66 Replies to “Slimming Product FAIL”

  1. hey kenny…merry christmas and a haoppy new year from your fellow kuching lang…
    for a personalised greeting to all my friends and friends to be…please pop by my blog awhile kenny…too many pictures to send otherwise…

  2. No words can help you tide over the phase of a breakup. No doubt a lot of your readers can empathize your situation, ultimately, it is how you decide to live your life that truly matters.
    I sincerely hope that with your charismatic personality, you will be able to find a girl whom you are compatible with and that she complements you, to spend a lifetime with. 🙂
    But honestly, that doesn’t mean it’s ‘Happy Ever After’ either! 😀

  3. Hur? Slimming Product? Got side Effect or not? Negative or Positive? Hmm… I rather Dance more Salsa or Go Kuching Slimming Santuary For the Slimming Program… Ha… Enjoy slimming and fitness…. Gambateh!

  4. again,this further proves the existense of the majority of immensely STUPID people that exist known as ‘kennysia’ fans.better not be from kuching.

  5. My Christmas was spent in Malacca – for the first time – visiting historical sites. The second half of my Christmas day was spent somewhere by a fishing pond in Selayang. Another first time fishing experience. 🙂

  6. And hey, Kenny, lighten up man, if i know anything you’re tougher than a 2 dollar steak.
    ‘m repeating this: The One’s still out there somewhere, till then, just keep winging it!
    Strength, bro

  7. Nothing Wrong with the spelling,it could be Bahasa M’SIA/B.INDONESIA spelling.
    for those English educated might thing it wrong.think wisely.one example,How about POLICE-POLIS,POLISI,POLISE.Is that wrong..for that particularly country?

  8. stop being a friggin retard. just accept that you lost the arguement. what rojak language? how redundant a statement of yours could be? hmm. i wonder~~

  9. @kenyalang retard.
    ha..ha..go & check it yourself the m’sia kampung made product,check the spelling & also the language wether their mixed it or not.especially traditional medicine product chinese & malay one.

  10. May be kayu can be “slime” too? no?!?
    Btw, Sunday 7.00pm on Star Sports, the Standard Chartered Marathon 2008 42.2KM
    The event for an inspiration.

  11. well jon..this is his blog..he can write whatever he wants..btw kenny..u look fine the way u look..no need to use the lotion and whatsoever..lol the slime thingy is funny..

  12. damn!!fuck u lar kenny, stop posting those stupid things to make fun of others while getting the traffic, u think u are so great in english??!!those readers think this post is funny are stupid and naive too, improve urselves first bfore laughing at others’ mistakes, these are all fucking stupid malaysian attitude!!fuck u all!!

  13. ya,if u r a hater den dn even enter or view this blog. such a childish act, u r jz a retard annoyin pest who make unwanted comments here.

  14. for those who make noise about spelling!
    one good example.Go and check the PILOT BRAND MARKER,how it’s spelling
    “WYTEBORD MARKER”made in japan.even my oxford dictionary can’t find that WYTEBORD word,but it still marketable around the world.

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