Steven Lim Releases New Album

A lot of people don’t know this.

But after that episode he had with Xiaxue over being named the most disgusting blogger in Singapore, Steven Lim landed himself in a secret CD recording deal.
I had some major strings to pull in Singapore, but my effort paid off in the end.
For the first time in history, brings to you, this exclusive LEAKED song from Steven Lim’s brand new CD album.

Click here to download MP3

Don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

I’m gonna be flying into Singapore for the weekend.
WWE wrestling is laying the smackdown on Lion City and I’ve got kickass tickets 7 rows from ringside, baby! 🙂

161 Replies to “Steven Lim Releases New Album”

  1. the video ain’t working..
    but OMG. good one…laughed my head off…
    steven lim is going to be uber popular now.
    don’t be surprised, he’ll become spore’s next celebrity.

  2. the most annoying song in the universe and the most annoying man ever…..what a lethal combination.
    *dies from overdose of stupidity*
    kenny, u dun assault my brain early in the morning right b4 my final exams can??!!!!!
    LOL. score one to kenny.

  3. I knew there’s gonna be the “Wanbao, please sue Xiaxue” “cuckoo, cuckoo” “you suck, you suck, you suck suck suck” part. Didn’t expect the Axel Frog music though hahaa. No offense Kenny, but I think now that both Xiaxue and Steven are about on the same level of intelligence; kinda low.

  4. omg…Intellectual Property that is,…definitely. Just a thought, since Xia Xue is so idiotic,ditzy,bimbo-ish,stupid,dumb and shallow,
    and dear Stevie Lim is so er…..disgusting
    they can actually become a couple and top the charts of the most disgusting couple in history. Way to go!

  5. That was priceless wei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Serve him right, talking about sue-ing XiaXue, hes got no balls lah…
    Even if he does..they look about as ugly as his face hahahaha

  6. Unfortunately I think this guy is taking “any publicity is good publicity” to the MAX. So this will definitely help him, even if it’s in a bad way.
    I don’t think human can be that ignorant and that he doesn’t know that he’s making a fool of himself. but you know, strange things happen everyday!

  7. OMG! Serve StevenLim right for calling Xiaxue Chicken Pie! Lolx… Out of all the food, chicken pie?! It’s like praising Xiaxue so yummy!

  8. You know, Steven Lim’s laughter in this song sounds rather evil. Like a demented murderer laughing triumphantly after slaughtering his prey.
    Oh wait… Steven Lim IS demented.

  9. STEVEN LIM is a F***ing pathetic Sickaporean! His voice makes me want to puke & it sounds so OBSCENE to me!!!!!!! arrggghhh………

  10. FREAKING AWESOME!!! hahahahaha you did it once again Kenny!
    Mari kita “BOO” sama Steven wahahahaha

  11. Both xiaxue and steven lim are attention whores, so stop giving them more attention than they deserve.

  12. hahahahahaha LMAO at steven lim’s antics! but what she said is true what.. he is memang disgusting what! u guys can get the real video in yeah. hahaha

  13. mienz… the picture alone is enough to make me sick for weeks. Now, Kenny, if you would b so kind to post more picture of him so that I’d be able to stay on my diet for a while.
    Ok. im juz joking.

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  15. OMFG. didn’t know that such a piece of worthless (ok, maybe not for some of his fans) vid could be of such use!
    wow. im totally impressed.

  16. can’t wait to see steven lim’s reaction hahaha. he’ll make another stupid video scolding you like he did xiaxue

  17. gawwwwd
    i wish i could comment on his freakin blog and tell him how retarded he is!
    then again his head is soooo bloated he wouldn’t listen =D
    good job kenny!

  18. LOL, I mentioned on Wendy’s blog that I would do that, but with visuals. Somebody was bound to do it first, huh? Good job though, you can really tell by the quality that it’s a Kenny Sia effort. 🙂

  19. lol! steven lim is definitely one heck of an idiotic freak. i just can’t stop laughing at his narcissism and stupidity. anyway, good job, kenny =)

  20. Steven Lim’s a faggot.
    Good that you kinda supported Xiaxue on this whole thing. Though I would think that after reading your blog, Steven Lim would actally feel more flattered than pissed.

  21. Serious, I wonder if Steven Lim has some mental issue? I am not a psychiatrist but working as an occupational therapits in mental health rehab I seriously suspect he has delusion and naccissism amongst many others. His train of thoughts are way off the track

  22. Nat and RPK were unlawfully detained, for being bloggers. Why don’t you care, Kenny? You could be next; it only takes one commentator to make ‘seditious remarks’, especially when it gets closer to the general election.
    Show some soildarity.

    i should have seen this coming man…. you had my favourite part in the song…the cuckoo cuckoo part… i cant help but laugh my ass off after i heard the song…. im gonna d/l it and put it on repeat on my mp3…

  24. i remember that episode!
    wah this guy really the face skin is bullet proof. a bit pity him also. but at the end of the day he is the one with the money and the record deal! so who is the smart one? what if he intentionally cultivate that image? we can laugh at william hung but hey who is having the last laugh now? at any rate, who the hell will buy his album? watever the case is, this is his 15 mins of fame, dont flame him so much la. and how the heck did kenny get his half naked photo?! wouldnt u get in legal wrangles for making available his mp3?

  25. Oh dear, XiaXue is being hurt so much by the response of “LaoZharBor” instead of Steven Lim’s Response to the “Top 7 most disgusting bloggers blog”.
    HAHA, 姜是老的辣!! STEVEN LIM, 你的反击一点功力都没有, 还是老查某利害!!

  26. Hey kenny im a frined of jo’s in auck, and i thought wat u did was possibly the most hilarious thing i’ve heard in a long itme 🙂 thanks for that

  27. Was that a techno rap? No rythme, no meaning.
    Maybe he should just get married with Xiaxue and have babies that will get an average IQ.

  28. One thing Kenny is doing right is gathering massive positive PR with satire.
    Xiaxue gets massive negative PR by pissing people off with her “me against the world” agenda.
    I’m just waiting for her to piss the wrong person off and go down on her knees to beg for forgiveness.

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  30. XiaXue s full of herself trying so hard to be like Maddox. To me, she has diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of the ideas. She has a mouth dirtier than a toilet seat and most of the time, she sounds like she has a mouthful of wet toilet paper.

  31. OMG!! that was THE most horrible, ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard!! LOL…. tsk tsk tsk… Steven is a sick, SICK, man… ew!

  32. i dun think that it is funny. however, this incident really reminds the bloggers in Msia to be united instead of hating one another! e.g. the recent gathering in pg… i’m proud of it, bloggers! keep it up!! 🙂

  33. this Steven Lim,,wakanine,,if i know he travelled to Malaysia last year, i would set up a team to wait at the road side and bang him with a trailer while he riding on the bike, , if he’s still alive,,reverse and accelerate more,, then come down and spit, step, , throw it into the drain ,,let it flow back to singapore …
    wua hahahaha

  34. he look like WU ZHONG XIAN from Taiwan. . except that this guy err.. kinda retarded !! those singaporean got nothing else to blog about..
    look at malaysia bloggers, , kenny, nicolekiss, michaelooi, wow…talented guys.. oh yeah..look at PHB..the real talented bloggers.. kinda miss him.. where the hell is sixthsealllll………..
    fireelement….kenny, , you do something…
    forgot those singaporean bitch and jerk,,,look for malaysia PHB, where the fuck is he?

  35. This is entertaining! Good effort!
    But geez, this is such a ‘revenue’ of generating hits, and feeding his popularity…
    Yucks! Disgusting…. His sweaty eeky body makes me wanna spew…. :(~~~~~~~~~~ **this is not drool btw, it’s puke** i don’t know how to make the proper emoticon.

  36. WTF…that was crazy… LOL… how “creative” of him…ROFL….
    He’s ego is already big enuf… anymore its gonna burst man… LOL….Knot tahan…huhuhuhu

  37. hahahaha nice. Steven Lim is an attention whore and Xiaxue just loves to be hated.
    Hey Kenny, how about something for the Malaysian blogosphere? 7 most amusing/interesting bloggers in the Malaysian blogosphere or something…

  38. Apparently, the organizers of Singapore’s ‘Speak Good English’ campaign must be cringing with that vid.

  39. OMG this steven fella REALLY IS THE MOST DISGUSTING BLOGGER IN SPORE…… YUCKs….. puked all my food out earlier…..

  40. Kenny kenny kenny…!!
    Please please please update your blog as soon as you can leh…. this 2 days whenever me check in to your blog… I see that disgusting dude, really make me wanna vomit la… @_@

  41. hahaha kenny, you are really great!!!
    steven lim will sue you. You are the next.. so guys, waiting for the next video from steven lim?
    Wan pao, please sue kenny? hahahahaha
    thank for the mp3 kenny.. it’s darn farney

  42. yeah Kenny… please put an entry… to push the stupid steven lim’s photo down!! Each time i come to ur site, his face makes me gag… so turn off!! He’s soooo ugly!! So gay!! So disgusting!! Its so disturbing to look at his ugly half naked body!! Faster..put an entry! anything at all!!!

  43. Oh Dear, LaoZharBor’s response would not hurt XiaXue anymore because XiaXue mentioned that LZB’s blog is set up by Jack Neo’s company as a publicity stunt. She assume that LZB’s posts were written by someone else. She has already remove her previous post and now no show to see anymore.
    老查某不利害了!! 下雪现在又“刀抢不入“了。。。。

  44. 有人说:

  45. I really didn’t see it coming though I though his so-called rapping is hilarious. Perfect tune to go with his “raps”. Didn’t know Xiaxue could be such a pretty chicken pie. LoLx!

  46. gawshh.. steven lim.. he shall go to hell.. n rest in peace… fck man.. fcking gross! self-claimed “da most charming man in the world”!

  47. kenny you’re a lameass…why don’t you post a youtube video of you wearing your underpants instead? the video’s so dark as to be useless…

  48. F**kin stupid this steven guy…singing naked during singapore idol audition and self-claimed ‘most handsome man in singapore and USA’?!!??

  49. for us, we only love Kenny Sia
    we strongly feel that XX girl is real fake….(fat also…so disgusting)
    actually steven lim is real handsome.. but.. we just dont understand? why must he makes fun of himself… …
    kenny , we just want to drop by and say we always support you and love you forever


  51. … steven lim is becoming more famous now …
    he’s in xiaxue’s blog, kennysia’s blog and oso icyqueengoddess’s blog …
    steven lim is seriously nuts ._.

  52. oh my .. that song is damn hilarious!
    u actually used what he said in his video and made it into a song ..

  53. man, Singaporeans are just so weird!!! All of them are in a war for fame!… Kenny dude, i think you’re still doing good for us Malaysians here… keep it up man !

  54. if i were xiaxue, i’d give u a big hug! hahaa it’s damm nice of u to do this for her. now his voice is ringing in my head. :S

  55. I was reading this post originally in the office and couldn’t listen to the ‘song’ in the first place. I thought his written English was bad enough, but oh my gawk, wat he talk about? chicken pie = chicken chop = ji pai is it? how can ji pai (chicken chop) becomes chicken pie??

  56. Hilarious to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… pity the gerl though, have to call out his name “steven, steven, steven…”.. in Singapore we add.. ‘steven, steven, steven… pantat kau!!, KNNBCCB!!!..”.. such a disgrace to have a fellow Singaporean in such a state!! kesiankan!! *roll eyes*

  57. he doesn’t have a six-pack body.. and far from being well-built.. wonder how could he say he provides training for body building.. a guy fren of mine told me he once prank-called SL and praising his build. SL even offers personal training service for him, at a high, unreasonable price.. puhh

  58. so clever.. so it’s ur own remix ver. of his so-called “song” eh.. hee.. almost give me a shock.. i thought which record company offer him to release an album.. oops ears feel so ticklish

  59. STEVEN LIM IS CRAZY, can someone do a good deal and sent him to the woodbridge in case there are more victims… look at those models on him web, there are ugly and really not the model type and yet he recruit them as model, i guess he must have cheat on their money… pls let every lady know abt this…

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