Ladies and gentlemen!
20090110-6.jpg hereby express its disgust towards the United States of America for their support of Israel’s invasion into Gaza! The Middle East may be located far away from us, but that does not mean there is nothing we could do!
We urge all readers to heed the call by Dr Mahathir and the two MCAs (both the Malaysian Chinese Association and the Muslim Consumer Assocation) to show our support for the Palestinians by doing your part as follows!
Stop using the US dollar!
Using the US dollar will only keep their economy strong. If the Americans are rich, they will for the Zionist invaders to kill Palestinian babies!
We must also boycott all American companies and American products!
Boycott Coca-Cola!
You won’t die if you don’t drink Coca-Cola!
But if you drink Coca-Cola, Palestinians die!
Boycott KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks!
Colonel Sanders trained the Israeli armies! And Ronald McDonald is Jewish! I think.
Boycott Hollywood!
Next time you go to the cinema, don’t watch American movies like Twilight, Yes Man and The Spirit!
Watch Cicak-man 2: Planet Hitam!
Boycott Pinkpau, Suet Li and Dawn Yang!
All three of them are students studying overseas in American universities! Therefore these three are contributing money directly into the pockets of Americans! Money that are used to buy guns and bombs to kill Palestinian babies! Pinkpau, Suet Li and Dawn Yang are indirectly Zionist supporters and Palestinian haters!
Boycott Xiaxue too! Her boyfriend is American.
Don’t boycott! This blog may be hosted by a US server, but I tried to pay them in Malaysian Ringgit and they won’t accept it!
Boycott Google, Youtube and Facebook!
Do you know? Every time you are poking someone on Facebook, you are indirectly poking a knife into the hearts of the Palestinians!
Boycott Microsoft and Apple!
Need I say more? If you are using Windows, shut it down NOW!
Oh shit, that means I h

Must read: A journalist from the BBC contacted me a few months ago asking for leads on a story he’s doing on Malaysia. Mukul came last month and interviewed various people across the nation, including a Malay student leader, a HINDRAF supporter and Anwar Ibrahim, to get an idea whether or not racial inequality in Malaysia has ended.
This is his story.


  1. If the Chinese were as aggressive as the Jewish, the Malays will be living along a small strip of East Coast ie. Gaza.

  2. I think it is stupid and Tun M is also not makin sense to make such statements. Is he goin to provide jobs to the thousands who quit their jobs in the American companies. Come on, how stupid can that statement be.

  3. hahaha, Kenny~~!!! nice….
    boycotting the product doesn’t mean anything…….
    why some idiot will think of doing that?
    lame …lame action~!!

  4. Hundreds of civilians are dying every day in Gaza but you, despite having the power to influence so many of your readers, decide to launch on a parody instead.
    What a shame.

  5. Not funny at all Kenny. You are getting too lame. Aiyo! Where is the old Kenny Sia. You have just made a very stupid racism post!

  6. I think Tun M is not a smart man. Don’t think he fully uses his brain! Maybe ask Tun M to give back Malaysian all the money taken when he was still PM.

  7. Boycotting American products is not for the sake of boycotting. To me I am not boycotting all American products but those companies who were proven had given aid to Israel to buy weapons. These are the companies that should be boycotted. Starbucks pledge millions of USD to Israel and clearly stated “to buy weapons”. If we support the companies,it also means we are helping Israel to buy weapons and became terrorist in the Middle East.

  8. aiyo.
    i know u just being funny. understood. i myself dont believe in boycotting american product. it won’t save the palestinians and it kills our economy. but at least show some respect, friend. parody to the massacre is like making fun of your readers’ believe.
    just my 2 cents

  9. people die everyday concerning your topic mr kenny. but you seems not to bother but opt to be more unique and special in your own way of dealing the matter.
    i think this time around, you’ve surely take matter way too far. it’s really not cool no matter how you put it. or even you just meant to coyly discuss the matter because it’s your own site.
    people die mr kenny. just think about it for a moment. i know you do, but would you dare to make such similar post if the massacre were to happen to your mom or your late dad?
    *i’m sorry if i’ve crossed the line here but i just couldn’t stand it. at least if you couldn’t think something cool about it, maybe you can just keep quiet.

  10. I’ve always appreciated your sense of humour and your wits. In fact, I often read your blog when I am stuck with a writers blog. But I found this post of yours to be highly insensitive to the people who are actually dying in Gaza.
    Yes, the idea of boycotting American products is indeed a far fetched one considering it is ubiquitous. However, making a parody out of the situation in Gaza is definitely not a right way of approaching it. What you deem as funny is actually the reality for the people who are caught in this war…

  11. How i wish the boycotting of USA products is successful. Then I also wish the US will boycott all malaysian products to their country.
    I will then wait to see who will loose more.Use your stupid brain when you want to boycott US products.They dont give a damp cos our economy is too small to give them any threat but i cant say the same for the other way around… brainless talk.
    All those ppl that ask for boycott are ppl who have lots of money stuff away and have nothing to do but to creat trouble for the thousands who need the job to support their families.
    Check out these ppl house first, i am sure they have alot of products made in USA too.Why not start throwing them out for us to pick them as garbage.
    Pls WALK YOUR TALK….if got guts.

  12. Why is everybody so pro-palestinian to the extend of boycotting US products?
    Haven’t you thought on the behalf of Israel? Would you like your house to be bombed by your neighbors for no good reason and then stay quiet about it?? Worrying when the next bomb will come?
    Violence does not solve everything. But it sure does threaten people to MAKE UP THEIR MINDS FAST!!!
    Agree not to hurt your neighbors and u shall not be hurt.

  13. this is just wrong,man.
    you’re losing respect among your loyal readers.i know you don give a damn about what people say about you judging from your post on how this blog doesn’t feel like yours anymore..blah blah blah…but how would you feel if your mom and dad were to be killed right infront of you?your children die in your arms???
    boycotting the american products is not just for the sake of boycotting,there’s a meaning.maybe some of you say it is lame or whatever,but how else can we show our support to Israel and America?help palestine with our military?come on lah kenny’re such an influential blogger,seriously you are abusing your ‘power’.i know it is within your right to write whatever you want as it is your blog anyway,but i don’t think you’ll be makin’ fun of this if your love ones die in front of you.
    if you’re so ignorant and wish to show the ’emo’ side of you,then do it.if doing so really makes you feel that this blog is yours again but please,be more sensitive.
    this is a request from a fellow Sarawakian.

  14. 1/. I agree to protect Israel; no I don’t agree the way they did to protect their boundary.
    2/. I like Dr. Tun Mahathir, he always have style to direct his good reflect action at looking in any issues!!!
    3/. I really think Malaysian Malays like to jaga tepi kain orang lain… There are issues like this (not that severe) happen in Malaysia, but its just nicely covered and IGNORED!! =.=
    Good one Mr. Kenny Sia

  15. haha! this post is damn funny wey. i enjoyed it. aiya. cannot boycott US la. boycotting them is like ‘boycotting’ ur life. we cant live without US. a fact that i hate and could not deny!

  16. Dear Kenny,
    I’m sorry but i have to agree with some of the comments here.
    Your style has changed alot since you started. If you notice, there are alot more negative comments recently compared to the last few years.
    I’m just pointing out the obvious. I’m sorry.
    Your once loyal reader,

  17. the people condemning kennysia are the ones without the sense of humour.this might not be the funniest post,but kennysia is mocking our ‘questionable’ gov ‘efforts’,not making light of the war in gaza in any way.again,the majority of kennysia readers are proven to be dumbasses,this time trying to be ‘sensitive’.
    grow some intelligence or even some common sense please.
    if you guys are really that concerned about the war,then go ahead,do your ‘part’ and support this campaign.stop using US goods.go ahead!

  18. lavenderly,it sounds like ur trying to imply that the palestinians are the one to blame in this matter….
    sorry 4 saying this but i feel that you should do some research before commenting bad things on pro-palestinian people by using the so-called “rocket attack on Israel” as ur argument to critisice them….
    2 b honest,we can’t trust the report too much coz there’s the possibility that it is one of the zionist hidden agenda to give license and the right to occupy and launch genocide on the palestinian people…
    and lastly,kennysia,i think u have gone too far by making this serious matter as one of the materials 4 ur supposedly called joke….
    when i read the initial part of ur post,i feel quite happy and proud that u also express ur concern bout this new gaza war….
    *well,who don’t rite??*
    but after reading those about boycotting the usa products,i realised that u actually want 2 make a parody out of it….
    pliz don’t treat this matter as something funny or ridicilous….
    by boycotting the us-products(only some,mind you),that’s the least that we can do to help them….better to do something than doing nothing at all….
    it’s a first step and that’s what we can contribute to help them….
    it’s not a crime against gazan but a crime against human as a whole….

  19. tats funny , Kenny I am on your side too. Boycotting American product does no effect on America at all. Ya, why not stop using Windows? we can still LIVE without it.I can imagine those American are having fun of it right now.

  20. this is like what turf!
    but it is funny~
    cowarly anonymous chicken!!!you too coward till you cant become even an anonymous chicken aso a??till you have to use such lame names to cover urself and samo have the guts to say people lame!!
    u make a fine blog la and be the blogger of the month at least for once in Nuffnang~

  21. OMFG
    Among all your previous entries, this post takes the fucking cake!!!!!!!
    I never thought I’d say this, but Kenny, this was pure brilliant.

  22. Hi I think it’s a witty joke. A joke suppose to be light hearted. I like to read your blog because most of the time it is funny. I think alot of readers read because of the fun elements in it. I don’t understand why those serious people want to read a light hearted blog with a serious mind. Come on it is just a joke not to be taken seriously. Just laugh it off lah.

  23. This may be an issue in doubt though. We don’t support buying American products does not mean we stop using what we had which was from the US. Economical sanction remains one of the most powerful manner to affect a country deeply. However, Malaysia is too small a country to have a significant impact. All we need is to call for the whoe world to stop using American products. Besides, almost everything is from China anyway. It doesn’t hurt much. 😛
    P.S: There is no need to be too radical to quit your jobs in US or stop pursuing your education there. Having a US bf also have no harm. But using US server… hurm.. that might have been considered in our boycotts… 😛

  24. As agu said earlier, I think it is pretty clear that Kenny Sia is not making fun of the war but the idiotic comments made by the government.
    Since some of you (or at least one of you) seem eager about boycotting US products how did you even get to post your comments? Considering that an overwhelming majority of computers today run on Windows or Mac OS X, I’d say that it’s safe to assume that those who are so gung ho on abandoning US products are also Microsoft/Mac users.

  25. Dr M is a smart man. Very smart, in fact. He knows how much this country depends on american investors. He just wants to screw this country over, which is why he started the whole boycott american prducts thing.

  26. The massacre that is going on right now in Gaza is not something to be made as a mockery.
    This conflict has so far seen 800 innocent civilians massacred.
    Who is at fault?
    Israel- with its disproportionate reaction to the expiry of the ceasefire and Hamas rockets.
    HAMAS-with its reluctance to stop firing its rockets onto innocent civilians in Israels, has further given Israel the “reason” or “rationale” to attack as well as operating too near to Palestinians civilians.
    Arab world – slowness in trying to help the civilians in Palestine. The most disgusting is the reluctance of Egypt to open up its borders to allow international doctors and medics to get into Gaza to help the civilian. At least Israel is giving somewhat 80 trucks of aid – sceptically, I view it as a propaganda or PR exercise.
    The world – for the seemingly quietness and inaction by the international community pertaining to those massacres. The least that the world especially US can do is to pressure Israel/ Egypt to allow aid to go in. But of course, a total cease fire must be agreed on –immediately.
    All sides must stop the violence and spare the civilians.

  27. Hey Sally, how would u like it for people to laugh it off when Kenny makes a witty joke abt your dead relatives ?
    there are other things to joke about, Kenny.

  28. “Dr M is a smart man. Very smart, in fact. He knows how much this country depends on american investors. He just wants to screw this country over, which is why he started the whole boycott american prducts thing.”
    Precisely!! We’ll only be fucking ourselves over if we actually carried through with this boycott nonsense -_- .

  29. Guys, what Kenny do is just the mix of concerns & relaxations & a bit of lame jokes.
    We cant judge him by saying that he is mocking the Gaza War, he just want to show something in the current issue and remind us of it.
    He made fun of himself as well, ask yourself, how many of you would rather do that to yourself?
    Kenny is a guy with ‘mixing issues’, he doesn’t like to hate and make fun of others without a proper reason.
    Even though he writes too much and sometimes get other people’s bad side, but he didn’t do it on purpose.
    Lame joke does kill, but it also cures.
    Ask yourself again!
    Are you any better than him?
    Are you any better than our Dr M?
    Are you really on the good side?

  30. Pure sarcasm. Love it. Unfortunately, those with half a brain don’t get the message though, thus, they start to criticize. Sad.

  31. LOL ITS DAM FUNNY!!….wth lar those who critize this parody are freaking hypocrites, i bet the moment they log out of their computer they went to McDonald’s to get a Big Mac….

  32. I really like to read your blog and always give my support to u as I’m ur ardent fan but this time, I couldn’t be on ur side as I’m quite astounded and disappointed with this post. I absolutely agree with clive. You are very influential blogger Kenny.You make it sounds like wasteful to boycott and do such things in order to help them. And you even make jokes out of it. I know there are lots of things which we are accustomed to but it doesn’t mean we have to give up because of that reason. We have to do it slowly and step by step.You have the power to influence what people think and react.I hope you don’t misuse ur power.

  33. Being quite an influential blogger, I reckon u should exercise some form of sensitivity towards issues like this.
    Sarcasm is not appreciated at all.
    Hindsight – there will be a greater divide in public opinion on this Palestine-Israel conflict and its consequences, I’m afraid, will be catastrophic.

  34. eh taukeh
    if you have blog like mine no body baca,don mind lor.but you have many people read everyday,very influential,controlah brader.don be too insensitve la brader.

  35. I think this post has an “xx” to means kenny is mocking with what is actually happening rather than supporting it..from the comments here i think many of you misunderstood what kenny is really trying to express.just my 2cents.

  36. how come the post is not ended? as in it seems that there are some words missing at the end..weird..i think i’m the only one encountering the prob. le sigh.

  37. Lolz, if you guys didnt get the ending, he shut off his computer before he finished the post
    Get it???
    I think its funny =p

  38. zzz. kenny is just showing us the current situation and not mocking at anything la. zzz.
    so what if he stops making jokes out of the war? does it change anything? will it stop the war?
    nothing can be changed. nothing will change. there will always be wars. it’s just human nature to fight.
    accept it la. zzz.
    anyway, i like the way he ended this post! LMAO!

  39. ppl seriously need to stop thinking using their asses. malaysia will lose more than the US if we boycott their products.
    now only malaysia wants to make noise at UN. about the tibet issue, why didnt malaysia do the same thing? when hamas launched thousands of rockets to attack israel, why didnt malaysia make noise???????? how come when israel attacks gaza only malaysia makes noise????????? this is malaysia. kalau muslim buat salah, tak apa.
    some may say that israel “over-attacks”. sorry, but if i have a huge rock on my hands, and out of nowhere a sohai throws 100 pebbles onto me, i’ll definitely use the big rock to counter attack instead of finding 100 pebbles to attack him back. moral of the story: mess with fire and you will get burned.
    mahathir wants to boycott can go ahead. at the same time he can quit blogging. i mean, quit using the computer.

  40. because people like you that prefer to do nothing and accept the status quo is why the world is as it is.if everyone is like you,we don have what we have today to begin with.that’s least some tried,no matter how small those efforts are.

  41. is this how you want your blog to be like,kenny? people throwing hate and dissapointed comments at you?zzz
    stop blogging Kenny if you really hate it

  42. I won’t question intent, just appreciation to air Facts about this slow extermination:-
    Any pre 1945 World Map in any language shows Palestine but no Israel.
    Of 1.5 million in Gaza,average age is 18,with 45% under 14,parents mostly killed by IDF.
    Having seized part of Palestine, Israelis determined rest “Territories” free-land for the taking,Wild, Wild Kosher mid-East, with over 4,500 subsidised Settlements,any Israeli can stake-out land by driving a Palestinian off with their Govt issued Rifle and IDF will protect them. 2 Zinc Sheets nailed to a 2×4 qualifies as “Settlement”.
    Without US $billions in Aid,Israel would collapse. UK & Euro Govts support Israel because many Settlers are their nationals.
    “Two-State Solution” is an ILLUSION, Israel is incapable of re-absorbing over 300,000 Settlers and their kids,as carnage ensues Israelis are still establishing “Settlements”.
    UK Jack Straw overruled World Court,UK Judiciary & Chief-of-Police to enable an Indicted Israeli General FLEE prosecution for War-Crimes last year.
    More Foreign Journalists are shot by IDF than anyone else, same apply for UN installations and Staff to prevent WITNESSES.
    There is footage of IDF using elderly Palestinian in wheel-chair stuck in rubble on street as BAIT,to shoot any who tried to help,after 4 hours a CBC reporter ID herself and pushed the person out of range.
    Last Nov settlers deliberately ruined Palestinian olive crop to ensure they stay destitute.
    Egypt is controlled by US Aid as is Jordan. Sqeeze US Economically and AID will dry-up. No better time than now.
    It is no accident most World Media are controlled by pro-Israel interests. Politicians worst nightmare is Negative Media.
    Israel is fighting for Land it cannot even populate, they are constantly scouring the Globe for suitable Immigrants. Conflict is provoked at regular intervals to accomodate Settlements expansion, which are connected by Jews ONLY Roads. Worst APARTHEID than S.AFRICA had.
    Palestinians are fighting for SURVIVAL, Gaza is acknowledged as “Biggest,most Crowded Open-Air-PRISON slum on Planet Earth”. Every aspect of daily life Controlled by Israel incl Water & Meds. Women have died in child-birth at check-points waiting IDF pleasure for permission to see Doctor.
    Current Cease-Fire proposal forbid Palestinians any Weapons, leaving them at mercy of Settlers. Israeli Hasadeans are rabid, will harm anyone not of their ilk, they were on US Terrorist list until Bush’s neo-cons removed them, men and women will attack anyone filming their activity.
    Israel is the last bastion of Euro, Anglo Colonialism, and what we are witnessing is EXTERMINATION for PROFIT, it is all about GREED. Can any mortal appease those who exasperated GOD on numerous occasions?
    Palestinian choice is Fight or Die at Israel’s convenience.
    People denied Hope are prime for causes to Die-For, the address of PEACE is JUSTICE.
    Return their Land and Conflict will evapourate.

  43. Seriously, those who criticize and bombard this blog are really hypocrites, for your so called self-righteousness egoism makes me sick.
    Analyze this: What Kenny did here was to highlight the incident, while yet making the event light hearted with sarcasm thrown in. This is his blog, he updates it with whatever he likes to update and if you can’t accept the way he does it, then by all means just keep your comments to yourself and go away.
    If you have nothing positive to say, then don’t say it. By putting your negative bombarding comments, you will only incite even more arguments. What do you gain out of it? Nothing! It’s only a waste of time. I appreciate what Kenny has done, and it’s really appropriate as in its a response to Mahathir’s brainless statement to pump up popularity for himself.
    Last but not least, analyze this: If the Palestinian Govt were capable, they would have stopped or dissolved the Hamas Organization from doing all these terrorism acts against humanity first. Israel has her legal rights to protect her citizens from acts of terrors within its borders. Hamas on the other hand are the one infringing on Israeli’s borders by lobbing in rockets to kill. Any country would have every legal rights to take the necessary actions to prevent further incursions.
    In a war, collateral damages and civilian casualties are not preventable, and let’s put it this way, if Hamas had not infringe on Israel’s borders and terrorize her citizens with the rockets pods(Action), would Israel react and invade the Gaza Strip in an attempt to destroy the rocket pods? (Reaction). It’s all a circle. What goes around comes around. If the Palestinian Govt prevented Hamas from doing what they have done, would Israel invade the Gaza Strip? Definitely NO!
    It’s like living next door to your neighbor and everyday your neighbor lobs in one hand-grenade and injures your children. Would you just keep quiet or would you retaliate to ensure that your neighbor stops that terror act? You would retaliate right?
    So people, before you start bashing others with your self-righteous, egoistic thinking for example like this blog, think twice why the Gaza Invasion started and who did the action that causes the reaction? Remember this: “For Every Action, There Is A Reaction”
    Israel in my opinion has kept to her part of the peace process and the peace roadmap by withdrawing from the Gaza Strip in batches and giving the Palestinian their wish to self-government. Yet, the one not honoring and destroying the peace process is the Hamas through the use of cowardly terror acts and decrying to the world that Israel invades Gaza and kills the innocent Palestinians.. What an irony.
    Finally to end this long response: Boycotting doesn’t work, it’s a bloody waste of time, money and totally irrelevant. To end the war, a peace treaty is to be signed and both parties must enforce the treaty with utmost importance, be more tolerant of each other culture, religion etc and not incite dissent among others.
    Life is short, live it well, live it to the maximum with meaningful actions.
    Best Regards
    Kevin Tan

  44. The United States, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom and India are among Israel’s closest allies. (wiki)
    Shouldn’t “they” stop using their Merc & Royce too?
    Whats the point of giving RM 1Million in aid to a bunch of grieving fakers, showing off their own rotting corpses?

  45. this is rather a very good blog. Kenny did not condemn malaysian for whatever actions we have taken though some may say malaysians are acting like a small crying baby should we boycott US. he definitely disagree with the violent act of israel. but the final decision on what u wanna do is up to you, thus no personal attacks should be made. anyway, do u ever wonder why the countries in middle east did not offer military or any other forms of aid? pls do some in-depth read ups on internet on this as this is actually a very complicated issue. anyway, i would say no to war…

  46. Well, Israel had given many warnings to hamas,warning them to stop harrassing israel with rockets.Hamas never stopped despite the warnings, and since hamas never stopped……. why should israel stop their attacks??

  47. OMG. i love america and would love to go there one day.
    my friend drinks coke every time she has the chance.
    i love KFC Mac and Starbucks.
    I LOVE TWILIGHTTTTT. AND JIM CARREY. heck, i love movies.
    I go to Xiaxue’s blog everyday!! and occasionally Dawn Yang.
    I go to google and facebook everyday and am addicted to YOUTUBE.
    and you last UNFINISHED sentence is fuckin’ funnyyyyy!!
    awesome post kenny. well done! 😀

  48. Well, just in case some people didn’t get it…
    This entry reflects more on my reaction on the call to boycott, than the war in Gaza.
    My reaction on the war in Gaza, as with everyone else, is that it is not good, and it should stop as soon as possible. But writing about my reaction on the war ain’t blog-worthy since everyone with a common sense should be feeling the same thing.
    If you’re sensitive, please know that only in the first three paragraphs am I serious, and the rest of the entry are just parodies. 😉

    (Luqman, a 22-year old undergraduate is the elected head of the student body in University Teknologi Mara. Last year he led a street protest after a state official remarked that perhaps one in 10 university places should be opened to minorities.)
    His exact words from the interview:
    “The malays should have the special right because basically the malays is uhhh… the son of the soil of this country… andd.. basically we are given this type of right because we have given up the citizenship to the non-malays, the chinese and the indians. And for that, in exchange, we get the, uhhh, priviledge of, such as, uhhh, education, scholars, loans from the bank, and some land, uhh, for the malay reserve.”

    Don’t give me that ‘sons of the soil’ crap. I was born in the very land of Malaysia as well, the only difference was my skin color, and you damn well know it. Guess what, your own ancestors were ‘immigrants’ as well. It’s true. Research it. I dare you, you little blissful ignorant numbskull.
    In truth, the racist Bumiputera policies including affirmative action in public education were designed to favour Malays in the 1970s, in order to quell the angry Malay mobs brandishing their parangs and fire torches during the May 13 Incident in 1969. Over 2000+ innocents were murdered, and thousands more made homeless, robbed away of their possessions.
    Your proud Bumiputera policies are just another form of oppression and robbery, make no mistake about that. Feel free to enjoy your Bumiputera spoon feeds. I’d like to see you compete in the job market with that pathetic english of yours, with other non-malays who struggled and challenged themselves against all odds.

  50. Nice post Kenny!
    Despite having over a billion muslims around the world, they have not been able to galvanise themselves against a small country like israel.
    No doubt this is a complicated issue which is not something that can be resolved overnight. Having said that bloodshed is defo not the answer. Leaders from both sides with prodding from the US should reach out and aim for a lasting resolution.
    I hope the new president elect Barack Hussein Obama can act as a bridge to both warring sides and heal the rift that has plagued the world for decades.
    Keep up the good work Kenny!

  51. The criticism should be directed at Dr M for his silly remarks. However, does anyone realise it takes two to tango? Don’t just pick on one side and sit on the fence. If you don’t throw stones at your neighbours, they will most likely not throw them back.

  52. There is no emotion, there is peace.
    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
    There is no passion, there is serenity.
    There is no chaos, there is harmony.
    There is no death, there is the Force.

  53. you’re right dude, to be honest, i don’t think it’s the malay’s fault, it’s the government who wanted their vote.
    some malay friends of mine are actually against this policy, because it’ll not helps the malay to be more competitive.
    try not to be racist though.

  54. How about Tibet?tier lives also lives,why no one ever stand for them?
    we should also stop using thngs made in china to save tibetan
    so,wat else can we use,if we boycott china and USA?

  55. government saja want us to buy local products lah,saja saja use the ‘boycott-the-US’ excuse to cover.until our leaders start doing it,how can we?

  56. If you think Tun Dr M is not a smart Man, then you prove it to all malaysian how smart u are comparing to him. Don;t just simply judging someone without judging your own capability….
    Good on you Kenny, we should stop the war in Gaza….

  57. well it seems tat malaysian government officials ask others not to meddle in their own “internal affairs” yet they start to poke their fingers in other plp business! isnt tat typical MALAYsian? well, for those plp out there, go n hav a look on the history itself, Israel hav its right to defend itself. Hav u 4goten the 1948, 1967 or 1973 and wat happen when they were in the brink of defeat? NOBODY did anything! well, my point is, let’s mind our own business n settle those problems in our own backyard before we meddle in other plp business. there are stil many poor n uneducated children out there in our own backyard yet u donate the money for others! come on, ukurla baju di badan sendiri dulu! 🙂

  58. That’s why larr, Hamas, why u fire fire rocket during ceasefire? Now you put weapons in mosques and schools, you think like in Iraq the US will not raid these places? Sorry beb, Israel is no nonsense. Now you suffer, I hold Hamas responsible for the death of their own people and for anybody else killed in the conflict.
    I’m going to buy me some American and Jewish products. Support US, support Israel!!

  59. Eh, pre 1945 there was no Israel, pre 1957 there was no Malaysia leh. What if the white Rajahs and the Phillipines want to take back Sabah and Sarawak?
    We tell them it’s too late. You did not fight for it then, you cannot fight for it now. Israel / Palestine = Same thing.
    So what is this crap of ‘oh, it was our land’. Accept the fact that Israel is there, and build your pathetic selves up and live peacefully. Dumbasses!

  60. i seriously don’t know how some readers came up with hypothetical questions of “would you write a similar post if your family is involved in the massacre?”. That kinda questions only shows how shallow those readers are as they would be equavalent to telling yourself “would you eat if your parents die of choking themselves to death on tofu?”
    Parodies to me depend on respective interpretation by the readers. I see that Kenny clearly gives you choices – he started seriously, splitted into two different entities; one of which grants you the funny elements of the post and the other implicitly guarantees that the satirical meaning towards Tun M and his comment on the boycott is still intact.
    All in all, I would say it’s a brilliant post, and I am sure none of the readers who put comments here thoroughly know what’s going on between Israel and Palestine over there (historical facts to the build up, why gaza and all)

  61. Please be aware that after the end of the first and second intifada, the Israelis were willing to peace broker by giving up the land of Gaza to the Palestinians, and expected peace between the two countries.
    The Palestinians, being greedy and thinking that their religion as god-sent doctrines, broke the agreements by invading and demanding more of Israelis’ lands.
    Malaysia is pro-Muslim, and thus the PM, being in line with the god-sent doctrine, commands the sabotage of America’s products.
    Now, the root problem is not America being a ‘kaypoh’ Big-Brother, but Palestinians shall suffer what they must. Do you think your religions is the ultimate god?
    [racist comment deleted]

  62. This was exactly what i argued with my fren yesterday. We boycott mcD, if they close shop, we’re gonna put those cashiers and whoever work in mcD outta job. Our unemployment rate will increase, our crime rate will increase. we’ll just be stabbing our own ppl in the end. how i wish ppl be more rational and find a better solution.

  63. those ppl who said kenny suck, u guys are the suckers! if u din like the blog so much, dun read it n whine here pls. vr not interested 2 hear u whineeeeeeeee…………….. the blog is funny n if u din get the humor, tats just tooo ‘bad’………..

  64. Kevin is correct. The palestinians bring this on to themselves. Just bring back Fatah and everything is settled. Do you see Isreal fighting in West Bank?
    Btw, Kenny is not stupid. The reason for this post is to “show” that he is not anti govt. We all know what happens to blogger who is anti govt.
    In fact, I think Kenny Sia secretly supports Israel. He just have the common sense to keep it to himself.

  65. i do not think your parody is amusing at all Kenny.
    if u think the idea of boycotting the products is stupid, why dont u just say so CLEARLY in your blog?
    n for those who think nobody should take this particular post of Kenny’s seriously…SERIOUSLY??
    *never stop wishing for justice to prevail in the world*

  66. Cant blame kenny la.. He’s just some stupid blogger running out of things to blog.. Being the idiot that he is this post is not surprising at all.. Stupid is as stupid does..

  67. It seems that we can’t do much without the States, can we?
    I don’t understand what our government is trying to do. Yes, there’s war here and there and everywhere. Being an eighteen year old, perhaps, I wouldn’t understand much about the Israel-Palestinian-Gaza bombing thingy but there’s one thing I clearly understand is that Malaysia should stay their noses out of this issue. Instead, they should focus on the country’s current economy!!!
    Why go jaga tepi kain orang lain while our own kain is koyak kau kau?

  68. do point out where did starbucks state that they were donating money for buying weapons. or are you just repeating something you heard from the friend of a friend of a friend?

  69. It is just a joke, nothing to be serious about it. However, it is true that this issue should be taken as a parody or any joke. People are dying everyday. The Palestinians or Israelis alike, they both contributed much shit to the problem in equal proportions. It is a simple case of you bite me and I bite you back. Oh by the way, The chairman of Starbucks is a a Jew, Howard Schultz. The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt is also a Jew I think. Boycotting American products? Come on, be rational, how far can we go by doing so. Durex condoms are American products, so you are telling me that we should stop using them and inhibit birth control? Stop using Microsoft Windows? hahaha.. nice one lah Kenny Sia, you are using Mac OS, so no problem to you? But wait a minute, isn’t Apple an American company too? Anyway, I personally like your blog, Kenny, but this one is a bit out of tune…

  70. just close this window if you don’t like wad you are reading. dun have to ‘voice’ out your 2 cents worth of thoughts in such a lengthy manner. if you wanna do so, create ur own blog and comment on it.

  71. Apologies, but the very thought of the savage murder of my grandfather during May 13th robs me of my political correctness.
    You are indeed right, sir. The majority of Malays have done nothing wrong. Imbalanced government policies are the ones to blame.
    Perhaps one day Malaysia will truly be united and stronger as one, with equal opportunities for everyone.

  72. Pure logic triumphs once again. Well said, Kevin.
    If there was a button to rate your comment to the top, I’d give it 5 stars for your awesomeness. 😀

  73. LOL I don’t know, this seems quite funny, because almost everything we have is american! (youtube, facebook…)

  74. This war is GOD vs ALLAH …wait, are they the same?
    So it’s dumbasses vs dumdasses…that’s what war is all about…all a bunch of dumbasses.

  75. Kenny,
    I am not your supporter but I am now after you post this post. In fact, I love you now…
    If you read all those comments that against this post, they all are lame stupid commentors with no brains. Their reason against your post are just humanitarian or simply cursing with no backup facts. They hate Israel because their religious leader told them to.
    Those comment supporting this post, back them up with valid facts.
    I love u kenny, keep going!

  76. when u don’t know anythings in gaza,it is better u just don’t write just make someone like me really annoyed.

  77. Also, boycott ‘Obesity’. The vilest cultural export of America to the world.
    Hence, I’m boycotting your fat ass.

  78. to “itsme” and everyone else who seems to think that this is a war of religion.
    newsflash: the gaza conflict has got nothing to do with religion. it’s a war of land. to put it in an EXAMPLE, it’s like thailand/singapore/indonesia claiming more and more of malaysian soil. so here we malaysians try to defend ourselves with homemade bombs and shells, while singapore/thailand/indonesia reacts with weapons not unlike the one tony stark produced in “ironman”, killing countless women and children. it’s not “collateral damage” when we get 10 year old children with sniper wounds obviously targeted on the head.
    so keep your racist comments to yourself. not everyone who dies in palestine are muslims, and not all israeli are jewish. in fact some activists against the war are jewish.

  79. Real or parody, although i dont support war, i will not support Palestinians. The war between both countries determine the time of rapture. Many are keeping watch. When the war is truly over, many will either truly laugh or truly cry – for eternity.

  80. I say let’s move into the caves and live like Talibans!
    Those crooked & hypocritical politicians including our senile Dr. M like to prey on people with bird brains with such call. If they are serious about it, they should start doing it! Bodoh!!

  81. Hey, no point being racist. I am a chinese and my best friend is a malay mix chinese mix indian. A true rojak. And we’ve never had any problems abt tht.
    We must be funding the US war anyway. Since everyone, including me who posted comments on this page must be using Microsoft or some computer software created in U.S.

  82. this is seriously not funny. there is nothing funny about the war or boycotting the products. its the least that we can do, here in Malaysia. at least some of us are doing something.
    if theres nothing u want to help, dun put it up in the blog and make a joke out of it.
    thot u were a mature person, sensing u graduated from a good uni and all
    tuskk tuskk tuskkk

  83. just ask them to boycott the cigarettes from america, stop DUNHILL, because is british-america, stop MARLBORO, so why are you all still smoking the america cigarette?

  84. agree, kenny sia is entitled to his own opinion, the person that shouts ‘boycott american products’ should use some brain and walk the talk. and if he/she replies to this comment, he/she is a hypocrite coz he or she is still using a computer! get a pen and pencil… and use some brain before dropping comments.

  85. i don’t get why so many people are saying kenny is not taking seriously about this matter. he’s just trying to lighten things up.

  86. My history teacher told me about this war too. And its unbelievable that the US can just stand there and watch young babies or people die. No wonder someone aimed a shoe at George Bush. Saying that he deserved it is mean. But dude………………… the reporter should have had a direct hit >:(

  87. People die. Babies in gaza dies. Palestianians dies. Family member dies. Dad dies. Mom dies. Nieces dies.
    who cares right? Let’s make fun out of it more kenny.

  88. Very possible Kenny is presenting His opinion in the most diplomatic way available under the circumstances, you do live in an Oppressive country.
    With all the technology available, there are surprisingly few who bother to be informed before commenting on Life or Death. Not a criticism, concern that heresay could lead astray.
    Kudos Jenna.
    It was Israel who broke this cease-fire. Fact is, Israel continuously kill Palestinians during most cease-fires. My opinion, regular Israeli incursions are guise to plant Listening Devices, they seem to know Hamas’ every move.
    As bad as Palestinians are made out to be, Israel kill more Palestinians by over 100-1. Term Terrorist really needs defining, to date it is applied to whomever Israel, US or UK doesn’t like.
    A Terrorist is one who inflicts Terror.
    Hamas is the duly Elected Govt of Palestine under guidelines set out by Israel & US, and Hamas issued a statement to Jimmy Carter in March 2008 to Officially recognise Israel’s right to exist, but would not exchange Ambassadors in protest to the Occupation.
    Folks need to understand that Hamas was a Social agency until Armed by Israel’s Mosad to destabilise Arafat’s PLO. This is not a War, it is a Bully brutalising the smaller guy just because he can, and 60 years of thuggery says it will only stop when the little guy acquires the means to inflict similar damage.
    I do not have a single Palestinian acquaintance, but being Liked is not a prerequisite to Fairness in the Democracy I defend. Simply, People Need a Country to Belong To and have every Right to Resist Brutal Occupation.
    Whats happening in mid East is a blight on civilisation, especially since Israel was formed on Palestine soil in sympathy for the Holocaust.
    US will remain a World power, but is about to loose dominance, they already owe China over a Trillion and counting. Surprisingly Venezuela gives Aid to US, villified Hugo Chavez initiated Free Home-Heating Oil for 200,000 US homes annually.
    When China took over Tibet the population was 500,000, in 50 years it climbed to 6 million, couldn’t with mass-murders. Tibetans enjoy Free Health Care & Education and get into University with lower average than any other of China’s 56 different Ethnic Groups to bring them up to speed.
    Da Lai Lama the West knows is leader of only 1 out of 4 Buddhist sects. There is a Living Buddha 5 Ks outside Shangri La who out-ranks them all.
    News clips showing Police beating Monks was filmed in Nepal.Of 12 Female monks reportedly killed by Chinese police, 4 were found Alive & Well and perplexed at the attention, 8 were unknown from Ficticious addresses.
    Boycotting is a Peaceful but Effective form of Protest, but don’t go cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    Is preventing Genocide worth a little inconvenience?

  89. We might be using US software, but be reminded that most of us in Malaysia are using pirated software! That should be enough to kill them off apart from boycotts. 😛

  90. I think the best action now is to do what Malaysians do best. We do not boycott US products but we make a good deal of piracy out of them! 😛
    We should increase software piracy activities to force Microsoft do have a say on this.
    Or perhaps we can start making some imitated goods of US products. for example….
    Cuka-Cula, PeepSee, Pee-sa Heart, NacDonalds, Kajang Fried Chicken, Starfucks..
    Muka Buku, Gugel engine, Epal computers, Tiubkamu videos.. haha..

  91. yikes kenny… seems like lotsa ppl are having trouble taking this post as it is… i guess they have a long way to go in terms of understanding sarcasm…

  92. Lets hear it for America’s Sweeeeeeeeetheart! Israel broke the ceasefire?! wow. nice facts. A rocket comes into Israel, and they retaliated. Simple as that. Anyway, people weren’t crying foul when Japan got bombed in WW2. Instead, they were happy and Im happy. The Japanese were cruel, as cruel as terrorist. So, I am happy Israel realised that Hamas isn’t gonna stop sending rockets aimlessly into Israel. Fuck you terrorist supporters. =D

  93. Mossad armed Hamas to attack PLO!!!!???
    Wow….the level of intelligence here is really frightening.

  94. you’re the stupid one, there isn’t any tinge of racism in this post. even if Kenny were to really boycott Americans and their products, “American” is a nationality, not a race.
    anyway, LOL entry Kenny!

  95. I’m quite disturbed by the Malaysian news agencies highlighting the sufferings of the Palestinians ONLY. I doubt the Israelis are sitting comfortably in their homes and having bagels for breakfast, just like any other normal day. War affects both sides. By only highlighting the sufferings on one side, are we any better than the pro-israeli agencies? Is this what you call transparency and unbiased reporting ethics? Shame on you.
    Hamas isn’t as saintly as what most of those kenny-haters think. They’re a terrorist organisation legalised by getting themselves voted into the government. Their hands aren’t clean at all, in fact they don’t even hold up to the ceasefire agreement, what makes you think they are good to their word and suffering?
    Neither are all Israelis zionists and war-mongers. You’ll be surprised some of them would be protesting to end the aggression as well. I don’t support either sides, and I’d wish Zohan would just come out and kick those idiots into their senses.
    Nobody is going to win this war. And boycotting is just a pathetic protest to stop something that has failed to be stopped for the past 60 years or more. Religion really has become more of a liability than an assest. The world’s most powerful psychological weapon only brings more strife and discord, a sanction on it anyone?
    Great point, kenny. I know how those poor people feel, and i guess they just want to live in peace and have all those war-mongers, palestinian and israeli alike gone from the face of the earth.

  96. Why is the palestinian issue getting a lot of attention?? how about Chechnya? I dare u guys to go and check the videos in YOU tube depicting the conflict there.Not forgetting the sudanese which are still being butchered by the Arab sponsored janjaweed militia.Then did any one recall about the genocide that happened in Rwanda?? over 1 million people died there(watch ‘hotel Rwanda’ then u get what i mean)… did Malaysia did or say anything?? this palestinian and Israel thing is really overrated.

  97. Yeah, Kenny is right.
    Everyone condemn on the attack on innocent people.
    But the parody was intended to the boycott, not the war. what’s wrong with this people who does not even have a little sense of humour, shame on you.
    But dont worry kenny! i followed your instruction. I go mamak stall to eat instead of american’s franchise’s products.
    And I download pirated hollywood movies and music. Ha ha!
    keep it up Kenny!

  98. thats is imposible to stop the ‘american product’ form people , people who think like that is all “无知” la men ….
    没有可能能够主导美国的地位啦… 它已经是属于世界的一个”梦幻” 国家了… 除非…. 想来想去… 都还似乎是MISSION IMPORSIBLE …
    无论国人在怎么讲与叫… 算了吧….

  99. Personally, i think Israel is just trying to defend its people from the Hamas terrorists.
    The Hamas has been using innocent Palestinians are meat shields. Its time Israel nail the Hamas.
    Imagine a neighbouring country continues to launch rockets into Malaysian civilians, will you sit back and relax? I doubt so.

  100. I just had Mc Donalds today, watched Jim Carrey the YES man last week, Bed time stories too…using GOOGLE everyday and how are we really going to survive without supporting US?! Lol.

  101. Haha. True.But, Bill Gates used to be one of the richest person in the world and he is still richer than most of us here now.

  102. Of course I can prove it.. I have a company with 10 branches.. what do you have? hahaha. Give me reason why u support Tun M?

  103. Boycott US product and head back to kampung life? To hell i would not even be here if i boycott them.
    This crisis has a two story to be told. Israel is only trying to protect its own ppl while Hamas is disturbing them. There is always a limit to any patience and Israel’s had enough.
    If it was Israel vs Fatah, then i would be sympathetize the Palestinians. Against Hamas? To hell with Hamas and all the other extremist.
    To fight for their homeland? That piece of land belongs to Israel from the very beginning. It’s their ancestors (Islamists) who came invading and drove the Jews out. Talk about irony.

  104. I very much agree with ur point! How come M’sia never mention about Muslim ppl in Somalia? is it because the ppl there a black? When there was war in Bosnia, M’sia condemn about the attack and also offer help but I never see M’sia offer help when the black muslim people in somalia were being killed. Why is that? is it b’cos Gaza’s ladies are more prettier than the one in somalia?

  105. Cun’t you all reading simple england?
    Parody MEANS parody loh. This is the greatest joker’s blog in the hole wide world, as tho you people don no one? U mean kenny can tokking serious tings meh?
    Aiyoh, one to discussing serious, who is wrong, who is right, please lah go to discussing in other political blogs and forums lah.
    Please leave our joker kenny alone lah.
    Unless you all are more greater jokers than kenny loh. 😀

  106. I really like to see how KFC Holdings Malaysia react to Dr. M’s statement. Majority shareholders of KFCH are Malays. No wonder people are saying Malays are being screwed by Dr. M!
    From what I understand, Hamas is the one who launched the rockets into Israel peaceful territory first. They were playing with fire. Now their asses are being kicked so bad that they’re blaming Israel for inhuman and all that????!!! Worse still, they’re using poor Palestinians as human shields!

  107. Hamas was the one who started the war first by launching rockets into peaceful Israel territory and killing innocents. They’re playing with fire and they’re being kicked so bad by Israel military forces and they now blame Israel for aggression?! Like that also can? WTF!

  108. nais… but face the fact, we are using american technology though… like wat Kenny said is right, Microsoft is from the USA, its impossible not to use computer… I CANT LIVE WITHOUT INTERNETS!!! IT’S A SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!

  109. Hey even the israelites are boycotting against the zionist government. It’s the government that we’re against and not the people. It is ridiculous that so many children have died and for what??
    where is the funding for this war coming from? The said american [jewish dominated] companies. They control practically everything in this world, how do you know that Hamas really did start it? How sure can you be that there really are rockets hidden at mosques and what not? How many times has it been proven that news can be fabricated?

  110. Just to share my opinion here, i came back from Israel (yes. you’re seeing this right!!!!) about a month ago from a pilgrimage trip to the holy lands… What i saw there???? i will never forget for the rest of my life!
    allow me to explain:
    1: Israel is a military state. They have been so since God knows how long, their entire society is based towards defending themselves… If you’re an Israeli and you hit 18 years of age. First stop is military training for you. 3 years for Guys. 2 years for Girls. You don’t enlist? you’re denied higher education which means you don’t get to go to university, your national insurance policy is only half that of those who serve, you can’t even get decent jobs.. Compare their training to our so called NS??? Ours is a picnic. They train to go to War!
    2: I absolutely agree that the Palestinians are being oppressed. how you wonder? Imagine this… one city. designated as Palestine occupied territory (which means that they govern a city on their own) completely surrounded by major concrete wall at least 10 meters high.. second layer of high security fences like the ones you see on maximum security prisons. One tiny little exit. Every Palestinians that lives in that city (don’t care if muslim ka or christian for that matter), they can’t come out of that city without a permit. If you want to walk out of that city? Get a permit. To get a permit, you need to say why you’re going out of the city. So, if you planning to go out of the city, maybe visit another relative at another palestine city and the soldiers say NO? you don’t go out… Before i forget, kindly be reminded they have a shitload of machine guns pointed into the city from god knows how many guard towers i’ve seen. In my opinion, a ghetto is a more suitable name. Last one, that tiny little exit i saw, i walk thru one as a tourist, i went pass 3 metal detectors and a damn sniffer.. it says a lot…
    3: Israel fellas or (jews) don’t just dislike the Palestinians, they literally dislike everyone meaning chinese, malay, indian, western. You name it!!!! In my own personal opinion, they kinda view themselves as a Master race which is a bunch of crap in my book. They see themselves as the chosen people by God. Sorry to get a little into the religin thingy but its how they are… they treat the rest of us like we’re unclean. Not friendly people at all…
    4: If we want to point fingers at Israel for bombing the crap out of Palestine folks, i inclined to disagree on this one. Let’s think of this carefully, who fires the first shots??? who are the ones that fires rockets into civilians target at the first place??? when i was there, i spoke to quite a number of people, Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian Christians, Jewish Christians, Arab muslim, Goptic folks, Syrians, Jordanians. They all told me that Israel and either Hamas or Fatah was on a verge of a peace treaty. My memory don’t serve me too well but if i’m not wrong, Hamas is the main organization which is a moderate and Fatah is the extreme wing of Hamas. As much as i hate to say this, but if we do check our history or previous occasions, whenever someone mentions peace process or peace talks or improvement on peace, seems to me rockets will fly out to some targets and then it will be follow on by bombs and shells and bullets… thats how i’ve seen it. Sure Israel is wrong to start shooting here and there but who violated the cease fire agreement first???
    5: Last one… before everyone falls asleep, look at their bloody history. I MEAN very BLoody history… i checked and over the last 50 years as its existance, Israel has gone to war for more than 10 times since day one of its declaration, i don’t know about you guys but i think those guys should be in the Guiness Book of Records for fighting too many damn wars. Think about it, from time since Romans, to Greek to Egypt to middle east to god knows, when has Israel been ever at peace??? I can’t think of any date. They been fighting since day one of civilization and i guess they will be doing so till eternity.
    so whats the moral of all my blabbering? Get Russia and America to push their BIG RED BUTTON. Do that, give the world 30 minutes and it will all be over. XD
    okok, bad one… real one this time, i don’t support the israel’s way of handling it but i do not support the boycotting of US products as well. US is a foreign country… i sound bad and selfish by saying this but some wars are meant to run the way it does…

  111. The palestinians are suffering day by day. Its seems to be except the Americans, no one in this world can end this right now.
    I find it real hard to laugh at your parodies at the moment. I know you don’t mean any harm or insensitivity about the whole thing. When people are dying at the other part of the world, I don’t think I have the heart to laugh now.
    Where were your styles that you used to have? You seems to be changing too much. I agree to Nigel, sorry…
    Once your loyal reader,

  112. Bash me all the way u want but your post is not funny at all.
    Even if you don’t agree with the boycott, the least you can do is to not say anything about people who support it.
    To compare poking someone in Facebook with the death of a Palestinian shot with a bullet, How can u justify that as being not insensitive?
    well of course, it’s somebody’s else’s mother/father/brother who is dying. Why should we give a fuck.

  113. even if he really does change, so what? what’s the big deal here anyway? people change. if you do not like what you are reading now, then go ahead and look for somebody else’ blog which you deem is suitable for your taste.

  114. lol…i don’t think he’s poking fun on the palestinians or the isrealis..i think he’s poking fun on ppl who naively think boycotting american products will actually do any contribution to stopping the war…haha…

  115. exactly.
    no matter what kenny does, if those people have to die, they die. shutting up wont help – so why not openly voice out your own opinion? it doesnt kill, afterall.
    those people die. but we move on.
    cmon guys, accept the damn fact and stop brooding over matters that dont concern your life ESPECIALLY when you cannot do anything about it.

  116. i love this entry 🙂
    very good joke on boycouting the us products… same here in Indonesia 😀
    i can feel ur deep sense of humour, tough some maybe feel its not appropriate to put this heavy humour on this war issue 🙂

  117. cannot accept then shut up. nobody needs your comment here.
    go find somebody else’ blog which you deem is suitable for you.

  118. dear kevin tan and ah_mike
    did u know that israel doesnt have a country in the 1st place. they invaded palestine long time ago and claimed it to be their land.
    that’s why hamas on behalf of the palestinians who lost their homeland attacked israel to show that palestinians never have accepted israel’s invasion in the first place.
    btw, did both of you know that israel has never stopped its rockets attacking palestinians eversince the invasion. that’s also why hamas is fighting back.
    so, get your history lesson straight first before commenting.

  119. nice1, kenny.
    and guys…why so serious ??? why cant u guys think the other side? anyway, no matter what WORLD PEACE still the most important.

  120. Good point Kenny,like the hell they would boycott the american products,try go to McD and KFC now and you will see how many people are there chewing the ”american food”…
    Nobody takes Starbucks from me,Never!!!

  121. Since you think it’s crooked sense of humour..
    SHow me what is humour. I doubt you even knows how to blog interested issue, gtfo.

  122. Why IS IT when the Palestinians say they wanna quote “wipe israel off the map” people don’t complain.
    why when israel wanna defend itself and fight back, people complain?
    Tell me, from those words, who sounds like they want war?
    Read hama’s covenant. Tell me which side is the aggressor.
    Hamas is obviously a terrorist organisation, do you think they are stupid? People think that terrorists have no plans. Seriously wake up. Hamas is an example or a very well run organisation of terrorists and officials, their networks run deep.
    They hide behind women and children, civilians and in holy places, so when those people get hurt or die they say that israel is targeting civilians.
    They can’t get more cowardly than that
    Mind you, I don’t like war.
    But why is everyone so against israel.
    I have not heard of a single jew blowing themselves up in a restaurant in the name of GOD.
    You want to know what hamas is like?
    See the interview they had with MASAB YOUSEF – THE SON OF THE LEADER OF HAMAS.

  123. I didn’t get past the 10th comment I think… Bt I hv to agree with one reader’s reply on how instead of using Kenny’s blog power to influence his readers, he used that to parody the boycott suggestion instead.
    Although I’m not critisizing Kenny’s opinion on the boycott and his sense of humour (or absence of), I thought it’d would’ve been better had Kenny decided to inform readers on how we can contribute to helping the Palestinians instead of crippling the Israelis.
    Kenny is obviously as concerned as many of us are on the war, and we shld focus our attention on helping the needy rather than crippling the offensive and parodying statements made about them.

  124. There were both negative and positive comments on this page, but however, I think that Kenny has his rights and power to write whatever he wants on the page no matter you like it or not! It’s his page, his place. You guys are actually entering his gates of the blog. He is welcoming you guys to read about it and not even blocking you from doing so! I think that you guys should give some respect. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all! You can just click the “X” on the window and leave the page! No one is paying you nor aiming a gun at you to read it. It may be offensive or not, but you have no right of scolding someone for his thoughts! Everyone has his way of thinking and voicing out. Whatever happened to the Freedom Of Speech? Come on people, stop being so sensitive! Make this world a better place. Start by not criticizing and judging people from what they write!
    P.S Kenny, you have my full support in every post you post.

  125. mahathir and those mca shut the fuck up pls. jus continue ur normal life. boycotting does no shits to the war. as if they will stop the war after msian boycotting their products.
    i say we continue and lead a normal life. boycotting is dumb and stupid.

  126. yeah! i agree!! come on readers, stop being so close-minded! its just a joke onthe statement by dr.m
    no sense of humour at all…stop bashing kenny!stfu and go to another blog if you’re not happy

  127. To mongue:
    I think your understanding of world history are incorrect and totally illogical.
    Allow me to address them as below.
    did u know that Israel doesn’t have a country in the 1st place. they invaded Palestine long time ago and claimed it to be their land.
    Illogical Point 1: Since Israel does not exist in the first place, how did they invade Palestine?
    Historical Fact 1: Before Israel was established as a country. It already occupies a part of the Middle East known as Jerusalem. Biblical records indicate that as the Holy Land of God where the Jewish Great Temple is located, recall the famous relic left is the Weeping Wall, a part of the Great Temple of God.
    that’s why hamas on behalf of the palestinians who lost their homeland attacked israel to show that palestinians never have accepted israel’s invasion in the first place.
    Illogical Point 2: Hamas is just another organization that seek to sow dissent among the Palestinians and Israelis by endorsing hardline doctrines. It is only a smokescreen in my honest opinion to claim to fight back for the Palestinians. Who are they to fight for Palestinian? It should be the elected Palestinian Government to do so if they really feel they have been oppressed.
    btw, did both of you know that israel has never stopped its rockets attacking palestinians eversince the invasion. that’s also why hamas is fighting back.
    Illogical Point 3: This is the most ridiculous statement from you.
    Logical Response: Hamas first fired their rockets into Israel Boundaries, terrorized and killed her citizens. In response, Israel has the international rights to invade and fight back by bombing the rockets pods in a bid to destroy them so that Hamas cannot use the rockets against Israeli citizens. Hamas definitely fight back in their bid to save those rockets pods so they may launch further incursions into Israel.
    so, get your history lesson straight first before commenting.
    Not intending to be rude, but seriously, before you respond to my comment, you might want to really think thru thrice the whole thing and be more logical in your replies. If not, you are inviting ridicule and sully to your good name as being shallow and illogical.
    Alright, Peace Out. War is never right but Israel has an international community support to weed out terrorist organizations to prevent further damages to both Israel and Palestine civilians, we should support all actions against terrorism so that the current and future generations may live in peace without having to fear for their lives even when asleep or awake.
    Warmest Regards
    Kevin Tan

  128. y0 guys,
    I am settig up a fund to support israel, so that tehy can buymore weapon and wipe out the whole palestine faster.
    Anyone interested, plz sms me 0125880389

  129. What a bunch of claptrap, you must be some Israeli’s girlie-boy to be inventing propaganda as you go along, don’t you have any regard for INTEGRITY, or even a smidgen of DECENCY?
    In Biblical terms, GOD gave the land to Israelites then took it away from them for breaking His Laws. Words to Moses were “If they pollute the land with abominations as those before them did, I will cause the land to vomit them out”.
    Truth is, Israelis of today have very little in common with Israelites of Bible and everything in common with European COLONISTS.
    How any Ethnic person can support a Govt which surpasses every measurement for APARTHEID really astounds me, except maybe an Israeli named Kevin Tan.
    It is established FACT that Israel broke the cease-fire. It is also established FACT that Israel tests US Weaponry on Palestinians, including BANNED Cluster Bombs and Phosphorous Bombs. Were it not for US Veto Israel would be an official ROGUE State. Foreign Journalists are SAFER with Palestinians. Israel kills more Foreign Journalists & UN Staff than any other for one reason “To Eliminate WITNESSES”.
    Lastly, I volunteered to fight for Israel in 67 war. Between then and now GREED has taken over. Have you even paused to fathom over FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED Settlements on someone elses Land?
    Israel getting out of Gaza is akin to someone stealing your house and expecting gratitude for giving back the Toilet Seat after Beating most of your family to death with it.
    What we are witnessing is the Controlled Extermination of A People, GENOCIDE. If you are comfortable with that I really feel sorry for you.

  130. KC. I applaud your courage for speaking-up, it is soo Easy to go with the flow. Christian myself, I have Jewish family, truth is there is this Negative energy emanating from Israel; that the world OWES them something above and beyond the rescue from Hitler which entitles them to do whatever they please. Personally, I believe Palestinians have closer DNA to Prophets of Bible than current Israelis. Because Pals never left, and Abraham had 2 sons Ishmael(father of 12 princes) & Isaac (father of twins – Esau (Arab) & Jacob (father of 12 tribes of Israel). They are closely Blood Related.
    TT. I did better than check some obscure website, I listened to The Living Buddha himself, female Monks statements, and Tibetans who are happy with their Improoved lot in life.China has an English News channel with reporters who ask the Tough questions. Do not indulge in propaganda, if not allowed to ask, they’ll leave it alone.
    Link TV is an Independent in US with No affiliation.Cdn CBC gives accurate News even detrimental to it’s own Govt, lots of others for cross ref.
    Others who bought into “Blaming Victims”, my statements come from years of accumulating knowledge “as it happens” and Caring,if not verifyable I won’t say it.
    We’re it not for outsiders who cared enough to take-a-stand, you would all be under Indonisian rule right now, ask your parents.
    Same people who Sold-Out Sarawak to Malaysia, sold-out E.Timor to Indonisia for exploration rights,are selling-out Palestine to Israel right now.
    Like an old friend says “Same shit, just different pile”.
    As Sarawak was bartered for OIL, Palestinians are deemed EXPENDABLE to accomodate US,UK & Euro Immigrants and Interests in Mid-East. Victims keep changing, but manipulators remain the same.
    To be Credible one needs to shed Bias and develope values strictly on RIGHT & WRONG. Put yourself in their place.
    Try to figure how US became Rich and Dominant.

  131. I think for one, a huge number of Malaysians who parades around the street protesting this Gaza invasion is pretty much stupid !!! Where were they when Indonesian Chinese and ethnic minorities are violated and killed like chickens in a slaughterhouse? Even the government kept hush about it. You can see the mistakes done by other people across the sea but the violations at your own door step and next door, you are totally ignorant too. Look at Malaysia … Look at the minority Indians … look at the Chinese .. look at the Orang Asli … all who have to fight so hard … whose children are turned down scholarships at the local Uni because the “Racial Quotas” are fulfilled … Tsk tsk tsk !! Ignorant Malaysians … Your ignorance would herald your demise

  132. Btw, I think Dr. Mahathir should shut his mouth. As he’s despite being the so called Modern Father of Malaysian development, have his hands deep in shit for what he has done to this country .. what is happening around Malaysia now is all his doing .. Good and Bad. He has his eyes focused at things that are over the seas … never at his homeland … Shame on Him !

  133. Kenny u sucks big time for supporting this boycott shit. I dont even know why malaysia making a big fuss of the Gaza thingy..publicity maybe?

  134. eh hello, don’t talk through your ass ok, perfesser.
    You must be around 20, looks up wikipedia for everything and claims intelligence. Go and have some meat curtain….

  135. Of course chedet can boycott larr. He’s got billions stashed away (wikipedia). If the rest of us are out of jobs, is he going to part us some of his wealth then?
    He’s testing the waterssss….and I think he realises that the ppl have changed. Except for the mamakssssss with more sssss….

  136. Btw, i didnt say i dont feel sad for the Gaza ppl..i just feel that all these boycotting and street protesting are just useless. Malaysians have too much free time i guess..

  137. Shame on you for trying to pimp your blog here!! What difference are you from MR.Sia here? It all about the traffic right?

  138. dear all
    Kenny’s entry was meant to be a TONGUE-IN-CHEEK reference from our @#^# politicians to boycott anything and everything US, not realizing that there are so many things today that we take granted are actually made in US. For example, I would like to see all the politicians STOP watching Hollywood movies or smoke US cigrettes (go for Gudang Garam!) as what Kenny sia mentioned.

  139. come on guys, kenny is just saying that boycotting ALL usa/israel products is impossible. there are stuff that we cannot make do without. is kenny’s message that hard to understand?

  140. Just another comment.. why are we MALAYSIANS getting so WORKED UP about this a thousand miles away when the Arab (middle east) cousins with tons of oil money and ability to really help is doing NOTHING???

  141. All u people that call for a boycott are idiots!
    U think amenricans are working in the coke factories here? U think americans are working in the McD’s, KFC’s and Starbucks here? U think americans are working in all the factories that the US companies have opened on our soil?
    U won’t cause any effect on the US economy coz this country is too small and insignificant to the US. All you’ll be causing is Malaysians losing their jobs and Malaysian stakeholders in these companies crash and burning.

  142. It’s a funny parody of idiots who call on boycotts of US products. I don’t think you are making light of the situation in Gaza – just responding to idiotic comments that some ex-PM made. 😛

  143. i love this post.
    mcas are really ridiculous. just talking without really thinking. simply wanna masuk news kot. boo!

  144. Never been on the site you mentioned, don’t LIE either, admission of FEAR. Would never sacrifice Integrity for Bias.
    There is RIGHT and WRONG, one worth Defending, other Condemnation. It’s what seperates us from beasts, anything less is an insult to the Intelligence we’re Blessed with.
    Time spent collecting someone else’s view is better spent Paying Attention to FACTS. Current Affairs is more fascinating than movies, most of which are distorted History anyway.
    That so many refuse to believe Facts is testament to the Power of Propaganda.
    Why is Kenny in demand? Because he takes the INITIATIVE. Easiest function is the one most would have someone else do for them:- Think & Decide.
    Excuses to do NOTHING is what TYRANNY is built on, you’re allowing your dislike to cloud good judgement, which makes you PREDICTABLE and subject to MANIPULATION.

  145. I hardly think it’s a parody to the massacre. It’s more towards the action of the boycott. Just pointing that out.

  146. For all those who say this is a lame post, you obviously haven’t thought about it for more than 5 seconds.
    Whether intended or not, there is a message behind it, and it depends on YOU to read that message, and evaluate it by yourself.

  147. For everyone who said Israel has no country in the first place.. think abt this.. did we (M, Chinese and Indians)invade this nice land of Suvarnabumi(malaya)???? Hence,if the locals (orang asli) wants their land back..are we required to back off..?
    same goes to USA = red indians.. singapore.. and so on? wat hypocrites are u talking about… every single country has and had been invaded b4 (except for Thai).. its part of history.. and palestine is also a part of history.. so they lose.. then fulfill the god damn peace agreement and stop breaking it.. WE WANT FATAH WE WANT FATAH!!

  148. wow. this one takes the cake in being stupid.
    it’s one thing kenny making fun of the boycott, it’s ANOTHER THING when a reader with LOW IQ actually wants to act on it (or in case, acting on the reverse of it). tsk tsk.)
    see what u’ve done, kenny! u must remember that not only smart thinking people read your blog, stupid KKN readers also read. so pls be wise when u choose your topics.

  149. seriously..boycotting wouldn’t do much.
    even if m’sia were to boycott everything that is from the US.
    we will be on the losing end..
    why make a big hoo haa outta this?
    as good as DR.M was back then..
    his talk and actions on this matter has just ignited people unnecessory and unrationally..

  150. kenny, look!
    another stupid farker who didn’t get it.
    told your some of your readers are so stupid, they’ll agree with whatever u say.

  151. Everyone is dying every single day. Pity them? It’s not just one place that’s getting people killed. Darfur, Somalia, etc are having the same problems as well.
    Palestinians extremists and Israeli zionists are just going to get it on until somebody exterminates all of them. Till then, it’s a waste of time being upset. Kenny is just telling making a point that boycotting is not going to work, and more should be done than not drinking Coke.

  152. Analyze this: What Kenny did here was to highlight the incident, while yet making the event light hearted with sarcasm thrown in.
    Yup! light hearted with sarcasm thrown in to the issue of children, babies killed, maimed, blown to bits. Yeah Kevin ur soooooooo damn right Life is short, live it well, live it to the maximum with meaningful actions… Oops but you still have a life to live. Cool man, if it were to happen near to your country, you or anyone close to you let’s not start boycotting anything or have any feeling bout it, hey let’s have some light hearted sarcasm, that’ll be cool. Way to go mann.

  153. Malaysia make a lot of big noise on the discrimination that the Palestinians face. All good and dandy except that it happens in Malaysia too. We are as aparteid as the Zionist.
    UMNO = Zionist baru.

  154. Eh, dun be stoopid. Y u english so advance i oso donno wat u tokking.
    Baru first year management course ka?
    Btw, there is no clear definition of right or wrong in this world. Won even bother to elaborate. Go suck on a meat curtain.

  155. Dear Kenny Sia
    I think what you say about Tun Dr Mahathir on boycott the US products is totally wrong. You may want to correct it before you got sued.
    Tun Dr. Mahathir through his Perdana Global Peace Foundation, issued in black/white stated to boycott
    a. Using US Dollar In International Trade
    b. Buying US Bonds

  156. For everyone who said Israel has no country in the first place.. think abt this.. did we (M, Chinese and Indians)invade this nice land of Suvarnabumi(malaya)???? Hence,if the locals (orang asli) wants their land back..are we required to back off..?
    same goes to USA = red indians.. singapore.. and so on? wat hypocrites are u talking about… every single country has and had been invaded b4 (except for Thai).. its part of history.. and palestine is also a part of history.. so they lose.. then fulfill the god damn peace agreement and stop breaking it.. WE WANT FATAH WE WANT FATAH!!

  157. Again u speakee through ur anals. According to Islamic traditions Ishamel married a lady from the Yemeni Jurhum tribe. But according to the bible, Ishmael married an Eygptian girl. Genesis 21:21. Which is logical as Hagar/Hajar herself is Eygptian. (surely you will get a lady of the same race to marry ur only son) So if got relations also they should be in Eygpt, not Palestine.
    The rest of ur statements are not even worth to be bothered. Living Buddha! ahahahaha. Urm, yes.
    I’d rather the US stay in power. They show us that GOD is in control.

  158. how come ppl talk about boycotting american products but no one talks about boycotting israeli products or imposing economic sanctions on israel?
    and i can’t possibly boycott dawn, then there goes my chance of sleeping with her

  159. Poor Kenny, its amazing how many narrow~minded people are reading your blog..or u can say people with zilch sense of humour or the inability to read between the lines. tsk! tsk!
    Always your reader,

  160. No war.. Peace. If you really want to help out palestinin, donate some money to NSTP FUND FOR GAZA. I think my English improve a lot by reading all those comment.

  161. oh c’mon ppl… this is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek kinda post and personally i can feel the typical sarcasm of kenny in the post, apart from the first 3 lines…i find it kinda funny.. n i saw some serious people writing loooong essays talking bout war lah, sensitive issues lah, dis n dat…
    why so serious?

  162. take your lame jokes back to Sarawak man..
    in times like this you can still make a mockery of people.
    who are you man
    just because you are some famous blogger!
    shit asss

  163. please read between the lines or better, go back to school….it’s really a shame that so many people just don’t get it!!!! pity kenny.

  164. i just hope the israel dun come here and sweep us away…….we shud look at ourselves 1st before helping other or messing with other countries affairs….

  165. ROFL @ those people who think kenny supports the boycott. Do me (and yourself) a favor: get a brain. Its a parody omg can you guys get any dumber than this? He was mocking the very ridiculous idea of boycotting the american products, NOT THE PALESTINIAN SITUATION. You guys who support the boycotting of american products at the risk of destroying our economy(not to mention the spillover effects of the recent US financial crisis), deserve to be shot in the head. We have made an official protest and even called for an emergency UN session. We’ve done all we could. Surely we’re all sympathetic but what else can we(or kenny) do? You fucktards who want to do more can fly there and join the war. Otherwise, stfu and go back to your cave
    Good post, kenny.

  166. Aiiyahhhhh…. Send 2 Nukes 1 For israel 1 For Palestine.. case closed… Happy? Still Not happy…? Nuke THe World Then… walawklklawklawlkaw

  167. how the heck did turn into
    turn off the comments lah. geez. spoilt my chuckling reading the comments after a good tongue-in-cheek post.

  168. hi kenny….good post …. like the way u write … i think some of ur readers dunno the way u write …
    1. serious matter + some funny post by u to tag along with the topic will be interesting to read!
    2. serious matter only will be boring ler…better read newspaper or online news.
    my opinion only….

  169. Read this why boycott these products?
    Boycotting certain products, be it your stands on animal rights, human rights, vegetarian etc are the belief/stand/reason people chose for not supporting the products that directly/indirectly supporting KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE, CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ETC.
    Some people initiate this move at the thoughts that they at least can pressure these companies which are US companies to STOP the war supported by the US government.

  170. Chinese don’t have history of living in Malay Peninsular. Jewish does have history of population in current land of Israel.

  171. Well there is always more than one side to any story. Here are some Arabs who are blaming the fanatic Hamas as being responsible for the war in Gaza. First the news (truncated) :
    The Arab world’s most prominent comedian and movie star, Egyptian actor Adel Imam, has shocked many of his fans by expressing understanding for Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip.
    The veteran 68-year-old movie star blamed Hamas fundamentalists for the violence, pointing out that the Egyptian leadership had warned the Islamist movement against an impending Israeli military operation.
    “Hamas ignored our warnings and chose to lead an asymmetrical war,” Imam said, echoing earlier statements by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit. “It’s preferable for Hamas to stop [the rocket attacks]. They should have known that Israel wasn’t going to receive the attacks with roses.”
    The Egyptian Foreign Minister was referring to Hamas’ habit of shooting rfire cracker rockets into southern Israel. The rockets have not done much except cause terror among residents of southern Israel. Israel is now on the offensive to physically deprive Hamas of some of the means to shoot these rockets.
    For the first time since 1967 the Israelis pulled out of Gaza four years ago (ie after 38 years) and said they would never return (meaning they don’t want the territory). They left Gaza to the Palestinian Authority (PA). The PA however could not compete with the jihadi fundamentalists (jihadi-fundos). The PA could not administer Gaza. They lost out to Hamas.
    Finally 18 months ago, Hamas overthrew the PA in a violent coup. Subsequent to that Hamas won the elections in Gaza which legitimized their status there. Since then Hamas has made plain that Israel has no right to exist. That is Hamas’ position. They started shooting the rockets into Israel.
    But there are other factors too that impact on not just Hamas but every jihadi fundo outfit around the world. This is the pressure exerted by the tabung jihad fundraisers, tabung jihad fund donors etc all around the world from Saudi Arabia, the Middle East right down to our ‘Tabung Jihad Palestin’ run by PAS and other jihadi-fundo outfits here.
    They want results for their money. They want the loudest bang for their buck. Hence there is much pressure on Hamas to shoot the rockets into Israel. There is much pressure in Pakistan to send jihadi-fundos to Mumbai. There is pressure on the jihadi-fundos to send bombers into Bali. It goes on.
    The jihadi-fundos raise money from the public’s religious fervour. Then they must show results for all the money that was raised. So they must launch the attacks. The more attacks are launched, the more propaganda accrues to the jihadi-fundos. More money is collected. It goes round in a circle.
    Yes of course the tank was made in the US. They are bad dudes too. We all know that. (Tell us something new, something that the whole world does not know already). The Americans have supplied weapons to the Israelis for the past 60 years. Is there any chance that they will stop supplying weapons to Israel over the next 20 years or 40 years? Please wake up and smell the camels Abdool.
    But Hamas seems to be indifferent to the loss of lives. They are still shooting ineffective, fire cracker type rockets into Israel, knowing full well that more Palestinians will die in the Israeli retaliation. Do they care?
    Just yesterday I was talking to some Afghan Malaysians. Their view is that if the present rhetoric between Pakistan and India leads to war, the Pakistanis are ever ready to die. Why? Because they have nothing much to lose. No jobs, no income, no wealth, no future, no nothing. For them if they die in a war against India, they will go to heaven as martyrs where virgins may await them. India on the other hand has so much to lose. What if Bollywood gets bombed? We may not know who should get Datukships. The Indians have so much more to lose than the Pakistanis.
    The war must stop. The bombing must stop. But the jihadi-fundos also must stop. They are definitely not the solution to the problem. They are the problem too.

  172. I like how you slowly built up the list of American goods “to be boycotted”, from the least important to the most integral American goods of our lives.
    Indeed, Kenny, you’re a master of “progressive built-up anticipation humour”. (My own lame and lousy term) I admire your writing and presentation skills.
    For those who criticise Kenny for for being insensitive, I would say, “Get used to it”. Kenny’s actions should not be restricted by the demands of an intolerant crowd. Why should his freedom of expression be controlled by you?

  173. “progressive built-up anticipation humour.”
    I like that term. Can I use it?
    It’s much better than my description. I called it “talk cock a bit first only then tell the joke tactic.”

  174. I’m really sorry if I come across as “pimping” my blog.
    I’m just trying to provide a bit of commentary on the issue and since I’ve written a piece (which was actually published before this piece) I thought a link wouldn’t do much harm.
    Anyway, sorry again.

  175. I understand the humorical orientation of this post but if.. IF… you were serious about boycotting US products, then it’s a stupid move.
    Why on earth are people still listening to Dr M… he old edi lah -__- still think he got power but in reality only just talk and talk..
    anyone remember when he tried to get people to follow him to quit UMNO? in the end only his son follow him. just goes to show that he is not influential anymore.
    Majority of American brands in Malaysia (e.g. McDonalds, Starbucks, etc) are localised and franchised, so it’s manufactured, produced and sold all by Malaysians. Indirectly you’re supporting Malaysian economy. I highly doubt M’sian McDonalds have to pay the McD headquarters royalty or whatsoever.
    This war case can be explained in a much minor scenario – imagine the following:
    A small (or rather, average-sized) boy walks up to a muscular and big man, and uses a stick to hit the large man on the head. Of course, you don’t expect the large man to just ignore the smaller guy after being whacked on the head. Chances are, the larger person will just land a punch on the smaller guy and, grabbing the stick away from his hand, break the stick into pieces.
    In the real scenario the smaller boy is Palestine and the other larger man is Israel. Palestine started shooting rockets and missiles at Israel, and despite being requested to stop, Palestine continued. And in the end they suffered. Just recently the Israeli army destroyed the missile launching base (in the story the larger man broke the wooden stick).
    I’m not trying to be racist or unfair or whatever but in my personal opinion I think the only reason why Msia support Palestine is because Palestine is an Islamic country. Israel is Jewish.
    Maybe this isn’t true but this is just my opinion.

  176. I think Isreal must have a valid reason to attack the Palestinians. By the way we will have no computers, Mp3s, almost everything without american products. even most raw material comes from american companies… so probably no cars also

  177. To Jack Straw:
    In response to your comment.
    Kevin Tan u seem to be so smart.
    First, I do not claim to be smart, I’m simply analyzing the entire situation from a very logical point of view, I do not stand by either country in this Gaza War. I’m just putting things into perspectives one by one.
    So let’s see who broke the ceasefire first and let’s see how u’re going to turn this aroun.

    I’ve watched the CNN clip as directed, still the clip itself does not even indicate who actually broke the ceasefire. CNN is only providing the media coverage of both sides, of which both sides claims the other party broke the cease-fire, there are NO concrete evidence as that Israel broke the ceasefire treaty.
    Secondly, while Israel has started withdrawing and returning the Gaza strip area back to the Palestinians, Israel itself still has its legal rights to enter the Gaza Strip if its sovereignty or citizens are endangered. (I’m not approving 100% of what Israel has done except its necessary actions to prevent further incursions by Hamas).
    On the other hands, we have heard not just isolated incidents, but many similar incidents of Palestinians extremists / Hamas operatives who sneaked into Israeli territories to kidnap Israelis soldiers through the use of underground tunnels and ransomed for release of extremists etc. Throughout the clip, the argument was Hamas retaliated because Israeli commandos killed 6 Palestinians in a tunnel because they believed it is used for kidnapping its military personnel. Vice-Versa, Israeli commandos have the military rules of engagement to prevent the possibility of their military personnel from being kidnapped and used in a hostage ransom exchange program.
    Logically analyzing the arguments from the clip with no particular siding to either Israel or Palestine. My key questions are:
    Why are there 6 Palestinian Extremists / Hamas Operatives inside a tunnel between the two countries borders? Especially when both countries are in ceasefire mode?
    I won’t answer this question because it is a straight-forward answer unless you can provide a more logical reason why there are extremists or operatives found operating inside a cross-border tunnel.
    Given the state of ceasefire, does the Israeli commandos’ rules of engagement in opening fire on operatives found in a tunnel used to cross borders justified as a preventive measure?
    The measure may be a bit drastic by normal terms, but given the previous experiences by Israel, when their soldiers were kidnapped and later ransomed for extremists release, the preventive action, on a general whole is highly justified.
    However, do not rule out the possibility that the Israeli government might want to arrest these operatives as evidence of cross border incursion, but met with strong resistance and in the exchange of fire, the operatives lost?
    Once again, I reiterate my position. I do not side either country, I do not condone War, or sanction any other so called controlled extermination of a particular race / genocide.
    What I am offering here is pure analytical and logical responses to whether which country broke the cease-fire and whether the Gaza invasion by Israel in this case is justified legally etc.
    As for the so called atrocities committed by the Israeli zionists so affectionately termed, such as young children, babies being shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, I won’t speculate or pinpoint because there are NO concrete proof that they did that.
    (Yeah I know some will say, its media suppression, but come to think of it, if the Israeli is doing media propaganda and suppression, try the Al-Jazerra (sp?) News Network, they should have showcased evidences of such atrocities to prove that Israel is doing so to urge the International Community to pressure Israel into backing off since that network has never pander to the zionists’ media propaganda or suppression.
    Kevin Tan

  178. Wow! Kevin Tan your pants must be koyak already cause somebody thinks your smart. You must be one of those smart ass who just sits in front of the computer and yakk-off about anything just to show how smart you are but in reality your just a Dweeb who thinks his right all the time. Poor guy. Who do you think shot the children and babies? Your ass? The only concrete proof you need is the concrete that fell on your head to even make you think like that. Poor guy. (Oh! you forgot to type Singapore Reject under your name).

  179. Jewbacca
    Firstly, your comments are rather rude and uncalled for.
    Do understand that your comments is rather defamatory and I can sue you for your words if I want to because you have no proof that what you have said is totally true. (Anyway, this is to let you know that be more respectful of others and do not mouth off words without thinking thrice.)
    This is a comments section, I am free to express my comments, my views and response to other people’s comments and I do so with due respects to the addressed party and the general public reading it.
    I have not sully or insulted anyone here in this comment section and I truly believe if you want others to respect you, LEARN to respect others. Be TOLERANT of others and know that others have the rights to express their views without being labeled as smart asses etc. (Are you really that smart or you think that you are of a superior race?)
    Finally in response to your comment. I am not what you think I am and I do not sit in front of the computer and yakk off what I think is right all the time etc. I do follow the current news, I analyze the situation, the facts, referred to others comments and addressed my views, I’m not claiming that I am RIGHT all the time. It’s my two/three cents worth of opinion which I am entitled to expressed.
    If you do not like what you see of my comments, you can retort me in a logical manner by telling me your view on the subject subjectively and respectfully. By bashing me and branding me Smart Asses and Singapore Reject only shows how SHALLOW, INTOLERANT, IGNORANT & NARROW-MINDED a person you are. Your personality as viewed by the general public is thus flawed.
    If you have a logical and respectful subject view on the situation, I would be glad to know of your views and I will respect your views.
    Kevin Tan

  180. dude, you forgot Intel. Intel R&D is at the heart of Israel. LOL
    80% of the worlds computers use Intel Processors developed in Israel. the same thing your pc is running on now. macbook.

  181. I dont think Israel should not be blamed because they just responded to what Palestinian did by launching rocketss onto Israel so Israel cant take it no more and responded to Palestin…both are guilty

  182. Don’t be stupid and naive Jewbacca.If the Palestinians had better military capabilities,they would have killed Israeli civilians too.but they don’t and that is why they are currently being hammered.
    wars are evil.but people are stupid and intolerant and that is why there will always be wars.
    ironic,how all those haters and flamers bash kennysia and then they try to be sensitive and root for peace.

  183. No offense, but I can’t help to disagree on the part you’re about Pakistan have nothing to lose. They have everything to lose. They are starting to develop their country, they have jobs, they have incomes, they are some pretty much wealthy people in Pakistan, they have a bright future and they have everything to lose if a war is to happen.
    How I know about this, well frankly cause i don’t hear it from another people but by being here in Pakistan myself… And no I’m not a Pakistani, I’m a Malaysian who is currently working here in Pakistan. And my hotel is just 100metre away from the just bombed Mariott(btw it’s opened now). And I do not wear bullet proof vest and have to dodge bullet and bomb here and there 🙂
    Just to correct some of the fact rights. Well Cheers.

  184. i think Malaysia should stay out of this… or like don’t get involve too deeply… just imagine only one bomb from Israel and we will all be………..

  185. In response to the comment by Natty Dread:
    What a bunch of claptrap, you must be some Israeli’s girlie-boy to be inventing propaganda as you go along, don’t you have any regard for INTEGRITY, or even a smidgen of DECENCY?
    This statement got me LOL. I’ve already stated my citizenship as Singaporean and Israeli’s girlie-boy? LOL… Last I checked, I’m a man with a dick and two balls. 😛
    I do not invent propaganda as I go along, cos there is absolutely no need for me to do so. What I have said is my understanding of the current news, recent history & historical biblical references to my best knowledge.
    In Biblical terms, GOD gave the land to Israelites then took it away from them for breaking His Laws. Words to Moses were “If they pollute the land with abominations as those before them did, I will cause the land to vomit them out”.
    Truth is, Israelis of today have very little in common with Israelites of Bible and everything in common with European COLONISTS.

    Speaking of biblical content, your statement is rather incorrect to some terms.
    My understanding is that Moses led the enslaved Hebrews out of Egypt, crossed the Red Sea and traveled the desert for 40 years and Moses died before entering the territory of the Promised Land of Israel, authority was passed over to Joshua who led the people into Israel where the Hebrews, now the first Israelites put down roots. Joshua had then marked an area where the Torah (1st 5 books of the Old Testament) and the Ark (containing the 2 stone tablets inscribed with the 10 Commandments) be placed for worship and in later times inside the Great Temple build by Herod the Great.
    God also intended the Israelites to live according to His commandments and to show the truth of God to all the world (Genesis 12:1-3). However, time and again, the Israelites lost sight of their mission and lapsed into idolatry, sin or narrow-minded nationalism. On these occasions, God called prophets, such as Elijah, Samuel, Jonah, Isaiah and many others, to lead them back to the right path.
    Eventually, the Hebrews or Jews were disbanded as a nation and scattered throughout the world, when the Muslim invaders (believed to be then Ottoman Empire, now Turkey) took over and destroy much of the Great Temple, leaving only the Weeping Wall and built the current golden dome over the temple which we can now see in Jerusalem.
    In a neutral documentary & a reference book I’ve seen before, the Israeli land has been barren after the takeover until around the period in 1960s to 1970s, where Jews started returning back to Jerusalem in batches, where reconstruction/restoration works on the Great Temple and other related locations takes place did the land of Israel started being fruitful again & there were satellite photoshots of Israel and Middle East from space somewhere in the late 1980s which showed the Middle Eastern land surrounding Israel remains sandy & barren while yet the land area of Israel were greenish in color, indicating that the land was fruitful & Israeli produce could be seen being exported to neighboring countries.
    I’m not indicating anything, but from the facts established by the documentary, it appears to me, I stress that God seems to be calling back the rightful citizens of Israel which was dispersed previously back to reoccupy the Promised Land. Naturally you were right to say the Israelites of today were different to the biblical Israelites, but that’s because a long period of time has lapse since the dispersion to the conjugation, naturally the Jews who resides in Europe would carries European traits.
    How any Ethnic person can support a Govt which surpasses every measurement for APARTHEID really astounds me, except maybe an Israeli named Kevin Tan.
    First and primarily, before you accuse me of being an apartheid lover or sympathizer, kindly provide concrete proof to show that I am what you claim to be.
    I do not support apartheid, but if Israel were to survive especially when there are at least two fractions that doesn’t go well with one another, a certain form of segregation by the government has to be established to ensure each other live in peace. (Singapore under Stamford Raffles period was also segregated into different areas like Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Little India etc, is this apartheid to you?) It simply ensured that each race, fractions, beliefs are kept to one area and they are still free to practice what they believed in.
    And for the second time, I state, I am not a Israeli, but a Singaporean. I am only stating my views on the matter subjectively and if you can’t accept my views, you are either welcome to logically and respectfully retort my views or suck thumb and go away. Either way, you would gain my utmost respect, doing what you have done, only makes things worse for you and not me in terms of your reputation as a honorable person etc.
    It is established FACT that Israel broke the cease-fire. It is also established FACT that Israel tests US Weaponry on Palestinians, including BANNED Cluster Bombs and Phosphorous Bombs. Were it not for US Veto Israel would be an official ROGUE State. Foreign Journalists are SAFER with Palestinians. Israel kills more Foreign Journalists & UN Staff than any other for one reason “To Eliminate WITNESSES”.
    Lastly, I volunteered to fight for Israel in 67 war. Between then and now GREED has taken over. Have you even paused to fathom over FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED Settlements on someone elses Land?
    Israel getting out of Gaza is akin to someone stealing your house and expecting gratitude for giving back the Toilet Seat after Beating most of your family to death with it.
    What we are witnessing is the Controlled Extermination of A People, GENOCIDE. If you are comfortable with that I really feel sorry for you.

    As for the above, I cast serious doubts on the credibility of your statements. The established facts, please provide the facts if really established here.
    Israel is not a rogue state, neither did it gain its official status as a country because of US Veto. The US may be the most powerful nation on earth, the acknowledgment of a country and its sovereignty does not lies in the power of one but of the entire world community under the United Nations Assembly as well as the International Courts.
    As for eliminating witnesses, since you claim so absolutely sure, and if you want others to believe you, you will need to show proof and evidences instead of just shooting your views out which you believed to be true. (Show established evidences and I will believe you)
    As for your last paragraph statement, since I did not meet you in person, how true your age is and whether you have really fought for Israel in 67, I can only take it with a pinch of salt. It may be true that there are countless settlements out there on the Gaza Strip, however, in recent years, this amount of settlements has dwindled as Israel starts pulling out, so quit talking about the past but the present.
    It take time for everything to fall in place, but if every few other months, Israel has to fight to defend her sovereignty, how can the withdrawal be faster? Your description of returning toilet seat after beating most of the family to death is rather extremist.
    I quote, For every Action, there is an equal Reaction. – True, Israel occupies Gaza, Palestine reacts. Israel withdraws and return land in peace, instead of a peaceful takeover, the reaction is totally unequal with all the Hamas skirmishes against Israel, prompting Israel to react forcefully.
    Hmmm.. Who is at fault? I won’t say for sure.. but the entire situation speaks for itself.
    Finally your term of controlled extermination and genocide is too heavy handed and does not truly justifies the situation at hand. The Holocaust by Germany in WWII, that is controlled extermination, that is genocide. In Gaza Strip? It is not, it is simply a war against terrorism where there are bound to be collateral damages etc.
    If Genocide as you claim is going on, do you think the international community would simply sit down and watch? I don’t think so.
    Anyway, a lengthy response I know. I’m just stating my views and comments here to the best of my knowledge and understanding. You or anyone is welcomed to prove me wrong with actual data facts or a meaningful and logical response to my views. I would gladly review and respond if necessary. Please respect the users of this blog by not posting offensive words to others.
    Warmest Regards
    Kevin Tan
    True Blue Singaporean. 😛

  186. I fully support you comment,HAS ANYBODY THOUGHT ON ISRAEL’S BEHALF? ANYBODY?
    A few words for the Palestinian leaders: If you don’t want your people to suffer and die, DO NOT PROVOKE OTHERS BY BOMBING THEIR HOUSES! IT’S SOO FREAKIN’ SIMPLE!

  187. OMG!! LAME LAME LAME!!! Shut down the window… LOL….
    My lunch break is awesome today with this post…bahahahaha…

  188. What is going on here….
    u noe wad..d media has make a big fuss bout tis Gaza thing..
    The picture they posted on newspaper is kinda crap….oways the killing..
    i think d media is manupulating Sumething……
    I am a Jewish supporter…..
    i tink d press is Anti-Jewish…as v r in Malaysia…Malaysian is anti Jew…

  189. I think, point is, Kenny should nt have made fun of this issue.
    True the boycott may be useless, it might have an effect on the war, it may not.
    And what we shld be focusing on now is how we can help the innocent, the children and civilians in Palestine, Sudan, Chechnya, wherever.
    There is war and genocide happening around the world, so happens that right now the focus is on Palestine.
    Whether or not they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhists, Atheists… the helpless remain helpless – namely the children being shot in the head or burried in the rubble of their blasted home.
    Yes, Kenny made a joke, some of us didn’t get it – bt was it really an appropriate joke? A joke about something related to an ongoing war is not even a joke, is it? Kenny should’ve just targeted his blog power on how we could do our part in bringing about more peace.
    Instead we get insensitive readers dissing religion and races.
    No wonder there is such a war ongoing with people like this present.

  190. I think someone has to be even more stupid to write this:
    people die everyday concerning your topic mr kenny. but you seems not to bother but opt to be more unique and special in your own way of dealing the matter.
    i think this time around, you’ve surely take matter way too far. it’s really not cool no matter how you put it. or even you just meant to coyly discuss the matter because it’s your own site.
    people die mr kenny. just think about it for a moment. i know you do, but would you dare to make such similar post if the massacre were to happen to your mom or your late dad?
    *i’m sorry if i’ve crossed the line here but i just couldn’t stand it. at least if you couldn’t think something cool about it, maybe you can just keep quiet.
    Whoever you are, go back to jupiter, the earth is too dangerous for you.

  191. My point of view to the above intellectual argument writen by all the readers is, oh my god I am using a windows OS, fuc

  192. awww, kenny, i still like ur sense of humor….to those ppl who have no life and criticise ur style of writing:kenny deserves to write what he wants,its not up to you guys to decide!go get a life!

  193. Hi Kevin Tan,
    Thanks for your enlightenment of history. I learned so much from you than Al Jeezera, CNN and BBC combined!
    Cheers mate!

  194. wow. what a comment from a malaysian. screw you.
    And Kenny, funny is one thing, but do some good too if you think there are some things that sound “stupid” being said by politicians or whoever. Why not you yourself inject some sense and logical opinions too and lace it with sarcasm and humour if you really have to, at least there’s some benefit to your readers.

  195. wah if muslims boycott all the fast foods then the queue will be shorter… yes!!! let the pious muslims make life better for us at these fast food joints.. to all the muslims out there who eat pork, you are welcome to queue behind me
    israelis are sending muslims to heaven! we should reward them for it. May the Jews take over the world!!!

  196. You idiot.
    Hamas launched rocket to Israelis and 8 ISRAELIS SOLDIERS were killed.
    Israelis launched war for that and killed 800 INNOCENT CIVILIANS.
    You do the math and tell me if it’s fair.

  197. the palestianians only bombing the cruel Zionis with the small and stupid mortar and if u know to count, how many jewish are dead?none!
    compared with thousands innocent palestianians who dead and suffer..
    talk with your brain la!
    u go to hell with all JEWISH!!

  198. It is interesting that I just returned 2 days ago from a 6month trip to Qatar and Kuwait and there is not so much even of a ripple of unrest from the people there on this issue. This is fundamentally a territorial issue which most middle eastern ppl are aware. It is only in countries where politicians want to leverage on it religiously and racially to gain mileage.

  199. Your nickname is totally appropriate, DUMBASS! You stated it yourself: Hamas launched an attack and killed 8 israelies. They asked for it. Do you expect israel to just sit and wait for another rocket attack? Im not siding with any side but it seems pretty common logic to hit back, and hit back harder. Its just a pity that these hamas cowards do not have the balls to fight an open battle and instead resort to hiding in schools and hospitals.

  200. one thing we must know that coca cola is own by Warren Buffet
    Microsoft by Bill Gates.
    They are the richest. If you know they both have donated the most money in history (think that will you give away billions? ). They owns many other foundations.
    And Bush loves WAR…like father like son. Step up as a president and started war (after 9/11)
    We must support Obama to stop it.

  201. please la Kenny…
    hundreds of people are dying in Gaza and here u are trying to be funny..
    sorry i just didnt get it this time..
    ..and all this coming from someone who wrote so deeply about a death of his family member once upon a time..

  202. i’ll continue drinking coke,starbucks. eating KFC, McD, Burger King, etc etc..infact, i juz had a McChicken yesterday =D and, w/out hollywood..wat movie ure gonna watch ?? sigh~

  203. if you’re one of those easily offended people, don’t read kennysia, simple as that.
    everyone keeps saying kenny isn’t being sensitive to those dying / have loved ones dying in Gaza, but boycotting American products in itself is a controversial solution to the issue, isn’t it? and that’s all kenny’s targetting in this post. less than half the people here are saying Boycott will help, and it boils down to the issue of whether you think it will help or not. if no you’re on Kenny’s side, and there’s a chance Boycotting wouldn’t kill, no? It’s really 50-50, so he’s voicing his opinion on such a sticky dilemma, ie the govt’s solution of Boycott.
    The above means that what you people are accusing Kenny of is absolutely irrelavant. The issue is NOT about whether he supports or is oblivious to the “loved ones” dying at all!
    if you associate everything he says with a “sensitive topic”, and condemns him, why do you even bother reading in the first place? Contrary to opinions above i don’t think Kenny’s changed much at all. If controversy must arrive in lieu with honesty and satire, sarcasm, humour and the like, then so be it. Kenny will and should not change to suit the generally narrowminded reader’s taste.
    I think this post might be potentially offensive, but right now it definitely hasn’t crossed the line. It’s really witty.

  204. 1. Obviously, most of us have never heard of selective product boycotting.
    The boycotts are for products whose companies have made contribution to Israel. Not a blanket boycott of all American products.
    The boycotts are for products which we can live without e.g Coca-Cola.
    2. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is territorial to some and religious to some. If we can’t feel what the others are worked up about, at least understand their motives.
    3. All this while, we’ve been feeding on US-based news on the Conflict and before we turn into another Zionist-fellating Kevin Tan, let’s watch this:

  205. Hey Harry…
    Thanks for the compliments. I may not be entirely correct in my version, but I guess at least that’s the general acceptance of the Israeli history.
    Biblical references does have its place in history. It’s still a good reference to all these centuries of ages.
    Kevin Tan

  206. i bet most of the ppl in our country have to go commando if they were to boycott american branded stuffs including calvin klein underwears… 😀
    sorry la kawan…we malaysian boycotting american product is like trying to punch super saiyan 4 gogeta 😛
    he kasi balik means we all die immediately 😛

  207. It really amuses me when people just simply write what they feel based on what they feel, when they don’t actually grasp what the situation is about.
    Kenny is actually just pointing out the flaws with added sarcasm when Dr.Mahathir urged Malaysians to boycott American products.
    Since when is Kenny being funny about civilians dying in Gaza?

  208. I can help you out:
    If you say “Fuck Israel” then you believe in free speach, are highly educated, and should get tenture at a University with a high salary.
    If you say “Fuck Hamas” then you are a racist, murderer, use hate speach, and you should be boycotted and put in jail.
    I hope this all makes sense.

  209. wow…lesser malays go McD n KFC…less crowd…i can get my food faster…muahahaha…pls continue boycotting…and the malay managers of KFC n McD’s will be very happy 😀 cooool

  210. u die also la,go palestine like a hero..i guess as soon as u land in their airport only will get heart attack n die…kuang kuang kuang…ppl will be happier…no more stupid ass comments for sumting they dun like…

  211. Fosufy;
    what is Zionist-fellating? Do you even understand the meaning of the words you just used?
    Just because I analyze the entire situation with logic, with real facts, real historical references and not judge the whole thing with my heart, I am deemed a Zionist fellating guy?
    Wow… The power of the weak minded who think with their hearts and not their brains.
    As I’ve said before, I support no sides of this Gaza war. I am just expressing my views after a careful and logical analysis of the situation and no I do not subscribe to CNN, FoxNews or any of the American or British news station for their news update. I refer to ChannelNewsAsia, a trusty and independent news channel free from the so called media suppression or propaganda for my updates etc.
    Lastly, if you have that little brain power to air your views logically instead of just brand labeling me as a Zionist fellating guy when you can’t even answer my questions.
    Grow up, Get out and see the world…
    Stop living in your little well, froggie and getting yourself brain-washed by that no do gooder M, to politically and religiously attack everyone except looking at how to improve oneself.
    Kevin Tan

  212. kenny,some of them misunderstand you,next time avoid posting such issue.
    ~never explain urself to anyone.
    because the person who like u doesn’t nid it,and the person dislike u won’t believe it.
    take care.

  213. Kenny, don’t know about you man… if this is my blog, all those comments give me a hard on…. anyway… brilliant post…

  214. Kevin tan,
    u sure provide a good read.and no,i’m not pro-Israel nor pro-Palestinian.because being a non-palestinian and non-israel,i just don’t feel what they really feel.but this post is,by far,the most ‘educational’ and i get to improve my english as well!
    and kevin tan,it’s a never-ending war of words in the internet,everyone has their own views.just try to be open-minded,people so we can learn from each other.
    hate me,love me,this is the internet.

  215. Kevin Tan;
    Your DISTORTED concept of the Bible is as primary as your twisted version of Israeli-Palestinian History.
    The New Jerusalem Bible is in Plain EASY to understand Language, and is the one most SCHOLARS use for reference.
    God took the land away from Israelites by empowering Babylon, same as he empowered Israelites to capture the land previously.
    Fact is, Israelites have a History of waging War, even among themselves when no one else was handy.
    What you quote is Very, Very BASIC. Obviously my argument is way above your very LIMITED capacity.
    I was in Singapore too, when the main industry was located in Desker Road and Boogie Street.
    Israel is an Apartheid State which thrives on brutality. The 2 most Lucrative Industries are Stealing Palestinian Land and keeping Conflict alive for US Aid, both are 100% PROFIT.
    Use your Limited mentality to look up any pre 1945 World Map and see what country stands where Israel is today, then try to find out if Palestinians ever Sold or agreed to Loose their cou ntry.
    Two balls and a rancid dick does not a MAN make. You support APARTHEID to your own Detriment, there’s no appeasing a BULLY. Palestinians are fighting for SURVIVAL, Israel is fighting for Land is cannot even populate without Immigration. COVETOUSNESS is the word Girlie Buoy.

  216. Since when is Kenny being funny about civilians dying in Gaza?
    Boycott Coca-Cola!
    You won’t die if you don’t drink Coca-Cola!
    But if you drink Coca-Cola, Palestinians die!
    Boycott Google, Youtube and Facebook!
    Do you know? Every time you are poking someone on Facebook, you are indirectly poking a knife into the hearts of the Palestinians!
    Stop using the US dollar!
    Using the US dollar will only keep their economy strong. If the Americans are rich, they will for the Zionist invaders to kill Palestinian babies!
    now try changing the words ‘Palestinian’ into ‘Chinese’/’Malays’/’Indians’ or whatever that would probably make you “WTF fuck you Kenny you insensitive prick!”
    Now this blog post would be funneh if Kennyboy didnt mention those so called funny jokes about the dying/died people in those wars.
    People are not mad because who is right and who is wrong, they are mad because of the sick jokes. If he didnt include it hell yeah me too would lol after reading it.
    I remembered a quote but cant remember who quote it,
    “War doesnt determine who is right but who is left”
    Ini dua sen saya.

  217. Natty professor.
    And here I was hoping to engage in Intelligent debate and possibly
    Learn something.
    I’ll break it down into Nursery School for you professor.
    A victimised people are rescued from Tyranny & rescuers don’t want them in their country(warning sign),so they plunk them in Sarawak allotting Bau as their country without permission.
    Country of Bau make POWERFUL friends who arm them with Everything including Nukes and they decide They need All of Sarawak more than you.Everywhere there is fertile land or Water they stake out a claim by arming every citizen with guns and encouraging “Settlements”, gradually they gobble up all the land and herd everyone into two enclaves, say 7 Mile and Syrian, both surrounded by huge walls guarded by soldiers. You need permission to get out even to see your doctor, Water(Your water) is rationed 100 ltrs each per month if you’re good, 1,000 ltrs for New Bau citizens,your Electricity,Food,Meds everything is CONTROLLED, you protest they cut-off supply.
    Your whole country has paved roads You are Forbidden to use. Wives die at check points waiting for permission to see a doc. Every time a benefactor build you something useful, sewage plant, water works, power plant, University, school, Hospital they BOMB at slightest excuse then claim You’re UNGOVERNABLE, you form a Police Force to keep Law and Order, they Assassinate your whole Police force plus any Leader they cannot Control. You hold elections on their terms, they refuse to accept your Politicians. Even during cease-fires your people keep dying, Bau prisons are Crammed with your family and friends for years without Trial.
    There’s No One to Help you professor, WHAT you gonna Do?
    If this is acceptable to you, I know of another like minded person in Singapore you could hook-up with and sodomise each other with illegal u-turns while waiting to be conquered.
    Those claiming “it’s far away and none of their business” should remember over 200,000 Foreigners fought and died DEFENDING Sarawak from Indonisian incursions during 60s, Freedom was Earned by Strangers.

  218. it is suprising to see there are malaysians who are not symphatetic to the palestinians at all. instead, they mock the boycott campaign.please be sensitive.
    if you learn how the illegal country like israel was formed,then you’ll understand why.
    stop giving insensitive remarks about the war. you are not contributing at all.

  219. What? Boycott US products? And I just found a way to ship my items back when I buy directly from Amazon, Gap & Coach.

  220. if that is how you do your logic, you are such an ignorant bastard. No innocent civilian lives which includes WOMEN and CHLIDREN desreve to die in a REVENGE WAR.
    I’m sad to know a malaysian would feel such way towards other humans. This is not an issue of race or religion, it is a HUMANITARIAN issue goddamit!

  221. hi kenny,
    they are just getting back what they did to others, example, WTC….this is called as karma…but its really sad to see the kids…
    anyhow,i alwiz read ur blog frequently. good job n keep it up…..ur really a good blogger

  222. screw western ! use only Malaysia made products. chase all the western investors out! do foreign trading with MYR only! through all your PC out of the window.. coz all of them are using intel chipset.. throw ur mobile phone away too… use malaysia made products only!! or maybe indonesia too…MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

  223. You seem to be very old and have participated in many wars. Do you happen to be related to the rock throwing ancients with leaves?

  224. YM.. you are damn naive… even pirated software.. what is the brand of ur CPU chipset? let me see…. could it be either intel or AMD?? or perhaps some arabic or china CPU chipset?? oh.. i know… must be some chipset from Malaysia.. damn.. MALAYSIA BOLEH INDEED…

  225. I wonder when would Malaysia be like the US. Why shouldnt we be treated equally? Where is our version of Martin Luther King come? We were all borned in Malaysia, our ancestors migrated from other places in the world. I just dont think it’s fair just because, apparently, we are not Bumiputera. Damn

  226. Azril.. you r another naive idiot.. do you know how many million worth of Msia bonds held by US?
    If they let it go… you will be there eating grass everything for the rest of ur life…

  227. I have Malay friends… I have Indian friends.. I have Punjabi friends… I have Thai friends…
    DAMN… I must be a freaking RED-NECK…

  228. Once a man was walking along a beach. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Off in the distance he could see a person going back and forth between the surf’s edge and and the beach. Back and forth this person went. As the man approached he could see that there were hundreds of starfish stranded on the sand as the result of the natural action of the tide.
    The man was stuck by the the apparent futility of the task. There were far too many starfish. Many of them were sure to perish. As he approached the person continued the task of picking up starfish one by one and throwing them into the surf.
    As he came up to the person he said, “You must be crazy. There are thousands of miles of beach covered with starfish. You can’t possibly make a difference.” The person looked at the man. He then stooped down and pick up one more starfish and threw it back into the ocean. He turned back to the man and said, “It sure made a difference.
    A good act however small does make a difference.
    It is not about who attack first or who do the defending. It is all abt killing of civilians on both sides. This has got to stop. If Starbucks really funded Israel(or Hamas) buying weapons than I think we should ban them.

  229. Natty Professor.
    Here’s a concept you could never appreciate. Gratitude is not even a requirement, DECENT people will Help simply because they want to. If you needed it and I was able, I would do it again in the HOPE you Just Might pass-it-on.
    go to and see Olmert bragging about pulling Bush off the podium in the middle of a speech to Instruct him in Ordering Rice to abstain from a UN vote she helped negotiate.
    On the subject of Foreign Affairs you are less than novice.

  230. you like always, will remain to be u. to make such jokes of serious things. to make jokes of ppl tiny effort to make a statement on the war.
    if ppl want to boycott let them be. stop being sarsactic n insensetive abt it. how would u feel if instead u were there? i wish insensetives like u are.

  231. You sound like the guy who put a potato in his speedo to impress the girls and his friend had to tell him it should be in front.

  232. come on people!
    boycotting US products is STUPIDDDD
    most of the products are malaysian made anyway and boycotting them WILL cause more local Companies to go bankrupt faster! and Malaysia is just a tiny nation, what significance is this? Gah politicians are sometimes brainless…

  233. i know that killing palestenian people coming from profit of these products.people can boycott many of these products but there are some products they cant boycott unless if there are products that can be used instead of these products,for example can u stop using microsoft??!!!u can stop eating from starbucks and macdonalds,u can stop drinking pepsi and am with this boycott too much from more than 5 yrs and still till now………lol.i hope if only arab countries understand whats the benefits of the boycott so usa and israel will be infected,this other than malaysia good attempt in if u eat from these u r killing babies and children yes go on boycott.

  234. Hmmm. Lucky u r not the leaders of the British people during WWII…otherwise I m sure u would just sit tight and let Germany bomb the smithereens out of ur fellow countrymen…cuz u worry by fighting back u would be doing the “wrong” thing…

  235. Where’s the exact link lah? It’s like asking me to look for something in the ocean. Dumbass.
    If you’re so smart, go to
    and see the link between people of different descent.
    And stop sounding like the poems on Korean pencil boxes.

  236. Too bad in reality, such a beach does not exist, nor does such a person who throws starfish. Besides, some species of starfish are poisonous.

  237. Eh, hello, if want to put also put something like tissue lah ok. Potatoes onli happen in American movies.
    Again this shows yourself as an ardent American comedy fan who feels strongly about this issue because some ppl tell you to.
    Did you suck on a meat curtain yet?

  238. Too bad, you sound like a person who fucks camels for pleasure.
    How would I know, you ask me, then how would YOU know?
    Another dumbass.

  239. agree with you…i was jus imagining…dat our political leaders are a bit too nosy in dis matter…im so worried that a single missile cud make us disappear frm the world map :S

  240. Eh, hello, pls use something in your head called the brain. How to counter sue when nobody sued in the first place?
    Note that it was said “I can sue you”, and not “I Have sued you”

  241. cool ryte…hehe…well, we all have to painfully agree that the US is too strong for a small country like us…and i cudnt stop thinking that the united states will just use the memorandum sent by our leaders as toilet roll to wipe their backside off n flush it down their toilets without even reading it…lol

  242. Yes, cowardly chicken, you’re right. But unfortunately you cannot change that now.
    Same like in Israel and Palestine.
    Because God wills it. And anybody who goes against that will is going to get hurt.

  243. LOL-ed hard. Have some people not read Kenny’s disclaimer at the very beginning?
    “Well, just in case some people didn’t get it…
    This entry reflects more on my reaction on the call to boycott, than the war in Gaza.
    My reaction on the war in Gaza, as with everyone else, is that it is not good, and it should stop as soon as possible. But writing about my reaction on the war ain’t blog-worthy since everyone with a common sense should be feeling the same thing.
    If you’re sensitive, please know that only in the first three paragraphs am I serious, and the rest of the entry are just parodies. ;)”
    The main joke here is the US product boycott issue, not a joke about war.
    cowardly chicken

  244. Bravo for promoting your name ever so in pride. I am sure from now on you will be know as Kenny Sia’s Night in Shining Armour. No offense taken I hope.
    Your stand is neutral in this war? Really? Judging from your earlier posts I don’t think so. You were sounding like the Palestinians deserve it because the govt is incapable and reading further on you sounded like a pro-Zionist.
    Going around around implying people are dumb and logical doesn’t exactly make you look smart. It just make you look like a jerk. Your facts are not exactly all true either. You are not on scene and there is no way you can really know what happen.
    The point is, the scale of Israel’s invasion on Gaza is overkill. If they are so great they could have gone for precise strike, only get those who are responsible. Why is there then the need for mass bombing and the oppression of civilians? Hamas is wrong but didn’t your mum teach you that 2 wrongs don’t make a right? You don’t know any of these either, most of what you say are either based on your own assumptions and conclusions (you quoted it yourself). You demanded proof from people who disagree with you but you yourself however have not done so either. Honestly your views is a little lopsided, this is not exactly good for your message of peace. Not to mention that you are not making peace with a lot of people here.
    Palestine and Israel are both screwed up in their own ways. They have to find a way to sort it out but that shouldn’t involve the lives of civilians that are not in anyway part of this.

  245. I would advise you to stop entertaining the professor. He is not interested in the topic at all, only looking for a fight. You can prove that your points are right to kingdom come and he will still be a pain in the ass. Why don’t you reply on comments that are deem more worthy.

  246. why ppl here react so much? as if u guys can do anything to stop the war? if really so concern the poor Palestinians, get urself an air tix to there and help them. i bet ur plane sure been shot down by Israel anti air guns before ur feet can step at Gaza

  247. wtf? there are really no sense of humour in some of you!
    I laughed the 1st time I saw this post, and why can’t all of you? You think if you find this entry funny you will kill one of those kids in Gaza?? =.=

  248. Why don’t u keep ur ideas to yourself.
    I’m having fun with Mr.Natty here. Go away and suck yourself.
    “I fought for Israel in 67” hahahaha.
    I just love arguing with dumbasses.
    By the way, arguing with ur dumbass post, if you don’t want to have civilian casualties, then bring the war away from civilians. Don’t hide yourselves among the people. Only cowardly middle eastern terrorists do this. Look at the Tamil Tigers, they bring their war away from civilians whenever possible.
    BTW, where are the protests for Sri Lanka? Who are the true hypocrite racists? So don’t tell the world about your humanities when you really do not have one.
    One more for the road. Malaysia f..king accepted Myanmar into ASEAN. But look at the bloody junta’s human rights abuse and how they killed people wantonly. Where are the protests for the people of Myanmar? the Karen people?
    Again, dumbasses.

  249. Well, then that still means that Palestinians were stupid to provoke others first with stupid, small mortars. Why attack others with dumb weapons when you know that the country you’re attacking will hit you back, HARDER. Serves them Palestinians right, stupid people. Long live Israel and America!

  250. I hereby call upon all my fellow religious member to declare against our religion. And all those who will strap a 20 pounds fertilizer bomb to themselves and run towards any building starting with alphabet K (for kenny) will die a martyr. And martyr will, even today still have 60 virgins waiting for them. (promotion while stock last…you die before CNY you get 2 more non-virgin, experienced strengthen the pleasure).

  251. I want I want! I volunteer to run towards Kota Raya!!! (that is beginning with K right?). And I want only those non-virgin…experience a bit. Fucked the 60 virgins…

  252. u shd get it too. it’s not abt the post anymore. it’s just a place for ppl to say what they wanted to say but dunno where else to say. and they all know they cant do anythg abt it.
    just hv fun reading them… n smile.

  253. I thank you KT, just knowing there are some who employ their Intelligence in a Positive manner is gratifying.
    Before I forget, Kenny, Thank you for the opportunity to put forward a view based on Right & Wrong, mainstream media is so Biased one way or other that neutrality is completely squeezed out.

  254. Natty Professor.
    You are poster boy material Why people should be licenced to have offspring, your all encompassing anger devoid of reason can only stem from Contempt of Miserable Self, intimate knowledge of Camel humping implies Personal Experience, if you remove the potato from the back of your shorts it might relieve pressure from your underdeveloped Brain.
    Never stated I fought for Israel in ’67. Your penchant for Perverting Facts is exactly what Distorts your view of REALITY. Get some help, you’re out-of-step with all semblance of Decency.
    If you sympatise with Tamils so much, do what I did and Volunteer to Fight for your chosen Cause. Anything less is just CHEAP Talk.

  255. Oh sorry, I don’t suck myself, I just have someone do it for me. Didn’t know you do that. I am so sad for you.
    Natty Dread, see. This is what I mean. This fella here is just an instigator. Someone who just keep throwing out rubbish with no solid point. He just wants people to keep attacking him so it gives him a reason to justify his slurs and profanities.

  256. Lol, I’m just laughing at the idea of Malaysia boycotting the US. Please go ahead. Malaysia barely consumed $12 billion of US goods the WHOLE YEAR last year. (source:
    That is such a huge amount that it makes up a staggering 0.09% of the US’s GDP. (see:
    So please, go ahead, drive the US bankrupt with the huge 0.09% of our GDP that you can affect.

  257. You quoting bumper stickers?
    You are very rude, not to mention a racist.
    Well where were you when all this atrocities happen? Happy fighting your war in Israel? Were you in any protest? Were you even doing anything at all rather than sipping tea in front of your computer while calling people dumbass?
    Show us some proof that you were there protesting, doing something good for the world. Don’t just quote bumper stickers.

  258. Ms Kevin Tan.
    Your diatribe progressed from Claptrap to verbal diarrhea. Don’t know your source, but it is making a complete Deceiving TWIRP out of a very Impressionable girlie-bwoy.
    “Palestine was wasteland before Israel was established?” Someone really boned whatever sense you had right out of the orifice in your face.
    “Herod built Jerusalem?” WHAT Bible are you consulting? Herod was an Arab turned Jew when Rome appointed him as King.
    Jerusalem was built by Solomon, son of David.
    go to Chapters online and order The New Jerusalem Bible(readers edition)by Henry Wansbrough,for the MOST ACCURATE Translation of Complete Text of The Ancient Canon of The Scriptures, in plain English.
    There is no guesswork or wishful thinking, God instruct Prophets to deliver his messages, and to date the ONLY Prophet sent since he caused Ten Tribes of Israel to DISAPPEAR was JESUS CHRIST whom they promptly CRUCIFIED. Current attitude suggest if God sent him again they would kill him Again. Jews object to CHRISTIANITY more than any other Religion.
    Other truth is, everytime Israelites put their Faith in any other than GOD they get severly WAXED.
    Over 4,500 Israeli Settlements on Palestinian land is acknowledged even by Israeli Govt. Reason I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE for their Govt to repatriate them is because settlers control over 300,000 Votes which tips Balance of Power in any election, only way is for US to stop AID without which Israel is Not Viable as a Country.
    My Opinion; GREED nationally embraced suggest most missing $Trillions from US, UK or Europe will show up in Israel. No other group had the access or opportunity, AND, there is no attempt to even look for paper trail.
    Youtube is Best source for insight on this conflict right now because Israel barred all Foreign Journalists and Palestinians do not have the opportunity, eqpt or time to fabricate.
    Ironically it is an Israeli Human Rights Group named B’Tselem who’re exposing the barbarism by supplying Palestinians with hundreds of Digital Cameras and Video Recorders.
    I am not Pro/Anti Israel or Palestine, truth is I wouldn’t want to live under either Ideology.
    I am DEFINITELY Against any form of TYRANNY.
    Many bought into Israeli portrayal of Hamas as ignorant blood thirsty louts, fact is Hamas leadership are qualified Intellectuals with degrees from same Universities as Israelis.
    That Israel even REFUSED to allow Palestinian Scholarship Winners OUT to attend University in US goes beyond any pretext of Defence.
    “People Need A Country To Belong To” is exactly why Israel was estb in 40s and why Palestinians should have their own.

  259. Don’t worry, I’ll remove the racist comments.
    I generally don’t remove blog entries. It’s pointless if I post something up and removing it afterwards. 🙂

  260. Yawn…..don’t even dare to answer my simple questions.
    Tsk tsk, natty dread, VT, and naughty prefesser form….the three musketeers! One for all and all for whoever I feel is worthy.
    (Quoting from Naughty prefesser’s sexy bumper…..sticker).
    But since you all sound like farts and totally missed the point, I’m just going to ignore you. Talk to my bumper.
    Oh, by the way, I’m demonstrating for the ‘save the otters’ movement.
    check out my demonstration video at, or at
    Sigh, dumbasses.

  261. Oklah, oklah, you win lorr. I will abstain from starbucks and fast food until the war stops. Or whenever I feel like eating it, whichever comes first.
    Eh hello, 400 over comments liao, I’m running on Pentium 4, after loading very slow.
    PS (Pls stop sounding like a pencil box)
    Make your sentences short and direct,
    You will look smarter that way.

  262. Kenny
    When you remove such remarks, please do so in its entirety.
    I don’t think it’s pointless unless you’re trying to gain worthless recognition here.

  263. Aiyah, beh tahan, last comment on this issue, I wanna askee you hor, you said Herod is an Arab turned Jew? hahahaha,
    how do you do that haaa?
    I am Kwantung and I wan to changee to Tamil can ahh? DNA restructuring?
    And the rest, sigh, sooo intelligent.
    Adios, Amigo, dun be so angry larr, comment onli mah. Ang gu gu, oklah, next demo I join. I help you throw some tomato sauce bottles.

  264. It’s not about “gaining worthless recognition”. It’s about pointless self-censorship. I’ll remove the racist comments, but I am not going to censor myself by removing this blog post.
    This is my blog. My blog is my house. My readers are guests to my house. If there are unruly guests, I will kick them out. But I shouldn’t have to censor myself in my own house.
    Sorry if I can’t abide to what you ask for, but I do hope you understand my rationale here!

  265. Of Course Boss, it’s your site and I will RESPECT your wishes, though it was not me who resorted to profanity.
    Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to confront propaganda with verifyable Facts.

  266. Haha, this is the best you can come up with? Save the otters??? Looks like you are quoting urls.
    Were you in Sri Lanka and Myanmar doing anything? Looks like you are also all talk. Don’t act all high and holier than thou when in fact you are the biggest hypocrite of all.
    Don’t act smart. You are obviously a dumbass. I think you are just some kid who just can’t stand it because people don’t agree with you.

  267. You might want to go through all his comments. I think those with profanities should be deleted. You are welcome to delete mine as well.

  268. Sorry, window for argument closed. I’m going to Starbucks to yum char, no time to argue with you.
    You can argue with your door knob. I’m sure it will agree with you on this issue.
    Thank you, pls come again.

  269. To me, Kenny’s blog entries have always been entertaining.
    However for this post, the comments are far off better than the post itself…
    I took a blardy one whole hour to read all the comments…. simply thought-provoking comments from both supporters and haters!
    Looks like we learn more through blog commentors these days… Kenny, you should thank your readers for entertaining you 24/7!!

  270. if the racists comments are not deleted, I will lodge a report. you are the owner of this channel and you invite racists comments. u can screen them, but u choose to provoke more comments like this.

  271. like been mentioned by a wise friend here, people die, as you joke about this.
    show some humanity and not joke abt this.
    all celebrity bloggers would do for hits.. hmm 🙁

  272. Well, it’s your choice if you want to lodge a report. I ain’t gonna bow down to threats. Then again, I know you won’t do it because you have to disclose your I/C when you lodge a report. And if you lodge a false report, you will get into trouble instead.

  273. Simple. Do you believe Immigration or Nationality of convenience is a modern phenom?
    Rome couldn’t appt a bona-fide Israelite as King because Priests held all the power and would not allow it.
    Prime reason Jesus had to be killed was because people Hailed him as King of the Jews, though he never claimed it.
    Christianity for me is not a Religion, but a Lifestyle and I would Never besmirch it with fabrications or lies.
    Truth is, I had to discover God to conquer my demons from witnessing/participating in mans inhumanity to man. He is for real, I’ve seen his work. And, I don’t really care if you believe, my responsibility ends with bearing witness. See, I know what I am, unlike many who portray what they would like people to believe they are.
    Here’s something to ponder: Why Arrogance & Hypocrisy are most mentioned human flaws in OT & New Testament, more than murder, theft etc.

  274. Yes Kenny, Me Too,Me too, please pick me. Every class just had to have one. What upsets you most chile; Girlie bwoy, Orifice or Rancid?

  275. Ok, ceasefire.
    Orifice…….hehehe….who’s orifice?
    KT’s orifice….s haha…
    Sorry, I’m on anti depressants.

  276. omg kenny, i feel so sorry 4 u. u have some pretty dumb readers out there. and sad to say theyre malaysian just like me. wat’s up wit our mentalities and sense of humor? gee. destroys what little faith i had in us in the first place. 🙁

  277. kenny, you can move to singapore, the only country in SEA that recognises Israel. Then maybe you can slave your life away for the Zionist Regime, like what the US is doing, doing everything and anything to feed the Israel monster and keeping it happy and satisfied.
    then one day israel will turn on you and then maybe you wont think its so funny that palestinian babies are being killed and you will stop making jokes about how every poke kills a baby.

  278. This comment is directed to those against this post.
    – I have initiated search parties in my brain and i just cant understand, which part, genre, topic, title, content of this post is directly killing palestinians?
    – I read some comments that suggest Kenny uses his influencial “power” to do “something”.
    Like a few neutralistic view stated, its not the action of the boycott but the meaning of it. Ever heard of a protest? Same difference. Boycott in numbers to show discontent to one party and support the another is the way to go. Which idiot thinks as far as money contributed to one the apek in the shop to his manager, to the regional manager, to the marketing department, to Inland Revenue uncle at his desk, to IR aunty at her top floor desk, to US president, to US president’s treasury, to the Israeli aunty behind the desk in Israeli bank, to…. (you get the idea)—-chain.
    Secondly, claiming Kenny abuses his influence is such a hypocritical statement seriously. Pot calling the kettle black, such a malaysian attitude. The difference between us an other ppl is, we always expect ppl to do something, while we sit in our chair criticising. You yourself have power to influence and act accordingly, before you judge ppl, judge yourself.
    And finally to the remaining comment-ors who i cannot categorise, its just ironic how your comments are aimed at the wrong direction. When i say direction, i meant literally….direction. Because they are clearly not relevant.
    And now my own personal comment. I like the post, its funny and ironic, clearly directed at the BOYCOTT issue talkers who TOO are like the comment-ors ~ talk without thinking.
    wanna do something for the palestinians? donate to Palestine Solidarity Project at (
    These are just one of the few organisations that are dedicated to help Palestinians in this awful time.
    Now let’s see how many of you hypocrites actually eat your own words.

  279. So basically they’re killing each other over whose imaginary friend is more powerful?
    Hamas/Iran have PUBLICLY stated they are bent on the extermination of Jews. Don’t wanna get bombed to the stone age? Stop lobbing rockets into neighbouring countries and focus on improving the welfare of your own people(instead of you know,using them as meat shields?),sheesh.
    Tell me,how do you distinguish between “terrorists” and civilians? Hamas militants don’t exactly have uniforms showing them as combatants… their tendency to operate in populated neighbourhoods inevitably results in collateral damage when Isarel retaliates.Imagine the following:
    Random Isarel soldier:All right,all Hamas militants rally at point Zulu for a shootout at 1pm,after lunch. Do evacuate all your civilians mkay?
    Random Hamas militant:Sure thing man,loser pays for drinks at dinnertime?
    Random Isarel soldier:Cmon and evacuate your civilians now,wouldn’t want old mrs Abdullah to be caught in the crossfire and end up having her corpse paraded on TV as propoganda eh?
    Random hamas militant:Course not,we promise to fight fair 🙂
    Not gonna happen man,not gonna happen.
    PS:I’m aethist AND chinese,so i guess i’ll automatically go to hell according to some religions which i will not name 🙂

  280. So basically they’re killing each other over whose imaginary friend is more powerful?
    Hamas/Iran have PUBLICLY stated they are bent on the extermination of Jews. Don’t wanna get bombed to the stone age? Stop lobbing rockets into neighbouring countries and focus on improving the welfare of your own people(instead of you know,using them as meat shields?),sheesh.
    Tell me,how do you distinguish between “terrorists” and civilians? Hamas militants don’t exactly have uniforms showing them as combatants… their tendency to operate in populated neighbourhoods inevitably results in collateral damage when Isarel retaliates.Imagine the following:
    Random Isarel soldier:All right,all Hamas militants rally at point Zulu for a shootout at 1pm,after lunch. Do evacuate all your civilians mkay?
    Random Hamas militant:Sure thing man,loser pays for drinks at dinnertime?
    Random Isarel soldier:Cmon and evacuate your civilians now,wouldn’t want old mrs Abdullah to be caught in the crossfire and end up having her corpse paraded on TV as propoganda eh?
    Random hamas militant:Course not,we promise to fight fair 🙂
    Not gonna happen man,not gonna happen.
    PS:I’m aethist AND chinese,so i guess i’ll automatically go to hell according to some religions which i will not name 🙂

  281. oh come one people… stop terrorizing other’s blogs and do it on your own blogs! As Kenny said, It’s his house. You are in his house and vandalizing it! Grow up and find something better to do!
    As I said, what happened to the freedom of speech?
    All that crap about what Kenny is saying causes world chaos and such… GROW UP! If a blog can ruin lives, wow! That’s easy! Everyone don’t even need to be charged of murder! Talk some logic sense please!
    You think blogging is like the show “Bedtime stories”? Say something and it comes real? LMAO.
    KENNY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Just ignore the childish people… 😉

  282. Kenny, i have followed your blog for years already and i must say i am impressed. However, your blog about the US supporting the Gaza thing. I’m fine with the truth being let out but protesting against the USA? You might just instigate WW3 since Bush is still under control.

  283. wuahahahah… this entry jst tickles me to the max…
    Yes what is happening in Gaza is serious, but boycotting American made items won’t make a difference to what is happening! It might hurt the American economy if we boycott American stuff. But in the long term, if American economy suffers more than it is suffering now… wouldnt it hurt the global economy even more?

  284. i want to poke on fb, so that one of those israelis bombs can kill your family.
    how do you feel about that? funny ah?
    think before being too ain’t funny when it involves peoples’ life.
    buck up bro. your blog is losing out

  285. Kenny,
    this is distasteful…sarcastic remarks aint cool when real people are dying. this stuff is real if you still don’t get it.
    your sarcastic anti american/jewish BS is not only fake. but i hope someone reads about your blog and hauls you in for ISA for not respecting the feelings of the Muslim/Jewish people’s plight.
    this is a >2000yr old war, and you want to make a joke out of it.
    and all you want are hits for the juicy content on your site. this is sick.
    congrats you have lost 1 more reader!

  286. People!
    There’s only one thing i have to say… this is kenny’s blog and he have the rights on what he want to write about. If you like it, then support him, if you don’t like it, then just forget about what you read and get out from here. There’s no necessary for you people to humiliate him and his family in here as he has his own opinion and i believe he knew what he is doing. So, what’s the point arguing inside here? He will still continue with what he thinks is right. So don’t waste time arguing and humiliating him in here. It’ll only make you people looked like a fool. He wrote, we read. Good or bad, it still didn’t affect all of us here and also kenny himself. Just take what you read as an extra info or knowledge. Let the mind do the rest. What’s best will remain in your mind and what’s not will be erased automatically… Cheers =)

  287. Apparently it’s wrong to state our own opinions,ESPECIALLY if they conflict with the others,who must be right since the invisible guy in the guy said so.
    His blog,his opinions. Don’t like it? **** off while others like me read it because it’s interesting.

  288. i think everybody has a right to their own opinion and shouldn’t shove their opinions down other people’s throats, which includes blogging and asking people to boycott american products. plus, will the war really stop if we boycott the products? no. so sit down, and enjoy a cup of coffee. you’d be worsening the malaysian economy if anything.

  289. all those haters/flamers and ‘kenny-you-just-lost-one-reader’-proclaimers,needless to say,they’ll still check your blog at least twice a week.
    such is this blog’s power of intrigue.respects to that.

  290. Hi everyone. Might i casually remind you that this is just comment entry for an individual’s blogpost. Not a hotbed discussion on Gaza war and history.
    Geez..some people really enjoy taking it to the extreme.
    As a normal person’s reasoning persist,dont like what you read? simple really,dont read. no one is holding you at knifepoint to choke down KennySia’s opinions and humour.Please understand this and go live your life to the fullest =p

  291. hahaha some people will just never get the gist of the joke or your sarcasm kenny. without a doubt i salute you =)
    to “im not laughing”..the fact that its a >2000 year old war is a joke in itself.what are they fighting and dying for? religion?race?land? haha
    now thats what i call a joke

  292. Lets say I take you seriously for a moment. (Yes, those who say they want to and will succeed in boycotting US products)
    I assume you also mean boycotting made in china US products soon eh?
    ” easy to boycott us products what, since all of them made in china anyway” isn’t counted as boycotting US products.
    Our modern society is very westernise.
    Lets see how far you can boycott US products or anything else for that matter.
    All these show of ego about boycotting US products is just hot air.
    Please get down to the action and then TALK.

  293. Anyway, Kenny was just poking fun at the whole boycotting thingy! and we all know how boycotting never really works in the long run. Like how in the past, we boycott Dutch products/services only to revert back to it, and the Americans and now again those Made-in-America or those that seems to has a link to it. Sooner or later, its all back to square one AGAIN.
    This whole issue on the war should be look at with maturity and total understanding which some of the readers here lack.
    As for the war,i dont believe in it but it was done in the first place to stop Hamas from constantly firing mortars in Israel from Gaza. And this has been going on from the sidelines of Gaza since 2005(israel gave up Gaza in 2005, having won it in a war with Syria, Egypt and Jordan back in the 60s. Israel has then warned Jordan(who has Gaza/West Bank then) not to meddle in their affairs but Jordan didnt so a war between Israel, Egypt, Syria and Jordan broke out only for Israel to win it and took over Gaza)
    Israelis are killed too in these on-going wars but the numbers are smaller since they have alerts warning them of an incoming mortars/bombs.
    I do feel sorry for the palestinians but come to think of it again, they do vote for an organized terrorist organization like Hamas to be their government. If they want peace, they should have stop Hamas or curb them not go on to support them.
    In short, it takes two to tango. in this case, Hamas and Fatah.

  294. in response to some post earlier, on there’s no Israel on the map prior to ’45. Yes, there is none since it was only “up and running” from 1945 but the jews were long there, from the 18th century..Just like most Palestinians who are originally from Egypt and Syria. They emigrated there aeons ago due to the then thriving economy of Palestine. But sadly, that is no longer the case for a long time and has since become UN-dependent. The other middle eastern countries that were suppose to help palestine out of this glut too happen to fall into being UN-dependent. Israel thats suppose to help them out but ends up being their no1 enemy with palestinians wanting to Wipe israel off the map at every possible turn.
    Gaza was return to them back in ’05, the israelis left all the schools, hospitals, buildings and what-so-ever behind for them, only for the Palestinians to bulldozed them over…
    This is a war, and it sure is a long war at that. If you remember how America has to bombed Japan flat out during the World War to prevent them from their ongoing assaults and Japan finally stopped. How Churchill has to gather all his men and those from the Allies to bombed Germany flat out to prevent Hitler from charging into london and they succeed. this is jst the same, just happening in a modern day context…
    Anyway, with the on-going hostility against the Jews across the globe, it only goes to show that they need a safe haven to themselves more than ever…

  295. I love KFC.. i love starbucks! I love Colgate and i want my Oreos and kick ass American Jewish products.
    Seriously.. they should just carpet bomb the entire area.
    I Also support America’s WAR OF TERROR! =D
    All Hamas gotta do.. is stop firing missiles n co-exist, oh.. n recognise the state of Israel. If i was not mistaken , nobody in the mid east wanted the palestinian people,look at how their neighbours treated them prior to the creation of the state of Israel. Those that says Palestine used to be a state , its like calling the Sahara desert a country.

  296. Kenny Tan (Singapore Blabber whose got nuthin else to do than, well blab bout anything really) can kiss all Israelies ass. Asshole!

  297. Many mid East Jews over 65 are Palestinian by birth and were not persecuted. There were Jews throughout mid-east co-existing with muslims.
    Trouble started when European Jews arrived with bigotted views.They don’t look mid-east and don’t Identify with Mid-East,by every definition they are APARTHEID COLONISTS.
    Palestinians went strictly by the book last year and it got them Nowhere. Supplied enough evidence for World Court in Hague to issue Arrest Warrants for Israelis, when one General landed in Heathrow, a UK Judge validated World Ct warrant and Brit Chief-Of-Police went to execute it, Israeli Gen had bodyguards on plane, so Police chief decided to wait them out to avoid a shoot out, water and food would run out sometime, Jack Straw overruled World Court, UK Judiciary and Police Chief to enable Israeli General FLEE Justice with absolutely No Repercussions.
    That Israelis would have a Shoot-Out with Brits in UK to Avoid Answering Charges is Testament to GUILT & LAWLESSNESS.
    That UK did not hold Israel to account is admission of Complicity.
    US refused to sign-on to World Court because they know Many are eligible for Prosecution.
    US scholars conclude WWII was already won when US nuked Japan. Incidently, US sat out WWII for years PROFITTING while UK & RUSSIA battled Hitler, US just tipped the balance then claimed Victory.
    Last mid east war Israel started arming Nukes when Syria advanced over Golan Hts and they withdrew. Prime reason why all are craving Nukes. Israel refused to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty. Look around and see Nuclear Powers control everything. Iran is denied but Bush signed to supply India with whatever Nuclear fuel it needs. Push is on to Disarm Pakistan & N.Korea because they don’t fit either. Apartheid S.AFRICA had nukes until Mandela took over.
    Boycott doesn’t really hurt, but it does send a definite message of Protest.I don’t support Malaysia Govt policies, but this time they are right and maturity wouldn’t permit personal dislike to support Barbarism. Without US aid of min $3.8 Billion annually Israel would collapse.Last conflict Aid climbed to $13 Bil. Bigger the conflict Greater the Aid, killing Palestinians is an Israeli Industry.
    Phosphorous Bombs burn to the bone and fumes specifically damage Reproductive Organs in women. Cluster Bombs kill more Kids than any, they look like Jacks and remain active for years.
    In a half-Fair fight Israel would Loose big time.
    Palestinians are still learning the PR game.
    Consider, the Only Israeli who Seriously persued PEACE through JUSTICE, Yhitzak Rabin was murdered by His Own People.
    Barak and Arafat was a planned embarrassment, proposal was Take it or Leave it RIGHT NOW, Arafat could not sign without consultation.
    Gaza is just a VERY Small part of Palestine, wherever a Blade of Grass or Water if found an Israeli Settlement is sure to Grow. They took the best and keep coming back for more over 60 years, all thats left is LIFE and they want that too.
    Go to any Euro/Anglo country and discover you’re regarded exactly same as Malay, Arab or other “Visible Minority” code for(NON-PREFERRED)no matter what you achieve. You will be scrutinised more by Police, charged for stuff others get warning for and steered away from beneficial programs in Govt. Despite criticism they will live off you like a Flea off a Dog.
    Your last paragraph says it all. The Whole Globe is Wrong and Jews are Right. RUBBISH. Jews ENJOY more priviledges Globally than any other People. World felt GUILT over Holocaust and they EXPLOITED it to the full. Jews are only group to flit between Visible Minority and Establishment as Convenience dictates.
    Israel crossed the Line which seperates Defence from Aggression and Decency from Ethics. By every Civilised measure it’s become a ROGUE State and as with the Holocaust, there will be a RECKONING, cannot be avoided if Civilisation is to Progress.
    Still, I advise anyone who wants to learn how to Exploit Democracy Globally, Make a Study of Jewish People.

  298. Er…Why flaming others for speaking their opinion? Aren’t haters doing the same? You are speaking your opinion.
    Boycott will never work.
    Malaysia is already suffering from the economic depression.
    If more and more of the American company pull out, I think I will be sitting at home thinking how to feed myself.
    That is even worse. You guys want to boycott US but instead you will get yourself in trouble.
    Why do that?
    Before any haters of Kenny’s article, come flaming to me, ask yourself this.
    Where is Malaysia without US?

  299. i just wish Obama do sumthing on these matter. stop supporting israel.
    nothing against israel and palestine.
    like we all know, its a thousands years of war.
    its their war, not ours. nothing to do with religion.
    dun hate me for going to starbucks etc, working for US IT company etc.
    i need to live to survive, my war, not urs.

  300. I don’t get those who bashed Kenny for this post. In a way, it’s just Kenny’s way to ridicule Gov’s call to boycott U.S Products because it seems absurd to think that boycotting U.S products will help in any ways to stop the war in Gaza.
    In a smaller picture, to ask Malaysians to boycott or to resign from working with U.S. based products will just hurt the economy and employments here in Malaysia where almost 60% of our own bumiputeras and relying on it for a living.
    And in a bigger pictures, a united Forum between countries that are opposed to the war can be initiated just to let U.S. or UN know our say about the war.
    Back to this post, again, it’s just a matter of perspective and Kenny should not be judged negatively. If you have been a reader of him, you should know his theme or style of writing/blogging by now and not just merely spotting a loop holes or opportuniy to shoot him down.
    At the end of the day, no decent human would think it’s fun to ridicule the actual victims in Gaza war or any war for that matters.

  301. wow kenny, forget about who support u and who dun, just look at the number of comments so far, think is your new record?

  302. Only if we could find a way to ban weapons altogether. Imagine ! We can wipe out 80% of violence in the world just by doing that. Compensate weapons companies with a few billion and ask them to stop mass producing weapons. Recycle all remaining weapons in the world into wheelchairs & into metal shaped hearts and use them all for charity

  303. Asked same question. Up to 80s Burma was major producer of Opium with war lords armies to rival many countries then suddenly NOTHING, from front page to zero, No more mention of Golden Triangle. Did they stop growing Poppy, NO? Deal had to be struck for Pharmaceuticals to buy Opiates CHEAP. Most pain meds derive from POPPY.
    Since then Oil & Natural Gas was discovered. Industrial nations will do business with the devil himself for anyone of those things let alone All Three.
    Innocent Lives versus Money is NO CONTEST because Moolah is POWER.
    But keeping your concern alive is a Good Thing, maybe someone with a Conscience will get elected one day.

  304. Noble idea. Check Weapons Exporters. They are predominantly Ex-Colonists who’ve exhausted Natural Resources. Without colonies to Exploit they must sell Weapons to maintain Affluence.
    Heap Agriculture & Manufacturing together and its still less than Pharmaceuticals, then heap all three together and its Less than Weapons.
    They will do any and everything to prevent others from entering the market.
    Look for the big push to convert Food-Source to Genetically Modified Crops.
    Past twenty years as China & India closed the Tech gap, theres been a frenzy to Register Patents for Perverted Natural Foods by putting Pigs Genes into Soy Beans etc and calling it their own. Besides Insects dying and Bees refusing to polinate, these GM crops can only be grown by PAYING LICENSE FEES, and it’s proven that they CONTAMINATE Natural Crops.Farmers won’t be allowed to save seed for next years planting anymore, they’ll have to buy seed every year.
    There’s enough evidence to warrant investigation that GM crops contribute to increase in Diabetes, Allergies, Obesity etc. One of first to be Modified was Peanuts and prevalence of peanut Allergies skyrocketted.
    Asia & Africa are main Continents still growing NATURAL Crops. BEWARE of WTO.
    Unnatural practices will yield UNNATURAL Results.
    Mad-Cow came about from feeding Sheep Brains to Cows and there is NO CURE, its not even a virus, its a protein.

  305. Come on la… boycott hami? So childish. Make it clear… do we boycott the government or the brands/products? Aware of how much dependant we are on american products? Although we all hate Bill Gates for his monopoly… lots of us are still using WINDOWS … yeah F all you want… can’t help it right? So shut the F up and continue with your own life. Do you think palestinians will help us if US shud bombard us one day? Anyway, dont think US is interested in us. Blah blah blah… our government is bullying us, any caring helping hands coming to save us? NO.

  306. Sorry… this is dedicated to all those stupid propaganda by certain groups or our government… and also those who do not understand the humour here. If other countries(Mongolia for example) were to boycott najib when he is our PM… what if the world boycott us… and boycott our “holiau” proton cars… and investors were to boycott our country… what will happen to us? Let’s say your father killed someone and he is condemned… would you want the whole kampung to boycott you and your family who is innocent… just because you are his son/daughter?

  307. hey, people die everywhere everyday. are you really that concerned? or are you just another hypocrite?
    kenny is not making fun of the war and death FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!
    GROW UP!!! Malaysian government memang BOLEH in covering up facts and showing what they want us to see and know. They control the main media. Learn the history of what happened there in Gaza baru cakap la. I know war is definitely not the best way to solve anything… but people are still kill people everyday. Who cari pasal in the first place? A lot of people and countries favor using religion as a base for “something” … but are they that pious themselves. Most of them are just using religion or nationality for their personal gain.
    so…kenny is free to write whatever he wants while you and i can comment whatever we want.

  308. when things like this happen, victims might take drastic actions to prove a point or fight against their enemies. then world media, controlled by whoeverlah with their own propagada will say this fellas are terrorist pulak….
    then people reading all this stuff put condemn lagi.. especially in blog comments .. saying things like, ‘stupid terrorist, damn coward, why need to kill people not involved..go look for other peaceful solution lah’.
    so how to fight with people more guns than you? more money? more press?
    kalau sorang2 deff cannot la. but ramai2 could do something. so keluarlah suggestion for boycott(read: PEACEFUL, non self/others bombing :P)
    tapi bila macam ni kena kutuk la pulak ..
    we get the point la..u not making fun of the palestine thing. its the boycott, tapi necessary ka? its still related and sensitive..
    actually i got not much problem with kennyla. cos, i read his blog occasionally and so far my opinion of him is that dia mmg tak kisah. i think its more of write smtg shocking once in a while, get ppl excited on the blog.
    i do have a problem with the fanboys however.. u knw who u are.
    the ones with,, comments such as .. “eh this kenny blog, u dont like go smwhere else lor, stupid.keny god.. kenny big coconut…why u so mean to kenny?”
    now these dumbasses… this is a comment page, i comment wtv i wan la. u dont like means dont read la cheebai.. lol….
    uh oh a bit too late isnt it? lol.
    k k..dun be so upsetZZ ..kenny waiting for u to lick his kukujiao now..hahaha.

  309. stop americans and israelis bullies from controlling our world..they use chemical weapon to kill innocent people , they do whatever they want ..they can store nuclear , chemical weapons, cut resources supply, but the rest of the world are prohibited from developing it even for nuclear energy resources, not doing nothing when helps needed and at the same time pressure the rest of the world not to take action!
    Stop monopoly dominant world control , lets create world balance and NO to monopoly CONTROL!

  310. hmm… i wonder who said what about Hamas when they numerously provoked Israel by firing rockets over to Israel when a cease fire treaty was still in effect? and i wonder if there were any casualties due to these attacks? how come there is no media coverage about these incidents when coverage for Israel attacking Palestinian is… “so covered”?
    no flaming intended but i sorta get a feeling like the media and the world community has not been… looking at the whole picture.

  311. U know what?
    Que sera sera~~~ What ever will be will be the future is not to see que sera, sera~~~
    So, what ever. There are many haters in this world, i for one chose peace and that means leave the politicians in their own death. I rather focus on whats more important that i can actualy do for the world. Like e.g reduce garbage disposal and use recycleable. Plus we should learn love and forgive.
    So let it go, you have better missons to do and solve.

  312. Really.. I just don’t see the same kind of outrage when terrorists bombed hundreds of innocent people. The victims are innocent also wat?

  313. With all due respect to all people out there… the crisis in Gaza is a fact now. It happens. Shit happens.
    However unfortunate it is… we MUST think carefully before committing to any form of boycott.
    Many ‘so-called’ American companies, Jewish companies, or even western companies… are MNC (Multi National Companies) ; they are not Americans at all.
    A boycott movement on these companies will eventually HURT Malaysians more. Damn it. Can;t you people see the whole people? The boycott is senseless.
    Our Malaysian economy will be affected, our Malaysian entrepreneurs will get broke. WE will suffer in the end.
    Even if you boycott the world… you are still not contributing to the world welfare. Yet, you are actually creating more suffering to the world.

  314. As predicted, Israel will end the Massacre just before Bush term ends. Indiscriminate killing is all about garnering votes for upcoming elections. Doesn’t say much that Dead Palestinians translate into Israeli VOTES.
    WHY else would they leave the job Half-Finished? With so many Dead and Thousands Injured Israel AVOIDS engaging Hamas mano o mano at any cost. VICIOUSNESS is no substitute for COURAGE.
    It was Israel who broke the cease-fire on 4 November 2008, and Correspondence reveal that Israel notified usual stand-bys US, UK and Canada of this current carnage while signing the Last Cease-Fire.
    For truth it’s always best to go to source. Israel’s Haaretz Daily has column by Gideon Levy or go to to get accurate info from Intl Fgn Affairs Journalists who place Integrity above Bias.
    Avin Shlaim who served in Israeli Military wrote on The Guardian web site “Establishing the state of Israel in May 1948 involved a monumental injustice to the Palestinians. Sir John Troutbeck wrote to the British fgn secretary, Ernest Bevin, that the US were responsible for the creation of a ganster state headed by an utterly unscrupulous set of leaders.”
    All proposals for Cease-Fire to date concern DISARMING Palestinians, with no mention about Source of problem “LAND RETURN and Ending SEIGE and CONTROL of Palestinians’ Daily Lives”.
    If present conditions are allowed to stand and Palestinians are disarmed from offering RESISTANCE to OCCUPATION, then the next logical step is for Israel to grant them all CITIZENSHIP with accompanying Priviledges. Israel already collect TAXES on Palestinian Govt behalf and often Withold the money.
    Anything Less is BONDAGE.
    Contrary to pro-Israel propaganda, this conflict is EXACTLY SIXTY-Years Old, there were people there Before Israelites. Those mentioned in Scriptures were “PHILISTINES” not Palestinians.

  315. If everyone felt like you do in 1960s, you would be Indonesian right now. Only locals who fought with strangers to rid Sarawak of Indonesian Gorillas were Ibans and Dayaks, and look where it’s gotten them.
    Multi Nationals have Head-Offices and Parent Companies where PROFITS are Harvested.
    Besides donating BILLIONS to developing and Third World for Health and Education, Bill Gates convince others to Help. Warren Buffet recently committed $38 Billion.

  316. mmmm makes me think
    i think the nos of people killed isnt really the main issue at all. The crux of the matter is both countries are firing rockets to each other.
    How i wish it is easy to say JUST STOP IT!
    and right the wrong

  317. Good one Kenny! 😀
    Let me start of: I’m an ardent supporter of the controversial former PM.
    Dr. M is being sarcastic over the whole affair. He does have his sense of humour, you know. Some overbearing zealots and bigots just happen to like the music and decided to turn it into a hit.
    How will boycotting U.S. and alleged Jewish products actually help in the effort? Think about it: how many locals are hired by McD, Intel, Microsoft, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Pizza Hut, KFC, F&N, etc. etc. What happens if these companies close their Malaysian operations? How will you address the unemployment? I doubt the Muslim Consumer Association will praise the Government after a few days. They’d be condemning the system and starts criticising instead.
    If Malaysia was really serious in hampering U.S. Economy, why aren’t the ‘wise-guys’ in the Muslim Consumer Association lobby for an embargo on the U.S. and the U.K.? Why not cut off diplomatic and economic ties? Because even these guys rely on U.S. stuff… A certain politician once promoted IMF loans to all ASEAN countries in the last century – only failing to convince his then boss.
    Also you have to look at the implementation. Some advocate a more milder approach: boycott by selecting alternatives. Buy Malaysian stuff (Mahathir initiated this campaign a loooong time ago. 10 years, I believe. Some bright and far-sighted prime minister and colleagues seem to think that, like Vision 2020, this is something of the past and not worth on going effort.)
    Kenny presents a view on the boycott, not the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. As he reiterated, the Gaza War should not happen and it deserves condemnation.
    This is what happens when your ear tunes of the music you dislike while turning up the volume on others you prefer. The coins have two sides, you know.

  318. Agreed! They deserve to be blogs in their own right… lol…
    Watch out Kenny – might be your next rival! (Disclaimer: website does not exist… yet)
    NB: No wonder the Malaysian Judiciary are reluctant to change the locus standi laws: too many overly sensitive individuals who fail to see the arching issue while leaving their own impression derived from the emotions and bigotry that has so long brewed beneath the surface, waiting to penalise those who see the things beyond their narrow perspectives. (*sigh* Man that was long!)

  319. Sit opposite the McD restaurants in Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Pavilion etc. etc. How many homo sapiens of Arabic descent are giving their patronage there? Especially after hours. Hmmm, I wonder…

  320. Christopher,
    The media, when free, is a form of business. As a business, it needs to appeal to their market. Thus you have Tory papers, Labour-inclined blogs etc. etc. If the news are neutral and unentertaining, no one would watch it. They’d switch the channel immediately.
    The irony is if the media is state controlled, it’s a propaganda machine.
    With you, I concur.

  321. Israel & Palestinians…
    If the Americans or Western nations ‘try’ to help, they would be accused of being bias towards Israel.
    If the Muslim countries ‘try’ to help, they would be accused of being bias towards Palestinians.
    So, why not ask the China for help? Afterall, China forces have been quite helpful in the Somalian waters.
    I believe China, as a world power, should exert its influence & play a bigger role in world affairs.
    Natty Dread, please enlighten me of your opinion 🙂

  322. How do you feel if the Qassam rockets rain like a shower to your peaceful home almost everyday, not only from the militants ! I hold vigil for both of them due to long misunderstanding conflict since 1948 but not for that damn Hamas and Hezbollah who trying to cease Israel from existence. Hey, I can’t really blame for their well-trained and dedicated soldiers and heavy arms…you ppl should revise back the old history how they survived in 6 days war with the bigger bigots 1967.

  323. As far as I remember…
    The Israel won the 6 days war, not because of its military strength or its brutality towards the muslims.
    They won because the Arabs were divided, ‘coward’ & ‘stupid’.
    Also, the loose alliance of Arab forces were not as competent as the Israeli small forces.

  324. World Unfortunately, is divided up into Spheres of Influence by Economic & Nuclear POWERS with JUSTICE the Victim.
    Israel comes under US, UK & Eurpoean jurisdiction, plus (most important) Nobody asked China.
    Whatever weapon Arabs pay US Billions for, Israel gets an Improoved version for FREE, plus Israel has World’s third or fourth largest Nuke Arsenal and willingness to use it. They did arm Nukes in last mid-east War as Syria advanced over Golan Heights.
    Notably China & Russia are now heavily involved in S. America through trade because they were INVITED, at expense of US. Most S.American countries are now inter-trading with their Own Currency to relieve Dominance of US Greenback, Venezuela is now selling Oil DIRECT to neighbours cutting out US middle-man. Everybody pays LESS, Venezuela gets more.
    Only S.American country still under US Influence is Colombia with one of the most Corrupt Govts in Region, many Generals and Senior Officers in Military were forced to resign in 2008 for Killing-off poor people to make way for Plantations. US aid was tied to tally of DEAD Peasants. Sounds familiar??
    ps. Piracy must be stamped out, but something Needs to be done about Foreign Factory Vessels Fishing Somalia waters CLEAN. Not to condone, but Somalia fishermen turned to Piracy after being unable to earn a living. Every country has a 200 Mile PROTECTED limit, and Somalia should be no diff.

  325. What if the peaceful home was on Stolen land?
    This is not a Religious Conflict, it is about Stealing a whole Country and holding it’s people in Bondage. Mostly Muslims,Palestine also have Thousands of Christians and other Faiths living under Israeli Occupation.
    Internet is prooving Israeli soldiers commit all atrocities they accuse Palestinians of.
    Whole intent is just to Maim & Kill innocents and damage Infrastructure, otherwise Israel would’ve engaged Hamas.
    Look for repeat in about Two years to destroy new buildings and kill some more. It’s called GENOCIDE.

  326. LOL…juz a simple post, with a little sense of humour but ended up such a big mess! ur house is a mess la kenny, very much like a beer party and its aftermath but no worries, there’re lotsa ppl who still love to read ur blog…do forgive those sensitive simple-minded ppl…

  327. only sohai boycott. want to boycott pls boycott UMNO big boys company who use your hardwork income tax money for their own use. Please dont talk about ‘HUMANITARIAN’ what about children in Afirca, zimbabwe, Afgan, etc….they are even/equal worst then palestianians but no one cares. Just because palestianians is muslim what about non-muslim country?. Palestianians do us no good even we help them, if you want to help others pls help your own country first. Seriously after 50 over yrs Malaysia dont really improve that much, gaji sikit, barang naik, PM tidur, Umno guna wang rakyat, c4bomb…etc….
    Want boycott pls boycott UMNO leaders!!
    PLS help your own country first.

  328. @~@! wa…dun wan boycott la..all those..mcD, starbucks, kfc..the good and finest things in life..making our world go round wif all these yummies!..Aiyo, thirsty dy. Wana go Spring tapau Starbucks liao wei!…The other day spot u tapau starbucks at Spring le wei…hehe!..dun merepek la!

  329. Whether for, against or obsesed with self-interest, the over-riding mentality seems to be chronic criticism and pretending to know what the host thinks.
    Why not simply ASK?
    Unlike most blogs Kennysia provides an uncensored forum to air personal views on Current Controversial Topics, and the opportunity is mostly squandered on Profanity & Abuse.
    Don’t like saying it, but predominant behaviour is DYSFUNCTIONAL bordering on moronic.

  330. Why you have to make such a racial statement over there? Bringing up chinese and malays? Insulting bro.
    Any you call yourself a msian. Trust me, no one wants war except for you. If you are a chinese, than you must be the stupid ones the chinese people are trying to get rid off.

  331. Look….
    I think the war Israel has with the Palestinians is wrong. And I do think Palestine has the right to exist.
    there are some morons who support Palestine for all the wrong reasons.
    Moron Type 1 : Die Israeli Infidels Die ! How dare you attack the Muslims of Palestine. I will rain down upon you the wrath of Allah. Allahuakhbar.
    Since when did Israel attack Palestine because they were Muslims ? They’re just greedy and want all the land for themselves.
    Moron Type 2 : Die Israeli Infidels Die ! You attack my Muslim brothers, means I will slay you down !
    Eh hello, u blindly go and support people one ah. sohai !
    The people I like :
    Smart Person : Damn you Israeli’s. Stealing land from defenseless people while you have the backing of powerful US weapons. Yes i know the Hamas shot the first few salvo’s first, and it is like stirring a hive of bee’s with a pebble, but these are people’s lives we talking about. Who are you to put lives of innocent people, regardless of race, religion and creed as stake.
    Understand what i mean ?
    If you’re going to support someone, do it for the right reasons and not out of blind support.

  332. Bastards. You bastards who scream for peace, you know nothing of what you talk about. Palestinians? The attack by Israel was justified. Hamas launched one too many rockets into the Strip, and Israel decided “screw it, you’re going down.”
    There is no civilised way to deal with terrorists. If any of you had any neurons left to think, you wouldn’t be so blind as to shout for mere PEACE. Peace is not the absence of war.
    Ignorant? You are the ignorant ones.

  333. dang right. doesnt it makes u more stupid to read something that u think is stupid? just stop reading and get lost man.

  334. an insensitive post on a sensitive issue.. the perfect couple to a successful blog..
    great job kenny.. that’s what makes blogging so interesting

  335. Israeli withdrawal only concern Ground Forces, Naval bombardment of beaches continue, and the SEIGE is still in effect.
    UN Secretary General says Criminal Charges should be laid but Israel does not belong to International Criminal Court or Non-Proliferation Treaty.
    By every definition it is an Apartheid ROGUE State.
    Best thing Pres Obama could do is Reduce US Aid to Israel by at least Half. Besides living better than US Citizens on their Taxes, Israelis have so much moolah they are buying up Properties in World Class Cities just for somewhere to stash.
    For unbiased International Reporting google: http://www.Information Clearing
    YES, I believe Israel has a right to exist, but not with Palestinians in BONDAGE.

  336. what is the point of boycotting ? if we boycott, our msian economy suffers more, plus, we shouldn’t simply boycott american products jst bcos they support the israelis, not ALL american’s are jews. The fight between the two nations have been an on going thing for hundreds of years now, so many times they’ve both opened fire on each other and only NOW we want to boycott ? it’s rediculous bcos our country practically depends on the USA, and you want to boycott ? plus, why are we following other people’s words ; PAS .

  337. Their life and death is none of our business anyway.
    To further understand how this genocide happen, read the history of Israel and Palestine.

  338. Dont forget to boycott your US foreign aide, we will wave to you from our Aircraft carrier capable of caring for 3000+ people as a floating hospital.. Your Right , America is evil. Better side with N. Korea and Venezuela. I’m sure they will love you.

  339. Venezuela is the ONLY Country to Give US Foreign Aid. FREE home-heating oil for Two Hundred Thousand Homes US Govt wouldn’t give Assistance to.
    Fact is, most US citizens are ignorant on what is occuring in Mid-East and that Their Tax $$ finance the Occupation of Palestine.
    Most US Media are controlled by pro-Israeli interests.
    It is exactly what Israel is doing to Palestinians which drives those without to crave Nukes.
    New Bomb Israel tested on Palestinians is called DIME:- Dense Inert Metal Explosive, made up of Tungsten, mutilates like shrapnel but leave little trace, very difficult for Physicians to diagnose and treat.
    Fragments from Phosphorous bombs imbed in flesh and burn to the bone, after digging pieces out of victims some phosphorous fragments re-ignited.

  340. hi there… i can see a lot of positive and negative comments here… well personally i think that what israel do is wrong… killing that much innocent civilian is totally against the norm of war…. we don kill civilian in war!!!
    i totaly support the boycott.. we can still live without america i believe… with chinese as the upcoming new military and economy leader, and muslim with their 1.4billion population worldwide… and indians too… we can beat the hell america and europe!!!!

  341. Hmm, i just think there just too much “american” gadget we are using =/ let’s say computers, malaysia haven’t got their own operating system. What about iPod, It’s still US. LOL

  342. Didn’t anyone notice that Dr. Mahathir’s blog is hosted in United States? AND His blog is making over RM3000/Day. Can you believe it?
    He is definitely the richest blogger in Malaysia.
    Do you know blog advertisement has become the best politician money laundering mechanism in Malaysia?
    Does anyone know that Dr. M has shares or relationship in some of those Advertisers’ companies?
    He is one of the biggest shame of Malaysian and do not have the rights to ask people to boycott others in his “United Stated” blog

  343. Encik Sia, seems like your post unearth more than just the ridiculousness of the american boycott. It shows us how silly some of our Malaysians are too.
    hope you’re doing well! 🙂

  344. U Faggots if we all , the whole of Malaysia boycot , half the population in Malaysia will be without Jobs, Dumb politician , think before making such proposals and comments

  345. sigh..
    allow me to correct a few mistakes in the comments of this blog:
    firstly, there is no such thing as it does not make a difference. if you doing something does not make a difference, then all charities should shut down. why? because, hey, it doesn’t make a difference. then nobody should donate to kenny’s botak charity because, well, it just doesn’t make a difference. it makes a difference and all you hypocrites out there know it.
    no.2, boycotting something needs rules and guidelines. an all out ban would be difficult (read: near impossible). so what you should do instead would be to practice “last-buying”. that means you only buy american-israeli products if you don’t have any other choice or if thats what you think is best.
    personally, i’ve stopped consuming mcdonalds, starbucks and coke products. not only is it better for the palestinians its also better for your health and the malaysian economy. eat at the mamak-lah. or if you’re craving coffee, there’s always old town coffee. there are alternatives if you are willing to look.
    lastly, this is not a religious issue. i would certainly prefer it if people stop calling it a muslim-jew conflict. this is a humanitarian crisis. one country against another. don’t think that just because these people wear burqas unlike you, you don’t have a responsibility to contribute to righting the wrongs in the world. please everyone, don’t be fooled and dont be lazy. Help Other People Everywhere. H.O.P.E. hope for a brighter future. One without war.
    wait… im not a chicken.. stupid american virus in my american computer, make my computer hang and accidentally send comment too quickly.. now have to buy israeli antivirus…