For some strange reasons, I woke up yesterday morning with bumpy red spots all over my arms.

See? Like love bites liddat.

I took off my shirt and discovered a lot more of them on my body. Man, those babes last night were wild!

Stop staring at my tits or they’re gonna shoot lasers at you.

Initially I suspected I might be allergic to the dusty environment where I’ve been working at these past few days, but that couldn’t be the case since I was fully clothed at work (duh) and I’ve got rashes all over my body. Then I went to see the doctor and he said he suspected virus. But I scanned myself with Norton Antivirus and I turned out clean leh. Stupid doctor.
The rashes aren’t particularly itchy or anything. They’re just ugly as hell.

If you look really closely you might be able to see the world map on my back.

I wish I could tell you red polka-dotted skin is the latest fashion statement right now, but the fact remains that I got some weird ass skin disease. ๐Ÿ™

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  1. Wooww it look like measles for me, do you still have fever?? how bout visit chinese physician?? ehhh the one behind Bing! beside 4D magnum quite good

  2. I suggest you go visit skin specialist before it gets worse. There’s someone (a blogger named Mystic Angel) who got hospitalized in ICU for 4 days because of some skin disease related to SLE or something like that. She started to have rashes, and she ahd the same situation like u. Doctor suspected it was because of the enviroment but apparently, it wasn’t.

  3. i have eczema … kinda annoys the shit out of me..
    since i was a kid… i’ve been having it for the last 13 years ++ really suck! i hate it… the skin is so ugly … but it is part of me
    WTH……… HAIH!

  4. u should really go get it looked at if it doesn’t go away within 24hours. i’m not sure what heat rash looks like, but could it be that? anyway, hope it goes away soon.

  5. I can’t help staring at those tits. The hair surrounding it makes it look like a galaxy blackhole warping anything that goes near it.
    hehe jk. get well soon kenny, hope you don’t get infected by aids or sars or anything. I still need to read your blog.

  6. You probably have hives, an allergy associated with food, especially seafood(such as clam or sotong, especially poorly cooked) Doctor may prescribe antihistamine drug which may make it dissapear completely in a day or two. If you scratch and break the skin, then too bad.

  7. I had that condition of yours once. Very itchy situation, it was. Apparently happened because I was allergic to some food I ate (and I think I had some sort of nasi paprik). Just go to a doctor, and take the medication that he prescribes. You should be fine in a while.

  8. Oh you forgot to update your virus definitions man! lol
    Anyway are you experiancing any fever, muscle pain? If you do, there’s a big possibility of Dengue Fever.. watch out

  9. I tell ya, it’s becos of the sugar free bikkies man. You have an allergy to some chemical that substitutes the sweetness; I’m guessing acesulphane watchamacallit. Then again, I’m no doc. Have one look at it if its not gone by 24 hrs, like someone said above.

  10. You know… I find that many girls have a soft spot for guys with great sense of humour and particular interest in hairy guys.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Kenny, i noticed in your previous post that you complained of headache, stiff neck (pain) and fever…then you got this rash. Please try out the glass tumbler test to make sure you don’t have Meningitis!!! (And get a good & clever doctor to look at you please!!!)
    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ And nice nipples you got ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Probably you should go see a doctor for your nipples instead mate. They are much more baffling than your rashes.
    Hehe, just kidding. Take care and get well soon.

  13. hmmm see kenny, what did i tell you about STDs?
    nice tits btw, ha
    do see a specialist if it doesn’t go away with some cream. this kind of weird ass skin diseases could spread, and leave marks.

  14. I’m more worried about those nipples than your rashes. They look like war wounds. You know those that requires a big dab of morphine to stop the pain.
    Stuff like this you better go see a specialist. The rash, not the nipples :P.
    Speedy recovery man.

  15. I admire you. I wouldn’t dare to put up pictures of my rash.
    Oh, I’ve allergy to nuts and beans. I’ll get rash similar to yours. It maybe something you eat too.

  16. When the Sarong girl put up something way better and lots more, shall we say how things should look like, you guys are all up in arms, protesting and yelling: รขโ‚ฌล“where has the morality gone?รขโ‚ฌย
    Oh, Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm sorry, this is a different case. You have a medical condition, poor thing. And you REALLY have to flash those overly excited blinkers. How did STD manage to spread to the upper body in the first place? Shouldnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt you be showing where the little virus first found its camping ground before the mass exodus? Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm sure those guys from Oxford Street in Sydney or Castro in SF would only be too happy, I mean excited to know.

  17. see a dermatologist ASAP. those rashes look serious, they are all over your body.
    besides that, i suggest u look for Sudocremร‚ยฎ, an antiseptic healing cream. it was really useful to me when i had allergy reaction some time ago.
    do let me know if u can’t find it.
    p/s: despite what others have said about your nipples, i think they look sexy…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. yup….they Do look like measles…..
    mumps then measles….what’s next…..chickenpox? J/K XD
    GEt wElL sOon, duDe!
    I wake up screaming at night…
    my racing in fright…
    Haunt does this sin of sight,
    those tits…..those tits……like eyes so bright…..

  19. Yikes! Better go see another doctor cuz one doctor’s analysis is NEVER reliable enough.. You see, My dad brought my dad to the doctor someday in March, becuz grandad was feeling dizzy and the smart ass doctor said he’s blood pressure is just a lil’ high, gave him some panadols and ask him to go back and rest, guess what, my grandpa woke up the other day feeling dizzier than before and next thing we know, he kena stroke.. now he’s paralysed on one side.
    Better go get early treatment.. Hope you get well soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. wow man, please do see a skin doc soon! there could be a number of reasons why you go it: stress from over work, food reaction, body spary, etc.
    man i hope it goes soon… take care…

  21. Hi Kenny,
    1st time leaving u a msg though I have been following ur blog for some time already. Just wanna let you know that you are not alone, that someone here in singapore ever had it.
    She even blogged about it. She’s now recovering. The rashes looking thing is definitely viral: take care.
    You can check out the person’s blog at : http://www.princesslove.blogspot.com/
    Richardson aka piggydives

  22. Hi Kenny,
    1st time leaving u a msg though I have been following ur blog for some time already. Just wanna let you know that you are not alone, that someone here in singapore ever had it.
    She even blogged about it. She’s now recovering. The rashes looking thing is definitely viral: take care.
    You can check out the person’s blog at : http://www.princesslove.blogspot.com/
    Richardson aka piggydives

  23. Kenny, go see a skin specialist NOW. They seem serious.
    They seem to look like measles (if so, have them checked cause they can cause impotence in men) or maybe bungang araw (heat stroke). Regardless, it’s amazing how fast they have spread… ๐Ÿ™ Hope you recover soon — or no girl will touch you.

  24. Dude, I certainly hope it’s not eczema or psoraisis coz there’s no cure for both at the present moment. They are skin disorder. I’m having a patch of psoraisis on my arm for the over 30 years. I have consulted countless skin specialists and they just asked me to live with it!!! Stress is one of the causes so you better destress yourself. Take care.

  25. I think sugarbaby is correct. You probably have n allergy associated with food, especially seafood(such as clam or sotong, especially poorly cooked).
    However, if doctor unable to cure you. It might be you never wash you cloth clean, soap remain on your cloth that cause you like this.
    I have something like this before and it last for few months and seen numereous doctors. Until my parent change the maid that wash my cloth at that point of time.

  26. If he had meningitis he’d be dead by now. It probably is some viral cause, or maybe Miliaria. Allergic rashes tend to be itchy. It’ll probably settle in a couple of days. Personally I’d recommend aqueous cream, but nothing like steroid or antiseptic creams, or even nothing if it doesn’t bother you

  27. get well soon. i had a rash for 3 years everytime i touch a little bit of seafood or when the weather is hot. one day, i had a swim in the sea off Pulau Gemia. what do you know? cured liao! the seawater must have done some wonders. take care ya? cheers.

  28. Get yourself tested for Dengue?
    According to SPH Straits Times – Lifestyle (Sunday sept 11, P3) rashes, fever and pain at the back of your eyes are hints of Dengue fever =)
    Have you tried McAfee Virus Protection? It’s better than Norton ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. If the spots don’t itch or anything.. could be measles.. maybe you should pay a visit to the hospital..
    Ahh can’t help but joinin the fun ๐Ÿ˜› ..the two huge ‘thingies’ remind me of something… maybe you could draw a nose between your thingies and a mouth at your belly and sit by the wall… Perfect!
    ๐Ÿ˜› geez just kiddin’
    Shouldn’t disturb sick boy… ๐Ÿ™ bad bad me! *slap*..
    anyways.. really concern about you.. please take care and get well soon okie !

  30. Pehaps it’s something you ate that you’re allergic to. Or could be stress related?
    I had something like that a while back and it was an allergic reaction. Went off in a few days after meds.
    Take care. Do see a doctor.

  31. Pehaps it’s something you ate that you’re allergic to. Or could be stress related?
    I had something like that a while back and it was an allergic reaction. Went off in a few days after meds.
    Take care. Do see a doctor.

  32. i think you have contracted ‘ruebella’, you know, the disease they immunise girls against when they reach puberty to ensure future pregnancies are safe.
    It doesn’t itch. And ya, it will do no harm to your manhood ‘balls’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. could it have been something you caught when u were here in SG?
    u know some things don’t show up immediately….
    could be the geylang trip or a certain blog mistress…….. ;p
    shouldnt be anything to worry about, prolly like you said, dust mites or something. My boyfriend had something like that except it was huge, raised and red. turned out he took panadol pills that were extra strong thus the allergic reaction.
    Get one of those Evian mineral water spray (ya i know it’s quite duffus to spend so much $$ on just WATER in a can) it helps to soothe the rash tremendously.

  34. my boyfriend had rashes like that too a few years back, and he’s been on anti histamine since then. i think you should go to a specialist to check it out asap..

  35. Kenny, it looks like the measles I had last year. But mine itched like hell. Heh..
    Is your throat sore? Try checking your throat with a torch to see if there’s a swell with a huge white spot. If there is, confirm measles..
    Measles start with rash on the head or neck then spreads to the whole part of your body until your legs. But it will cure starting from your legs, to the top or your body.
    Go see a doctor and get some antibiotics and apply some calamine. For your info, I had fever the week before my rashes showed up. You had fever last week, right?
    Hope you’ll get well soon. Take a few days of MC and get some good rest. Besides, you wouldn’t want your rash to spread to your other colleagues, right? Take care..

  36. Your nipples are exceedingly black, round, and disturbing. I find myself strangely attracted to them. The tent in my pants is proof enough. Pwoaaar.

  37. Looks like viral infection to me. I had those rashes, happened to me 2 months ago. No idea how it happened, but i got it after a few beers with my friends.and now i get rashes everytime i drink. Arrh!! Imagine the variety of beer in melbourne.. arrhgh@! I think u shud take some strong anti-allergy pills, atarax probably won’t work.
    Mine went away after… 2 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚
    P/s ask HB if he’d recommend anything. Meantime, try to stay in cool places. Take care!

  38. kenny, stop looking for excuses to ‘expose’yourself…. shame on you… please you do not need to do more to be popular… hahahahaha…

  39. holy shit… your fiery tits attracts more attention than your rashes. seriously u have one hell of a fierce tits i’ve every seen! Damn ganas wei… like kwan kung’s fiery eyes!

  40. Hi Kenny, you seem to have pointy breast emmm chest. Is this the side-effect of over protein (supplement) consumption?

  41. i think it’a a form of allergy. are they itchy? or was it something that u ate/drink? maybe it’s ‘fong mok’ (cantonese)…

  42. I had this before, basically it is skin allergy. It mainly caused by something you encounter, like dust or pollen or something… Doctor normally will give you something to “calm down” your immune system so that it won’t create such reaction. Something like antihistamine type of drug. take care.

  43. while i am genuinely concerned enough to ask you to go see ANOTHER doctor (my uncle, a malaysian, died of dengue coz the only doctor he ever met told him he only had fever.. if only he had seen someone else…)
    there’s something i want to point out, mate… you have some hairy nipples there. otherwise, i think this pict here : http://img323.imageshack.us/img323/8223/34023b0233023a0200029168219te.jpg
    it must be you dude! since you are the only one who can shoot lasers from em!

  44. kenny, i had those red spots on my body several months back too. it turned out to be a heat rash because 1)the weather was very hot 2)i was sweating excessively due to many sports sessions done under the sun. They’re not itchy but just VERY ugly! To get rid of it, I stayed out of the sun, and applied anti-rash powder all over.
    HOWEVER, if those red spots are raised, then you’re probably not having a heat rash and i’d advise you to go see a doctor. Hope they go away soon!

  45. I got them once, the doctor told me it’s some kind of rash, chinese: “de guo ma zhen”. No worries man, it’ll wear off soon after some medications, internal ones, not external ones

  46. It’s not itchy then i also dunno what’s that if it’s itchy and if u scratch it those red spot combine together and get bigger then that one memang got cure but english terms dunno how u call it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. there’s a skin specialist in kuching.. some indian doctor (cant remember his name) and his clinic is opposite miramar.. u might like to hceck it out.. its the same block as that corner bar (something dove?? not sure about the name either).

  48. Its the cookies I tell you… ok…. you didn’t eat or touch the cookies… got any left? can you send some over here? feeling kind of peckish..

  49. Agree with dsl. Could have been the cookies. Or probably something you ate yesterday, since you haven’t been in contact with any disgusting stuff other than dust (which is quite disgusting, come to think of it).

  50. If it makes you feel any better, when I was a teenager, I had two similar events.
    One, I broke out in hives – Doctors didn’t know what I was allergic too. They gave me some allergy cream … and I was allergic to it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Second time, same as you, red dots all over my body. Doctor just said it was a virus, and it lasted about 24 hours then went away.

  51. looks quite bad huh Kenny? S’pore is swamp with Dengi Fever, know u r not the case but just beware k? Do go and see a specialist on the double!!

  52. For god’s sake go see a damn specialist. CHeck in ahospital. Jz bring ur laptop if u hv to.
    I had a friend who passed away from dengue last december. Was laughing when he checked in QE (lousy public hospital in KK). If only he had gone to a specialist hospital.(Don’t save)Or took better care for himself…..

  53. Red spots? rashes? Could it be that you’re allergic to something? Well, if you’re feeling the itch the next morning, most probably it would be measles. Hopefully it’s not denggi or something more deadly than that.
    Better consult an experienced skin specialist.
    Take good care of yourself & get well soon!

  54. Rashes + the moderate but persistent fever + the pain = dengue. My father had the same situation last year – but was only diagosised 2 weeks later because the doc was too dumb and the patient was too stubborn. Please see a good doc asap; insist on blood test and get hospitalised. Be well soon.

  55. Hmm… I don’t usually entertain online housecall… But since someone alerted me, it looks to me like a morbiliform eruption. Probably a drug eruption. Please confirm it with your doctor.

  56. argh i had that before!!!! mine was photosensitive. (allergy to the sun if u must know)
    same reaction can b caused by drug/cosmetic/alcohol allergy also. you try antihistamine yet?

  57. Hey kenny
    Many concerned fans
    A pity none of them are medical doctors, judged by their comments!!! Hilarious…….
    I am beginning to take more interest in your blog and neglecting your wife’s (XX)

  58. if you ever lack of head hair, you could just transfer some from your tits…
    and if if you insist it’s hotbabes, they must have some instant-hair-grow formula on their saliva or something.
    i keep hearing “it was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” in my head. I think the appropriate adv given liau. Get well!

  59. I was fantasising about your bod…..but you have put an end to that mystery! Guess I will have to fantasise about something else then! I dont know what it is about kuching guys….but they are hot!

  60. I don’t think any of us are qualified to diagnose the symptoms, but you can help to isolate the cause for your doctor, Kenny.
    1.) Changed brand of soap recently?
    2.) Any insect bites lately? Tick bites can give you a couple of nasty rash-based diseases.
    3.) Been changing your shirts? I’ve seen some bad rashes on someone after 3 days outfield in the same shirt. Seems like that causes a bacterial infection of the sweat pores.
    4.) Take a close look at the rash. Any of them pus-filled? Do any of them appear to be specifically around the root of a hair (easy since your hair is thick and easy to see)?
    5.) Have you had chicken-pox before?
    6.) Any contact with sick people recently?

  61. i experience the same things back many years ago. the doctor says that its an allergy and give me some medicine to apply. nothing change after that just i feel itchy all over my body.
    my friends suggest me to see a specialist and its gone before the specialist can look at the rashes. it’s weird..!! (they run away alr..!!)
    so, my assumption is the lotion that was apply by my last gf. something fruits based lotion, as i qoute that you have in body contact with girls that use some kind of lotion that you allergy with it.

  62. hmm.. i dont mean to scare you, but an itchless rash means either denggi, or… the early stages of HIV . but the HIV rash is usually blotchy, not spotty and only comes about in the areas where your lymph nodes are prominent.
    i agree with the rest that you should go to the skin specialist…

  63. seen that rash before.
    now want good news first or bad news.
    o.k.,o.k., your nipples or rather your breast, looks way too big for a normal male! medically speaking they are known as gynaecomastia. may be not to that extent of feeding tons of babies in Namibia. but but if one squeeze hard enough, may be a few drops might show up. I certainly think you need to check your ??testicles. Are they too small? Or, sorry, sorry, frankly, have you been taking pills?? i mean those contains female hormones…
    Now the rash. the rash. the RASH!!
    hard to pick between secondary syhpilitic rash and ….. better check your HIV.
    o.k. o.k. say after me….
    “though i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death , i fear no evil…”

  64. Actually if you look closely, his nips are not that big la. It’s the hair that’s giving the disillusion of Kenny have big nips.

  65. Hi Kenny, I think you are suffering from “fake” German measles! I had it once a few years ago and I consulted a chinese sensei ๐Ÿ™‚ Personally I think chinese medicine works better in this cause I had to take injections if I consulted a western doctor. Take care, it’s very itchy if I’m not wrong.

    See la! Play so much nvr use condom. Tsk tsk tsk.
    ahhahaha no laa… juz jokin. FYI theres no std tt looks like tt… -.-
    i think u are allergic to smth… yea…most prolly tt.

  67. try a spyware scanner… not that nips like those will attract spies, but just in case lah.
    and please… if u do get gnorrhea or something, spare us the photos.
    but realy, go see a skin specialist. makes me feel itchy just looking at it.

  68. urgh.. looks terrible.. i don’t know if this is considered a remedy or whatsoever.. but i would recommend you to keep your body,hands etc clean and dry. Cleanliness is the best possible way ard i reckon.. perhaps apply some mild baby powder if the rashes persists or sting. hope those ugly things would go awy soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Hey Kenny..ur rashes look bad.Actually me too suffering from somekind of rash cause by the environment (said by the doctor)but mine was itchy and its only on the expose area of my body like on my hands and neck.Those stupid rashes just wont leave me alone…’sign’
    Take care man..=b

  70. phoawr – i love those hairs that encircle your nipples….. such a turn on. It only needs a good rub and suck…..
    The rest of the spots also very sexy, kind of like a dalmation puppy.
    Ken you’re sooo gorgeously cute and I can’t wait to give you a good rub allover. pass me the tiger balm…..

  71. Go for Chinese Physicial, it may help as I did suffer from skin allergy before I went for Chinese medicine after trying for Western medical specialist which fail to cure, the Chinese medicine did cure my skin allergy after you strictly follow the doctor instruction

  72. i have SLE(systemic lupus erythematosus),many yrs ago i look like this b4 (when i’ve a break-down), it will turn black and heal. but i’ve ever taken 9stiriod pills a day for the healing… take care & good luck man.

  73. i know this is a really really late comment for this entry but….
    that also happened to my cousin when he came back from australia (coincidentally, from perth also). after a couple of months working at my uncle’s office, that happened to him. but after a while, after visiting the dermatologist, it was gone… im thinking maybe his body was adjusting to the climate..

  74. Looks Like scabies to me. A good treatment you can get over the counter and the pharmacy is QUELLADAร‚ยฎ LOTION. You should try this..
    My son had the same symptom its all gone now because of that lotion

  75. You shud try scanning for virus using me~ hehe jk. i had that once too! scared the hell out of me.. it didn’t hurt, and i wasn’t feeling unwell.
    i went to see a doc, he said its measles.. but tat time the denggi fever was the IN thing.. so i had to get my blood checked and it came out negative.
    after a while.. it went away. i lost my friends for a week! haha

  76. i had something like that, my rash surfaced immediately after i went to damai lagoon with my family. i went to like, 3 doctors but thay have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with me. it disappeared after i had a really high fever. scary rash, that.

  77. That looks fungal to me. Do you get really sweaty at this new job. Try some tinactin on a small patch and see how it does. If you have been consistantly sweating, I would guess that thats fungal and I am a professional

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