Singapore Jia Xiang Kolo Mee Vs Authentic Kuching Kolo Mee

Gorgeous Mia Tan told me about a shop claiming to offer authentic Kuching Kolo Mee near her place in Orchard, so we made a date to pop in there one evening to have a look.

Kolo Mee is such an inseparable part of the whole Kuching culture. Ask any true Kuchingnite living overseas what they miss most about their hometown and they would all invariably say,
“Kolo Mee… Laksa… Tomato Kueh Teow…”
“How about Mommy and Daddy?”
“Oh ya, almost forgot! Mommy and Daddy too!”

We Kuchingnites LOVE our Kolo Mee. No, it’s not the same as Wanton Mee in the Peninsular or Char Siew Mee in Singapore.
Our noodles are firmer, curlier and tastier than our western counterparts. The noodles are quickly cooked in boiling water, drained then ‘dry-tossed’ (hence the name ‘kolo’) in a bowl containing a concoction of soy sauce, char siew oil and fried garlic oil for the extra oomph!
The result is a delicious, aromatic and addictive bowl of noodles that’s good to savour anytime of the day.

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee is a fairly new chain of restaurants by a Kuchingnite living in Singapore. They pride themselves being the first in Singapore to offer the signature dish at their outlets, with the noodles specially air-flown in from Kuching to guarantee authenticity.
Their restaurants must be doing quite well from what I can see. We were there a bit past dinner time at 7:30pm and the tables were still about 80% full. Either there are lots of Kuchingnites in Singapore, or Singaporeans are starting to warm up to our yummy delicacy.

Jia Xiang seems to have gotten a bit creative with their menu. Their recommended dish is kolo mee in soup or topped with prawn and abalone.
I don’t think there’s anyone in Kuching who eats kolo mee with abalone. 😐

Got myself a cup of ice-cold Luo Han Guo (Air Mata Kuching) to round up the experience.

As far as I’m concerned the “default settings” for kolo mee is dry, topped with bak chor (pork mince), steamed vegie and char sio (BBQ pork). Anyway, that’s what we ordered instead of their recommended dish.

This is Singapore Jia Xiang’s version of the Kuching Kolo Mee (SGD$ 3.90 / RM9)
Compare that to the RM2.20 Kolo Mee you can get anywhere in Kuching.

An actual Kuching Kolo Mee. LG Chocolate not included.

I say it’s pretty good.
One bite on the noodles… once the taste engulfed my mouth and immediately I knew I’ve got authentic kolo mee right there. This is it! This is what I’ve been eating growing up, people! Of course, I know.

Jia Xiang Kolo Mee Vs Kuching Kolo Mee

I do have some minor gripes like the amount of bak chor was a bit too much, a bit too dark and the vegies tasted a bit different for my liking, but overall it’s pretty close to the real deal.

I cringed a bit when I saw Mia and Eugene mixing their Kolo Mee with sambal. I’m not sure why Jia Xiang done it that way, probably to cater to local tastes, but this is the first time I’ve seen sambal offered as the default condiment to kolo mee.

Over here, we eat it with seasoned cut chillis. I think they do offer cut chillis as options. It’s just puzzling the sambal is there by default.
Another thing that came across as bizzare to me is the decor.

It’s odd that for a restaurant serving Sarawakian food, the interior is furnished with ancient Chinese furniture. Most of the staff they employed are from mainland China (as evident from their distinctive accent) and they’re even dressed up in traditional Chinese restaurant workers outfit.

Say hello to the very shy (and pretty) Maggie. You can order anything you want from the menu, but you can’t order Maggie Mee.

What’s up with that? What if people think Kuching is not in Malaysia, but in China? Then how?
Will I still be asked to “drive down the causeway from Kuching to Singapore” by my less-informed friends?
I do have to give Jia Xiang full marks for one thing though.

This is the definitive but often omitted ingredient to a good bowl of Kuching Kolo Mee. I don’t care what you put inside, it is NOT Kolo Mee if it’s not served inside the chicken bowl!
Everything tastes better in the chicken bowl.

Apart from a few oddities I’d still call it a true blue Kolo Mee experience at Jia Xiang. The noodles itself is 100% authentic and a definite must try. The decor, toppings and condiments (sambal wtf?), I’m not too sure.
Overall, it passed the authenticity test and I’m giving it a generous 7.5 out of 10. Just remember not to take kolo mee with sambal.

Want some?

This has been going around from inboxes to inboxes, but just in case you haven’t seen it, here are some important rules for women during the FIFA World Cup 2006.

180 Replies to “Singapore Jia Xiang Kolo Mee Vs Authentic Kuching Kolo Mee”

  1. Interesting post, but cruel. Everyone at work is salivating after reading this post. But Malays cannot eat kolo mee, so will never know this experience. How? Can you please find a close substitute, so everyone can enjoy it. Thank you.

  2. well.. i’ve been to this stall and i swear to myself that i’ll never step into it again.. personally find the noodles not to my liking and its expensive.. my colleague ordered for additional noodle and they charged her freaking $2!

  3. OMG i didn’t know that tomato kueh tiaw is also part of a kuchingnite everyday diet..
    I think u should include the whole of Sarawak because kolo mee is not just kuching’s fav, just that it’s done different in sibu or other places. Bintulu has got both version which is awesome! I can have kuching kolo mee in the morning, and sibu kolo mee at nite! *yum*
    P/S: sambal with kolo mee? ewwwwww
    I MISS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chicken bowl!!! granted… not the original chicken bowl… but at least they tried…
    IMHO… looks like too much bak chor and not enough char siew.

  5. can find Kolo mee of Perth’s version Hawkers, Northbridge. Well, all i can tell have to eat when you have no choice. Dont get me wrong. It taste okay just that it’s different version from Kuching’s. ^_^

  6. CB: Yeah you are right, I miss Seria Mee Stall in Brunei. Kenny should definitely try some if he’s here. How much? $1.50!! Beat that Singapore. Although the kolo mee there is good but my persoanly must-have favourite is chow kuey teow with hor pau tan (egg sunny side up or over easy).
    Sisuahlai: I’m sure you can find halal version of the kolo mee. In Brunei we have halal version of several popular chinese dishes. Perfect when I hang out with malay friends. No, we don’t put sambal in kolo mee.
    Kenny: If you ever want to come to Brunei, I’ll be your personal tour guide. Although it’s not much in night life (No clubs/pubs) but the air is good and the rainforests here are amazing.

  7. i actually went to that same shop just last week when i was over in Singapore for some work. I swore that I wouldn’t go there again even though it’s so damn near my Singapore office. It wasn’t as good as the real thing, though I like the bowls…and the sambal? Somebody please just kill the person who made it! Never mind the fact that food there was a bit pricey, but so-so food for that kind of price is just such a turn off.

  8. I was just thinking of this particular stall recently! I was there too the last time I went to SG and the Kolo Mee is nice. The chicken bowl was what caught my attention n good points too. Not the decor n the mainland chinese waitresses and waiters.. i agree with you.
    For those wondering where it is, its somewhere in China Town if i remembered correctly, around some corner…

  9. wahhh… looks darn good either way! now i know what the ubiquitous kolo mee is that my kuching friends always moan and dream about 😛
    i encountered the chicken bowl in amsterdam!

  10. What the F is “QQ feeling” that is written on the Kolo Mee pack..
    and what the F…sambal with Kolo Mee ? Song Swee Guan is turning in his grave…waitaminit he is not dead.

  11. kolomee can be found at Hawker’s Cuisine in Northbridge,’s in chinatown. Havent tried that myself, but both my friends complain it’s served a lil bit cold, not steaming hot. weird.

  12. QQ means curly curly…
    sambal with kolo mee?
    they think the kolo mee was being bbq…
    luo han guo are tung kua liang cha…
    original chicken bowl where got that deep…
    nice intro and next month will be sponsored by Jia Xiang kolo mee… 🙂

  13. Ahhh….the chicken bowl….its a MUST in every household. My all time MUST HAVE is the blue soup/rice bowl. None of those namby-pamby small Japanese style bowls they sell at department stores, but the rather large blue bowls.

  14. kenny… in KL also got liaw… i found 1 shop.. actually 2 shops… have sarawak food, both is located in Tmn Megah in SS24 PJ…
    1. Restoran Gembira – Kuching Laksa, Kolo Mee
    2. Restoran Tmn Megah Good Luck – Tomato Kueh Tiaw, Kuching Laksa, Kolo Kueh Tiaw
    For (1), both laksa n mee is good but the mee is quite thick…
    For (2), tomato kueh tiaw is good although abit sour compare to kch 1, laksa not as good as in (1), kolo kueh tiaw is ok…

  15. hello,, i also found one kuching konlo mee at singapore’s china town,my aus fren insisted on trying it..crap i can pay rm1.1 while i’m back at home and now in sing i need 2 pay tripple for a ball of kon lo mee… ‘-‘””

  16. Dude, can you tell me where exactly is this restaurant in Orchard? I’m gonna give it a try…

  17. Hi kenny,
    Dunno whether my info is outdated anot but i think i remember Mia is one of XX’s most hated enemy which she devoted one whole entry about her some time ago.
    Will XX kill you when she finds out? =P

  18. im one of d overseas kuchingnite.. studying in kl. yup, kenny’s rite, there’s ntg i miss more abt kch than kolo mee.. excluding my family of course. make me wish so so much i can go back home.. though kl got lotsa varieties of food, but there’s really ntg like a good bowl of “kolo mian”!!

  19. Hey Kenny, this Kolo mee you said is just about the same as the Hakka Mee you can get here in K.L.
    Hakka Mee is not the same as the normal Wanton mee. Maybe you should try it out. There’s one I know in Sri Petaling that serve really good Hakka Mee.
    As far as I can see from the picture you showed, it’s just about the same!

  20. Hey Kenny,
    Is it possible to tell me the address for this place where u had the kolo mee or how to get there??I have nv really taste authentic kuching food before..Am thinkin of visitin it when I’m goin back to Spore/Msia this late June for a short Uni break 4rm Aussie. Thanx heaps! =)

  21. Their 3 outlets in Chiantown are at 271 New Bridge Rd, 191 New Bridge Rd and on Smith Street. The one I’ve gone to is the one near Somerset MRT, but I have no idea what their address is.

  22. Kolo mee can be found in western part of Malaysia also. Kolo mee is a part of Fook Chow people’s traditional. Most Sarawakian are Fook Chow people, Kenny sia u are wrong leh, Fook Chow people can be found in western part of Malaysia also, a small town call Sitiawan and Ayer Tawar, there also got Kolo Mee. but not like sarawak kolo mee, this one is black colour one, definately not wanton mee. Sitiawan people call it kolo mee also, different from sarawak kolo mee is colour only mah. Kenny should come down and see if it pass the kenny authenticity test

  23. theres a malay version of “kolo mee” in kuching. using beef to replace the pork. for malays in kuching, its freaking beautifulll! 😛 we grow up eating it too and will always miss it after a few months away from kuching! even the malay style kolo mee is unavailable elsewhere! thanks a lot to the chinese who introduced kolo mee 😛 though our version might not be that good for u guys, its a whole lot for us! 😛

  24. first time in this post. anyway, next time you are in sg, can also try the sarawakian shop in basement of parkmall. same type of food, but personally, i prefer that shop to the jiaxiang store.

  25. Hmm..
    Am a kuchingnite but not a huge fan of Kolo mee.. (GasP!!) heh.
    Anyways, i think it’s friend onion/shallot oil they use in the kolo mee right? not fried garlic? i could be mistaken. But the spring onion garnish seriously gives it the omph.
    Last time i had it was at KY cafe and i had to wait close to 20 mins! not because they were slow but the guy probably had to make 30 bowls/order before he did mine.
    But you re right Kenny. Kuching = Kolo Mee man 🙂

  26. hey Kenny,
    u made me miss the KOLO MEE in kCH so so much! havent got any in New Zealand…sigh! anyways,going back to KCH in 2 weeks time! can u tell me which shop in kCH has the most yummy KOLO MEE???

  27. can somebody tapao and send it here to me.. damn i miss kuching so much!! argh!!! kenny u evil!

  28. Wah hungry leh…close up shots of the oily mee looks really appetizing man. ):
    Can’t wait to return to Kuching man…green road kolo mee…ahh

  29. I miss open-air “ang mee”
    Omg. Even when i was in Kuching i rarely went there but that is the best in this world. No joke. There is no other place which can make ang mee like them. Hahaha 🙂
    Delicious. Where did u eat the Kuching kolo mee?

  30. Calvin, Sarawak Kolo mee 乾撈麵 is not same the Kampua 乾拌麵which originated from Foochow and followed the migration to Sitiawan and Sibu. Shape, texture, condiment and gravy of 乾撈麵 and 乾拌麵 are quite different.
    Sarawakians 沙勞越 gots to have the “æ’ˆ” in our signature noodle!

  31. just to help you guys out, the mysterious stall i kidnapped Kenny to, is over at Killiney Road, exit sommerset mrt, past the skate park, furthur down the famous kaya toast.
    if u need company for makan, i’m just one street away.

  32. Kenny, u sure know how to take pictures! It makes me hungry especially the last picture.
    I always thought that it’s “Kon Lo” mee like what people called in KL…but after i saw the first picture…it is called KOLO MEE!!!

  33. those in singapore, if u guys wanna eat good kolo mee, head to bedok. there’s a stall selling kuching kolo mee, and they even do it red!!! bedok food center! think they opened way before this jia xiang kolo mee….

  34. i heard bout this frm a fren workin in sg before. its nice u blog bout this, now i’ve seen it. rm9 for a kolo is bloody expensive compare to rm2.20 in kch. but its like that in sg currency. nice post.thanks.

  35. coincidently that my fren who just came back in town wanted some kolo mee.. he told me to try the one in 10th mile.. anyone know the place?

  36. wooo…..totally agree with WKlim this restoran gembira just located in taman megah is da one i test most authentic kolo mee and belive me is not only GOOD….IS JIAK GOOD Ok…is just beside MING TIEN foodcourt only ,for those who like KOLO MEE must come and tatse it…opening time 0630-1400 A family business tat consist of an old COUPLe from MIRI business time is six days per week.monday off…kekekeke
    OHH they serve KAMPUA as well..for those SIBU LANG…who miss KAMPUA so so much this will be ur reward…take LRT to taman bahagia take 5 minutes walk and u sure see RESTORAN GEMBIRA…belive me u won’t regret it…kekeke..
    OHH for SARAWAK laksa KAKI…proceed to KLCC convention centre foodcourt=AISAN DELIGHT beside NINKII RAMENTEN sure u find it valuable REMEMBER….ask for kuah kau kau hahahaha…the managing director is KUCHING KIA..AND ALL SAMBAL IS HOMEMADE AND IMPORT FROM KUCHING..kakaka
    ohhh..ohh CALVIN da kolo mee u say is refer as foo chow “KAMPUA PUA DUO YU”…means kampua stir with soya sauce hahaha…for ur info not only setiawan,ayer tawar only but cheras area and sepang also a lot of HO CHEW LANG lahh…chi kakakakaka..
    and from wat i noe chin peng,botak chin is from setiawan kakakakakakaka….

  37. oooooo…am literally salivating jus reading about it…n looking at d pics made it worse..gud thing am going back to Kuching next week.Altho Jia Xiang quite gud,d taste is a bit off,imho.Mayb not enough pork oil,n der shud b a hint of sourness..n d chicken bowl very big but d kolo mee inside very little 🙁 n yeah,y eat kolo mee wif sambal?very weird..

  38. Q Q means like..chewy chewwy n springy.. something like that i guess.
    personally ive tried the one at chinatown..think its pretty much ok.
    noodles tasted like springy instant noodles, a little saltier than the usual wanton noodles in singapore n the miced pork…
    its about a 10mins walk from china town MRT

  39. i was sick of kolo mee for a while. but your entry makes me hungry! i want kolo mee for breakfast tomorrow!!

  40. yummy yummy kolo mee…. kch’s kolo mee?? undefeatable… whenever my uncle comes bk from kl, he surely ask us 2 bring him 2 eat kolo mee…. feel like eating a… although its midnight now… hiakz~~~

  41. voom: i thought using beef intsead of pork is called gu bak mee? Not exactly kolo mee, but nice also in its own way

  42. if you go to Miri, its only rm 1.70 for a bowl of kolo mee. i think its still the best kolo mee i’ve ever tasted. the bintulu and sibu kampua lose lah.. coz they put kicap and the mee not so stringy haha. then the sabahans have the second worse kolo mee coz they put other stuffs like BitterPlant (Ku Gua or whatever the right speeling is). the worse kolo mee is the one at KL.haha. and penang laksa is so wekkkkk!, sarawak laksa tastes better.

  43. damn you kenny!!!! i am so hungry now and i want to eat something! saliva generating non-stop. gahh!!!oneone11satu!1satu! hate you

  44. well done, Kenny, for starting a round of Kolo mee discussions! for one who hasnt thought of kolo mee for years, all these comments have made me recalled the texture, the taste, the smell of kolo mee… think i am starting to miss home?? Actually i reckon i miss Kuching Laksa even more!! There is no laksa anywhere else in this world as unique as the Kuching Laksa. cheers!

  45. KAMPUA & KOLO MEE not the same k?? where got the same. Each has it’s own taste but I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!!!
    whr can get kolo mee in auckland ar???? I want them!

  46. i’ve never been to sarawak b4 so i dunno what is the difference between the original sarawak kolo mee and the sarawak kolo mee in kl lar…
    but it looks nice to me in pictures lar…
    miss malaysian food… =(
    p.s. im in new zealand now.

  47. For me Kolomee is always my first choice of breakfast. Without kolomee = boring breakfast. Man… I can’t seem to get tire of kolomee anytime soon.

  48. *salivates* even though i’m not from kuching, but my most missed food being overseas is kolo mee….i want some!!!!

  49. Kenny if you happen to be in Sri Aman I will treat you to our town best Ah Lek kolo mee at the open air market! cost from RM1.5 to big RM2 Best wishes!

  50. OMG Melbourne has many authentic Malysian dishes but nothing like that nooooooo now im starving!! Thanks a lot Kenny:P

  51. Go to Sri Aman man, there’s a kolo mee stall at the hawker centre that’s been there since I was a kid, and he really knows his noodles.. Hehe..

  52. As locally born in Kuching and eat Kolomee for more than 30 years.
    KAMPUA & KOLO MEE is different, as kolok mee may serve in dry or soup.
    But KAMPUA only dry. (soup serve seperately)
    Kampua server with Chili source and Kolo Mee server with cut Chili (red one only).
    But sadly, now i have to eat dry mee with black soya source and green cut Chili.. don’t ask the taste..#%&@*

  53. sambal chilli on dry noodles is common in spore
    what is uncommon is
    i once queue behind a young lady and saw her order seafood soup
    and she proceed to put 2 spoon of red chilli
    and then 2 spoon sambal chilli on the soup
    what taste is left of the soup i no know
    but her skin complexion is good. hmm?

  54. haiya y so sadly hint already given address already given wat u need to do is just proceed to da location as mention there….to have ur kampua and kolo mee or sarawak laksa so wat so darn difficult open 6 days a week dun tell me dun have time go out ahh….want da fella HP number i also got just ask me for it lohh…hahaha…
    taman bahagia LRT STATION 5-10 minutes walking distance to MING TIen foodcourt just opposite da ming tien foodcourt shop houses only….SS24 taman megah RESTAURAN GEMBIRA…
    VALIDITY: sibu,kuching or sarawak kia at KL only

  55. QQ on a packet of noodles is as random as GG on a pack of cigarrettes.
    yeah like everyone else who wasnt hungry before…im hungry now..
    thank you Kenny 🙁

  56. Kenny,
    Is KOLO hokkien? I can’t quite make out why KOLO = dry tossed.
    To me, “KOLO” is where we store our servers. LOL.

  57. Hey Kenny,
    Where is it? Anyway, if you’ve been in S’pore often enough, you’ll understand why the preoccupation with ‘sambal chilli’. S’pore’s ubiquitous noodle dish is ‘bak chor mee, hiam chio jway’ or dry minced-pork mee, with extra sambal chilli’. But I do agree that the Kuching kolo mee is good enough without the chilli!

  58. Ja Xiang kolomee is nothing(!!) compared to the authentic kolomee stall in BEDOK. This one is located inside the coffee shop next to Bedok Library, which serves heavenly RED KOLOMEE & LAKSA (noodle also air flown daily from Kuching). Priced at S$3 for a bowl of kolomee & $3.50 for laksa, both are to die for!! My 2-cent worth for all the Kuchingite residing in Singapore.. DIE DIE MUST TRY!

  59. I passed by Jia Xiang Kolo Mee at Chinatown everyday on the way to work but never try it out. Guess one day i must stop by n try it.
    Chocolate: Bedok also got kolomee? At $3 somemore? Sigh…but Bedok is so far from my place. 🙁

  60. Meh… I pass by the Kolo mee place everyday; It’s just a 5mins walk from my office. The noodles is actually quite nice… But the quantity is damn little and DAMN expensive.
    And gawd knows how they serve us our noodles so quickly when we’ve hardly settled down in our seats.
    My colleagues all commented that it tasted like a cross between highclass maggi mee and wanton mee haha. Anyway, the sambal may not be authetic, but I can say it definitely improved the taste. Guess it’s really more for Singaporeans 🙂
    Do come by SG again soon! Heh.

  61. have tried the noodles once..
    found it over priced..
    i can get it at $2 or $3 at most hawker centers…just like bak chor mee to me 😛

  62. Yaa.. Bedok one definitely beats Jia Xiang by 101% Even my Singaporean colleagues are hooked on their red kolomee. The location is a bit out but we do not mind to travel all the way there just to fulfil our craving. Love it!

  63. miri kolo mi from the kai chook people best kwa. saturday night i just ate three packets at one go lei. *burp* friday night also. *burp burp*

  64. hi there,
    Watch chef Hong (fr Taiwan) shot a food programe in kuching few months back. he mention about a old kopitiam in kuching town selling very good kolo mee with soup of pig kidney, liver, etc etc.. does anyone know where the address or landmark of how to go there. seems to be very famous. good to try.

  65. At first i was so tempted to try cos look n sound so nice… but…the kolo mee in the last pic look like they just swam in oil!!!!.. Maybe its like char kuay teow, oily but addictive.

  66. Hi,
    Yes. Just read about the Bedok Laksa/Kolo mee. Went all the way there from Alexandra to Bedok for lunch. Wah… BEST!!! Laksa was Average. Good taste and Flavor. But I tought could be more lemak/Thicker.
    Kolo mee was only so so lah. I thought needed more oily. Miss the Kolo mee at corner of Carpenter Street.
    I’m spreading the news to all the kuching-nites living in Singapore.

  67. those are unbelievably the most gorgeous pics of foods that i’ve ever seen on a blog ! !
    now that’s for real man ! ! !
    You’re already making me hungry at work !
    damn you !

  68. Hey Kenny.. it’s your Berjaya Garden neighbour here.. I was searching thru all the websites and google kolo mee and suddenly I came to your page.. Good work you’ve done here.. It’s really great to hear so many post and comments in your kolo mee blog and I think I should contribute abit..
    For Kuching people, I think it’s a good try for you to go to a place in Green Road for their kolomee.. I don’t know if it has changed but it’s one of the best kolomee I’ve tasted.. it’s right opposite the Green Road Secondary School bus stop in front of Lorong Sockalingam (If I remember the name correct!).. yum!
    For people in KL.. maybe people near to Wangsa Maju.. there’s a shop called Penang Red Light Corner which is at the corner of the traffic light in front of Menara Alpha which have a stall of Kuching Laksa and Kolo Mee.. not that authentic and real.. but it’s supposingly “air flown” from Kuching… The lady boss is from Poh Kwong Park Kuching and I reckon that kills the cravings for the Kuching Kolo Mee in KL.
    As In Singapore, I know there’s a food court erm.. just next to the KFC at Bukit Batok MRT that serves Tomato Kueh TIaw… I was there earlier this year and wanted to try it but it seems like it never open.. (Chinese New Year break I reckon!)
    As for Melbourne, I still can’t find a place for Kuching Laksa and Kolomee.. the only one I have is the swallow brand laksa paste that I “air flown” myself from Kuching.. But has been around 2 years that I didn’t go back to Kuching.. so.. Kindda miss everything after reading all these blogs. I’ve had curry laksa… penang laksa… everything here but Kuching Tomato Kuen Tiaw and Kolo Mee.. I tried asked the Malaysian Chef who lived with me and worked in a Malaysian Restaurant here in MElbourne to cook for me and all they say is just.. Yuck.. you people from Sarawak don’t know how to eat.. tomato kueh tiaw tasted so sweet.. blah blah blah and he refuses to cook it for me.. It’s so simple.. just wak tan hor.. add some ketchup on it! Bleh.. they suck..
    Anyway.. I better stop here with the kolomee story and so on..

  69. Patrick Ho,
    I am a frequent traveller around and would be glad to get you the sarawak laksa,… I m a good cook as well and would be able to teach u making a real bowl of sarawak laksa.
    As for the kolo mee, sorry,.. I can’t help.
    Address for Jia Xiang kolo mee in china town Singapore is the row of shop opposite people’s park or maybe I should say,.. few shops before Lim Chee Guan (BBQ pork/beef). Enjoy!

  70. Bedok one is much better then this Jia Siang kolo mee.
    Jia Siang kolo mee are mainly made by China man. do you thing they know what is real Kuching kolo mee ?
    S3.90 for a small bowl ?????

  71. as what i knew, Seria Kolo Mee in Brunei Is from Sarawak, GREEN ROAD Kolo mee. is the Best. if GREEN Road kolo come to singapore. i am sure the No1 will be NO 2.

  72. i agree… all kuching kia not in kuching will miss kuching kolo mee like hell.. i hav frens in kl who come back and tapau 20-30 packs of kolo mee back to kl. when they come back to kuching, they can eat kolo mee everyday.. never miss… and never bored… especially the green road kolo mee. the corner shop one.
    btw, there are 2 kolo mee shops there.. the centre one is with the minced meat. but the corner one is without the minced meat. but i like the corner one though, coz it’s garlic and shallot oil taste better. some more it’s only RM2.20 per bowl. cheap and delicious.
    but it’s good though for those living in singapore, they can hav a taste of their home.

  73. Ate jia xiang kolo mee twice at differet branches. One at Outram Park and the new branch at Upper Thomson Road. Wouldn’t go for 3rd times as kinda dissapointed with the quality and quantity. Think 4 mouths can finished already. Acutally just found out another kolo mee stall at Geylang. Maybe next time can try. Btw, SG’s lui cha also nice. yummy!

  74. Hey I’m a Kuchingite staying in Singapore. Where to get Kuching LUI CHa in Singapore?? Please tell!
    Can make a list of where to get Kuching food or not? Haha. I’ve been to the Jia xiang one a couple of times. Quality is there, but quantity … err … and considering its so damn ex … But its once in a while okay la I guess.

  75. Wow, make me miss home a lot lah:( hate u 😛
    Its don’t have any in Ireland. I love kolo mee but ‘LENG PUA’ taste nicer ^o^

  76. hai kuching kia…there is tomato kueh tiew in kl lah. rest megah good luck, ss24, tmn megah. taste good this time. they do sell laksa as well. go there last week…have improvement from the first time i tried 5 months ago. think the laksa taste better then the gembira side especially when you mix with the sambal…yummy, the soup is thicker…oh!!! makes me want to go again tomorrow. miss kch food lah. they dont sell kolo mee…sad, but the kolo kueh tiew taste still have the kch taste. recommended to try.

  77. Hello from a half Singaporean half Kuchingnite,
    Nice blog! Thinking of add a link from my site.
    Tried the Jiang Xiang Kolo at Vivocity, Singapore. Decor-wise, it looks at if Kuching is part of China… Taste-wise, the soup was pretty salty… Actually, the only saving grace was the sambal. And yes, we mixed our sambal into the noodles. =)
    Never actually had the opportunity to taste great Kolo in Kuching… the ones I tried always leave a bad taste in the mouth, maybe I’ve been going to the wrong places?
    Absolutely love Sarawak laksa though. A must buy whenever I’m in Kuching. Hopefully the stalls in Singapore can make good Sarawak laksa!!

  78. I visited Kuching on June 2006 and of cos did tried some kolo mee. Kolo mee in kuching was nice but i think i prefered Kuching’s laksa more that Kolo mee. While in singapore haven’t got chance to taste S’pore’s kolo mee ..hehehe but did tasted some in KL which is …aduuuh… i only ate 1 bite so you can imagine how it tastes…hahaha.
    ooooh, the kolo me i tasted in kuching costed me RM3.50 …oooh got cheated…haha

  79. As a S’porean I been to sarawak for many time and I have try many kolo mee stal in singapore but to my opinion I still prefer the no. 1 stall at Blk204 Bedok .

  80. yup yup….i hv tried many stalls in spore here. according to my research, bedok central (near bus interchange)one is the 1st stall in spore. the laksa there is even better n delicious than kuching one. it’s yummy! i really like it. the kolo mee also good…those has not try, sure must try one…..

  81. Hi all, i had tried both, jia xiang mee is too salty actually, still canot compare to kuching one.
    As for the bedok one, most of the time i eat laksa instead. the kolo mee abit to dry. not as nice.
    As for Laksa, something is not right. The real Kuching Sekama one is the best.

  82. im in NZ now.. man you make me.. so.. hungrry.. i am so desperate for some kolomee!!!!!! anyone know in Auckland got or not?????? tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Just went to Jia Xiang at Vivo last night. Great disappointment not with the food but with the usher. I am not expecting high service standard but just yearn for some human treatment.
    And yes, there is no longer SGD3.90/bowl noodles.
    I ordered 3 bowls of SGD5.90 noodles at 720pm. I have receipt reflected the time. At 745pm, we were told by the usher, we have stayed too long and we have to LEAVE!!
    At that point of time, we just put our chopsticks down and about to order drinks n fried wonton!!
    I neednt explain more the details of the waiting time, the eating. Anyone could calculate the time difference from 720pm to 745pm.
    Never again. If you would know the boss of Jia Xiang, do let him know of the problem!!
    Maximizing the time to fetch higher turn over, I would understand. But please, give me a break!! That was dinner!!! And, i was about to order MORE!

  84. Yeah… I’m from Kuching and i can tell you that kuching’s kolo mee is the best of all… Try the one at green road opposite chong lin plaza, or the one behind Sarawak Plaza, or Open Air, or even at Ang Cheng Ho road.. And u can get the best Sarawak Laksa in Padungan area… And the best Tomato mee/kueh tiaw in Hui sing.. But they are only open at night in hui sing…

  85. yea there’s another branch of “jia xiang kolo mee” a stone’s throw away from my house XD
    although it’s expensive, i love it

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  87. Eating Kolo Mee in air-conditioned atmosphere will definitely be less tasty than conventional coffee shop. It has to be steamy hot.

  88. This Jia Xiang is way too expensive to eat. I can finish the noodle within 1 minute. It just too small portion for that kind of price.
    That sambal chili is too suit singaporean taste. Singaprean normally mix the sambal chili with their bak chor mee.
    There is another kolo mee stall in Bedok near the Bedok Library. Their Kolo mee also air-flown from Kuching and only $3.00 and laksa for $4.00. I prefer this stall than Jia xiang franchise.
    In Ji Xiang, I have a feeling our Kuching kolo mee is made in China..hahah

  89. nothing special about “jia xiang kolo mee”,too salty.i rather prefer the kolo mee stall at Jurong West st.13(near jurong east MRT),the taste better than Jia Xiang a lot.But i still miss the LAWAS(nothern s’wak) KOLONG MEE & LAKSA.the slang we called different from southen s’wak.the noodles also look different,a little bit bigger & straight.yummy..

  90. kolong mee is a nice food frm kuching . i hav been eatin it 4 years . nice wad malaysia it coz abt 3 dollars abt 1.5 dollars in singapore lorx its only more ex by 50 cents and another stall in singapore sells it as 2.5 dollars lorx. more ex by 1 dollars haha i dont get u ppl its very nice no must try

  91. There is an alternative to Jia Xiang kolomee. Personally I prefer the one sold at the coffeeshop (blk 204 Bedok Bus Interchange) located next to the Bedok Library. The bonus is the same stall also sells Sarawak Laksa.

  92. I miss the Kuching kolo mee! Looking at the pictures make me very hungry and desperate!
    Is there any store like this in Atlanta, Georgia?


  94. U know what, when I first saw the “Kuching kolo mee” stall in Singapore i thought about the kolo mee u mentioned so often in here..
    Never knew that u’ve made a review of it here..
    Love that kolo mee, though.. 🙂

  95. The Bedok Kolo mee stall has shifted from Blk 204 to Blk 418 Bedok North Ave 2. Opp Bedok Lib, cross the road from old place.

  96. The Bedok Kolo Mee stall has shifted back to Blk 204, next to the Bedok Lib as the renovation work in the coffee shop has been completed.

  97. The noodles they serve at JiaXiang now are very very oily and the outlets have a very weird and smelly smell. Not only that, one of their Staff members told us that Kuching does not have Kway Teow at all in a very rude tone when we asked them.
    Theres one store also opened by a Kuchingnite at Jurong East and if you compare, I think the food she serves and the service is alot better than Jia Xiang’s.

  98. I still think Singapore’s Jia Xiang kolo mee is way too far from our kolo mee (the quality).. In fact the Bedok one is slightly better.. From my experience of eating kolo mee in Sg, I can nvr smell the great bak yiu once the bowl of mee is in front of me.. But in Kuching.. I can even smell the bak yiu bi once i walk pass the stall!!!!!!! That’s the smell I will never forget..
    p/s: Jurong East Swk Laksa oso not bad!!

  99. Where is the Bedok Kolo Mee stall now?
    The Blk204 kopitiam has turned into a whole muslim eating place. I cant find the Bedok Kolo Mee anymore! Pls help!

  100. Sarawak kolo mee available in Eat Sense Restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong, new shops on the right of Giant Bandar Puteri. Wantan mee, nasi lemak, char kueh teow, fast food rice and steamboat also available
    RM3 promotion on all stall food and 50% discount on drinks – try the Teh C Peng Special. From 31st Dec 2010 until 31st Jan 2011.

  101. Next time you come here than should go to Bedok central… There is a coffee shop claims he came from Batu Kawa.. but it seems more or less than our Kuching Kolo Mee..

  102. Do we call ourselves Kuchingnites?
    The singapore Kolo Mee looks darker than the actual kolo mee. I think it is the same except that the singapore kolo mee is cook in soy sauce.

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