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  1. *LOL* Hey sicko!
    this is your punishment for beaming us the horrigible blogskin!!
    BTW, it should be couple of blue diamond shaped pills…not those white ones u can from the backlane of some redlight district!!

  2. get well soon. perhaps if u didn’t turn so often when nymph walk by, the lymph node won’t enlarge in size.. 🙂
    take care.

  3. hey dude,
    this might do the trick:
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    get the free shaver and get well then huh?

  4. hi kenny ^_^ try jia hor lingzhi… it’s good for health…
    ur swelling ofthe neck should be due to ur lympnotes… heh..i used to have that when i get sick.. but lingzhi and panadol does the trick : )
    get well soon : )

  5. hey dude, dont go on those crash diets lah!
    symptons like these bound to pop up!
    take care of yourself.

  6. When I myself fell sick yesterday, I thought to myself, “Hmm…Since Kenny started blogging, there was never one entry about him falling sick. He must be one of those who fall sick at the most twice a year.”
    I’m sorry. 🙁
    Get well soon. Frenching is hard when you have a hurting neck.

  7. this is nothing, u should die from cancer for insulting xiaxue’s physical attributes even tho she is the one who make u famous by rubbing shoulder with you, u ingrate, i am ashamed by u for being the best blog of m’sia!!!!!

  8. must the effect of those localbrand t-shirts. there ain’t no more milk in kenny’s body. calcium dehydrated. sigh.

  9. anonymous is a funny dude. hahah. I mean, insult XIAXUE? LOL. Its amazing how thick some people can be….
    Maybe u are too honest to the point where u actually believe some of the “insults” kenny dished out? LOL. Go for some humour class man… u lack a lot.

  10. Thanks for all the well wishes guys. My body temperature is still high so I’m grateful tomorrow is a public holiday. 🙂
    As for that anonymous commented who said I “should die from cancer for insulting xiaxue’s physical attributes” – fuck you.

  11. That’s a swollen lymph node you have. Don’t worry about it, its normal. Most important thing to do is to get as much rest as humanely possible, even if it means staying in bed all day. That usually settles a viral infection in 24 hours. Just had a bug myself recently too.

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