Notices You Don’t See Everyday

Mr Miyagi‘s photo of a notice on display at a kopitiam cracked me up today.

It reminded me of some unique signs I spotted during my travels, like this not-very-safe “safety notice” I saw at Isetan.

Or this long-winded toilet notice I saw in Singapore.

Or this ad outside a shop in Petaling Street, KL.

“What the *toot* kinda ad is this!?” I hear you ask.
My friend, the shop was selling STD and IDD call cards lah!
What were you thinking!?

37 Replies to “Notices You Don’t See Everyday”

  1. i was damn frustrated that those kopitiam ah pek were so well-informed that they immediately raised the price of a glass of Barli-bing by 10cent the day after the oil price increase

  2. Last weekend i went for roti canai breakfast. Their milo ice is so so dem sweet. When paying at the counter i told the mamak, “Wah, gula free punya hor” He say, “Ya, free punya>” He can’t get my sarcastic comment. haha

  3. man.. the kopitiam notice is damn cute.. hahahah
    anymore kewl notices?? the isetan one is abit eye sore ler..

  4. Motor sold

    I saw this notice on campus this afternoon, on my way to the Post-Graduate Room. I was standing at quite a distance away, and I thought, “Eiks? Why did somebody announce that the motorcycle had been sold”?
    I went closer to have a look, …

  5. No, guess I have to wait till next monday.
    Anyways, the STD thingy is insane..!!
    “You need STD”. I was like.. wtf! lol

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