78 Replies to “Hello, World.”

  1. Hey!!
    May he grow up as charming as the uncle as well.. !!
    Congrats, early Christmas present!

  2. Hey Kenny! Greetings from NZ!
    Haha you’ve gotta stop flattering yourself lol.
    But congrats anyway for being uncle to another nephew! I’m sure you’ll make one helluva uncle, pampering your neices/nephews etc…
    @Kiddo: That’s not very nice thing to say..

  3. Wow…a Chinese baby born with hair. And very dark hair too. Congrats on the new nephew, Kenny! About the anti-theft device, going to check it out. I once in my life lost my bicycle too!

  4. … in response to the blog….
    Hello Ethan!!!
    I agree uncle kenny probably adores u!! 😀
    … uhhh…. please don’t.
    Hahaha! 😀 kidding! Have fun growing up, baby ethan!

  5. Haha, cute nephew you’ve got there.
    However the title of this post resembles a newbie programming application, the “Hellow World” application. Programmers would understand what I meant. 😀

  6. HE LOOKS LIKE A MINI-KENNY SIA! LOL! HAHAHA! lucky baby ethan! your uncle will definitely sayang you like siao!:)
    merry christmas and happy new year!:DDD

  7. omg,
    heh-ro, or (all) d piper (people) here ooo, posted or of ur comments u piper or sound so much arike (alike) oh?

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