Beach Bodies In Paradise

To make up for the lack of updates while I’m on holidays, here’s something for the boys…

Something for the girls..

And something for everyone else…

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  1. the guy wearing the red swimwear and holdin a light blue towel is so cutee! can i have his number pleesseeee 🙂

  2. walau, the last two photos really spoil the mood of the moment lah…
    ok, make it the last photo… heehee XD
    whats with the snorkelling mask??

  3. hahaha. did ur victims see u whip out a camera and take their photos? if they did, they must’ve thot u were some kind of perve!

  4. Erm, I dunno lar, but that guy in black swimming trunks (Pic number 6), I noticed that the area just above his tummy like got a bulge like that? Why is that? Anybody know?
    ‘Cos in the photo before that, with that cute guy in red trunks, the first thing I noticed about the black trunks guy (the same guy in pic 6) is like, his waist “line” is so deep. Even the main guy in pic 7 doesn’t look that weird to me. Or were the lighting and shadows were playing with my mind? Hmm…. Hehe….

  5. Did guy No. 6 trying to tuck in his belly? 😛
    I’m sure No. 7 don’t!
    Last pic really makes you the clown of the day.
    Keep up the good fun and enjoy your trip.

  6. i wouldn’t go phuket based on these photos.
    where are the ASIAN MEN! i dont want angmohs!
    tho’ the one in the black trunks IS quite cute.
    I don’t know how you do it kenny, but even with a snorkelling mask over half your face and that long tubular curved spout in your mouth, you can STILL do your trademark “huh who me?” photo taking face.

  7. Brother Kenny,
    Long time i never drop any message liau. Been bz with my work recently…How are you?
    My favourite pic is the last one!!!

  8. Kenny, how come you took guys pictures ‘better’ than those girls pictures? hmm…mmm.. hahaha… put more babes pictures lah! front shot one! (or any close-up angle would be gr8!)

  9. question. why are all the ah mo guys in ya pics are HAIRLESS!?? did they wax or sth? (yuew) the ah mo guys i met are usually hairy!! hehhee

  10. question. why are all the ah mo guys in ya pics HAIRLESS!?? did they wax or sth? (yuew) the ah mo guys i met are usually hairy!! hehhee

  11. What’s with the underwater camera? No one caught you ah? Lol.
    Btw, you look like some cartoon goldfish in the last photo!

  12. kenny ! everyone is wondering about ur camera proof 😀 u bought a water-proof digicam ? or an external casing which is water proof ?

  13. i just thought about this…did one of the bfs of one of those gurls shove that snorkeling pipe thingy into your mouth? LOL…still cute though

  14. Aiseh, I wish you wouldn’t stereotype and categorise girls’ pics as ‘something for the boys” and boys’ pics as “something for the girls”. What if I’m a girl who like girls? Or a boy who like boys? Better still, a girl or boy who likes all, in which case, the world is my oyster!

  15. ArifSanchez, I would post up topless photos of the babes I took but y’know? I wouldn’t want a repeat of the SPG incident I experienced.
    JoyceTheFairy, sureeeeee no.11 is the best right?
    wen, it’s at Maya Bay indeed. Beautiful place.
    Sheila + reenz + Laynie, I’m using the Sony T9. Yea I got an sports pack for my camera which allows me to take it to depths up to 10m.
    libre, eh don’t be so politically correct can!

  16. Hey, hey, hey now!!!!Wait a minute. You’ve got something for the “boys”,
    then something for the “girls”tra la la……
    then, you got some nasty pictures of old men with big ol’ bellies!! PEW!!
    What happened to the mid aged “WOMEN’S”?? I’d like to see some fully developed 30 year old MEN in those skimpies, bebe.
    Gimme pics of da MEN!!!

  17. how gross can u be, kenny? underwater photo-takin perv, plump snorklin boy armed with his toy camera. ArRGh??!!

  18. The guys there are Phuket aren’t hot, thank you very much. I prefer the picture where you’re in scuba gear. So adorable, I could just squeeze you. (:

  19. hey! the boys are CUTE (sorry not the last 2)! Love their bods~! Wonder how come their swimming trunks look so loose and skimpy??! Like almost going to drop liddat~ :p~

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