Singaporeans Love Their Chickens

I’m confused.

Why is that the computerised voiceover on Singapore MRT pronounce “Outram Park” as “Poo-Chor Park”, instead of the supposed“Out-Ram Park”?

On a different note, I spotted this at a mobile phone repair shop in Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore.
Only those who can read Chinese will get this joke.

“Hello eskew me, what your latest model handheld chicken?”

Just touched down in Auckland a few hours ago. The 8hr20min journey whizzed past pretty quickly, and I’m feeling anything but jetlagged.
I am staying at my sister’s place in Hamilton, some 100km south of Auckland.

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  1. They even have a first aid ready in case your “handheld chicken” clucks too much. mwahahahaha.
    Anyway, the voiceover says “Poo-chor Park”? Hmms, I don’t remember ^^;;

  2. hehe bad singaporean chinese..
    so wat do we call this? Sandrin? hehe
    Btw, have a great time in urm.. Hamilton hehe
    sound a lil bored over there, but its onli like an hr drive to Aucks, so it won be that bad

  3. hiya! was in NZ for a holiday in june…if you have time, do drop by the botanical gardens at hamilton…it’s lovely! and must try the lone star cafe there…great food, huge portions! if u go to waitomo, check out the rabbit shearing at the shearing shed, it’s on the way to the glowworm caves. and err…what else…oh oh…how bout trying the skyjump at skytower, auckland? =)))

  4. Hey
    Am from Hamilton. Ya, you should definitely drop by the Hamilton Gardens, to visit the disfferent gardens, very pretty especially in spring. Lone Star cafe is pretty average, but considered good for a hearty ‘kiwi’ meal. They give extra big helpings, even for the “smaller” portions. Sadly, there isn’t much to do in Hamilton, but I do hope you enjoy your stay here. Be careful tomorrow, Sunday, as there is some ozone layer problem…

    PM: Nobody is marginalised in Malaysia
    LONDON: No community is being marginalised in Malaysia, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
    Stressing that this was a fact, he said the progress achieved by the country’s multi-racial communities showed that no one had been sidelined.
    Abdullah said the success of the Chinese community, for instance, was clearly reflected through their participation in various fields.
    Abdullah said the Barisan Nasional was a responsible government that looked after the interests of all the communities.
    The Chinese, through the MCA and other parties, are involved in the government’s power-sharing process, he told Malaysian journalists after meeting Malaysian students at the Malaysian High Commission here on Friday.
    Abdullah was responding to former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s statement that the Chinese communities in Malaysia and Indonesia were systematically marginalised because they were successful and hardworking.
    On Sept 15, Reuters quoted Lee, who is Minister Mentor for the island republic, as saying it was vital for the predominantly ethnic Chinese state to stand up to its two bigger, majority Muslim neighbours.
    “We do not marginalise anyone in the implementation of our programmes,” he said.
    Earlier, Abdullah likened the comparison in economic development between Malaysia and Singapore to that of a ciku and durian.
    “It’s not for comparison. Singapore did well because it is only a city state specialising in areas such as its airport as well as financial and banking services,” he said, adding that the Klang Valley could be compared favourably with the republic.
    In New York, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar questioned Lee’s motive in making the statement.
    “I’m at a loss as to what his intention is. It is a very dangerous statement,” Syed Hamid, who is in New York to attend the UN general assembly, told newsmen.
    “As a good and friendly neighbour, why must he instigate the people to be dissatisfied with the Government?” he asked, pointing out that the Chinese in Malaysia had succeeded in all sectors.
    On the UN general assembly, Syed Hamid said he found the meeting to be useful not just in renewing contacts but for Malaysia to remain visible on the global stage.
    “I am heartened when developing countries supported and congratulated us for our role in organisations like the Non-Aligned Movement.”
    Syed Hamid also said that Asean foreign ministers had expressed hope that democracy could run its course in Thailand as soon as possible.
    “A change in government through a military coup is not an accepted way,” he said.

  6. i guess it`s juz for publicity… or maybe they didn`t knoe how to write 机 so they used dat (ji) instead since it sounds the same…..fascinating…

  7. Lol. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to have chicken phones in the future. Nah Kenny, I’ve always heard “ooh-trahm” not poo chor!!! GO FLUSH YOUR EARS.

  8. Hehehe, this is for all my chinese singaporean friends who have laughed at my poor ABC skills in Mandarin.
    (Phew… I could actually read enough to understand the joke) >_

  9. Actually, there is this chain of handphone shops in Singapore that is deliberately using the “chicken” word instead of the proper word … Yes it is a marketing thing. Not too sure if this sign you saw is from that chain. 🙂

  10. i once walked past a board full of fliers on ‘shou ji’ outside outram mrt. the bold big font said they will buy in any second hand ‘shou ji’s. but when i read the fine print it was actually smth about er male problems. O_o

  11. hamilton is beautiful quiet sub urban city.
    the main st. is long with shops of variety.
    the adult shop is ok, the reception is a datuk
    instead of hot dude.. hahah tat tells u how kampung still hamilton is but nice friendly locals. i love the hamilton gardens, of all..i like chinese scholar garden, very zen.
    just wonder where do horny kenny go for hot babe in hamilton, any idea? may be grab one home from street when your sis is not home, and have chicken tonite!
    hia hia hia .. n post us your romantic story in hamilton…

  12. hey ur in hamilton?? which part ur staying?? was there for few years. oh u shoud definately try fried mars bars from them chinese owned fish n chips shop. and their burger king are so much nicer. try meal number 3. my fav.

  13. I thought this happen only in Malaysia but Singapore also have the same problem of “illiteracy” and this is only Kenny spotted, what about those unspotted ones? Or is it Lee Kuan Yew and the Singaporean government also “systematically marginalised” the chinese in Singapore? Think.

  14. I think kenny had nothing better to write so he changed what he heard abit without expecting this much uproar against his innacuraccy. I guess when you blog to an audience which demands entertainment you have to pervert some things.

  15. I think Kenny blogged well. This is his personal blog, so he can blog and share with us what he sees and hears, which at times readers may disagree with him. A blogger need not get the consent of his readers on what topic to blog or not to blog. It is entirely up to him.

  16. The mrt in sg it well says oot-rum park,dude you got to get your hearing fixed.Must be all those flights thats giving your hearing problems.Been reading your blog for sometime alredy,”It rocks laa kenny” >.

  17. heh. i know what u mean about the ‘outram park’ mrt pronounciation.. haha. I LIVE AT OUTRAM! haha… they pronounce it as..
    owe-cherm park.
    i have no idea why. lol

  18. maybe you need to consult the doctor or something? your ears are having some problem I guess.Anyway where did you see the ‘Handheld chicken’ from?

  19. actually, that guy did that on purpose…
    if im not mistaken, its the one with onward singapore and all that…patriotic guy, thats what i though.
    obvious isnt it?
    hes trying to attract attention for his shop..lols

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