Sugar Free, Common Sense Free

This is Murray “Sugar Free” Chocolate Cookies. It is imported all the way from USA, the land of milk and honey, and the land that brought us weird things like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. It looks just like any other sugar free chocolate cookies on the market.

Those cookies caught my eye, not because I was hungry. (Errr… remind me to get back to the gym once my project deadlines are over.) It was this little warning message printed on the front of the packaging that drew my attention.

I checked to ensure I was holding a pack of cookies and not a pack of cigarettes before I put it the item onto the shelf. I’ve seen warning messages in bold printed on cigarette boxes before but hell, I sure never seen them printed on a pack of COOKIES!
I could see why they do it though. Products like these are made to fool fat people health-conscious individuals like me into parting with our hard-earned cash just so we enjoy eating ‘normal’ food without the guilt.

Nowadays its just too damn difficult to go on diet even with ‘healthy’ products like these on the market. There’s not a lot of things you can eat. Sugar Free doesn’t mean Fat Free; Fat Free doesn’t mean Carb Free; Carb Free usually means they taste like a pile of waxy dog crap; and the only thing that’s Sugar Free, Fat Free AND Carb Free is like, water.
Weight-loss is such a big money business in a lot of countries and people are buying these products expecting them to work miracles. Trust Big Brother to step in and give these so-called “healthy” food the cigarette box treatment. would like to apologise to for bomb-ing out her webhost’s bandwidth limits after featuring her as a Babe of Malaysian Blogs. Any suitors gentlemen kind enough to sponsor this lady a new webhost with generous bandwidth allowance? She’s gonna send you a photo of herself in a sexy bikini if you do that. 😉
Actually I haven’t discussed that with her. Aiya, if she protests then I’ll just send you a photo of myself in a sexy bikini lor…

54 Replies to “Sugar Free, Common Sense Free”

  1. These cookies are from the States, the land where people order One BigMac, One Extra Large Fries, 2 Apple Pies and One Jumbo Size DIET coke. No wonder their sugar-free cookies are NOT for diet control folks. Unless it’s just a ‘Warning Label’ for simple minded folks – like those Aeroplane Peanuts on Air America which says ‘Open Packet, Eat Peanuts’.

  2. “Sugar Free doesn’t mean Fat Free; Fat Free doesn’t mean Carb Free; Carb Free usually means they taste like a pile of waxy dog crap; and the only thing that’s Sugar Free, Fat Free AND Carb Free is like, water.”
    I seriously never thought much about that.. hmmm.. now I know why I’m gaining weight faster than I can say cookies.
    :)Happy to see you! & your post. 🙂

  3. Hey Dude, gym rat like you probably notice it’s “Sugar free” but now that sugar is classified as “Sugar Alcohol”.
    I kinda doubt if this product is really imported from the US, I have not seen these at teh Local GNCs plus the expiration date is not in the American format of MM/DD/YY
    Protien Bar is the best to crave your junk food yen.

  4. Unless it’s just a ‘Warning Label’ for simple minded folks – like those Aeroplane Peanuts on Air America which says ‘Open Packet, Eat Peanuts’.
    Or maybe in Kenny case, there is a packet of sugar with the words ‘FREE’ stamped on, right inside of the packet of cookies.

  5. I think they write “not for weight control” because sugar-free food, unlike fat-free food, is primarily made with diabetics in mind.

  6. usually in US, those kind of snack is for diabetes people.It is indeed not for weight control, cause the sugar is normally is substitued with fat to balance the flavor

  7. Support the fact that atkins does work. Go on the atkins diet and blog about it Kenny! That’s the inspiration for your next post and I’ll love to read it.

  8. LOL, kenny. Whassup wif cookies now? ahahaa i think the rest are right… its for diabetics… no sugar maybe got aspartame? neways its quite stupid- sugar free choc chip cookies. -.- Den what would it taste like then? Cardboard? And also, sugar does not really make you fat per se, its too much carbohydrates actually… too much sugar gives you cavities…

  9. Hahaha…like they say, there’s a sucker born every minute. Like most of your die-hard fans already recommended, exercise more and eat sensibly. is a healthy way to lose weights too:)

  10. *sigh* Nowadays those stupid businessman really fools those folks out there with their dirty marketing tactic…
    With a small warning sentence “Not For Weight Control” beside the big words “Sugar Free”, what the heck…this will really cheat those aunties and ladies successfully to buy the so-called “Sugar Free” product…I meant if it is in Malaysia..
    linja didi

  11. About the comments comparing to the USA, well firstly most Americans are obese. Secondly, their fast food outlets do not know the meaning of the words – small or medium. Their McD menu sizes comes Large, Extra Large or Jumbo/Super Large. 🙂
    Best way to keep fit is to work out. Otherwise, it’s just keeping ‘thin’…

  12. suger free stuff is just for diabetics i guess… dentists recommend them as well.. its weird cos i went to this dentist a couple of weeks back and he was just yapping on about how you should eat EVERYTHING at one go instead of spreading it out in portions… he was saying how eating 5 blocks of choc at one time is better for your teeth than spreading it out into 2 blocks every 30 mins o smth

  13. Kimberlycun: Yes, some sugar replacement stuff does cause cancer. Aspartame has also been known to cause brain seizures (50 of the first 10,000 complaints were brain seizures), and acts as a catalyst to cause people to gain more fat.
    Left Handed Sugar (which is also a sugar substitute) has been known to increase the chances of people getting diabetes. (So much for those who already have started developing diabetes trying to avoid sugar).
    That’s probably why you can’t use Kenny’s cookies for weight loss – it’s sugar substitute probably causes weight gain.

  14. hey, so were the cookies nice? i’ve always wanted to try some cos i can’t stand overly sweet stuff, that’s y i stayed away from the normal sandwiched cookies.

  15. I guess it just mean not like a nutriental product, in case ppl see sugar free all jump to eat this chocolate instead, happily thinking they are safe

  16. My dear Kenny, you wanna hear good news or bad news ? =} Purr. The truth : I read petite’s comment before commenting ~ Bad news : The ‘way’ in my mind is not the ‘way’ petite suggested.. Aww.. Well, if u’re still interested in knowing my ‘way’, do find me eh.. 😉 But do take care of your “rashes” first.. Lolx..

  17. I guess this is what happens when a company tries to do the right thing by telling customers the truth! Stupid people who don’t get it and bring up issues of race and whatever else they can think of. Yes, it’s sugar free but that doesn’t mean it’s fat free. It’s NOT for people on a diet to lose weight. It’s for people who have diabetes but still want to enjoy cookies every now and then. THERE ARE ACTUALLY DIFFERENT KINDS OF DIETS. Not just the one to lose weight. Besides, do you really want fat free cookies?!!
    Obviously, the warning on the label makes a lot of sense now — after reading some of your comments. It’s for morons who don’t understand what they’re saying but think they know everything; those who will try to blame the company later for their own stupidity. Embarassing!!

  18. That is right, i think if you really want to enjoy cookies, take the original one(with fat and sugar) in small amount. Enjoy the original flavour to the fullest, so long as you don’t eat in excess, cookies do no harm to your body. It actually cheer you up.;)

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  20. Live solely on the Sugar Free, Fat Free and Carb Free products, and I’m sure any over health conscious person would go Life Free. There are multiple ways of dieting, and calculating carbs is one of the tideous ways.

  21. As many have noted, this product is meant for diabetics. The company probaby had to put the warning on because of dim witted non-diabetics who couldn’t grasp the point.

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