Ayam That Guy

I am that guy who hates memes that requires tagging someone in the end, like the recent Se7en meme.
I am that guy who still thinks memes are cool, voluntary ones only.
I am that guy who likes to eat ayam.
I am that guy who, other than being exceptionally good at Maths, never thought I was anything special in high school. I am that guy who lived on an AUD20 a week allowance. I am that guy who didn’t have a mobile phone. I am that guy who didn’t drive a sports car. I am that guy who was repeatedly rejected by girls I liked.
I am that guy who once thought that I’m never ever gonna have a girlfriend because I’m just not part of the cool gang.
I am that guy you kicked out from the chatroom the first time you talked to me because you thought I was being hamsup. I am that guy who talked to you till 7am in the morning that night.
I am that guy you asked to pretend to be your boyfriend, just so you can ward off unwanted attention by guys you don’t like. I am that guy who didn’t stop being your boyfriend since then.
I am that guy who stepped on your foot the first time I met you. I am that guy who didn’t want to hold your hand because I was shy.
I am that guy who bought 90% of all your soft toys. You are that girl who bought 100% of all my soft toys, eventhough I am a guy and I’m not supposed to even know how to appreciate soft toys.
I am that guy who had to put up with you giving each of your soft toys a name, a gender and an identity.
I am that guy who rejoiced when you told me you’re coming to Perth to study.
I am that guy who frequently made you grilled chicken chop for dinner. You are that girl made me omelette for breakfast, at least until you decided sleeping is more important than making breakfast for me.
I am that guy whose life turned into a living hell because you couldn’t get along with my mother. I am that guy who still wished the two of you could be nicer to each other.
I am that guy whose mouth you shoved a chocolate into when I was halfway telling you I’m trying to lose weight.
I am that possessive bastard who broke up with you because I caught you smoking once. I am that same bastard who changed my mind the very next day.
I am that guy who told you I didn’t like being asked to buy you extravagant gifts. You are that girl who smiled as you pressed on my nose playfully, treating my face as an ATM machine.
I am that guy whose 2-year-old nephew you adore, whose 9-month-old niece you dote on.
I am that guy who gave you more silly nicknames than a dictionary could give.
I am that jealous asshole who forced you to stop seeing B eventhough he made it clear that he was just a platonic friend.
I am that guy who rolled you up in your comforter and called you a kebab.
I am that guy who encouraged you to work in Gingin to earn some cash while waiting for your permanent residency to be approved.
I am that guy who got upset when you returned from Gingin a different person. You are that girl who told me you needed your own personal space, and that we should see each other less often and meet more people. You are that girl who told me that, knowing full well I was about to leave Perth for good.
I am that guy who left you all alone in Australia, three days after your permanent residency was approved.
I am that guy whose father passed away. You are that girl who flew in the next day to be by my side, to give me strength.
I am that guy who spent half the time of our relationship physically apart from each other. I am that guy who never spent a single Valentine’s Day by your side.
I am that guy who sometimes wonder if we’re ever meant to be. I am that guy who fear we couldn’t survive this perpetual long distance relationship.
Yet, I am the guy who cherish every single one of those five years that we spent together.
Yes, I am that guy who gave you those tulips sitting on your table.
And on this day, I am just that guy who wanna say to you, “Happy Birthday, Nicole.”

I’ll be away from Kuching beginning next Monday for Project #2 to a small town about 6 hours drive away from civilisation. I’m not too sure about the availability of internet over there, but don’t panic in case I don’t update. I’ll be back Saturday evening.

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  1. Oppz. Not first .. second liao
    Anywayz, I am the guy that cannot say much about ur r/s cos I dun know neither of u. Juz hope that everything turns out well for u !

  2. Kenny, you’re just the sweetest!
    I just broke up with my girlfriend over the most ridiculous reasons.
    I thought she was the perfect girl for me. Her family thought i was not good enough for her.
    And I know how hard it is to go through so much in a single year, Kenny.
    You’re really strong, aren’t you?!
    my goodness.
    frankly, to some extent it’s your blog that keep me strong each day. because we used to be in the same boat. just that i’m drowning now, heh heh.
    hey buddy, all the best for you and Nicole.
    Stay strong!

  3. Funny how ur relationship is so similiar to mine. down to the part of ur gf not getting along with your mother. And you being a guy from Kuching.
    I wish you all the best with ur relationship while I said goodbye to mine tonight.
    May your love for each other last and succeed where others have failed.

  4. I’m the guy who usually reads but never leave a comment. But personally, I feel this is the BEST blog. For inspiring people and sharing your life with all, may you perfect your love. May both of you be well and happy.

  5. I am the guy who used to go through long-D
    I am the guy who realize that
    as long as you are the guy who is tough and strong, dont forget
    to be the guy who also have some faith
    in your r/s.
    I am the guy who understand your situation
    and I have some advice from experience
    that you be patient but also be passionate
    Because in the end the guy who is that guy
    will soon be the man for the lady. Yeah!

  6. awww that was such a sweet post i hope nicole reads it and realizes just how much u love her 🙂 , sigh very very few people remember the sort of details like you do, and that makes u special 😀

  7. so sweet~ i always read your posts but never bother to leave any comment….more of a background type of person….but u are just so sweet that i couldnt resist…hope u guys last till forever….can see that u really love her….nicole(if u are reading this), dont ever let go of him

  8. Wishing you and Nicole all the best. I believe you’ll survive through it. I’m sure she knows how fortunate she is to have you as her other half.
    To Nicole (if you happen to read this), Happy Birthday to you gal!

  9. ‘Get your boyfriend back!
    with powerful love spells and …’
    sorry, Kenny, can’t help laughing at those Google ads you have on the sidebar.

  10. sniff sniff [too touched…]
    i’m a girl who’s addicted to Kennysia.com
    I’m a girl who laugh and cry with his post
    I’m a girl who never celebrate his birthday with him before [due to unmatched hols] but him, the guy who get any excuse to be with me on every single occasion.
    i’m a girl who also went through a very hard LDR but now i’m a girl happily with him in Newcastle.
    i’m a girl who can 100% say that i truly know how you feel and i’m also the girl who can never understand guys. irony.
    kenny, jia you! i know u and nicole sure got nice nice future one!

  11. Have been reading your blog for a while. Also in sorta LDR, me in Sydney and him in Perth. Very painful and expensive sometimes, but all worth it. Good luck for your future endeavours.

  12. Got this of Beavis and Butthead… 🙂
    If u love something, you let it go. If it comes back, its yours. If it doesnt, It was never yours.

  13. I’m that guy who normally felt horny while reading ur blog but not this time.
    very obvious what u tryin do here, well All the best to you.

  14. Those r the most sincere n sweetest words that can ever come out from a guy!!
    U r somewhat difference from wat i thought u R..
    Really hope that your relationship work out well 😉

  15. u’re the guy who can make us laugh, and the very same guy who tugs on our heart-strings the next moment.
    all the best, kenny…

  16. The swordswoman does look like Furong Jiejie, well the thinner version. anyways, kenny that was a fantastic post. i totally enjoyed reading it. nicole would be really pleased to know she has such a new boyfriend.
    “Happy Birthday Nicole!”

  17. these memes are cool! i did one too! Happy birthday Nicole! Hang in there Kenny, who knows what life is in store for us. Make the most of the ride cos rest of our existence is a standing in line, of sorts anyway!

  18. these memes are cool! i did one too! Happy birthday Nicole! Hang in there Kenny, who knows what life is in store for us. Make the most of the ride cos rest of our existence is a standing in line, of sorts anyway!

  19. hey kenny!
    that was possible the sweetest thing i’ve ever read.
    nicole is truly blessed to have you, and vice versa. i belive so anyway since i do not know either of you.
    this was indeed a very touching read. may you be with you darling kebab soonest possible.
    by the way, happy birthday nicole!

  20. didnt know it was her bday! u guys been through so much together. it is indeed a very very sweet entry. happy bday to your babe

  21. Lovely post Kenny. Happy birthday Nicole. Stay strong for each other, long distance relationships are difficult things. All the best.

  22. emo bastard
    Posted by: Anonymous at September 24, 2005 03:25 PM
    Anonymous, you are the guy who should perish from the face of this earth.
    good one kenny!! =) when are you going to perth again?

  23. Wah, what a load of people! Well >o.

    You are one of the best ^.~ guy who put with all the embarrsment(thick-face, lol) for your gf.

    All the Best!

  24. this is the first time i commented on ur post.. haha nice one.. reli sweet of u.. so touching.. sob sob.. haha.. ur girlfren will sure like it.. happy birthday nicole btw..

  25. Anonymous, you are the guy who should perish from the face of this earth.
    good one kenny!! =) when are you going to perth again?
    Posted by: aunty at September 24, 2005 04:24 PM
    yeah and you are the aunty that hasnt been receiving enough sex from your husband. losing out to the mistress ay?

  26. O M Y G O S H
    You made me tear (Tear not tear, I’m not paper damnit :P)
    My favourite part:
    I am that guy whose father passed away. You are that girl who flew in the next day to be by my side, to give me strength.

  27. I am crying (in my heart) for dunno what reasons..
    Your post? maybe .. *cough cough*
    West Coast Eagles did not win in the Final..(?)
    But it does not matter, hope you and Nicole will have happy ending~!! yay!

  28. hey kenny,
    interesting post you’ve got there! very heartwarming and something similar to what mrbrown’s posted up not too long ago, eh?
    i like reading your entries, they’re good. keep up the good work, am looking forward to seeing more good stuff!

  29. Sometimes words work where actions fail.
    And in this entry, you’ve proven that statement wrong.
    They AMPLIFIED each other.
    And I hope you two do too.
    All the best.

  30. im very sure she will appreciate that blog very much Kenie 🙂
    you know the people i respect the most are those who actually manage to somehow keep long distance relationships going… those are the ones that will last mate.. be strong bro!

  31. as i read ur post, i cried. for now i truly realized, how lucky am i to have my guy beside me everyday, pulling me through everything. sumtimes, i took things for granted. but you kenny, you made me sat down, and count my blessings again. now if u would excuse me, i’d like to call my guy.

  32. Sweet to the core! But you ‘sound’ sad in the middle i tot you are going to announce smth bad or what, make me panic for you! Haha may you and Nicole last forever 😀

  33. i think you just melted all your female blogders’ hearts… and some of the men as well….
    why can’t i find a guy like thaaaaaaaat???

  34. Hi kenny,
    it gave me goosebumps not because its mushy or its super sweet; i felt that its so true.
    i am a guy whom have underwent this and that, learnt about this society, learnt more about relationships…
    its not about the scent of the message, but how the memories flew by as you typed in all of the history. every family have its own book; every individual.
    it seems like its the day that the words should be said, or flower to be given, after so many wrong days.
    I pray for Mr. Su. I pray for you. I pray for myself…

  35. wow kenny, you are one in a million million. by looking at the title i tought its going to be a funny post. it turns out to be such a touching post. reading all the comments, i feel you are lucky b’cus everyone is wishing you good luck. then you go and pop your own comment asking people to stop calling you sweet, b’cus paiseh. what lah you. spoilt the totally sweet reading process. anyways, all the best in the world to you and nicole. both of you are lucky to have each other and be strong for each other, even though you are both divided by the great big ocean. oh, and also, happy birthday nicole!!!

  36. i hope nicole read this, kenny.
    this post sounds like something out of a beautiful song lyric, coupled with an equally heartwarming MTV. ^_^

  37. OMG Kenny,everyone knew u can write but, shiTTe’ man, u really did it this time!! I vote this, your BEST entry, EVER- Hope ur ‘sugar-free’ bl0G is also l0w on calories… =P
    p/s happie burpday Nicky- ur one daM lucky gal =D

  38. thanks for the post kenny. Even though i enjoyed all of your funny, witty and crappy posts..this is the one that makes you a quality blogger! Coolest post indeed. Happy birthday to Nicole and i hope both of you will stay strong and faithful. God bless.

  39. sometimes it’s the little details that paint the big picture. You’ve painted a beautiful one with this exceptional entry. nicole would have no choice other than to love it. => hope all goes splendid for u both.

  40. damn u, kenny for making me cry in my office….haha. the things that you’ve have written for nicole is so, so sweet. nicole is a lucky girl. why can’t my bf be like you??? i’m that girl whose bf couldn’t even remember her birthday. i’m that girl whose bf takes for granted. moreover, now i’m that girl with a bf who has stopped saying that special 3 words.
    you take care, kenny.

  41. i cried reading this entry of yours, because i’m studying in australia, and i’m physically apart from my boyfriend, sometimes i wonder if we can make it through this, and to use a cliche, your entry touched me
    God bless you. five years is a long time. i’m rooting for you. take care

  42. awwww……….. so simple, so sweet, so sincere….
    if more guys are like you, there’ll be more love in this world…
    i also want…

  43. I have been reading your blog for the longest time, but never commented. But i got to tell u that this post brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful wonderful post!

  44. First time commenting here. Somehow felt that i have seen a side of you that i never did see before.
    Love this post.

  45. Hi HI!
    Call her everyday (15 minutes also can), send her email, SMS. Give her a lot of attentions (sorry but i think guys have to do most of the work). I’ve been through 3 years long distance relationship. Its not easy… but can one.

  46. hey kenny i’ve read so many blogs and never leave any commments b4 but i have to give it to u ..this is the best article i’ve read.. if ur gf is not touched by this i dunno wut will..i sincerely wish u all the best in ur relationship

  47. damn u, kenny for making me cry in my office….haha. the things that you’ve have written for nicole is so, so sweet. nicole is a lucky girl. why can’t my bf be like you??? i’m that girl whose bf couldn’t even remember her birthday. i’m that girl whose bf takes for granted. moreover, now i’m that girl with a bf who has stopped saying that special 3 words.
    you take care, kenny.
    Posted by: amy at September 26, 2005 08:33 AM
    Amy, I understand tat it wud be heart breaking for you. It wud be for most girls.. But I am that girl, whose boyfriend broke up with her. So I am that girl who, totally not rudely, would like to say.. atleast you still have him..
    The whole thing.. Post n comments n all.. Broke my heart.. sigh..

  48. Dun usually leave my comments on blog but i got to say this entry is by far the bestest blog ever! Way to go dude! Wishing you both a fairy tale ending. PEACE OUT!

  49. this is beautiful.
    with so much love, it has got to be the real thing.
    dont let it go.
    you’ve such a beautiful mind, kenny.
    how could a girl possibly turn you down?

  50. things will come to a sweet ending, only if both of u learn to be more understanding, give and take, considerate to otr’s feeling, be patient, learn when to say things that is meant to be said at the right moment, learn to zip up when the situation demands it, learn the art of negotiation, learn the art of convincing the otr partner, learn to forgive and forget, learn to love unconditionally despite the distance, appreciate every little single things one do for the otr.
    u’ll weather thru the storm, just like i did wif my husband (after a stormy 9 years r’ship).
    all the best!

  51. High’s and low’s…thats what makes you know what love is all about! Love is by far the biggest thing to happen to me…in fact I am in an LDR myself…and there are those days when you think WTF are you doing waiting for this ONE person to come back to be with you…and then you knoe that u love him (in my case) and that it’s worth it-no matter what happened! I see my bf once a year, for about a month…I have 5 years left before he comes back home…I read your post, I know what you are talking about…and I feel like I could be standing in your shoes right now…
    Nicely done, not too sweet! Good luck!

  52. i am officially crying now. and i don’t even know what you went through in your relationship [i mean, i’m not the one experiencing it]. i bet when nicole read this entry, she must’ve teared up [if she is not the hardcore “i never cried” type la].
    very touching. sometimes i wish you’re my boyfriend. or at least, i wish my boyfriend is as sweet and funny as you are. 😛

  53. *sniff* I sure hope Nicole sees this, she sure as hell will be touched by this, because me, who didn’t know you at all in real life, cried while reading this.. it’s just too sweet.. :’)

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