Six Months Ago, Today

Today is the 27th April 2005. No there’s no major festivities going on.
But exactly six months ago on the 27th October 2004, is the day I knew my father contracted cancer. Exactly six months ago, the doctor estimated that my father has six months left to live.
Its been six months and shit, so much has changed already. As of this week, I’ve taken time off work to stay at home and care for my father full time. Reality is a bitch, but hey I’m still coping.
I don’t know whether I should be happy that my father has survived that six months, or feel sad because the worst may be coming near.
On a totally unrelated note, I’ve created some buttons for just because I feel like it. Yalah yalah I’m hoping that more people would link to me or something. It makes my balls bigger.

<a href=""><img src="" width="80" height="15"> </a>

<a href=""><img src="" width="111" height="30"> </a>

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="50"> </a>

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="50"> </a>

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="214"> </a>

Speaking of which, I really should re-design this site. Experienced bloggers would note that the design and layout of don’t differ much from MovableType‘s default settings. When I started, all I wanted to do is to start writing as soon as possible. 10 minutes of Photoshop later, the background and masthead of was born.
On other site related news, will be moving to a new host this coming weekend. The amount of bandwidth consumed this month alone is ball-shrinking. Its amazing considering the whole entire site is less than 50MB. I’m hoping that the transition will be smooth and sweet, but fingers crossed.
With bigger storage and more generous bandwidth allowance than the current host I’m on, I’m hoping I can showcase content beyond words and images. I captured a pretty funny video last week so I’m really itching to share it with you guys.
Hey, I’m seriously thinking about getting some of those T-shirts printed. 🙂
Err… proper updates tomorrow, can?
Today cannot make it lah.

23 Replies to “Six Months Ago, Today”

  1. errr… i think there are *subtler* ways to get *that* particular message across (u know what i’m talking about) 😉

  2. Hi Kenny, call me bing as *bing!!!*. anyways, just wanna inform ya I’m hotlink-ing to your site (the link buttons are nice btw). Wish things will get better in your life and family ^_^

  3. nice buttons, buddy. i prefer de last one. very sexy, de big bird button snot bad too yo.
    anyway, hope yer dad is ok. reality hurts but de hunger for it is.

  4. nice buttons, buddy. i prefer de last one. very sexy, de big bird button snot bad too yo.
    anyway, hope yer dad is ok. reality hurts but de hunger for it is.
    delete de other one. urgh, i always forgot. i hv xanga syndrome olredi.

  5. Hope you dad is ok….just be strong yeah. Thanks again for the tips on photoshop….and hrm….should i put the last link in my xanga….looks kinda *saucy*…yet cute at the same time 😛

  6. oh man, ur t-shirts r awesome. OK, believe or not, i actuali went to the freakin site and wanted to buy a couple of em…either they’re pretty good ass designs or …i’m jus an online shopping junkie, either ways, am onli attracted to aesthetically pleasing things.
    u noe wat, was listening to the ISC fone the other day n ur voice is still recorded saying “International Students Committee”!!! am so tempted to record over it…but sumhow, it’s comforting to hear u say it. as if u’re here la! haha….hugs,

  7. Have faith. The doctor gave my granny 3 months max to live. After three months, she went for a check up and the cancer cells had completely disappeared.

  8. chris, subtle is just not Kenny’s way. 🙂
    bing + Justina, sounds great. Thanks! I’m honoured!
    lilian + Jennifer + narrowband, whatever will be will be. Its still quite unbelievable that things like this are happening to me so early into my life. Its very sad when I think about it.
    cchiuyi, nah I prefer paid hosting. I’m always willing to pay for quality.
    aunty, I’m looking at
    Carol, that seems to be many ppl’s favourite. 🙂
    ThunderFoxy, haha. Its alright. I know who you are. Its easy ‘cos you’re the only one who spells ‘the’ as ‘de’.
    Schnorng, no problem mang!
    TBG + Lyon, yea sure I’ll help you do one when I have the inspiration and time. You can tell me if you have an idea how you want it to look like in terms of colour scheme, graphics, text and all. E-mail me.
    Tiffy, haha! You mean 4 years later you guys STILL haven’t change your answering machine message?! My gawd. *cough* Kenny may have left ISC, but his spirit still lives on forever. 😉 It really is comforting to know that I personally know the 4 ISC Convenors who took over after me. Thanks Tiffy.
    FF, miracles do happen. 🙁 But not often enough.
    fish fish, don’t you just love innuendos?

  9. please do get there real physical shirt !
    I would really like one for my birthday !
    I will pass a hint to my honey bunch for one of those !

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