56 Replies to “Digital Kenny”

  1. ya!! u totally look like that girl in the picture… wahaha. yours is nicer though, cuz shes not pretty

  2. Well you should pose more like this. Your eyes can kill those young girls out there. This is the best one so far. Just have to tune your smile a bit.

  3. Erm.. I think you linked incorrectly or you overloaded the link until the page was taken down. It doesn’t work anymore.

  4. this portrait best describe as: When Kenny Sia Isn’t Exactly Normal.
    kinna wierd though. I prefer your most eligible bachelor photos

  5. careful kenny.. you’ll attract gays… maybe you should consider a calender with a different kenny pose for every month of the year..

  6. Very nice graphics. This designer knows what he’s doing. Good job. He makes you look cooler than cool.
    Is the link broken or something. I can’t seem to go to the site you were linking. Wanna go check out his works.

  7. Hi Kenny, just wondering if you noticed if your Wikipedia page has been deleted. I think it happened on the 12th of March.
    Just so you know!
    Best regards.

  8. God, you look so scary in the photo! You better not put that as your header! I mean you can, but please inform us beforehand so I won’t open your page in the middle of the night and scare the shit outta myself! haha!

  9. the designs n all are very nice.. but ur face… is a bit….. erm.. different from ur real person isn’t it?!! u have droppy eyes in that pic! so not u!

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