SEGi College Malaysia Main Campus @ Kota Damansara

SEGi College Malaysia recently unveiled their brand new flagship campus in Kota Damansara. I was invited over to write about them during their Open Day and OMG it was HUUUUUGGEEEEE.

As if everything in Damansara is not big enough.
People here already live in HUGE condos, walk around HUGE shopping malls and living off their HUGE paychecks. With the addition of the college campus, Kota Damansara has just gotten bigger.

I thought their new campus building looks kinda like a mosque from the outside, but SEGi College insists that it was Roman-inspired. Whatever lah.
Seriously though, I won’t be surprised if our Prime Minister mistakenly walked into it because SEGi College looks so much like his office in Putrajaya.

The whole campus looks straight-up spectacular. Walking up some huge staircase into their lobby, I was like “Whoa! This isn’t a place where people come to study. This is a 5-star hotel!”
Reinforcing the whole Roman theme are some more Roman statues scattered all over the place.

The place is so Roman, I felt like I should come in here wearing a toga.

Don’t you think this picture looks FUNNY?
It’s like the statue is trying to tell the little boy something.

Anyway, I embeded myself to a student counsellor and took the tour around campus.

The whole place just looks downright amazing. Places of education used to resemble more like a prison, so this is quite a pleasant change.

They really pamper their student these days. The outdoor setting tastefully decorated with plants and statues; the indoor area all fully air-conditioned and equipped with wireless internet so students don’t have to break a sweat when they’re cramming for exams.

SEGi College has been around for 30 years and is the country’s largest group of private colleges.
The new Kota Damansara campus is now accepting July-intake students, offering courses ranging from the more popular ones like business and engineering …

… to creative arts …

… to the more niche ones like psychology and nursing.

Speaking of nursing, their nursing department put on the most interesting exhibition ever.
I had so much fun with their displays. Like scolding them.

“OI! USE YOUR BRAIN LAH! No brain ah?! Nah, give you.”

“Hey congratulations. Your weight loss is a success!”

“See lah! This is what happens when you study too much and forgot to eat.”

Damn skull.

The SEGi College Kota Damansara campus looks so gorgeous it can make anyone feel like going back to becoming a student again.
A hostel is built onsite next to some excellent sporting facilities, including a gym, a squash court and an indoor multipurpose hall that could be used for badminton and tennis.

It’s even got a swimming pool located smack in the middle of their Roman-esque piazza. How cool is that?
Although from what I know happens in colleges, I don’t think this swimming pool is gonna be used so much for actual swimming, but to throw your friends in during their birthdays. πŸ˜›

Heck, the college is so awesome, it even grew a set of BALLS!

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  1. Wah so dam prestigious lar, the fees must be a real killer, but seriously it really makes you wanna go back to study doesnt it??
    SIgh……….wish i had the $$$ to go back to study it looks FUN……….hahaha

  2. wow it looks like a nice, huge, new and clean college.who wouldn’t be there if they have money?*wink*.. but why are the college look like a mosque? – look at the 1st and 2nd picture.

  3. Oh my….. O.o TAT’S REAL HUGEEEEEEEEEEE…..i havent attend my graduation day though, wonder m i going to attend IN THIS CAMPUS???? im frm SEGi College S’wak but i’ve been told tat my graduation will b somewhere in KL, main campus. is this the 1??? im so sua ku =.=||| UNBELIEVABLE!!
    sigh….i really wish i can continue master…WOOT!!!!! O.O

  4. Gosh, stickgal’s note is so cute! I didnt know about her site before, thank you for the link πŸ™‚
    The school looks super great. Now if only I was rich enough to get into a place like that πŸ˜›

  5. prestigious college building for rich student. otherwise, go to unimas lar. unimas bigger than that and japan-inspired!!! segi got swimming pool(looks like swimming pool), unimas got big lake. segi got 5 star hotel lobby, unimas got shopping complex style library. segi got roman statue, unimas got big “tomb” with al-quran phrase. hehe!

  6. i love stickgal too. wish i could draw like that.
    and it wasn’t until recently i realised, she’s eugene’s friend!!
    they fly SQ one.

  7. we hav 1 segi col in penang.
    the other day i wen in to ask for the ACCA course,
    the lobby looks like a hotel lobby. doesnt look like a col. very diff from IPG!
    and the course fees is cheaper than IPG gave me..
    now stil thinking which col i should go..

  8. pppkenny……
    segi college is previous known as systematic college and under the big umbrella of systematic, there are systematic college and IBMS college. kuching’s segi college is at bukit mata kuching, beside OCBC BANK.

  9. Its still calling itself systematic, keith,just in a different form…
    SEGI stands for SystEmatic Group International…

  10. sure is grand. My bro is gonna study there, it’s not really that expensive. I expected it’s some kinda normal college but this looks so hugeeeeee!

  11. y not we have that as segi college (ibms) in kuching… kuching’s segi college? i’m speechless… if only ibms kch were like that…. segi college in kch = unappropriate at all

  12. Kenny,
    Hope you didn’t photoshop any of those pictures? Very impressive campus indeed. Hope they didn’t hire the same contractor who built our infamous leaking court complex.
    Are the female lecturers “chun” ah?:P….

  13. wuz there with fren. was huge with tennis & badminton & squash courts and a gym (upcoming) for those sporting type. Swimming pool a bit exposed tho. Dun think can be studying lor..if got gurlz is bikini romping around. haha.

  14. am studying in segi subang, which itself is hotel-like (but some furnishings quite cheapo). am transferring to that place next year. hope they don’t raise the fees there. it’s affordable lar…around rm25-50K for diploma or degree. expensive if compared to government unis, but cheap if compared to lim kok wing or taylors!

  15. Aihs… Looking at the pictures, I feel kinda sad.
    Cuz I don’t get to continue my degree at the new campus. I’m stuck at the old building in SS2 (old shop lot), dreads.
    I don’t understand, the campus is freaking huge, why can’t every student move to the new campus? Stupid. Angry. And we’re paying the same amount of money… Dammit.

  16. One of your less funny posts Kenny. It’s like you are trying too hard just to say something nice; though I’d say the campus looks rather awesome.

  17. pointless to have another huge college just to increase the penis size of whoever that gains the most from this project. give a few years and we might hear of the ceiling cracking/falling.

  18. Hey Kenny,
    Another one of your sucky blog since you were “paid” to do it. Forced humour not that funny one lah.

  19. Hei SS2 student. All fulltime students will get to transfer to the new campus for free la. Find out from your principal, who is also transferring to the new campus. We’re all moving to new campus next Monday. duh!!!

  20. yo man, you should come to taylor’s college, most expensive college in malaysia and currently having a major renovations of planting bamboos around the campus.

  21. Nice…very nice college. Makes me feel jealous didn’t have these when was at college. Always thought systematic segi is loucha shop lot education. Suddenly everybody talking about segi and great it is. Don’t think dear kenny got ‘paid’ la…

  22. Hi Kenny,
    Why don’t you do a review of all the major colleges & unis in town? like what you did with the telcos.
    Would help hundreds and thousands of kids in making their decision each year.
    This is not a sucky blog. Am amazed how you can turn something boring like education into something funny. Keep it up.

  23. Nice college, nice people, nice swimming pool, nice price, nice location, nice blog, nice everything….keep it up.

  24. Kanasai!!! study here must be veru presure… not cause by the homework.. is too show of the HP, car & galfrenz….

  25. reading previous comments, why would rich ppl wanna send their kids to SEGi when they can prolly afford UK? walao.

  26. Thanks Kenny!!
    for updating far away me with all those gorgeos photos and news of my ex-college.
    damn proud!!

  27. i worked there along with my friends that day…saw u kenny…haha…like God ni went you came over….Free publicity ma hor……
    sakit kaki rite walk the whole campus….

  28. I wished I was a student there, erm.. no, let me put it this way, I wished that was college, and we have that kind of campus. It does look like a mosque though, with roman statues. lolz..

  29. Taylors bamboo planting must be to placate current students. The crazy fees are capital for THEIR huge going ons at the new site.
    One of the better posts from Kenny these days. Let there be no heckling at an honest post.

  30. wao .. segi looks more awesome than MONASH new campus in SUNWAY ! ! but the fees, i bet Monash is still higher than Segi … No doubt

  31. wow nice college but absolutely pointless if its not meritocracy based and u have all sorts of HP6 ppl running the show…i hope for the sake of our local talented ppl that this college will benefit them, and not just another waste of taxpayers money, where u build a nice expensive shell and fill it with crap. having said that… the quality of the ppl really do dictate the prestige and standing of a tertiary institution, and fancy frills are just a bonus. we have the talent. no doubt about it. lets hope they benefit.

  32. ok, i know i hv to appreciate my *tiny* college in good ol’penang, but this is friggin unfair!!!
    lucky students.
    oh well….*heads back to books*

  33. my econs lecturer graduated from LSE, very prestigious school in europe. she teared when she saw the campus. i bet she didn’t regret of going there.

  34. LSE is london school of economics….its like getting into oxford or cambridge….its the best uni for econs,business stuff and law.

  35. din noe segi is buliding up new campus..
    taylor’s really sux! eventho they call themselves university college.. bah…

  36. this new campus of SEGI looks soooooo nice… but msia weather so HOT the nice nice pavement and all will just go to waste since no one will spend time slowly strolling etc…

  37. Unquestionably the College’s appearance portrays an undeniable religious influence. ROMAN, R O M A N?? Which TWIRP put this one forward? Any fool with the slightest inkling of History is aware that ROMANS were responsible for killing more Innocent CHRISTIANS & MUSLIMS that any other. Regardless,proof is in the pudding,Time and Results will tell whether it is an Impressive Piece of Religious Architechture or a Successfull Centre for Higher LEARNING.
    Elabourateness of the Institution suggests “Lots of Moolah” just for maintenance before even considering the Best Tutors. Which raises the next BIG question: WHO will be able to afford to attend this College? Unless Govt or Corporations step up with “Meaningfull” SCHOLARSHIPS which allows the Brightest to Attend on MERIT All Expenses Paid (25% of Students would be REASONABLE),it will soon sink into a Prestigious hang-out where fat wallets come to frolic.
    I’ve longed for the day when Govts realise that CURES for most of what ails humans’ are growing right at their doorsteps, if only the Will was there to devote serious TALENT, TIME & MONEY into research. Perhaps,designating a Wing of this most Impressive Institution for RESEARCH,could be a Start towards reducing DEPENDENCE on profit-oriented Pharmaceuticals.

  38. hate to bring this up, but why make a painfully uncool statement like that, as above. In addition, Islam only started from 610AD, well after the fall of the roman empire, at round bout 490AD or so…….
    wtf u on son?
    great blog kenny, uve been doin a great job amidst all the criticism uve had to take for no reason, hope u keep on bloggin for everyone!

  39. looks good but hardly practical. guess this is the malaysian spirit- got money, show off. way more like a hotel than a college.
    ps is that picture (20070523-14.jpg) a lecture halls? looks like a frickin theatre man.

  40. I think SEGi’s campus is much bigger than Inti Nilai ya….so huge..just like hotel..
    oh…i wish i cld go back to college again…

  41. Another paid advertorial, Kenny?
    It is your right, no argument. But it would be ethical if advertorial to be pointed out to your readers. Remember Uncle Ben’s last advice?

  42. i m very impressed..this is definitely way above par with the aussie unis in terms of facilities and renovations..looks very top class..but at the end of the day the lecturers will be very important..definitely looks like they want to attract some overseas students

  43. Far surpassing “uncool” is the presumption of Knowledge by the Ignorant or an Asshole seeking Certification.
    The Roman Empire which supposedly “Fell”, simply hijacked the Christian movement by killing off the Disciples,and effectively inherited Millions of Proxy Citizens willing to die for their FAITH to reverse it’s demise.
    Is why the Vatican “ROME” Today,is the smallest Country with a population which rivals China, without a single care about Health,Food,Clothing or Shelter for it’s citizens.
    Though Unethical & Immoral,a Master Stroke of Political Genius by Emperor Constantine who converted to Christianity on his deathbed, re-constructed his embattled country into a harmless Administrative entity, and Out-sourced it’s citizens to the Enemy.
    There was a time when being in possession of a copy of the Holy Scriptures or admission of Reading it,was punishable by Burning to Death under Roman Rule AFTER the “Fall” of the Empire.

  44. i’m currently studying in cheap n.. lousy SEGI college which located at BUKIT MATA KUCHING..i always kenak trapped inside that stupid elavator..
    after see the very new SEGI college…i would like to say …luckily i manage to FAILED few of my subjects..heheh coz.. i have to resit… again in this NEW N VERY HIGH CLASS DE SEGI COLLEGE!! heheh

  45. Holy shit. My college has nothing against this.
    And the dome doesn’t look that Islamic. In fact, you have the St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City) and St Paul’s Cathedral (London) with similar domes. Onion domes, now those are more of an Islamic thing here.

  46. Very cheena looking lah. Like some Shanghainese under-40 millionaire with no idea that Italy looks like a boot plucked a mish-mash of mass produced ersatz ‘Roman’ stuff and put it all together in one place.
    Still, I never say no to a place with a decent-sized pool.

  47. a college like that is not necessarily a good college..its just a college for rich spoilt kids. it is the teachers who will make or break this investment and if i am not wrong, malaysian teachers are highly under qualified internationally. i’ve known teachers from malaysia who come overseas with great reputations and references but fail to achieve anything more than a part time teaching job.
    Facilities galore ? its only a matter of time before the cleaners do not maintain their standard of cleanliness..but then again..malaysia has no responsible cleaners. everything they built, is left to rot. could you also list up their prices per term in your blog? then maybe your readers will see how education which should be made readily available to the general public has become a corporate privatized affair. should the poor not be allowed to enjoy such lavish treatment? your regular joe ain’t gonna be able to afford the fees i presume? and i’m guessing that malays have priorities in intakes as well? not to mention possible price reductions? …sickening
    all in all, i conclude that this is a waste of real estate and money. its a college..its not even a university..people go to colleges in malaysia to study for 2 years or so before screwin off to uni..heck this entire college is basically a pampered break for rich brats before they go overseas

  48. Kenny, how can you post a college review without college babes? Hahaha. Nevertheless, glad that Segi has finally has a proper campus, you should check out their business school in KL, it sucked so bad!

  49. YY, UIA inspired?? u gotta be kidding! i’ve been to UIA, that’s an islamic school! SEGi is totally different man! wonder if u’d been to UIA…

  50. dear unimpressed…
    school for rich spoilt kids… hmm… i wonder if my daughter is a rich spoilt kid… she studied there on a scholarship, she loved the campus, she told me she can’t wait to start her semester there… i certainly do not think we are of rich family, and she is definitely not a spoit kid as she has 11A1!!!

  51. fees expensive?? i wonder… i do ADP in Subang, planning to transfer to this grand campus next year…
    last time when i was in taylors for their american transfer program, gawd… just can’t afford la… then i transfer to HELP, GAWD!!! RM1600 per subject!!! not in SEGi, only RM1200! well, i think that’s the cheapest on malaysia!!!
    oh… did i mention their ADP is the best ever in malaysia, crazy funky lecturers… i love VIJAY (ADP BUSINESS LECTURER)!!!!

  52. ceh it may look good now but it’ll be vandalised in no time. blades, chewing gum, correction liquid, you name it.

  53. Kenny said “I did mention that “I was invited to write about them” by the college”
    Ops, missed that. Thousand apologies.

  54. The funds are either internally generated or borrowed la. What’s the talk about wasting taxpayers’ money? It’s not government institution.
    Thought the quality at segi is pretty good recently…especially the subang one. The comment!

  55. I agree with suertes on his comment.
    Looks like “new money” spent in extremely distasteful ways.
    End of the day, its not so much the building but the quality of education provided.
    To DolphyN: There’s always the 3B’s… Beg, borrow or blame. =)

  56. since all comments in english, now i will type up my comment in Bahasa Malaysia because i’m one of pelajar melayu here in SEGi college. bila saya baca komen yang diberikan, banyak tanggapan yang mengatakan kolej ni utk anak2 org kaya, tak pun untuk anak2 yang berpendapatan tinggi sahaja tetapi tanggapan itu semua SALAH sama sekali kerana saya bukanlah anak org yg berada. buat masa ini saya sedang mengikuti kursus kejururawatan dan utk pengetahuan semua saya hanyalah gadis kampung yang mempunyai bapa yg telah bersara dari polis dan ibu pula surirumah. tetapi kenapa saya boleh belajar di SEGi??? sbbnya di sini ada disediakan PTPTN loan dan juga Bumiputera Grant. Tentang kewangan bukanlah penyebab utama kenapa anda tak boleh belajar di sini. jom ramai belajar di sini!!! untuk bebudak diploma in nursing (2nd batch), u r rock!!!

  57. SHIT it looks more like a resort than anything else. somehow i kept imagning it will be full of sampah sampah everywhere

  58. really grand college.. wish kch has such college.. but kch college really sucks.. louzy facilities, louzy lecturers… especially INTI COLLEGE..

  59. advertise for SEGI coll? haha… i hate their TV ad, it’s nonsense, misleading ‘n shameless. A coll not made great by its magnificent campus, but the quality of education it provides.

  60. I’m a taylor’s student too…
    Taylor’s college should grow balls also, instead of bamboo…lol…
    Why got swimming pool wan?! So nice!!! Haih…

  61. Think we leave our bro Kenny alone. He wuz just invited to write. Dun think he was paid…if he wuz paid, it would be hard-sell oredi oo.
    Suspect a lot of jealous ppl, especially from other colleges flaming this thread. Just ignore them, Kenny. They are too small brained and too timid to promote their college that they resort to low tactics like flaiming.
    Keep on doing ur good job and entertain us ya.

  62. Most flamers here are spoil sport. Saying vandalised or somethin without facts to support. This paint doomsday scenario miss the point.
    Agree that quality of lecturers and other ‘software’ important but hey…having a nice campus does help. It also doesn’t follow that if your campus is nice, other aspects of the quality drop. Haizzz…… with no logic.

  63. flinkus, first of all, this is very much a private affair, nth much to do with the govt.
    Secondly, your cynical view of Rome is but another perspective of history – we have but facts, everything else merely presumptions (like their intentions) derived from such facts. You cannot impose your general view upon a whole civilization for taken as a whole, in the words of Tatcher, ‘there is no such thing as society’. The ‘State’ does not have a single embodied conscience. What you perceive may be a result of the actions of a few; it would be unfair to say the Romans ‘hijacked’ the Christian movement in that sense for that entails a systematic and purposeful act of conspiracy by a nation. Yet while some in Roman upper hierarchy may have seen Christianity’s use, it’s hardly accurate to say that that was the only view/feeling prevailing at the time for how can one reject that alot of those in command also took the religion as their own.
    Thirdly, this college’s designs have nothing to do with religion. It may look like it to some, but wtf would the architects do so? And why does it matter if it does? The truth of the matter is that they merely tried to follow Roman architecture (or Greco-Roman design to be precise) for it would surely give the impression of a centre for learning. Truly, to suggest otherwise is to miss the point and merely shows how easily ppl choose to see things they want to see because of their own prejudices.
    Fourthly, if anyone thinks that it looks like a mosque, look again. I don’t think you will see designs as elaborate as mosque designs in the college. Islamic design goes beyond an ‘onion’ on top of the roof (truly these are not peculiar to Islamic architecture – mostly we stereotype them to be). There are elaborate geometric designs in most mosques – again nth to do with religion, but more to do with the grand achievements of the Arabs in relation to mathematics and an astounding understanding of geometric principles. I dont think you will find THAT in SEGI.

  64. alan, how do u know their TVC is misleading? if they do produce good candidates for the job market, i do think they sent the message out effectively… i kinda like the ads, as i think it is something different…
    maybe my sunway should think of a TVC too!!!

  65. Gosh…this new SEGi college is awesome!..Just look at the design, computer labs…even swimming pool!…Students nowadays are just so lucky!
    Great Review, Kenny!

  66. omg this one def put the standards for new age college or something.
    im gonna check out the new monash campus at sunway. heard they having an open day on 9th june.
    maybe not roman, maybe egyptian this time who knows? interesting.

  67. Let the Battle of the Campuses begin! Segi vs Taylor vs Monash.
    Anymore takers?
    btw that person who wrote four long paragraphs, chill ah brader.

  68. ma superb!!!!! cun wait 2study tere…cun wait for june 5…the best coll i have seen..taylors,sunway college out…segi coll the!!it looks like a 5star hotel,,interesting plc 2study..more energy 2study.

  69. reminds me of a another uniten / mmu so nice and majestic when it was build give it few yrs with the malaysian menatality, students vandalism …. nice building dalam kosong ! hmmmmmm

  70. wow wow wow… i tot they are gonna build a new campus in kuching??? no news oredi ah? or oredi change to build at damansara??? gosh… too big for a college…!!! but kenny, i like ur funny and humurous description!

  71. To Dolphyn, I may have said the poor but that doesn’t remove the foundations of my statement, everyone is entitled to exchange legal tender for the enjoyment of services.

  72. To Dolphyn, I may have said the poor but that doesn’t remove the foundations of my statement, everyone is entitled to pay for the enjoyment of services. How does one expect them to pay? Just like everybody else.

  73. I know that the environment of a college campus plays an important role , but this?! Don’t judge a college JUST by it’s CAMPUS! A building made of the same brick , stone and cement just like any other college ( but nicely put) does not guarantee you the same quality education or even the BETTER , other institutions can offer.

  74. yea RR, i agree, everyone is entitled to the services as long as they pay…but wouldnt it be a tad bit hard for the POOR *ie. students* to pay for their tuition when they go for upscale colleges like the one here? i hv no idea about the scale of fees charged by SEGI….but considering the general poor’s financial situations…of course, i know there are scholarships, bank loans, the like, but even still, not everyone has access to those.
    then again, i do get wat u mean. fairness and equality. its a good thing AND a bad thing sometimes though. =)

  75. The campus looks pretty good. Lecture hall seems quite impressive as well. Swimming pool looks awesome although I doubt anybody would want to swim. Shy lar. so many ppl looking.
    In anycase, to me the best campus will always be the University of Melbourne campus. Its beautiful and has character. Always something new to discover there each day.
    When Segi has some history I think it’ll be an even better campus than it is today. Best of luck to Segi.
    P/s I dont want to graduate.
    Go Melbourne!
    Postera Crescam Laude

  76. woahhh… it’s seriously HUGE!
    Never thought i would see a college that huge in M’sia! plus it looks so damn grand! i feel like going there too~

  77. btw, i saw stick gal’s blog. it’s really cute! think i’ll go look at it from time to time… ;P
    i even add her blog link to mine πŸ™‚

  78. I have a friend who goes to Segi to do her psychology degree. She said the lecturers suck big time and the grading is extremely lenient. The lecturers skip classes and don’t teach the syllabus properly, apparently.

  79. i did psychology there too!!! lenient? i don’t think so… i was the top 5% in the class, and i normally received Bs in my psychology papers, i even got a C for my research!! everybody says that Jasan is hard to deal with when it comes to grades, and ur friend tells u other wise… hmm… i wonder if i know ur friend…
    marius, tell u something, i worked so hard, and i was one of the top in the whole school, and i only graduated with “magna cum laude”… tell me if ur friend graduates with “summa cum laude” ya…
    by the way… Jason NEVER SKIP CLASS!!!!!!!
    for god sake…. how dare u say this when u are not even in the class… i feel really really sorry for him… watch ur mouth!

  80. SEGI Huge eh? my college times, segi still louya! now segi huge… feel like goin back to college to lecture not as student! nice college SEGI!!

  81. nowdays all colleges building own building. Taylors also havin new building soon, so is Apiit, Monash, Binary and many others.
    Malaysia BOLEH !!!
    Soon we shall reach international standards of college education.

  82. college where got enuf, go to a UNIVERSITY lah! Graduate college not enuf to show off pun~
    Consider, I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering from Segi College.
    I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.
    Can you see the difference. Segi………. :S same standard as UTM……. :S

  83. Forgeyy, do u know in SEGi we have engineering courses offered with THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD!! when i graduate, i call myself a SHEFFIELD GRADUATE!
    I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.
    I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Sheffield.
    Can u see the difference?
    what National University of Singapore? what a joke!!

  84. welly,
    according to times higher education supplement world top universities ranking 2006, NUS is above sheffield and being ranked 19 out of 200.
    NUS (19)
    Sheffield (not sure!)
    UTM (what is that)
    can you see the difference now?

  85. welly,
    are you coming from ulu ulu or kampung kampung or any remote area and have never heard about national university of singapore?
    if you ask me what is NUS, then i will answer: “it’s the second top university in asia and 19th top university in the world!”
    what about sheffield? it’s 102th top university in the world!!!
    what is SEGI? college nia! cincai cincai enrol with SPM only and money lar.

  86. yup totally agree. national uni of singapore is like one d top dude! where hav u been all dis while? and kenny u rock! lol

  87. Charlene of “Please Give Me A Job” on 8tv show is the summa cum laude BSc(Hons) student from Segi. She outshone the rest of the candidates from Taylors, MARA, even Melbourne getting the job first.
    Don’t say that segi is low quality.
    Even the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin is married an ex-Segi student (yes, Zara…is a Segi alumnus)!!!

  88. Nazrin’s wife is from Segi? Thought she was from a British uni with chemical engineering degree.
    Perhaps she did her foundation with prime college (which subsequently changed name to segi).

  89. guys!!! Sheffield!!! u guys also don’t know?? god… check ur internet! one of the best engineering school in the world!

  90. I study there leh….still paying 18k for diploma in marketing…consider cheap compared to other of all…all the chio bus there!

  91. I go to school next to Segi college (Sekolah Sri KDU) and I saw the workers working on it since the start of the year. My class’ window faces directly at the Segi college! We see it everyday but we didn’t know it is so canggih inside. but we saw the workers bathing everyday -_- (plus my seat at the window)

  92. The school is very nice! It really looks like that, whoever said vandalism and all just bluffing also! I see it everyday πŸ™‚

  93. Argh,
    There is such a thing as “Good Corporate Citizenship” for Scholarships,which actually Benefits Corps by providing insight on the brightest through Mentoring. Govt Bursaries tied to Performance can be provided through Tax Breaks.
    My contention is simply that GENIUS occurs for Whomever, wherever & whenever the chemistry is Right,and allowing a Foot-in-the-door on MERIT is the best method of Inclusion for those with Initiative to demonstrate their Talent.
    It would be the Greatest Dis-service to the WWW (INFORMATION Highway) for us to Accept existing Records in the face of Uncovered FACTS.
    Constantine converted to Christianity on his deathbed because for every Christian murdered,about 10 more would pop up which convinced him “their GOD had to be “For Real”,and he was sinking anyhow”. It was the Roman Senate (Parliament) which killed off the disciples and highjacked the movement. Does “Roman Catholics” ring a bell?
    There is a book on the Origins of Christianity, you’d be surprised that GERMANY was very instrumental in estb Christianity, and a Protestant; Protested.
    In WWII, INDIA put about 8 Million Men & Women in the Field, 2 Million under British Command,a few won the Victoria Cross, and are never mentioned by those who Claim to have Saved the World from Tyranny.
    Legendary Gurkhas’ fought to prevent an INDONESIA takeover of SARAWAK just 40 years ago.
    If AUSTRALIA & USA (only ones)did not recognise Indonesia’s annexation of East TIMOR,lives would have been saved.
    Is history of IRAQ likely to mention that life is cheaper now than under Madas Sadam?
    Does dropping a 2,000lb bomb on a busy marketplace inflict less TERROR than a Suicide bomber?
    History belongs to the Fastest Pen with the Widest Distribution,Spoils of War. Honour,Truth, Integrity & Justice that Soldiers’ Volunteer & die for are quite often casualties of History in the Political interest.
    If The Iron Maiden is Thatcher you refer to: To the question “What do you miss most” she unhesitatingly answered “POWER”. Her elitist policies still hurt working Brits today, many go to maligned FRANCE for more prompt and better Health care under EU agreement. Relative died in Hosp in UK not long ago. Family wasn’t even allowed courtesy of Discussing whether to pull the plug. Hosp Policy informed them: We’ll be pulling the plug and you have until 3pm tomorrow to say your goodbyes. Private Health Care actually raids the Public system and extends Waiting Time by tying up ORs for Elective surgery.
    My emphasis on Research of Plants stems from the knowledge that the Jungle is a Bank of Remedies at your fingertips just waiting to be sorted.
    Norm is Industrialised countries fund study groups and Field Labs,claim discoveries, Synthecise beneficial properties and sell you the new cure. Incidentally, Local Folklore plays a huge part in pinpointing benefits.
    I will admit to a bit of stereotyping on the design.
    What puzzles me is the Outlay for a College. Time will tell, I sincerely hope it fulfills the Promise of it’s Impression.

  94. whoa…nice man….the college’s awesome…but 10 yrs down the road, hehe…u’ll see, we’ll see…

  95. Flinkus, I nominate you for the booby prize given out each year by plain english society.
    Sometimes being plain about something’s best.

  96. well, i’m truly amazed by the new campus in kota damansara. so blardy hugeeee…
    i was ex-taylorian in ss15, also ex-segian in usj. taylor’s college is definetely the best by its quality of students and lecturers. segi is only good at their campus exterior look. and i think their system sucks big time. their lecturers are… i can say not as pro as taylor’s. wateva, i still think taylor’s the best. but it’s time to have a new and bigger campus.
    the founder of segi is too rich, i’ve to admit that.

  97. Dear Kenny,
    it is a pity that everyone been battling in ur box of comment.
    There’s no need to compare as long as we are lucky to be educated.
    Think of those poor kids in third world countries.

  98. looks like a resort not a college. So many distraction, how to study? I see fun in the college…wonder how their performance is like. o_O

  99. I feel like changing college now …. too late I’m already in year 3 of my degree n one more sem to ocmplete. Argh, can’t they build it like 3years ago, sigh.

  100. Looks nice from the outlook though! Indeed. Anyway, let’s speak thru my experince. I was told by the staff after STPM can finish my chemical engineering course in 1.5 years time. Please lar! Don’t give this gimmick! Trying to get me into the course! I’m happily studying in Taylors now.
    So, please think twice before enroling.
    Quality speaks!

  101. this is GORGEOUS!! i wish my college is like this!! i’d love love to visit their campus. wonder what their uniforms look like. gosh the architechture is so unique and beautiful!!

  102. why don’t you try diving in Sipadan/ Kapalai/ Mabul in Sabah instead of diving in Jakarta. they have cheap packages for budget travellers as well….

  103. wow….cun wait 2go 2the new campus 2molo…wow!!!!! so huge n least v have our own campus…sm ppl r so jealous,they just love 2talk bad bout my coll..systematic is the best…wow!!!!! damn blady nice

  104. aiyo…….. really crazeee one…. the college so nice ….. makes everyone wants to go there to study again….. a real peer pressure among the pre-adults….

  105. Dear Unimpressed,
    Don’t sell your MALAYSIAN ex-patriot Proteges short.There are many Highly Skilled foreign trained Professionals working at Menial jobs (office cleaners etc)in industrialised countries for lack of Recognition,primarily to protect the turf of Local Institutions and Trades,even when there are shortages of qualified pros.I personally cannot see the Validity of a Federal Govt recognising a Diploma for Immigration and a Regional Govt rejecting it without BIAS. Difference in earning capacity quite often as much as $20,000 – $250,000 annually,sometimes more. Able Surgeons working as Nurses Aides,sometimes mentoring doctors on advanced treatments.
    Oh Plainjane,
    What could be more appropriate than “Plain Language” in any discussion concerning Education?
    English in my case. The “SUCK” you employ so freely is abbreviated slang for “Cocksucker”.
    Without the benefit of extensive education,I’ve learnt from experience:In the breakdown of CULTURE,language and customs are first to go, then one morning you wake up with no more Identity than someones’ porch-monkey mimicking for the reward of existence.
    If I am unwilling to preserve my Language,WHOM shall I expect to do it for me?

  106. aiya, wat shedfield no shedfield, go to any cibai college they will also tell u their cibai degree is from cibai london, cibai UK, or cibai England. (say here say there also same cibai place). But when u come out to find a job, esspecially inthe cibai malaysian market. Oh hey, they don’t care where the cibai shedfiled or the cibai london or the cibai UK (all at the same cibai place) tested you. Or marked you. All they know is : “Oh, you graduated in that college”. And then,they suppose you are one of those that pay money to get that education. Then they checked what u get at ur O level/SPM, then they see erm…..3As, 4Bs,3 Cs. Ooh, i suppose u are saying that u are a great scholar.
    Then in another scenario. You go to an interview. With you cibai degree from NUS or UM (the best University in each country) and then they see….oh u got ur chemical engineering degree from UM/NUS, ooh, that is acredited by the british. Got quality. Got money also cannot study there. then they see how on earth did u get in there………. they see “oh, STPM or A levels cgpa 4.0!” Wah, no nid say, u are good scholar.
    Whether this kinda perception is good or bad, true or false is not important, the fact is this, ppl value u so called degree that way.
    And the only colleges that can boast of their quality is none other than taylors and monash. These 2 colleges can take ur Rm200,000 and still fail you. This one is “Got money also hard to get” ——1
    it is the same as NUS/UM or other top Unis whereby u “Got Money also cannot get in”———-2
    1=2. This are where top scholar came from. U really lah, u really cannot boast of ur degree if u get no.1 a crappy result. No.2 You got into the college with a 8Cs,2Ds in …… o levels………spm……..
    Maiku, u got to at least finish one of the toughest exam in the world STPM or one of the most regconised exam A levels (singkapo one better) (crappy colleges offer one…….no use) and score these exam well to say u are a smart smart boy okay? Or else, u go die la, don even talk to me, u are not smart enuf, i only hang out with those elites of elites. Call us geek, nerd, intellectual ,whtever, we juz don care cuz u are not smarter than us.
    I know I know u want to say good results does not mean sucessful life. OF CUZ THAT IS TRUE. But i am comaparing education thingy with u now, not jobs and money. So debate with ur cibai brain.

  107. yep, that is so true……. well, ppl, u juz have to accept la, u are not the top top one. Not everybody is the top top one. So if u fail to be the top top one. Then u juz accept that u r not the top top one and go to segi college loh……
    not the top top one, also donnid to die, like he say, when come out next time, u can also be very sucessful, juz that in term of education thing……..yalah, ppl value u that way. But don worry, this world so many ppl, normal ppl more than the top top ppl, so if u’re one of those normal one that graduated from UTM,UPM,Crappy colleges, u can also survive well. Juz that u cant argue with the top top one and try to top them up lah. But u can live a good life also, u surely can if u choose to do so…

  108. It was awesome joining reality show “please give me a job’sponsored by SEGi, yes i noe the title is cheesy but as long as its similar as apperentice im glad to kick ass in the’s going to be our last episode 10.30 sunday 8tv :(.anyway one of our task is to do Advertising campaign for SEGi College at Kota Damansara,it was truly huge and magnificient.I might consider to futher my master there.The student at segi is hot not like other college they look like alan..ewww really ah beng type.His blog his full of food pic and stories..dude stop with the food already.

  109. Every new building in Malaysia always looks good.. 10 years down the road… i wonder. But since this is a private college i think they would be able to maintain the condition. Hope the students can keep the place clean!

  110. so far besides tat, there are colleges like TARC/KDU/CosmoPoint/PTPL/Sedaya/SWINBURNE/Monash and again SEGI/INTI
    which u think u likes πŸ˜› or prefer to study always in πŸ™‚

  111. just want to comment about the swimming pool. who want to swim there if there is lot’s of student walking around? maybe it is special made to show off body.

  112. thats the tackiest looking building i have ever seen in my life. i would be embarrassed to say i studied there

  113. it seems huge, but actually it’s not.. i called the campus with excitement and asked whether the picture posted above is a lecture hall, and the operator said no.. that’s actually an Auditorium, and just meant for special functions or seminars… and it was a surprise for me to find out that they have only two lecture halls! the Segi’s website claimed that the Kota Damansara campus has a capacity of 12,000 students.. can the handful of 5-star facilities be enjoyed by all the students? *gasp*
    and anyone knows how many arces is the Kota Damansara campus? when it comes to size, i’m sure Nilai college in negeri sembilan is much bigger, abt 100-arce. and the biggest college would be Tar college in setapak, abt 200-arce.
    anyway, i as one of the potential college students, i found that the accommodation at Kota Damansara campus rather expensive – abt rm300+, for a twin-sharing, though i’m not sure what’s the monthly rental in other colleges around kl and sj. and i wonder how’s the quality of their lecturers? are they good?

  114. Lousy lecturers, lousy college and cheats students money – this is what u an define SEGI and how they have build their campus – by the business of CHEATING Malaysians!

  115. HELLO segi_student..4ur freaking info,the lecturers r not lousy n thus my coll..u r such a dumb..maron..i studied at pj segi for 2yrs d,now at the new campus,doi my 2nd year diploma n i know how good the lecturers r..1st of all dun ever dare 2talk bout my coll n oso the lesturers.i duno weter u r studying at my coll or wat..just tink bfr posting any comment..majority of the lecturers r highly qualified.mayb 2 or 3 r not tat gud..such a pity tat u actually dun have brains,mayb u heard sum jealous ppl talking bad bout my coll…so,just have sum brains ok,stop following their words,saying tat my lecturers r lousy..SEGI IS THE BEST, SEGI LECTURERS R THE BEST……

  116. PLS 2EVY1 TERE, DUN EVER TALK BOUT SEGI COLL LECTURERS..THEY R HIGHLY QUALIFIED…SUM MARONS JUST LOVE 2TALK BAD..THIS CLEARY SHOWS TAT U PPL R JEALOUS OF MY COLL BSE IT IS huge,nice environment 2study…im sure those ppl tat talk bad bout my sure ur coll r the 1 tat sucks students money,not my coll,so i would glad if u ppl just shut the damn hole in ur mouth..SEGI IS THE BEST…

  117. y SEGI_STUDENT…scared d izit??? y no reply…oh!!!at least u repend..gud…dun talk bout my coll again k…SEGI IS THE BEST…

  118. I think we ought not to be over excited bout the exterior but rather the quality of the lecturers and students?
    So what if they poured loads into building the pretigious-looking campus but poured lil into hiring good quality lecturers and maintenance?
    Then again, im proud to say that Monash maintains high standards though our new campus might not look as smashing πŸ˜‰

  119. i would say that good lecturers scattered every where. i know taylor’s have quite a number of them, but still, their lecturers aren’t the best. one should not biased by saying that their college’s lecturers are the best and then ask ppl to shut their mouth if they wanna criticize. nothing is perfect(not even harvard), dude!

  120. ha!!!ha.those jealous ppl out tere..enuf ok..cun stand sum ppl like u animore…plzzzz,my coll lecturers are good..its not tat im praising my coll oni stating the facts that they r highly qualified n 4ur damn info,they r the 1 who gives knowledge 2us,so i dislike ppl talking bout my lecturers ok..plzzz.if u ppl just love 2talk so big,as so u all know bout my coll lecturers…if u wanna talk bad bout them or think tat they r not qualified,y dun u ppl cum n study in my coll,then let me c if u ppl still wanna talk bout them..the facts is….. u ppl r jealous…tats it ok….N 4UR IFO [KIWI],IF U KEEP ON SAYING TAT MONASH IS THE BEST,THEN 4WAT HACK U ACTUALLY WANNA VIEW THIS SEGI ADVERTISMENT..Y,JEALOUS TAT UR COLL IS NOT NICE AS MINE???N 2U [DAN],NO MATTER WAT U WANNA CLARIFY HERE,MY COLL LECTURERS R GOOD N IM SURE STUDENTS FRM MONASH,TAYLORS OR ANY OTHER COLL EGES OUT TERE, WOULD DISLIKE TALKING BAD BOUT THEIR LECTURERS..IM SURE BOUT U 2 DAN…SO,AS A SINCERER STUDENT OF SEGI,I DISLIKE PPL TALKING BAD BOUT MY COLL OK..TATS IT..

  121. Dear Kenny,
    it is a pity that everyone been battling in ur box of comment.
    There’s no need to compare as long as we are lucky to be educated.
    Think of those poor kids in third world countries.
    Posted by: fyi at 01 June 2007 9:22 PM | Link to comment
    FYI fyi, msia = 3rd world country

  122. oh, according to proud student of segi, the lecturers in segi were the best, but now, they are good pulak.. did u guys sense that he had downgraded his own college? oh, btw, all these were from his mouth… -_-

  123. wat ever neutral….its enuf ok..cun stand ppl like u….my coll lecturers r the best….alright,so u got any plm wit it..u can just MYOB……

  124. Bill Gates become millionaire without any degree… havin a degree doesnt means ur good.It depands on people not the qualification on paper

  125. whoa…everyone battling? over a college? yeah, so maybe some ppl may think that only the exterior looks nice but not so sure of the quality. not so sure, dont say lah. if you’re soooo sure that the lecturers are bad, they skip classes, are being too lenient etc, probably you dont have to spread it around. some ppl may think otherwise.
    n just because of the campus’ design u ppl say it’s a school for rich kids? is that how one shud judge a place? sooo… a pasar that is newly built and looks oh-so-pretty is a pasar for rich ppl izit?
    well, it’s the student’s choice where they want to study, if they can afford to pay then good la.
    taylors, monash, nilai, kdu, segi… all the same, pay to get in.

  126. SAYA ADALAH CALON PELAJAR DI KOLEJ INI. dengan melihat suasana kampus yang indah dan harmoni, muda2han saya boleh berjaya melalui gerbang yang indah dan boleh bergelar graduan. terima kasih SEGI COLLEGE.

  127. sold to amanah raya reit. quite smart as segi makes tens of millions from the sale and still able to use the campus under a leaseback. very savvy management indeed.

  128. kolej seems to be nice,feel like going back to becoming a student again
    But if move to there how about transport over there,seems there’s no bus around that about tution fees,rise ?
    how about lectures?any more nice lecture join SEGi team,the teaching well be better,for our students , we not only want to have a nice environment,but also a nice place for studying

  129. yes..the college looks awesome….Only when it’s new thought. With the attitude of us.. MALAYSIANS. that college will soon look like an ordinary malaysian secondary school where wet toilets are clogged and broken water tap. Then later, on the internet you will find SEGi College students Sex videos and stuff like that. hmmmmm…..When can that Ignorant Malaysian attitude change? Malaysia Boleh..!! KE?

  130. 1) I guess, more or less SEGi achieve it aim to create awareness about their new campus via kenny’s blog ! congratulation to SEGi.
    2) It is not surprise to said, TAR college, Nilai College, MMU, UTAR @ kampar, UM, UKM or any large campus university may also look such awesome, is just a matter did anyone visit or snapped a photo to their campus.
    So the main point here, SEGi have done a perfect marketing awareness for their new campus. just wondering, kenny will u write for other college again?
    3) Extra point, they have spend such a huge investment to build this building, so by how they may gain the return ? Sad to said is an investment to attract student to study. Instead of using a huge amount to build a five star college, why don’t use the money for research or recruit some prestige lecturer or offer more scholarships to poor student?

  131. i’m a ex-monash student, and i must say that standards of examining in Monash are the same as the ones in Aussie, that’s the plus point, but the downside is that the teaching standards display otherwise. This has made me realise that it’s meaningless to obtain a monash degree by going thru all those hopeless lectures in getting a so-so result just because it’s prestigious and recognized all over the world. Now, i’m planning to enrol in this segi college, for it is much cheaper than going to monash sunway. I think that if i can get better results i.e 1st class honours in a segi degree than a mere pass in a monash degree, it would give me a better chance of a job while not spending too much. ps. if u guys out there wanna pursue a monash degree, better go to actual aussie campuses, instead of monash sunway, cos they recruit local part-time replacement lecturers…..sigh….

  132. Yea its a very nice college.
    But to those who think segi is prestigious, and like emmanual who said “i hate inti now”…
    the admin of segi has a lot to learn. Its a great building, no question, but trust me when i say theres more to a college than its campus. It has the weirdest policies that are enforced very suddenly for example.
    I atcually miss inti btw πŸ˜€
    *sings inti’s theme song*
    -Junior student(3rd year)

  133. SEGI KD !!! WOW IS VERY FACINATING!! neways i just keep remain in segi sj…now ADP studentz are getting more in segi sj…hats-off to scsj.
    lecturers r da best !!

  134. segi college… how they sell the jordan product was terribly a disaster.. the building look nice but the entrepreneurs hav no content, no quality..

  135. looks like huge but actually not..because i everyday inside a student of segi KD..the building is nice but the infrastructure is not very good..sometimes is bad..

  136. i get 2 go to this college next year!!! muahaha…. no college is perfect with perfect lecturers…. students need to learn and adapt on their own… at least this college provides an enjoyable learning environment with opportunities to grow socially with all the clubs and activities… build good character instead of being only book smart… be street smart man!!!

  137. it looks more like those schools typical spoilt rich brats like the “F4” in meteor garden would go~~ i wouldnt want one

  138. i like the school and i want to come to the school.and i want to come and study.and if yu can get me the addmisson and i will be just get me the addmission to yur school.

  139. hello the administration of segi i appriciate your school i like it and i wish i colled get a shcollaship to your shool becouse i am applinng and

  140. guys pls do not argue over which college is better okay. I’m a taylors student although I love taylors a lot I still admire segi k.damansara students who can go to the curve for lunch. I’m so sick of asia cafe. and my house is also near k.damansara. anyway no college is perfect.taylors is moving to a new campus in sri hartamas soon really can’t wait to move over there. I’m so tired of taking the lift to the 12th floor every morning. SEGI selling the campus building to amanah REIT is a really good move. get back all the initial investments immediet

  141. I think the best U in Malaysia is University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus.
    In my opinion, it is better than Taylor.
    Yet, it does not offer Alevel , lolz..
    It’s more expensive than Taylor i think, is it?

  142. You do make the college look really cool and all.. but I’ve been there myself and it’s just not that wonderful. Especially the cafetaria. =S But kudos to you anyway!

  143. ATI ASIA College from Penang Macalister Road suck!!! never never go there study!!! you will regret for whole life !!!

  144. Geezz.. segi college sucks big time..
    First off, their admin people are all messed up.. recently, lecturers are even handling admin stuff which is really ridiculous. If you need to settle some issues, you’d have to wait for hours for the lecturer to finish their class cause the admins don’t know where the lecturer is. All they can say is ‘She’s somewhere around the campus’!!
    The place does look very much like a 5 star hotel but the atmosphere kills it all. The place is too huge n very much like an island. It’s impossible to get public transport from that place.
    Yes, they might have 2 cafes but the food are all tasteless!
    Alright, maybe I’ve put them down too much. The only thing I actually like about the campus? We’re allowed to smoke anywhere (except indoors) n they actually sells ciggies in the sundry shop =) Then again, why would colleges encourage smoking??
    Segi college is a no-go area. Save your money n find better education else where. Don’t be fooled by the nice environment. Lecturers cant give 2 hoots about you..

  145. thats segi college me as a student for 4 years in this college i would like to tell u about it , it BAD and i dont like it they have the worset manegment i have ever seen in my life and if u dont belive me just contact me and i will let u know by ur self how bad is this college
    this is what i can seee through the 4 years i spent over there

  146. Segi College has a very bad imagine in Malaysia after several students launch a police report against it.

  147. Wow! I am so damn impressed! I live in India and my close friend Syazwani is gonna be studying there, and she sent me the link to her college. Am really happy that she is going to study in such a fabulous place, that has the best facilities. Cheerio il piu caro! πŸ˜‰

  148. wow cool place…
    how to apply kolej segi ar?
    i would like to join their..
    ngeee sory my inglish bad…
    so u all need to understand lorh..

  149. Hi there!
    Would you like to study in Malaysia? We are a London based college and we offer Intensive English Programme and Bachelor in Business Studies. If you are interested please contact me.
    If you like to work with us, we pay VERY HIGH COMMISSION to you if you recruit students for us. Please hurry!
    My email is

  150. Hi Ken,
    Well,seems like Segi has impressed u with its beauty. Haha…please don’t judge by its look…
    I am 1 of Segi kota damansara students and i disagree of what u have commented on it. They spent millions of ringgit to make the centre beautiful BUT if u really SEE what has happening ‘inside’ of it…yieks…terrible…
    we have insufficient equipment for engineering lab,chaos engineering faculty n inexperience lecturers…so i guess,if u really interview those students,u will know what i meant….

  151. segi’s fee is not expensive compared to other university colleges at all! In some course, it is actually cheaper!!!

  152. i think Monash Sunway is most expensive…
    one sem 15k .. one year about 30K
    and accomodation 750 for sharing room

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