LG Shine Fashion Phone

We take a break from our daily adventures on kennysia.com to bring to you this special message from our sponsors at LG Mobile.

Say hello to the new LG Shine! 🙂
Following the footsteps of the popular Black Label Series line of fashion phones, this baby is set to get heads turning from the style conscious crowd.

Unlike most phones out there made out of cheap plastic, this silver number is sturdily constructed with stainless steel, which actually feels amazing to hold on my hands. On top of that, its sleek and slim profile is sure to grab the attention it is designed for.

Indeed, the LG Shine is too beautiful to look at. I made the mistake of bringing the phone with me to Penang, and the girls I was travelling with can’t resist just picking it up and playing with it (eventhough they all unanimously hate my ringtone, “Beatbox Acappella”)
You know how sad your life is when your phone received more attention from the females than you do.

The signature attraction of the LG Shine is its eye-catching mirror-like front facing. Beneath this reflective (but easily smudged) surface hides the phone’s LCD screen, much similar to the LG Chocolate.
When the screen is unused you can hold it up and see a faintly distorted reflection of yourself from its casing.

Once you slide it open, this stunner of a phone illuminates itself in all its shining glory. It’s a really cool effect.
I particularly liked the keypad’s striking blue backlights upon the phone’s silver metallic body. The colour combination made the LG Shine look like one helluva futuristic gadget.

The sliding mechanism has certainly improved since the LG Chocolate. This one whips out steadily without the slightest wobble, culminating with a satisfying snap.
Most navigation are done with the multifunctional scroll button located on the top part of the phone. All other keys on the phone are completely flat except for the grooves surrounding it, which are curved to make them look all the more deliciously sexy.

I flipped the phone over to the other side and was greeted with a 2-megapixel camera with auto-focus, featuring lens by Schneider-Kreuznach. Having used a digital camera sporting those German lens before, I can certainly vouch for its quality.
This photo is taken with the LG Shine’s built-in phone camera.

Look at the amount of detail it captured!
Check out my unedited full-resolution test shot here.

Coupled with the huge LCD screen on the phone, the camera function is a real joy to use.
I’m pleasantly surprised to find how well done the phone’s built-in MP3 player is.

Most phones tend to force you to use their own propietary earphones. But LG Shine thoughtfully included an inline MP3 player remote, which you could then attach a pair of high-end earphones to get even better sound quality.
Storage space is not a problem either since it comes with a MicroSD card slot.

The unit I received came along with a 1GB MicroSD card.
Bloody hell, that thing is smaller than a 5 cent coin. Imagine how much pirated MP3 stuff you could load onto it!

Another software I really like is the Document Viewer. It lets you open up Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and even PDF files right from your phone.
That kinda functionality is almost making this fashion phone into a smartphone.

Unfortunately, this unit I received is a review test set and honestly speaking I’m kinda sad to have to return it to LG so soon.
The LG Shine fashion phone is now available immediately from your local mobile phone stores. Last I checked, the going price for one of these babies is RM1,200 – possibly even lower if you bargain hard.

I say at that price, chances are you’ll be hard-pressed to find another phone that look even half as good as the Shine.

If you wanna know more, go check out LG Shine’s cool website and get yourself a chance to win a holiday for two to Seoul, Korea.

Blog Plug of the Day: so-dakota.com. Thai blogger Dakota took a crowd photo from the Nuffnang gathering I posted yesterday and psycho-analysed each and every single person in the picture.
Who’s the hottest? Who’s the weirdest? The vote is yours.

102 Replies to “LG Shine Fashion Phone”

  1. in the top 10 list again… kenny, good review… i appreciate it… will surely propose ur blog for future review mate… thanks & many thanks

  2. I bought one as an anniversary present for my husband earlier this year and he loves it to pieces. That thing should be called shiny instead of shine. LOL. I can’t bear to look at it in the sun for fear of being blinded.

  3. he doesn’t get it free..he has to return it back to LG.
    “Unfortunately, this unit I received is a review test set and honestly speaking I’m kinda sad to have to return it to LG so soon.”

  4. Kinda short for a review. But sufficient as an introduction.
    I kinda prefer the looks of Chocolate though…
    This one looks too much like a crossbreed between an ASUS and a Motorola.

  5. I like the phone.. but is it a good investment before it gets replaced by another newer version of LG priced at around the same amount some time soon?

  6. how much did they pay u advertise that?
    blogging can be such a ‘lucrative’ thing to do. aint it?

  7. I think LG paid Kenny fairly well to advertise for them on the LG Shine.
    The phone is a complete waste of money.
    I wonder why Kenny never mention it that the phone does not allow you to set your own songs for the message tone. So is kinda suck to choose only from the default boring tones on the phone.
    The volume of the phone is shitty too. You can barely hear the sound of the highest volume if the phone is ringing in a mall.
    Because of the stainless steel frame, the reception of the phone is very poor compared to normal phones.
    These are the 3 major drawbacks of the phone. The rest I agree with Kenny. I thought you guys should know the drawbacks before just go and buy the phone.
    Just my 2cents.

  8. I still think the nokia 8800 looks better leh. Got one in 2005 dec, still using it now. These days, all swanky looking phones are basically replicas of the 8800 original. hard, matte steel casing, thumb flick opening, snazzy electric blue pads etc. what i realli wanna lay my hands on is the apple iphone!!

  9. I’ve found LG phones to be flimsy in the past, but this steel number looks like it could have fixed that. Is it heavy? I actually like a bit of weight in my phone so I can feel it in my pocket.

  10. iPhone doesn’t come to M’sia until 2008, and u can’t buy them from the states coz it’s under package.. and u can’t even change the sim card. plus, unless ur a busy bizman (which i doubt anyone who’s free enough to read ppl’s blog r) it’s not even worth it.
    go and get a prada phone if ur fashion concious. it’s better than iphone.

  11. but e joystick very difficult to use cos it only moves up and down while left and right controlled by seperate button…
    kinda irritating cos i m very used to SE phones liaoz… but i do like e looks of Shine…

  12. Ha ha… That phone truly IS beautiful!
    I would be so scared of scratching it wooh, will need extra protective cover and an alarm system to keep all them girls off your phone! mua ha ha ha … wouldn’t be a good phone if you were committed in a relationship… will be so beautiful one day your wife or gf doesn’t even ask if she can look and she just pick it up gazing at how beautiful it is then a msg from your other gf pop up, big shit! LOL

  13. whoa, really sweet phone… but LG isn’t like the best of phone manufacturers is it? haha maybe this one is different… i dunno…

  14. deng kenny….
    this phone has battery problem……
    dunno true or not…juz heard from some three mobile seller…..
    when want to comment about nokia N95….(thou it also has battery problem…..)???

  15. unfortunately no 3G. how can it be?!?!?!? many other fons got ler. then who wanna buy???
    anyway i dun use 3G at all.

  16. Speaking of phones, Kenny did u hear that Digi is giving out phones for fixed line applications like in the Europe market? You probably have, as you’re in Malaysia, but I just heard about it from trinidad.
    Nice coverage btw.

  17. Dear, Hmmm… don’t know la what to say, I was thinking of getting one earlier on .. after reading on so many comments .. I m now confused. I will stick to my SE for as long as it’s still good lar. I like that little angel..

  18. Hmm.. I checked out this phone before. Not too bad. But not for me. I use my phones rough. A phone like this would not survive how I use my phones. Sure scratch wan. some more the shiny surface.. finger print galore!! But if you wan a classy phone, ok lar.. this one. The Samsung U600 oso not bad wei.

  19. LG n every handphone maker is pissing in their pants after the iPhone is released. That’s why suddenly LG wanted to show off their “lame” phone.
    Kenny Sia is old n out of touch with the “cool” crowd. Blog about the iPhone, nigga.

  20. Why should I blog about the iPhone especially when it’s:
    (1) not even available in Malaysia, and;
    (2) has a ‘beautiful’ price that costs more than my arm, my leg, and my left testicle, nigga?
    Gotta blog about things that’s relevant right?

  21. I agree with Kenny, iPhone costs not a leg, an arm or anything; buying an iPhone is like buying a tank and you can’t even use it on the tar road.
    Speaking of which, I think the commenter *H4RRY* is a bit out of sync with reality : Dude, do you even use Mac ?
    If not, shut up, because I do and I almost owned every Mac hardware (3 iPods, a Powerbook G4, an iMac) dating from 2001 save for AppleTV.
    Any Mac user will know that getting the 1st version of any Mac hardware (be it the iPod, the laptop or desktop) will be a costly mistake, until Apple revved up the hardware and release a better version for a lower price. The only reason these people lined up for 2 days outside Apple stores in US is because they want to be the first to test/use the technology, and because they have the money and gut to do so.
    I will tell you why you shouldn’t get an iPhone now :
    1. You’re not in the continental USA.
    2. You have to be ready to spend at least
    US$2,000 for the next 2 years just to buy the
    thing and subscribe to the mobile service
    (AT&T).You can’t even use other service
    3. The iPhone does not have 3G capability, yet.
    4. It has only 2MP camera, my K800i does better
    than that for only RM1,3000; yet the iPhone
    costs almost RM2,000.
    5. You can’t just go out and buy a new
    replacement battery after the original
    battery wears out; you have to be ready to
    spend a fortune just to have the battery
    replaced by either Apple or someone else.
    Other than that, iPhone is a good example (and a good attempt) of hardware + software integration, and the multitouch screen is something other hp/pda don’t have yet. I say wait for another 12 months, and I can bet my ass that Apple is going to release a better iPhone for even lower price (and for Asia market), ready compatibility with other service provider,ready integration of 3G and ready solutions to the problems that I outlined above.
    Ciao !

  22. wah ur k800i of course better then iphone la cost 13000 worr!!!!!!!! got 1 carat diamond attached with it?
    kenny i tot u like samsung wan? the sibeh gaolat take picture clear clear even 10 megapixel camera aso lose wan zoom x100 aso clear wan le…wad model issit adi a?

  23. wow that mojo guy so rich ho got this apple that apple… apple king! most eligible bachelor in the house!!! sibeh u luei sibeh kiang! gan…

  24. All good comments, and none to bash at all?
    This isn’t really your style.
    You are a natural critique, not a promoter. Once again, we’re facing the everlasting debate of Quality v Quantity. Keep this up, and loyalty may fade.
    I really did enjoyed the great pre-paid providers comparison that you did months ago. Maybe malaysian consumer unions ought to hire you.

  25. I think that whilst it looks all new and shiny, you will spend most of the time worrying about dropping & scratching it whilst it is in your possession because of the nature of the surface. And really, is anything really worth that much worrying? (Unless you earn so much money that it doesn’t matter if you drop this one!)

  26. Just wondering… What is the interface design and operating system like? Usability? Easy to use? I’m looking for a new phone as well – I’m hung up between the LG shine and the Nokia N76.

  27. why ppl shud buy iPhone instead of any other brand? cuz it won’t LAPUKKKK larh. try buy LG Shine or star or moon, 5 months later sudah out of trend.kekekeke!!! sori ya kenny, just my P.O.V.

  28. hey kenny i didn’t know this blog was a mobile phone review site, though i have to say the reviews are nothing more than an ass kissing commentary, with bias to LG.
    1200 seems quite cheap if its all stanless steel. too bad it isn’t nokia. paid NZ $1k for an N91 which now leaves me feeling nothing more than regret…

  29. If LG pay me and give me a HP to advertise for them. I will too write everything good about the handphone. And take pictures to make the HP look like it’s a shiny mirror.
    This is an advertisement blog for LG.
    And like any advertisment we see on TV, newspaper or listen on the radio, we cannot trust it 100%.
    Even a shit will look nice in an advertisement..?

  30. Btw, the K800i does not cost RM1,3000 – typo mistake. It costs RM1,300 when I got it, and now the price has plunged to about RM1,000++ after 3 months – haiya !
    One more thing – I ain’t the most eligible bachelor in the house because I owned Macs – that is only because I like their design and Apple’s efforts to make hardware look good on the outside and inside.
    Ciao !

  31. I got the phone for my birthday. I love everything but it, but the reception!!!!!!! I always get cut off mid-way when i use the phone and it’s beyond frustrating and it happens to almost ALL my phone calls! I hate redialling, and having to call back the person again.

  32. iPhone is in malaysia already lah.
    i have a friend that is working as some job related to that told me one. he was there for the launch or something like that.
    if i remembered correctly.


  34. please, zerobaby.. are you just jealous that he’s getting fees and the chance to test out the phone?
    don’t be so immature la.

  35. Matt, you’re right with the flaw of LG shine, but it’s not that hard to be polite if you wanna leave a comment. You’re so rude with ur vulgar words and it sounds exactly no difference from a stone age babarian. gosh…

  36. I realy lyke these fones but do they do it in pink?
    if any1 can send me a web link with pics of them i would me grateful.

  37. Um, I dont wanna sound rude, or lyke a peace keeper, but can yuo all chill out?
    This is just a site at the end of the day and i think it will be much more fun if every1 got along. Perhaps you should all try it. Please dont take this as a affence though, i mean well.

  38. please, zerobaby.. are you just jealous that he’s getting fees and the chance to test out the phone?
    don’t be so immature la.
    Posted by: dudette at 02 August 2007 9:20 PM | Link to comment
    dudette, what’s wrong with u? i said just like the key chain. anything’s wrong with my comment?
    or actually u wanna reply that Matt’s comment? c porperly who is the one comment for it. dunno how to read blog ar? dont read lar.
    u scold me for what?
    from: zerobaby

  39. btw
    the lg shine yeah
    well i’ve had it for a year.
    the signals good everywhere with me.
    and you can choose your own music for the ringtone you dick
    your just to stupid to figure out how to do it.
    but yeah i must admit the mp3 isnt very loud
    but you should get your facts right first.

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