Talking Soccer With A Girl

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Yesterday I was talking to Cheesie (aka “Weekend Mail Centrefold Girl“) about the FIFA World Cup, and this was what happened. It’s too cute I cannot NOT write about it.

cheesie: how was footie?
cheesie: who won?
Kenny: germany won against costa rica
cheesie: *forgot to make that the first question to ask a guy*
Kenny: hahaa!
Kenny: dun have to lah!
cheesie: u happy? 😛
Kenny: yeah
cheesie: who u support la
Kenny: i support australia. 😛 but don’t think they’ll go far.

FIFA World Cup Ballet Championship

cheesie: what’s the result
cheesie: educate me abit
Kenny: germany 4, costa rica 2.
cheesie: ok
Kenny: ecuador upsets poland 2-0
cheesie: *runs out of ques to ask*
Kenny: so odd to talk soccer with you! 😛
cheesie: harh why got ecuador one
Kenny: ‘cos they… qualified?
cheesie: i tot yesterday one match oni
Kenny: 2 matches!
Kenny: then 3 matches everyday
cheesie: oh
cheesie: oh
cheesie: siao
Kenny: 9pm – 11pm, 12am – 2am, 3am-5am
cheesie: which channel u watch
Kenny: astro loh
cheesie: cheh dun have
Kenny: i watched in the pubs also lah
cheesie: awwww

Red Cross’ newly employed nurses aren’t exactly a pretty bunch

Kenny: there’s a special channel on astro for the world cup alone
cheesie: walao
Kenny: ntv7 also have
Kenny: the popular matches lah
cheesie: then working guys how
cheesie: stay up til 5am?
Kenny: of course not!
cheesie: lol
Kenny: not gonna watch all matches
Kenny: die liddat
Kenny: just the popular ones
cheesie: where is it actually? 😐
Kenny: germany!
cheesie: SORRY!
cheesie: longbia
cheesie: *go reads sports sec*

This is how Brazil warm up their backsides

Kenny: poor girl
Kenny: dun have tooooo
cheesie: have to!
Kenny: why!
cheesie: erm
cheesie: i also want to erm… kepoh
Kenny: still in the early stages. 😛
cheesie: ahh ok.
cheesie: wait til got leng jai team then i watch
Kenny: !!!

Former Deputy PM Musa Hitam claimed Dr Mahathir was suffering from Post-prime Ministerial Syndrome. Wow, I didn’t know even Dr M could suffer from PMS.

86 Replies to “Talking Soccer With A Girl”

  1. I only watch the Highlights (theres one special channel in astro for it)! So get to see how they score.

  2. Please exercise sensitivity before you leave your comments. You can blast me all you want, but if I see anything negative written about anyone else I will ban it. Remember Cheesie is a friend of mine and this entry was done in good fun.

  3. I apologise to Cheesie. It was never my intention to insult her.
    I just wanted to point out a pattern that the girls on this blog only make it here on account of their looks, and not substance. If you’re not remotely hot, you won’t get on, right?

  4. Din, it is not true that women don’t know anything about football aite.. I’ve watched both Germany vs Costa Rica and England vs Paraguay. Both made me very frustrated with those early goals..and that blardy referee for England’s match.

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(
    Quote :
    Kenny: not gonna watch all matches
    Kenny: die liddat

    nonono, be like me , Watch every match. Then blackout the next day XD

  6. not ALL girl like that… 😛
    atleast i know formation ( but when come to real match then i confused)
    hehehhe germany vs costa rica
    i watched till 3 v 2 i fall asleep >.

  7. Today’s Sunday Mail frontpage: Malaysian men prefer football to Angelina Jolie?????
    What’s up guys?
    C’mon have a life. Jolie anytime.

  8. that’s just pure bimbotic stupidity. it’s not expected from everyone to know about soccer but please do not give dumb remarks….

  9. eh guys. its ok lah, girls are liddat wan. some girls i know can really talk football ok. can tell u who is geoff hurst and nobby stiles some more. dun play play.

  10. mexican referee was unfair towards england!! although i dun like england but i look forward a fair game…
    sweden played suckily…
    i slept throughout the argentina match *sulks*
    looking forward to see the samba boys!!!

  11. Hantu Bola supports female footy supporters! WE even have female contributers! But then they have to proof they KNOW what they are talkign abotu first lar… 😀

  12. Haha…. Does that mean Furong jie jie is tat “REMOTELY HOT” to get on
    No offence… Just a question pop up from my coconut while reading the comments of other readers.PEACE!!!

  13. my friend got a nick for herself as “I got POland, is that good or bad?”. Without hesitation, i went to ask her what that is…

  14. Aussie will trash Jap, the new adidas design soccer ball will suit Aussie style of play, expect a lot of goal shooting from 30 meter to trouble the goalie i predict 3 – 0
    Guss Hidick best coach in the world, Harry Kewell is the secret weapon if required

  15. Hey, socceroos, plz lah, it’s Guus Hiddink. Lucky for you can spell Harry Kewell correctly. hehe…3-0??!! Plz lah, again, Australia doesn’t have the World Cup experience like Japan does….you really puzzle me lah….

  16. oh hell! Cheesie’s far from being a girl-football stereotype. I’m a guy and I don’t watch football/soccer nor am I interested in it at all.
    BTW, Cheesie’s damn hot too! 🙂

  17. Cmon England!
    Was quite surprised with the 1 – 0 (own goal) score line. But it’s early. On paper, England look great. They need Rooney to ignite that spark. Cmon ROonEY!!
    Australia can go home le.. hahaha

  18. Cheesie… Havarti and Gruyere are two lovely cheeses. Havarti being semi-soft and Gruyere being hard. 😀
    Nice match though. Netherlands 1 – Serbia 0

  19. my impression is: you only get posted on if you’re a “hoddie” or you’re so ugly you make people laugh. so the intention is to: make the guys/gals jealous and/or to make viewers laugh – both good for business…..

  20. I totally agree with alicia, for some reason … your girlfriends are all of the same variety: “pretty”,”innocent” and dumb. Kenny, I love your blog but men like you make it hard for me to respect the rest of your pack.

  21. Whoknew?
    Some Facts for you
    1.Japan qualify last time by virtue of their host nation status, same as south korea
    2.Japan is in Asian grouping so it is easier to qualify
    3.Australia has to beat former world cup winner Uraguay and some unfavourable referee decisions to qualify this time.
    4. Most of aussie international players are base in europe, uk etc so they are use to playing tough european soccer
    5. they have the best coach in the world, he took south korea to Semi final last time.
    6. their lead up matches are good, beating Greece former olympic champion 1-0 and last week Draw 1-1 against Holand with only nine men vs ten
    ok they may or may not win the cup but they sure will eat japan for breakfast, croatia for launch, Brazil for dinner……. Oops sorry i got carry away, but heh, who would have predicted French will lose to Senagal in last world cup, or Kenny Sia could finish a Marathon run…….we shall wait and see tomorrow

  22. socceroo – play nice or a red card for you -.-”
    cheese girl doesn’t represent all women, just cuz she is ‘blur’ about it doesn’t mean crap. so sick of you people grouping and slipping people into categories… get a life

  23. please ask ur friend cheesie to clean her keyboard lah. you lor, go intro her and her blog so i went to read. after her long nails post, i realise her keyboard dirty sia. i posted a long nice comment to, well. comment on that. hygiene and keyboards, you know? obviously it wasnt published.
    cheesie and her BJ chui. sien. chio ki lan.

  24. Hi Kenny, apart from watching the matches, do you gamble over it as well? Looks like socceer has been powerful for many ages. My parents upset and angry about it coz fear my elder brother glamble over the soccer matches. He gambled to make more bucks. Even when he lost over it, he lost many bucks until asked loan from my parents and even relatives. Malu liao. Sigh!

  25. Leng chai team? She gotta be kidding. Must ask her to check out Michael Ballack. He rawks!!! (pssst… they even got Michael B vibrator leh. I’ve blogged about them too.)

  26. idiota, football, soccer; carpark, parking lot; to-MAH-to, to-MAY-to; same shit different name.
    alicia + laura, how dare you. Who are you to say that all my female friends are dumb? Since when are beauty and intelligence mutually exclusive? Why can’t she be beautiful AND smart at the same time? Cheesie might be clueless about soccer/football but by NO MEANS is she less intelligent than you are. Please, I am not the one propogating the stereotype. You are.
    Why_glamble_over_soccer_matches?, I think gambling if done in moderation is fine. Most of my bets are in 1 digit, never more than 2. If someone gambled until having to loan from parents and relatives, then obviously that person has got some problems.

  27. yes, kenny, people are complaining that you put good looking people here.
    u know wut u should do? put some really FUGLY people, who are super smart, and then have discussions on how the riemann hypothesis was proven!

  28. Well, just because someone doesn’t knows football doesn’t makes them stupid. Like for me, I have no idea why so many people are facinated by a bunch of guys chasing over a ball then kicking it again and again…
    Why chase the ball so hard then kick it away? -_-
    Football will be more fun if they chase the ball, then try to hide it somewhere and let the others try to find it… The football field should be an obstacle course! 😛

  29. Thing is I’m sure kenny appreciates all kinds of women. Be it funny, cute, dumb, smart, fat, thin, kenny so far i see, blogs about girls with a touch of humour (or a whole basket of humour). *Read his blog about slimming products. He’s not afraid to bare it all!*
    If his friend are both funny & lovely, what’s the harm in that? Her soccer questions are cute, so she doesn’t know Rooney to Rinaldo, who cares? Would you condem kenny if he can’t tell the difference between moisturiser and foot cream? would you say he’s a typical male who doesn’t know anything?
    It’s only when we condemn others that’s when it’s ugly. Judge yourself before you judge others.

  30. I never said that the girls you put on your blog are dumb. I just said that it’s the way you portray them. AND, it’s only the pretty girls who make it here, no? All the average lasses you’ve met in your entire life don’t deserve your mention eh?
    It’s either to show off you know leng luis, or to make fun of them.

  31. no more time to read…. sorry kenny
    no more time to talk to my galfriends… no offense but all of ’em as clueless as cheesie…
    no more time to sleep… except in office when no one’s looking 😛 hehehe

  32. The name socceroos makes me wanna laugh…can’t they be more creative in naming their teams?? Why they have to link everything with the “roos”?
    i hate kangaroos…

  33. Because kangaroos are a ‘national symbol’ of australia that’s why.
    It’s just a nickname, why get so worked up about it?
    Australia 3 – Japan 1
    What a match! 3 Goals in the last 10 minutes.
    Bring on Brazil i tells ya!

  34. alicia, this is where ur sala leh!
    cheesie = average, no? lol. see? average girls also get mentioned mah. 🙂
    i think FA chioest lor. and hottest. never see minishorts b4..the rest can long pia – cursory first glance through.

  35. I never said that the girls you put on your blog are dumb. I just said that it’s the way you portray them. AND, it’s only the pretty girls who make it here, no? All the average lasses you’ve met in your entire life don’t deserve your mention eh?
    hmm, only you seems to think that kenny potrayed his female friends as dumb, pretty and clueless.. weird.. weird..

  36. it’s football … not soccer … we shd be using british english … :).
    btw, I think kenny put them up here not bcos they are dumb … but bcos they are funny … so that we all laugh with kenny and his many girl friends.
    if any of the readers hv problem with tat, just get off the blog … no one is asking u to read anything here … ok?

  37. I agree with Oblivion and Idiota2 – it’s FOOTBALL since the game’s inception. Rugby, is a spin-off of football. American football evolved from rugby, duh! The word “soccer” was coined by the North American to relate to a game played with a spherical ball. Soccer is a corruption of the word “assoc” – derived from association football.
    So Stoney, please check before you try to convince readers that football only relates to American football. Knowing the Americans, they are in denial of where their language is from.

  38. i usually watch the highlights on the news though !
    since i dun have the luxury of staying up that late to watch the game wif my fellow pals !
    It’s too degrading for me !
    how can you spend the whole night drinking beer and eating kacang non-stop all through the night ! !
    for a month at the very least ! !
    HEE HEE (unless you have made a BET ! )

  39. the word “soccer” wasn’t coined by north americans. it was coined by the british. seems like americans aren’t the only ones clueless about “soccer’s” origins ^_^

  40. Hahaha….a funny one~ Anyway, umm…i wouldn’t say all girls are like what one called ‘stereotype’ …cos i know i definitely wouldn’t be in those groups or category. Yupp, believe it or not, my bf and i supported Australia too (we are Msians) and hish…what a waste to lose to Italy in that manner! Hahah…although i know a lot(which includes my dad n bros) may have bet on Italy but in a way, i still didn’t think that was a fair trial~ (Just my opinion anyway)

  41. I think I could be as well-read as Kenny about the world cup. I get a daily briefing from my driver then the boys will usually talk and my ear will do the rest. But it’s okay. I tried talking to the girls about Zidane in the finals. They looked at me like I was fucking retarded

  42. Boy who doesn’t know bout Football & Cars = ME
    =P The last pic of a team looks like the front guys are getting it from BEHiND

  43. I Absolutely recognize what your position in this issue is. However I would disagree on some of the smaller points, I feel you did an awesome job explaining it. For sure beats having to research it on my own. Cheers.

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