Stupid Escalators

Spotted this outside Senayan City Mall – one of the many upmarket shopping centres in Jakarta catered towards the rich tai tais.
Is this even necessary?

C’mon guys, it’s just five steps. FIVE!
Not like we’re asking you to climb Mount Kinabalu, ok?

Apparently in Indonesia, escalators need to wear high heels too.

Jakarta is one of those cities that I hate when I first touched down. But as soon as I hopped on the plane back home, I wanted so bad to fly back there again.

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  1. That’s incredible proof to show how lazy we are getting – not just Indonesians, but the entire world.

  2. pics from ur cam are rily damn chio la.all so clear!hey,which cam did u use for these two pics??if its the sony one im gona consider switchin cams ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. apparently they just need escalators everywhere: probably just as a symbol of classiness: just tat ‘taller’ ones get to wear heels woohoo~~

  4. I understand if the escalator is flat for pple with wheelchairs and troleys… but escalator with steps… hmm…

  5. apparently, there are some handicapped or elderly people who need these facilities. So, yeah, it is necessary.

  6. Yes you do it caters for the needs of the disabled which prob didnt occur to u. Well done to that shopping complex for being sensetive to the needs of others

  7. Anonnyyyy is a dumbass….can’t even spell right. he/she doesn’t really think logically. 5 steps running all day wastes a lot of electricity doesn’t it? plus wad kind of disabled people would use the escalator? even those with walking sticks might find it more convenient in taking their time walking the stairs than having to hurry on and off the escalator. use your brain dude

  8. some older ppl have arthritic joints. so maybe to you, this is not necessary. To the old people, climbing stairs can be quite painful.:P

  9. there’s something similar in singapore orchard road too… but i think they are taking it down now with the current renovation. but it was there for a long time already still. haha!

  10. Nah I don’t think the escalators are meant to be for the disabled. Seriously, unless I see a wheelchair getting onto an escalator like that, I stand to be corrected.
    Jakarta may be the most disabled-unfriendly city in Asia, but a ramp or a lift in a case like this would make more sense.

  11. dumm dee dumm dee dumm..
    Using kenny’s blog as an excuse not to do homework lol
    blah he gets to go on holidays all the time…
    What the heck about us eh?

  12. perhaps one day when you find urself having difficulties in walking and climbing stairs then you wouldn’t think this is such a stupid escalator…please don’t be so insensitive you all…

  13. Finally you back home. Too bad we couldn’t meet. I would give you more infomations about Jakarta.
    That five-steps escalator is for disable ppl, and baby-trolley. The high-heel escalator is for lazy ppl. I brought my disable friend and that escalator was really helpful.
    For diving, i would recommend you to other diving place ๐Ÿ™‚ I attached my email, so anytime you want to go back to this… hate country. Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. If Malaysia has this 5 steps escalator, I’m sure people will use it like hell too! Only in Indonesia, they express it by did it out.

  15. ahaha nice shopping mall though ^^ ur great kenny =D i hav started a blog welcome everyone to my blog !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. there are two different types of pedestrians here, one are those who already intended to go to the mall, and the rest just merely pass by. For those intended visitors, this escalator is optional because oh well six steps is considered ‘low’ and very easy to climb, BUT for those who didn’t intent to walk into the mall and merely pass by the entrance area, this entire strip of steps could visually suggest that there’s this physical barrier there and oh why should i bother to go up there? so having this ‘stupid escalator’ there, it breaks the visual (and physical) barrier and suggests a more welcoming entrance to the mall! and of course it would help the old too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. in UK at my place here, there’s such an escalator. First time I saw it I was quite surprised. But now get used already =)

  18. Try think of the old folks, disabled people and heavily pregnant ladies, sometimes it is hard for them just to climb stairs, even 5 small steps.

  19. I really dont think its for the disabled as if it was for the disabled then the escalator would have been a flat one not steps……but for a short distance like that you might as well just use a ramp, cuz lift is also out of the question, how do you build a lift which only goes up 5 steps??
    So who say Indon is poor?? they are riher then us leh cuz in Msia we dont even have escalators that goes 5 steps…….lol

  20. I found the one in Starhill is kinda showing the “ridiculous” of rich tai-tais, this even worse! ahahaha!

  21. What the……such a waste of $. Agree with Alexia should have just made a ramp for the disabled

  22. they have one in one of the shopping malls in hong kong too. my dad, brother and i kept watch of people who used it.
    it’s like…everyone!

  23. Wah, waste a lot of money for the escalators just for that 5 steps. They are very lazy ๐Ÿ˜›
    Escalator has gender too. That one is girl , that’s y she wears high heels ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. the short wan is for the physically challenged on wheels man…
    it makes it easier for them to enjoy the ride up the stairs…
    a ramp would be too steep for them loh . . .

  25. Yes, its meant for disabled and those father or mother who bring wheels bed for baby? Its much more easier for them to roll up there instead of waking up their child and take up the heavy things by hands.
    No one have experience to bring your baby to shopping?
    Kenny, u really funny, not the escalators.

  26. So coincidental! i took pictures of the escalators and the high heels too, hahaha.
    The escalators are built for the shopaholics who pay so much and have lots of shopping bags ma

  27. Wah lao and i thot people are getting lazier by the day but this takes the cake! So kenny any escalators for roadside kerbs around there too? ๐Ÿ˜›

  28. Use your brain..Think of unfortunate ppl,ppl with wheel chair, mum with kids on trolley, don’t they need that escalator.??? Just tat some ppl r freaking lazy..they forgot the wonder of having a pair of leg

  29. your short talk is so true. was in jakarta back in jan 2007, and been at that same mall too. these people are soo fookin rich! they have stretched humvees parked outside not to mention the occasional bentleys..

  30. Not stupid lar… what the heck u called the escalator stupid… of cos la, they r built for a purpose otherwise why do u think they are there for? For escalator r 4 convinience of that shopaholics. ๐Ÿ˜›

  31. just a small note about indonesia. when goto bali, must see dead people on the streets hill!!
    there is this hill place area, where they dont bury their dead, they just leave it lying around and it doesnt smell or anything like that. they dont inject anything into the bodies either. please go there and take pictures of the place, cos who knows when i’ll be able to see it!!
    much thanks.

  32. wadever tai tai, pregnant and old age pple…. they just need to have a ramp thingy for THAT FIVE MISERABLE STEPS LOR. neet to the extend of a escalator? PUI!

  33. its for the disabled/handicap and the old ones…and imo its pretty rational. and the heels are just fashion, at least its better than putting a kennysia statue over there rite?

  34. Definitely not for old people or pregnant lady. they walk too slow to find time to step on to the escalator or a matter of fact get off one! They may just stumble off it.
    I think small escalators is suppose to show how ‘advance’ the shopping mall is.
    I saw them own Orchard Rd earlier this year, and found it really hilarious as well!

  35. Alexia: there really are lits for about the height of five steps. its mainly for people with disablities, old people and strollers. =)
    btw, cool red heels!

  36. the escalators are made for the convinience of those who are disabled.. or those with baby prams.. sorry if this was said.. i didnt have time to browse thru the comments

  37. There is one in Birmingham UK that spans about 4 steps I think. I’d get photos up and repost when I next pass it by, haha.

  38. Haha..maybe nowadays tais tais are getting too fat to climb even FIVE steps.. =P
    But FIVE steps for an escalator reali makes no economic sense for the shopping mall isn’t it? =S

  39. pen, eh then tell me this…
    If those escalators were really made for those who are disabled, with prams, or for old people – why didn’t they use a ramp-type travelator instead?

  40. hey there is a similar escalator to enter one small complex in Toowoomba, Australia… one day i’ll put the photo in my blog… i had the same thoughts about this!

  41. HAHAHAH!! ZOMG!!! 6 steps ONLY!?!
    *cracks into somemore fits of laughter*
    …oh anyway i think the high heel escalator looks nice..haha. i mean, what an idea! =)

  42. jakarta is pretty good for shopping. how abt batam. anyone knows? sorry not relevant to the post at all, but curious(:

  43. seriously … what is tat mini escalator for? really brainless… lol waste energy to build not to say keep it running…. i think the designer is jus trying to squeez as much money out of the project. lol

  44. the escalator is for handicap ppl, or older folks. indonesia always has earthquake, since the escalator is so long and high up, so it’s quite dangerous if earthquake comes, so they need to use something to support so that it wont collapse easily. so instead of using huge, ugly pillar, they designed the high heel to support it.

  45. I’ve seen the same type of escalator somewhere in Malaysia.. i was wondering y ppl make it also..but when comes to think of it, yea hor, it could be for the handicap ppl…

  46. “Too bad conservation here is virtually non-existent. Too many dead corals and man-made pollution there. My dive guide stabbed and killed a sea urchin just so he could attract surrounding fish to eat off its inside.”
    Dive guide here (Malaysia) also do that.

  47. I think the little escalators is kinda cute! *wink*.hehehe.. and the one with high heal is cool! very good for a shoes shop to have a creative advertisement like that.

  48. Can I ask you something? Recently your friend XX has gone too far aiyo can u ask her to be humble abit.
    But I like you though, hehe.

  49. hey kenny, we have such SHORT escalators in singapore itself @ funan IT mall. haha.
    but then again, hopefully it is built for good reasons like -ol age? ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. and to top it off, spore even have a lift to lift us for merely ten steps. hahaa. see them @ esplanade. hahahaha.

  51. hi Kenny, I am going to Bali in 2 days’ time. Just wanna ask you where should i change MYR to Indon rupiah. Is the conversion rate better in Indonesia?

  52. aiyah, the 5-steps elevator must be also for those wearing high heels lah! u know when women with heels walk down staircases, the noise is so char see lang? clak-clak-clak, cannot tahan man.. by using that elevator, the problem will be solved.
    i think my reason is quite valid..

  53. hi kenny, i have the same question as jinn. im going to indonesia next week. where did you change MYR to Indon rupiah? you got a good exchange rate, cant seem to get that rate anywhere in KL. hope you can answer my question asap. thanks:)

  54. yes it is necessary for the elderly or disabled. there are either trampway or escalators of these sort in most of the shops in UK.

  55. How did u managed to snap photos there? I was there two weeks ago. There was like 2 or 3 guards at each floor. Didnt even allow me to snap a photo.
    To enter the complex, have to be scan first ๐Ÿ™

  56. did u guys ever see parents with baby stroller using escalators in shopping malls? how could it be not convenient?

  57. it could be for style, for feng shui concerns..
    of course, it saves space and looks inviting for a shopping complex.. ; )

  58. from the store’s perspective, it’s great advertising, and it makes the place more welcoming to people who might stop shor of entering because of the stairs. So it’s good business

  59. hmmz, I’m not sure about M’sia but in S’pore, a lot of mummies with babies uses prams. for me, when I’m alone pushing the pram, I will definitely appreciate the escalator. Imagine carrying the pram up the stairs, with a baby inside, all alone?!

  60. indonesian are richer than msian? or indonesian are lazier than msian? they indeed hv too much money to waste.

  61. heh kenny you’re in jakarta! thats rare, i should have gone back there this june hols, maybe could catch a glimpse of you haha

  62. #1 For disabled/preggies etc.
    #2 Adds a touch of class (contributes to the whole outlook of the mall; looks more welcoming etc.)
    #3 For lazy people to use of course.
    #4 Heck it looks adorable anw.
    Having ramp-type travelator might be a lil too short for that?

  63. Nice Catch!
    Yes, not sure, it’s a proper use of technology or mis-use technology and facilities. Absolutely true, if its for the healthy young man, then 5 steps are just a pace. But sometime for the old and sick and even single shoppers with heavy shoppings, may be 5 steps Escalators are also very helpful. So, it’s a matter of context after all!
    Rajesh Shakya

  64. If I’m in a wheelchair how am I going to go up this five, sorry six steps of high escalator. It would be more sensible to put a ramp in its place instead.

  65. That’s utterly waste of money. A 5 step escalator? lol… They should have done better than that… make an elavator to lift you for 5 steps.

  66. I been to this mall before…hey there is a big Harley Davidson shop at the front entrance….
    You can’t find this kind of luxury mall in MALAYSIA…!!! What is our government doing???!!!

  67. FIVE steps to u is sap sap soi. Think of the disabled lar, can’t u?! But that FIVE-steps escalator is rather cute… :p

  68. Lol…
    They don’t have to spend money for that 5 steps escalator! Haiz… Is that indicate that they’re lazy to climb the stair or???? For the good-old people? Em….???

  69. hey bobo!! & also to anyone who think that that dumb escalator would be of any use to old people,use some brains la!!if a person really find it to be so much pain climbing up a few steps, that person probably won’t be able to walk properly, then why bother paining yourself going out at the first place???

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