Bad Name For A Hair Salon

Spotted along Jalan Jaksa, a backpacker haven in central Jakarta.

“Welcome to Piss Salon. Would you like to find out more about our specials today?”
“Buy a piss haircut, and get a shit hairwash FREE!”

Just came back from scuba diving off Sepa Island, north of Jakarta. Day-trip package is ridiculously expensive at 1.4 million Rupiah (RM540) including gear, but the experience was fantastic. I love it. I can finally now stay underwater for one whole hour without finishing my tank.
Too bad conservation here is virtually non-existent. Too many dead corals and man-made pollution there. My dive guide stabbed and killed a sea urchin just so he could attract surrounding fish to eat off its inside.
No, I didn't take any photos of that. Don't wanna get wrongfully accused again for “putting photos of others’ misfortune to attract traffic to my blog.” Heh heh.
Yes I know my short talk is longer than my actual entry. I don’t care lah ok?

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  1. Maybe that salon specialises in a special hair treatment that cures dandruff, split-ends and tangles, and rejuvenates your scalp, making it more manageable and more able to withstand perms and dyes. =P
    And as for your dive trip, it’s sad and tragic to hear that. I still can’t believe how “eco-tourism” as practised in Southeast Asia is still very much a complete farce; in the end, people still exploit the environment in pursuit of profits.

  2. Heheh no problem lah put other people’s misfortune on your blog. I still come to read whether got misfortune or not. When Sin Chew got road accident picture on front page I buy immediately and also to look for leng lui. Usually also see more mL of blood on Sin Chew photos than on Star (now if somebody read this no more nice pictures in Sin Chew – sob).

  3. ah you’re in Jakarta ?
    Sepa ? it was bad enough in 1997 when I took my certificate ..
    so, what are you doing in jalan jaksa anyway ? 🙂

  4. kenny, don’t u hv better things to blog about? i find this kind of things abound in ur blog. some are ‘acceptable’ as they’re unique but this one..
    i just think that u overdid it kenny..
    i used to hv a fren who’s just like you; over-doing things and in the end it’s not even funny anymore.. u know what i mean..
    2 cents ; )

  5. Hi there. This is my 1st time dropping by your blogs from featured blogger, nuffnang. You’re so cute in those photos. haha… And you’ve a great blogs here. Great job!
    Will come back to read more from you.
    Happy blogging! ;D

  6. Kenny!
    Get a hair cut at PISS Salon and show us what its like! I am serious! Ha ha I wonder if the hair stylists are nice? Or do you think they are a pissy bunch?

  7. Oh my… i never wonder … kenny does have enemies…. i think he did a good job to keep everyone here updated with the other part of the whole…
    keep it up kenny… your no.1 fan which hit ur page daily..
    p.s. no gay lou here….trust me i am not… 🙂

  8. Let’s get serious, shall we ?
    I’ve been to Sepa island, and sea urchin(Indonesians call it bulu babi) was considered a pest.
    Last time, almost half of the beach was lack, covered in sea urchins. As you know, if you’been stung by a sea urchin (the black ones), the pain is quite annoying to say the least.
    There are other menace to the coral other than pollution, there was a considerable population of crown of thorn, which eats coral.
    About the salon, perhaps I can explain. There’s a popular rock band called ‘Slank’ here, and they always give the ‘peace’ sign in every concert.
    So, ‘peace’ in Malay tongue is pronounced ‘piss’ …
    Well, not every one can afford learning English, so I think, although a bit funny, it is actually sad.
    So Kenny, are you still here Monday ? wanna grab some lunch ? My office is very close to jalan jaksa.

  9. got food called mi sop la. soto is another story.
    indonesian english is really not that bad. no english is worse than japanese english.

  10. Ah…piss means peace in Malay…thats a relief! I still would not get my hair done at the piss salon though

  11. man, don’t you have anything new to write other than making fun of words/phrases? Running out of ideas to keep you blog interesting? I do enjoy most of the entries, but making fun of names are getting old you know…

  12. Im sux..Checkout blueapple blogspot..better than …search on google stupid…blueapple!!!

  13. I see u made it to JAKSA. Real classy. There are way better diving spots for cheaper where the reefs re untouched, near the private islnds.

  14. Hahaha Kenny you should seriously go in and try it out, come on how bad can a piss haircut be?? you made us all really curious here, go get your Piss hair cut and show us the masterpiss hehehe

  15. who is this chicken with no name? go get a life u idiot…if uhave balls….leave ur emails…balless fool…hahahahah name urself chicken with no balls la….dungu…..

  16. gosh i baru don wan piss and shit on my hair lar… sure the salon inside is full of smells huh?

  17. POOR CHAP!
    But watch out, every one of you got attention to his sign board. I am sure, you might have never got attention to hair salon boards, if they put a usual name. I think, the barber carefully and thoughtfully tried a good marketing move.
    I am convinced that people find innovation at every bits if strive thoughtfully.
    Rajesh Shakya

  18. indonesia’s first language is not english. so it’s not piss as in pee and no i don’t think they’re trying to be funny. if this was in the states then maybe it’ll be funny but not in indonesia.

  19. Hey piss is a mate of mine. We hump kuku together for fun. Leave me alone or i get balibob to wobble his beer gut in your direction.

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