Sex And The City State

I’m back in Singapore now for a short stop after a long 10 hour flight from Auckland.

The city state is having this Singapore Biennale thing, which is interesting because half the population probably don’t even know what the word “Biennale” means. Heck, I don’t even know how to pronounce the word “Biennale”, but I’ve caught enough of it to understand that it’s some sorta large scale art exhibition.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bagging it. In fact, I’m enjoying myself going through their art pieces on show. I love it because some of the sculptures they put up are quite… erm… well… stimulating. πŸ˜‰

Like this one in front of Wheelock Place that features a faceless lady that kinda look like she’s from the Night Elf faction in Warcraft III.
In case you’re wondering, yes, those are breasts. And those two little things in front of her lady lumps are called nipples. Don’t be silly, art pieces don’t have to wear bras. Because if they wear bras, its not called art anymore. Doesn’t matter that it’s placed right in the middle of busy Orchard Road with kids walking by.
But that was nothing. My favourite sculpture though, has gotta be this one in front of Ngee Ann City.

I believe the title for this is called “The Headless, Armless, Big-Boobed, Buck Naked Lady Having A Caesarean-section To Lay An Egg”. Serious.
I don’t have rock hard evidence with me, but I was told Geylang reported a unprecedented increase in sales immediately after these exhibits were revealed to the world.
Y’know, if this is what the Singapore Biennale is all about, I support it 100%, with three thumbs up.
Don’t ask me where my third thumb is.

I have only been away from my blog a few days and what do I get? Bunch of ugly racist commenters on a completely irrelevant entry about the beautiful scenery of New Zealand.
You guys really HATE me so much you just wanna see me get into trouble, don’t you?

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  1. those were by salvador dali. think he was into surrealism. i’m actually dying to go to s’pore to catch the arts festival but sigh. it’s the middle of the semester! it’s a good thing you managed to stop by while the sculptures are still out on display, you lucky lucky man!

  2. Hey Kenny,try going to google image search,type “The Persistence of Memory” and you will see the exact thing you see on the sculptures.It’s from Salvador Dali like what lishun said.

  3. haha the guy that did the lay egg painting is queer. he thinks that anal sex is the only real sex. i guess that is why his art is very… um, open?

  4. Biennale is pronounced as Bien-na-leh. The end sounds like “na-leh” as in “finale”
    Definition: any biennial art exhibition
    Etymology: from Biennale, an international art exhibition held every two years at Venice, Italy
    If you are into arts, there’s more than 10+ Dali sculptures around town for this festival. Check out the Picasso, etc at Opera Gallery, Ngee Ann City Tower B till Oct 14. Free entry.

  5. C’est Magnificique! Dali’s one of my fave painters! I’m no art connoisseur, but I *love* anything that is SURREALISM! I’ve got posters of Dali’s “The Rose”, “Persistence of Memory” and “Allegorie de Soie”.

  6. everyone who thinks big boobs is art is absolutely out of ther mind. its like another way to show how crazy you are with boobs without telling people you’re a sex maniac.but of course everyone still knows that you are a sex horse

  7. lets not talk the chi bye politic about malaysia,politic is dirty.let us enjoy kennysia nice blog and dont put him in trouble.Those stupid people thought they are smart better give their chi bye comment somewhere else,but not in this

  8. Shame on those people who instigate racial ill-feeling with their unpleasant and unwelcome comments. Please put your comments somewhere else. Not on Kenny’s personal blog. Please grow up. You are not even a small kid. A small kid is colour blind and wouldn’t utter all these racist remarks. You are worse than animals. At least animals can be tame. Don’t know how to describe those people.

  9. Kenny, any possibility of creating your own sculpture in the future? I’m more than happy to do it for you. FOC of course. But only the naked ones with your third tumb.

  10. Must have been on one of the last, if not the last Air NZ flight to Singapore. Sadly, AirNZ has decided to withdraw from Singapore, leaving only SIA with direct flights.

  11. I do not think that the Chinese are marginalised in Malaysia. I have never seen a minority group in other countries who enjoy so many benefits, from religious freedom, educational freedom and even a certain amount of political clout. The Chinese in Malaysia are merely using the remarks by MM Lee to prove their point, and to fight against the bumiputera.
    Chinese in Malaysia are the richest race and they control the economy. We have certain cronies of the ex-PM like Eric of Perwaja Steel, who have cashed in on the corruption in Malaysia. Not only did the Chinese take advantage of Malaysia, they destroyed our country through corruption. For every taker, they must be a giver. We must not blame the takers as the malays in the government are not rich and they struggle for a living. The ruthless Chinese businessmen will bribe the poor Malay Government Officials in order to obtain contracts and favors. These ruthless Chinese Businessmen must be blamed for the downfall of Malaysia and the rampant corruption in Malaysia.
    If the Chinese and Indians are not happy, they can get out of Malaysia. Nobody is stopping them, as long as they come back and contribute after they graduate. We just want your money and effort bangsa pendatangs. We do not care about your rights. As long as you toe the line, vote BN, we will not harm you.
    Chinese pendatangs, please shut up and be grateful to your Malay Masters. It is not right for you to complain after so much have been done for you.

  12. I like the melting clock but not the “The Headless, Armless, Big-Boobed, Buck Naked Lady Having A Caesarean-section To Lay An Egg”.
    Some jobless people just wanna use your popularity and post their racist comments in your blog to get attentions. Maybe you should delete them off?

  13. Awesome blog… You’ve got an great sick sense of humor I can totally relate to πŸ˜‰
    Hope you’re gonna visit Perth soon!

  14. To Peace dude, I simply could not understand the relevance of your postings with this blog topic. You are definitely not making peace for inflaming racial sentiments of this sort.
    You claim that the Chinese took advantage and exploited the country of Malaysia. Mind you, statistics have shown that 70% of taxes collected are from the Chinese populace which consists namely of businessman and professionals. The majority of the Malay working class do not contribute much to income tax as they are of low income earners. In other words, I assume that you are a Malay Bumiputera, your discount in housing, scholarships and etc are funded from the Chinese population. If you are so righteous, then you should probably reject all these benefits and rights accorded to you. Entrepreneurs like Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong of Genting , Tan Sri Vincent Tan of Berjaya Group and Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow of Public Bank contributed tremendously to the economy in the form of jobs creation, taxes etc. These monies collected are used to build the mosques you worship in and the schools you studied.
    The next question that you need to ask is whether these monies collected from them is Syariah compliant or halal as the source of revenue is from gaming and interest bearing activities. Chances are, it is not. So, the next time when you pray to Allah, please be grateful and pray for the well being of Genting, Carlsberg, Berjaya Toto and Public Bank.

  15. I don’t usually comment, and prefer to enjoy the photos and stupidity and good writing silently from my fellow average-ball-sized blogger.
    This is for all the people out there commenting on totally irrelevant things.
    What is the point of bringing up irrelevant topics ? You won’t change a thing. You are just squabbling in a small page read by a number of people who don’t care what you say.
    Do me a favour. Shut up. Enjoy the blog. And Shut Up somemore.
    Is that so hard for your small brains to get ?
    Oh, don’t bother replying, by the way. I won’t be reading. πŸ™‚
    Cya suckers.

  16. I do feel sorry for you Kenny for all these racial issues in your blog these few days but don’t let them spoil your day. Cheer up!

  17. why u all are so chicken if u all want to comments about yours great comments about politic u all this stupid people should met at somewhere else,not in or u should leave u contact in this blog then maybe u all can settle this stupid matter else where.lets not spoilt this message is for those chicken coward .

  18. Hey Kenny,
    I hate censorship but you might have to consider some form of screening. Your popularity and the possibility of anonymous comments is too tempting for some people.

  19. Refer to comments by PeaceDude @ chow chee bye
    #If the Chinese and Indians are not happy, they can get out of Malaysia. Nobody is stopping them, as long as they come back and contribute after they graduate. We just want your money and effort bangsa pendatangs. We do not care about your rights. As long as you toe the line, vote BN, we will not harm you.
    Chinese pendatangs, please shut up and be grateful to your Malay Masters. It is not right for you to complain after so much have been done for you.#
    Somehow I think you are the same fucker (MFTM). you must be very sick SOB either you not Malaysian or you just jealous of kenny site. I know you bloody intension is to create hate in this site.Theres one place suitable for you, you go to HELL. SOB like you should be put in a place call ‘Rumah Orang Gila’. You better pray u not being detected, hey u think we can’t trace you by posting this hate mail. FUCK OFF when you still can.

  20. damn. i check your blog once in a blue moon and i had to miss the part where you come to auckland. would have been great to meet the ever so famous blogger πŸ˜€

  21. kenny, i usually like your blog, but this one shows you dont know anything about art… come on, if you’re going to look at a piece of art and go “Ah hurr hurr hurr i can see her boobies” then AT LEAST, it should be a more erotic piece of art with MORE NUDITY. i think the malaysian cencorship has gone to your head if you get turned on by this.

  22. I always knew you only have a thumb down there. You’d probably feel uneasy taking a pee beside a guy with a rod inside a Gents Room…

  23. salvador dali’s most famous and eccentric works! the melting clock from the persistance of memory, the female figure and the crutch( his obsession with female breasts), his use of eggs as a symbol of birth.. i had to do a research assignment on him, he’s a weird as, all those sculptures above depicted his sexual anxiety.


  25. i think you are right limeuu.As far as i know if he is pure malay friend i dont think he/she will made this comments during this PUASA MONTH.I think all ours malay friends are very friendly& polite……. this PEACEDUDE is not a MALAY he/she is a chinese PIG just want to creata WAR on this beautiful blog.

  26. Wow! is hard to catch up with Singapore… by the time we achieve Wawasan 2020 we might not have such an exhibits in KL. I think we have a lot of catching up to do.

  27. KENNY SIA !
    Statuephilia, also called agalmatophilia, or Pygmalionism after the myth of Pygmalion, is an uncommon sexual fetish or paraphilia that involves sexual attraction to statues or dolls.
    YOU HAVE Statuephilia PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i dont like to stay out of topic but this time
    i have to say something this way… for those who
    find problems.
    different race is like different spice, the more the better… everyday salt only is bae tahan, so boring, add in pepper smell better… ohhhh and if has onion yum yum.. garlic… oh yeah….and chili… Uuuh HOT! Belacan.. AArrrrr…. im hungry liao !!!!! if you are pepper dont complain chili, if you belacan be proud and need the rest too to make you belacan!
    no one is complete and why not but mutual coexist!~ grow up more today? bagus!

  29. people, stop replying to the political emails even if you disagree with them, the best thing is to ignore.
    once he sees that no one replies him, he’ll go away. you’re actually making him very happy when you reply.

  30. If you can’t ignore those irrelevant comments, I think the best way is just delete them la.. it’s getting tiring already…

  31. Now you’ve unwittingly let the truth out. The third one is only a thumb? And you’ve always boasted of it like it was a pole.

  32. from wikipedia…
    Kenny Sia also openly admit that he is having statuephilia. As he has said “if this is what the Singapore Biennale is all about, I support it 100%, with three thumbs up.”

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