very nice box (which could be more expensive than the food content itself) – since when is malaysian hospitality cold and unappealing?
    2) give us our hot buns back!
    3) give us fresh fruits and salad!
    4) give us desserts!
    5) there was a bar of Zip chocolate in the box – Malaysian? not really…
    Time for MH to rethink.
    There was a survey form passed around during my flight. I hope they are really taking action about this.

  112. Kenny, you’ve definitely strike lottery here. I must say, the food offered by Air Asia these days have been better. I mean, 1901 hotdog on a plane?! Can’t get any better than that.

  113. Kenny ; i hope Tony F. will read your blog again , sorry use your blog as a channel to pass passenger message.
    As a frequent passenger understood that AirAsia retime flight schedule is
    NORMAL , passenger get used with it , delay one-three hours is always AirAsia’s practice , and passenger have NOTHING to say and have no way to comment / complaint .
    But , how about this time ? retime to NEXT DAY (delay 24 hours )? not too long times ago , Air Asia executed refund guarantee (RM 150) if flight delays for 3 hours and above . Plz tell passenger what will Air Asia do for this case ?
    I know it is no point to argue , AirAsia always have strong terms and condition in hand . But do you think this is healthy situation for a growing company that every Malaysian proud of ?

  114. Dear Great Malaysians,
    For your reading pleasure…
    AirAsia among world’s most innovative firms
    BT Online Published: 2008/04/03
    AIRASIA Bhd has been recognised as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company magazine, the only Asean brand and the only airline to make it to the “Fast 50” list.
    Other notable companies include Google, Nike, Facebook, Apple, Disney, GE, BMW and IBM.
    AirAsia ranked number 43 this year on the “Fast 50” list, announced in the March 2008 issue of Fast Company.
    From green consumer-products phenomenon Method to 100-year-old Corning, which spends US$2 million (RM6.38 million) each workday on R&D, the list celebrates companies that are redefining the rules of business through new ideas.
    Twelve of the 50 firms are based outside the US. Fifteen of them are based in and around the Silicon Valley.
    “This is a feat we are very proud of, considering we are placed in the same platform as some of the most recognised brands in the world. We are humbled by this news as we’ve evolved from a Malaysian brand to an Asean brand within a short span of six years and to be recognised on the global front by the coveted Fast Company magazine, is indeed very rewarding,” AirAsia group chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes said in a statement.
    Fast Company editors described AirAsia as “innovative down to its corporate bones”.
    “Most passengers think of it as one carrier, but it’s actually a co-branded collection of several, a unique structure Tony Fernandes devised to allow AirAsia to set up hubs in three countries (Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia),” it said.
    It also credited AirAsia for operating costs that are the lowest of any airline in the world, and so are its fares.
    Previous awards won by AirAsia include “Airline of the Year 2007” by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) and the “Best Low Cost Airline in Asia” by Skytrax Research of London.
    Fast Company’s final 50 were selected from a list of 300 finalist companies. The magazine placed a high premium on companies that had demonstrated significant innovation over the past year. Actual rankings were determined by vote by a panel of editors and writers.
    Fast Company is a monthly business magazine that reports on innovation, digital media, technology, change management, leadership, design and social responsibility. It was launched in November 1995 by Alan Webber and Bill Taylor, two former Harvard Business Review editors.
    “Truly A Great Global Malaysian”..splash.splash!!
    p/s; May not b Perfect..but still Extraordinary Malaysian…TQ

  115. Dear Tony Fernandes
    I am still in a state of shock and i am so proud and happy to know that a part of you is from Goa , i have read about Air Asia in the past but its today that i came to know about all the wonderfull things that you have done and acheived with Air Asia as its CEO , and i’m still trying to get over it …..hope you have a little time to hear my story cause its just unbelievable ,My name is Kevin , from Margao ,Goa and and have a huge passion for aviation ,i currently hold a FAA and Indian Commercial Pilot Licence and as i was reading the newspaper yesterday i found an article in the Times of India Newspaper with regards to Interviews for Trainee Pilots on the 23rd of Nov for their Indian operations and i was surpised to see an interview taking place in Goa ,cause usually most of the airline interviews take place in Delhi ,Mumbai or Banglore , so i decided to to abit of reseach into the company and try to get in touch with someone from Air Asia Operations to confirm if they had plans of recruiting pilots here in India for their operation ,as there is a charge of Rs 25,000 ( $550 ) for the apptitude and Assesment Test and thats when ur name came up and by opening a few more pages i came to know a part of you is from Goa and all that you have accomplished in these past years in aviation
    ,its so shocking to see your reply’s and comments on kennysia blog and to find that you have start a blog your self is unbelievable ….apart from running the company and your family life you still
    have time to keep in touch with customers problems and sharing you veiw directly is absolutley outstanding .Mr Fernandes i will be really gratefull if you can help me out by letting me know if Air Asia has started Interviews for Trainee Pilot Program here in Goa and with chance to Build my dreams with Air Asia .
    Thank You So Much

  116. Hainanese chicken rice
    I would love to have the Hainanese chicken rice on board, can you pls call Tony to make it possible.
    I don’t mind if they want to give me the Bak Kut Teh too..

  117. Hi Kenny,
    Just found your blog in coincidently. I amaze with your Asia and Tony story. I’m a newbie blogger and started blogging very recently. In reading a lot of blog in-order to improve my blog. To me, your blog is one of the best for local readers esp.

  118. You are so easily bribed! With Tony arm around your shoulder and some pretty girls in red beside you, you start to sing and praise Air Asia sky high. Tell Tony to instruct their Cabin Crew to stop harassing passengers from bring their own food on board Air Asia flights. It’s the passenger’s rights. Also passengers are not breaking any Malaysian Aviation law by consuming their own foods in the flight. For your information, the photo on Air Asia foods on your blog is not the real “things”. Order Roti Chanai and Roti Jala, there is no ceramic sauce container. You will be disappointed. Trust me.

  119. Good job man….doesnt matter you was called for nasi lemak event or etc…what matters is the great man. Dato Tony called u..gosh..ur privileged. Keep going…

  120. Hey there is another site. Angry single mother that complaints about everything she faces back home at help her start culture of complaining about her hometown. about your site. try KTM its even worse

  121. How I wish to meet Tony Fernandez to have my intern with him!!! Lucky you guys that met him. When is my time??!! huhuh

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