I Am Hairy

My last entry, I posted this very normal-looking picture up.

And look at the comments flowing in.
“who’s hand is that..the hairy one with the tag? *hair phobia*” — Bean
“Kenny, u got hairy hand ya?!?!?!” — Natasha
“kenny… u r so hairy… eee…” — KeL
“Wah Lao, your hand sibeh hairy lah. Wanna try waxing? Makes me wonder if other parts of your body is as hairy as that~ Hahaha” — Nonnie
Hello? It was just a photo of a WRISTBAND. How come all these people talking about my bodily hair.

Yalah I know I have a lot of body hair. Maybe a little bit more so than the average Chinese guy, but hey that’s just the way I am.
I’ve got hair on my legs. I’ve got hair on my chest. I’ve got hair on my stomach leading down to my *ahem*.
I’ve got leg hair so thick and curly, it looks like it’s got the whole eco-system going on down there.

Back when I was doing Form 3, my school uniform was still the kind with white shirt and tight short pants. I have started growing hair on my legs already. By the end of the first semester my leg hair has become so thick and black and curly, it made me look really bad in schoolboy shorts. No other boys in my class have the same problems. Just me.
I carried the nickname ë¸ç (hairy bro).
It is said if you don’t know who Kenny Sia is back then, all you gotta do is go to the Form 3 classes and look for the guy with the longest leg hair. That would be me.

It’s not easy having a pair of hairy legs.
I can’t shorts when I go out. On occassions that I have to wear shorts (like during an extremely hot afternoon), I risk having my leg hair yanked out by people. Especially girls.
I don’t understand the fascination girls have with my leg hair. Why do they have to yank my leg hair out as hard as they can, at every opportunity they could get?
It’s like, when I joke with them.
“Hahahahaha” *YANK*
When I help them out.
“Eh, thanks ah!” *YANK*
When I ignore them.
Please. Hairy men have feelings too.

I got hair growing at weird places. This one’s on my big toe.

If you put an ant on my leg, he’s gonna have trouble finding his way out of the maze of hair.
One time, I swear I saw a poor tiny little ant crawling around my leg frantically with his miniature-sized torch light and miniature-sized film camera.
When I found that fella stopped moving 3 days later, I took his miniature-sized tape out of his miniature-sized film camera and put it inside my miniature-sized VCR. And it showed this.

It’s true.
Trust me, I tried waxing it off before. Paid a lot of money, hurts like hell and it grew back in like a month. I wonder why I did it in the first place.
Yeah, I am hairy. But my body hair has never been a problem for me. No one ever complains about it.

The reason why hair grow on my body in the first place is because of testosterones. I have lots of ’em. Testosterones come from the testicles. And I have two. HUGE ones. That’s why I’ve got so much hair.
Why would I wanna wax my hair off? It’s a symbol of my manhood manliness. Testosterones are what make men men.
Personally, I would be damn worried if I haven’t got hair on my body, because that would mean I’m still a boy and not a man.
If you’re one of those pansy skinny little boys with not a single strand of hair on your chest, maybe you should be worried instead. Please check if your testicles are still working, thank you.

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Finally got around to watching I Not Stupid 2 on DVD. Sheylara plays the pregnant teacher in that movie.
The hospital scene where the school principal reassured the uncle that he’ll be out in 2-3 days (but he died instead) is so morbidly true yet funny. We always like to offer empty words of comfort to people, even when we don’t know squat about their situation.

214 Replies to “I Am Hairy”

  1. You don’t hear me complaining do ya?
    it makes me who I am la…
    should I start a All-For-Hairy-Men Club?
    NAh! Would be damn gay la.

  2. Kenny, it doesn’t matter if you’re hairy or not, I am still gonna read your blog. And you are made the way you are by God. πŸ™‚
    Take good care. πŸ™‚

  3. hey kenny, u should consider straightening or colour your body hair. hahhahaha!
    no better dont, coz u’ll look like orang utan then :p
    farnie post, dude! πŸ™‚

  4. hi kenny, been enjoying reading your blog, and well never intend to give any comment till i saw this post..i feel that u have my support, but i guess u dont really need it. anyway i consider myself joke by people i know i dont know since young too.. but till i have a gf who enjoys the hairy side of me… i guess sometimes it aint that bad been hairy too ;p

  5. hey dude,
    i wonder you know.with all the hormones there for your hair..i wonder if your lil brother down there is long enough and your two balls must be damn small.Thats what chinese doctor survey once said.because all the hormones are up means that less hormones are down.anyone agree?

  6. Nothing wrong with bodily hair, it’s all natural, especially on men. True that it would be unnatural to NOT have hair. Personally… i don’t much care for men with hairy chests, backs or ears… or nose hair overgrowth. Otherwish it’s all good and manly!! If i ever dated a hairless guy i think i might freak out!

  7. why didn’t you show your hair down there in ass? my friends love to call it “pi gu mao”. It would be a another classic picture for you then.
    this is classic:
    The reason why hair grow on my body in the first place is because of testosterones. I have lots of ’em. Testosterones come from the testicles. And I have two. HUGE ones. That’s why I’ve got so much hair.
    lol, nice one kenny

  8. it has something to do with evolution as it goes along, the ape like features get lesser and lesser so those with more more are slower in the process implicating many possible explainations like, IQ, etc….

  9. Some chinese guys cannot grow hair for shyT. kenny, prolly u’re one of the lucky ones that can have nice mafia-ish goatee. =D
    YOu’re still okay lah, the hairy lv. You should start worrying once you have a carpet on your chest that chicks can wipe their feet on after they bathe.

  10. Did we hurt your feelings joking about your hair?
    If we do, sorry ah.
    For guys, of course it’s way better to be hairy rather than no hair at all(like “steam chicken”). And I bet some girls find hairy guys sexy lagi. You got your hairs proving your manliness and keeping you warm, good hor 毛Γ₯β€œΒ₯~?

  11. Yay! Go for hair!
    I think men with hair were all the rage back in the 70s with hunks like Burt Reynolds making women feverish.
    Then the 90s brought the beach dudes with their 6-pack abs and smooth body. That’s also around the time when Burt Reynolds got old.
    But I can safely say that guys with hair are more macho. I don’t know why girls just can’t get around to appreciating it? Sure, I’ve got long hair around my nipples but like Kenny said it’s due to our large balls.
    Go Kenny! πŸ™‚


  13. Hahaha..i cant help but to agree with you Kenny, in fact i’ve always think that men with body hair are more macho and ermm.. “men”.
    Men who are hairless look so sissy and gay.
    But yours is really… long.. πŸ˜›

  14. Hahaha…. There was a saying that “Hairy” fellas are normally “Ham-Sup” fellas, and the level of “Ham-Sup” is determine by the amount of hair too…
    So don’t worry, now we know you are “that” ham-sup!!! haha…. Wonder if this theory can be used on a woman too????

  15. WOW! U’re really hairy. But no worries..at least you’re not like some ppl with CURLY HAIR on their body. They look like black poodle. And Chinese guys without much hair..really looks GAY..Like “pak cham kai”.

  16. Maybe you could put that Kenny ala Xiaxue pix up on the banner – no questions about your hirsute status then. Hmmm – what would be curious, though, is how Kenny would look with a full-on beard. Imagine – Kenny the Amish..

  17. tips – if you want your body hair to be gone forever, shave/wax it off and use tawas on it everyday, for few months =)
    ~but hairy guys ARE macho.. hehe. but one thing about hairy guys is that they would lose their hair very fast, but still have their hairy body.. hmmm… so their machoness wouldnt last also leh.. ehehehee..

  18. OH MY GOD!
    you are like tarzan, only much much hairer!
    i think you’re like the hairest blogger, ha, conduct a poll and see?!
    anyway, gosh, the poor ant, your big toe even has alot of hair.
    i guess you wont be going yun nam hair care anytime soon.
    eh, but some bald guys have hair everywhere, except their heads.
    but still, im not a big fan of very hairy men.
    some is fine enough for me,
    after all, im indulgent princess.
    and princesses love princes, who are mostly not super hairy.
    but its ok, we love you.

  19. agree.. but then the hairy toe is just simply.. gross… lolx.. plus why would u wax it cos dun u noe once u do that, the hair dat grows back end up to be much thicker.. mayb datz y it’s extremely thick.. haha

  20. hahaha, i cant believe the hype over male body hair. But then again, you unhairy asian males are just jealous.

  21. Keep the hair!!! Imagine a man have clean cut leg… look weird and like a Ah Kua la!!! I’m hairy too and I’m proud of it. Aren’t hairy men look more sexy? hahaha…

  22. Hei Kenny,
    I know exactly how u feel…ive been also been blessed with lots of hair all over…even longer and thicker than yours….
    i esp understan the fact u cant go around town in shorts or bermudas…
    ive also comptemplated shaving/waxing..but just found it too troublesome..after all i sometimes feel shaving facial hair is unnatural…who cares if girls find my whisky hairy face unkissable….

  23. aww. i can’t believe you just posted a whole post on your body hair, complete with pictures. damn brave.

  24. hey man,
    i know how it feels being a hairy guy. i’m hairy too. i have lotsa testosterone too. and it comes from my 2 HUGE testicles! ahahaha …
    looking at your photos somehow reminds me of myself :S
    it’s cool being a hairy guy man. be proud of it!

  25. u’ve lost weight!
    can see the top of your jeans! and your toes!!
    *flops over*
    i dont know if i showed you the smiley face i can make with my belly button, but come september i show you the smiley face i can make with my belly hanging over my jeans.

  26. Screw all those negative comments Kenny, they obviously haven’t tried blowing a hairy cock before,heaven…..

  27. Dude fuck what other people think about ur “hairyness” why would you succumb to society comments regarding your “hairyness” fuck their opinion dude, be proud of your “hairyness” cheers and stand strong DUDE

  28. I find it normal…
    u reminded me of a cuddly teddybear…
    no wonder gals hug u in alot piccies

  29. haaha kenny, i’m chinese, 18 and just as hairy..
    and the best part is i’m proud of it. especially when i roll with my punjabi and indian friends..it’s like a magical bond. it’s just makes us feel so…manly.
    maybe that’s why aladin, his rug and the monkey are such good friends..hmm (sorry off topic.)
    anyways..the hair on toes, i think you should trim them shorter..so that it doesn’t exceed the width of the toe? try it la i think it wud look more presentable..what do we have to lose anyways, hairy man with HUGE balls will have them grown back in no time.
    and the fascination girls have about leg hair…man i dont get it too. they use it whenever they can…especially to threaten you. becareful, if they do it enough…it’s traumatising. urgh. πŸ˜‰

  30. Holy…
    I am 17 years old. And I have much more leg hair than you.
    I’m going to my room to cry now.
    So hairy in fact that I haven’t had a single ant or mosquito bite on my leg since 12. *cries*

  31. To all those girls who love hairy men:
    If a guy wades through a muddy pool, esp a black muddy pool, and when he gets out from it, you will see the mud clinging to each of his hairs on his legs….Yucks…such a frightful sight!

  32. i don’t like the hair on my legs. It makes my pants feel prickly. My chest ain’t hairy but i’ve got a few strands of hair sticking out my nipples. My testicles are moving constantly. Confirmed working. Have a 3-year-old son πŸ™‚ Not entirely a bad thing to have no body hair, can wear any type of clothes without feeling pricked πŸ™‚

  33. Just a mild form of hirsutism. No worries. Start worrying if you demonstrate symptoms of hypertrichosis.

  34. hey man,
    i know how you feel cos i’m hairy too. i have lotsa testosterone because i have 2 HUGE balls too, muahahahaha…
    being hairy is cool man, hahaha. looking at your photos actually reminds me of myself! :S

  35. Eek. Too much info! I’m glad I’m not hairy at all, some girls I know are REALLY hairy, maybe not as hairy as you but really…it’s bad for girls. For men, like you said, is a sign of manliness.

  36. It’s call evolution my friend. Apparently Kenny has’nt evolve completely yet.He might be the 3rd or 4th generation of the prime-ape.
    Apparently those prime-ape dont have big balls~wht more to say the “thing” sticking out from somewhere near the balls.

  37. personally, i prefer hairy men.. i think thats why i hardly ever found chinese men attractive.
    but.. the hair on the big toe! euuuwwwwwww!
    and dude.. you seriously got ALOT of hair for a chinese guy lor…
    ps. i never noticed the hair hand.. just the PINK wrist band..

  38. my bf has very little hair… in fact lesser hair den me. I wont call him a boy. He’s already in his mid-twenties.
    how queer. any hair-growing methods u can recommend?

  39. Men die faster because of testosterone poisoning… that’s why women live longer. hehe… Tall people also die faster than short people… some goes for left handed vs right handed people. I have no statistics for hairy people. But if it’s true that hair is a result of testosterone… sorry… no offense Kenny but you’ve not got all that long…
    Also hair grows back thicker only when you shave, not with waxing. regular (every month in fact) waxing will result in finer regrowth noticeable over a period of about 6 months or so. Not that i’m telling you to wax or anything. Since it’s not gonna stop the testosterone production.

  40. LOL! i guess ur ass”i mean ur buttock” that area sure have hair grow over there!! lol
    im only 19.n not as hairy as u.normal grown.
    but i still hate i have some hair grow on my ass!

  41. I check your blog ‘about me’. Which one is you!!!? you are not hairly at all at your age of 22. Hmm… at your at of 23+ monkey has falls in love with you!!

  42. Just hair nia. what are you worrying about? I got a lot of hairy male-friends and always show their hair to me. LOL thn i report to the teacher….wmahaahahah jk xD

  43. walau eh Kenny chai….like this u oso can blog about it…salute u ahhh…i think you might wanna try a rebonding it may help to tidy it up…at least not that messy….TURST me that works…i oso have alot of hair…kekke but on my head lar…=)

  44. Good one. You give me more confident now. I can proudly suggest my friend to read kennysia.com if they ever call me hairy again. Thank you. πŸ˜‰

  45. i oso wonder why girls like to pluck my body hair…
    anyway men with hairs are man.. no hairs still boy ler…
    high testosterone level means lots of hair and bigger balls….
    go kenny

  46. at least your body hair is straight/wavy type.. thats kinda sexy ^.^ somemore u can cultivate beard shadows wor!
    not those ‘q q’ curly type. disgusting lah. especially ‘q q’ hairs on the legs. puke.

  47. haha, u really looks hairy, but i dun feel weird, i guess i can compare with you, i guess more or less is the same, no different, but the toe part, u win. kenny, u should try traping and killing a flying mosquito with the hair, i tried once before where a mosquito die inside the bushy hair on my leg, it was really odd or should i say fascinating! All the best to all those hairy fellow!

  48. haha, u really looks hairy, but i dun feel weird, i guess i can compare with you, i guess more or less is the same, no different, but the toe part, u win. kenny, u should try traping and killing a flying mosquito with the hair, i tried once before where a mosquito die inside the bushy hair on my leg, it was really odd or should i say fascinating! All the best to all those hairy fellow!

  49. plucking men’s leg hairs is fun for the women… Because you see… no matter how macho and “manly” a man is, his pain tolerance threshold is very very low in all areas hairy… eg, leg and arm hairs (being most accessible) head hair also accessible and equally painful for men who cannot understand how girls manage to painlessly “brush” out the tangles from their hair, and less accessible ketiak hair, chest hair and “ahem” hair. It proves to us women that men are not as MAN as they like to make themselves believe…
    tee hee!! Well that’s MY theory anyway…

  50. next post pl show your hairy back, and the next post show your hairy chest and the next post show everything what you are – an incarnated oranghutan!

  51. Hi Kenny,
    Im also a proud member of the hairy asian guy club. It does make us different. Whilst most guys i know have trouble growing a beard – i can do it overnight! Testosterone is to blame. We can’t help it if we’re too manly!
    Downside is that we’ll probably grow bald at the top earlier coz testosterone is also responsible for that.
    “Hairy… like animal!” – Austin Powers

  52. Can i don’t tok bout hair now? I wanna tok bout Kenny TOENAILS! Oh please get a manicure pedicure or watever cure for it!! IT looks kinda…*faintz*… Go kenny.. do sumthing.. it will lead to smelly feet!!! LOL!..

  53. oooooooooohhhhhh..lots of hair…hair there hair everywhere..
    those hair on your toes!! so long…*faint*
    nevertheless…you’re still cute lah.. ie adorable..

  54. hahaha… guys without hair SHOULD be more worried!! i agree with u kenny… guys without hair are weird.. they are not guy’s with the letter U… they are guy’s with the letter A… GAY’S!!!
    im not saying tat all hairless guys are gays… but it looks gay…
    dun worry kenny.. im also hairy wan… i think im about the same hairy as you… (wut the hell am i talking..??) it what makes us men!!
    and all the girls tat i’ve met b4, never complained about my hairy legs… some even find it sexy… and those girls were junior models… im not joking…

  55. maybe it’s because u waxed it in the first placee that it grew more..
    i love hairy men (have hair in the right places la.) A big No-no to nose hairs, ear hairs and back hairs. Other places ok. πŸ˜›
    but seriously that toe hair pic is scaryy…. it’s like it has a life of its own. πŸ˜›
    kenny! wax it off!!

  56. Unfortunately, high testorene levels also leads to increased hair loss on the head.
    Ironic isn’t it? You have hair everywhere, but losing it where it’s most obvious and important.
    You should be happy, cos I have seen on taiwan news where guys (think they are gay) pay thousands to have some strands implemented on their chest. πŸ™‚

  57. I’m in form3, I have that much of hair on my legs and its been yanked out so much it isn’t proportionate anymore!

  58. dude kenny, you’re lucky already. you should see Robin William (the famous US comedian/actor). His back is a tropical forest itself. That’s y he calls himself “Monkey Boy” in his jokes

  59. dude… i think it’s good to be hairy man. people always ask me if i wax my leg hair.. and even if i say that i dont.. they never believe me.. knnccb.. sigh..

  60. i think u’d like to hear this.
    men blessed with lots of testosterones can roam in pride with lots of hair during their prime ages…however, high levels of testosterones are also the leading factor to why men bald at such an early age. french football star zidane is balding now too at such a young age. i think u should start asking those hair treatment salons what cause pre-mature balding in men. i’m sure testosterones is one of the reason.

  61. my legs are not so hairy, and i get ostracized for it. how i wish i had hairy legs like yours. *envious*

  62. Since you have so much body hair, do you use shampoo on your body to wash your body hair?? ;D
    Btw, do you know that high testerone i also why men is balding early. Just make sure you have hair on your head, more important than anywhere else. Or you might have to start applying sunscreen on your head. πŸ™‚

  63. Since you have so much body hair, do you use shampoo on your body to wash your body hair?? ;D
    Btw, do you know that high testerone i also why men is balding early. Just make sure you have hair on your head, more important than anywhere else. Or you might have to start applying sunscreen on your head. πŸ™‚

  64. kenny… when u pluck your one of your hair for measuring… did u bleed? cos ur rulers seems to have some red stains =000 >__

  65. Hairy ppl are nearing to our distant cousins, apes…when comparing, that means that your are several or more generations nearer to them

  66. Nonnie, awwww… don’t say sorry. I was just using it as a topic starter. πŸ˜‰
    waisun, so I heard. And I’m already starting to lose my hair on my head.
    Mal, those are just red ink lah.
    Ting, you don’t say!

  67. yo kenny…
    see how many girls here said that hairy guys are sexy… hahah.. im sure u dont have to worry bout it lar bro…
    at least ur hair is even… dude, i know a friend of mine who has like spots of hair on his chest.. its like so freaking weird man… u can like see a shape of a country on the left side of his chest.. and the other side is super clean… no hair at all… freaking weird wei…
    and yea man, u did need to tirm those on ur toes… freaking long man… and cut ur toe nails lar!! girls like guys with nice proper looking feet… trust me on this kenny… i know u think u can hide ur feet with ur nice shoe and all… but when u take a chick back to ur place.. then when she sees ur feet in that condition, dude… gone man… u wasted the effort then… u aint gonna get lucky then… hahha… serious dude..
    got two words for ya… TRIM IT!!
    and yea.. u dont have a hairy back right..?? cse that is also a turn off man for chicks…
    hahahaha…. but i got one problem with me… i have hair at all the “right” places… except i have a hair on my ass as well man… damn! but some chicks i’ve met said it kinda sexy… not very sure myself though… hahaha…
    is hairy ass a turn on…??? million dollar question in my opinion… any chicks there willing to let me know…?? hahahahaha…

  68. hairy ass is a major turn off… for me, only one opinion here. like go to grab it and it’s like “eh? when got monkey get in bed?!”

  69. omg !!! the hair *sweat*
    oh yea, how come there is no “not too much hair” option at the poll ???
    i prefer the above one πŸ˜›

  70. hey. KENNY!. lol, i know. ima hairy too okayes. been mocked for it too. so i officially have a phobia of hairy anything. HEH.

  71. OMIGOD!!!one word for u…disgusting!!!! yux!! i wud never ever ever ever date any hairy guy..never!!dude,there are many ways u can get rid of those hairzz…try shaving..no pain but they’ll grow la..eww,nightmare!!…no offence ar..

  72. oh god, you are hairy… but well it do looks normal for guys to have hairs but you have too much of them.

  73. ew ew ew ew ewewew!!!!!!! disgusting! esp that toe hairs.. *shivers in disgust*
    hey kenny.. u r cool, sociable and popular bah….. except that ‘controlled’ part which i don think u r. lolz!

  74. Eeks, too much hair! But take heart. Coincidentally, i had a rather heated discussion with my frens about hairy men a while back. Apparently i am the weird one who likes hairless men. Hairless men are supposedly boy-boy. But i am not changing my opinion. No apes in the bed please. :p

  75. Hey. I’ve read your blog once a while, and this entry makes me so tempted to leave you a comment.
    Hairy men are actually sexy, to me. Haha. I like guys with chest hair. It’s very sex-appealing(to me apparently). I know most of my friends dun like, but well, there’s minority(maybe majority in other countries) who likes man with chest hair! (: So, love them. Heez.

  76. How come got no hair on your face? Weird place not to have hair for a guy with lots of testosterone.

  77. yo kenny,
    i got as much hair as u if not more
    we need 2 be united now
    be proud about having hair, be proud about having no hair whatsoever.
    we were made that way and so u shud accept people for wot they are!

  78. hey…yr DAMN sexy la!!!! im no “steam chicken” but i dont mind having hair like that…god made u that way, can always love yrself…there could be worse stuff than being sexily hairy..like being blind deaf disabled etc…

  79. Wah Kenny, you really advertise well on your wonderland! but we can only see part of the whole landscape… wat about the main attraction-secret garden of eden? gota pay to view hia? Muaha ha ha…..

  80. DUDE, you’re not the only one k? don’t make it sound so bad, i’m in form 3 and i’m as hairy as hell, as hairy as you to make you feel better, but, really, i am a hairy bastard, and definitely in form 3

  81. Hey Kenny, are you sure you were not adopted from the Semonggoh Rehab Centre, eh? Not too many asian are that hairy, eh. Maybe you could let you facial hair grow and then join the circus as the Wolf boy of Borneo, eh (like the wolf boys of Mexico, eh). Joking aside, you rules, eh!

  82. Man u really had a high Testosterone dude,i guess u can really easy jack up the muscle compare to manboy.in reality man with hair is man who are high in Testosterone which mean man with fewer hair is like ladyboy…
    many women find man with hair is attractive because women attract to man gene compare to women gene unless their brain got mentally problem..
    so when the gals said she dont like men hair u better check her body if there is sign of hair in their arm ,leg,face,moustache or even in her arse(i’m not kidding)….

  83. Dude, you are HILARIOUS!XD XD XD seriously what’s up with the photos of your body hair??? lol. No offense there, having tons of hair is perfectly normal but Dude, that is kinda disgusting anyway. But good for you for sticking up for you Body Hair. I’m sure the hairs on your legs and arms and wherever are happy they dun have to part with you and your humor anytime soon.

  84. that’s a big sacrifice..u actually pulled out one hair to measure it…you go man!the things u do for your blog…

  85. of course it’s ok to be hairy.I also have that problem and it’s even worse cause I’m a girl.But I’ve learn to laugh and joke about it rather than cursing it. After all a happy life and family is most important right?And I have that.I would trade a happy life for anything! even extra-hairrier legs!..
    Besides, it’s better if men have hair. If I were a man, i would be darn worried if I had no hair!

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