Singapore Trip Videoblog

While trawling through my photo collection, I noticed I had recorded a few video clips from my two Singaporean trips a few months back but I never really bothered to put them up. There’s nothing too interesting about them, but I’m still gonna post them up for the sake of documentation.
Some of the things you can expect to see in this videoblog:

Super ultra realistic tanks blowing each other up like CRASH!!! BANG!!! BOOOOOM!!!

Wanyi’s singing prowess!

Sizzling pseudo-erotic display by the bellydancers from the Singapore Bloggers Convention! All the guys there saw it, and they gave it a three thumbs up. (Don’t act dumb and ask me where the third thumb is, ok.)

Audio of someone squealing orgasmically while watching the Singapore National Day fireworks! I leave it up to you to guess who exactly that person is.

‘SarongPartyGirl’ Izzy lashed out against bitched about viciously attacked shared her profound thoughts on ‘Xiaxue’ Wendy Cheng.
Also featuring the mysterious Cowboy Caleb’s voice!

Clarke Quay’s seedy underground dance scene!

The recently unmasked Scarlett Ting and Sassyjan showing off their heartbeat-accelerating, nosebleed-inducing, uber sexxxy dance moves! Hot damn! Anything sexier and it’ll have to be classified as softcore pornography.

Actually I was just exaggerating, but you’ll never know if you don’t check out the video.
Download hi-quality video here. (WMV format. 13 mins. 52MB.)

35 Replies to “Singapore Trip Videoblog”

  1. Now this is a comment – I was here in the morning and there was nothing new to read but lo and behold, just thot I will check out kennysia and there is an update!

  2. Hey Kenny!
    Why were you laughing when Wendy was giving out her speech?
    Anyways,it looked like you had a blast in S’pore!! Weeeee….fireworks!!!

  3. Kenny, I think u better pack up and run for your life. Cox i think there are high chances that Sassyjan will the parang and go all the way to Kuching to chop off your dick for putting up that video of her on your blog for public viewing. hahhaha

  4. Wahhahaha..
    Kenny !!
    nice effort !!
    Aiyah..u shld try to squeeze between sassyjan n ting during their dance ? I dun think they can STAND it but u shld be able. *wink*

  5. anonymous: eh! dun say until i like so mean can anot! wat use do i haf for his little bro u tell me?! at most i speedmail a Γ§β€šΒΈΓ₯ΒΌΒΉ over to him only wat.
    kenny, i never once tot ting would untwirl and u would post up this video. i am mortified πŸ™
    i never knew i hated seeing myself so much!

  6. ay… don’t bluff… pretend only.. actually wanna take video of girls in short skirt… wanna see them chao geng! i know you kenny! then go sammyboy post right? hahahahahha..
    nice vid, i liked the commentary. very subtle πŸ™‚

  7. XX – “dun k what others think abt ur blog”
    Kenny – “kyahahahaha”
    PS: that’s a very long time to be videoing 2 girls dancing. after 20 seconds, it just feels uncomfortable.

  8. hayley, I always thought the word ‘blog’ sounds like the sound I make when I shit, and Wendy was saying something like “I think if you want to blog you will feel the urge to do it and there is no need to dwell on anything.” My thought process automatically replaced the word ‘blog’ with ‘shit’ and I giggled like a silly boy. πŸ˜‰ Lame I know.

  9. watched the video. it was okay.
    one comment though. the sound nearly crippled my 5.1 speakers. nonetheless, good job in editing the video for all of us to view.

  10. dude. come on man what r u waiting for dance with thouse chicks man. think you are missing something here man. They sink down cos it is just how you dance. Guys sink down too dude. trust me you will like it. Hahahah.

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