The Lab Review

The Lab is a little-known hair salon in Desa Seri Hartamas, KL.

I decided to try out this place on JoyceTheFairy’s recommendation. This is where TheFairy got her fabulous pixie hair done. 8TV celebrity and Marion Caunter’s co-host Adam Carruthers visits The Lab almost daily as well for his superstar hair fix.

A lot of modern hair salons these days opt for bright colours, cool decors and stylish designs to freshen up their interior, but The Lab sorta went against this convention and showcased an interior that’s surprisingly bare and minimalistic.

Check out that yellow Mercedes outside.

Their walls are painted white and the floor is just unpaved cement. Instead of swanky leather chairs that whirls around, they use normal armchairs you see in hotel coffee houses. Even the kind of music played is alternative rock by bands no one has ever heard of.

Most people probably couldn’t get used to this, but I think it’s nice to see something that’s not a clone of every other hair salons out there.

This is me before my haircut.
I should mention that this post was up 2 months late, so this is not how I look like right now. 😉

I’m putting this pic up because I looks like I have B-cup boobies from this angle. Oh my!

Getting a hairwash.

The Lab must be one of the few salons in Malaysia that shampoos your hair at the basin. I don’t know why other salons insist on shampooing your hair at your seat! It’s so awkward, not to mention the risk of having foam drop off your head and onto your jeans.
Her massage was good though. Got the oomph!

Haggard after a wash.

Most of the Lab’s clientele that day seems have that edgy “grunge” look about them. These are definitely not your average run-of-the-mill Sungai Wang lala zhai and lala mui.

Another thing I noticed is how The Lab allows smoking indoors. It’s more of an annoyance to me and the habit is not something I approve of, but smokers might find this a great convenience especially if you had to sit through a 3-4 hour session rebonding or colouring your hair.

TheFairy asked me to look up for the head stylist Ricco but he wasn’t in that day. This is my stylist, Ken.
Ken, doing the hair of Kenny. hehe.

I wanted a cool hairstyle like Adam’s but I didn’t have enough hair on my head. So I just asked Ken to just do his magic and see what he comes out with.
A short while later, this is what I looks like.

Ok ok ok… so I didn’t exactly transform into a white boy with an oversized head.
But I did end up looking like this.

Costs me RM65 all up.
I quite like it. The short boyish hair suits me better than any other hairdo I’ve done. Had always wanted to experiment with a longer hair or changing my hair colour, but I think I lack the X-factor to do that.
Conservative is good. 🙂

I think?

Blog plug of the day: I’m in love with this girl’s blog.
There comes a point in every grown man’s life when we’re content just reading blogs and looking at photos of sweet young things prancing about in their pretty little clothes. Before you know it, you’ve grown into a dirty old man.

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  1. hey man…reli a cool haircut…crew cut juz like those good ole fashion school boy’s hair cut…
    but petrol price went up….my fav kueh tiao teng oso went up by 50 sen…all up cept,salary…
    i recommend u la..come tmn oug…haircut juz rm8…next door the barber shop got curry laksa shop.the balance…65 tolak 8 =rm57…use it to treat everyone there la…:P
    good deal rite?got hair cut somemore can ciak parpar…:P

  2. to be honest, you shd stop spending the money on expensive hairdos cos they don’t help you one bit. You look especially idiotic taking pictures of yourself in the mirror. Can you learn to look at the right spot in the camera such that you stop having this cross-eyed look?

  3. ya ya, why go to those only-the-tauke-aka-shop-owner-know-how-to-cut-hair saloons where u can get a same yet cheaper haircut at jalan sekama? Haiyo, really lah, no difference whenever you go to those beng’s hair saloon. I also got same problem as u lah, head damn big, wanna cut those shat-shat hairdo also cannos. If u think sekama one to shaddy for u, then go to the ah ping ay bintawa. Mayb he also throw in a free shave for u seeing u so leng chai….

  4. seriously? i think u got robbed. your hair is ok, but not worth RM65 dude. and WTF about allowing smoking indoors?! its against the bloody law ok … if you don’t want to get lung cancer from 2ndary smoke, then stay away from this place. and look at your hairstylist’s OWN HAIR – like SHIT only! how can he style other people’s hair when his own hair looks like excreta? no way am i going there.

  5. i notice you removed your tag board. Constant spamming? Btw, i’m just like you, lacking the x-factor to try something new on my hair, prefering the conservative style til this day. Rm65 for a haircut?! I can visit my hairstylist about 3 times with that amount!

  6. ummmm honestly that was just a boring post. your reviews on haircuts are getting a bit old actually. oh well, it’s your blog.

  7. Well……..nothing much i guess guy’s hairstyle never been too stylist? hahaha no comment but honestly RM65 it’s normal i guess. Even when my fren went to alan in kuching also kenak rob RM80 just for a HAIRCUT! which i still think sux like no big deal. Wonder what makes them longing to go therE? Have u ever been to richard? i can’t remember which one u have been to except that alan’s saloon hahahaa anyway most ladies prefer richard too. Maybe u can try that out since i think u like to go for haircut every few months. Keep it cool!

  8. no joke. i cant see the difference before and after you having your hair cut. o_o i can do at my local barber shop for RM5 (without washing) :p

  9. wow, nice hair cut, are u sure u didn’t get it done for free by the royal police of malaysia in serdang/kajang? maybe u should try it out and gave us ur review… it would be great, after all its free.

  10. hehe, you seemed to have a thing for trying out hair cut from different hair salons. Still think the Rm32 cut you had at Alan salon looks best! 😛

  11. Wah i damn emo wei.
    Okay, last time i would have said the same thing about how it’s a waste of money to spend so much on a haircut when hair is hair, and short is short.
    But ever since i had short hair, it’s such a fucking difference to have a fantastic cut. i’ve had about 5 short cuts since i had short hair and they were all different in some way or another. It’s much easier to style, and takes almost zero effort to look good.
    I’m very thrifty in certain senses.
    Aiya you know what, fuck why am i writing so much. If you don’t fancy expensive cuts, then don’t go for it. If you have taste then do.
    To each his own.
    Lazy la.

  12. coincidently, i went to perm my hair coz i want to make it look more bloated inspired by xiaxue’s previous post…*sexy winks*

  13. This is cool… people review food, you review salons. 😉 Honestly though, the haircut is nothing to shout about. It’s just nice and clean. Maybe next time consider growing out your hair and do it Gedeon McKinney (American Idol) style? *grin*

  14. the haircut posts are getting really old man. it’s seriously BORING now. started out doing haircut reviews and i thought it was boring after the second one.
    and now you’re doing it! it’s boring. stop.
    it’s the same for all bloggers. stop. it’s overdone and boring.

  15. to me, there is no much different with ur previous haircut but this one is really too short & make u look like 70’s little boy.maybe u should try some of the hair saloon in Sibu.

  16. Get yourself an electric clipper (and somebody trustworthy) & never shall you again waste cash on such plain, unimaginative workmanship.

  17. No offense Kenny but besides some layering, you look exactly the same… 0.o. I prefer your other hairstyles.

  18. no offence but 65 bux for tat kinda of crap is definately a rip off…i can style ur hair better than tat and charge u for a cheaper price. n by the way, side bucket hair doesnt suit u. PEACEZ

  19. Hrm, it’s nicer now that it is shorter, but for sure not as funky or rock-like as price tag or salan decor suggests it would have been 😎

  20. Now I understand why I always see people taking picture of them eating in the restaurant, pissing in the toilet and all that. They are freaking weird bloggers!

  21. Pardon me for my stupidity but was there any difference at all? –> Wei De
    If you can’t see the difference, you are indeed stupid.
    to be honest, you shd stop spending the money on
    expensive hairdos cos they don’t help you one
    bit. You look especially idiotic taking pictures
    of yourself in the mirror. Can you learn to look
    at the right spot in the camera such that you
    stop having this cross-eyed look? –> me
    To be honest, you should stop spending time
    making useless and hurtful comments cos they
    don’t help people one bit. You sound especially
    idiotic making such a comment like the above.
    Can you please learn some manners and
    intelligence such that you stop making this kind
    of spastic comment?

  22. hmm you know what, as far as i can remember, for the past few times u got your hair cut (and posted them up here), you liked them all, SO.
    personally i think you look about the same in all of them, which is probably why you like them all. haha. i mean, there aren’t that many ways to cut (or screw up) hair that short, right?

  23. I oso wanna go lah those salons.As I suspected simplistic decor but complicated bill ~RM65!!~
    I think it looks pretty much the same leh…I think right you oughta take pic of your haircut a few days after the day you cut lah.Give time for your hair to settle right?
    And 8TV’s Adam’s hair doesn’t look that great-just like you need lotsa hairspray and a blowdryer only mah.

  24. hmmm… kewl… must go try it…. but usually for 65 bucks, i would do really outrageous haircuts… just too make it seem worth it… but yeah… 65 and 10 buck hair cuts REALLY make a difference… some how… hehehehe

  25. Haha. Okay. In one year.. how many times do you get your hair done?
    I been reading your blog, it seems that you had your hair done so many times. Hehe.. am i right? I guess so. Hehe

  26. errr… i don’t know.. but seriously besides being shorter in length, there’s not much difference that I can notice between the before and after photo. Lol. Anyways, still the KennySia we all like.

  27. The worst “cheap” saloon i ever saw in KL,Walau eh….even kch saloon are better than this…..jiak pa bo shu zo or just too much money??

  28. Bunch of Beehives!!!(see the the interior,even the hair stylist!!)I’m so sad that 8tv would ask these bees to do the job….

  29. Ken is very good. I have never feel so good with my hair. I was even awarded a TV commercial with my new hairdo with Ken. 🙂

  30. I feel sorry for u dude.
    Next time, be more careful with doing this stuff…u cant grow ur hair overnight.

  31. For RM65, tht’s not worth it. Better to go to Standard Male and pay RM12. And don;t tell me bullshit abt paying for “professional” services.
    Guys should not go saloons. It’s a waste of money. Only women should go and get a RM200 haircut. We men have our hair cuts more often than women. Normal, intelligent women I know go once every 3 months.
    Most expensive haircut I had was RM50, and that was the first and the last time. It wasnt even 2 weeks before I needed another hair cut. I think that’s how they make business. Cina man charge a bomb, make u come 3 times a month, Indians charge RM10 and you only come 12 times a year at most.
    Probably you shouldn’t have taken pics while they were doing your hair…hahaha…they got distracted….

  32. “If you can’t see the difference, you are indeed stupid.”

    He was being sarcastic, you were just plain rude.

    By having a comments section, you should be prepared to get sarcastic and truthful comments, so let no one be bitter about the comments made, aiight?!

    you were born to be an idiot, Idiot.

  33. hey kenny, i really like all the reviews you did at the salons u visited.
    but if u keep holding your camera that way, wouldn’t the hairstylist or shampoo boy look at u one kind? i’ve always wanted to take photos wherever i go, but sometimes lack the courage to take even take out my camera for fear of being whacked by other ppl.
    any tips on how i can do it like you do? splendid pictures!

  34. those stylist at the shop must be laughing their hearts out . . .
    since u can get that style at mamak shop for under RM10 . . .

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