The Detox Plan

There’s this bad habit I have that I’m trying very hard to shake off.

I know I have a weight issue. The only thing more painful about my performance on Deal Or No Deal, is watching my ownself on TV with love handles all spilled out from the side of my pants.
I cringed everytime I see myself on TV. Whoever said “being on TV adds ten pounds on you” is a bloody liar because it’s not ten pounds, mate. It’s A GAZILLION POUNDS.

It’s not like I have problems losing weight either. I know I can lose weight. After strict dieting and training for the Penang Bridge marathon last year, almost 5kg of disgusting fat melted right off my waist. At 80kg, I was feeling good about myself.
But the trouble I have is keeping that WEIGHT OFF.

Exercising regularly is no problems for me. What I am guilty of is bad dieting.
Living in a place like Kuching where all the delicious, yummy, fat, oily food are all just a minute and 5 bucks away, eating a good healthy meal is the most difficult part of my weight loss plan.
Try going into any foodcourt in Kuching and ask for something that is not meat, not rice, not noodles, not fried and not oily. I guarantee they’ll look back at you weird like your zipper is undone.

The bad habit I have is this.
Because it’s so hard not to give in to the temptations of Kuching food, I sometimes practise The Cancellation MethodΓ’β€žΒ’ of dieting. What that means is that I reward myself with food based on how hard I worked out.
Ran 30 minutes at Reservoir Park? Have a bowl of laksa.
Spent an hour in the gym? Reward yourself some fried chicken wings.
Did 42km at the Penang Marathon? Go eat the whole freakin’ Expert Food Court!

Needless to say, I gained back all the weight I lost. AND THEN SOME.
To make matters worse, it seems like I had a bit too much “joy to the world” and yuletide over last Christmas. I stepped on the scales this morning.
To my horror, this is what I saw.

Holy mother of… 88.5KG!??!
How did I gained 8.5kg so suddenly?
What the hell did I eat over Christmas? SANTA CLAUS?!

This does not bode well for me. We’re filming Malaysian Dreamgirl in two weeks, and I’d hate to look like an elephant sitting next to Elaine Daly.
Because of this and other undisclosed reasons (hint: trouble fitting into my pants), I hereby announce that as the first act of my belated Chinese new year’s resolution, I, Kenny Sia, will be embarking on a detox diet.
This is what it’s gonna entail:
– 5 days non-stop detoxing
– cup of detox tea every morning
– only fresh organic fruits and vegies for meals after that
– eat only when hunger sets in, none at other times
– no meat, no rice, no oil, no bread, no alcohol, no coffee
– of course, drink BUCKET LOADS of water

Detox is a good part to any weight loss plan. The purpose of detox is to allow the toxins in the body to be cleansed off thoroughly. Cleaner intenstines means better absorption of nutrients, and hopefully that translates to a healthier body.
I really should be doing this more often, to “clean the pipes” so to speak. I have a feeling the “passageways are blocked” and the garbage ain’t getting out the system as often as I like them to.
Besides, I’ve been partying too much and eating quite unhealthily as of late. My pimples are already breaking out like mad, so it definitely looks like I’m in desperate need of a detoxification.

To make it work better, I’m gonna be taking this detox tea called TruDtox.
There are heaps of detox supplements out there and a lot of them are quite expensive. Thankfully this one is quite alright, costing just RM27 for a 5-day plan at Watson’s after discount. Florence recommended it to me after having good experience with it, saying that it doesn’t give the “explosive diarrhoea” effect that most other supplements would.
That is always a good thing. The last thing I want happening during this time of the year is for my boss to call me in to review my salary, only to see me cringe my face badly because I’m holding my poop in.

How I look like when I hold my fart

Yes, one unfortunate side effect of detox is that you are gonna fart and poop a lot. And they’re gonna stink bad.
Real bad.
Like worse than fish market + rotten eggs + ANTHRAX + Steven Lim kinda bad.

It’s unfortunate that detoxing your body will cause your fart to smell fishier than VK Lingam’s testimonies. I mean, how else are the toxins gonna come out from your body right?
After all, detoxing is like giving the wardrobe a bit of spring cleaning before every Chinese New Year to clear out all the unwanted crap.
Except with detoxing, you don’t literally put your “crap” inside a cardboard box, seal it off and send it to charity.
That wouldn’t be too nice, would it?

Anyway, I’m gonna try this out and publish my results here when I’m done.
Over the next five days do not tempt me with kolo mee, laksa or fast food joints. I mean it.
Else I shall unleash my deadly “detox fart” in your face.

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185 Replies to “The Detox Plan”

  1. wish you all the best…can’t wait to see the result. You should get the company that sells the detox kit to endorse you,,

  2. hi is me jeremiah ngui you meet at king centre for the fashion show wow kenny it was a blessing to know you also that time
    sorry i was fat i guess im the right person drinking the tea wow haha i need the tea
    how life been
    nice saying you said you are fat ok la
    any where i try to lose weight can not how kenny help me
    bye just me jeremiah here
    reply me when you are free ok

  3. Easy come easy go man. Long term plans are the way to go, burn fats at a moderate and consistent rate, otherwise you are probably just flushing out water weight. Anyway good luck πŸ™‚

  4. Kenny,
    CNY is around the corner. If you managed to shed off some weight, what about CNY? Won’t you be tempted to eat all those cookies, mandarin oranges, and beer while gambling?

  5. hey! i tried that Tru Dtox thing too…worked quite well,but the pain before lettin go was baaad!
    but i felt so much herm lighter after dat haha!

  6. Follow my detox method, it’s really working!
    1st-3rd days pre detox from only white meat->Vege only->only vege without cook
    4-6th day: detox where only drink foods+veges juice! Vege>fruit ratio….don’t bite anything to avoid that motion release some kind of enzim.
    7-9th: pre detox backward, only vege without cook->vege only->only white meat

  7. all the best to you kenny!=DD we certainly do not want to see a giant-sized elephant sitting next to Elaine Daly. lol!=DDD
    and please remember to persist on even after that 5 working days. if not.. every single farting and shitting effort is just going to be futile..=PP

  8. oh i’ve tried the TruDtox before and I experienced serious stomachache right after that, not unlike diarrhea! Of course it’s meant to clean up the systems but you’ve got to be prepared for the pain ok. It takes roughly 8hours to take effect. Do share with us whether you have the pain as well. πŸ™‚

  9. OoooOoo. Good luck. I most people who go on such drastic fruit diets feel very lethargic for the first few days.
    You might want to consider eating more high density fruit such as mangoes and bananas during lunch so you don’t completely zone out on a stomach full of only fiber and fluids πŸ™‚

  10. Hey that’s a cool weighing scale! Can input age and height to get total body fat? Nifty.
    And about your diet, how about asking Osim to sponsor the massage chair, uZap, uPapa, uMama, uSister and Zap those fat away while you sleep? Use all the uFamily together for 5 days non-stop, guaranteed lose weight (or a trip to the hospital :p )
    Heheh, uZap jokes never get old… But seriously though, good luck with your detox plan! Jia You!

  11. you can try Juvanex,too. It’s a seven day detox plan, which is less stressful to your body system, and it works. but of course, pricer than trudtox.

  12. kenny dude,
    There is no real way to lose fat over a period of 2 weeks effectively to see a lot of results other than to starve urself completely like u r planning to.
    A person can only lose 1lb of fats a found healthily without losing too much muscle mass.
    The way you are eating without any meat will lead to loss of lotsa muscle mass. no meat=no protein=no muscle.
    That is why you have trouble keeping ur weight off. Metabolic damage.
    Anyways, good luck.

  13. Aiya!kenny.can tahan or not without meat,rice,tiger beer & KFC.Umm…yummy..yummy..u diet from monday to friday.then u hamtam banyak banyak on weekend to compensate back.
    i think u need girlfriend to help u to clean your toenails,ha..ha….good luck!

  14. whoa..thats like a huge leap ur aint easy to just detox like that.ur body will get shock a bit and the feeling of no regular meals will make u even more hungry.
    detox is cool but u gotta start slowly..step by step.if not, u might get sick easily.that would be something u wouldnt want before shooting that reality show.
    think about it properly man..

  15. u know what,
    hmmm… im eating nasilemak with fried chicken and sambal sotong and then continue with asam laksa with fresh ice kacang and lastly a cold refreshing of coca cola…
    yummy… u wan some?

  16. Hmmm I think the only true way to lose weight is to…
    (Brace yourself folks, it’s not going to be pleasant)
    Sadly there’s no way around it. No matter how little you take in you’re not going to burn off fats running on a sedentary metabolic rate.
    Unless of course you live in some war-torn African country and eat only mud-cakes – no the one with the rich chocolate toppings mind you – cakes actually made of mud meaning DIRT.

  17. Kenny, u are clearly doing some things wrong here. You said:
    This is what it’s gonna entail:
    – 5 days non-stop detoxing
    OK. This is good provided u do it for 5 days and not more.
    – cup of detox tea every morning
    It’s better to take detox tea at night. That’s when the body works to eliminate all forms of waste and toxins.
    – only fresh organic fruits and vegies for meals after that
    Hmmm. Fruits and veggies are good. But your body needs protein too. Carbs must be taken to prevent sudden hunger pang. But keep them low.
    – eat only when hunger sets in, none at other times
    Have u heard of the tried and tested experts’ words? “Eat less but more frequent”. U need to eat small portions, like a handful of nuts, not more.Eat a few variety of small meals. Never let yourself go hungry. That’s when the sugar level falls and u binge heavily after that!
    – no meat, no rice, no oil, no bread, no alcohol, no coffee
    I have to agree on this to some extend. But some fat-free, oil-free, skin-free meat is ok. Eat meat according to a quarter of the size of your palm and not thicker than your palm.
    – of course, drink BUCKET LOADS of water
    This is particular dangerous for people who already have weight issues. If u drink too much, u will have water retention. Make sure u drink with regular intervals and not too much at a go. Exercise and sweating is good to ensure water is not retain and cause lumpy flesh on your bode.

  18. r u sure u r having a healthy diet?
    only takes fruits for 3 meals in a day?
    among the 6 things u going to do, this sounds not a balance diet to me..
    they said u can eat how many meals u like..
    as long as u eat little in every meal..
    a real case from myself..
    try to cut down ur rice amount.. it helps
    i lost about 4-5 KG within 1 month plus..
    only that i realize rice is fattening..
    other than that, i don restrict myself to eat delicious food..
    uphold ur determination! Good Luck!

  19. I don’t know about detox tea, but the side effects don’t sound worthwhile. Why not stick to your regular exercise regimen and drink oolong instead? Someone offers you laksa, you send it to me and I’ll send you good oolong tea. No fishy gas.

  20. eat little but many meals…..
    count the amount of calories you eat everyday. for a guy, you should not exceed 2500 kcal perday.
    the info on calories can be obtained from the package of food itself.
    it’s better to eat in rather than eat out. you can control your portion and ur calorie. let say, u want a chocolate today. you can have ur choc and reduce on other food. it is impossible to eliminate carbs coz by the end of ur detox plan, you will binge. you will gain the weight that you loose.
    diet alone wont help. you have to exercise also.exercise must be not stop even after you have reached ur target.

  21. Done it before and it’s not as bad as you make it sound. I did the master cleanser detox for 10 days and you’ll get over not eating after 2-3 days. It’s better to seclude yourself away from people as you don’t feel the temptation that much. But the bad thing is lots of clothes will be useless after this. I probably had to throw away USD500 worth of clothes.

  22. Hi Kenny, cool shoes…what brand is that? Please go clean your toenails ok? I think that adds to your 8.5kg Anyway… goodluck in your DTox-ing, why not go sswwhiming? I mean swimming.

  23. Small suggestion.
    Have the fruits before your meal.
    Supposedly, fruits after meal is bad for digestion.
    And hopefully your detox plan works.

  24. Hey Kenny! Good luck and hopefully you’d be able to get the weight off! Oh btw, if you’d like to know how to curb your desires for rewarding yourself, i’d suggest that you keep some fruits/veg(celery sticks, carrots) next to you to munch on. It MIGHT help. Jia You!!
    Karen x

  25. Good Luck Kenny,
    from personal experience…u don’t wanna be going out for 1-2 weeks pending on your body digestive system. All hell will break lose.
    Have fun in the bathroom. Pity your family for putting up with this.
    Or just use the coke drink as an alternate solution. All the best… “Coke is better then Sprite”.

  26. first thing foremost. I would like to kill you for including the link of steven lim’s website and i watched it!. it almost kill me, please place a warning sign when you are about to link to such meetrowsaxsuwall ah beng website that would cause the pins and needle feeling on the back of my neck.
    ok, dieting. the best is not cutting down everything you eat. Do loads of cardio about 30 to 45 minutes everyday, and 15 minutes of weights. hit to the sauna evryday after that. Wait for an hour after exercise then only you can eat meat and rice, if not, you will put on weight coz your body needs the energy replacements.
    Most people make that mistake by attempting not to eat after their work out. so remember one hour after your workout and when you are doing your cardio make sure your heart beat is at 160 and maintain it for 30 minutes. do intervals on the cross trainers rather that the treadmill.
    well all the best.

  27. aiyo, i pity you-lah. With all the good foods around u, u can only see & “LAU NUA”. Better become a monk.
    i suggest u go to NAIL ME GOOD & ask the lady boss to nail you good. Hehehe…

  28. Let me give u some tips: Two ‘mat salleh’ friend of mine did it and lost 25 – 30 kgs within 3 months!
    How? This is what they eat and do for a min of three months:
    Morning – only Oats for breakfast
    Lunch – Anything that you want (preferable, something that can last you until dinner)
    Dinner – Only fruits (all kinds of fruits)
    Top up with an hour gym, no meals after 7pm
    No Coke, No Chips, No french fries, No biscuits, No Beer and No Wine for at least three months during the diet period.
    Both of my friend each weight at least 90kg++, now their scale remain ~70 – 75kg. Btw, they are at least 5ft 9in tall lor!
    So, if you follow this diet… I think you can make it! Forget about all those detox programme or meals out there. It doesn’t work!

  29. Drink detox tea at night. Next morning guarantee will shit whatever toxic u took in the day before.
    Eat your full meals so you won’t binge. Loss of 10kgs and I manage to keep it off till now. Goodluck! πŸ™‚

  30. Hi there,
    I have to agree with “I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK!”. You should not eat when hunger sets in. The proper thing to do is to eat at proper time. Eating when hunger strikes or after skipping a meal will make you eat more without you noticing it.
    Also, you should eat three moderate but balanced meals with snacks in between like he said. This is usually recommended to diabetics( though you are not diebetic πŸ™‚ ) who are watching their weights.
    You should not totally avoid meat. Instead you should eat lean meat. Plus you can try low-carb diet. High carb intake will induce high insulin secretions which promote conversion of extra carb to fat. But that doesn’t mean you should eat more meat and totally avoid carb. Moderation is the key.
    Eating food with a bit of butter and cheese will prevent you from eating more as you will get full easily. This is because oily food increased stomach emptying time therefore you will be full easily and not hungry easily as well. However, excessive of these will do harm. So stay moderate.
    Your plan of eating fruits and vege is a good thing as they contained fibers. Fibers will decrease the traveling time of food in the intestines, therefore reducing the contact time of toxins and your guts.
    Finally, exercising is the next important thing. If you think you will get very hungry after exercising, try drinking milk after exercising. Milk contains quick and slow absorptive proteins. The quick ones will be used to build muscle and also repair those that are damaged after exercising. The slow ones will maintained the metabolism after the quick ones have been used up.
    Hope it helps.

  31. A detox can be a good starting base for further changes. I don’t think Kenny will see this detox as a quick fix thing.

  32. OMG, thnx kennysia, this is such a good news…4 letting me know im not the only 1..wats ur waist line? mine 38 !
    do share with me if u see obvious result..
    btw…suppose u were 80kg in diu/no diu? ….i think they had purposely made u look slimer than tat man….so b happy abt it, n thnx them man
    btw 2…u need some pedicure works done on ur toe nails…stuck wif all those fungus

  33. Hey, I know a slimming detox programme. There have a strict diet plan meanwhile ensuring sufficient vitamins and mineral inside your body.
    And it’s proven to work !!!
    Let me kno if you interested Kenny by drooping a message in my blog.

  34. Man your commentators are harsh!
    Forgot to ask this earlier, but where did you get your scale? How much did it cost? It’s cooler than all those Tanita ones.

  35. Guys, I think you guys misunderstood me.
    This extreme diet is only meant to be a short-term detox diet thing to kickstart a more holistic weight loss plan. I’m not gonna eat like that for the long-term. I’d suffer!

  36. yoh..kenny is on Detox dieting!is time to loss ur weight bt i dun think that juz keep ur diet in 5 days can c any resut boh…
    Ooh ya…. kenny is time to clean ur toenails liao..haha…

  37. Kenny,
    If u need advise (let say this detoxing doesnt work) I am happy to give you some. I dun call mine dieting. Just practising lotsa will power, exercise and eating on time. Thats all. I think it work. Well I’m in Kuching, Who noe’s we can go for jogging sometime k. Ciao.

  38. Wow, good luck, Kenny!
    May you have the will power to NOT pig out during Chinese New Year. Hehe…
    Anyway, i won’t be online for a week or so, so Happy Chinese New Year, everyone~
    – LyS@ –

  39. I wanted to post about how delicious a bowl of laksa is but I realised most of the readers here r so kind to motivate u.. I guess I shud switch from the evil side of me.. n wish u all the best! πŸ˜‰

  40. Why don’t you try Simply Not Eating after 6-7pm. Give your metabolism ample time and opportunity to process the days intake before BeddyByes. Look for reasons to WALK or Climb stairs. At some point Regular WORKOUTS become Routine and the Body accepts them as Normal.
    IF weight-loss is the objective you don’t want to be replacing FAT with MUSCLE, the whole idea is to become “LEAN” & SWEET of course.
    Good Luck
    from a distance.

  41. Hie… me thinks u’ve done very well. Since ppl in showbiz says TV is for beautiful ppl! You’ve made it! Why bother? I hate keeping skinny for men.. I am forced to cos I know the rides in the Porsche’s and Ferrari’s will stop coming my way if my miniskirts don’t fit me no more or if my middrift starts showing up… keke..

  42. Consistent exercise and diet control make the perfect weight.
    No matter how you eat and how much exercise you do… if you don’t control the diet. Your exercise will also go to the trash.
    Anyway, i never try detox… let’s us what is the result and experience after your 5 days detox :-p Hopefully this work for you :->

  43. gud luck in detoxing.
    anyways, detox will only cause u to loose weight for a while only. after that, u will gain ur weight back. it was even proven to be true. however it is, stay focus n gud luck.

  44. hi, i never tried detox before so i don know how good or bad is it… but why don u try not take any more suppers, keep it low on your daily dinner, do some exercising, eat more yogurt (those 99% fat free) at least life is still “tasty” lolz good luck

  45. >eat only when hunger sets in, none at other times
    Bad idea mate. If you eat when hunger sets in, you eat loads more, negating the diet in the first place.
    Eat 5-6 small meals a day (ie a piece of wholemeal toast, a banana, low fat yoghurt, etc) so you won’t feel the hunger pangs and binge. Get lots of cardiovascular activity and weight training to get your muscle mass up (increasing metabolism), hence burning off the unwanted fat.
    This is the best, albeit slowest, way to lose weight and keep it off.
    Of course, staying away from beer, wine, etc helps too.

  46. Agreed with skippy. There are lots of ppl detox and take meals SMARTLY. Just set a reminder in your phone, 5 times meal. Small meals… and its easy to rotate the food items like bread, fruits, youghurt, fish (is a better white meat than chicken), vege, salad, etc.
    I would want to detox and start a “lose weight” plan too… after CNY lah… the BESTestttt food I can ever find in the world is during CNY, mom’s cook! “Bak Cham Kei – White Cut Steam Chicken”, soup, pork, etc, etc… hahaha
    I believe this plan will work for you Kenny. Keep it down… hang on there till FEB5!

  47. Hey Kenny, have you tried Atkins? Apparently its really effective, and easy to maintain, but the food that you are required to and the menu plans and stuff like that involve a lot of things that are not available fresh or cheap… But a friend who tried it out lost a lot of weight within half a year or so. Its long term, but worth a shot?

  48. At least you realise it before someone calling you *cough*fatso*cough* right? Now, stick to your plan! Detox detox! execise more…
    Cut down carbs and oil intake. You can still eat meat and vegetable. Take breakfast but less on dinner!!
    I am sure it will help. my brother cut off 15kg by avoiding carbs for 2 months…haha (Hey! He still eat lots of meat!)
    JIA YOU !!!

  49. KENNY…. cannot lah! haha. i also wanna lose weight leh. very fat already. but eh kenny sia sia sia, you still look good lah πŸ˜‰
    i dont know lah, but good luck. do whatever u find effective. dont care all these people say it wont work. its your bod bah πŸ˜›

  50. Highly recommend this low GI diet plan:
    After losing the “spare tyre”, continue to have low GI foods; they release energy over a longer period of time, so you won’t feel hungry too quickly and start binging
    Not sure if there’s WeetBix (whole grain wheat cereal) in Malaysia, but 3 pieces of that plus soymilk for breakfast is enough to fill you up till lunch, then have a whole grain bread sandwich. Always eat moderately, don’t snack!
    Keep that up with a regular exercise plan, i’m sure you’ll be able to ward off the fats πŸ™‚

  51. Hi Kenny
    My bf is getting fat too. As in F-A-T, not the haha-he’s-got-baby-fat kind. I was thinking of what to put him thru coz unlike you, he’s really a lazy bum. Until I read ur blog and I tot, ah ha, detox plan!!
    Kua kua… I’m intending to get the unsuspecting fella some celery juice!!

  52. kenny u got ugly toe nails.
    and folks pay a visit to uncle Lim’s blog and see what the heck our Prime Minister is doing.
    Launching new clothing line by his daughter and famous son in lawless, “Emperor’s New CLothes”.
    Go buy one and step on it!

  53. Kenny,
    Fastest & Most Efficient DeTOX I’ve ever experienced or seen is “Ionic Detox” or “Ionised Detoxification”. Only takes 45 minutes with your feet in PURE Water up to the ankles. You actually see the water change colour, each colour representing which organ is being cleansed, including removing Heavy Metals from your body.NO GIMMIC! Crap appearing in the water will amaze you, actually SMELLS, extracted through the bottom of your feet.
    NOT SUITABLE for PREGNANT WOMEN or People with Pacemakers or Heart Surgery. Practitioner will ask.
    Full initial course takes about 5 Treatments, one every other day,after which many adverse symptoms disappear. Then about 1 treatment fortnightly/monthly for maintenance.
    Weight Gain or Loss is a matter of Lifestyle Choices & Genetics, but the greatest problem is “SEE FOOD”, we See nice Food and naturally want to eat it.

  54. Kenny, please dont torture urself. Just eat what ever to ur craves. Life is short. Dont torture urself. U look good with that extra love handles. trust mee.

  55. try eat less cab. food and eat more cereal or oats (help reduce the fatty acid in your body) and veges. don’t torture yourself is true yo. otherwise, after all the detox yo’d done, not that yo don’t look like elephant sitting next to Elaine but you may look like a zombie (pale and skinny) sitting next to Elaine. Good luck all the best!

  56. Flinkus,
    Those ionic detox are a gimmick la. They put in some chemical that will react over time and change color. It has since been banned. Where were you dude?
    You soak your arse it will also change color.

  57. hey,
    saw in oprah’s show 2 days back.the doc said detox program doesn’t work.but it’s good as a jump-start prog for u to lose weight.anyways,hope u get the result u want!!! and really keep it off this tat the weighing scale from amway??? hehe….looks familiar.

  58. ‘eat grass’!!! wua ha ha! imagine a bowl of kueh chap without meat,rice,oil…a bowl of clear soup!
    hmm…just the right time, after 5 days of detox, chun chun cny set in n u can start eating pineapple tart, kuih mo mo, keropok, coke, cashew nut, kuih lapis …. they are all ‘no meat, no rice, no bread, no alcohol, no coffee’…good luck :p

  59. lol! nice fart. i wonder if steven lim reads yr blog? haha. btw, i did a fart picture too in my blog, on a guy dat was doing his stretching
    nice donkey btw =P

  60. kenny u can try reductil. can be obtained at Normal in kuching. better buy there because there are a lot of cetak rompak version.

  61. I used Juvanex for my detox and it works really great. I think better than Trudox cause I didnt fart smelly fart oso. No, SERIOUSLY!!! Then again….maybe it’s my sinus problem….

  62. try this method…
    drink a cup of warm green tea after every meal, apparently it helps bind fat so it’s easier to get rid off
    don’t eat anything after 8 pm since your body takes about 3-4 hrs to process everything
    start of the day with a heavy (HEALTHY) breakfast then narrow down the portions gradually with each meal during the day…dinner should be the lightest…
    my dad used those tips and dropped 3 pants sizes…try beating that πŸ˜€

  63. 88.5kg is not that bad considering that you pump iron and looks like you pack some muscles.
    It’s the 42.1% TBF that’s really scary.
    Hope the scale is broken.

  64. Hey dude, I hear you, it;s gonna be a hurting L.A. marathon with Kolo mee, laksa, kueh Chap….. Coffe is good, it raise your heart rate. Lets talk diet sometime next week, the blackwidow will be in town too, she’ll tell you all about how to keeping the weight down fro, life experience since she fights in certain weight class.

  65. i just plainly LOL’d throughout the entry. damn you lah Kenny. fart so much. wuahahaha~
    good luck in your dieting okay?! all the best. πŸ™‚

  66. Dear Sorchai,
    NO GIMMIC, the Ionic Detox I describe is administered by TRAINED Health-Care Pratitioners,most with University Degrees. “NOTHING” is added to the water.
    WHERE am I DUDE? I reside in a country where QUALITY Control is a National PRIORITY and CONSUMERS are PROTECTED by LAW. Warranties are ROUTINELY Honoured and RETURN Policies the Norm wherever Defects or Sub-Performance appear, Often WITHOUT Receipts.
    I’m guessing You’ve NEVER heard of “LIFETIME WARRANTY” either: Good for as long as you own the item.
    Civilised doctrine to Retail Success is rooted in The REPEAT Customer & Brand LOYALTY. I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience sometime.
    In absence of the above Governmental Oversight, it naturally follows that you will be subjected to DUMPING of “Look Alikes” and Trendy garbage.

  67. The response to Sorchai was mine. Flinkus.
    On dietary suggestions: BREAKFAST is the most Important meal of the day to kick-start your Metabolism.

  68. I saw on Oprah where they show snippets from the Dr. Oz show on discovery health proved that detox diet yields no diff than if you just eat a balanced meal…

  69. Hey Kenny, try packing on more muscle (legs especially) because it will increase your metabolic rate by burning MORE calories. I eat like a pig and i rarely put on weight (this was different last time when i had no muscle).

  70. “Living in a place like Kuching where all the delicious, yummy, fat, oily food are all just a minute and 5 bucks away, eating a good healthy meal is the most difficult part of my weight loss plan.”
    that is so so true.

  71. it probably will work for a short period….if kenny want to lose weight in such a short period of time…and also will have yoyo effect after that

  72. please take this as kind advice. in fact, this is for all you guys out there. no matter how you try to impress, dirty and long toe nails are serious TURN-OFFS.

  73. i’m sorry, i see bad toe nails before anything. hey most mistakes are crash diets done out of desperation. yer food n fruits r all healthy but you should have a balanced diet, may not be fast but most importantly, avoid the rebounds!

  74. typical celebrity… only looks good on the outside. but never take care of the little things like nails n heels etc. man, u should visit nailmegood. get a nail job b4 snapping that pics. its a REAL turnoff la. like kolok mee seller feet on the jepun slipper at open air market…. yep… tat bad

  75. Actually Choong,
    The ‘See Food’ quip was first coined by a Soul Singer (Big Lad) named Jimmy Jackson in an interview on Soul-Train sometime in late 60s early 70s. Fact is, most sources of humour circulating today are recycled, with the exception of modern accepted stuff specifically designed to gross people out.
    Merely an observation that nowadays, Old Quips are ‘Objectionable’ while Oily Farts are ‘In’. All in the name of PROGRESS.
    Point being: Younger generation with More at their fingertips than Parents could’ve hope to dream of, are killing-off Art-forms with preference for Grossness & Obscenities while claiming the Moral High Ground. Whom do you suppose Movies & Comedy performances riddled with Obscenities and lurid Gangsta Rap are specifically produced and marketed for? – Middle Class wannabees.
    Poor people have Better things to do with their few cents and Rich people Know better.
    FAR, FAR from being Mr Goody-two-shoes, I truely believe “DECENCY” is part of the Human Genetic Code and “INDECENCY” is a Lifestyle Choice.

  76. Wanted to take a minute to leave you acknowledgment, yes please continue with your blog posts, i very like them. You always can write something fascinating that does not waste minutes of your life like what you see on some other sites.

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