Rainforest World Music Festival 2007

The Rainforest World Music Festival is one event Kuching folks always look forward to.

Every year, thousands of music lovers from all over Malaysia as well as other parts of the world fly in to our normally quiet little town of Kuching to celebrate good music and turn the place upside down.

The festival has grown extremely popular over the years, attracting attention from both local and international media, to a phenomenal scale that even local residents here are surprised at.

I always like the Rainforest World Music Festival.
This ain’t your typical run-of-the-mill rock concert. One of the most interesting aspects of the music fest is that the performers always bring along strange and peculiar musical instruments from their countries that no one here has ever seen, and along with that music that sounds totally different.
We’re talking about drums that look like handbags.

Guitars that look like coffins.

And pipes that look like they are made out from the TV antenna at my house.

The festival is also the only time throughout the entire year that I can play host to my friends from KL.

Angelina Jolie’s half-sister from KL, Christy Jolie-Yeoh.

Instead of always asking them to layan me whenever I’m in KL, this one of the rare times I can repay my favours and show them the best Kuching has got to offer.

Charmayne the chipmunk had too much sio bee to eat.

My experience with the Rainforest World Music Festival this year is different from the previous two years that I attended.
After finding out that my coverage of the festival for the past two years on kennysia.com has got quite a bit of attention (my blog entries was only second on Google after their official website), I e-mailed the organisers asking if they could put me on their media list.

I wasn’t putting in much hope since kennysia.com isn’t exactly a “real” publication like a newspaper or magazine anyway, but I figured it was worth a try. Hey, after all they did put through some obscure publications with a circulation so small no one has even seen it in newstands.

Behold, the power of blogs!

Surprisingly, not only did the chief of the Sarawak Tourism Board herself granted me media access to the festival, she hinted also that she might wanna further collaborate with me in the near future. How cool is that?

Holy crap, I always wanted to take that political-minister-hitting-on-the-all-important-gong photo and put it as front page headline news, like how newspapers here always do.

So this is the first time I attended the Rainforest World Music Festival not just as an audience, but as part of the media.
I must say, we get treated pretty well as the media. Among other perks, not only are we given free access to all three days of the festival, we are also allowed up close and personal to the stage so we could take really good photos.

Not that close, Joyce

Here are my Top 6 Moments of the Rainforest World Music Festival.
#6. Meeting Channel [V] VJ Marion Caunter

18 months after I spoofed her Osim uZap ad, I finally get to ask her if she’s upset by it.

Her reply: “No way, I thought it was damn hilarious!”
Thanks Marion. I can finally sleep well at night.

#5. The Black Umfolsi

What’s there not to like about these guys?
All the way from Zimbabwe, this band is what African music is all about. Just look at the amount of fur they wear on stage.

“I can see things sideways”

I don’t know what those white-coloured furry things they wore on their arms and legs are, but I think they might be African Polar Bears.
Here’s a video of them teaching the crowd how to do African Aerobics.

So delightful, so catchy, so happifying. The Black Umfolsi band is like the African-version of Mika.

#4. The Throat-Singers From Tuva, Russia

These guys here look like your typical granddad on a rocking chair, but as soon as they open their mouth they can easily blow your panties off big time.

I sing like that too when I was trying to take a crap

“Throat-Singing” is an art originating from the Russian-Mongolia border.
They sound a bit like what would happen when Darth Vader did karaoke in Mongolian. But when the guys from Huun Huur Tu paired it with their traditional instruments and a DJ spinning in a background, the result was absolutely mind-blowing.

The crowd loves these guys.
Who would’ve thought a couple of oldies have the ability rock the thousands of revellers hot on the dance floor?

#3. Hot Bodies At The Rainforest Fest

For the guys, there are sizzling hot babes.




The girls there ain’t missing out either. There were plenty of eye candy for their viewing pleasure.

In fact there were so many sweaty smelly half-naked guys at the festival, it was almost like the movie 300.

King Leonidas wants to PARTAYYYY.

#2 Nicole Tan’s Antics

Nicole was really drama throughout the entire three days of the event.
On the first night of the festival, she met and had this HUGE crush on the violinist of the Scottish band Shooglenifty.

Honestly, I don’t know what is so special about grandpa.
What does he have that I don’t?
I mean, he looked like some homeless guy I would rescue from the streets.

Nicole Tan’s boyfriend. Got a dollah?

On the third night of the festival, we encountered a vendor selling glowsticks.

I bought two each for ourselves. But that girl became so fascinated by those glowsticks she disappeared from our group. We couldn’t even reach her on the phone.
Then some half an hour later, Nicole finally returned to us.

With her whole body all covered in those darn glowsticks.
Apparently, she got bored from all the musical performances on stage she decided to help the glowstick vendor sell his wares.

With a hot chick assisting him, that lucky bugger sold out all his glowsticks in half an hour.
Before long, Shooglenifty appeared on stage again.

Our part-time-glow-stick seller screamed so loud, Grandpa must’ve pissed in his pants.

#1 The Hottest Band From The Festival
Without a doubt, the number one hottest band from the festival goes to our very own Aseana Percussion Unit.

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, this colourful band specialises in drums. They’ll hit on anything and everything, including their fellow band member’s head.

One of the most popular member of the band was this dreadlocked Chinese guy Justin Lim.

The ladies in the crowd absolutely love him. And the bugger knows it!
It was like, he beat the drum just once, the ladies all gasped in ecstacy.

Every time he beat the drum, their panties dropped a little bit. The faster he beat, the further their panties drop.
By the time he’s finished his super-ultra-mega-fast drum solo, he would’ve left the ladies all sweaty and breathless and pregnant with his baby.

The Aseana Percussion Unit is simply amazing lah.
These guys are so passionate about music, they don’t just play their drums.

They freaking EAT them.

Blog Plug of the Day: OverheardInMalaysia.com, for your dose of absurd but stupidly hilarious quotes heard around Malaysia, for Malaysians, by some really crazy Malaysians.

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  1. RWMF looks like a smosh pit…can tahan all the body odour ah?? somemore so hot and mozzies feedfest!!

  2. WOW!! That was one beautiful entry. I actually saw you there, handsome. But you have too many girls surround you I don’t think you’d see me. I was as close as out of nosiness to see the PRESS tag you were wearing and wonder which PRESS you were from as I never heard of you in any PRESS media before until I saw the word BLOG and impressed for the first time, blogger also got the media access.

  3. I think the babes WERE HOT! Especially the ones in the second pic….the 3 of them!And the guys, SIZZLING!!!

  4. i was pissed drunk….i think next year it should change it’s name to Rainforest World Alcohol Festival. you are right….10000 of hot, sweaty half naked people drunk…dancing on a music they have never listen before…i bet when you are sober..”what kind of sh*tty music is this?”
    im so pissed that i almost took my boxers off the 2nd day and i was halted from climbing onto a stage on the 3rd day…back in 2003 i managed to go upstage on the finale….hehehe…

  5. Wow! it was so happening … too bad i missed the Rainforest World Music Festival again… Last year i was in US for business. This year i missed again. i was in Penang on business… I need to wait for another year :'(
    Kenny, thanks for showing the pictures. I bet you must have enjoyed yourself there…
    RWMF, i will be paying a visit next year… I’ll be there :-p

  6. em.. ok.. after 3 yrs.. i think i would really consider to go nxt yr.. or jst tap-in Miri’s Jazz Festival… Kenny, you come lar! 😛 Miri got Jazz Festival!!!

  7. Man I love traditional/original country song and don’t know Kuching has such an amazing concert! If I got money and time I’ll sure go for next year.

  8. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    ***I think the babes WERE HOT! Especially the ones in the second pic….the 3 of them!And the guys, SIZZLING!!!
    Posted by: Mel at 23 July 2007 9:48 AM | Link to comment***
    Kenny, do u remember the whole gang of guys who gilaness keep asking to snap pic wif u?? LOL~~ i bet u cant remember since u r overly in love even by my gila guy frenSSSSs LOL~~ thanks for the photo!! I LOVE IT *WINK*
    HINT: the pic wif me in is the 1 im wif a Miss S’wak 2006 n a nurse hehe…

  9. Scottish Fiddler Grandpa – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him before in one of those BBC Documentaries. I think the footage was shot in the seventies, when his long hair was darker..

  10. kenny, you really do have exceptionally sharp eyes for babes. the last one enshrined your talent! lol

  11. haha… cool man… there we quite a number of hot chics around.. but most of them loves hairy guys.. hahaa….
    Kenny R u Hairy? hmmm..>!!!!!
    hot chics ROCKS… hail hot chics..

  12. Aseana Percussion Unit.I saw them perform in S’pore b4…Vry nice the music they played…Last time got one chinese guy with long hair…Very hot…And one indian guy, playing some instruement tat i nvr saw b4.Like a big wok…

  13. agree with nicole. angus did not piss in his pants! it was the back of his pants that’s wet.
    kenny, pls apologise. angus only shitted in his pants! hahaha

  14. Hello Kenny! 🙂
    Jo, Awesome coverage of the music fest there! And rather ingenious too, to be able to cover it as blog press! That’s certainly taking blogging to a new high…keep it strong brother! 🙂

  15. yeah kenny, u took 2 days to write this post!! haha….keep seeing ur status as blogging….lol…
    im so pissed off that i missed the kuching music festival, THEN i missed the PENANG one as well!!! *^$%#%^
    next year. i’ll be there!!! =p

  16. LOL~~ jz finish watch all the videos…jz remember i was stuck in the crowd jz bhind kenny while he’s bz taking the video n i saw MY FOREHEAD twice WUAHAHAHAHAHA…

  17. Another funny n insightful post! Thanks for sharing your experience in this concert. You did a good job as part of the media! Like to read your blog. Keep up the good work dude!

  18. I think the costume that u said look like polar bear actually looks really cool! I doubt it will look that cool if the person’s body ain’t muscular and ain’t that skin colour…

  19. What about getting Sarawak Tourism Board to organise it twice a year with different themes or different bands?

  20. wanted to go this year….but got college..i duwan miss college…haha…
    woo…. i spotted 1 of my college classmate in one of your photos…. the pic where nicole is pulling ur neck chain…my friend is the guy behind with the white towel and the huge ass camera….

  21. Ha! Have been there three years in a row too! Next year… I am going to climb the Mulu Pinnacles first before heading to the festival…..

  22. Have been playing host to friends of mine too but for some reason they just don’t like it or think the ticket is too expensive. I guess I just mingle with wrong people, huh?

  23. loved the part about nicole showing up about half an hour later..hahaha..r u sure she was helping the vendor “sell” the glow sticks or “buy” them from him???hahaha…n e way youre hilarious man!!!
    wish i was there too…

  24. Fun and hillarious. Thanks for the laugh. Although I just stumbled upon your blog, I’ve read through your previous blogs, way back to the 1st blog u wrote here. Things has changed so much eh? Hope to see more of your writings in the future, i got demotivated to write somehow..

  25. Thanks for the support Kenny. Really appreciate it. btw Alvin, that instrument that u saw me playing in Singapore is called a steel pan. Originates from Trinidad. We were supposed to bring it along for the festival but due to some ‘technical’ problems we couldnt. Anyway, we’ll be playing on the 10th and 11th of Aug at Groove Junction Sri Hartamas (behind True Fitness) and on the 25th of Aug at mont kiara Sunrise Jazz Festival. Hope 2 see y’all there.
    Thanks again.
    Sanjiv (Aseana Percussion Unit)

  26. Hi Kenny,
    Your entries are hilarious!Keep it comin! 🙂
    p.s: No coverage on ‘Orlando Bloom’ from Kabul? He was there w Justin too during the percussions workshop on Day 3.

  27. This time was the 10th anniversary wei…For those who nvr attend this b4, i highly recommend this! It’s like a one in a lifetime experience!

  28. wah,u got media pass…i pay RM160 total for 2 day there…hope can see u next year…i wish i could get the pass!!!!T_T….very “suey” that saturaday coz i broke Eos 350D cf card pins..damn no cam for sunday…

  29. Awwww too bad I missed the event last yeat! My parents went with their friends and I couldn’t join them! Hopefully this year I’ll be able to though *fingers crossed* … great entry, hilarious to the max! 🙂

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  31. we are a young world-musical,Afro-pop folkand jazz African group in Republic of congo.and we want that all over in world our music be discovered.
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