PMS = Poor Man Suffering

Nicole + Thattimeofthemonth = My time spent in front of computer reduced. Drastically.
What? You think I want to update my blog 2:30am in the morning yesterday?
There’s a joke that goes something like this.
“So why do they call it PMS?”
“Well that’s because Mad Cow Disease is already taken.”

I remember back in high school, I asked my good friend Eric how he knew when his girlfriend is having her period.
“Its easy, Kenny” Eric replied spontaneously. “When she’s having her PMS… I stand up also kena. I sit down also kena. I hang around doing nothing scratching my legs like that… ALSO KENA!
Why ar? Why do women have to abuse their boyfriends so harshly they’re having their period? I mean, its none of OUR business you’re having your period bah! Its not our fault you’re constructed that way. We can’t change that. You think we want you to bleed every month ar?

They ask you to ‘whisper’ so why are you shouting so loudly?

I’ve got female friends who complain how being a woman is so difficult. Women get harrassed, they get lower pay, they get pregnant.
And to top it all off, every month they get a visit from this horrible monster called ‘menstruation’ where they get cramps, they get bloated, they get cranky. So they get to yell at men, they get to throw things at men, they get to be totally unreasonable towards men, they get to force men to buy chocolates for them, then they get to cry for absolutely no reason at all and the men have to sit there and console them whilst uttering cuss words beneath their breath.
I’m not saying girls shouldn’t complain about their period. I know how painful having your period is. Errr.. wait, actually I don’t.
But since when its our fault you’re having your period. Why are we being made your scapegoat? How come we have to suffer together with you? If you’re painful or what just deal with it lah. Don’t complain and whine and cry here and there.
But of course… I’m not supposed to question you when you’re having your PMS. Sorry. Here, feel free to use my face as your punching bag.

I am wrong. You are right. You may hit me now.

Times like these I actually admire those gay couples out there. At least their partners don’t suffer from PMS. So they get to be all gay and happy.
But how about lesbian couples? Shit! Its gonna be bigger than World War 3 if both of them got hit by PMS exactly the same time. Imagine those dildos and strap-ons as missles!
*cough* Sorry I digressed. But my point is this.
Women always complain that having PMS is one of the worst things women have to endure. All I’m saying is – don’t bully your boyfriend lah. One person suffering is enough, why make two people suffer? Have you ever stop and wonder what your boyfriends have to go through every month when you have your period? Think about it!
We practically had to shrink our balls and lock them away while we listen to you picking a fight with us over the most itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie things, only because we think its not worth jeopardizing the relationship over such trivial matters.

“Yes dear, you are right.”
“Yalah, its my fault. Sorry.”
“Ok lah don’t be angry liaw lah. Buy cadbury for you ok?”

These are just some of the lines we use to ‘let you win’. But the truth is – we only say it just to make you happy nia. Don’t actually mean it one.
See when you’re having your PMS, your job is easy. At the end of the day, you just eat your chocolates and blame it all on your hormones. But what about us? You’ve hurt our feelings. Our testicles have shrunk, and they will never grow back to the same size again. NEVER! 🙁
So girls, next time you have your PMS… will somebody PLEASE think of the children boyfriends!?

UPDATE: Lashing out against women, I am not. More like crying foul at the uhh… “injustices” myself and boyfriends around the world are facing.

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  1. Wahahahahah, what happened to your coconuts??
    When I was with my ex, I usually say PMS = PERMANENT Menstrual Syndrome… coz she seems to “fat lan cha” at me very frequently. (That’s why she’s my ex now).
    Oops… ok, I am gonna be labeled as a MCP now. 😛
    Anyway, on a side note, glad to see you back.

  2. Hormones la, cannot control one.
    Pain is secondary, the no-reason irritation and mood swings are hardest to deal with..
    Bad ones can even be really suicidal thoughts.. and we they have no idea why wethey feel so irritated and affected also.
    Some could just cry for no reason throughout the day.
    I am sure I have justified it somewhere…

  3. I always find it helpful to lie low for a while, and to have chocolates on the ready. Many chocos can diffuse dangerous situations before they have an opportunity to arise!

  4. Wahaha, true, true. I hate when women get PMS. Their emotions’ll be inflamed, and for no reason they blame you for everything, they stare and marah you for the smallest reasons. And they blame it on the mood swings. Bah, humbug. I believe that your mood can be controlled, no matter how bad it is. Don’t inflict it on others lah.

  5. kenny… you need to do more research on PMS before trashing women suffering from PMS like this. If you can’t take the PMS of your girl, then you’ll need to reconsider if you can, in future, fulfill your vows (in sickness and in health, etc). It’s true that women should try to avoid venting on our men and shame on the girl who blames every single thing on PMS. BUT you have absolutely no idea how much chaos that little bleeding (and sometimes the bleeding is NOT little at all) can wreck on your hormones. My guy offers to ease my pain by sleeping with his leg on my tummy (cos some pressure helps) and is very understanding because his own mother suffered from very serious cramps that only improved in recent years. Instead of griping, why don’t you find out ways of helping to alleviate her pain? I’ve read that avoiding cold drinks at least a week before helps too.

  6. on a sidenote, your post does contain some humor and you do have a valid excuse for not wanting to deal with PMS since you probably had your fair share of emotional unpheaval in the past few days. So… maybe you can counter with your own valid moodiness too? =)

  7. It’s really not our fault. Blame it on the hormones man. I not only lash out at my bf, I also lash out at anyone who gets in my way. Hormones do crazy things to a woman.make women do crazy things.

  8. ‘your honour, do not blame me for killing that guy, its just the hormones you see…’
    “you have absolutely no idea how much chaos that little bleeding (and sometimes the bleeding is NOT little at all) can wreck on your hormones.”
    when does being nasty becomes from excusable to inexcusable? can a serial killer blame his killing on a screwed up childhood?

  9. Ditto to FF comments. Cld be anyone! Try to understand and humor ur gf a bit la. Lesbian couples, i dun think it wld be like wat u mentioned. Instead becox they understand wat each other are going thru, there will be more peace. Surely they will nvr say words to their partner they dun mean!!! Stay cool, Man! U r gonna haf to live wif this for the rest of ur life cox most gals are liddat!!

  10. I think this is pretty subjective, not all of’em will burst out like that..
    But still can’t deny that some of’em do have this “YOU GO DIE LAR!” behaviour being displayed during “Thattimeofthemonth”..
    Hmm.. Does it only happen during
    “Thattimeofthemonth”? *Frown.. I ponder..

  11. haha u unlucky creature. u see being a girl aint that bad. we can get away with most stuff and can blame it on PMS.
    eg. when girls dont feel like exercising during high school days – tell the teacher we have cramps
    or when we wanna escape school or tuition or some sort, we can still blame it on cramps
    whether we are having one or not is a different thing but we still have backup plans to blame it on PMS!
    yikes.. so u wanna trade place?hahha..
    p/s sometimes when we decided to lash out on boys, we might not have PMS but just merely letting it out for the heck of it and blaming it on PMS.
    it all works well!!

  12. Geee… seem like I have a better control of my PMS. Frankly speaking, I never feel like PMS is a disturbance for me. My PMS days are just as normal as normal days. I only get hormone imbalance when I don’t sleep enough. In fact, I tend to forget I’m having my PMS sometimes. Could it be due to my eating habit?

  13. Hey dude, someone just lack a sense of humour, I wonder how did the guy ease his mother’s cramp 🙂 ..come on folks, relax and get a good laugh, Kenny put in a lot of work to come out with all this funny 無聊 crap.

  14. hi, i’d just like to clarify that the Mood Monster and boyfriend abuse happens before a girl starts bleeding. that’s why it’s called premenstrual syndrome.

    lest you think i’m a hoity toity smarty-pants, i’d also like to add that i receive payback right after that in the form of period cramps so bad i can’t even think to beat off, much less beat anyone 😛

  15. i’m all for gracie. i dread thattimeofthemonth because i can’t control how my body works and the pain it is causing me. Instead of complaining like most men would ( i said MOST ), my boyfriend would take extra effort to feed me chocolates and showers me with extra TLC to help get me through those painful days. he holds my hand, kisses me and applies heat from his palms on my tummy to ease the cramps. some guys i know never bothered to acknowledge the menstrual pain their girlfriends have to go through, they give excuses like, ” I don’t know what to do! ” ( it is really not too much to ask for to find out what you can do for the woman you love ) or ” Oh no, PMS, RUN! “. Most unsexy traits in a man I would say. My current boyfriend may not have the looks but his sincere care and affection for me easily made me look past other guys who were trying to get my attention with gifts of cars and jewellery. 8 years and still counting, he still makes me feel so much in love and been loved every single day. All because he cares and most importantly, he shows it so that I’m constantly reminded that he cares deeply for me. One of the most beautiful feeling you can give to your loved ones.

  16. “when does being nasty becomes from excusable to inexcusable? can a serial killer blame his killing on a screwed up childhood?” -eksk.
    I would like to point out that there exist convicted serial killers who get a reduced sentence due to a “screwed up childhood”. Its called (and I’m no lawyer, so my usage of terms may not be exact) a plea of insanity. I’d imagine it’d be hard (but not impossible) to be a balanced individual if you were, so to speak, ‘diddled’ with as a child.
    What happens during her period is that a woman experiences (involuntary – NO WAY!) dips in her estrogen and progesterone levels. Meaning we get unhappy (or grumpy) because we can’t help it. Sometimes, a soothing word and a hot water bottle can work wonders.
    All the same, it must be hard for men to understand, even sensitive ones like Kenny, so you have my sympathy, albeit rationed 🙂

  17. Everyone goes through this in their journey of growing up and being read to during bedtime about how the prince charming found the beautiful princess one evening just before mid-night, who has shoes that risked disappearing at any moment. Then there is this part where they would ride the white horse together along the beach with sparkling powdery soft sand towards the sunset and live happily ever after. Crap..crap..crap! After 25 years of journey and having a mind of our own, almost as if someone just smashed us over our heads; none of these are true. This applies to both sexes. The fairy tale never mentions about the PMS or Kenny scratching his balls all day long.
    From men’s perspective, if she is Julie Roberts, we could probably put up with two pms if not more. Men are simply pigs. On the other hand, if Kenny is Brad Pitt, any girls would put up with scratching plus picking his nose all at once. Hmm… is that you?

  18. HAHA! looks like you offended some females here kenny…anyway, i think you are the only guy face this problem…maybe Nicole is different but my girlfriend still treat me dam nice even “auntie visit” time…sommore im the one who count the days for her lol! Well different people got different story lah…im glad i don’t have to shrink my balls for that matter =p

  19. oh, well. TOo bad PMS exist. hahahah. live with it lah. it also a good advantage to get more chocs from men bah.
    eve’s bite from the forbidden fruit was a debt woman were doomed to pay for eternity- dats why lah. hahahahha.

  20. oh, well. TOo bad PMS exist. hahahah. live with it lah. it also a good advantage to get more chocs from men bah.
    eve’s bite from the forbidden fruit was a debt woman were doomed to pay for eternity- dats why lah. hahahahha.

  21. we can’t help it if we got PMS….and the reactions that come out with it is er…unpredictable! hrmm might seem we enjoy torturing our bfs…but we do feel bad at the end of the day as well. :p

  22. yalor…i really donno why nearly all my girl friends use PMS as an excuse to blame on everyhting. i confess i do get moody sometime, but it’s not the hormone’s fault that causes girls moody and abuse their boyfriends. i mean, girls do also have the willpower to control their emotions and their mind mar. why not make full use of the female brain instead of blaming on the extra/ lack of certain hormones? to me, PMS never exist in my dictionary. it’s totally not fair to ppl around them who become the victims to be scream at, yell at, punch at… with it lah girls. i never got that prob. be moody if you want to. but never blame it on your own body.

  23. I don’t have any pms problem, like fish fish, i sometimes forget it too. Still run, jump, swim, kick, dance…etc. Maybe balanced diet and physically fit helps reduce those problem. Pad is too much to deal with, use tampon, you feel comfortable or if you are afraid of the risks of using tampon, there is this plastic bowl(Guys: bowl????), it’s small lah, ok maybe cap is a better noun for it. You didn’t even know you are “bleeding”. It is amazingly comfy! As for the pain, hm… take pain killer or medication special for pms. Threat pms like it is your best friend so you look forward for it visits every month and you will be in good mood! If you are having unprotected sex(bad bad bad), and don’t want to get pregnant…. sista, you want your pms so badly and you’ll be so happy when it visits! You’ll forget all those mood swing, hormones inbalanced. Ladies, no offend ah, I’m just being goofy here.

  24. Gee.. At least we, the female species, have some special reasons to get mad. What about those guys? Without having PMS in their life, they are more violent than us. And the way they handle their tolerance and patience are even worse than us. Lolx.. I want to make it clear here. NOT ALL, SOME individual only. *grinz*
    Get your facts right, dude. We, girls , don’t even say our boyfriends are hard on us when they raise up their voice (some of us only). Gee…i wonder why girls can’t and guys can? Is there any boundary between the female and male species?
    It’s not right for me to judge all. And NO ONE should make such judgement. Next time when you write something, you should take other people’s feelings as consideration. Or you should state properly, only some girls are acting like that. NOT ALL GIRLS are like that.
    “So girls, next time you have your PMS… will somebody PLEASE think of the children boyfriends!?” I assume it’s for every girls out there.

  25. Gee….I get shit from my girl-friends even if I’m not their boyfriends. PMS = VERY VERY dangerous period (no pun intended)
    But think about the other times besides their period time, they’re sweet and all that =) Well, at least my girl-friends are XD So we guys gotta give them credit.

  26. Dude, here’s a lesson :
    Women are bound to say,”Don’t blame me, blame the hormones.”
    Then you say….its ok, I don’t blame you. But next time when you see a rapist on the street, you should also say, “I don’t blame him, I blame his hormones.”
    Guarantee they keep quiet after that.

  27. haha, vincent, that’s just the classic kinda line that would make women shut up. At the time I’m typing this, nobody has replied to your message.
    Experience tells me… no female comment posters here will be replying to your post…. ever.

  28. one thing, keep quiet and nod
    🙂 once the chicks are over it, they are fine -> like me! 😛

  29. Well i don’t think all womens are like that. One thing for sure i never did that to my ex. Well maybe i didn’t endure much pain to me just piece of cake xD. But nevertheless about the fact that women get lower pay and get pregnant……….well that one i have something to say here. Wat do equal rights mean to u? Now both lady/guy all can work but after work when go back who look after the kids and doing the housechoreS? ya i know guys do it also ONCE in a blue moon. Or if you are lucky enuff to bum into guys that actually love housechores or spend time with the kids more than the wife does. But well apparrently for me i never notice that guys do more than gals though they might have earn the same salary and workload. So to me equals rights still not that equal after all since we gals have to give birth also wat in the end……..AMEN!

  30. VINCENT: I would hardly equate the heinous crime of raping with a PMS-related outburst.
    But here’s your rebuttal –
    “Myth: Rape is a product of an uncontrollable and overwhelming sex drive.
    Fact: Men can, and do, control their sexual urges. Rape is an act of violence not a sexual act.”
    plagiarised from
    Of course you can turn it around and say when rape occurs it’s entirely the woman’s fault, then, can’t you? *snigger*

  31. Hi gals, I’m trying to have my meal here. The beautiful glorious details, and how they are plugged are really unnecessary. I’m sorry someone made a mistake by turning a prototype without adequate plumbing into a final product. And hence the continuing price you all are paying. And yes, even this guy/gay made mistake.

  32. hey, kenny, one thing,
    *Sorry. comment deleted. Please read what I wrote from a while ago about disclosing my job and personal details on this site.*

  33. I don’t know man, you might want to try walking around with a sodden bloodied napkin tucked between your legs for a week, with the constant damp feeling below that you are perpetually leaking blood out of your _____ whenever you are standing or walking or sleeping … (and oh damn, is it staining my pants?!) … I think you’ll be in a bad mood and taking it out on everyone around you too. 😉
    It’s crude, it’s disgusting and it’s replusive even but that’s the bare truth of what we face every month… I mean, you guys can’t even stand the idea of it, (cringing, blanching and choking on your lunch while reading the above, possibly) and you want to complain? 😀

  34. DY : helloo??!! I was not equating rape to PMS. I was saying, if outburst of temper can be blamed on hormones, then rape can also be blamed on hormones – which is totally and utterly ridiculous. Therefore, the same logic holds true for blaming temper on hormones – totally and utterly ridiculous.

  35. i think it’s something blaming gf when their football team loses – coz the gf there so the bf cannot concentrate on supporting the team – therefore they lost. =P
    or when u get a daughter instead of a son (assuming tht u want a son)…scuse me, most men blame it on the women, but it is the males tht are the determinants of the sex of the fetus. =P
    and i object, aku takde pms. but since you insist, when nic goes back to Perth i’ll be sure to play my role as a woman =D

  36. Cheers kenny. good one.
    Chill guys..its Kennys style.. Hes jus fooling around. right?
    Glad to see ur humours still intact! Good for u man.
    mmm…weird.. u guys really think its intentional?
    not hormones, hormonal IMBALANCE, causes pms..
    rape? all guys have testosterone..
    Anyways, i dun suffer from it, some ppl dun i guess.. But i know alot of women do..
    U noe, PRE menstrual syndrome.. ahem.. its a cycle.. technically.. its always pre the next cycle.. hehheheeee..

  37. I think it is all boiled down to the person’s character – self control. Don’t blame the hormones. What about sexual hormones? Don’t tell me you climb on your partner and fuck them till they lembik??? hehe. My point is , when you practise self control, it wouldn’t be necessary to get on the guys when you are having PMS. I don’t 🙂

  38. couldn’t agree more with miche. i hate it when girls use PMS as their trump card. it’s a cowardly excuse. it’s a dirty trick. it’s a sympathy thing. most of the time. some just refuse to admit it or just enjoy the lavish attention showered during that certain ‘PMS’ period. as for me, i’ve never been one to use that as an excuse. sure enough, i do feel out of sorts during that time of the month but i make sure i don’t inconvenience others. it’s not like i’m the only one suffering. besides it’s only a few days. or maybe i have a high tolerance level.
    but kenny, my heart goes out to ya. just too bad your girl can’t control her PMS syndrome. self control is crucial here. well good luck and i pray it blows over sooN!. cheers.

  39. oh ya, FYI, ask her to take Evening Primrose Oil. It’s said to help. Well my mum takes it and so do i. and it has worked fine so far. available at any pharmacy. it’ll be your saving grace, trust me.

  40. DevIlish comments were right! lolx..some of you guys who still don’t understand what we girls are trying to say..should really get your facts right and start reading. Tsk tsk tsk.. lolx LIke i said, SOME..not all! So chill, guys! lolx..

  41. ALLELUYAH! Thanks Elizabeth for agree with my comments and if guys’ so great then father’s day would have been the most celebrated day since last time till now. Oh well lead till Father’s day pulak hahaha well guys don’t forget it’s Father’s day soon and PMS can’t blame them some really pity seeing them feeling so uncomfy and imagine every MONTH????!! I doubt guys would want to go through that either hiak hiak hiak

  42. Hei. I am a bad girlfriend too… Once I even threaten to end the relationship because I was in pain and he didn’t “understand”… Yes… That time of the month is a genuine pain in the ass for all girls, which is why we think it unfair that you guys don’t get any, so we share our “good fortune”… aren’t we lovely? haha

  43. Hahaha
    PMS. Blessing or curse? Its weird to be feeling depressed for no reason, its a bitch having cramps, its heavenly fulfilling chocolate cravings, and its annoying seeing our asses inflate and deflate till we get stretch marks. Kidding. Exaggereting.
    But. The severity of my PMS varies. It wasn’t so bad before, but then it slowly became more and more strange. Strangest was when I was making coffee and reading a newspaper article about something and I just burst into tears. Every ‘rational’ thought I tried to have to reason with the way I felt, was waaayyy out in left field.
    Right now, my secret to avoiding the emotional rollercoaster, chocolate. Lots and lots of it.

  44. On one hand, YES pms mood swings CAN be controlled with great effort.
    However, we generally don’t know we’re on one till after the fact. Really. You’re incredibly upset and you can’t think straight and everything’s wrong.
    The next day you remember what you’ve done/said and you CRINGE. But have a heart guys, we honestly feel like shit, tired, in pain and emotional, and we honestly don’t know we’re being bitchy WHEN we’re being bitchy. So, how to control?

  45. Hey, what if the girls dont like CHOCOLATES? What would you guys do to keep them cool(without ‘lashing’ out at you?)
    Haha, anyway, not all girls are like that-lah. When I get pms, I try to avoid speaking to anyone, the more I speak, the more agitated I become and the more annoyed I am with everyone..but until now, no one really kena from me yet. :-p

  46. lolz. excellent blog, kenny. my gf pointed me in this direction. speaking of which, she doesn’t actually get all easily pissed at me. in fact, during the monthly occurance, it seems that she actually gets horny. like wow. yeah, wild mood swings, but horny is a prominent feature. mehness.

  47. man, i think god shouldn’t have give you any balls!! the next time u want to have sex with ur gf, stop and think twice, and dont put all the blame on all ur sexual urges, saying u cant control it, this and that! if u’re saying why we women cant control our mood during our periods, then ask urself why u cant control ur urges and wanna have sex! it’s the same..feel free to delete my post, but if u do, i really look down on u, u really dont deserve to have any balls.

  48. my boyfriend has PMS (the horrid mood swings)
    not only him but i got a few guy friends who are even WORST than girls who has PMS
    so really.. its not just girls

  49. Its the woman who suffer PMS , not u la! why u so sad!!! one of my advice is, convert yourself into gay….since u so worry about PMS all the time. HAHA.

  50. All women are different. Just like men.
    I have noticed with my girlfriends that hormonal contraceptives can turn a girl´s life into a permanent PMS. I think that they ruined my last relationship. I spent money on contraceptive pills or rings, so that my boyfriend could enjoy sex without condom. Of course, I also liked doing “it” more freely and casually. But I got depressed and hard to stand because of them, cried every other day for no reason, gained weight and did mean things to my lad.
    I live in Finland and here health center doctors just won’t give any other alternative to pills than condom. They seem to use pessaries in the USA and in Sweden, but in Finland those are considered insecure. Wonder if is true, but if I wanted one, I’d have to order it from the neighbouring country. What contraceptives do you use in Singapore and ere your girls mad cows because they use pills?
    To some they fit… And I´m jealous!
    Well, after I stopped taking pills and got back to my normal hormonal cycle, the most painful cramps have returned but I’ve got a clearer mind – and a love of life. I understand that when PMS cames it also ends. One or two teary days in a month are ok. I´ve found a new boyfriend to console me when I’m stupid. Girls can use PMS for testing their companions´ commitment or they can try to hide their moodiness, but I suppose we usually do both.
    To you girls:
    I´ve had Mooncup for two months and wouldn´t give it away. It’s ecological, comfortable and good-looking and -smelling. Designed in the 1930´s, but not yet had the success it deserves. Doesn’t cost much as it can be used about 10 years. You should go and buy, if you don’t like it they guarantee your money back.
    Sorry Kenny for preching at your site, and advertising. I like your funny and smart texts.

  51. Hahaha..
    I was going to recommend the mooncup also! For some women also make the PMS not so bad one.
    There you go Kenny. Now you know what to get Nicole for her next birthday!

  52. Dear writter:
    I’m having a very bad experience living with my boyfriend named Barry Cain. He is having a hard time understanding my pms, no matter how much i explained to him about it. Me and him were not getting alone well living together which makes my mother worry about me all the time. My pms has ben verry bad through out my life from the age of 12 and it’s disrupting my normal life. My symptoms is- migraines,different cravings,panic attacks,depression,allways tired,palpitations,nausea,weak mussles and a bad feeling. My boyfriend is having a hard time understanding that because he drinks too much bear every day and he gets high with his friends. I didn’t know if it have to do with that or it is just that he is being ignorant. He also snaps at me,gets nasty with me and sometimes he hits me when i hit things & throw things because of my pms. I’m also having a depression and a panic disorders which gets bad with pms. I have faith in God,Jesus Christ and allways pray. It helped me some but it’s still very difficult for me to control and i’m still were trying very hard to do something about that. I want to know what you thinked about what i said? and i wan’t to know why alot of men is like that??? “Thanks”.

  53. Dear kenny:
    This is Nicole Wise again.I wrote to you what i said above because i am a nice person and i just want to tell you how bad the pms is almong alot of woman and me with my man. some woman get it real bad but all woman don’t. alot of women get the different kinds of symptoms, getting sick when they get their periods because the estrogen level drops during manstuation causing the nerotranssmitters activities in their brains not to function normally. When the brain activity is not function normally, they will get- an upsect stomach,headaches,moodswings,tired,constipated,to crave,bloating,depression and anxiety. women don’t complain and make and excuses when they manstuate. It is not in their mind which thats what men were allways thinking. When alot of men out there were treating alot of women this way, it makes some of them go into the state of depression because they can’t help it,it is bad the same as being pregnant,they can’t change it and they can’t help the way they are. I don’t understand why alot of men were having a problem understanding about pms, it is not our fault the way we are. Also the reason why men don’t understand because they don’t know what it’s alike and how it feels to have a uterus in their stomachs which sheds & tearing inside to release a mucious blood pass the vagina into their underwear within 5 to 7 days, every 28 days with stomach pains. They don’t know how it feels to bleed inside and get sick, so then they will get mad & critisize their women becaue they don’t know how it feels. Women got to understand that men don’t understand too. I researched health, world, pms on my computer and i studied that. I think you have to study more about women and pms because what you saying to everybody on this website is terrible and ignorant. “Good luck with your brain”

  54. Well, though this post made me laugh, because it is true, this is all a guy will ever see of PMS. We can’t understand it ourselves…you think we like to have moments of such stress and anger? Do you think we enjoy the after effects of knowing we just hurt you and your feelings? No, we don’t, and it hurts us just as much if not more. The fact is that this problem is here and if a man can’t sympathize with it, help her through the pain, discomfort and emotional turmoil that she’s feeling, then he probably shouldn’t ever get married. This is a fact of life…and sorry, but I’ve never seen my husband’s testicles drop in size because of it…sounds like a personal problem….
    This hurts us far worse than it ever will you…and it’s not a scapegoat and it’s not an excuse…it is REAL. It is a problem, and what it does to some women on the inside is a serious matter, not a joke. And you probably would be very surprised at the number of women out there who cry so much just because they can’t figure out what’s wrong with them and why they can’t control what’s happening.

  55. I think you are a terrible person. I pity your gf because she have to be with someone so ignorant and inconsiderate. all your remarks are craps.

  56. sorry to say this but screw PMS.
    it’s a bloody phycological issue that’s been making women abusive in ways seen unfit.
    wake up women, PMS means you have a problem. see a doctor for help, bitching on your man won’t help a bit other than to split the bridge between

  57. Duh…I’m abnormal. During PMS, no cramps, don’t get cranky AT ALL. ??? Still as happy as ever, and there’s no difference, except for the damn inconvenience.

  58. have you ever thought, that women complained because they knew that you’ll give them cadbury or other confectionary ? oO
    but, yea, men get disgusted when women get so specific about their period, but as her a bf, it’s kinda fair to bear with her for only 5 days, monthly, right ? and i think, as a gf, good gf, takkan you go on every single second talking about ur period. somtimes it depends also, you see. depends on the person itself. so umm, give n take lah.

  59. yea when i have pms…. well you don’t really realize that you are being that awful. like you will yell at someone because you think that they are being a jerk to you, then you go somewhere and cry… then you realize that you were being the jerk… so you cry some more

  60. We women get the blunt end of the stick. Rape is violence, but like us women it has alot to do with chemicals in the brain; but that doesn’t make it right. Unfortunately, we women have to deal with so many symptoms of PMS and Menstruation: Fatigue (an understatement); its more like exhaustion!, bloating, sore breasts, cravings, cramps, moodiness, lack of sex drive, depression, sometimes suicidal thoughts, weird dreams (morbid or violent), backaches, migraines, irritability, confusion, forgetfullness, trouble concentrating, insomnia, and the list goes on and on….and we women still have to function in our daily lives (working every day, taking care of our familes (children, babies), dealing with men’s shit.) Life does not stop for our PMS and our periods. You guys need to just leave us alone when we have it or be caring and understanding and try to help us alleviate it in any way you can, but don’t add to it. Cindi Lauper was right when she said in her song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, Oh Mama dear, we’re not the fortunate ones. Some of us get it worse than others. Try to be understanding. What if the shoe was on the other foot, and you got it instead of us? I don’t know if you could deal with it…you can’t even deal with us having it! And you’re not the ones getting it! We have to deal with it, so deal with it guys!

  61. just bear with the girls. it isnt that bad for you to console us, while it IS BAD to actually go through the process of emotional moodswings and being consoled.

  62. I have PMS. I’ll get angry easily and i didn’t realise it myself. Everytime after i throw my bad temper then only i realise that i was being unreasonable.

  63. Hahaha! This is one nice post!!
    Sorry la guys are always the mangse..
    Girls are all like that. Xtau la why.. But I am guessing because we are counting on you bfs to always be there even at hard times. Cause klu to me, klu marah my friends, nnt dorang terasa and you know how hard it is to pujuk budak2 pmpn ble dorang terasa.. that’s why i marah kat my bf cause i am hoping that they will understand what i am going through and after my period is over, he’ll forgive me for it.. and he does 😀

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