The Bhangra Dance

Went to have my blood test done last week.

I was sick and a couple of people had commented that I was displaying symptoms of dengue fever. It’s a possibility since the Aedes Death Squad has been spotted spraying fumes around my work area. To be safe than sorry, I went to the lab to find out what’s wrong with me.
Settled for the RM270 option for a full blood test with all the bells and whistles. Like most men, I’m scared shitless when it comes to having foreign objects poked into me, needles or otherwise. Hey, if they’re gonna poke a needle in me, might as well make it worth my while right?

Anyway, I got my report back yesterday in a spiffy gloss little folder. Yea, that’s what you get for RM270. A glossy folder.
I’m an AB positive. According to some dodgy Japanese blood-type personality test, that makes me cool, controlled, sociable and popular. Yeah, right.

Good news is that I’m pretty healthy overall. Red and white blood counts are normal – no dengue. In fact, no signs of any forms of diseases. Blood glucose is low. Good cholestrol is high, bad cholestrol low.

The bad news is that I got an overdose of protein in my liver. Attribute that to my meat-arian lifestyle. Should I do something about it or should I not? I lift weights so I need all the protein I could get.

I’m impressed by how comprehensive the report is. They’ve even tested my urine and tell me stuff like what colour it is.
Yeah, always wondered what the colour of my pee was.
I love it how they described it so elegantly, as if it was wine.

“2006 Chardonnay, light with earthy undertones.”
While at the Rainforest World Music Festival, I attended this workshop by the Malaysian Dhol Federation on this energetic punjabi dance called bhangra.
It was damn difficult ok! Who said Indian dance is all about screwing the light bulb on one hand and patting the dog on the other hand?

It’s more like screwing the light bulb on one hand, patting the dog on the other, making a turn, doing Bruce Lee and having an epileptic fit all at the same time. It’s ridiculously difficult. But everyone was there dancing like they were on a Bollywood movie set and there I was too stunned to do anything.
Sabrina, the girl who interviewed me on Channel [V], was keen to see me shaking it. She said “come on Kenny, just imagine two big buttons over your head, and you’re pushing it.”
Alright then Sabrina, this is for you. Kenny Sia doing the bhangra.

Somehow I still don’t think I look very natural.

Joyce speaks exactly the same way she blogs. I was made to understand the fairy lingo she’s been using.
“pei” – upset. “beef” – issues.
“maintain” – retain composure. “dot com” – meaningless, used for emphasis.
Example: If you’re damn pei because someone gave you beef, please remember to maintain dot com.

86 Replies to “The Bhangra Dance”

  1. you got duped man… why you hampalang test all?
    just test some enough lar…. so young test all for what

  2. She said “come on Kenny, just imagine two big buttons over your head, and you’re pushing it.”
    keep pushing man.. keep pushing. lololol

  3. Kenny, you cut ur hair!!!
    You look more like lifting weight instead of Baghra!
    Very funny though! Wish you in good health!

  4. U look more like spidey trying to climb invisible wall/ that mimic-ing clown doing an ‘i’ve hit the wall’!

  5. i dont understand why u like to humiliate yourself when we all know you’re a sensitive guy… 😉
    its a funny post anyhow

  6. Tee Hee. Glad to know that your healthy with straw-colour pee, over-proteined Liver and you can do bhangra-cacat dance like trying to see which papaya on the tree is masak.

  7. hahahahahahah thats far from bhangra, kenny 😛 well, cant say u didnt try 🙂 Stay healthy.

  8. You’ve watched Bride and Prejudice!! LOLZ!!
    Not a bad try for a first timer…was it your first time? :p

  9. good good post! i liked that part where u
    “It’s more like screwing the light bulb on one hand, patting the dog on the other, making a turn, doing Bruce Lee and having an epileptic fit all at the same time. It’s ridiculously difficult. But everyone was there dancing like they were on a Bollywood movie set and there I was too stunned to do anything.”
    i seriously think bhangra is just a dance which gives u an opportunity to go crazy even if u dont know how to do it.lousy lousy but of course one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  10. dear kenny,
    so ru feeling better now?
    is the fever still on and off?
    last time i had dengue, i had fever for a week.
    i went to do blood test twice, and it was during the 2nd test (just before my fever finally stop recurring) when they finally detected a low platlets count.
    i was admitted to hospital immediately (when i have actually recover from the fever and all). the next day or so, my platlets drop dangerously low but i was feeling energetic & normal except the fact that i was in hospital.
    so just to make sure, go do another test when your fever has gone down. u can never be too sure about dengue…
    get well soon!

  11. You gotta be careful of these private labs. Sometimes they do all manners of tests not indicated for an otherwise healthy 20+ year old. Including cancer markers, most of which are not recognized to be good tests by the medical community.
    Did they do it on you?

  12. I didn’t see serology test for dengue… that means u r still not ‘safe’ yet. heehehhehe
    i guess that they r trying to say is ur white cell count is normal hence u r not having a current infection.

  13. Who the hell do full blood test to check dengue one? One result that you’re not proud to show us is your Body Mass. It’s included in the test, especially a RM270 test.

  14. the bhangra is usually by a group of people lah !
    doing it alone doesnt make anymore cooler than you already ar !
    Anywat, you really look like your plucking papayas from the sky with your hands !
    woo hoo !

  15. yah i heard that type B is bad.
    that means u r not viable for a bf material. half a B also counted mah. no wonder u single. hehehhee : P

  16. Type A blood is the most common in Japan and Germany while type O is most prevalent in the United States. Interestingly, 60 percent of Japanese Prime Ministers have been type O. Type Bs also said to make great cooks and restaurant guides featuring Type B chefs are popular products in Japan. [citation needed]
    AB blood type is often considered the least desirable type.
    now we all knw why u r single. HAAHA

  17. I somehow thought that u look like the ‘KK’ from the Saturday evening game show. Hahaha…keep it up kenny..

  18. =D very impress with the blood type thingy! coz i beleive these horoscope/blood test personality thingy!! ahha!
    ur descriptions on the bhagra dance is so true and realistic, not to mention FUNNY! nearly spit out my mocha in office right now!

  19. Wei that bhangra dance am sure gonna fit you up and tone ur more of it and you ain’t need that blood test…to keep you healthy =)

  20. Hmm…just wondering, how often do you go for a medical check-up, blood test etc….?
    Cause if you think about it, we generally take more care of our cars then ourselves. Just compare the number of times you go for a medical checkup a year as compared to servicing your car.

  21. Bhangra is not easy. I almost died in an hour class at gym. But very fun nevertheless. However, I left the gym that day with utmost respect for bhangra dancers. Imagine them under the scorching sun dancing for hours!! Respect sial!

  22. With AB+ you can be a stuntman, F1 driver, gigolo. No worries if the woman bashes you up and causes massive blood loss. I’m O+ so I guess I don’t have to try steal your blood. 🙂

  23. You know.. i’ve had that high protein in my liver myself. It was near 200 actually, and the doctors were very worried.. turned out to be a fatty inflammed liver after some ultrascans… Which went down after I lost some weight and ate less fats.. 😛 So remember to turn away the fatty stuff sometimes

  24. Used to do a lot of Bhangra when I was studying in North India. Really popular with the Pubjabis. It’s in their blodd and they will start doing it even in a disco with techno music. Yeah! but it is a lot tougher than it might look.

  25. It’s very easy to list out the component that they listed in the urine section. As good as one urine dipstick tells it all. And, if your dengue fever is just at its begining or if it’s very mild, it might not even be causing any drop in platelets. Doing other unrelated blood test is just as good as throwing money out in the sea.
    my 2 cents.

  26. Greetings Kenny,
    Its good to know that you’re not taking any risk at all in getting your health checked. Anyway, why go thru all that when you can have one for dengue only? Btw, very creative of you stating an impression of the banghra dance. Come to think of it, yalaaaa… it sure looks like it. How about line dancing next?

  27. kenny….that was cool it more like ur pushing a puppy up and down using both ur hands……
    keep it up DUDE!

  28. haha… i just found this page man… feeling nostalgic after a year passed by…
    anyways, keep up the bhangra kenny, hopefully you’ll be able to improved on it at next years (2008), festival…
    god willing, i’ll be bringing my band over for the fest and we’ll all jave a good time!!
    msian dhol federation!!

  29. Kenny, u shud be screwing the light bulb la instead of pushing two big buttons over ya head. But seriously its a good attempt though. Got me laughin. Very cute.

  30. Wow Kenny. You suck at it. You totally lack the vibrant bounce that is essential in performing the dance. I have been teaching bhangra for the last 30 years and – let me tell you – I know an unteachable bhangra student when I see one. You are certainly unteachable. I mean- just look at your arms! Its sad Kenny. Its very sad.

  31. Bhangra is the most popular community dance of all the Punjabi’s, previously it was played at the time of harvesting season. But now it has acquired Social & Secular character. Bhangra has become the heart & soul of each and every function. Bhangra is most pupolar & one of most ancient folk dances of Punjab State. Its danced with the rhythmic beats of a big drum called Dhol, Flute (Algoje) & Chimta. With each new song dancers change their steps & execute many variations of the dance using some traditional instruments such as Khunde, Chhikkey (Su pp). The costume of Bhangra include common dress of peasants comprising a printed or a plain lion cloth (Chaadra), a loose shirt (Kurta), a velvet waist coat & a colourful Turban (Pagri) & waist best. A loose necklace with golden beads called (Kaintha) is the male jewellary.

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