Jamie Cullum Live Concert Tickets To Giveaway

It was tough selecting a winner out of 140+ entries. Most are interesting, but a lot of entries failed to capitalise on ‘stupidity’ or what is it that they ‘want’. Then there are those who didn’t respond to my request for their postal addresses.
There’s a few we particularly liked though.
Like jo who pooped in her pants when in kindergarten, and made her teacher smell everyone’s arses to find out who the culprit was. Or mini_me who dressed provocatively to her driving tests hoping to entice her examiner’s err… “gear stick”, only to fail when she clumsily forgot to put her seatbelts on the whole time.
But in the end it was WenYong, who in wanting to have some peace and tranquility in the house, stupidly gave a brand new Motorola Razr to his sister just so she could stop hogging the house phone. Only to have his sister chat on the phone, MSN and SMSes on her new handphone all at the same time.
For his foolishness, Mia and I are sending WenYong two premium tickets to watch Jamie Cullum live in concert at the Suntec Singapore Conventional Hall this Thursday.
Let’s just hope he won’t bring his sister along.
Good news for kennysia.com readers in Singapore!
Thanks to Mia, I’ve got TWO top-tier tickets (worth SGD$296) to watch Grammy-nominated jazz artist Jamie Cullum LIVE in Concert to give away.

Superman was late for piano practice

The concert is to be held this Thursday evening, 15th June at the Suntec Singapore Convention Hall. Mia had these complimentary tickets for me, but I couldn’t be in Singapore to catch the show so I’m giving them away to you guys instead.
To be in the running, just leave a comment below answering this question.
“What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
Lame, I know. Just wanna see how creative you guys get. Heh heh.

Contest closes 9am Tuesday (tomorrow) and is applicable to Singaporean residents ONLY. Must include your valid email address hor, so I could e-mail you to get your postal address.
It’s nice being a reader of kennysia.com, isn’t it? I also want.

158 Replies to “Jamie Cullum Live Concert Tickets To Giveaway”

  1. *evil cackle*
    behold the power!
    i am FIRST!! yay yay yay!!
    KO! winner!
    i’ve waited in the darkest corners of the cybergalaxy, wearing out my F5 shuttle by refreshing it repeatedly.
    but now i’ve done it!
    first! uno! satu! ichi! yi!
    it’s some strange and morbid force that makes me act out of character. cant put my finger to it.

  2. i wannnnn tix..
    “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    is that a trick question? the stupidest thing i’ve done is to answer this silly lil question of yours. haha
    so GIVE ME
    thank u =D

  3. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Well this is kind of digusting, but here goes…
    I was on way home with my stomach rubmling like mad, it was like it was going to come up anytime soon, and i didn’t want to soil my pants, so i inserted my hand to my anus to ‘prevent’ it from coming out, and to my surprise, it ‘let’ go and nothing came out, i swear its not fart, confirm was going to ‘pang sai’ liao.

  4. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Make out with a girl in front of the girl I desire to make her jealous to start noticing me.

  5. Well well….
    “What is the stupidiest thing you ever done to get what you want?”
    I guess it stupidiest to tell you my darkest secret just to get those tixs? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Hey, the whole world will know abt my darkest secret once I put it here leh!

  6. I was asked to do break dance outside a florist shop in exchange for an exclusive flower from England. It was meant for my girlfriend and I think is totally worth it. And GUESS WHAT? I split my pants while doing that break dance. The Hello Kitty underwear I was wearing was exposed to light and nobody told me about it only after I walked to the bus interchange when a kind lady approached me to tell me. LOL!

  7. “What is the stupidiest thing you ever done to get what you want?”
    i wanted the tickets so badly i kept clicking on the jamie cullum picture instead of the ‘comment’,
    thinking i would get my tickets.
    it wasnt until my dad notice annonying clicking sound, that i realised there’s a difference between “comment” and “cullum”.
    No wonder the sore finger…

  8. “What is the stupidiest thing you ever done to get what you want?”
    ok, this is stupid!
    I always wanted to impress gals in my tuition class (can’t blame me,coz i came out from all-boys-school). One day I was walking to tuition class… and I was half asleep.. I wasn’t walking straight, next thing I knew I felt into the drain on the side of the walkway. Went home and have some bandages and went to tuition late telling the gal that no matter how pain it was, seeing her kills the pains away.
    But then.. she don’t buys it.

  9. “What is the stupidiest thing you ever done to get what you want?”
    hmm.. let me see.. asking who is Jamie Cullum would b pretty dumb ๐Ÿ˜€ not from sg btw.. mwahahaha

  10. i used to always get carsick. so once when i was in pri 2, i felt like puking on the school bus to school. i told myself, “just a while more, must tahan” but ok, it failed.
    the thing is, when i was about to puke, i stupidly decided to cover my hand with my palm, thinking that by doing that, i wouldn’t puke out all over the floor. well, apparently, i didn’t cover my mouth properly cause when i vommitted, the puke flew out with such force, out of the holes in my palm (i didn’t place my fingers close enough to one another and so there were holes!) that it ended up splaying everything in sight.
    including my best friend’s new bag. she was sitting beside me in the bus at that time.
    she ended up having to carry her new bag around in a plastic bag and i ended up crying on the sidewalk, wiping my puke on my school uniform.
    the school bus attendent ended up having to wipe off all the puke on the windows while complaining mercilessly about my stupidity.
    and that’s it. =)

  11. To be frank with you, Kenny, the stupidest thing i’ve ever done is to believe i’ll get something someone REALLLY famous gives out on his/her blog (typical singaporean) FREE [(when i know there’s like what, three thousand million over other replies in your ‘comments’ section that probably has a better answer than mine)] and dispatch a comment and try (+ pray real hard) to get that ‘something’.
    P.S: Flattery gets you everywhere, no? HA. =)
    well, i’d really love to have those tix. Top-Tier tickiets? Oh WOWwWwW!!!

  12. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……… noooo………. i would fly there……..!!
    Jamie Cullum Fan here ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Once i had a very nice ICQ no. 15151551. It was easy to remember. So one nite, I was using it until up to a point where my nick and setting has been changed! I knew immediately someone has took my icq no. So quickly i change all the settings back to my preference but i did something stupid. I set back the same password.

  14. Jamie Cullum!!1
    Ahem, okay.
    Stupidest thing ive done… Well, i’ve got lots of those moments so here are a few.
    In primary school, I treated a friend to recess, twice, just so that she would sell me her multicoloured eraser. (It was too precious to use so i guess its rotting away somewhere in the house now)
    I went to Macdonalds and ordered a drink. After ordering, I was about to pay when I realized I was 10 cents short, so I, er, frantically looked around on the ground for a coin someone might have dropped. Only after i got desperate as i was holding up the queue and borrowed 10 cents from a complete stranger then i realized that i could have used my EZlink card instead. -__-”
    Once, I gave up my seat in the mrt to an old lady but instead of thanking me, she glared at me as if I had done something wrong. I think i made a mistake cause by giving up my seat to her, i was implying she was old. Guess she wasnt so “old” after all.
    After that I always stand while taking the MRT cause I never know when I have to give up my seat to the “right” person.
    (Dunno if this counts as something i “want”, a peaceful MRT ride?)
    But nothing beats the last one:
    Making a fool outta myself by announcing to the world all the stupid things ive done to get those sacred tickets.
    Give me, please!!
    *fingers and toes crossed*

  15. I indulged a guy to a very very very hot and steamy make-out session because I thot doing that would make him love me more. (din work out the way i planned cos i’ve come to learn – the hard way – that guys disassociate love wif sex)
    Now tell me that’s not stupid enuff -_-
    I want the tix so badly.. Pretty pls kenny..

  16. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    -roll over on the floor carpet..stomp ur feet aS HARD AS U COULd.. cry out loud… twirl ..twirl and twirl till ur back hurts..and scream ” i want JAMMIE CULLUM’s tix..” and continue by .. “i want..i want..i want..” and so on.. with “i SAID i want it”
    p/s : do it in a politer way of asking.. don’t be too rude..or else u ain’t gonna get anything!

  17. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    I guess it must be playing hard to get to the person i had a major crush on. After several months of ‘nomessagesnocalls’, i actually found out that he was going out with one of my girlfriends. hiphiphooray?

  18. i want the tix! ๐Ÿ˜›
    the stupidest thing i have done to get something was to write a long entry once to say why i deserve the prize.
    and… bah. i didnt win. tmd. kena conned!

  19. OEY! Kenny, can you explain logically WHY only Sporean residents allowed to participate leh?
    Malaysian how? Indonesians leh? Please tell me how this is fair…
    By the way, once I scratched my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s car just to get her to confront me. btw, I also prank-called her mom (and paid a lot for blocking my number from showing in caller IDs)because her mom hated me a lot when we were together.
    So, Kenny Dahlink, can gimme Jamie Cullum now?

  20. I was pretty late coming into work one day. As I drove up the car to the barrier leading to the parking lots, I saw the three top management people from my company coming out from the office building to the carpark. There and there, I instinctively lowered my head below the window level, hoping that they won’t see me…leaving my car in the middle of whole damn place just before the barrier. The Director duely walked over, tapped on my window and said “Good morning!” with a wry grin..

  21. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Ask Kenny Sia for a date to get those dang tickets.
    So Kenny….how about a date?

  22. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    I Answer Ur Question! I Tell U Everything He Look Like A MAN!

  23. alamak my prev comment got prob have to type againnn.. haha zhun ar kenny dun play us out xD
    Stupidest thing.. hmmmm
    Long timee ago whenn i was in pri sch i always threw tantrums to get the things i wanteedd cos it always workedd so i wanted this Digimon Toy and i threw a MAJOR tantrum in another way KAOPEH KAOBU.. but in the end nv work kena smmacck alot of times by my dad. T_T
    ps: truee okaay

  24. I made a bet with my sister that if she were to stay off the phone(handphone & homephone) for 1 whole week cause i couldn’t stand the fact she was yacking the entire time, I would buy her a new phone. The Motorola Raz3r. I thought it was impossible as she has never been more then 1 h without the phone. I wanted some quiet and peace
    She somehow managed to do it and NOW she chats on MSN ! SMSES on her HANDPHONE and Talks on the phone.
    Definitely the most stupidest thing I did and I still lost out in the end.

  25. what about malaysians living in singapore?
    do we count as singaporean residents? *lol*
    stupidest thing i did?
    apart from doing this (posting this comment); it’s stupidly believing for 4 years, that a guy will actually change… for 4 years i was a fool, and i only ‘woke up’ after he hit me real bad!

  26. I was pretty nervous about my driving test and pulled out all the stops in the er wardrobe category. So there I was in boob tube and denim mini for the big day. I prayed and hoped against hope he wouldn’t be too hard on the hardly-parallel park and the 3.75-and-a-bit point turn which I’d sweated through. So when it was all over I leeeeaned over to the tester with hope in my eyes. ..
    “Sorry i can’t pass you this time.”
    “You haven’t had your seatbelt on the entire time”

  27. does joining the crowd to queue up over nite, i.e. fr 6pm to 7am, with my parents outside mcdonalds juz to get the mouthless kitty during the kitty mania onli to realise i could get it effortlessly as mcdonalds started selling excess stocks again months later over the counter sound stupid enough??

  28. i wanna preach!
    doing something to get what you want is never stupid. doing something to get what you don’t even need, now that is dumb…
    …funny how i’m feeling real dumb now… darn…

  29. In my misguided teens, I once wore socks with paperclips underneath because my sister claims that will make me grow taller.
    It didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt. I was also in pain for 2 years.

  30. wrote a fake suicide note to a radio station in an attempt to get my request played.
    turns out that either the dj was completely heartless or ppl do use such stupid tricks all the time cos she didn’t read my request.

  31. stupidest thing i’ve done?
    i was writing my 8000-word essay yesterday, and i was so into writing it that i forget to save it. and after writing about 5000+ word, my computer hang on me. hmph ):
    then, i cooked green bean desserts to put my mind off the damn computer, and instead of putting in sugar, i pour salt into it.
    yesterday is a very suay day.
    so please gimme those tickets? please please please?

  32. Kenny was asking, “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”, and I noticed that many people were only answering the first part.. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?” =P.
    Too bad I’m not a Singaporean resident.

  33. oi! want to give anot? u think i really so gian about the thing meh? Don’t give dont give la. Big deal! (in the end didnt get it which i wanted quite badly) indeed stupidest thing..

  34. i once dropped a comment in the most entertaining blog I have ever read, hoping that I get free tickets.
    Oh, it comes true again

  35. something i wanted was to get the pride of another boy crushed to little shards. i was that angry and revengeful. and yes, i was that little 12 years young girl too.
    so i convinced my best friend, ann, to climb the ledge of the 2nd floor of our school building and scream that she was going to jump off (images were running in my brain of said boy being instantly on his knees confessing his stupidity and begging for forgiveness, pleading that my friend stepped off of the ledge..)
    i have never been more wrong.
    instead, he replied “..JUMP LAH.”

  36. i bet u are having hard time to know who is the winner.. haha.. all the best singaporeans.
    since these readers has been reading ur blogs, (including me) are u trying to see whether there are people as good as u trying to make funny jokes?
    just wondering,

  37. Man that Mia chick is hot and she is literally begging for your coconuts. You must have done something right!

  38. Last time i used to have a crush with a girl who i wanted to be with. But being quite a shy person i dare not hold her hand and ask her out. So there was one time we went to stay over at a friend house, the place was pretty cramp. Then both of us were ask to sleep on the floor. When lying down I try to act sleeping but my hand was moving towards to hug her. In my head was thinking that, i could get 1 response from her which is a tight slap but i still move to hug her. Luckily she din and we are together now.

  39. yeah, i so want these tickets. but i’m so obviously not gonna get them. knowing my luck. meh. so i’m not even gonna try.

  40. well i’m trying my luck whether i able to get the tix.
    my story is that one day i was walking down the stairs during my lunch hour. the stairway was packed with people n i’m trying to squeeze my way down. so i guess i miss a step or so which cause me to fall. in order not to fall n hurt myself, i try to grab whoever beside me to balance myself. manage to grab someone but leh…. instead of grabbing his hand to gain my balance, i actually grab his ‘ball’… hehe… feel so embarrassed, thanks him for the rescue n run for my life.
    so kenny able to win that pair of tix.. ^_^

  41. The stupidest thing I’ve done is to do nothing,with the illusion that i would actually get what i want, so i waited and hoped, but he still walked out of my life in the end.
    THAT, is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done my whole life, i ruined my own happines.
    P.S: which digicam do you use, kenny? Your photos turn out really good!

  42. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    This is easy. I’ll say I’ll do anything for some gala screening movie tix. And I instantly regreted it. Cause that fella whom I am begging the tix for turns out to be some รฆโ€“ยญรจฦ’ล’รฅยฑยฑ and you figure the rest.
    And no, I did not get to watch the movie in the end.

  43. Best comments page ever! You should do this kind of thing more often Kenny. I was really entertained.

  44. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    When I was very young, I had this insatiable urge to kiss my twin sister’s cheeks. She was like a light shinning above me, absolutely adorable. Everytime I tried pecking her cheeks, she would frown, slightly annoyed by my compulsive behavior. Behind her baby-face appearance lies a manipulative mind. Seeing me salivating over her puffy, fleshy cheeks, she decided she could use me for her personal benefits. I was so very gullible and eager to please. Apples were her favourite and I was ordered to bring her the reddest, juicest and largest one I could find in the crisper, carefully washed and presented while she lay in bed, reading Smarty storybooks. Occasionally, when mum bought or cooked something we both liked, she would insist on having it, if not I am not allowed to smooch her anymore. I grudgingly gave it up. The worst of her was seen when she knew I still saved up a portion of my meager pocket-money and threatened to stop all forms of sisterly affections if I did not get her favourite sweets. It was then that I realised I was being treated like a scab.
    Please, Kenny, can I have the tickets?

  45. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    In order to top the cheering competition in my secondary school, I planned and made my class (with me standing right in front) jump around like monkeys, wear ponchos under the hot sun only to rip them apart, and sang “Always look on the bright side of life” while shaking our butts in front of the judges, the teachers and the entire school cohort.
    Well in the end we didn’t exactly win, but manage to come in a close second. But instead of stopping there, me and my 2 pals celebrated by singing MLTR’s “That’s Why (You go Away)” at the food court while eating our ice kachang/cheng teng. In front of the public. And we made a video out of it. =\
    Ok that’s enough proof about the stupid things I’m capable of to get what I want. Even if it means telling this to the all the kennysia fans, and commenting here for the very first time though I should be studying. I CAN’T SING WITHOUT BEING STUPID! SO LET ME GO CATCH JAMIE CULLUM. heh
    Can I have the tickets please? pretty please with ben&jerry’s ice-cream, caramel, whipped cream and a nice shiny cherry on top? [I will not boot-lick here cause I know you’re a nice impartial dude. hahahaha XP]

  46. seems like peeps here have got tonns of answers and all sorts of silly things they wanna share.
    but well, instead of going this big round, i’ll just keep mine short and sweet.
    i believe that “the stupidest thing i had ever done to get something i want” ,

    -was to break my own heart.

    and kenny, if u wanna know the whole story,
    give me the tixs and ill tell you about it *winks* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. i wanted this guy so badly that i agreed to fck him. i was such a wimp to think that sex was able to get him with me.

  48. a year ago, when i was fifteen, i cheated on a physics test, because i didn’t study for it, and i didn’t want to fail. by itself it isn’t really a big thing, and i wasn’t the only one doing such a thing then. but anyway during the test, the teacher saw me looking over at the answers of the girl next to me, and after the test was over, he looked over at the area where i was seated, and said something like ‘i saw some of you attempting to cheat during the test, i will be informing your form teacher, etc etc’. typical teacher stuff.
    obviously since i was the only one who attempted to cheat, everyone else was indignant that he looked over at our sitting area – and he did it quite obviously so there was no misunderstanding his Look. they thought he’d seen wrongly cos some of them had turned/stretched/shifted during the test and thought he might have taken that as cheating.
    since i noticed that he mentioned ‘some of you’ and not one specific person, i saw my way out. i pretended that i’d been misunderstood too and made a big deal out of how he was not being professional as a teacher. i’m quite sure i convinced everyone who was there that day of my innocence as well as that of the people around me.
    as a group, we all went to tell our form teacher that we were ‘innocent’. well they all were except me anyway. our form teacher believed us, and the matter was dropped. but til this day my friends still smart at that incident of being wrongly accused.
    in hindsight it was stupid la, i should have just failed the test of my own accord, since i ended up failing in the end. that failing grade doesn’t even matter to me now – the extent i went to to try and pass seems almost laughable, but it was quite a stupid thing to do. i almost got everyone in trouble for this. my school’s anal about cheating and the likes, and if the teachers had decided that we were guilty, we’d have gotten into a shitload of trouble. so that’s my story.

  49. the stupidest thing I’ve done is..trying my luck on this when I know I won’t get it.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  50. Oh, btw, it would be nice to have the tix as a graduation present.
    come on, make me a happy girl..

  51. “What is the stupidiest thing you ever done to get what you want?”
    That would be now: Reading Kennysia’s fans of their stupidiest things that they had ever done to get what they want, and then try to think of something that none of them had thought of!(But apparently, failed.)

  52. “What is the stupidiest thing you ever done to get what you want?”
    My answer:
    -I forgot.
    And a special last thing: I don’t want the tix.

  53. you know what… i have that hal-leonard book on my piano downstairs. paid RM105 for it for an original copy. how often do u hear of a malaysian buying originals?
    i wanted to go see him in april but then he cancelled and now it’s unfortunate my a-levels exam are on the same day!
    the cruelness of it all.. ๐Ÿ™

  54. i did it juz now.I did a google search on ” the stupidest thing people do to get something they want.”
    am i dumb or what?!haha

  55. The stupidest thing I did to get what I wanted?
    To offer my BF panadol when he is allergic to panadol. – I just wanted to reduce his fever! Thats all!
    Get chocolates for my BF’s mother on Mother’s Day only to realise she’s diabetic. – I just wanted to make life easier for my future in-laws! Thats all!
    Thats about it.

  56. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Hmm. I would have to say I would have lied to my mum, crash at my friend’s place and lied to HIS mum just to skip my religious class. How holy.

  57. the stupidest thing that i did is to give my hp and the hp number away, just to avoid a person.==
    now i don’t have a phone!! Q-Q
    i want the tickets!!!!!!!

  58. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    posting on kennysia.com for 2 jamie cullum top-tier tickets (worth SGD$296).

  59. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Want: To go to toilet on the first day of kindergarten class.
    but because I was scared, i didn’t dare to ask the teacher and i thought if i let out a fart that’s smelly enough, my teacher will ask who needs to go toilet and i can then go. but boy, i lost control and well, stained my undies and skirt! the teacher did smell something bad and asked who was it. everyone was quiet and no one admit (of course, it wasn’t their fault). so she lined everyone up and i was the tallest, so i stood at the back, hoping my poo doesn’t drop on the floor. but! she had to smell everyone’s backside to know who was it. so after smelling everyone’s backside, she came to the last person — me, and let out a huge sigh. brought me to toilet and i got to choose a new undies from her cupboard of new undies. and i got new skirt as well! but she didn’t let the matter rest coz the whole class knew as well as my grandma, after class. what a way to start the first day of my education life!

  60. I told my (now ex) girlfriend I was gay just so I could break up with her. (She got really high-maintenence and annoying.)
    It doesn’t sound very stupid, but it actually was because she told all my friends and everyone thought I was a fag.

  61. gee. that’s even more dumb to post it twice. bleh! (the first one brought me to an error page.. so i thought i’ll send it again.)

  62. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?
    The stupidest thing=ask my gal 2 come my home to surf net….
    Something i want= Sleep..(sex)
    Reason= Oh my god!i become a father…hahaha!

  63. in k2, i told my friend that i owned a cement factory that was hovering above the HDB flats next door, and that she could get bricks from me for free if she ever needed. haha, she actually believed me!
    anyways, have a blessed weekend kenny! i believe you will always be daddy’s boy (not in the bad sense) (:

  64. I remember i was in primary 5 then. I am already 24 now.
    This classmate of mine brought his Sega Game Gear to class. He was the typical rich boy. Big sized too. And me, just the average scrawny child and not exactly his match.
    I wonder what gave me the balls to do it, but i really really liked the Game Gear (the PSP of yesteryears), and grabbed his when he left it on the table and wasnt paying attention and tried to make a run for it.
    As expected, he noticed it and came after me. What followed still remains a blur to me till this day, all i remember is violent and sharp pain inflicted upon me.
    I think i learnt my lesson from it, and i guess this is part of growing up.
    I really like Jamie Cullum too, please bestow me the chance to see him Kenny. If not, i am afraid i might do something silly again and make a run with someone’s tickets that day. (p.s. i am fitter and faster now)

  65. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Well the answer is disgustingly simple.
    “I asked.”

  66. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    i posted a comment on kennysia.com……….

  67. since im from perth im not commenting about the tickets… i am however commenting on your prediction for australia to win against japan… japan will win!!! …hopefully.. =S

  68. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Pretend that I don’t want that something. It’s stupid because others always believe that it’s true, and I never end up getting it.

  69. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Acting stupid when I’m not so that people will think i’m really stupid and retard, take pity on me and give it to me after some stupid pleading.

  70. I tried cheating but i didn’t get it.
    I lied and yet i didn’t get it.
    In the end i begged for it but still i’m not getting any..
    so i cried… and my mom finally baught me ice cream =P
    Does that count? XD

  71. Stupidest thing i ever did to get something?
    There was this one time i tugged on my balls till i was blue in the face. Didn’t get anything. It was a jackass moment.
    A Jamie cullum fan. But not in Singapore. You all now know origins of ‘blue balls’.

  72. the stupidest thing i’ve done for something i want is to SIT, STARE AND WAIT.
    (as if it’d drop down from the sky)
    bet many ppl are guilty of this too.

  73. What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?
    I suppose begging is what most people do.
    Most stupid thing? Pray to god when u know in the 1st place u wont get the answer.

  74. I wanted good results, for my exams, but I didn’t study for them. Of course I didnt get good grades. Thats probably the stupidest thing I did.

  75. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    I actually went to all the trouble of thinking wat is the stupidest thing i’ve down to be in the running to win this ticket although i am nt even qualified to be in the competition. *wink*
    awwh..wt the heck.. Just for the fun of it. The stupidest thing i have done was… i actually cried cried cried and cry even more when i wanted to go to this cute-bad-boy party which my parents of course forbid. So when d trick of crying didn’t work, i had to pretend i was kidnapped. yes, there was a randsom note and everything. my mom nearlly called the police… bt the thing being stupid is.. u leave the phone on and just answer when someone calls u. So VOILA! Gt caught and was grounded for a year. there goes the world stupidiest gurl pulling the stupidiest thing to go to the stupidiest party of the century! *wink* *wink* ~luv the blog; keep it up!~

  76. dearest kenny,
    i have been repeatedly hitting refresh at my hotmail inbox for the past ten hours, using a bright red bucket as a portable toilet. i have this strong suspicion that the mail you sent me notifying me of my tremendous jamie cullum tickets win got stuck somewhere along their lousy microsoft servers, so thanks in advance for resending it to me ๐Ÿ™‚
    hope to hear from you soon! in the meantime i’ll just go empty the bucket or something cos my mom needs to do the laundry.
    love, silas

  77. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Wasting 10 seconds to get your attention.

  78. i wan tix!
    stupidest thing i done to get something i want?
    hmm i wanted a mecdial certificate to skip sch the next day cos there was this important exam and i had not touch my books.so i went into the bathroom, had 7 showers of extremly cold water, then extremly hot water,then cold,then hot…
    After that i stood in front of the fan naked for a full half hr and my medical cerificate came flying to me.=)

  79. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    that is to ask stoney wtf does “silas: the email prolly got caught up in ur filter which rhymes with “ham”” means?

  80. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Sitting in front of the computer all day typing love messages on kennysia.com’s chatterbox, starting a blog to show how much I worship Kenny Sia.
    Just to get him.

  81. here it goes. my mom is a tour guide n in e middle of e nite in e hotel transiting to beijing in kl, a mom knocked anxiously on our door 2 report 2 us dat e son is lost! dat is like around 3am. my mom instructed me 2 help in e search as i am responsible as a tour guide’s son. i was in my pjs (full set) and in e rush, just wore my nike basketball shoes n went down sub-consciously as u dun bother 2 prepare.
    imagine urself wearing a not so cool pattern pyjamas n go around e hotel looking 4 someone’s son! i was roaming around e groundfloor restaurant. imagine people in there n u r wearing ur pjs walking inside as people r eating 2 search 4 someone as ur hair was not combed. i searched every part of e hotel n failed.
    then came e stupidest thing i ever done just 2 cover e whole hotel 2 find tis boy. i was outside e discotheque n was reading e rules, e last place i had not searched inside e hotel.
    no singlets – i passed, no shorts – i passed, no slippers – i passed, no t-shirt n short sleeves – i passed! e guy looked at me n i looked at him with an evil grin. i passed! let me in! there is no rules stating no pjs n my pj met all e requirements! finally i gone in with my pj n found e boy inside! u must b wondering all e people in e discotheque thought how gay tis fellow is thinking he is so hip in his pjs going into the discotheque 2 fish for chicks! haha!
    i think in the future, they will put no pjs outside e discotheque! hahaha!

  82. I beg you to give those tickets for me please !
    So here it goes :
    The stupidest thing that i have done to get something i want is to BEG IT from kennysia.com.
    Short and sweet.

  83. the stupidest thing i’ve done. is to create an email account by the name julia_hot and using it since 5 years till now. i’m 17

  84. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    trying to think of a lie to tell on dis site juz to get the freaking tickets.. and i know i won’t b able to go even tho i get d tickets. i’m in sabah, i’m 15.. i won’t b able to go der.. so dun give the ticket to me.. HAHA

  85. the stupidest thing i’ve ever done to get something i want to is to read all the comments above and trying to come out with one stupid thing i’ve did but spent 30mins staring at this page coming out with nothing. =(

  86. when i was in high skool, i challenged my gf 2 a game of football 1 on 1. i knew she told me her bro gave her an arsenal oxygen jersey then so i wanted so bad 2 c her in e jersey as i am a diehard footie fan. i find girls in jerseys sexy n they turn me on, especially those tight 1s. yummy!
    there was tis football pitch beside e jail in sibu 4 public usage. we met there n i came with my teka real madrid jersey! she didn’t have footie boots so she came with white skool shoes.
    we played 1-on-1 on the field n possibly all e jail people can c us LIVE! haha! they must b thinking these couple siaolah, running around playing football against each other! wat kind of patoh is tis?
    e pitch was muddy n soon afterwards, her white skool shoes r as black as my footie boots. i ended up washing her skool shoes as punishment 4 forcing her 2 play football with me. but i managed 2 get her 2 play footie with me, which is until 2day 1 of e most memorable events of my life! such a pity didn’t take some photos in those non-digicams days.

  87. Why for Singaporeans only? There’s thousands of Malaysians a few hundred metres away from the causeway that can and are willing to travel to Singapore for this. What’s wrong with them?

  88. the stupidest thing i’ve done is to leave a comment here thinking that i can get the tickets and see jamie cullum.
    he’s so darn cute. and his songs are wonderful.
    there, stupid as it is.
    so may i have the tickets? =x

  89. Writing a comment here with my real name and hallucinating that Kenny Sia will give me the tickets siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    Even though the dateline is already over sia….

  90. the stupidest thing is to write down the stupidest thing u’ve done in someone’s blog for the 1st time to get the tickets. am i stupid or wat? hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

  91. Q: “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    A: Now this is embarrassing. When I first started working, I noticed my computer monitor switching to screen saver. So I asked my supervisor what to do to make the computer go back to normal. She replied:”Oh, touch it loh” So I give a computer a light slap by the side of the monitor. Obviously, nothing happened.

  92. I’ve took off my pants wearing nothing but boxers, running around serangoon’s macdonald singing the “chicken big-mac” song..

  93. DOING THIS? it’s just mad. I SERIOUSLY want those tickets and i would do a pole dance or a topless pole dance for cullum’s concert tickets!!!! Kenny PLEASE PLEASE pity the young one who had never been to a concert before!!!
    anyways the stupidest thing ive ever done to get things my way. i remember when i was five, i was really a extremely active child who had constantly got on my kindergarden teacher’s nerves. i not only scream in the middle of the class and often run out of the class to see the other cute little boy from another class. at one time, i saw my eyecandy passby and i shouted out for him in the class and run out to wave at him. i was very outgoing and u could say that i still am. anyways, my teacher grew REALLY mad then she screamed at me to come back and threatened to call my parents. overcame with fear, i whine and cried and eventually it thought of a fool prove plan and that is when my hot pee trickled down my skirt. HAHAS. i was actually let off but was embarassed in front of my eyecandy and the WHOLE class. till now, my kindergarden friends actually remembers this incident and i’m still being laughed at.
    well Kenny, is this creative enough for you?

  94. in my high skool days, it is veli common 4 frens 2 challenge u 2 do things. we r under 18 but extremely curious about porn videos, those growing up days. no internet n satellite tv is hard 2 get so e onli place 2 get ur porn source is ur friendly neighbourhood video tape shop! tis shop we r targetting is rumoured 2 have supplies.
    e boss looks like a hamsaplou, curly hair, small slit eyes with a hamsap smile n a strict wife who wun rent porn 2 underage boys. my frens challenged me 2 rent dat day so i was thinking of how 2 react if e boss is around or e wife. i went in with a big shock as it was a lovely looking girl who probably was just employed. u know it is veli paiseh 2 ask directly when there r customers around e shop so u need abit play acting pretending u r looking around e walls of posters n e catalogues on e table.
    still, i was totally unprepared 4 e salesgirl who looks veli pretty n around my age. after it is clear, i decided 2 take a deep breath n gave all my shot in e name of porn.
    she asked, ‘hi, wat r u looking 4?’ probably suspecting these kind of underage boys r probably here for porn. haha!
    b4 i answer her, she asked, ‘r u looking 4 wrestling, sports, horror, terror,etc movies?’
    finally, i had e courage n asked, ‘xiao jie, wo yiao ni!’ i mean ‘wo yiao blue pien’. she stared at me n brought out e special notebook hidden inside with a list of titles.
    ‘ni yiao she me guo jia de?’
    she seemed so professional n finally i told her wat i wanted. she went 2 take out e cover of e speaker n u c tonnes of videos hidden inside! wahlau eh! there goes my reputation to such a pretty gal! haha! wat a shame!
    days gone by n it is time 2 return e video, we brought e video 2 skool becoz we plan 2 return it straight afterwards since e shop is near skool. misfortune fell on us as e prefects r doing spotchecks on dat day! my skool is famous 4 tis extremely tight security checks with no stones unturned!
    we as notti boys were sitting behind e class. e prefects were checking rows after rows frm e front. we were running out of time n among us 5, we better think of an idea where 2 hide e videotape or all 5 will get into trouble. we r in tis 2gether!
    finally, i got a super speedy idea n told my fren who is e biggest size in class. he agreed, took out his pjk (pt/pe) shirt 4 dat day, wrap e videotape inside it, sprinkle some water from e waterbottle onto e shirt from e outside, making it look wet n sweaty! put it into the drawer of his table.
    when e prefects reached us, they checked everywhere, even under our socks (probably not e underwear) n saw dat wrapped wet shirt in e drawer. my fren explained we just had rugby training tis morning n it was his sweaty shirt! scared of his sweat, they didn’t touch it any further! we r saved! wahlau eh! beating our hearts 2 death! dat’s e most stupid things we did for porn video! haha!

  95. to actually think so hard for an answer so desperately in order to see/hear Jamie!
    everyone wants them, but not everyone will appreciate what Jamie has to offer.
    Give it to me so i will rem u for life! ha.

  96. Aw man. Jamie Callum tickets. Worth a try from me! ๐Ÿ™‚
    The most stupid thing eh. When I was 4 and went to kindergarten for the first time, I was so scared and felt like crying like every other kid around me. My Mom was looking and waving at me through the windows. I wanted her to be WITH me so I racked my brain for a foolproof plan to get her in. Eureka! I realized that my Mom forgot to pass my bottle to me. So I decided to tell the teacher that I was feeling thirsty and needed to get the bottle from my Mom. Imagine how upset I was when the teacher herself actually got the bottle from my Mom and brought it over to me. I didn’t even have to leave my seat. :(:( So yeah, I ended up crying.
    That was a true story and I think it defines the word ‘stupid’ cos it was such an idiotic idea!

  97. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Trying to scoop up the dazzling full moon which was reflected upon the waters.

    Just. Great.

  99. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Copy and pasting 5 (five) times of Kennysia own words K E N N Y to be a winner. After got the ticket i’ll watching desperate housewive and ignore the concert. ๐Ÿ™‚ creative enough? No thanks kennys…im malaysian

  100. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    I spent over $300 bucks to straighten my hair. In case you didn’t get it, the “stupidest thing” part is spending the $300 plus and the getting “something you want” part is straight hair with frizzy ends!! Humph!

  101. hmm.. well one stupid thing i did is to play maple… and i wanted to transfer items over to my other acct.. so i juz dropped the item in the market place thinking it was safe.. and bloody hell.. as soon as i logged in my other acct.. some person had stalked me and KAPO my item.. wahh.. i was so discouraged to play maple after tat.. oh yea.. i quit soon after -.- lolx
    another would be typing this entry to add to your comment poll just to win jamie callum TICKETS… ahh.. just kidding.. i wan… pls =D
    besides… *ahem* cough cough.. your blog’s really good… haha.. nah im not joking.. your kolo mee entry and the circumision entry and many other entries were really really funny and substantial… they proved their point and got the message across.. you are truely a good blogger.. i shall dream of the day i can write like u in my own blog =/ lolx
    aniwaes.. even if i dun win the tickets… stay happy everybody and congrats to the winner(s) ^^ yay-ness.. spread the love pple..

  102. hi kenny!
    my answer to your question, “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?” is…
    answer: i did the stupidest thing i ever done. (to get what i wanted of course)
    yea, its absolutely the stupidest thing i ever done.
    what?! are you asking me what is the supidest thing i ever done?
    i thought i just told you in my answer…
    its the stupidest thing i ever done…
    yea, that is my shot.
    have a nice day- JJ

  103. Trying to think up of a funny and fake dumb thing to put in the comments so that maybe you’ll find it funny and I’ll get the tickets [strike]to put on eBay[/strike].

  104. hello kenny.
    “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    to stare at your coconuts to try and get a big O. ahhhh.. so now we all know.

  105. One of my good friends bakes really nice brownies. One time, when we were in secondary school, we were part of the gymnastics trampolining team and we stayed back when everyone left. We were having a great time chilling out, when my friend said to me that she would bake me her special brownies if i dared to do some things. So i went ahead and started jumping on the trampoline, then i peeled my bra out from one shirt sleeve and threw it to her. Because of the ‘extra’ jiggly feeling when bouncing, i cupped my hands on my chest to stop it from jiggling too much.
    After laughing and bouncing with my hands there for 10 seconds, it was when i realised that two of the school’s security guards were standing at the other corner of the gymnasium staring at me with gaping mouths. I swear that was the day I ran the fastest out of school.
    I got my brownies in the end. ๐Ÿ˜€

  106. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    Promise you (kenny sia) eternal love and ‘some’ in exchange for those tickets. Note that my love for kenny is second only to my love for Jamie Cullum.

  107. to quarel with my parents when i was young to get their attention… n it cause my dad to divorce my mum… cos they often quarel abt hw rebellious i was… tink that was the stupiest thing i ever did… cos i ruin my family… sad but true…

  108. hi kenny!
    my answer to your question, “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?” is…
    answer: i did the stupidest thing i ever done. (to get what i wanted of course)
    yea, its absolutely the stupidest thing i ever done.
    what?! are you asking me what is the stupidest thing i ever done?
    i thought i just told you in my answer…
    its the stupidest thing i ever done…
    yea, that is my shot.
    have a nice day- JJ
    note* i had to post this again as there seem to be a problem… my comment ended under bryancwk’s comment. and the one under my name is probably his comment.
    wah… luckiy i double checked. or els the tickets may go out to the wrong person.
    heng sia..(no pun intended)

  109. Wah.. you damned can man you. make all the JinJiarPoRen kiasuism come all alive again man.. everyone rush rush come to your site to take part ah.
    I also join in lah.. although i know no chan one die die also try lah.
    stoopiduest thing hor i do, i think is typing this at 3am loh bescauses hor really me want watch Jamie leh.. For him i DOOO everything in the world ah.
    So please hor. Gei wor. Tank you.
    See? I’m very polite one. So must Gei wor ok? Tank you.
    Can join in 10 times anot har?
    Leave 100 comments can?
    I can leave comment untill 9am also can.
    Just let me know lah, can a not. i dooo all stoopid thing for this ticket lah.

  110. all right, the stupidest thing i did is to actually think that your comment section made a mistake and posted the wrong comment under the wrong name…
    as in i thought the name on top of my post is suppose to be my name.. no wonder my name became judy..
    ok. its all for jamie cullum.
    yea, back to the italy match.
    goodnight all.

  111. Stupidest thing ever done to get what I want?

    To come out of my mother’s womb, just because I want first-hand experience on real food.

    Getting over-chewed and saliva-contaminated food in the womb is never nice at all.

    But now living outside the womb, I find it’s never as fun anymore.

    I would prefer the free super comfy lodging and free food in that womb. I won’t complain anymore about the food.

    I wanna go back in.

    But first, before I find a way back in, I want Jamie Cullum.

  112. Geez, you guys are all desperate. I’m not going to be as stupid as you guys doing whatever kenny is asking you to do.
    He is only trying to make you look like a fool.-FOOLS!

  113. ”kenny! who do you think you are? its only two tickets mah! u think what? WORLD CUP GRAND FINAL TIX AH? the two tickets so coveted meh? i got money oso can buy! my ah bu say my house has got nothing, only got one thing – MOOLAH! LOTS OF IT! HHUMPH!”
    so yea, this the stupidest thing i’ve ever done.
    trying to use REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY into making you pass me the tickets. mwahahaha!

  114. the stupidest thing i’d ever done was to think tt i was queen of the universe best ballet dancer there ever were n played on this railing. i ended up falling over the railing down to a split level onto a GLASS table with a metallic thingy on it. obviously the metallic thingy cut me. on my eyebrow jus missing my eye mind u. 12 stitches on my right brow and a scar to remind me of my stupidity for life.
    on the bright side, i look like shane lynch of boyzone!

  115. but the real stupidest thing i ever done to get something i want was to not answer the question u asked properly.
    the stupid thing was to play at the railing n the thing i wanted was stupid attention.
    bozo me.

  116. Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Kenny, i want the tickets.
    Your mother ask me to get from you.

  117. “What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get something you want?”
    visited kennysia.com and came across this contest.please remove this site but leave the tickets.
    andrew ng

  118. I really dunno how you’re going to pick a winner man… do you have any criteria on which to base your winner’s entry on? Auctioning those tix off might have been a better idea, no?

  119. Argh.. dang the contest closes already. Only logged in at 10 am.
    In case it stills opens…
    Hmm.. the most stupidest thing i ever done is scrawling notes in my exam paper to beg the lecturer to pass me in my Java Programming test. And in the end.. I got the highest marks.. =.=” the lecturer told me i shouldn’t have done that. In fact he minus 5 marks to those people who wrote irritating ‘begging’ notes. And it turns out i am 4 marks behind A. I got a B+. ARGH~~~~~~~

  120. “Stupidest thing ever done to get what I want?”
    Tape a string from the electrical light bulb switch to the door, so everytime ppl opens the door to my room, the light’s would switch off by themselves.
    Did it when I was in form 3; sisters make good slaves. I could do it for 5 times in a row n still wet my pants thinking bout excuses to make them come to my room. >:)

  121. KENNY! blardee hell. you cutting it close for me man. 5pm is mail collection time!
    *supergirl mia in action*
    i ran out to the S.A.M machine outside my house to buy stamps and the machine is down!
    So i had to walk to the P.O. 3 minutes away in my T-shirt n homeshorts (unglam!), avoiding stares from the orchard office crowd, buy stamps, wrestle the postman who was early and threatened to paper cut him with my sealed envelope if he didn’t let me drop it into the mailbox.
    But don’t worry, tickets are on their way to our winner!

  122. for those of you who are still interested in getting tickets, i’ve worked out a deal with my boss lah.
    first 50 to email us at jamie@concerts-asia.com get a pair of tix to JAMIE CULLUM!
    subsequent ticKets are at 50% off!! while stocks last! email before 2pm tomorrow please.
    is this considered spam kenny?

  123. To answer this question is the stupidest thing I ever did to get something because I know Kenny is trying to figure out how dumb Singaporeans are.


  125. I am not surprised that an untalented wretch like Jamie Callum failed his grade 4 piano exam. He couldn’t even pass it now, let alone then!

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