There’s A Queue Outside Louis Vuitton

In Singapore.

“Financial crisis? What’s dat? Issit a HANDBAG?”

Blog Plug of the Day: Azman Abdullah, aspiring triathlete, medical student, and “all-round” funny guy was tasked with attaching an electronic heart-rate monitor onto the saggy chest area of an overweight 60-year-old lady.
Hilarity ensued.

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  1. Singaporeans just love to que.. there are not buying. just wanna go in have a look =x I think. i thought. somebody wanna confirm this ?

  2. Coz is only on sales for past seasons fashion.. old series and those unwanted or not quite received stocks. Therefore only Malaysians that has very little fashion sense, but great glamor sense willing to waste the time and money.
    Buying LV is not only for the quality, but also for their leading fashion and style. If only quality is the concern, far more brands can offer on par and better quality.

  3. Hi guys, for some weird reason the Takashimaya LV boutique here in Singapore almost always has a miraculously long queue all year around, sometimes even during off peak hours.
    Nope, there’s no price reduction even during sale season (except for those super VIP customers during their private events), it’s just some strange phenomenon that even the Singaporeans ourselves cannot understand πŸ™‚

    that means…people are queue-ing everydaaayyy…
    not only on the day you saw it…
    i’ve talked about this but noone even give comments, they think it’s normal..
    at least now i know there’s someone who think the same way..*tee hee*

  5. weird .. i went to Gold Coast that day , surprise that only Asian ( malaysian, hong Kians, singaporean, chinese) are in those LV or Gucci shop .. i wonder why …seldom saw those ang mo inside those shop ..
    and we were in taxi and asking the driver where to buy branded handbags like LV bags.. he said i dono LV or Gucci …branded is like Nike and adidas ..but their LV shop is straegicly located in the middle of the city .. and is big i tell u..
    wonder why the Aseans are so into LV bags … in Gold Coast, most people don even know what is LV…they don even cared they owned 1 or not ..

  6. weird .. i went to Gold Coast that day , surprise that only Asian ( malaysian, hong Kians, singaporean, chinese) are in those LV or Gucci shop .. i wonder why …seldom saw those ang mo inside those shop ..
    and we were in taxi and asking the driver where to buy branded handbags like LV bags.. he said i dono LV or Gucci …branded is like Nike and adidas ..but their LV shop is straegicly located in the middle of the city .. and is big i tell u..and more there are few items they give 30% discount and still 10% tax rebate for foreigner ..converted to MYR .. is cheaper by at least RM300-700 …
    wonder why the Aseans are so into LV bags … in Gold Coast, most people don even know what is LV…they don even cared they owned 1 or not ..

  7. I was in Singapore 2 weeks ago and I was shocked at the amount of people carrying LV/Coach/Gucci. Sadly, only 3 brands Singaporeans know about and surprisingly… They’re all FAKE! You can hardly see real ones.

  8. HELLOO!!!!
    Suraya Amer – Please don’t look down on us ok…PLEASE MAKE URSELF DOWN TO ESPECIALLY RAFFLES PLACE AREA, and judge for urself whether we carry fakes or not and perhaps your stay here is not long enough for you to notice that we do carry other brands of bags also!!
    Singaporeans may be Kiasu but definitely not CHEAPOS!!!
    If people have the money and can afford it, i don’t see any reason why others should be be bothered about it??

  9. whoa Suraya Amer!! Did you go to the wrong place?? Were u in JB instead??
    And Kenny, it goes to show how strong SGD is, and we singaporeans can jolly well afford it! stop slamming us. Go get a life or rather, a girlfriend!

  10. oh pardon i forgot to include my name. tt’s my real name, and ya, LV’s peanuts to us. (Do you even have a LV store right where u are?)

  11. Haha, females squandering over the pride of LV is just as amusing as cock fights. And it never really matters to males, well, unless the male is paying for his wife/gf/daughter/mistress. πŸ˜›

  12. there will never be a sale in LV shops.
    Someone mentioned above, OLD STOCK, out of season? Ohh really? i never come across as what you mention a OLD LV, LV is classic, own a LV urself before start talking about it.
    Well, it’s cheap to get LV all the other european famous brand now as British pound went down so much.
    Ugg is good stuff, i really dont mind paying 180 pound for a pair, the quality is undeniable!

  13. hmm, LV never has a sale. unlike coach or whatever. but i’ve always noticed that there are tons of people inside the taka branch, and that’s a super turn off to me (especially when there are so many china people pushing and shouting here like they’re in a marketplace).
    then again, since i’m heading back to paris for studies, i can always just buy from there. there’s no sales, but it’s still cheaper anyway (yes, even with VAT). minus the crowd.

  14. I kinda get used to seeing that whenever I walk pass that outlet in Takashimaya.
    In fact, if you’d pay attention to those ladies with LV bags walking on the street, you’ll notice that most of them carry the same, particular version.
    I wonder why.

  15. My French housemate said that in France, LV is not as chic as Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel or Dior. Maybe that’s why ang mos don’t go for LV.

  16. The Q at S’pore LV it’s normal…especially year end because s’porean will get their 13th month pay/salary,extra 1 month for all employees.this is not bonus okay.bonus lain kira(this policy are not available in m’sia law)…that’s why s’porean loaded….
    One more thing,s’porean salegirls/mans are more polite & good in customer services,no matter you buy or not,it doesn’t matter,that’s why a lot customers Q-up,some just come for seeing only.NOT like in KL,when you enter the shop not buying anything the salegirls/mans face looks CAO-CAO like PANG SAI BEI CHUT!

  17. typicAL singaporean la… they like to Q. the ‘kiasu syndrom’ ma… they Q almost everything, from Starbucks to Coffee Bean to even at hawker centres… what is the meaning of Q-ing at LV store?? to show that they can ‘kiasu-ly’ Q lo!!

  18. yes, i was one of the girl who lining up there the other day.. man!! i really couldn’t believe my eyes that ppl lining up for the FOREVER NO DISCOUNT BAG! so i also have a look what’s happening inside.
    LOL. first time that will never happen in MALAYSIA

  19. When I was in Melbourne, they had this opening for the new LV flagship store and guess what, it was at the mid of some economy crisis and yet, the store is filled with people.
    Mind you, people with new LV handbags.
    Same to Gucci and Chanel.
    I guess:
    Financial crisis= MIniscule bank interests= Shopping SPREE = New LV Lockit.
    = =

  20. there’s ALWAYS a queue outside LV at Taka everytime i been there.
    So wat if they’re fake or not? jz means of rich ppl trying 2 make themselves feel better cos they can own stuff tat others dun. no big deal. all this while there’re still many who can’t even live on 3 decent meals a day on their meagre income.

  21. When I was in Sydney (a small shop in Chinatown), a girl came into the shop and asked the salesgirl how much was the fake LV bag. AUD 300++
    hahaha..fake ones also that expensive =.=””

  22. sic-ko man,
    it simply goes to show that things in singapore taste wayyyyyy better. right down to the starbucks, coffee bean and hawker center!!!
    Q-ing outside LV is a norm. as it signifies how well-to-do we are. don’t be a sour grape like kenny ya?

  23. If you wanna get something that you want,I don’t see a problem with queuing, in a way it does show one’s patience.
    I am a Malaysian working in Singapore. I do not support either party but I seriously think that laughing at ppl queuing for something is a silly and childish act.

  24. It’s so typical of Malaysians and misinformed Singaporeans to assume that such a queue forms because of Singaporeans’ kiasu attitude. What bullshit.
    It’s because LV only offers a maximum of 15 people in the store at any one time for security reasons, Kenny Sia. Next time get your facts right people!

  25. What I heard is that for that LV in Taka, they only allow a certain number of people in the shop at one time – thus the queue. And I think that’s the only luxury brand who has their own security guard standing outside the shop all the time.

  26. hey kenny, bout the blog on ECG on a 60 year old lady, its not funny k, im a final year bachelor student nurse and i dont think its professional of him to mention things like that.

  27. lol! I was in Raffles and I was actually sitting down observing people. There’s like 4 EXACT same pattern of LV bags passing by every minute.

  28. u guys need to get a life. really. does LV bags really deserve all this yikkity yak? pfft. u peeps should be ashamed of urselves.

  29. You think that all are Singaporeans in that Q?
    walk nearer, they are speaking Indonesian, Mandarin (mainland)~!
    Merry X’mas & Happy ‘NIU’ Yr!

  30. Suraya Amer,
    What? Were u one of those ‘jakun’ people who checks out every single bag a lady brings then label them as Fake?
    For all we know, u dun even know the correct pronounciation of LV.
    Coach is cheap to us Singaporeans lah ok?
    It’s only what? $300 – $400 for a small clutch?
    That is like our pocket money back in school sia.
    and Mind you, even students are having internet sprees for Coach items at
    Lots more people are buying Gucci, LV and Kate Spade here in SG.
    It’s a common sight already.
    Unlike Kenny who thinks it’s ‘rare’ sight.
    At least we dun have a Petaling Street here, where one shop after another sells Fake Bags.
    Every single day. Seriously no class sia.
    If we go to KL and see a Malaysian wearing branded bags, confirm kena chop Fake, expecially if that person is wearing it with jeans folded at the hem, Big Tshirt (obviously to be worn at home only) and sandals.
    Sungguh Typical Minah Malaysia!

  31. Hey Kenny, saw you walking out of the fitting room in Guess Taka yesterday. You had that look like the clothes you chose did not fit you sort of facial expression? Wanted to say Hi but you were walking kinda fast and I realised that you wore your Vuitton belt ;D Job well done on the 42km marathon. Pays off well does’nt it?
    Anyway to Dyan;
    It is pretty impressive how you had pointed out the fact that yes we do have Petaling St. in Malaysia selling fake bags and guys wearing oversized t-shirts, jeans with flops but as I am in Singapore right now, I do see the same thing here where a few guys walking like that. It is a fashion crime yes, but we are comfortable in it although I do not do it myself and I hate it. But who are we to question?
    But yeah, I got to REALLY agree..Coach here in Singapore is like pretty cheap.

  32. What Kenny posted is harmless; it’s just something which amuses him, and he wants to share it with his readers. It is funny how something so harmless can turn out into a “war” between each other due to different opinions and comments.

  33. And i think LVs are overrated, everyone is carrying them, wherever they are from, that it doesn’t even matter even if it’s fake.

  34. Don’t buy fakes! It’s such a turnoff looking at old aunties carrying fake LVs to the market to buy groceries, seriously!
    Anyway, I was in Lyon studying the other time, and in Bellecour, LV is placed at the same street as Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Mont Blanc.. but I guess every store has about the same number of customers anyway. So I don’t think LV is not as well liked in France or anything I guess.
    To each his own taste, I believe.
    Oh, and what’s that about letting 15 people in the LV shop only? seriously? the other time i went in, i think there was some China tourgroup in there.. and oh my gosh, it was so damn hard to get the salesgirl to attend that i got so pissed off and walked away instead of buying that Vernis! i think there were about a hundred people in the shop at least? it felt so damn crowded.

  35. Jude Lucien :kiasu syndrom’ ma… they Q almost everything, from Starbucks to Coffee Bean to even at hawker centres
    Typical stereotype m’sian. Whenever we queue to buy anything. You assume that we are kiasu. FFS. You mean you don’t queue while buying drinks from star bucks or food from the hawker centre? Think before you comment. And stop the ‘AIYA KIASUA MAH’ lame shit.

  36. Singaporeans should stop thinking that people ARE slamming at them… no matter how great they think they are, concrete in malaysia if gathered,would suffice to bury singapore

  37. perhaps it was photoshopped?..haha
    it’s strange that we malaysians can say least their government even with all the strict laws don’t cheat us off anything with quotas and crappy empty promises(okay, perhaps i found something similar with Singapore) and they don’t except bullshit like us from our local powers that be.
    this picture don’t show me kiasu, it just shows me that a lot of singaporeans are rich in comparison to “kampung-Malaysia”, where the rich are chosen and not earn, and the innocent gets bullied and the criminals run free…thanks a whole lot of donuts…haha..malaysia truly asia…
    not as unique as singapore but definitely bigger..haha.

  38. Louis Vuitton in Singapore never go on sale. Not even during private sales.
    Coach is cheap stuff over here.
    Whats in trend now is Bottega , Balenciaga , MiuMiu..

  39. == : Typical stereotype m’sian. Whenever we queue to buy anything. You assume that we are kiasu. FFS. You mean you don’t queue while buying drinks from star bucks or food from the hawker centre? Think before you comment. And stop the ‘AIYA KIASUA MAH’ lame shit.
    Singaporeans are kiasu..thats a fact..

  40. SURAYA – so what if you see people wearing the same LV bags every 4 minutes or whatever?? That shows we can afford to buy them! and that doesn’t mean we only owned LV. Most people i know, owns other brand as well.
    Our paychecks are not that pathetic you know especially those in the Raffles Area…
    Let me educate you that the trend now is CHANEL, PRADA N MIU MIU BAGS! LV is peanuts.
    KENNY- FYI, LV boutiques at Taka only allows a certain number of people in at a time.

  41. LOL…
    The same thing (queue) also happens in London. Long queue outside a small LV shop in one of the departmental Store (Selfridges) of London. It was on Oxford Street.
    Every time I pass by, I will see ‘Asian’ in it, picking and choosing their LVs. Imagine when they say “I want all of them except, this, this, this and this,…” ?!?!?! ‘Black hair’ people seems loves LV but I dont understand why. The same thing happens when I was passing by largest LV shop in Paris, seeing many Asian like Japanese and Chinese coming out of the shop, carrying bags of LVs in their hand!
    Another thing, why are Singaporeans allowed to enter LV shop in their casual wear, especially shorts and slippers? My friend was once asked to leave the LV shop by security because she was wearing shorts in a warm summer day.

  42. Agree with “Those who can, do.
    Those who can’t, bitch.”
    Like what? Singaporean Q, courtesy. Civilised country. DOES IT MEAN KIASU? And i don’t see how we should stop shopping because theres a financial crisis. we can do it if we want to and it isnt your business to give a shit about it.

  43. Yea true. In SF, California, most Asians are obsessed with LV. But was on the transit earlier, and saw this black big woman carrying one too.
    (are they) Fake or not? I don’t really care … because they are not mine. (I know I, myself, don’t buy/use fake stuffs) & I love VERSACE. LV is boring (especially the monogram). Upset when I found out LV took over the previously-Versace spot in KLCC!

  44. Sad country with SAD people.
    I would never line up to up something so NOT important. Shopping bags are more useful.
    Branded goods are for people with little self-esteem. If you are good, you don’t need to BUY any branded item to show off yourself. Branded company should pay you to use their products.
    I think that’s why Singapore girls are so slim. They spent all their time & money to shop instead of eating.
    People who buy fake goods are so much smarter!

  45. Singapore Sad?? Are you sure??
    I think our neighbouring country is even more pathetic…in terms of EVERYTHING!! (Let’s not get into details..cos the list will be long)
    NoMoreOsim- “I think that’s why Singapore girls are so slim. They spent all their time & money to shop instead of eating.”
    Let me correct you. We take a lot of pride on ourselves, we like looking pretty and healthy!! And please..there are so many gyms and yoga centres around that we visit too (hence our slim figures!?).
    Whether we carry a USD10.00 bag or USD2000.00 it’s really none of your business.
    Generally, people who buy fake goods are just called “Wannabes” and “Cheapos”. If you can’t own or afford it then go without it! why bother with a fake one??

  46. TO Gucci Main,
    I know a number of Singaporeans. They don’t look after themselves at all. To lazy to exercise & have unhealthy eating habits. I know they all want to look pretty but actually being healthy… I seriously doubt it. Of course, this does not imply to every single Singaporeans. I am sure there are lots of sensible Singaporeans.
    BTW, one does not need to go to a gym or do yoga to exercise. Everyone can simply do at the comfort of their own home.
    I agree 100% with the statement. “can’t own or afford it then go without it”. I would never buy anything so shallow, so meaningless & so useless. I rather invest my money in so something more long term & at least more useful. I also don’t believe in free advertising.
    Why don’t you bing on the list in regards to your “neighbouring” country? I like to read it!

  47. n i seriously think that it’s all sour grape talk over here. us singaporean girls place more pride in ourselves, thus the slim gals u saw.
    erm, if u’re so complacent and think that u’re the best, (quote tw: Singaporeans should stop thinking that people ARE slamming at them… no matter how great they think they are, concrete in malaysia if gathered,would suffice to bury singapore) why the influx of msians into our country…. to find a job?? HUH?? HUH??? HUH????!!!

  48. No, I properly can’t afford to buy LV. I rather spend my money on other things.
    SO, I am not a shame of it. I don’t feel I am any less.
    I am proud of everything I have & extremely proud of how smart I am with my money.
    If one choose to buy a branded TV or car or a house in expensive real estate, I think they have good taste & even smart (especially the real estate). I may even envy. BUT hand bags!? Come on! A condom may have a better purpose!

  49. wow…so many singaporean here…i think they are filthy rich.Hence,the privilege to own branded stuffs…good for them..anything wrong?
    if u r poor…..go for economical brands…..good for u…anything wrong??

  50. What is your problem NoMoreOsim??
    Now you’re sounding like someone who DESPERATELY in need of a LV! haha…
    People have their own interest n taste…be it in bags, watches, shoes, electronic gadgets..etc..etc
    Useless or not it’s not for you to decide.
    You don’t have to be filthy rich to own something long as it’s within your budget!
    LIfe is chill!

  51. In addition, if you (Singaporean) think you’re better, so “be it”(in your own little world),if you think you’re “not cheapos”, so “be it”, if you think “LV is peanut” (just like the size of the country), so “be it”, & if you think your “neighbouring country is more pathetic”, so “be it”. After all, Singapore was part of the “neighbouring country” (and I do NOT see any better in your country, nor in most of the citizens. Supporting that say, an ANG MO friend of mine told me he liked Malaysians better than Singaporeans). Ok, if you’re going to emphasize the “WAS”, it will just going to make me (fake) laugh as somebody is so in denial.

  52. if i can’t afford it,i rather take no brand authentic bag rather than a fakes as it might be MALU if others know.:P

  53. Lawl to the person who said there were queues outside an Ugg boot store… they’re just boots, made of sheepskin. aka. an Ugg boot and they’ve been around for ages. I don’t even know when they became sensational.

  54. Its the same in Melbourne. Though I suspect all LV stores around the world got sent a memo to only allow 2 -3 customer per store, the rest can que outside to create an illusion of demand.

  55. Wah. This is getting exciting. So many people getting upset with other people.
    It’s good to see how Singaporean is really proud of themselves. Although it is sad to read that they need to boast their confidence with branded hand bag, nonetheless, any confidence is better than no confidence.
    In my growing up, I have learned how wrong & low it is to judge another merely by their appearance. One needs inner beauty & substance.
    In all honesty, if someone give me a LV. I swear I will never wear it. I don’t want to be seen with it. (Unless LV pays to wear it)
    Seriously, in my country, if people see you with such an expensive useless item, people will only disrespect you for wasting money. It’s different if it was a pair of innovative running shoe or a state of the art vehicle. LV is only fashion. Think of all the starving children.
    PS. I am neither Singaporean nor Malaysian. I am from a different part of the world altogether. In my world, the majority of the population are not interested in LV. The LV shops in this country are here really for the tourist – Asian tourist.

  56. i’m now over at Hong Kong and the same thing happens. people line up to go in LV shop. Inside the shop full of people as well.

  57. Seriously, all these bashings of who’s carrying fake and original goods are clear signs of kiasuism.
    I believe that a majority of those LV bags being carried around are fake, no matter who’s carrying them (unless if you personally know them of course).
    And yes, if Malaysia has a Petaling Street, I don’t see any reason why a Singaporean can’t go there and buy a fake bag. If they go to JB for their groceries, they might just pop a few dollars for a fake bag. I don’t see why not.
    Ang mohs don’t really care about brands. For example, they prefer compact cars instead of flashing expensive gas guzzlers. They don’t care about the cellphones they use and don’t see it as an affluent thing. It’s just an Asian mentality, being ostentatious to impress – which is kind of dumb. You won’t see all these until you’ve been overseas.
    And LV – the prices are clearly inflated. You’re paying for the security guards they hire, the 15-people a time limit, etc etc.
    Well, I’m Asian but I’m not dumb.

  58. i think LV shudnt let so many ppl owning their products. The chinese saying goes “wu yi xi wei gui”. Things are more valuable when the amount is less. hiaks.

  59. Le Sigh.
    There’s a reason why we are called 1st world country/city.
    Despite the many unfavourable things Singaporeans are, whether we are kiasu or not, you gotta admit that life here is definitely better den across the causeway where they wld actually ask to be bribed!
    And our government has done pretty well apart from the countless ERP gantries.
    Is queueing up bad? It speaks of courtesy, dont u think? at least we dont shove our ass onto other pple’s faces.
    N someone mentioned 13th month bonus. Yes, its a privilege by most companies in Sg to ‘reward’ their staff with that. So that explains year end sales.
    I live with someone who worships LV and I will never understand y but in Singapore, it’s not JUST a handbag. Its more of status. And like they say, if u got it, flaunt it.

  60. I am singaporean too.
    what’s wrong with queing?
    ‘typicAL singaporean la… they like to Q. the ‘kiasu syndrom’ ma… they Q almost everything, from Starbucks to Coffee Bean to even at hawker centres… what is the meaning of Q-ing at LV store?? to show that they can ‘kiasu-ly’ Q lo!!’
    You mean you malaysians actually don’t queue? I already thought that the Singaporean society itself already lacks grace…but yah.. at least i now know we are not the worst.
    We are kiasu? so what? seriously man?! How does queing up show that Singaporeans are kiasu? I din know that there are many malaysians here that feel so inferior about themselves that they got to resort to flaming us at every opportunity.

  61. Aiyah no need to argue la…
    Sporean “Kiasu Syndrom” is a fact known worldwide. its not about your country “richer” than mine or my country “poorer” than your or buy fake stuff in Petaling Street and all that.
    If general population in Sporean thinks that flashing LV, Prada and Miu Miu and other branded stuffs is a show of richness, then Malaysian flashing their luxury cars and staying at “private” owned condos are show off la, isit?
    I don’t know much about fashion but yes I do spot some “aunties” carrying LV or Miu Miu bags in wet markets buying veggies and fishes, but hey! These “super unfashionable aunties” are super loaded and luxury car with drivers okay!
    For all Singaporean that made comments in this blog, digest this:
    “I am fat and fugly Malaysian. I wear fake Rolex(RM40), a fake A/X shirt (RM25) and fake Lacoste shoe (RM68) all courtesy from Petaling St but I am driving a BMW 325i and stays at Mont Kiara. So tell me, I am idiotic kiasu like singaporean or just being wise with my money?”
    I am all ears..

  62. i think Singaporeans just want to feel rewarded for working hard. It’s not more of showing off. Its just like how kenny bought a belt to reward himself right? People just want to feel that they have done enough to buy something expensive..they want to feel they are worth it. would u buy a fake rolex to reward yourself after working hard for a year and earning/saving up?
    I disagree that buying fakes is being wise with money. seriously.. it would be much better to buy cheaper brands than to go for fakes la. why pay a 40RM for a fake rolex..when u can get a casio for the same price?

  63. Seriously, you ignorant people. The reason why there is a queue in LV Takashimaya is because Louis Vuitton controls the amount of customers being let into the store.
    This is to let the staff serve them better and prevent overcrowding in the store.
    Once the people inside have been served, the ones queueing up will go in.

  64. you know why others are flamming?
    It is because in some particular places, when u own real LV handbags u will be very prone to getting robbed by cylist on motorcycle. thats why they have alot of fake goods so that passing motorcycles moving at fast speed would not be able to differentiate whether the handbag is real or fake.
    their thinking:
    “buy fake goods, wise what! get robbed already nevermind! robber waste efforts only! also not real one. heng ah!”

  65. wtf, Singapees bashing Malaysians for having fake bags? Then go bash the rest of the world; you’ve never been to America, I bet. Loads of fake bags lying about the place.
    Judging by how kiasu Singaporeans can be, half the people in the line probably don’t know why they’re queuing up leh. Hahah. If there is so much demand for LV, surely by now they’d have opened enough stores so people don’t have to line up like that.

  66. omg, the queue outside taka LV dept store is VERY COMMON. they only allow a max no. of people in for security issues.
    & seriously, whats wrong with being kiasu? if we aren’t kiasu, do you think singapore will have whatever successes they have achieved right now?
    c’mon, i bet you people in malaysia too want your kids to excel in their studies so they can at least get a decent job in the society, isn’t that part of kiasu-ism?
    bet everybody wants to be the cream of the crop in everything they indulge in right.
    just my two cents worth yea (:

  67. Ops.. I would like to involve in this M and S battle. hehe…
    I have been in Singapore for 3 months now, it’s true that most singaporeans are sucker – rude, wanabe, and lame, but don’t blame them for being kiasu, it’s not that they have kiasu syndrome, they just have the ability to affort it, there is nothing wrong with it. Q is a good practice, and there is nothing wrong with it too. they are able to live comfortably, because their government did a good job.
    Most Malaysian are cool people – down to earth, smart, have personality. but one sucky thing about them is that they live under a corrupted government – suck money out of everyone, that’s why they cannot affort many things, and turned out, the neighbour is being called Kiasu.
    Malaysia is so big, how come the economy is still so much less than the peanut size Singapore? Malaysian work as much hour and as hard as Singaporean, but then where all the money goes? fair for you? you don’t want a LV bag? let the government have it for you?

  68. hey, how many singaporeans have you met when you’ve only been in sg for 3 months? how can you conclude that MOST singaporeans are “sucker – rude, wanabe, and lame” ?

  69. I’m Singaporean. No LV NEVER (I repeat “NEVER”) gives discount. That’s the very reason why it is so sought after. PRESTIGE you see…again, that is why LV is more prestigious then Gucci and Burberry that has sale seasons.
    The typical Singaporean women is those die die must have expensive handbag type. Can go without meals also never mind, important thing is I have something to show off.
    If you have ever noticed, those people who buy LVs are no longer rich taitais but young professionals maybe earning 2-3k per month. Worse still, there are some who are barely 18, still studying in JC or secondary who would save their ang pow, part time money and whatever in order to impress their friends.
    I heard that in Raffles Girls it is so common to see the girls using the big LV monogram (dunno what you call it, it actually has a name) as their SCHOOOL BAG.
    Speechless right?

  70. To sic-ko man,
    I think you are wise. But wiser if you don’t even bother with fake goods. Just buy cheap goods or expensive good quality clothing that are comfortable & therefore good for your health! Sometimes those fake goods -especially shoes are really bad for your feet. It’s important to look after your health

  71. LV shops in Sydney never have Qs nor guards? Hardly anyone goes in. Sydney siders aint interested in this sort o things. May be Singapore people should come to Sydney to shop. I notice branded stuff in Singapore are more expensive than in Sydney – more so now with the Aussie dollar is weaker now.

  72. Hey Kenny,
    Funny picture! I used to work in the luxury handbags industry (in a store similar to LV), and it always amazed me how dedicated some people are to certain brands! I do love a bit of luxury, but for some people, it was their obsession and passion.
    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great time with family and friends. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year, and getting an insight into Malaysian life!

  73. Imagine seeing a ‘rich auntie’ carrying the same bag as you =.=. Im sure that makes you feel 10x younger, having the same taste as aunties.
    For God’s sake its just a stupid brand. Quality? Prestige? Ya la wadeva la… just wan to haolian to fren when they ask =.=

  74. Actually, my mother in law bought a very fake one in China recently for like 12RMB = to approx $2SGD.
    Of course it is very obvious if you look at it in detail but in a distance, it looks very much the same.
    It’s Funny….to read how some girls are so sensitive about their favorite brand. Or is it SAD

  75. To DJ E,
    Yea you are so damn right..malaysian government sucks big time..things shud be way better if chinese become the PM..LOLX..

  76. I can bet that the amount of money which they store in their bags [or wallet] is NO MORE than the amount they paid for the bags themselves.

  77. Coz is only on sales for past seasons fashion.. old series and those unwanted or not quite received stocks. Therefore only Malaysians that has very little fashion sense, but great glamor sense willing to waste the time and money.
    Buying LV is not only for the quality, but also for their leading fashion and style. If only quality is the concern, far more brands can offer on par and better quality.
    Posted by: Guest_1 at 22 December 2008 8:39 AM
    for your information LV do not have sale never has and never will

  78. I can bet that the amount of money which they store in their bags [or wallet] is NO MORE than the amount they paid for the bags themselves.
    Posted by: M! at 24 December 2008
    there is something called platinum credit card my dear

  79. DJ E- I think Malaysians are really stupid and Lazy people! Majority can’t even speak proper English!! Don’t blame the Government, blame yourself.
    Please look at yourself in the mirror first before saying about others. πŸ˜‰
    PEACE Ò˜º

  80. guess the reason y they get so self-denfensive/worked-up is bcos they can’t afford it…. =p
    come on, window shopping still does the trick!

  81. singaporeans, you say a word, they bang you back with not 10 but 50 words.
    oh yeah, you can very well say your country is so successful. with that puny amount of land, so much more less development, of course government spend less la, peanut brains.
    btw kenny didn’t say anything offensive, or did he? what about him and girlfriend?
    banging like bitches. you ppl carry perception of your country. behave la, especially the girls. no shame ah?
    come on bang me back! good for nothing braggers.

  82. I nearly fell off my chair when I read the comments. LV does sales! But, only for VIP customers. Even I, as a Singaporean laugh at those aunties who have to stopp down and bring a FAKE LV/Coach/Gucci. Whoever said Singapore only knows 3 brands? We know Kate Spade, Loewe, Dior, Lanvin and Hermes. It depends on which part of Singapore you go, of course.

  83. Hey all, nothing that Kenny is saying is offensive. So don’t start with those rude comments criticizing whoever’s country.
    Let’s just say, Singaporeans like window-shopping the same as shopping and so they don’t mind queuing to go explore the shop and if they like what they see and can afford it, they buy one.

  84. And please stop saying that Singapore is more developed than Malaysia because there is lesser land in Singapore to develop. It’s about the central business district dear.
    I can honestly say Lim Chu Kang is pretty undeveloped and quite full of cemetery around if you like.

  85. Aiya, moral of the story: go shop at Malaysia’s Louis Vuitton since the queue there isn’t as large as Singapore! Or in fact, to any other countries that don’t have such large queues. Singaporeans will queue for anything and everything.
    I find LV so overrated right now, so many people carrying knock-offs. Imagine you stand next to an auntie carrying a fake in the exact design as your bag.

  86. elite socialite,
    Yes, I am aware that credit cards exist — My statement above does not apply to credit card holders (forgot to point that out), and not everyone has one πŸ™‚ I just happen to be one of those rare teenage girls who go around handbag-free/wallet-free and chose to stuff everything in the pocket πŸ˜€
    Good day.

  87. yeah, so proud of ur country, dun work in singapore lor! ask ur fellow townsmen back to ur wonderous msia, truly ‘asia’!

  88. The problem with so many people here is that so many people here like to generalise and stereotype. Not all Singaporeans are kiasu and not all Malaysians are cheapos.
    I am a Singaporean female but I’ve never stepped into any LV. I would rather invest it in my daughter’s education (She’s only one).
    I don’t understand why is it difficult for Malaysians and Singaporeans to exist in harmony.

  89. Ah ya i in singapore so many msians and prcs take our space, not happy msians? jolly well fk off and go back to msia. See if u still have that good pay job or good education in singapore?

  90. annabelle stfu larh!u think murthafarkers like u are going to live in “harmony” without us giving natural resources. u guys are ntg without malaysia
    malaysia though is no perfect itself,but when one life throw punches, block ya counter like a boxer do,this is my country and i am proud of it(no matter what)!

  91. LV is waaaayyy tooooo overrated….
    I wanna sell my LVs and get Chanels instead. I don’t wanna be in this LV bndwagon!

  92. The arguments put up are getting really stupid.
    “DJ E- I think Malaysians are really stupid and Lazy people! Majority can’t even speak proper English!! Don’t blame the Government, blame yourself.
    Please look at yourself in the mirror first before saying about others. πŸ˜‰
    Stupid and lazy eh? Then why does the S’porean government award scholarships to attract talented ASEAN students? Is it because the locals themselves are stupid and lazy (in other words, inferior to people of other nationalities)?
    This is in no means derogatory. My point is, it’s not about nationality, it’s about individual talent and capability. Stop generalising Malaysians as stupid and lazy. Doing so only magnifies your ignorance.
    Those proud Singaporeans can demand Malaysians to leave their country can think again. Clearly there are reasons why Malaysians are hired and why is that? Because they’re simply better than SOME OTHER Singaporeans. It’s a competitive world. Live with it.

  93. Umm…I sometimes wear jeans with hems folded up paired with a big T-shirt and I own authentic LVs. I think it’s bad to judge whether my bags are real or fakes based on what I am wearing.

  94. Kenny just posted a picture…he probably think its funny that we queue up all the time.. its ok wad? Why some sg pple getting pissed off? I sersiously do not see any malicious intent on kenny’s side… for those singaporeans who keep boasting about us being rich and being able to buy lv bags while the malaysians are poor and etc. pls shut the bloody hell up.. or just grow up!
    And yes.. some of the malaysians here really love to bash singapore… lets just say this.. Having stayed in singapore for 3 months to say that sg pple are rude selfish and etc.. 3 months very long meh? We have malaysian students in school as well..and yah… they are hardworking …very very hardworking… but isn’t that a form of kiasuism?(its not difficult to see who is more ‘kiasu’ in school) And yah..character-wise..i can tell u… they are more or less the same.
    Its difficult to deny that singapore society lacks grace.. but that doesn’t mean that outsiders should judge us to be inferior. And yah.. at least we are polite enough to queue for what we want.

  95. ops, LVLVLVLVLV just bingoly proved that he/she is a wanabe.
    “Majority can’t even speak proper English!!” why do you have speak english while it’s not your first language. pls, don’t be a wanabe. if any angmo see you fighting to speak their language properly as the only way to feel proud, they will feel great about themselves, and feel pity for you that you are stuck and wanabe wanabe.
    let me expand this a little more and this time is really not related to the Q at LV store. i feel questionable when i see the majority of the people in singapore are asian, but then almost nothing is in asian, like road signs, stores, news… i feel a bit shameful about this to be honest. s-english sounds not cool, s-mandarin also sounds terrible. what’s going on here!!!???
    by the way, i sincerely give credits to some of the local designers who print their products in chinese! this is cool! i will Q up for your merchandise! and Luoixe voitoon, fXXX off!

  96. Very interesting comment from Ariel.
    “I think it’s bad to judge whether my bags are real or fakes based on what I am wearing. ”
    I like it and that is half my point!!

  97. i’m 20, singaporean and i own a lanvin wallet and bring a jack spade bag to school everyday. but that does not change who I am, how my friends treat me nor how i treat my friends.
    to be at ends with each other arguing, even on xmas day just reflects how both sides are just as bad as the other. sure singapore may be the world class metropolis that we are all taught to know it by, but still, we go to malaysia to shop, for holidays etc. malaysians may say how singapore is so small, cant stand on its own two feet, yet many travel across the causeway everyday to work.
    it is exactly this attitude that results in both our countries having politicians that never agree, never settle on a single issue and just go beating around the bush, wasting BOTH singaporean and malaysian taxpayers’ money.
    let this be the last post in this argument, for it is xmas day. Merry Xmas, Happy New Year to ALL.

  98. The war started with Suraya Amer’s retarded comments..
    Anyway, I am sometimes amused by the queue at LV too. It’s funny, and its not racism. Kenny i still love you !!!
    Btw, every girl wants to have a designer bag, whether or not they can afford it. Its just like how boys go crazy over WRX and stuff. Whats the problem !
    If you got money, buy la! Happy can already.
    If you don’t, never mind lor… wont die also ( i’m still using Esprit and I’m happy..)
    And Ms Suraya, you are probably too pathetic to afford one. And thinking that all Singaporeans carry fake LV bag just because you yourself cannot afford one really makes you even more a loser.

  99. Ever wonder why we asians like Louis Vuitton bags? Easy brand recognition. We would like to think that we buy the bags for its quality but seriously ,who wants a bag that lasts forever? LetÒ€ℒs face it, when we met a stranger or saw someone on the street ,in a mall or in a photo, we have no idea of who this person is and what he/she does for living or how his/her financial situation is. We can only look for clues from the clothes they wear, the phones they carry ,the jewelry and the bag they tote. I am no LV expert but can safely say anyone can recognize the LV monogram canvas or the Damier canvas a few meters away. Ever wonder why when the great Marc Jacobs or Murakami come up with a variation on the pattern be it Multicolor /Watercolor /Monogramouflage they never deviate much from the Monogram Canvas? This also explains why anything that has GucciÒ€ℒs GG and Chanels double C is selling better than the ones that doesnÒ€ℒt. LVÒ€ℒs monogram makes it very easy to recognize a bag, and if it impresses only half of the people we met, we would have consider the bag to have done a magnificent job. So queue on my friends, we are all suckers for huge logos splashed across our bags.

  100. To Kiran: ALL FAKE? LOL! Oh..BET u must be a pathetic creature…Based on what grounds to comment on that..Take a look at ALL your fellows wearing FAKE almost everywhere in kl cck…even if there were to carry a genuine one, it would def be branded as imitation..coz..U guys just could not carry out the brand. Seriously.
    And even if we were to be spotted wearing fakies, it would look so godamn real unlike those in K *coughs* L kena spotted in downright ugly & off colour, distastefool LV or any other brands.
    Get a Life!
    like what the rest said abt pertaling street…

  101. hey, i am a singaporean and i think the queue at taka is a norm sight.
    big deal, most singaporeans are carrying them around. say a bag cost $1000 plus and they get paid $3000 plus, i dont see why they should not splurge. especially if they have the remaining $2k to spare.

  102. I know a number of Singaporeans very closely. I have also visited Sinapore a number of times.
    In repsonse to all who think it is okay to Q up to spurge so much money on a hand bag. (such as victoria & deebz )
    It is interest that Singporeans (who I know) do not have any concept of saving money /spending their money wisely. Most of them just spend without thinking. It’s like the country encourge people to waste their money, live the moment don’t plan for your future

  103. kenny really damn noob..nothing else to post..simply take a picture and yell financial crisis!! like a donkey

  104. there’s a quene as only a certain no. of ppl are allowed in the store πŸ™‚
    well, LV is common in S’pore
    go orchard road and you see very young teens carrying Guess, fredperry, calvin klein & the above 18 yrs olds carrying major brands like gucci, miumiu, burberry etc etc
    singapore is getting upmarket

  105. well i am currently earning 90k-100k RM and i have tons of lv and other designers item at home but i felt empty because whenever i want LV i can just go and buy 1.. and of course everytime there is new model coming out starhill lv will invite me to come and see but anyway .. but yet i am still not statisfied …. back in the old days when i had to work for months to get my first hard earned LV i feel so statisfied , happy as if i have achieved something and accomplished a goal but now all those feeling are lost

  106. Thank you highsociety for your valuable comment.
    True Happiness does not come from branded goods. It comes from being content with what you have; understanding your inner self and that there is one greater than you that is in charge – GOD
    Indulge in branded goods like LV only create envy, bitterness, self-centreness. In one word. SAD.

  107. Follow on from Lyn’s comment. Singapore may actually be already upmarket. But if teens starts to carry branded goods. It is a sure sign the country’s ethics & moral is going down.

  108. As long as it looks nice and not cheap, I’d use it… But knock-offs are usually ugly. And I never liked bags with letters all over it anyway but it does seem popular these days as well as hotpants in Malaysia… Suddenly everyone is dressing weather-appropriate (but the guys ain’t complainin…)

    Hey Malaysians, i wonder when did u all become so patriotic? hehehe I always heard malaysians say malaysia no good… babi country etc..

  110. I really think is about the word ‘sterotyping’ However, i kinda like Malaysian even though i’m a Singaporean. I find them friendly but yet these comments really show how much they don like us. By splurging on branded goods really show how proud and mighty we are? I think we are just going together with the fashion. πŸ™‚
    I like how Kenny blog, you rock! πŸ˜€

  111. Kinda funny to see how some comments are blasting Kenny when all he did was post a photo and didn’t even say anything bad about Singaporeans!
    LOL about the discounts on ‘old LVs’ or discounts given to super VIPs. There is no such thing as discounts unless you are a staff member and the item is on its way to being destroyed. VIPs get VIP gifts, not discounts.
    About the comment on Gold Coast LV, you do realise Surfers Paradise is a tourist town don’t you? Anyway Aussie and Kiwi “ang mors” don’t really care that much about brands, nor do the majority have the spending power to do so. Go to the rich areas in the States and see how many “ang mors” carry branded bags.
    To the ppl who think Singaporeans are carrying fakes, there aren’t even that many LVs in Singapore. Have you been to Ginza in Japan? 50% of the women are carrying LVs, are they all fakes just coz there are so many?
    Here’s to saving the economy world wide πŸ™‚ One bag at a time!
    Born in Malaysia, Grew up in Singapore, Live in NZ, Visit Gold Coast often πŸ˜›

  112. “Singaporeans should stop thinking that people ARE slamming at them… no matter how great they think they are, concrete in malaysia if gathered,would suffice to bury singapore
    Posted by: tw at 23 December 2008 7:58 AM | Link to comment ”
    And the money in Singapore if gathered, would suffice to buy over the entire Malaysia too.

  113. I have no idea how this issue can lead to a Singapore vs Malaysia argument when thousands of Malaysians work in Singapore, a very large percentage of Singaporeans are ex-Malaysians, both Malaysians and Singaporeans have loads of relatives across the Causeway and if there’s any country with people of the most similar culture and identity, it has to be your neighbouring country across that Causeway lah!
    I am a Malaysian, my grandparents are Singaporeans and a quarter of my extended family are Singaporeans. Don’t fight lah, later my grandma also calls me a cheapo and accuse me of buying fake goods mar die.

  114. Yeah, kennysia why must post such thing? attract more people to your blog and cause disputes between malaysian and singaporeans? COME ON LA, GET A LIFE.
    Maybe you’re just curious why is there so many people queuing up, but why didn’t you use your big head to think what will this led to after you post?
    And seriously, not ALL Singaporeans are kiasu. And of cos neither do ALL malaysians are cheapos.
    We all have our own different kind of personality right? What’s wrong if some are different?

  115. For goodness sake, Singaporeans aren’t filthy rich. Is just that we work hard for what we want and our economy might be “slightly” better than SOME country.
    Ask the Singaporeans here, who NEVER did any part time jobs or do overtime in office before?
    SURAYA – Don’t be a bimbo dumbo. Coach/LV/Gucci are easy to recognise from their monograms. Whereas the rest of the brands are different, maybe just a small logo which you hardly can see or recognise from far. Don’t tell me you walk on the streets and scan their bags or ask them “WHAT BRAND IS YOUR BAG?”
    Wuliao – Ya we are defensive, better than a “full of bribes” country. We fight when we can, and not sit and cry like a lamb.
    Grace – Are you blind? People who queue for LV definitely knows how to READ. Don’t tell me you can’t read LOUIS VUITTON.
    Lemon – Nice one!
    And just for your information, i knew lots of ladies who buy LVs as GIFTS. Some even in their late teens know how to WORK HARD to get their mum a LV bag. I gave my mum one when i was 20, my sweat hard earn money just for her smile :S

  116. aiya singaporean ppl think they so rich meh?
    my shirts all cost 400-500$sg each wor if total up can buy car edi
    dun say about my shoe la gucci got LV got (3 pairs ler) salvtore feragmo got dunhill got armani got
    i use all ori but my business is sell those fake one lolz monthly turnover 500k+
    i never finish school oso dun think u out uni so keng lor n my age only 31 lolz

  117. I am a Singaporean, and i think its really strange why people are getting worked up over this. its just a harmless pic kenny blogged online right, he dun even mean anything…
    But since we r at this topic, we Singaporeans usually spend within our limits on what we can afford to, i dun see anything wrong with it? Furthermore, spending retail $ can help strengthen the economy, if you studied econs you would know that. Plus, must s’poreans carry the real stuff, only maybe aunties carry fakes around. but then again, its all up to individual what they like to wear, branded or not, fake or not. Point is, there’s really nothing wrong with splurging if you can afford it and thats just that. Nothing about us being proud, or M’sians being poor etc.
    So everyone, chill pl.

  118. It’s really disturbing to see so many brand conscious people arguing over LV bags. Especially some are just so rude.
    Malaysians generally maybe less spending power in all these branded stuff, but we at least staying in better condos, landed properties and driving better cars. We don’t need to squeeze in a HDB flat. Walking and running to catch the MRT and buses (especially during raining, my gosh!) You won’t look cool even with your LV!
    I do agree that everybody has a little passion for branded stuff, I do own D&G, Bottega Venetta, Cole Haan and etc. However, to the extend to say Malaysians are poor, cheapo, couldn’t speak proper English…. I think that’s just a bit too exagerrating.

  119. Wah!! MOre Comments.May BE it is a good idea for Lemon to reword his or her comment.
    I really do not look down on Singapore but it is comment like LEMON’s that is a disgrace to the country and may be even the human kind.
    Lemon you are a loser

  120. sad!!! singaporeans standing in line for LV…more like loser’s victim…r they just buying A BAG? i have to agree that LV is undeniable GOOD in term of their bags and shoes…overall as in head to toe (sorry 4 karl lagerfeld), they r not that good…but there’s BETTER like Hermes, Yves saint laurent…or Chanel or Lacroix…i always think of LV user r bunch drunkards…u buy LV, the champagne dept expands…do singaporeans the know it all REALLY know which company produces their monogram bags? now this is depressing to know asians go crazy on LV (just) bags

  121. every year singapore always like this whatt. plus not just LV. Gucci and everywhere they ask customers to queue. kenny, first time seeing this in spore issit ?

  122. I’m afraid most of them in the queue are not Singaporeans.
    I realised that whenever I am at Orchad or Taka, and I try to ask for directions, most of em would say that they do not know in either Jap or Indon accent.
    Singapore has tons of tourists from Japan and Jakarta by the way. And Singaporeans travel abroad quite a lot. They usually purchase their bags themselves abroad or get them thru their friend’s travelling/ studying/ working abroad.
    So I don’t think the queues are made up of Singaporeans afterall. That explains why you always see a queue there. Tourists are here all the time!

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