Localbrand T-Shirts

Check out what I got in the mail over the weekend.

It’s a package from Mr Turodrique Fuad, all the way from sunny Singapore. I picked them up from the post office last Saturday.

Look at THAT. Localbrand T-shirts in the mail! Thank you, Turodrique!
If you haven’t heard of Localbrand you probably haven’t been following news from the blogosphere much. Localbrand is a Singaporean-based dare-to-be-different fashion label that launched into limelight earlier this year when they created newswaves by appointing blogger XiaXue as their brand Ambassador.

Localbrand T-shirts are known for their interesting designs and their fondness in using a T-shirt as a media platform to convey subtle messages. They are about non-conformity. They are about self-awareness. They are about the Asian way of life.

These are new designs from Localbrand’s latest collection and Turodrique is nice enough to send me some samples. I’m happy because this is the first time I get something compliments of a fashion label as a result of my blog. 🙂 Besides, it makes my balls grow large knowing I’m the first person in Kuching to own these new Localbrand T-shirts.

To show Localbrand my appreciation, I took these shameless photos of myself posing so they can include them in their new catalogue. Yes Turodrique, you can use these photos free of charge without making me into a brand ambassador or something. Nah, don’t mention it. Heh heh heh.

The t-shirts are really comfy! None of those Giordano bullcrap. These are definitely quality threads. I wear Localbrand with pride so I’m a member of Elite, inc. (And stop staring at my tit.)

Here, I tried to an act-cool while professing my undying love for Annabel Chong.

Alright, enough shilling from me. If you know what’s good for you, go get yourself a Localbrand T-shirt NOW.

I was woken up by Kimm at freaking 6:30am on a Sunday morning with an SMS that says “Dude, I think your blog got hacked.” Five minutes later, she send me another message: “Asshole. I didn’t realise your blog was hacked by YOU.”
Dammit, can’t a man sleep in on a Sunday morning without being abused? 😉

41 Replies to “Localbrand T-Shirts”

  1. LOL…what is your workout plan? sit-up for 20 per set and for 5 set? well that’s mine..:) by the great with the “local brand”, singapore one…tot u said made in kuching….

  2. Eh.. the tshirts too small for you lah.. not you fat.. it’s the tshirts fault. Don’t worry Kenny. You not fat.

  3. Oy, Kenny! I’ve got that matching ‘I Love Annabel Chong’ t-shirt!
    Must wear it together the next time u come down to SG ok? Then the world will truly know it’s me you’re in love with 😉

  4. heh. i’ve got a couple of localbrand tshirts gab bought for me when we first started out. yeah i agree with you that the designs are funky and the material pretty quality stuff. so that makes me the first person in kuching to have localbrand tees? LOL.

  5. Hey dude, what happend to your gym membership ? Should get some major definition/cut on your arms by now 🙂 You got the genetic gift for a body builder, don’t put it to a waste.

  6. hey…nice tee. totally love man! cant beleive someone from overseas intro me to a local brand…no punt intended! thanks kenny..read ur sins of blog design post and i like immediately changed my skin. thanks man 😉
    ps: pls come tag my board…

  7. Think if these ‘T’ shirts producers “dare to be different” they sud print one which sound like this:
    This will appropriately reflect the true Sinkapore spirit, rite now, from wot i gleaned tru the internet.

  8. actually teh pic with the green shirt looks like he is facing a strong gust of wind. so front looks tight but the back doesn’t.

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