Bad Name For A Sisha Tobacco

Would you like to put this in your mouth?

Experience the Incomparable Special Taste of Al Fakher.
There’s many different types of flavours available, including Strawberry Fakher and the very popular Two Apples Fakher.

Needless to say, sisha smoking is bad for your health. Kids are not allowed to Fakher.

Will you Fakher?

BALAGAN is not a word you use to scold people. It is the name of the circus I watched last night.
I enjoyed the show. It is not Cirque du Soliel, but it’s close enough. The Cirque-style act has all the right ingredients of theatre, stunts and comedy, and together they make for a pretty entertaining night out.

95 Replies to “Bad Name For A Sisha Tobacco”

  1. Lol
    It is said that the government recommends sisha because it comes from Arab.
    But doctors say sisha is something like smoking.
    Equally bad.
    That’s why we must fakh it!

  2. Ha…cuba teka….jgn pikir yang bukan-bukan
    1) Jilat-jilat bila dah basah baru cucuk, jilat-jilat bila dah basah baru cucuk
    2) Banyak-banyak bas, bas apa yang pandai
    3) Banyak-banyak mi, mi apa yang boleh makan ngan ais
    4) Kenapa anjing kencing angkat sebelah kaki
    5) Apa perbezaan lampu stadium ngan lampu bilik
    6) Apa binatang, badan kecik macam semut tapi mata besar “bulb” mentol
    7) Mana lagi tua, motorsikal ke kereta?
    8) Kangkang peluk, kangkag peluk, bila dah dekat climax pegang buah
    9) Ahmad bin Abu, kambing bin apa?
    10) Bagaimana nak bezakan ikan betina ngan ikan jantan?
    Jangan lihat jawapan nya dulu
    ini jawapannya:-
    1) Masukkan benang dalam jarum
    2) Bas sekolah lah, the only bas pegi sekolah
    3) MILO AIS
    4) Sebab kalau dia angkat dua kaki, dia jatuh sebab tulah dia angkat
    sebelah aje.
    5) Lampu stadium kalau ada ‘game’ dia pasang, tapi kalau lampu bilik ada ‘game’ dia padam
    6) Semut yang matanya BENGKAK
    7) Motorsikal……sebab dia pakai tongkat
    8) Panjat pokok kelapa
    9) Kambing binATANG
    10) Ikan betina – ikan duyung, ikan jantan – ikan bakar, mana ada pompuan nama BAKAR

  3. any kind of tobacco is bad for health, but i guess u can point out that hookah is better than cig because there is no tar in it

  4. its about time you blogged about this! been smoking this brand for awhile now, and i can say that its Farkher-ing good 😀

  5. Welcome to flavour country. We’ve heard of the the ‘Marlboro Man’ but now we can have ‘Fakher man’. Can just imagine this, see him rounding up wild dates and riding high upon his camel(oops thats already a brand name) into the sunset.
    Check out the and make sure you have geniune product. Apparently some fakhers are copying these products.

  6. sometimes they didnt think b4 they give a name, just ask other ppl for their opinion la..
    and got ppl spamming around…
    too bad.
    i need to scroll like mad only can post a comment

  7. I would like to talk about the BALAGAN, (sorry i dont know where else should i comment) .
    Hey Kenny , i was there last nite for the BALAGAN , it was really cool ! Where did you sit? I did not see you there??

  8. Apa? SISA-SISHA TOBACCO.real fakher.

  9. Its normal to take sisha in Moscow! Services are all available in any restaurant~ Either the most high class or lowest class one. And of course the culture came from middle east, In Dubai and Turkey~ Everywhere!!!
    But I YET to try! LOL

  10. okay that was just really lame..
    but yeah its pronounced as fa-KHHH-er, but i guess its hard on asian tongues… its one of the best brands of tobacco…
    at least u blogged i guess

  11. I’ll-FARK-HER
    Hahaha!! Since there is Strawberry Fakher and Two Apples Fakher, Kenny I think you should urge them to make one DOUBLE COCONUT Fakher for your sake!! Then you could be involved in another advertisement!!

  12. Its how you pronounce it.
    Fakher = Fucker
    Fakher = Fakhir
    The first one as u all think of.
    Secondly it can be pronounced as fakir which mean very poor or hardcore poor.

  13. but how i pronounce it is al fakher = All Fark Her
    Hahahah! do u want to “fark her” ?
    Lets “All Fark Her!” woooo!

  14. It is actually pronounced ” Al Faa kher ” or ” Al Faa khar ” and not like u think of.
    There’s an ” alif ” between the character ” fa ” and ” kha ” for the purpose of stretching the ” fa ” i.e ” faa “.
    Btw, for Adults Only = ” Lil Baalighiina Faqat ”

  15. sounds very very wrong.
    al sounds like ” i will”
    fakher sounds like “fuck U”
    so it goes ” i will fuck u!”……….
    call me lame laaaaaaa

  16. I lookedup on shisha before…apprently doctors says its much, much worse compared to smoking because of a few factors which includes the absence of a filter and not to mention you’re smoking pure tobacco.

  17. I would say that it’s a brilliant brand name! It captured the attention, what all brands would want to achieve.
    Just imagine how much more attention it would capture if it was named “Al Fakhim” …
    Coca-Cola, eat your heart out:p

  18. It’s look n sound like a CONDOM advertisements. With an apple n strawberry flavour n it’s only for adults. Condom advertisement shud move to the next ERA of advertisements. Put a big picture of an apple n strawberry then a big italic words “ADULTS ONLY – 1000MM THICKNESS” . What a “Fakher” idea…..

  19. If you are worried about your health but love the occasional
    hooka session, I suggest you look into smoke filters that can be attached to the end of your hose! It will help filter out a lot of the nefarious toxins!

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