This Is Better Than Freedom Fries

They probably meant ‘French Fries’, but I could be wrong.

These signs are EVERYWHERE in Phuket. Looks like they don’t like the French too much over there in Thailand. I can sorta visualise a burly Thai chef in the kitchen throwing unsuspecting French tourists into a frying pan full of oil.

Better not visit Phuket if you’re from France, otherwise you might end up as a fast food menu item.

I’m so gonna kick myself for missing out on Joyce’s starstudded birthday bash. Happy (belated) 23rd birthday Fairy!

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  1. Well, this is meant to be a filler. I gotta get my priorities in life. Just got off the plane, got tons of things to do and too knackered to give a full update at this moment.

  2. Hey Kenny!! I saw the first sign when I was in Phuket too. Small world, don’t you think? We might even have gone to the same places…
    Cheers and welcome home!

  3. so did u order a plate of French Fried?
    why didn’t go dive again and i can see pictures of babes in bikini in beach….
    c’mon kenny, i know u can…..haha

  4. that’s lame…
    you can see ‘lamp’chop and ‘french fried’ @ point one Travilion… look for da western food banner…

  5. what’s the diff? One is using present tense, the other is past tense. Who was the one who started to fry the potatoes? Was it the French? Is that why people call it “French Fries” and people use past tense in Phuket to tell you that after frying, it should not be present tense anymore? And so, “French Fried”. Just like American Toast, it could mean bread toasted the American style but not trying to say u toast the American. No?

  6. to the above “grammar expert” (so?), if the restaurant uses french fried consistently, i think someone should ring up the ministry of food and hygiene, aren’t food suppose to be made on order to prevent food poisoning of any sort? Not everyone or should i say no one share your train of thoughts, and isn’t it violating the consumer’s act/ defrauding the consumer the qualities of the food (soggy fries-yuck!)? ppl recognise the sign as chips so unless its some sort of Thai fries, its always french fries and never will be french FRIED!!!Therefore you should not provide excuses for incompetency, if one is having a buisness get one’s signage right!

  7. another example whr ppl try their very best to sound or seem intelligent…but failing miserably.they just cant take light-hearted fun blog posts.i bet they’r really ‘fun’ ppl in real life too!

  8. You’re right, Kenny.I’ve been staying in Bangkok for a year now. Thais ppls really dislike french. Anyway, I dun like french ppls either, they are so so rude and have no respect of the locals here. They all think they so so superior with those stupid fugly ugly white face!

  9. “Bad English exists to amuse those with good English heh? ;p”
    Dear Kenny,
    take some “time-off” and post when youve got the “soul”. dont compensate our pressure with mass-produced posts.
    good things take time no? if you readers cant wait for a good post, maybe you should visit a “fast-food” blog.

  10. Another fab place to go to for the red light district is Amsterdam which I have just been last Easter weekend with my sister! A place u wouldnt go with your sister right,Kirstie? Hello sista.. i miss u already even before u leave.
    Sorry Kenny I used your blog to say hi to my sister because after reading your adventure in Phuket, it reminded me of my trip. However there are more asians than ang mohs in amsterdam queueing up at the live sex show. Apparently it’s for “Education, Inspiration!” as I heard the pimps were screaming. 🙂

  11. Haha. I liked the Brokeback Bloggers. They’re smexy. ^^ Eheheh. I love your blog, by the way. I check nearly everyday. I found it out from Xiaxue. But she doesn’t update much nowadays. Sigh. Well, rock on!

  12. Well, a (serious) comment by a French woman who knows more than a little English and is delighted by the Engrish (discovered on behalf of my nephew who lives in Japan). “French fried” seems funny, but it is correct, it is only SHORT for (= the short form for) “”French fried POTATOES”” which is the ‘CHIPS’ of one of the “national” British dishes, the ‘Fish and Chips’ and which is also ‘FRITES’ in French, which should be “POMMES DE TERRE frites”.
    Hope this will help. MY

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