Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre Review

I fly to Singapore quite regularly.


There are normally two types of places I stay at everytime I head down there.

If I’m lucky, then some benevolent company inviting me to attend their function in Singapore would pay for my stay in some spanking 5-star hotel so freaking expensive, it would’ve cost the equivalent of my left testicle.


But if I’m not-so-lucky, then I would’ve to pay for my own accommodation in Singapore. And I usually stay at One Florence Close in Kovan where it’s cheap and clean.

Right across from where I stay is a kopitiam with a red sign board called "Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre".


Don’t be fooled  by the word "centre" in it’s name though.

When I saw the name, I half-expected it to be something big, like a medical centre, shopping centre or a err… health centre. But really, Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre is just a glorified name for a nasi lemak stall from Punggol.

965 Upper Serangoon Road - Google Maps 7012009 33516 PM

Despite passing by the place so often, I never really ate there because hey, I live in Malaysia, and nasi lemak is quintessentially a Malay dish. How could a stall operated by a Chinese selling nasi lemak in Singapore possibly taste any better, right?

That would be like going to Japan and saying Sushi King makes better sushi.


What eventually changed my mind was when I came back from clubbing one evening, and noticed this a huge stretch of queue extending from the stall all the way out to the road.

From my experience, I know that Singaporeans only queue for three things:
1. Louis Vuitton.
2. Hello Kitty.
3. Something really really good.

Given the absence of an overpriced monogram handbag or a cat with no mouth, I think it is safe to assume that Punggol Nasi Lemak falls under to Category 3. Something really really good.


And it was damn good alright. In fact, it was possibly one of the best I’ve had.

Unlike in Malaysia where our nasi lemaks are pre-packaged at RM1 each wrapped in old newspaper, at Ponggol Nasi Lemak, they do it Nasi Kandar-style.

That means you have to go up to the counter and tell them which side-dishes you want to go along with your rice.


There’s a wide variety of choices: ikan bilis, fried chicken, tempura prawns, sotong balls, long beans, otah, acar, peanuts, fried egg, curried vegies, etc just to name a few.

After you’ve made your selection, they’ll then slather on a slab of sambal and put two slices of cucumber on your plate. But if they like you, then sometimes they’ll put three slices of cucumber. Like me!


This is what I’ve chosen to go with my dish.

Clockwise from that delicious piece of fried chicken wing, there’s the ikan bilis with peanuts, sambal, two sotong balls, fried wanton, cucumber, sambal lady’s finger, acar and a beautiful piece of fried egg right in the middle. All together, they cost close to SGD$8 (RM20), which is freaking pricey for a nasi lemak. But damn, it was well worth it.

If you’re not sure which to choose, you can’t go wrong with the fried chicken wing and acar. Those two go exceptionally well with the fragrant rice and sambal.


As a testament to how good Ponggol Nasi Lemak is, they even have to put up this notice in the newspapers.

Apparently, some competitors have been copying their namesake to fool customers into thinking that they’re the same company.


Nowadays, even nasi lemak also got pirated one.

"The Government is launching a Buy Malaysian Goods campaign to boost domestic economic growth in the face of the global economic meltdown."

Hello! Even your councillors are buying Mercedes instead of Proton, ok?

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  1. Nowadays, anything that can earn money gets pirated… Nothing New…
    Looks pricey but seems quite delicious, being a local myself, I gotta go and try it out someday.

  2. dear kenny, since you are traveling very often to singapore, i suggest that you can try out the yong tau foo in Bukit Merah’s Hawker centre.
    It operates in late nights..so drop by there around 11pm onwards..

  3. Wakao…
    Nasi Lemak manyak lemak oh…
    Lu masih makan manyak lemak oh?
    Cholestrol tinggi tinggi baru tahu…

  4. Singaporeans most of the time queue for the sake of queue lah, not necessarily the food is good.
    Try for a few more stalls that have long queues and you will know what I meant.

  5. There are few in KL and also in KK where they sell Nasi Lemak similar in concept. You get to choose your side dishes πŸ™‚ and waaaaaaay cheaper πŸ™‚

  6. Apparently in singapore they have pirated everything, including Laksa and even chicken rice. Every one claims to be “THE ORIGINAL” here…

  7. I live in the area and eat a lot of the nasi lemak as well. It’s really good πŸ™‚ The other thing you may want to try is the chicken rice in the hawker centre next to Heartland Mall.

  8. Ate there before, delicious but bit pricey, beside ponggol there is also a famous sg’ style nasi lemak located in Yishun centre as well.

  9. Keh Keh… Their notice says that Ponggol Nasi Lemak has no relation to Punggol Nasi Lemak but you are so not the same leh… You giving free advert for the wrong one… Keh Keh Keh… Anyway, nice blog…

  10. If I’m lucky, then some benevolent company inviting me to attend their function in Singapore would pay for my stay in some spanking 5-star hotel so freaking expensive, it would’ve cost the equivalent of my left testicle.

    Didn’t know that your left testicle comes at a such an affordable price leh… :p

  11. that’s kind of pricey I wonder how delicious it could be.. but apparently having it once in a while is surely okk
    hmm hey you actually eat .. quite a lot! your dish made my mouth water πŸ™ πŸ™

  12. but.. there’s a joke among my malaysian colleagues working in singapore that if you see a long queue, it doesn’t necessarily mean good food.. it just means there’s value for its price (lol singaporeans and their kiasuism extends to food as well i guess)

  13. I love it! it has been a long long time…since i last had nasi lemak.. actually its only 3 mths ago when i last went bk to sg.
    I’m gng to eat 3 packet!

  14. Dun really feel Nasi Lemak is worth $8.00!!!
    Aiya as some say , sg ppl queue because they saw ppl queue de.

  15. Hey Kenny!
    Wow! For the past 2 years I have been looking for opportunities to visit Kuching just to try all the best of 2007 and 2008 foods of Kuching you blog about but since I’m in the Netherlands…no chance so far though one day I WILL!! Just gotta wait a few more years till my kids have grown older and become easier travelmates.
    But the funny thing is, my grandparents stay very close to Kovan and also frequent that stall when we are in Singapore.
    The nasi lemak stall was originally situated at Tampines Rd which you can also see on the map. If you think “centre” is funny….well, they used to call themselves “nasi lemak factory” so I guess they have always considered themselves bigger than they really are.
    When you visit Holland one day, pls mention it beforehand in your blog. I guarantee you’ll have lots of entertaining stuff to blog about after I take you out to taste all the real traditional Dutch foods.
    Keep blogging!

  16. ponggol/punggol.one chinese pronounciation spelling and another one malay,it’s abang-adik lah!.
    it same thing like previous post ‘sliming’-malay pronounciation spelling.

  17. Singaporeans queue for everything! They even bother to queue an hour for one miserable scoop of ben and jerry

  18. I thought u only eat salad, etc? Being an athlete myself, the worst temptation is food. I guess you are someone who gives in to all sorts of temptation. All the best.

  19. If I do end up visiting the Netherlands, especially *cough* Amsterdam, I think the last thing on my mind would be food. πŸ˜‰ If you know what I mean.

  20. i often eat there. The rice is very fragrant compared to other nasi lemaks.
    since u r health concious, maybe next time you can try the ice blended fruit juice stall at ang mo kio. besides the regular fruit juices, they have ice blended fruit juices and it taste really refreshing.
    They have plenty of good reviews too as shown on their website.

  21. Yes! I ate there once when I got lazy queuing up for the nasi lemak. Love the fact that they’re open 24 hours a day, but felt kinda sorry that they’re playing second fiddle to the nasi lemak.

  22. There’s a fried hokkien mee stall a few units away from the coffeeshop with this nasi lemak. It’s located nearer to Kovan MRT. It’s nice, go try. ^_^

  23. There could be 2 things on your mind: the red light district or “soft drugs”. But I always go for chinese food in that area.

  24. Kenny,
    It is part of the tour but I won’t join you. After we taste the local foods, I’ll drop you off at my nearest trainstation on the right train to the city where the traffic lights in the narrow alleys never change to green…
    It’ll be a good work out for you. If you do the entire alley, it’ll feel like a 84 km marathon!

  25. huh you call that(punggol nasi lemak) nice? i think it tastes like crap and definitely overhyped! imho m’sia still serves the best nasi lemak.

  26. walau. Yr doing ad for him and he still charge u? ask him to give 50% discount lah!
    and Amsterdam! i’ve seen lots of movies and stories about that place! If you watched Eurotrip ul know what i mean. Hope I can go there someday!

  27. kenny, in your picture of the nasi lemak, you only got two slices of cucumber…i thought you said they like you?! πŸ˜›

  28. This stall so-so only lah. I ate once, and never been back again. Just like the one in Changi, I also dont understands why so many people queuing for it. Guess it’s a typical illness of Singaporean – U queue, I queue, Everybody queue.
    Frankly, there are much better one. Go try out the one in Joo Chiat.

  29. don’t compare one country to another country.SG is small country with huges populations.it’s better to see peoples Q-ing than Berebut-rebut like monkeys!

  30. Haha… It sure funny to have an idea of pirated nasi lemak. Haha…
    Urmm, I know what you mean by visiting Arsterdam. Haha.. Tell me about it. :p They had this line in one of the shop there:
    “Good boy go to heaven, Bad boy go to Armsterdam” hahaha…
    *red light district* wink wink wink… Haha…
    p/s: mercedes instead of proton??? haha

  31. I checked out the site of One Florence Close and it’s amazing. Despite the fact that it’s pay-by-cash, I think it’s well worth it from the pics. I’ll definitely stay there on my next trip to Sg and eat at Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre. The nasi lemak looks really good. Thanks for the great review!

  32. Hey that’s a very interesting viewpoint of Singapore. Which hotel did you stay at when you were there. Maybe we should meetup sometime when we’re both together in singapore. Alternatively you can visit Yellow Pages Singapore to check up on the latest happenings in Singapore. Small country but I simply love it.

  33. Hey dude, I just upgraded one of my blog engine to MT4.23 and the Chinese character is all screw up. I am testing the encoder on your comment box, testing À¸€ ÀºŒ À¸‰ Γ₯››Àº”….Γ₯ΒͺΒ½Γ§Ε‘β€ž. it works. Did you have to tweak any cgi file ?

  34. u shld try another nasi lemak stall in yishun. it’s called chong pang nasi lemak at 447 sembawang road. i like it best there

  35. Kenny it would be nice if you can review your stay at One Florence Close as well. This will give readers an idea of this place.

  36. Ponggol Nasi Lemak? So-so only. Ate there once at night, the chicken wing was skinny and dry and tasted like it was fried YESTERDAY morning.
    You want nasi lemak? Head to the hawker centre next to Heartland mall, there’s a stall selling $2 nasi lemak, comes with juicy chicken wing, cucumbers, fried egg, peanuts & ikan bilis, and delicious sambal. There are other stuff if you fancy them, but the $2 set is good enough.

  37. It’s expensive because you asked for quite a lot of dishes.
    Many of my Malaysian friends agree that Singapore have some of the best nasi lemak in the region.
    If you think Punggol’s is nice try:
    1. Infamous Changi Village nasi lemak – only S$ 3 (used to be S$2). Crispy chicken wings
    2. Adam Road the ‘original’ nasi lemak – I think around S$3.50; this is quite ‘super’. They used Basmati rice and the chicken wing is super too.

  38. You are wrong, Singaporean like to queue even the food is normal, i have this experience before.
    And also the Nasi lemak i tried before lah, not tasty as you praised….
    You take any advertising fee from them???

  39. Dude, you sure it’s better than Damansara Uptown’s Village Park Restaurant’s nasi lemak? They serve their nasi lemak in the similar nasi-kandar offering style. But man, is it good (and extremely clean too, which is important)

  40. I heard that the owner for Damansara Uptown Village Park Restaurant is also from Singapore. That is why you find some singapore dish in the menu too (mee rebus…). Malaysia’s nasi lemak is the best but singapore’s nasi lemak is outstanding as it is non-halal and i missed the luncheon meat…. Try Tg Pagar market’s during your next trip… there are 3 to 4 stalls selling nasi lemak and the price is affordable @ $2 for nasi + sambal + drumstick or chicken wing + luncheon meat + otah otah + the usual stuff……hopefully they still maintain the price

  41. Hi Kenny,
    Can you blog more about Singapore please? As I’m going to move there soon… Hope to know what’s cheap & good there. Stay happy & keep blogging!!!

  42. Kenny, I have to disagree with you that the nasi lemak restaurant you recommended tastes nice (cuz it doesnt even look nice! I mean hello, I bet my mom cooks better nasi lemak than they do :p ).
    As for the fact that whenever there is a long queue in Singapore it means something really good, I think Singaporeans are just too kiasu to lose out something good and hence the queue – it doesnt ALWAYS mean something good is around.
    Singaporeans queue for Ikea’s cafe’s food too but it is definitely not as good as the queue would suggest – my opinion.
    Hence, judging from your statement that Malaysian nasi lemak normally comes in small package wrapped with newspaper, I must say – you’ve never tasted the nicest nasi lemak around in Malaysia!
    I would suggest for PJ area you try the nasi lemak in “Village park”, Uptown area (opposite DU cafe kopitiam). I bet it is easily 3x better than that singaporean nasi lemak :p
    No offense to anyone, nothing personal πŸ™‚

  43. david:
    “I think Singaporeans are just too kiasu to lose out something good and hence the queue – it doesnt ALWAYS mean something good is around.”
    it’s not very intelligent to generalize. while i agree with you, if you wanted to state an opinion, the least you could have done was to be policitically correct. ‘most singaporeans’ would have been friendlier and respectable, even if it’s untrue.
    “Singaporeans queue for Ikea’s cafe’s food too but it is definitely not as good as the queue would suggest – my opinion.”
    it is your opinion and i respect AND agree with you, but whoever claimed that ikea serves great meals? most people patronize ikea’s cafeteria because it is convenient after shopping, obviously, and for its good value. moreover, its ambience is comfortable and homely; food isn’t always an issue for everyone.
    And to anyone else who, for some peculiar reason, thinks that ks is suggesting that singapore has better nasi lemak than malaysia, HE ISN’T. is that so hard to tell? he is simply making a recommendation. where are your comprehension skills?

  44. shut up la david..he said SG nasi lemak is nice..but u disagree..and u said the stupid Village park provides a better one? i can disagree with u too..i bet my dog dont even wanna taste that noobshit nasi lemak at PJ..noob!

  45. Errr… no. I didn’t have to tweak any CGIs. I think the only piece of code governing the character display is this line in the header.
    [ meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ ]
    Anyway, after you upgraded your blog engine, it’d be a good idea to completely refresh the templates as well. πŸ™‚

  46. oops. forgot to mention that the noodles shop in ponggol nasi lemak centre is also very good. =P
    used to be better though…

  47. yo kenny. Hope things r better with u than my straight 3 nights insomnia (and 4th night need to be helped with panadol to sleep). Dont know which type of cholesterol u have problem with but maybe lessen down on the bread and noodles and opt for rice instead. That’s what my dr told me πŸ™‚

  48. I am a singapore i live near the nasi lemak… i personally think its ok only… nothing much… will eat when there is no queue… i think it taste nothing special and i think its damn expensive…

  49. Ehh.. in fact I quite like the nasi lemak in Singapore =) Malaysian nasi lemak is also good too, but anyway both are fine for me! (I just had nasi lemak at Jurong Point, Boon Lay this evening, and it only costs me less than S$3! =)

  50. Oh yeah in fact I feel that singaporean nasi lemak is “healthier” in a way as more types of veggies can be chosen, while malaysian nasi lemak is more “meaty”.
    Oh kenny, I think the fried egg doesn’t look pretty enough, I can fry a much prettier egg! =D

  51. it’s expensive coz it’s well-known for its nice food and variety and of coz originality. thank you kenny for writing this piece!! it’s so fabulous! (:

  52. heck yeah, haha! in bedok centre, places like that, the competition is so obvious, they even have the same signboard pictures. geez.

  53. Nice of you to give clean digs a mention, reaso accomodation is always worthy of recommendation.
    Best to save the testi for a rainy day, one only would leave you out of whack, like walking around a hillside.

  54. There is Chong Pang Nasi Lemak…and Holland Village Nasi Lemak…Boon Lay Nasi Lemak..Changi Village Nasi Lemak…all served in the same variations u see here…
    All OVERRATED, all taste around the same…and all equally expensive. Nothing new here. Yawn.

  55. Kenny, what do you mean unlike in Msia where nasi lemak is pre-packed and RM1? Yes true, tht is the case bt don’t tell me you haven’t been to a nasi lemak stall in Msia that is done ala-nasi-kandar style before?
    Hahahaha! There’s plenty of that in KL itself, Kenny… Where have you been all these years?????

  56. Hey Kenny,
    I live like JUST THERE! And I’ve never tried the nasi lemak before! I heard its super expensive and $8 is!!! Although granted, you did order a lot lah…
    Ok lah, I shall try it sometime soon. I pass by it everyday on my way home!
    If ever I see you there, I’ll be sure to say hi!
    Ju Ann

  57. Erm, looking at your plate of food.. you’re not going to hit your target of losing weight, aren’t you?
    Anyway singaporeans queue for just about anything, not just LV or hello kitty.. and it doesn’t always mean that long queues = good food…
    i like the holland v nasi lemak though. plus they serve laksa as well πŸ™‚
    and then you could always head down the road to 2:am dessert bar for some wine & desserts.

  58. wow I reading all the comments I find that M’sia and S’porean will always fight, it’s just nasi lemak, everyone prefer different place nasi lemak only mah, no need to argue… everyone win…cheers!

  59. Dear Kenny,
    Can you suggest me a nice backpacker’s hostel in SG that is cheap (between $20-50) and nearby the MRT? I wanna go to singapore for 2 days and 1 night and I have only SGD300 for those 2 days 1 night expenses…

  60. The Hokkien Mee at Punggol Nasi Lemak is a must-try too!It’s a food haven in that area. Wah!! Kenny boy very smart, always find good accommodation option and food! Ganbatte!

  61. Dear Kenny,
    I know that you don’t usually entertain crazy messages from strangers but I need your help on something. It’s nothing big but I just need your input on some of the reviews that you write.
    Is it possible for you to tell me how much you charge for a review on IT gadgets?
    I hope you will hepl me out on this. Thank you and have a good day.

  62. Hmmm… for $8 you can have 6 kolo mee, 6 nasi campur, ….
    wa lau many many food in kuching!
    $8 is too much! even for a big appetite. that is how shocking prices are in singapore πŸ˜›

  63. Regret clicking on the link and coming to this page…
    Now Punggol nasi lemak will haunt my mind all night…
    And you picked all the right dishes, almost… there’s the curry vegetables with the juicy tau-pok…
    mmm, salivating oredi…

  64. hmmm. punggol nasi lemak is over rated.
    if this is the best you have eaten….quite sad.
    have you tried the Qi Ji Γ₯Β₯‑迹 nasi lemak chain in singapore ?
    think their chicken wings are better.

  65. hey you spelled their name wrongly throughout the ENTIRE post leh.
    btw i lived in kovan for 5 years but have yet to try this stall even though i pass it every day..

  66. omg! that place is like totally near my house!!!!!!! i think the fishball noodles there are also not bad too.. try it the next time u are there? XD

  67. I live at Punggol and very often take the MRT to Kovan just to buy the nasi lemak! Really quite pricey though, although it’s worth it…

  68. hey kenny
    how much this punggol nasi lemak pay u?
    it is super unhealthy can .. and the people there are well known to be super rude ..
    cant believe u can lie to ur readers just by getting paid .. your reputation is already going down to DRAIN

  69. wow. people sure get very opinionated about nasi lemak.
    hey kennysia, just to say hi, hope you’re going well. sometimes when i’m down, i read your funny entries and they are sucha a pick-me-up. take care!

  70. thanks so much to this review. now i know where i can stay when i am in singapore. my gf lives at tampines road which is sooo near this place.
    i always stayed in lucky plaza apartment when i am there which is troublesome to travel. now not anymore~ thanks kenny. πŸ™‚
    maybe if i am lucky i might even bump into you! hihi

  71. There’s also a really good ‘chee cheong fun’ stall there! Try the prawn one. Yummy! Next to the nasi lemak stall is a dim sum stall which has this big deep-fried toufu for about $3 or so, which is really silky and delicious. πŸ™‚

  72. Being a food lover myself, and staying near to where Punggol Nasi Lemak is, I Have personally eaten the Nasi Lemak there countless times.
    I must say that the fried chicken drumstick / wings is really good. The chilli is good too.
    The reason why they put the notice is because there is another store across the street which calls themselves “Punggol 21 Nasi Lemak” and there is another one called “New Punggol Nasi Lemak” few bus stops away.
    This is exactly like the “Katong Laska” war in Katong and East Coast!

  73. hmm,
    have you tried staying at The Hive on Lavendar street?
    there’re lots of food areas around that hostel, and it’s near the train station as well… pretty centralised i would say, and i quite like that hostel.
    maybe you can try that hostel the next time you come down. πŸ™‚

  74. the thing is, somehow nowdays.. his post always focuses on singaporeans.. in a bad light..
    like we queue at a LV store and he has to mock about it.
    it’s agitating more and more singaporeans, really.

  75. u think RM 20 for a plate of Nasi Lemak is expensive? u should try the one in NZ, a plate of ” High Class Nasi Lemak” in Auckland could cost up to RM 30. It comes with white rice, sambal ikan bilis, cucumbers, and a bit of chicken rendang. zzz..

  76. U made mi so hungry… going for punggol nasi lemak now!!!
    Its realli worth e price. “Qi Ji” Nasi Lemak is kinda dry. Punggol Nasi Lemak is still e best so far…

  77. u may check it out imalaysiablog.com which is cover abt food, hotel, sale n anything happening in city
    nice photo & content which quite similar wit u 1

  78. Kenny, out of curiosity I just tried the Nasi Lemak Punggol last night. Call me crazy to cross to Spore from JB just to try the nasi lemak as you mentioned.
    After trying it, I wouldn’t say it is better than Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak. It is no doubt great for Singaporean standards and I enjoyed every bite and taste of it.
    However, I beg to differ, and favour Malaysia’s nasi lemak compared to the Punggol’s.
    Having said that, my Punggol nasi lemak only cost me SGD 5.40… u might have taken more dishes than me, boy!

  79. One Florence Close rocks! but i didnt try the nasi lemak cause there was such a long queue!… will check it out the next time i’m there.

  80. I live in kovan for 5 years and I didn’t even know “one florence close” existed. Seems like a nice place. I tried the ponggol nasi lemak once, nothing special leh…

  81. Instead of taking tablets to surpress cholesterol, try HypoCol, pills made from Red Rice, in chinese it’s called ‘Hung Gok’.
    They are known to keep cholesterol level down at the same time made from natural ingredients.

  82. Hey kenny,
    If you really wanna eat Nasi Lemak, you should really try out the Boon Lay one.
    Though choices of side dish are not like what you have at ponggol’s, but their reputation is quite high.
    They only open from 9pm onwards.
    Cheers and nice blog!

  83. Hai, Kenny Sia. Firiz from Kuching here. I was asking, is the Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre in Singapore a “Halal” restaurant? I’m very new in blogging. Here is my blog @ firizmalaysia.blogspot.com. Nice blog for you! πŸ™‚

  84. Hi Firiz,
    Sadly, the nasi lemak place in Singapore is not halal. πŸ™ But as the commenter above you mentioned, there’s one in Boon Lay and that one may be Halal.

  85. hello. everywhere also got nasi lemak nasi kandar style in msia lar. it’s not a meal of choice in kch nia thats why only got the prepackaged variety
    plenty of mamaks sell this type of nasi lemak, chapfan/nasi kandar style

  86. Hawker food in Singapore can never be compared to the same in Malaysia.
    However, the worst hawker food you can find in Singapore is fried kuey teow and bak kut teh… try them and you’ll find yourself unable to stop criticising πŸ˜›

  87. hmm..the only sedap nasi lemak i know is Sugarbun in Kuching. The sambal sauce is sweeeeeet~..and when u mix it wif the rice and lil’ bit peanuts…u just go “Holy Moly!”.. And i prefer to order the nasi lemak wif curry chicken even though the plain nasi lemak classic taste heavenly awesome dy~..@U@*

  88. I’ve been there before, the Nasi Lemak there really delicious… Its operating 24 hour right? ( correct me if i’m wrong) haha..

  89. S$8 for a plate of nasi lemak is stealing in broad daylight. I went there once and ordered 3 items with my nasi and it costed me S$6. I told myself never to step back in again. Food is not fantastic either.
    Btw, where is 1 Florence Close? I was at Florence Road 3 hrs ago, I don’t even know there’s a place for rent there.

  90. Hi Kenny , a great experience do u seriously saying that Singaporeans only queue for that three things ? wow?? but i hate to wait for food as speacialy when im hungry..dont u feel so?? hungry make me more angry…angry makes me hungry hah..

  91. hi, don’t mean to be rude but, ponggol nasi lemak isn’t expensive, it’s housed in a coffee shop and the prices are very standard, and in fact for the fantastic taste and quality; it’s cheap!
    the fact that you paid almost close to SGD8 is because you ordered 6 dishes!
    normal person orders 2-3 dishes.
    so it usually costs like 3+.
    even if you go to the cheapest mixed rice stall (cai fan) and order 6 freaking dishes, you would pay AT LEAST 5-6 dollars. u fatty haha.

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