The ‘Detained-At-Immigration’ Scam

The most difficult thing I had to do today was to tell a friend she’s been scammed.

Here’s what happened.

Recently a friend of mine got to know this guy from the UK. After chatting to him online for a couple of months, suddenly this guy wanna fly to Kuching to visit her. At the same time, he claimed he’s gonna look for some investment opportunities.

Obviously my friend was excited to be meeting him.

Unfortunately for her, the meeting never materialised.

On the day he was supposed to arrive into Malaysia, the guy was detained by immigration officers at KLIA. His offence? Not declaring those excess amount of cash in his luggage, reportedly to be some £50,000.

It was her friend’s first trip to Malaysia, and poor guy spent it in the police lockup.



Upon his arrival, my friend received calls after calls from him desperately pleading for help. She was frantic. All she could think about was how to help him out. She put herself in his shoes, and immediately felt guilty because she was the reason the guy came to Malaysia.

Three days later, another phone call came. It was from the immigration officer,  telling her that the UK guy would need to hire a lawyer and pay legal fees to the tune of RM7,000.

This was when I smelt something fishy.

And it wasn’t the bad seafood I ate earlier.

The immigration officer instructed her to deposit this legal money into a Public Bank account. My naive little friend complied.

Desperate to set him free, she transferred RM2,000 of her own money to the immigration officer. She figured, he’s gonna pay her back when he got out anyhow.

But I suspected something was amiss.

Already, I was feeling extremely uncomfortable when she told me the story. I didn’t have a good feeling about this, so hopped on my laptop, searched for “detained at immigration malaysia scam.”

Whaddya know? At least 2 people have blogged about similar experiences. Malay Mail even did a story on such scam.

In the end, I had to do the dirty job – I told her that she’s been scammed.

At first, she was calm and collected. She told me that it doesn’t matter – because money lost can be earned back eventually. And karma will eventually find its way.

Then the floodgates opened. And she cried uncontrollably. How could someone do something so evil like that? How is she even going to trust anyone ever again?

Even more hurtful was the knowledge that this online friend that she’s been talking to for months never actually existed. He was nothing more than a phantom, out to take advantage of her charity and selflessness.


Moral of the story? Never ever give out money to people you’ve never even met.

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  1. Gosh, 2k for a harsh but good lesson. I hope your friend is putting this behind her.
    What happened to the good old days of ‘not talking to strangers’? Just because it’s more convenient to chat people up, doesn’t mean that we should abandon common sense…
    or i suppose you could consult kenny first.

  2. Ah, that sucks. RM 2K is a lot of money!! Sigh, these days, people really come out with 1001 ways to scam people. And thanks for writing Kenny, i’m sure there are quite a lot who hasn’t come across this will be more aware after this.

  3. On hindsight, she could have rung Immigration back to confirm. The “official” Immigration Department.I guess this is a lesson for all to learn. Hope she has since recovered from this trauma.

  4. I know about this because I’ve read something like this before, my mom almost got into the scam even with my advise..luckily my dad talk her out of it.
    I know there’s no such thing of “free money”

  5. kecian ur friend.. her kindness kena abuse.
    Thanks for sharing.. Now we will be more alert when sitting in the similar situation.

  6. The fact that you need to bank into public bank itself is fishy. Has she made a police report with the bank account number?
    If she doesn’t get her to do it asap. Don’t let her say no to police report because that’s an unwritten permit for the perps to continue.

  7. My ex colleague had similar experience. That marine engineer promised to marry her. He ‘pretended’ corrier money to Malaysia to buy house with her and the story afterwards is just the same. Some one called and claimed for money.

  8. It hurts a lot when your trust and kindness were being played with.
    Hope she got over it and becareful next time.

  9. Moral of the story? Never ever give out money to people you’ve never even met. – Kenny.
    The moral of the story for EVERYONE. CONSULT MCA Public Service and Complaints Department (PSCD) Head, Datuk Michael Chong FIRST.

  10. So many scams nowadays!
    Many of these scams are a bit psychological in some sense. Like they make use of your empathy towards others to the point you feel very bad not helping them.
    Even beggars are scams.

  11. Scams come in so many forms nowadays, and no matter what type it’s so easy to find out more from the Internet.
    Thanks for sharing this as it is just a way to share scams and spread awareness.
    I got scammed first hand but luckily through a search on Internet I managed to pull-through and get myself out before it’s too late.

  12. What can we say? There are just waaaay to many lonely and naive single women in this country! Too easy to earn their money.
    Ok. Not to be biased, guys too! But I haven’t heard any guy being scammed yet!

  13. Its always a good thing to read or watch the daily news. This type of scam has been featured before in newspapers. So take some time off your busy schedule and read some news, It doens’t take much time you can find them online. It would certainly be beneficial to you.

  14. for guys they use different methods, mostly they use the black money scam cos for us guys we are always greedy for more money.
    For retired adults they use the bad luck will come to your family go find a bomoh scam….

  15. Becareful also when you are using facebook. I have heard of a scam in which they hack into your friends facebook account and via the chat function they message you and tell you they are stranded in some country because of some immigration faults and need money to get back. They’ll ask you to wire the money to some country …and viola…your money is gone…..

  16. I hate to sound really mean. Bt i reckon she is really really really naive. Prolly u can even call her silly. Yes, it is rather sad that she lost her hard earned money of RM2K. However, we can’t blame the scammer entirely coz it takes 2 to clap. Agree, no? There r several thgs she should have been aware from the beginning:-
    a) Don’t talk or trust any1 whom you meet online. He could have been a seriel killer o rapist o what not.
    b) No1 in da right mind would fly to Msia after a couple of chats. FYI, Xia Xue’s love story is an exception!
    c)No1 in their right mind carries 50,000 pounds in their luggage la!!! OMG!! Even if he did, he would have been detained at the airport of departure. Hello!!! It is the UK. They’ve got better scanning technology lar!!!!
    d)Call the immigration depart to confirm the existance of such person being detained.
    e)Check the validity of the number used. U noe, for all u noe, da fella could have been here in Msia all these while and he came up wif da UK idea as a cover up to scam her.
    f)Always use ur BRAIN n not ur HEART to think!
    Oh well, I am sorry if I sound really harsh. I hope she learns her lesson. A hard one in fact. But let this be a reminder to evry1 out there. Regardless, men or women.

  17. Please don’t be a chauvinist. This problem has nothing to do with gender. Although, women tend to get a little overexcited and forgo all logical matter but there are men who got scammed. 😉

  18. Omg…pity your friend! I would have cried too if I am her. How could one’s heart not be broken when you actually sincerely helped someone and got cheated instead.

  19. …. I know you’re doing a lot of good by warning us about this scam, Kenny… but wouldn’t your friend be a little upset with you blogging about her misfortune?
    Anyway, I don’t have a bone to pick with you. Just some of people who have commented negative things like “ohh.. she’s stupid” etc etc
    I’m sure she knows that she was naive but I can’t imagine she must feel to read such comments!
    Come on, she’s upset enough!!
    We all make mistakes; some more costly than others.
    A little sensitivity please, people!!!

  20. victimised vs. volunteered
    Take full responsibility of her action.
    Nobody take advantage of her “selflessness”, she is ‘selfish’ in another way that she has certain agenda / hope to meet with this ‘phantom’.
    be glad that is the money that lost, not hurting herself

  21. Sad. My cousin almost got scammed. One day she called me to borrow RM500. I asked for what? She said, her friend’s father in Africa died, need to help. Then I ask you met from where wan? Then she told me from email, and blablabla she sent me all the emails of the lawyers and everything. I can’t do anything but to ROFLMAO at the lawyer email. Thank God she told me before she paid anything.

  22. Alamak Kasian na kawak kitak ya! Well since there’s alot of people read your blog, then can spread the good word about this sort of scam so nobody will be trap by it! Hhmm….

  23. Kenny is trying to hint us to use google whenever you smell something fishy=D and kudos for the second pic…. hahahahahhahaahhahahaha !!!

  24. Well, this is what happens when you Chinese bitchis look for gwei lo online hoping they would come and marry you and take you to UK or US or whatever. If you are really looking for love, look no further than your own country lah!
    Big dreams itseems. Stop with the white worships, ppl are taking advantage of that!

  25. scams have just gotten more sophisticated in the digital age. the best ones are the ones that tug on your emotional strings, which then renders your logical brain useless.
    i suppose it’s always important to keep a cool head to think before acting. easier said than done under the circumstances though. reading about it like this helps with awareness as well i suppose

  26. People who are on the internet are supposed to be educated, have degrees, of a particular super race, but they are actually very stupid and still want to claim that they are clever stock.

  27. It happen to me during my Uni day…..i own ex-roomate scam me for RM200 but that RM200 mean a lot to me

  28. We are all humans, to err is human, what do you expect? Mentally intelligence doesn’t mean she is also emotionally intelligence.

  29. Agreed.
    Don’t know why some girls like white skin (white men). More clean, issit? More special, issit? More handsome, issit? More money, issit?
    You white-worshipper gals should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re a disgraced to your ancestors.

  30. These girls have inferiority complexes, so marrying white men would elevated them to a “superior race”.
    They can boast about it.
    Especially the Singaporean girls.

  31. Oh well, wellcome to the real world.
    But i can’t believe you can scam someone like that and bless her for being that innocent to believe such a thing!

  32. 2 months back a friend of mine told me something like this and I warned her not to believe that guy. Guess what? She borrowed him few thousand sing dollars….and even wanna ask some cash from me help her over the tough period….

  33. Let’s not generalize that evry1 on the internet has tertiary education. U don’t need a degree to be intelligent u noe. A paper costing thousands, does not define intelligence. 😉
    Besides, you don’t have to be highly educated to know if someone is tryin to con. All you need is good common sense. Agree, no?

  34. Let’s not generalize that evry1 on the internet has tertiary education. U don’t need a degree to be intelligent u noe. A paper costing thousands, does not define intelligence. 😉
    Besides, you don’t have to be highly educated to know if someone is tryin to con. All you need is good common sense. Agree, no?

  35. Let’s not generalize that evry1 on the internet has tertiary education. U don’t need a degree to be intelligent u noe. A paper costing thousands, does not define intelligence. 😉
    Besides, you don’t have to be highly educated to know if someone is tryin to con. All you need is good common sense. Agree, no?

  36. Cheated by someone you’d never meet is sad, but cheated by someone you known is as sad as it is. A local tour guide me & I met asked for monetary help after coming back to Malaysia.
    We joked and laugh and ate and slept together(not that kinda lar of course)during the trip.
    Me and my frens borrowed her a few thousands ringgit. Never thought she will vanished into the thin air after that. . .
    Part of our life lesson, what to do.

  37. While it’s hard to tell her the truth, I am sure that she will appreciate you for doing so. Might not be right now, but definately in future.
    Funny isn’t it, it is always hard to tell someone you care the truth, knowing how much it ll hurt them in the end. And we can’t keep an eye close and do nothing about it either.
    Mr Sia, you are a very good friend. 🙂

  38. wow.. this really makes me tulan lor… innocence lost is the greatest crime that can be perpetrated to another human. Akin to rape but of the psyche.

  39. But how can she, ur fren, wanted to put the amount of money for lawyer thing.
    jst say, i got my own lawyer. i will help him out. pls give me to talk to him. details. detained place. n bla bla bla.
    i think is a common sense what.
    Never ever trust anyone, even ur own family can betray u.
    learn d lessons,
    they is no ” free lunch in this world ”
    get it once, n u will know wat it means.

  40. That’s why la, Asian girl wanna suck bloody kuai lo cock, kena scam la! Asian women should know by now to stay away from bloody white trash. Lucky she lost 2k only. What if he actually came here and raped her, and then went back to UK happily? Want to cry and complain about how she can’t trust anyone anymore, use a bit of common sense la.

  41. u said she prefers big cock….. what about u all… prefers BIG cars, house, wedding reception, wedding gown n BIG pocket…. am i right?

  42. erm…WTF u think we wanna do that?
    Cos if we don’t do that u gals calls us USELESS……and go for kuai lou ……

  43. Poor girl. Looking at her context, she must have been stressful when the ‘Immigration Officer’ called. So vulnerable when it comes to affairs of the heart, most girls are. It’s like there’s a switch off button to common sense, at such times.
    Oh well, at least these scams are being put forth for more people to become aware of, and perhaps to be more wary, whenever it’s the internet we’re talking about.
    Internet = 1% reality, 9% probability and 90% shitty.

  44. In response to your last line, Kenny: Never even part with your hard-earned money to even someone you know in real life unless that person is close and a trusted friend/family member!

  45. so damn stupid to the screamer that was a good moral story kenny
    well want thing i want to said
    the scam people should do more on the bank site is more rich
    not the people in sarawak

  46. someone wrote about this scam b4, i read it somewhere about months ago, but that lady lost more than 2k, good thing u realise it earlier otherwise ur fren could ve lost more.

  47. Sometimes it is not good to be too secretive with our private activity. It is always good to share it with someone you trust. For instance you may be going out with some guy or girl. Find someone to share your finding with that person. Who knows your trusted friend may revealed something useful.
    I was once almost cheated for AUD 4000 in one of ebay transaction. It was not until the day when I was suppose to bank in the money that I met a friend of mine and told him about the deal. He immediately caution me that it could probably be a scam. I immediately went to ask mr google and its true that the whole thing was a scam.
    Guess what’s the deal was. Someone posed as a student from Croatia who studied in Australia. After completing her study, she brought the car she purchased in Australia back to Croatia, only then to find out that it was too difficult to convert from right hand to left hand driving. So she planned to sell the car cheap and promise to post the car back to the purchaser in Australia. Being someone who have purchased car from ebay, I was quite convince after a series of communication with her. It was then I found out that it was a scam.
    For those transact on ebay, or any online purchase, never make a deal that involve Western Union money transfer.

  48. sigh.. someone I know also came to me telling me about this guy she got to know from online as well. Good thing she told me about him and showed me his pictures… which I immediately said those pics are like taken out from magazine or something.. handsome guy.. who’s a doctor.. and doing a lot of volunteering works..etc.. That’s when I told her.. that sounds too good to be true. And he was like telling her that he likes her.. after just chatting online for a few weeks. Scared that she’ll fall into the trap, I told her don’t simply trust anyone like that and showed her articles that I found online on such scam stories and not forgetting forwards that I’ve been getting from friends on such scams. And she later only believe me once the bugger started to ask for money to be transferred to his account for dunno what (the account is from Nigeria). She immediately stopped communicating with him. To them.. hurting other ppl’s feelings is like nothing to them long as they can con the money. And you tend to fall into the trap easier when you’re desperate (for this case, desperate for a partner). Curse them!!!

  49. Sounds to me, you are just experiencing sour grapes. Why, the girl you like is dating a white guy? Look at yourself before you call these girls insecure..YOU yourself are insecure. Why drag skin colour into this? What about men who get conned by china ladies? It happens too all the time.. look at yourself in the mirror before you say singaporean girls love white guys, maybe singaporean guys like you are the reason they prefer white guys, ya?

  50. Likewise, LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR before you said Singaporean guys like me are the reason they prefer white guys, Singaporean guys like me prefer China ladies because of Singaporean girls like you?

  51. Kenny,
    Please read this. Even “friend” cannot be trusted.
    ON GMAIL, A SCAM FOR MONEY FROM A “FRIEND” – by By Syed Jaymal Zahiid
    The Malaysian Insider.
    When journalist Paul Si logged onto his Gmail and Facebook accounts yesterday, he thought he could go about his personal affairs as usual. But as he was checking for updates, Si was suddenly “kicked” out from both his email and Facebook.
    By then, Si felt that something was wrong and shortly after, he discovered that both his social networking accounts had been hacked.
    “I realised that my passwords for both my email and Facebook were changed…I realised someone else was using my accounts,” Si told The Malaysian Insider.
    The 48-year old journalist said the culprit’s modus operandi was to pose as the account user and ask for “financial help” from his closest friends.
    The hacker, said Si, had utilised the Google Chat, an interactive feature available on Gmail as well as his Facebook personal direct messaging system to communicate or send out “SOS” messages to the 48-year old’s friends.
    In one of the Google Chat records that took place between the hacker and Si’s friends, the former had asked for more than RM1000 to be deposited to an account in Thailand.
    Below is the excerpt of the conversation that took place between the hacker and one of Si’s friends:
    Paul Si: hello
    Friend: Tuan
    Friend: How goes the paper biz
    Paul Si: well enough
    Paul Si: hows life with you
    Friend: Hectic
    Friend: Very the
    Friend: Editorial n sales n it
    Paul Si: hahaha
    Paul Si: i needed to send monney to someone in thailand
    Paul Si: i am so so busy
    Paul Si: you think you can help me do it and then i can pay you back later?
    Friend: K
    Friend: Can do
    Friend: Send details
    Paul Si: oh thanks
    Friend: Sounds nigerian
    Friend: Emaillah
    Paul Si: he is african but not nigerian
    Paul Si: i think from kenya
    Friend: K
    Paul Si: can you go do it now?
    Friend: Today Friend: Possible
    Paul Si: ok
    Friend: How much
    Paul Si: just about 1350 rm
    Paul Si: the charges should be about 150rm or 200 rm
    Friend: Ok no worries
    Paul Si: how soon though?
    Paul Si: cos i will be online here waiting
    Paul Si: are you there? Paul Si signed out.
    (The name of the friend is not revealed for privacy purposes)
    “I believe he had studied my personal information, who my friends are and such through my Facebook,” said Si.
    And Si was lucky enough that his friends had called him to verify the requests made by the hacker.
    “One of my close friends, a family friend had called and asked if I had asked for money. She was ready to send the money already…they didn’t know,” he said, adding that the hacker was “convincing” in impersonating him.
    It was the swift and cautious response from his friends, said Si, which had prevented the intended scamming from taking place.
    Yesterday, it was reported that hackers had been sending out spam emails to some 400 million Facebook users in a bid to steal financial and sensitive personal information.
    Si believes he had been the victim of the purported attack. He also believes that there are several perpetrators involved.
    “I think they have been using my accounts for about a week now. I only found out a day ago,” said the 48 year old.
    He said this goes to show the danger of online social networking as more and more users divulge personal information for public viewing.
    “People have to be very careful now,” he said.
    Online scams are not a new phenomena. Authorities have been fighting a tough battle to arrest Internet cash cheats.
    Internet studies have showed that millions of personal dollars are lost to online scams.
    However, educational portals on online scams have been quite effective in reducing the cheat rates as evident in Si’s case.

  52. A friend of mine sold some old watches on and a Nigerian guy was interested and said he would immediately transfer over the money and my friend was to immediately send out the shipment.
    Here’s part of the email. I’m sure you can see the spelling errors and how fishy it seems. I googled this Nigerian scam and I found similar articles on this.
    My friend ignored this dude and this dude never replied anyway. Isn’t it scary? He was going to transfer over RM1k without bargaining the price of the watch.
    Plus, usually their “England’s abit Powderful!”
    Processing For Fast Activation
    [1]. Since you have been notified regarding the payment made to your bank account, You have to ship out the item today via DHL COURIER SERVICE or FedEx Express as stated by your buyer, [Mr Kayode Oladele]and send us the Shipment Tracking Number.
    [2]. For the shipment verification process and once it has been verified and confirmed, The activation will be done as fast as possible.
    As soon as you follow up these process you have no problem with the Management and you will get your funds activated in your bank account easily and quickly.Amount is RM 1,139.00
    Faithfully get back to us soonest with the Courier Express shipment details…..
    (1). The transfer is completely done and ” APPROVED PENDING”.
    (2). You have to get in contact with the Bank Online Manager . Immediately you have received the confirmation notification of the payment.
    (3). You should get to confirm the payment to the buyer’s after that you received the confirmation of the payment from Us..
    (4..) If there is any mistake or in-correction information you have to get back to us to this E-mail ”
    (5). The Halifax Bank required the “SHIPMENT” first to verify the confirmation of the “PAYMENT”
    You can have the shipment confirmed/verified by contacting ” HALIFAX BANK” Online Payment stating the Transaction Number and the TRACKING NUMBER of the shipment to this email :-
    Super fishy right? Hope your friend’s better now. Thanks for sharing with us, there are lotsa scammers out there these days.

  53. If you think you are too good for SG girls then go ahead and date china ladies.. everyone has their own preferences, aren’t you contradicting yourself? Men can date whatever race they want, but women cannot? You are pathetic, bet your gf dumped your for a white guy huh? wouldn’t be surprised, you are so bitter

  54. Please show me what am I contradicting myself as you suggested.
    If you said I’m bitter, your not?
    Contradicting yourself?
    I bet you don’t even have guy to call a BF.
    What do people called you this type of pathetic girl?

  55. > The Chinese daily also highlighted an article criticising Singaporean women for being snobbish and not wanting to date men who earned less than they did no matter how good looking they were.
    The article claimed that in a survey, it was found that Singa­porean women found a man earning S$8,000 (RM19,200) sexy, even if he was ugly in real life.
    The survey, which was carried out by Razor TV, said the sexiness of a man had no direct correlation with his physical appearance but to his salary.
    The online television service’s product unit had taken photographs of three men and showed them to women on the streets, asking them to give their opinions before and after revealing their wages.
    The results showed that a handsome man who was scored highly by the women had his marks “deducted” after it was revealed that he earned less than his “competitors”.
    In their interviews, the women said the type of car driven by the men also affected their sexiness.
    However, they denied being snobbish, adding that men’s income reflected their personality.

  56. I knew a guy from UK claimed himself the director from engineering of pipeline petroleum under British Government. He is supposed to meet me in Malaysia today. Around 1pm+, I received the call from him, said he was arrested by the custom in Hong Kong due to the excess money that he’s bringing along; USD100,000!!!
    The suspicious thing is:
    – Why is the custom officer in Hong Kong with Indian Accent? Even himself doesn’t sound like British though.
    – Why a British carry US Dollar?
    – Why he didn’t declare it in London at the first place?
    – And if he’s not lying, why does he want to pay the Hong Kong custom but not call to UK Embassy to seek for help?
    I told him I’ll call back after I check. I didn’t, and just send him message to call the UK embassy, and said I have friend in Hong Kong working as police, he can help if necessary.
    No reply from him. To collect more proofs called to Lufthansa Airlines and confirmed it was no such booking under the reference number that he gave me….WTF…!!!
    I’ve reported abuse in the web-site that I met him, so at least don’t let them cheat more money from those “innocent” peoples.
    Guys and Girls… Please be alert and god bless you.

  57. I have met a US Army man online via a online dating site. His name is John O’Brien and his email is
    He claimed to be a US Army soldier serving in Iraq. I knew him for a few months and we dated online for a month. He informed me that he has completed his army contract on 24 Feb 2011 and will meet me in Singapore on 28 Feb 2011.
    He said that he will be flying via military flight and will arrive in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.
    On the day of his arrival, I received a call about 1.5 hours before his arrival time. It is a Malaysian mobile no. +60 16 298 0581 by a woman’s name Jasmine Henry/Jasmine Bt Abudllah. She claimed to be a Malaysian immigration officer at KLIA (KL Int’l Airport).
    She explained to me that Mr O’Brien is being detained at the airport as he failed to declare his luggage. She wanted me to pay USD$2,500.
    I was suspicious and I tried to question more. However, I was also in love with Mr O’Brien and really hope that he is here with me. So in the end, I listened to the story. Mr O’Brien spoken to me on the phone too but prior to this, I have never spoken to him before.
    In the end, the story was the custom needed him to pay USD$7,500 and he had already paid USD$5,000 hence if I helped to pay the balance, they will release him to fly to Singapore. However, I explained to Jasmine that I do not have so much cash on hand. She finally agreed to allow me to pay USD$1,000 then she can help to release him.
    Initially I believed in her as my love for Mr O’Brien run deep. I transferred the money. Thankfully, the name which I transferred the money was incorrect & they could not pick up the money. After much thinking and some internal research, I withdrew back the money.
    They tried to contact me when they knew I withdrew back the money. I just ignored them.
    To all out there, online dating is very dangerous. This is my 2nd time being cheated. The 1st time I was cheated of some money. Now I have learnt to be more vigilant.
    I hope my sharing will help some of you out there.
    Be careful.

  58. experience this?.. yes… but when the guy start to ask for money..thank God , it would hit me in my brain…hey this is scam laaaaa….
    so ladies…no matter matter how u feel u r in live wit this jerks… never ever pay money…
    no such thing as sending cash via courier?… so bodoh one… and detained at immigration for some cash declaration??…WTF!!! double bodoh story…
    anyway..i just wonder why we stil allow this nigerian people entry to malaysia…they r the real scammers..we should have some banned to this people… serious!!!

  59. ..after so many incidents and instances whereby it all boils down getting stuck at KLIA immigration isn’t there any tracking done to nail these people? Understand they may use prepaid cards but something should really be done.I am not sure how but pls, Malaysian authority do something about this. This is a degrace to the country especially the conspiracy evolve around malaysian people who acts like an immigration officer. They even claim to be calling from British Interpol in KLIA…no such department exists at all. Please get these people, they are a nuisance living in this world.

  60. This scam is alive and well. It just happened to a friend of mine in the Philippines (9-1-2011). Fortunately she did not pay, but the scam was the same. A very nice touch they added was that his elderly mother was traveling with him. The “Malaysian Police Officer” stated that he was “taking pity on the old woman” who was “having a stroke”. Just send a few thousand dollars and they could go back to the UK and receive medical help.

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