Kung Fu Dunk Uth Fest

What a wonderful, wonderful event last night.

My flight was delayed and I arrived at the venue one hour later than my scheduled appearance, but damn, what a hot crowd at 1Utama last night.
That was easily the most amazing crowd I have ever been in front of. Even the cold weather and drizzling rain could not dampen the crowd’s mood.

Liang, as usual, was excellent in working up the passionate crowd. When it was my turn to go up on stage, the roaring reception the audience bestowed on me was one normally reserved for rock stars and famous actors. Not bloggers!
Before this, the only time I had people chanting my name so loudly was when I owe them money.

That’s me showing off my sugar cane chopping skillz

Seriously, I have honestly never felt more welcomed and appreciated. Thank you to all of you guys at 1Utama last night. I’m just a boy from a small town, man, I don’t deserve this.
Of course lah, everyone was there not really to see me but to have a peek at Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou.

There was a buzz in the air when the man himself arrived backstage in a 4WD. The man was here on a promotional tour for his new movie Kung Fu Dunk.
Jay Chou wore jeans and jacket over a white T-shirt with pink lipstick mark, and he looked every bit like a talented superstar that he is.

Despite how well run the event was last night, there were two things that pissed me off.
The first one was how security completely refused to let an audience member who was disabled into the barricaded area. The guy was confined to the wheelchair and could not see past the barricades. He still went there with his guardians and the rest of crowd under the rain. He asked me to help him get permission to sit closer to the stage, and I asked the security in charge there to let him through. TWICE. Both times I was brushed off with a rude “Cannot! Cannot! Cannot!”
Dude, the guy could not even WALK. He’s not gonna rush up on stage and cause a big ruckus if that’s what you’re concerned. All he wanted was a better view of the stage and you would not even let him through? Don’t be an asshole.

The second issue I had was how over-protective Jay Chou’s entourage was. Security around Jay Chou last night was tighter than a fish’s arse.
You could not even step within 3 metres of the star without being hassled by his security. I’ve met the Black Eyed Peas before who are arguably a lot more popular than Jay Chou, and even they were only surrounded by less security guards.

May Zhee with the love of her life

It made the experience very impersonal and honestly quite unfair to fans like me who have idolised him and followed his career for so long. I commented how even the SPONSORS of the event itself, the ones who paid for their appearance, had trouble getting close to the star and have a chat with him.

Apart from those two issues though, I do appreciate the gestures from the sponsor and event organizer flying me down, and giving me an opportunity to meet up with the only Chinese celebrity that I truly admired and idolised since young.
At least I got his damn-difficult-to-obtain autographs!

Jay Chou left shortly after that, and I attended the gala movie premiere of Kung Fu Dunk at the GSC Gold Class cinema thanks to Mamee Funkees.
The movie itself is fun and has a few classic hilarious moments. It has a script is ridiculously unrealistic but it’s mindless combination of action and comedy, so do watch it when it comes out in cinemas this 7th February.

This is one photo I am gonna treasure a lot.

It looks like him, sounds like him, and it’s 100% him. Pictures of Hong Kong actor/playboy Edison Chen’s sexual exploits with various female celebrities were leaked to the public. The unlucky ones “exposed” are Edison’s ex-girlfriends Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, and some girl called “Bobo Chan”.
In another news, what kinda stupid name is “Bobo Chan” anyway? Sounded some kinda lunatic clown who just escaped from the circus.

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    The best moment of my life captured by Mr Kenny Sia.
    I’m trying to blog but Blogger is being mean! I can’t show everyone the photo I had where he and I both looked at your camera!! I asked him to look that way, you know!!! Did you see? Did you see?
    Did you see me talk to him??? Did you did you??

  2. Haha, sorry, could not stop laughing…
    I was thinking about those words you spoke to Black Eyed Peas and the cold splash you had in return.
    Kenny: Hi Jay, I like your songs…
    Jay: Oh, thanks..
    Kenny: …
    Not again…

  3. Just to comment a bit on the security, yeap, it’s like that.
    It’s like I told you earlier. I’ve been to many Jay events in Malaysia, and he is very different from even international stars. His security is damn strict and fans can’t really get near him.

  4. Jojo, yes, super friendly!! He talked to me!!!! In fact, Kenny, if you had mentioned to Jay (or mentioned to me, so I can tell Jay), I’m sure he would have asked his security to allow the disabled boy to move further in front. I felt really sorry for him too. =(
    Bubble, he wore the same shirt from the start till the end. He is only in Malaysia for one day and today he’s already in Singapore. On Friday he was in Thailand. So hectic right his schedule!!!

  5. hehe..
    i love jay’s,film secret..
    it is a very good film..
    though i only depend on the subtitle but i still love it..

  6. Yo kenny,
    it was really fun huh,
    great thing that i managed to take a photo wif u.
    I was one of the dancer ystdy.
    im doubting whether did u remember me asking u to take a photo together lol
    Honestly, i was there more for Kennysia than Jay.
    like it or not i dont like JayChou. wateva.
    but i did managed to record a clear view of an-inch-away video of him the moment he was steping up the staircase to the stage, coz i was right in front the staircase n the security was unaware lol.
    The video is not for me, is for my lunatic-jay-fan fren and also to make most of them jelous haha.
    P/S: the organizer was ridiculously lousy.
    If u want the vid , I will send it to ur mail.I will read ur update here frm time to time.

  7. All you people caused so much of traffic jam around Bandar Utama and we residents are quite fed up of it! This is more so when the noise emanated from the stage reached some parts of the residential area! Next time, just do it indoors!

  8. myJAYsian is on your blog!
    Hahaha! Wooooooooooots! (:
    Hey Kenny, since you’re a big fan of Jay, are you interested in joining our myJAYsian Malaysia Jay Chou Fan Club?

  9. Hey Kenny,
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. It was sweet of you. =)
    Anyway I am so so so so so envious of you being able to see Jay Chou face to face in person!!!
    How I wish I get some upclose and personal moments with my favourite artists especially like Jay Chou!!
    You are so lucky, Kenny!!!

    I think i know the disabled fan you are referring to, omg, i didn’t know that this happened this time! I remembered him from the last few times i went to see Jay Chou, and the last time Jay Chou went to 1-Utama for his album “Nov Chopin”‘s promotion, they actually allowed him (the fan) into the security area and he even get to meet Jay Chou personally! So i really don’t understand WHY he isn’t allowed nearer this time, its just mean and unfair!

  11. Hey! i was @ 1-U yesterday afternoon until about 3:30pm… Shopping with my mom. Decided to leave before this event. No wondered the road to the central park was closed.

  12. had to say that kenny was a super helpful n friendly chap… thanks for helping my disabled friend…
    and wow mayzhee is from Lethia…coolness
    p.s/ his name is Kai btw

  13. haha.. i was there in the crowd.. i was so surprise when the mc announce ‘KennySia’. i was like wah~~~ kenny is here too?! cite me out..
    haha.. it was nice meeting u went u came downstage..
    if only we can b close to jay..
    jay is so cute tat night.. ^^

  14. hey, just my 2 cents, or 20 cents i guess, since we soon will not be using 1 cent. Securities disallowing entrance into barricade albeit handicapped is reasonable. Some fans do attempt to get closer by appearing as disabled. Perhaps the craziness of crowd made the securities not to take chances that they might all rush into barricade?

  15. mygod.
    well yesterday night i took a picture with you.
    🙂 guess wad, ur face covered my face!
    your face too big adi lah.sad case
    anyway! you!! you you you! its SO dAMN FarKIN LUCKY! i love jay x(

  16. nice smile wif jay kenny,,,…pity dat disabled guy….i oso pushed away by the guard of jay….the unbrella holder,…SAD

  17. Hey Kenny,
    Actually I do agree with tw. You’d never know what crazy fans do. Worse still if they do something that could possibly endanger the guests on stage (unlikely since they’ll be caught but wells, worth the try…), so.. you honestly can’t blame the security for doing their job. Though, arguably, they could have rejected you nicely.

  18. kenny, i’m so jealous of you! T.T .. did you talk to jay chou? is he nice? did he mumbled when he talk?
    i wish i was you …. it’s jay chou!

  19. ahhhh….i am so jealous of u kenny!!! I love Jay!! my colleague was there at Ruums too and he was picked to play games on stage,he even put his arms on jay’s shoulders while taking pic!! but of course after that kena from the security guard la….

  20. Hi Kenny, I was one of those unofficial photog the other day. Remember u passed ur Camera to me when u went up the stage. I took a pic of u using my camera instead. 😛
    I posted your pic on my blog. Have alook! Seeya!

  21. wei, you must remember that he hates being pestered. still remember how he treats the media?! i guess the security is to prevent stuff from happening.
    but the disabled fellas case was unbelievable. idiots.

  22. Actually Taiwanese or Japanness superstars are mostly not friendly and well protected by the staff and security because there’re lots crazy fans out there (see what happened to Andy Low due to the coo-coo Chinese fans in HK). The wester stars have less of these problems I believe because the fas are probably more mature, I guess. Anyway, my question is: How do you know FOR SURE the guy is REALLY crippled?
    On the other hand, how tall is you Kenny? Because ‘Kingfu’ Chow is not much taller than you! kaka!

  23. Kenny, regarding the disabled fan, could you not have used your clout to make an announcement for that poor man? Put the security people to shame!

  24. Kenny, regarding the disabled fan, could you not have used your clout to make an announcement for that poor man? Put the security people to shame!

  25. Hey…I thought I saw you in Sakae Sushi, the Curve last Sunday 😉
    Is “he” really you? I wanted to call you but I was so paiseh :’P

  26. Hi good afternoon. I’m Alan ( name have been changed ) woud like to do some complain about an event company ( ET Hub Sdn. Bhd. ) (www.uth.com.my) which had organized an event on 2nd Feb 2008 at Central Park Avenue, One Utama with sponsorship mamee Funkee and converse for the ” Kung fu dunk ” movie.
    As we know, this event have been organized some activities like T-shirt contest, music compose , 3 on 3 basketball etc. and some live performance and the most attracted part is Jay Chou will be attend the event and prizes will be present by JayChou for the winner.
    Unfortunately, all those information about the events on website (www.uth.com.my) that we received is totally different than what we experience from the real happening events. I’m one of the finalist for the contest and I received a call from this organizer 2 days before the events saying I have been choose as the finalist and need to be there to register at 10pm on 2nd Feb.
    On 2nd Feb I reached there for registration and presentation in live. From what we read from the website information is Jaychou will be there to see the presentation and performance but in fact there is no one for the real show even some of the audience. This is the 1st point we think that this event have been totally failed because they shouldn’t written that have some of the famous people will be seeing and judging for the contests.
    2nd, the show have been done at about 2pm before the live performance and we have received the message from those organizer saying the result will be announce at 4pm so we have to wait. of cause we did wait. But what was so funny is the stage and those outdoor events don’t even have some roof top to cover the sun and raining and end up those activities have to delayed or cancelled because the raining. I was wonder how the outdoor events can can’t even have a roof … especially the performance stage. It causes the people there and the audience feel gets bored because of the raining day and the events started getting suck and messy.
    After we visited some of the booth like those booths which sell the VIP ticket for the jay Chou and some booth selling something low quality but cost a lot. We were feel that this event is cheating. Well, I think this is the common sense that people will think like that cause we don’t think that one potatoes and some others small stuffs like pen, book can cost us about 20 bucks above.
    Anyways, back to the result. It’s about 4pm we went to the organizers which at back stage and asking about the result because we are getting tired wait for so long and what was offended us was that they told us the result will be come out after 7pm by the reason raining have been delayed their activities so they can’t gets done the result at 4pm. For the more information they don’t know about it when is the exact time to announce the result and they asked us to go back to them at 7pm.
    IT was only 4pm and 3 more hours to go to wait for it. We are damn pissed off with that because they didn’t give the good reason for it. Think about it, there is only 3- 5 finalist for each contest and only 3 contest is running on that day. Don’t you need some hours more than half day to do the results?
    Every time we asked about question to those organizers most of them answered they don’t really know about it. This is very unprofessional organizers they have. Organizer must know what’s happening around to help those audience or people who don’t really know about the event and lead them into it. Not to just answer don’t know and settle said bye to the people.
    Raining cause those people went to indoor for the indoor show and the event and getting less and less people. But we still planned to wait for it because we need result. We are waiting for the result as least we know shall we go back or something. Everything must have a result so we choose to wait. The time for us to wait allowed us to watch a movie.
    After 7pm we went back to the backstage for the result again and this time really pissed us off. We saw lots of Jaychou fans are waiting in front of the stage getting wet because it’s raining still. I was wonder people pay for 20bucks for the VIP ticket by seeing jay Chou under the rain. Never mind, it’s not my business actually.
    We went to the backstage and the security guard is very no manner didn’t allow us to go in by the way they said that finalists are not allowed to go in. I was feeling like what’s this? We were going out from the backstage every in the afternoon and they didn’t let us go in now which want us to wait the result under the rain? I was wonder why the organizer didn’t give a tag or something for those finalists cause we are part of the event also seem we already have been choose as a finalists? Is that a tag cost them too much that they don’t do a tag for those finalists? what kind of events is this? The stuffs they sell is more expensive than the things have sell inside the One Utama complex but the tag they don’t willing to give for just few finalists? That’s why every time we have to in and out from the back stage have to ask permission. There is so funny. This event is totally unsatisfied.
    Anyways, we have no choice so we just keep quite and waiting at outside by raining. We are getting wet and we can’t do anything on it. What we did is just put up our hand and tries to catch some attention of the organizer for asking question because we can’t go in at all.
    When we got the organizer we did quickly asking about the results because we are so wet and tired we need to go back ASAP once we know the result.
    For the 1st organizer who is a girl she just answered she knows nothing and she have to ask for. After few min she came back to us said that she failed to ask cause they also don’t know. Then she walked off. We are so pissed off and we tried to find another girl. It’s very tough for us to find one because those organizers mess up with the events all seem like busy but don’t know what they do. At that time we heard someone is complaining to the in charge person about the VIP tickets too and the guy looks like getting angry. The overall events look so suck. We just waited and waited until we can’t stand about the rain we are getting on it we just called a organizer loudly. One organizer approached us and help. But she still give us the same answer “Wait ar, I try to ask for u guys. “
    But this girl even worse by saying nothing and act stupid. She asked until no where and never come back to us. She just walked in front of us but she saw us she tried to ignore us without giving answer. I have to say this “damn, they are really suck damn much.
    “How u didn’t give the answer at all and she walks around like nothing? After we waited for that girl about 15min and we are very wet like shower. Finally we found one girl asked for us. And u knows what? She came back to us and said ” Oh, I don’t know about the result and actually but i just know the winner 1st prize, jay Chou will present the prize for him/her, the grand prize we will call u guys after the events which mean few days or don’t know when but we will call u come to collect the prize?”
    What’s that? Damn. We are waiting for some long time from 2-4pm, 4-7pm and u told me we can’t know the result yet? Which mean u asked us wait for nothing? This is no kind ok?! She keep on saying she don’t know about that no her idea is she got order from people. If the result will be called by them why they asked us to wait for the announcement? This is so funny. We are thinking that this event is totally wasted us time. We came here for nothing even a result. I hate do thing for nothing as least let us know yes or no. We have heard so much answered don’t know from them.
    The organizers, the event and the overall things really pissed us off especially they asked us to wait for nothing and I have to cancelled my plan at night which I have to cancelled my ticket to go back home. Beside, i had fall sick of 2 days after that night cause of raining. i don’t know how many people fall sick at the same time too.
    With all this things this company (ET Hub Sdn Bhd – website :www.uth. com.my ) really disappointed us and people. We think this company is organize something so suck and no manner, no professional working manner, no good plan for overall things. We don’t think we will feel confident for this company anymore. We won’t take part any event and activities with this event company anymore because We already pissed off by this time event.
    That’s so much I want to say and complain with. We don’t know the prizes will be given as same as what they write on the website because we don’t trust this company anyways when it writwe there prizes will be present by jay Chou but end up they said only the 1st winner and performance will be seeing but jay Chou but until late night haven’t see his shadow at all. We feel like got cheated by this company this event.
    Hope the people who related with this event, this company or sponsorship will be take some action for it and make sure it won’t happen again for the consumer, audience even a finalists.
    Finalists for Mamme Funkee Event

  27. The best place to see Taiwanese stars is in Taiwan. You’ll often catch them out at clubs or restaurants and there won’t be any security in sight. Even at events security isn’t as tight as it is here in Malaysia.

  28. Hi Kenny, dis is da emcee in pink on KFD uth fest =)
    Great to know that u enjoyed n had fun that day! Juz wondering if I can get da picture we took from u?(as I haven received anythin from da photographer)
    Btw believe me, da crowd loves u lotz!

  29. anyway to Sam, I dont know for other stars but I often hear from fans or reporters that Jay is a very friendly person, its probably just his security thats paranoid.

  30. Well J Chou is so handsome than you 😆
    well maybe you can sell your tshirt in ebay and i will buy it because i buy 3 signature of kungfudunk acktor and you can rich because of that 🙂

  31. I was one of the Mamee crew on the event day and I sold the tags for Jay’s fans to see him that night!
    One of the customers who came to buy the Mister Potato Goodies asked me if I know whether Kenny Sia has arrived yet. I was like, ” what?! Kenny Sia is here too? I’d like to meet him too then!”
    But i didn’t get to see you.
    Oh well.

  32. OMGosh I FREAKING LOVE JAY CHOU!!!! I’m so glad you like him too, kenny!!
    Btw,i never viewed jay chou as a ‘god’,kukujiao, just cuz jay has fans, it doesn’t make him one. So i have no idea what kind of statement you are making. Seriously. Unless you view him as one…. =P
    Kung fu dunk was a nice movie. Jay was cute in there, very unlike what i see usually.

  33. i like to study your kungfu.iam a young man of 20 years from botswana africa so please teacher me.i am a student in ucsi studying electrical eng.

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